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(368.59 KB 680x838 dangerously based.png)
Bunkerchan wojak generator script Wojakposter 07/11/2020 (Sat) 05:26:25 No. 3212
I've decided to make my script open source. Enjoy. https://pastebin.com/raw/pajZ4N2x Edit: This script has been banned on leftypol, hobby, tech, edu, games, gulag and anime. But you can still post with it in this thread, I guess.
Edited last time by caballo on 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:16:21.
New version: 1.5.2 https://pastebin.com/zXPh5mgQ Formatting like bold will be handled correctly now. >>3668 thanks for the bug report.
(381.23 KB 590x681 1593843248578.png)
>>3212 Op you are a faggot and should feel bad.
(236.05 KB 785x975 (you).png)
(16.02 KB 454x716 (you).png)
(314.49 KB 705x950 (you).png)
OP is a faggot
(8.90 KB 200x200 smoking.jpg)
>>3685 you're just making this as wojak-bait at this point
(336.22 KB 576x762 (you).png)
(280.53 KB 576x566 soyjak.png)
>>3685 please add porky soyjak to the script
(36.37 KB 500x514 black.png)
(44.51 KB 500x514 black2.png)
(297.05 KB 576x566 blur.png)
other exploitables
(177.36 KB 426x409 breathes_exploitatively.png)
(323.12 KB 576x566 crying.png)
(106.47 KB 1120x1095 cyborg.png)
(46.12 KB 500x514 fash.png)
(314.12 KB 576x566 frown.png)
(48.08 KB 500x514 generic2.png)
(65.49 KB 500x514 idpol3.png)
(74.46 KB 500x514 jew.png)
(114.47 KB 500x514 isis.png)
(75.80 KB 500x514 king.png)
(42.47 KB 500x514 medical.png)
(9.02 KB 255x251 mystery.jpg)
(32.30 KB 500x514 npc.png)
(54.42 KB 500x514 pope.png)
(356.55 KB 611x556 scared.png)
(70.04 KB 500x514 police2.png)
New version: 1.6 https://pastebin.com/zXPh5mgQ Now with 5 porky wojaks. >>3693 Thanks for suggestion.
>>3709 based!
This is like the guy who invented the pop up ad, except he was sorry.
(1015.40 KB 500x281 1471105587334.gif)
This script has now been banned on leftypol, hobby, tech, edu, games, gulag and anime. But you can still post with it in this thread, I guess.
(255.33 KB 454x1148 (you).png)
>>3709 not fooling anybody. fuck off back to /pol/
>>3713 banned in /dead/ ?
(24.31 KB 454x812 (you).png)
>>3716 Don't think it's banned in /dead/ /GET/ or /ref/ because they're independent from the janny junta
>>3713 >jannies post weeb shit at will but wojaks aren't allowed jannies confirmed trannies
>>3719 wojakposter please at least port al the porky exploitables to the 4chan version so i can at least use this script for raids
(152.70 KB 700x800 whycontainit.jpg)
being discusses in /gulag/ : https://bunkerchan.xyz/gulag/res/5863.html
>>3718 thats some bullshit right there.
(225.18 KB 785x927 wojack-script-2020.png)
Ban it and summarily execute the creator.
(212.18 KB 640x834 (you).png)
>>3724 >just
>>3709 Based.
>>3728 can the wojak poster at least update the 4chan version so we can spam /pol/ on cuckchan?
>>3728 Can i mod /dead/, BV?
well i deleted my wojakscript. Guess it's dead now. gonna go install the 4chan one
>>3546 >>3732 Based. Thanks!
>>3733 I'm not the script author, just a guy who had it installed. can anyone post the whole text of the 4chan version here? im having trouble accessing anonfiles
>>3728 /dead/ is free territory now
alright OP time to add a random offset to the text and image and to auto-reply with "This was made by me in photoshop not with the script"
(13.38 KB 871x96 autism.PNG)
>NOOOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST POST WOJAKS I'M TELLING THE MOD TEAM TO BAN IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! is it me or this janny is the actual embodiment of this meme
mods can't handle bantz
>>3768 >wojak posters still seething Lmao, you've been castrated just deal with it
>>3776 okay janny
(155.35 KB 800x694 (you).png)
(153.88 KB 500x600 (you).png)
(231.78 KB 454x908 (you).png)
Here's an updated 4chan version. It has all the wojaks from the bunkerchan version and should work better on firefox specific script addons. https://pastebin.com/raw/t68FKHpa


no cookies?