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Comrade 11/19/2020 (Thu) 05:08:08 No. 6424
>Pluton acts as a hardware root-of-trust, which in simple terms protects a device’s hardware from tampering, such as from hardware implants or by hackers exploiting flaws in the device’s low-level firmware. By integrating the chip inside future Intel, AMD and Qualcomm central processor units, or CPUs, it makes it far more difficult for hackers with physical access to a computer to launch hardware attacks and extract sensitive data, the companies said. >The chip comes with immediate benefits, like making hardware attacks against Windows devices far more difficult to succeed. But the chip also solves a major security headache by keeping the device’s firmware up-to-date. >Microsoft declined to say if it planned to offer the Pluton chip designs to other chip makers or if it planned to make the designs open-source for anyone to use, but said it plans to share more details in the future, leaving the door open to the possibility https://techcrunch.com/2020/11/17/microsoft-pluton-security-chip-intel-amd-qualcomm/ Because having to choose between the AMD and IME botnets wasn't enough, Microsoft is going to add its own backdoor to pretty much ALL processors.
Microsoft has already been adding backdoors into every motherboard in the form of UEFI.
>>6424 >all hail the new security chiperino, it will make puter safe it's an old story it has been retold for decades, every single time it plays out the same. Everybody trusts the black box magic, making it exponentially more lucrative to break the security of the chip, because so much rests on this one pillar. The chip gets owned, and all the hardware has to be thrown out and be replaced with new wares. It's a racket. i hope somebody finds a way to use this to lock open hardware.
Oh boy I can't wait to have TWO black boxes inside my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!


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