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Comrade 08/01/2020 (Sat) 15:37:10 No. 3774
>tfw used to be really into coding and computer shit as a teenager >became an adult and got into video editing, photoshop and all that other stuff >basically forgot everything i knew about coding and computers >now a macfag how do i get back to the tech stuff and whats a good way to break back into it through mac ? also pic unrelated
(246.89 KB 1180x788 exterwer23423re23.jpeg)
Get a linux distro and use it regularly. Macs are gay.
Keep your hardware. Linux distros are free. Start the journey into using linux on your current machine. You can either boot into it from a live USB stick, or run it in a virtual machine. Just be sure and copy all your data off beforehand if you take the plunge of wiping macOS and replacing it with linux on your drive. Stock Ubuntu and maybe ElementaryOS are good distros for a mac user to start with, if you desire convenience and familiar seeming interfaces. Linux purists will shit on these distros because they aren't 1337 haxor enough. Ignore them. The goal is to get yourself and your data away from corporate closed source technology, using practically ANY linux distro is a big step in that direction.
>>3780 If you have a mac with the T2 security chip you're kinda fucked with this. Impossible to boot distros off your internal hard drive, and extremely hard to do anything outside of booting tails and a live copy of ubuntu on a USB. If you have a T2 chip don't waste your time here and get a dedicated machine. Or just do shit on the mac linux isn't that important, just do a python course to get back in the swing of things and find something you -want- to code on
>>3774 I learned how to code by reading "Learn Python the Hard Way". but you should learn how to install linux first, as it makes compiling programs a lot easier if you're a beginner.
>>3774 If you have a mac, ignore all linux fags. In fact, I actively suggest you DON'T fuck with your mac with linux. It will be a huge pain, and won't be worth it. MacOS will serve well enough for any Unix/programming purposes. Install hombrew as a package manager. I know a lot of people that learned programming with Windows, which is a terrible programming environment. OS is not that important.
(6.39 KB 320x224 cope.png)
>>3788 >fuck linux, just install my buggy third party "package" "manager"
>>3789 >bro just install linux on a mac >shit will work out bruh
>>3788 I tend to agree here. If your goal is programming fuck it just use windows if that's what you have available. Like I said earlier, it is a pain in the ass to install linux on a mac, and actually impossible on the recent models. >>3789 It's not buggy at all and pretty much turns a mac into bloated linux. Can't recommend homebrew enough to baby linux fags
(6.33 MB gnyu+linyux.mp4)
It's GNU+Linux you imbeciles.
>>3790 shit's easy as piss on an EFI system and Mac has that whole dual boot thing that literally handholds you the whole way >>3791 >Can't recommend homebrew enough to baby linux fags so they have to spend hours at a time translating shit into their system from one tutorial to the next? just install linux ffs. it's easy as fuck.
Don't swap to linux. As someone who has to interact with Ubuntu and MacOS on a regular basis, the latter is far, far more stable than the former and a much better platform to do all your stuff with unless you really know what you're doing with (multi-year time investment. Every serious sysadmin sells their soul to nurgle). Get VSC and grind frontend dev videos. It's where all the money is and considering what your skill set already is, you just have to master learning the techniques. It's also a great jumping off point for serious javascript, which is a decent start for programming languages in general. Then, either stay working on web tech or learn python (made easier by your knowledge of JS) and do whatever else. The world is your oyster.
>>3774 Post memes
>>3795 He's learning programming, not sysadmin. There's enough similarities in Unix tools in the command line. MacOS already comes installed and works basically perfectly with the hardware it has, as opposed to a vanilla ubuntu installation on a Mac. Why are you giving such bad advice? There's basically nothing to gain and instead of getting right into programming, you are putting an unnecessary barrier of entry because of bogus ideological reasons. I've worked in gigs where Windows was the required dev environment. It's kind of a pain in the ass sometimes, but once you have things running properly, there's not an enormous gain. Plus git bash installs mgwin and it works well enough, and there's also the windows subsystem linux shit, if you need something more serious. Running servers on Windows is a whole 'nother game though. That is basically politics/profit winning over common sense engineering/devops. Very dissapointed with the linuxfags here. Pure dogmatism.
>>3822 There is a very important thing to gain: freedom. Go and glow somewhere else with your proprietary apologia.
>>3825 Crippling your own productivity to own the bougie.
>>3827 >Crippling your own productivity to own the bougie. Dude, if he has a mac linux can be easily installed in most cases. Just dual boot linux mint and learn how to use apt-get and zsh. Use macos if you want, if you're just a beginner you can easily work on it, but I suggest linux more.
>>3827 It's actually increases productivity.
>>3828 Please refer to my earlier posts regarding getting linux running on a mac >>3782 >>3791, for a newbie looking to do some coding learning the ins and outs of GRUB or whatever fucking hoops he/she has to jump through is just a waste of time. Only when you actually start to understand shit and you see for yourself the bigger issue and irritations of macOS will you actually be ready to try and switch. Also I think you underestimate how unix-y macOS, it is a very capable OS. Let's face it the freedom is already compromised on macs, and this does depend on the model so please OP tell us the machine exactly so we can put this to bed
>>3832 Exactly. OP was asking how to get into programming again and people are recommending installing Linux as if that is somehow "programming". There are very few things to gain when starting out on a linux machine than on mac. It is not worth it. >>3825 >muh glownigger go fuck yourself you bumbling idiot. this is pure lifestyleism. Your whole life is riddled with propriety or capitalist made shit. OP doesn't have to pay for literally anything else, he already has a mac and the OS software lisence lasts a lifetime. Setting the bar higher is literally sabotage and actively damaging. It shows that you are NOT a programmer who has experience beyond a hello world or compiling ready made solutions. Prove me wrong, I fucking dare you. Pure dogmatism and lifestylism. Unspook yourself, idiot.
