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Comrade 08/21/2020 (Fri) 14:43:31 No. 4306
Dear tech, I've been writing and curating the publication New Multitude this year which is hosted on https://medium.com/new-multitude The original aim was to curate effort posts from leftypol etc. I've been wanting to do a soft relaunch by moving the site to a proper domain with its own website. And then start to seek out high quality Bunkerchan users to do essays for the site. Actually I know nothing about web design or anything like that sooo. I'm asking here if anyone would like to either collaborate with me as a webmaster/editor or would be able to do a straight forward commission where I pay you to set up the website for me. Anyone out there interested? if so message me on twitter. https://twitter.com/newmultitude
https://www.w3schools.com/html/ https://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp literally all that can be done with basic html, css, and animated webps (with jpg fallback) html is designed for idiots, i learned it when i was like 8, there's no excuse
>>4306 what do you need help with beside web design? you can probably get away with an instance of wagtail.
(847.33 KB 1260x1150 1544464028982.png)
> uses medium > contact on twitter > publishing shitposts as a magazine
>>4308 >webp Get the fuck out with that trash. Use APNGs if you actually want animation and dedicated video formats if you want to embed videos.
>>4320 you don't have the slightest clue on what you're talking about
>>4321 I assure you, I actually do. WebP is a schizophrenic format that fails at being good for animation compared to formats with delta frame compression because it's derived from a video codec geared towards lossy compression. WebP is a half-assed attempt at being a jack of all trades that sucks at everything in the process. If you care about animation you'll use a dedicated animation format that soundly beats WebP at compression, if you just want video you'll use an actual video format that curbstomps VP8 technology. Tell me where I'm wrong. http://littlesvr.ca/apng/gif_apng_webp.html
>>4322 oof. now that's what I call a BTFO. very clean. 10/10. >>4306 fam, I don't have a (personal and/or anonymous) twitter account. Maybe a sticky on /edu/ where people can stick their essays there and receive feedback would be a better choice? After all, it is our /lit/ board.
>>4322 >littlesvr.ca/apng/gif_apng_webp.html if you're using dither noise sources for example from gifs, then apng's compression algorithm will play its strengths. in all other lossy sources apng doesn't come close to webp >>4324 no one cares about your shitty blog
>>4324 Yes that's fine for getting stories. I'm asking specifically for tech help in setting up a website
>>4327 Understood fam. Are you asking for web design or tech help?
>>4327 nvm, judging by what you wrote, you want the whole deal. let me see what I can do. you can find me on the leftypol matrix chat.
(32.63 KB 256x224 R-90 hyperspace.png)
(85.97 KB R-90 hyperspace.mp4)
>>4325 >in all other lossy sources apng doesn't come close to webp Obviously if you're using grainy, lossy sources, you're not doing animation. At which point, you may as well be using one of the many dedicated video formats that soundly defeat WebP in compression ability. The whole idea of WebP stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the uses for GIF due to years of people taking shitty video clips and turning them into GIFs. Lossy video is not an animation format's strong suit, quite obviously. But for actual animations? Even the highest compression lossless video formats can't beat animation formats that make use of delta-frame compression techniques. Here's a simple example to illustrate my point. This is a lossless animation in animated PNG and x264 video in lossless mode with the highest compression setting possible ('placebo' in ffmpeg). Even one of the highest-compression lossless video formats currently available (x264 handily beats x265, VP8, and VP9 in this area) still can't touch the file size of the dedicated animation format. Even though the dedicated animation format makes use of what is at this point an absolutely ancient lossless compression scheme that's been superceded by newer methods for some time now, the simple fact that it uses delta-frame compression (deleting the visual information that doesn't change from frame to frame) allows it to beat out fancy modern video formats that don't. A similar comparison can be made for many animated GIFs to video formats as well, though obviously APNG produces much smaller file sizes than AGIF.
>>4330 Downloading stuff off google images without visiting the website also makes most downloaded files webp.
>>4332 They're getting pretty aggressive at pushing their dumpster fire format.
>>4330 Which format should I use for making animated pictures out of videos? How do I make apng?
>>4509 h264
>>4509 I typically dump my frames and then assemble them with apngasm. https://github.com/apngasm/apngasm


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