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Comrade 04/18/2020 (Sat) 13:41:48 No. 1232
Hi /tech/, I'm trying to improve my general online security and was wondering is there a short list stickied somewhere? As I become more active, I realise I need to become more responsible for my information in case it impacts others negatively, but just reading some of the threads here as a generally non-tech person is doing my head in. What I hope it would cover would range from consoomer grade (where I'm at because I'm an idiot), all the way to clandestine opsec or whatever (I guess I wouldn't know, which is the point). Any recommendations would be appreciated. N.B.: I cannot code. I'm trying to learn Python because I'm dumb, so minimal faffing about initially would be ideal. >picture unrelated
>>1232 I saw a list by r/exmuslim once that was surprisingly good iirc I'll see if I can find it
(24.89 KB 200x198 158712394084s.png)
>>1233 <reddit Basically OP, don't use windows like a moron. Don't use Unix either. Use Linux, preferably FOSS. Get Privoxy and set it up to run tor. Get Firefox (or just use the tor browser) and get it to use Privoxy as your proxy network. Also, make sure you have your router sending all traffic through tor; Harden Firefox way beyond default settings, turn off al telemetry features. You can duckduckgo how to do it. Make sure your Linux partition is encrypted. Never use the same handle twice and get good at recognizing your stroke patterns as anons can be de anonymized by keystroke. Use a VPN if you wish but never use a VPN as a stand alone end all be all. Only use it in conjunction with tor.
We should collaborate to create it here. Let's brainstorm ITT.
>>1237 What the fuck are you talking about?
(730.56 KB 749x2933 full-infographic.png)
I know this for e-mail: https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/ There's also this: https://prism-break.org/en/
>>1233 >I'll see if I can find it Cool, thanks. I take this >>1236 is it, right? >>1237 Sounds like a good idea, like a primer we can direct people to. >>1239 Hm, interesting...
>>1238 clearly hes trying to encourage this thread to create a comprehensive and digestible set of security/privacy tools for anons to usee
>>1298 create a list of tools that is
>>1232 i use whonix which is designed to run in a virtual machine which already runs tor (which already has duckduckgo), and if you wanna watch youtube (which is owned by google) you can use a site called invidious. that puts you above most people who use chrome google search and youtube which are all google, and dont sign into accounts on tor
Is it impossible to "scrub" one's self from the internet? I have posted and engaged in cringe for most of my life, as I'm sure we all have, but increasingly I'm worried that this digital backlog of detritus can be used in some S3 plan shit... Or is it just a case of realising we're in the panopticon so be as mindful as you can but don't stress about it too much or you'll drive yourself nuts.
>>1302 Mt of the cinge I posted was on old facebooks and myspace. I wouldn't worry about the myspace anymore, and, even the facebooks; They say, keyword say, that they delete the data they retain after a eyar or so. Now hoiw true that actually is is a different matter.
>>1302 if u remember your password to anything then you can "delete" from public access like myspace i randomly remembered my password (idk how I did) and i deleted plus other facebooks, and see if you can delete all google data and emails. you should remember all your passwords somewhere so you can delete your footprint as your done using service
>>1314 Are you okay, do you need an ambulance?
>>1316 God damnit, i'm just going to go drinking. Fuck this keyboard.
https://www.privacytools.io has good software recommendations
>>1364 interdasting hm


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