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Comrade 10/12/2020 (Mon) 09:48:24 No. 5432
porn and 4chan are banned in the shitty country I'm living in for the next six months. What weird things are banned in your country?
>>5433 Oh obviously I already got a VPN, I was just trying to jack off in a portashitter on my phone earlier and I couldn't load any mainstream porn sites.
Just use Tor. Not being able to post on 4chan is aplus.
There's also several archives where you can browse 4chan threads in real time like desuarchive, b4k, rbt, etc.
>>5432 Piratebay and similar sites are banned by my IP (due to state mandate), it sucks to have to go to one of those shady inbetween sites every time. (inb4 someone suggests a VPN, that sounds like more effort TBH)
>>5432 Cuban cigars are banned in burgerland
>>5450 you can usually get what you want first search pretty reliably with decent google-fu, anon. in my experience.
>>5455 >>5450 Also depending on country there are still lots that work. Have you tried https://magnetdl.eu/ ?
>>5454 Really? Friend brought some over to the uk once, you ain't missing much
>>5432 piracy sites and live streams of sporting events, can be bypassed with a simple dns switcharoo


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