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Getting my comrades to use some security in meetings and chat Comrade 05/08/2020 (Fri) 22:51:30 No. 1660
I am from a Communist Organization in the European Union and we need a secure chat software or site to communicate, this is because we are afraid of leaks or important information about comrades or organization plans getting out. What do you guys think a good and easy software to use? That everyone can easily learn ?
Matrix protocol - the new Riot IM client for "Desktop" (or laptop) has really good security. The update hasn't arrived for all mobile platfomrs yet, but it's estimated to be done by the end of this month. Have your logins stored safe, green flags next to user-profiles symbolize 'safe', never take part in unecrypted rooms or chats (it's now on by default). That's all the security opsec that's needed.
>>1661 >encryption's* now on by default
>>1661 Okay i am going to learn about that and hopefully use it in practice, do you know an email service that has the same type security ? thanks
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>nobody checks the damn catalog for my thread >>615 every time they clone one of these threads It's okay, it's not like I wanted to have an engaging discussion about this or anything.
>>1668 i am sorry my guy gonna read it


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