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(368.59 KB 680x838 dangerously based.png)
Bunkerchan wojak generator script Wojakposter 07/11/2020 (Sat) 05:26:25 No. 3212
I've decided to make my script open source. Enjoy. https://pastebin.com/raw/pajZ4N2x Edit: This script has been banned on leftypol, hobby, tech, edu, games, gulag and anime. But you can still post with it in this thread, I guess.
Edited last time by caballo on 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:16:21.
>>3212 Absolutely based
Good shit, mate. Keep it up.
>>3212 i want to slap whoever made this how dare you facilitate soyjack posting on the board
(294.39 KB 785x1201 (you).png)
>>3212 Your post is a perfect demonstration of the script's capabilities lmao.
>>3396 meant for >>3390
>>3396 omegekek
I'm convinced that a polyp made this to fuck up bunkerchan by causing our own members to spam soyjacks all over the fucking place. Well played
>>3396 Yes Come here for a slap
>>3396 the soyjack menace must be stopped
(226.83 KB 785x927 (you).png)
(5.44 KB 785x1071 (you).png)
>>3423 Enable canvas. If you're using firefox, try setting privacy.resistFingerprinting.autoDeclineNoUserInputCanvasPrompts to false or disable any extensions that block canvas.
>>3423 What if it was all a dream?
>>3212 what have you unleashed on this board
Motherfucker I knew it was a script.
(305.76 KB 785x1057 (you).png)
(304.48 KB 785x1057 (you).png)
New version: 1.2 https://pastebin.com/raw/zXPh5mgQ Now with autoreply. Full changelog is on pastebin.
>>3524 I was banned for literally no reason using this script on leftypol. This is what it must have been like living in Stalin's USS of Russia. I am oppressed.
make a 4ch*n version, not a leftypol one. never heard of the saying don't shit where you eat?
>>3536 I have a 4chan version, though I still have to port some features from bunkerchan version to it.
(181.95 KB 511x1011 (you).png)
>>3537 based dude. please post when your'e done i cant wait to wojakify /pol/ to death
(310.19 KB 785x1105 (you).png)
(60.48 KB 763x771 download 3.png)
(40.52 KB 800x450 download 2.png)
(170.05 KB 500x500 download 1.png)
I feel like the standard version could do with a few more wojaks. Maybe a collection of pink wojaks, some more retard ones. Just to get all the emotions and posters covered. Yeah I know you can import your own but it's less funny when you're the only one using them.
>>3541 your second one is already under 'pseud'
(154.79 KB 800x646 (you).png)
New version: 1.3 https://pastebin.com/raw/zXPh5mgQ 4 new wojaks have been added, and now settings will be saved using cookies. Also, 4chan version: https://pastebin.com/raw/t68FKHpa Keep in mind that auto reply doesn't bypass reCaptcha on 4chan, you still have to complete the captcha in order to post.
>>3546 New version(1.3.1) fixes a bug where all boards have different setting cookies. Check pastebin for new download link.
>>3549 Also, if settings stop working after an update, try clearing all bunkerchan cookies.
>>3550 you're a legend wojakposter
Time to spam /pol/
(212.38 KB 511x1059 (you).png)
(283.65 KB 785x788 chadjak.png)
(159.33 KB 640x825 (you).png)
>>3574 Shit, it autoreplies now?
>>3575 Oh I see there's a little checkbox at the top left. If you update it again maybe have it off as default because retards like me don't realize it's enabled. One thing that would be a good QOL addition would be if it opened up the quick reply box when you clicked Wojakify.
how many soyjaks do you have added? add these too https://mega.nz/#!x0oXVCSJ!wo0vbPFrnky4IbI1KjbdEYMXr1SS2lhhYc0LduNaiSo
>>>/gulag/5447 Looks like your superiority has caused some controversy.
Usable on ipad?
>>3586 If iPad's browser supports Tampermonkey or a similar extension, then it should work.
>>3585 I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. If this thread gets deleted, visit https://pastebin.com/raw/zXPh5mgQ and https://pastebin.com/raw/t68FKHpa for updates. These pastes will get updated with new download links, changelogs etc. and jannies can't do anything about it.
New version: 1.4 https://pastebin.com/raw/zXPh5mgQ Pressing "Wojakify" will now open the quick reply box, as if you clicked on the post id. Also, added two new wojaks and disabled auto reply by default.
