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Gigachad 08/11/2019 (Sun) 15:47:53 No. 4095
"Me? Manjaro is the distro of my preferences."
Is Manjaro worth trying if I'm using my PC for daily use, programming and university work.

Reliability is pretty important to me and so far Kubuntu has been great in that regard. How's Manjaro? Is it stable?
Manjaro is quite stable, it just werks. I don't see a great reason to hop to it from Kubuntu tho, unless you want more modern packages and rolling releases.
Using Antergos right now. It's installation comes with full drive encryption, does Manjaro offer the same thing? I just want to set it up and be done with it instead of fiddling around with encryption after the fact.
yeah manjaro has LUKS FDE, it even encrypts grub and the swap partition which can be annoying, since you have to reboot every time you enter the password wrong lel. but it's more secure than only encrypting the main partitions.
I wanted to set up slack or arch but compiling everything scares me.

So now i'm stuck using linux mint.
elementary is better
What the fuck is elementary anon?

A point release that only gets point update every two years
its a ubuntu based distro that looks similar to mac os, you should try it
>compiling everything
Did you mean gentoo?
I use Arch, it works pretty well once you set it up all, my only issue right now is that I haven't been able to set up my printer.
>Be Arch >Update once


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