>>3827 I don't know about macos, but I have higher productivity on linux than windows.
>>3834 mac with homebrew is mostly linux. There's honestly not a lot of day to day differences you bump into. Sometimes some libraries are fucked and sometimes, but to be fair, that also sometimes happens on linux. Some command line utilities are different or worse, but it's not really a problem unless you are a command line power user, which OP is probably not, and you can install the more standard command line utilities anyways. At the end, macos is a unix like OS. You also get stuff like a word processor, keynote to make presentations, imovie which sucks but works, and perfect hardware support from the OS. Windows sucks as a dev environment, but if you're starting out you can definently get away with it without major problems. Probably install chocolately asap, git, sublime text or the intellij IDE if you have access to a student email. I've heard atom is really good for front end development, which I presume OP will be doing, but I haven't used it myself.
(300.15 KB 419x424 agent shining through.png)
>>3833 > I'm totally not a glowie. Now please dox yourself so I can add you to the Free Software extremist registry. You couldn't be more transparent even if you tried.
>>3833 Not him, but I actually work in the industry (10 years exp) and have been using linux the past 15 years. Dev is easier on a linux system. Yes you can dev on a mac. You can also dev on windows.
>>3835 > mac with homebrew is mostly linux Enjoy the anti-gpl Apple faggotry.
(80.29 KB 1024x1024 a toast.jpg)
>>3825 >freedom So much freedom when everything I do is funneled through privately owned and allotted internet anyway. So much freedom when the game is rigged from the start. Define the 'freedom' of Linux. Actually make an argument for it. Actually convince people if you supposedly care so much about 'free' software. 'le freedom xD' does not alone convince users to use an OS that doesn't 'just werk' no matter how much you repeat it; if it did work, everyone would be using GNU+Linux and we'd all be living in the FOSStopia already, with RMS as General Secretary of GNUnited Nations.
>>3827 trying to do linux shit through a homebrewed OSX is how you actually cripple productivity.
>>3872 How? I can do almost everything a linux user can do with the same syntax
>>3839 >'le freedom xD' does not alone convince users to use an OS that doesn't 'just werk' no matter how much you repeat it; >doesn't just werk Linux mint has "werked" better than windows 10 every could.
>>3879 It works so good Linux Mint's website got hacked twice.
>>3880 >my man can't even use checksums
>>3881 I don't think most wintards who are being recommended that distro know what checksums are.
>>3882 Dude, the website even tells you how to use them. Plus, most usb flashing software already have help for that as well as a bottom panel for it.
>>3883 That's a shit excuse for getting your website hacked.
>>3884 Do you think it was their fucking fault?
>>3886 >NOOOOOOO IT WASN'T THEIR FAULT NOOO cope Other popular distros didn't get hacked as often as mint, so yes, it's their fucking fault.
>>3887 >Other popular distros didn't get hacked as often as mint, so yes, it's their fucking fault. Because it's a community-run project, unlike Ubuntu or Fedora. You completely avoided the original point that mint "just works" like windows and instead have started this charade of "but dey got hacked so no one should trust them" as if though that changes shit. All distro websites tell you to use checksums, when I was downloading fedora i tried the checksum and it was corrupted so i used the netinstall which wasn't.
You just need a project. Using GNU/Linux kind of naturally leads you into writing your own scripts since you have such direct control of your own OS and because almost everything is a file. I'd recommend starting with BASH and Python.
>>3888 >All distro websites tell you to use checksums Exactly. And any good distro has signed packages, so they fortunately assume their users could be attacked. It happened to Mint because of a wordpress vuln IIRC, so nothing to do with the distro itself. It's ridiculous to put so much blame on Mint project itself, wordpress is not some obscure amateur project of their own making. Much bigger scandal to me is how Arch Linux refused to sign their packages for so long, attacking anybody who pointed this out. This is the case where a distro itself was actually unthrustworthy, and not just because of incompetence but because of their attitude towards security.
>>3836 >>please dox yourself How is: >just use macOS for now if you have a mac equivalent to >please dox yourself delusional. >>3878 NTA, I think he may be referring to installing macOS on non-mac hardware. That's a huge pain in the ass, but also, if you're going that route, a linux OS is obviously much better. >>3883 >Dude, the website even tells you how to use them. Dude, do you seriously use checksums every time? I try to use them, but many times I'm just lazy and trust the server. I sometimes even run plain bash code directly through ```curl website | bash```. It's the easiest way to install some software. >>3889 Again, linux only makes sense if you're starting out and have non-mac hardware. On a fresh mac, this is what I would install: Homebrew Git iTerm Sublime text (useful for quick edits) Spacemacs intellij (for JVM/java projects) fish (I fucking hate fish, but it's the nicest to write scripts in and save them, directly from command line.) I like fish for script writing much more, but the manuals suck balls and a lot of things work terribly. >>3890 Sounds like bad actors. Were they backdooring the OS or something? Seems super suspicious.
>>3891 I don't know why anyone would think we're talking about macOS on non-mac hardware, that is quite silly. May I add to the list for fresh mac installs: >yabai wm >skhd >Kitty or Alacritty (fuck iTerm it's slow)
>>3892 Nvm, I was thinking of "hackintosh". I usually use all apps as large as possible and just command + ~, or command + tab, depending on what I need to access. I don't use a separate monitor though.
>>3878 you can do everything on every OS. that doesn't make it objectively more efficient to stick with linux when learning linux systems


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