(7.34 KB 249x182 índice.jpeg)
>>3546 how do I add this to 4chan in Firefox help I'm a brainlet
>>3596 1. Install Tampermonkey 2. Download the zip file with the script. 3. Click on the tampermonkey icon, select Dashboard, then Utilities, then in the Zip category, choose the file you downloaded earlier. 4. Click the install button.
>>3597 Ok thanks I did it with Greasemonkey. I have 4chan X installed, with the Quick Reply option activated. It isn't working
>>3598 I didn't test it with 4chanX. Disable it.
>>3599 Nothing happens. I tried with and without the Auto-Reply option, with and without the Captcha solved. Preview works though. I'm on Firefox, Ubuntu.
>>3600 Greasemonkey by default does not allow overwriting website functions, which is required by the script to work. Try installing it in Tampermonkey and see if it works then.
Cursed thread
>>3601 thanks, but couldn't get it to work, so I'm just downloading the preview image and then posting it. Still, can you add some gigachad images? (shows agreement with the poster instead of disagreement)
>>3603 You can use BasedPepe for that. I don't think gigachad will fit the theme of greentext on white background, though I'll try to see how it looks like.
(41.45 KB 645x773 chad wojak.png)
>>3603 >>3604 The synthesis is here lads
(95.46 KB 760x940 (you).png)
Togglable NOOOOOO! when
>>3612 I could add a separate checkbox for prepending "NOOOO".
>>3612 >>3614 uh, it already has that? "Seethe Mode"
>>3615 I think he wants separate checkboxes for capitalizing and for adding "NOOO"
(10.83 KB 1340x39 Capture.PNG)
>>3615 >>3617 Kek it just dawned on me the random "Seethe" and "Mode" thing is connected. I thought the Mode checkbox was just some tampermonkey jank.
Disappointing to see that this wojak script I have been seeing on cuckchan /g/ originates from here. Fuck you for ruining discussion.
>>3621 We are reclaiming our title as 4chan terrorist #1
New version: 1.5 https://pastebin.com/raw/zXPh5mgQ This version adds 3 gigachad images and replaces cookies with local storage for storing settings. Also, removed unused function openInNewTab.
>>3623 stop, i beg you
>>3625 Take the wojaccelerationismpill.
>>3626 And where will the acceleration lead? What's the end goal?
>>3627 All the posts will be good at the end, we just need to arrive there faster. Trust me bro.
>>3623 >replaces cookies with local storage for storing settings have fun with your rootkit, stupidheads
(336.05 KB 785x1153 (you).png)
>>3629 >rootkit Post which line of code installs the rootkit or fuck off.
op ya gotta remove the period when you end a sentance with an exclamation point or else it will look this like >you can't do that. >NOOOOO!! You can't do that.!!
>>3419 Yes Wojak posters must be stopped
>>3631 No, wojaknigger
New version: 1.5.1 https://pastebin.com/zXPh5mgQ Now full stops will be removed when adding exclamation marks in Seethe Mode.
>>3647 Works on my machine
(147.93 KB 800x598 (you).png)
(108.87 KB 651x907 (you).png)
>>>/gulag/5713 Gentlemen, the scriptgrabbing fascists of the moderation team may soon come and pull a Waco on this peace loving, content producing thread. It has been an honor wojaking retards with you.
(11.64 KB 452x125 D0catDPVsAAKRxq.png)
(280.88 KB 1451x965 (you).png)
(550.03 KB 2100x1397 (u).png)
(328.67 KB 1306x965 (you).png)
>>3646 will you keep updating the 4chan one? I love shitting up that place
>>3659 I will keep backporting features from bunkerchan version, but it won't be as actively developed as the bunkerchan version.
>>3657 Mei gott, brilliant addition wojakposter
>>3664 and to think, the jannies want to destroy this beacon of culture and content in these dark times
>>3212 At first I hated the wojak spam but then I realized it is needed in these trying times Hero of the Union also I noticed it doesn't wojakify bolded text
(224.74 KB 785x927 (you).png)
(317.35 KB 705x998 (you).png)
New version: 1.5.2 https://pastebin.com/zXPh5mgQ Formatting like bold will be handled correctly now. >>3668 thanks for the bug report.
(381.23 KB 590x681 1593843248578.png)
>>3212 Op you are a faggot and should feel bad.
