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Comrade 08/07/2020 (Fri) 20:49:37 No. 3930
Does anyone here actually use this? Be honest. I feel like I miss out on a lot of stuff and can make a lot more friends if I decide to use this, but tinfoil autists on /g/ keep shilling against it. It has pretty much become the standard for communication in most online communities so it feels like you will be harmed more for not using it than otherwise, I guess that is how it goes for most big proprietary products these days.
>>3930 https://cadence.moe/blog/2020-06-06-why-you-shouldnt-trust-discord https://stallman.org/discord.html there's definite privacy concerns, but no more than your average social media site. It's probably safe to use if you just wanna talk vidya or hobbies or whatever but be smart about it
I don't like my everyday communications being commodified to enrich a venture capitalist firm, so no.
>>3930 the prolekult one is pretty good
>>3930 i want to use it to be more connected to people but it's just a glorified 4chan general Typing is just way more inefficient than actually talking to people
>>3934 >second webm Stop sharing /pol/ content. I thought the 'cut' in the title meant it was actually edited for our purposes. His Discord logo edits can be replaced with a static Discord image and the first 10 sec can be cut (if we're actually talking of making a good edit of a clip originally promoting nazi ideology through a Discord take-down).
>>3934 So what the fuck am I actually supposed to do? Just not use anything at all and be a retarded tinfoiler who uses the same programs to talk to other tinfoilers?
>>3938 just don't use the app or share any personal info and you're gucci
>>3938 Use whatever software is necessary for you to talk to people you want to talk, and ignore freetard seething.
>>3937 >/pol/ content The arguments are sound, who gives a fuck where it came from. (And no, it didn't come from /pol/.)
>>3941 >who gives a fuck You should, you mental midget. Do you know where you are? >it's not from /pol/ the meme-nazism is and that's the fucking point.
I use cordless. Also, the tinfoils on /g/ are right you fucking retard. Discord records keystrokes and data from other things that you use and sends them to discords servers. Read for once.
>>3941 >And no, it didn't come from /pol/ <le happy merchant discord logo sure
If you weren't an autistic freetard you could be grooming underage girls too. You have no one but yourself to blame for missing out.
>>3947 Damn dude, everything alright?
>just use foss bro >foss alternatives are shittier and dead every. single. time.
>>3930 ive used the web app before. I didnt even have to make an account. I wouldn't download the app though, I've read too many negative shit about it beint malware.
>>3938 >Just not use anything at all >>3946 >DONT USE ANYTHING AT ALL BRO We have at least three threads right now on the /tech/ catalog talking about Discord alternatives. Cut the straw men and lurk moar newfag.
>>3952 OP wants to talk to functioning members of society, not NEETs.
>>3946 >Be lazy and just consoom, bro.
>>3953 That's why I suggested using cordless. It's open source and you don't have to use the spyware application.
>>3930 For those who have not read it, this post is an interesting analysis of exactly how Discord takes your data: https:spyware.neocities.org/articles/discord.html Now, I've already brought my close friends over to Matrix, but I've found it doesn't really have a substitute for Discord's voice channels. Is there any good and free substitute for that? Some kind of voice chat people can easily jump in and out of? I know about Mumble and rocket.chat, but they're self hosted and I currently dont have access to a server, and Mumble doesn't have a fancy mobile app I can tell my friends to install.
>>3959 somehow fucked up the link, sorry. I meant https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/discord.html
>>3959 My group has been using Jitsi for a year now and its fine, doesn't like crappy internet connections but other than that its a very good video and VoIP service The mobile app also works reasonably well which is amazing compared to most of the other substitute options
>>3967 >doesn't like crappy internet connections I tried out Jitsi a couple weeks ago and noticed this myself, and I'm kind of baffled about it. I'm baffled because Jitsi is one of the few teleconferencing softwares that has joined the 21st century in using the Opus audio codec for audio compression. It's vastly superior to crap like AAC and has been since it was released. Less bandwidth, higher quality. In your Jitsi usage have you been relying on their centralized server or have you attempted to host your own instance?
>>3943 Got a link to cordless?
I use Matrix.
>>3968 We use their servers I think, I might try and setup an instance but I don't have money lying around for a home server and we don't really have the budget as a group to buy tertiary things like that unless we really need them I think that it's so intolerant of poor connections due to the way it handles dropped packets or lag or something it cant seem to deal with user upload speed dropping below a certain threshold or suddenly spiking downwards anywhere near as well as discord can, audio and video quality are actually fine on bad connections but the stream gets so choppy on a poor connection you're getting still images and half sentences in hifi when it would be better for it to tank quality and maintain consistency
>>3930 yes, but treat it like any other compromised tool. I only use it to talk about non political shit same with any ""social media""
Everyone I know uses it and I can't exactly get them to move.
>>3931 >no more than your average social media site No, it's substantially worse. Most obviously, you can't even read-only access something posted in it without an account and an invite. If more sites start behaving similarly, that would completely kill the web. Allowing Discord to grow is irresponsible.
>>3930 No. I used to when I was younger. You aren't missing out on anything of value. It's all garbage. There is no serious discussion on Discord about anything.
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>>4016 >when I was younger
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