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Bypassing Twitters' Phone Number Registration Comrade 04/24/2020 (Fri) 13:18:50 No. 1371
Anyone know of a reliable way to get a fake phone number for when social media accounts force it upon you? I keep trying those 'receive SMS' websites but all the numbers are already used by the time I get to them. Also, you don't need to remind me how they all spy on you, I know, I just need this to conduct business directly with clients, nothing more.
get a burner phone
Use e-mail.
you can perhaps buy sim cards online in your country. Check ebay type sites. Get a cheap burner phone. Obviously don't get a smartphone burner phone, get one of the old ones.
Best option is to not use it at all, otherwise you might as well use your real phone number.
you don't have to have a phone number, just email them twice that your phone number doesn't work and they'll unlock your account
>>1371 Have you been locked? Are you a furry artist or something?
>>1401 Twitter will just randomly lock your account at times.
>>5011 OP if you try this out report back about it working or not please


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