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Security general thread Comrade 05/24/2020 (Sun) 13:26:12 No. 1912
Thread for discussing privacy, anonymity, anything related to software security and online safety
bump for security tips for browsing
So anons, I am trying to see videos on ividio.us through tor but the audio mode isn't working, is this just happening to me or to other people too?
>>1974 copy the url and run it through youtube-dl w/ torsocks
>>1974 Which OS? Could be something related to permissions, ownership, apparmor, firejail, etc. I had the same problem when trying to run TB with different group ID, PulseAudio didn't like that. >>1975 You don't need torsocks, youtube-dl has built-in socks5 support: youtube-dl --proxy "socks5://" This includes DNS requests, it's the same thing as "socks5h://" in curl. Change port to 9050 if you want to proxy through system Tor instead of Tor Browser. IIRC torsocks also has problems with certain domains or IPs due to too small buffer. Don't know if this has been fixed already or not.
>>2008 >Which OS? I use slackware, I suspect it has something to do with tor not getting access to pulseaudio, but I am still looking on how to fix it
>>2013 It's unlikely to be tor itself, more like the firefox (browser) part. Run tor browser with the --verbose flag.
>>1912 Hi tech, newfag here. So basically I am becoming encreasingly worried about cybersecurity. I am just your average retard with the full works, google account, multiple gmails, yahoo, discord, uses windows (I am sorry) etc. Where do I start? Do I first get like some niche /tech/ version of Linux? Only use TorBrowser from now on? I am an absolute noob with these things, it would be nice to have someone with experience guide me. Thanks in advance.
>>2029 If you're an absolute noob you should start by installing a noob friendly linux distro like any flavour of Ubuntu or Linux Mint and try to use it as a primary OS while learning about cybersecurity. No need for installing "niche" distro, it might be too overwhelming and you'll learn soon enough that you can pretty much configure nearly any linux distro to do what you want anyway.
>>2031 I read on the spyware website that steam contains an extremely high amount of spyware. Does this mean I can't play vidya anymore?
>>2033 That's the DRM nature of Steam, they collect every piece of information they can on you and your gaming habit so they can sell you more games. You can still play games from gog.com, they're mostly DRM free if you don't use their steam equivalent.
>>2034 What about the games I already have on steam? They're not transferable to gog, correct? So for the most secure cyberspace I basically need to ditch the vidya?
How safe are seedboxes? I haven't had any trouble so far but what would happen if the government decided to target leftists? Could they get me through my seedbox? This is in the USA.
>>2035 Frankly you shouldn't be playing anything multiplayer. A lot of those games have intrusive anti-cheat that has way more access than I'm comfortable with them having. Plus they log a lot of shit. You should abandon Discord too if you're using it. Frankly, you should pirate everything. If it's an indie game you can pirate and then donate the cost of the game.
>>2033 That's called a tether https://www.gnu.org/proprietary/proprietary-tethers.html So there's not much you can do about it. Everything you do with it is signaled to valve's servers. Seriously, if you want to play games and not the average EA/Ubishit/Blizzard/Activision shovelware and microtransaction infested rehash, all you have to look at are emulators which don't have those problems and allow you to play pretty much everything from the beginning to the second current gen consoles. That means thousands of games(DS has 3000 unique games for example), while still keeping your privacy intact. The roms are piss easy to get even with shitendo causing trouble.
>>2033 run it in a container or VM.
>>2043 you can't game on virtualized hardware, the performance is shit. better if you can afford to have a computer dedicated to gaming or better yet just quit being a gamer
>>2047 I thought this already, but anyways, what about my registered accounts? Do I just log out of them and never log back in or do I need to permanently delete them?
>>2047 The performance difference is a couple percentage points if you use hardware virtualization
>>2037 Might as well disconnect from the network before starting a game. Lots of singleplayer games (even indie) phone home.


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