(236.05 KB 785x975 (you).png)
(16.02 KB 454x716 (you).png)
(314.49 KB 705x950 (you).png)
OP is a faggot
(8.90 KB 200x200 smoking.jpg)
>>3685 you're just making this as wojak-bait at this point
(336.22 KB 576x762 (you).png)
(280.53 KB 576x566 soyjak.png)
>>3685 please add porky soyjak to the script
(36.37 KB 500x514 black.png)
(44.51 KB 500x514 black2.png)
(297.05 KB 576x566 blur.png)
other exploitables
(177.36 KB 426x409 breathes_exploitatively.png)
(323.12 KB 576x566 crying.png)
(106.47 KB 1120x1095 cyborg.png)
(46.12 KB 500x514 fash.png)
(314.12 KB 576x566 frown.png)
(48.08 KB 500x514 generic2.png)
(65.49 KB 500x514 idpol3.png)
(74.46 KB 500x514 jew.png)
(114.47 KB 500x514 isis.png)
(75.80 KB 500x514 king.png)
(42.47 KB 500x514 medical.png)
(9.02 KB 255x251 mystery.jpg)
(32.30 KB 500x514 npc.png)
(54.42 KB 500x514 pope.png)
(356.55 KB 611x556 scared.png)
(70.04 KB 500x514 police2.png)
New version: 1.6 https://pastebin.com/zXPh5mgQ Now with 5 porky wojaks. >>3693 Thanks for suggestion.
>>3709 based!
This is like the guy who invented the pop up ad, except he was sorry.
(1015.40 KB 500x281 1471105587334.gif)
This script has now been banned on leftypol, hobby, tech, edu, games, gulag and anime. But you can still post with it in this thread, I guess.
(255.33 KB 454x1148 (you).png)
>>3709 not fooling anybody. fuck off back to /pol/
>>3713 banned in /dead/ ?
(24.31 KB 454x812 (you).png)
>>3716 Don't think it's banned in /dead/ /GET/ or /ref/ because they're independent from the janny junta
>>3713 >jannies post weeb shit at will but wojaks aren't allowed jannies confirmed trannies
>>3719 wojakposter please at least port al the porky exploitables to the 4chan version so i can at least use this script for raids
(152.70 KB 700x800 whycontainit.jpg)
being discusses in /gulag/ : https://bunkerchan.xyz/gulag/res/5863.html
>>3718 thats some bullshit right there.
(225.18 KB 785x927 wojack-script-2020.png)
Ban it and summarily execute the creator.
(212.18 KB 640x834 (you).png)
>>3724 >just
>>3709 Based.
>>3728 can the wojak poster at least update the 4chan version so we can spam /pol/ on cuckchan?
>>3728 Can i mod /dead/, BV?
well i deleted my wojakscript. Guess it's dead now. gonna go install the 4chan one
>>3546 >>3732 Based. Thanks!
>>3733 I'm not the script author, just a guy who had it installed. can anyone post the whole text of the 4chan version here? im having trouble accessing anonfiles
>>3728 /dead/ is free territory now
alright OP time to add a random offset to the text and image and to auto-reply with "This was made by me in photoshop not with the script"
(13.38 KB 871x96 autism.PNG)
>NOOOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST POST WOJAKS I'M TELLING THE MOD TEAM TO BAN IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! is it me or this janny is the actual embodiment of this meme
mods can't handle bantz
>>3768 >wojak posters still seething Lmao, you've been castrated just deal with it
>>3776 okay janny
(155.35 KB 800x694 (you).png)
(153.88 KB 500x600 (you).png)
(231.78 KB 454x908 (you).png)
Here's an updated 4chan version. It has all the wojaks from the bunkerchan version and should work better on firefox specific script addons. https://pastebin.com/raw/t68FKHpa
(484.65 KB 511x1424 (you).png)
(313.85 KB 511x796 leninsoyjack.png)
>>3916 Not OP, but I added Lenin to this script. If you wanna add it to your own version of the script, copy everything from this paste, and add it as a new line inside the constant options declaration. https://pastebin.com/812zjKDS
New version: 1.6.1 https://pastebin.com/raw/zXPh5mgQ Added Lenin wojak made by this anon >>3994 This will make a fine addition to the script, thanks.
(66.43 KB 559x824 (you).png)


no cookies?