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(62.91 KB 480x341 element-logo.png)
Riot is now Element Comrade 07/22/2020 (Wed) 17:17:50 No. 3559
Is this why my friends on Riot stopped replying to my messages?
>This name change has been a long time in the making. As we explained when we announced the rebrand a few weeks ago, we’ve had major issues with a certain gigantic games company which has blocked us from being able to trademark Riot or even Riot.im Fuck League of Legends. >What’s more, RiotX is now out of beta - our next generation Matrix client for Android has flown the nest and spread its wings as Element - replacing the old Riot Android app Finally, I've been waiting for the app to stabilize before getting it
why should I care?
Why not just use XMPP?
(721.41 KB 933x1400 lol.jpg)
>Fuck League of Legends. But without LoL there would also be no ahri/d.va yuri, and that would be a net loss to humanity. (tame version)
>>3571 >Long nails near vagina Literally why
>>3572 I hope their SEO is good. I really don't see this making a dent in discord for the foreseeable future.
>Moreover, we want a name that will be future-proof for peer-to-peer Matrix. As Matrix.org announced last month, P2P Matrix is in heavy development - and we can see a world where Element will literally be an element of Matrix, running your own homeserver within the app, so you can communicate if you don’t have a server… or even Internet. In fact, we published the first experimental build of P2P Riot for iOS on Testflight a few days ago - so we can clearly see a future where we will be in our P2P element! Based.
(401.07 KB 1333x1000 dvahri.jpg)
>>3573 Because ahri can't deny her kinky girlfriend anything she wants.
>>3581 The kitsune seems cute. :3 But not cute enough to justify proprietary software.
>>3581 foxgirls are too great
Who the nine tails keeps adding spoiler after the fact to clothed images that don't show breasts or genitals? If you have this combination of free time and access to the site, add some clear guidelines to the rules instead of the current placeholder. That would be a lot more useful than spoilering perfectly normal interactions between female classmates.
>>3584 nothings cute enough to justify it, it just makes up for the fact it exists.
>>3561 Wouldn't having a free license, well, free the riot team from this?
>>3633 Not really. Here's a similar historial situation in relation to the copyrighted name Firefox (which otherwise is open source software): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_IceCat#History Stop over-using the glow meme, it's tantamount to spreading FUD.
>>3633 also they use the apache license, which isn't exactly "free"
>>3637 I mean like a full, like, GNU FOSS licensee. And fair, I was just looking for something random to post, tbf.
>>3638 It is literally free. It's just not 'copyleft' (instead: 'permissive').
(377.73 KB 846x920 desktop matrix clients.png)
Quick reminder the protocol is still called Matrix, and you shouldn't be using web 3.0 JS bloatware instead of native software as anything but a quick way of recruiting normalfags point blanc.
>>3667 which has the least bloat
>>3746 Wrong (primary) question; the first question is "which support E2E encryption" - this and other such details can be toggled here: https://matrix.org/clients-matrix/ With this in mind >which has the least bloat I'd assume weechat-matrix
>>3747 why does only Riot support voip?
>>3748 Because its definition in the Matrix standard is still experimental. Also because it's currently reliant on WebRTC, which relies on web bloat. There is currently an early effort by nheko Reborn (the only truly native client that [mostly] supports E2EE) to implement VOIP without WebRTC, probably using GStreamer: https://github.com/Nheko-Reborn/nheko/issues/109#issuecomment-610607467
>>3746 I use gomuks. Encryption isn't currently supported, though. Unfortunately.
I'll just keep using Element/Riot until Fractal enters beta/stable (has E2EE & VoIP support).
>>3761 this.
>>3749 Awright, VOIP (and video!) is now working in nheko Reborn using the first fully native, bloat-free implementation for Matrix. Only vital feature missing is some parts of E2EE, particularly key verification: https://github.com/Nheko-Reborn/nheko/issues/23
>>6766 >voip and video working That's good to hear. How does their implementation work? So far we've had Jitsi-based conferences on Element, which I quite like. You can add a little Jitsi widget to your room and people can freely come in and out of the call, much like channels in Discord.


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