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Comrade 05/29/2020 (Fri) 23:23:37 No. 1933
What if we uploaded some anarchist cookbook type of shit and get QR links to those. Then we share the QR's on twitter and make people hang /spray them over town so Minneapolis knows what they should do
Do that but putting the bunkerchan link to the minneapolis thread, and let people explain themselves there.
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>>1936 For some reason I feel like spraying Maalox in the eyes would be a bad idea, but I don't know
>>1935 I've thrown a beer bottle as hard as I can in the air and it landed on concrete and didn't break. I don't understand how people break that shit.
>>1935 Note: Modern tanks are equipped with CBRN/NBC-protection systems and the crew inside usually give a damn about gas, poison, or fire. However, as the pic noted, no matter how good their filters are at getting smoke and other crap out of the air, replacing breathable air with carbon dioxide isn't good for 'em. Of course they can just shut off the intake and manage with whatever air they've got inside, but that's not forever.
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no cookies?