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(485.68 KB 1920x1080 desktopl.png)
Space##m0Wyzz 02/01/2020 (Sat) 00:56:26 No. 252
ITT: Post your desktop
>>1359 Yes, obviously if you don't use a mouse this doesn't apply to you.
(232.45 KB 1366x768 Screenshot_20200429_194532.png)
>>1501 >6gb of Ram Why
>>1564 Too poor for an actual upgrade.
(145.80 KB 1599x899 Desgdob.png)
Wanna have a giggle frens :)
>>1592 A nice, functional desktop. Not bad. Replace MATE with Xfce and dump Steam and Discord though.
>>1593 What's wrong with MATE? And why is XFCE in particular better? Also yeaah I've got a bunch of nonfree shit, but I've just got too much connections with my 'fellow gamers' to drop it all. And I'm well aware that Discord is literal spyware of the highest calibre, but if I've not 'installed gentoo' and gone full freedom I figure my security's totally compromised anyway
>>1597 Just use something like trisquel which is quite easy to install and use. It’s basically ubuntu without any spyware or proprietary software. Uses MATE as its default de.
>>1597 >What's wrong with MATE? Not that there's really anything wrong with it (though its attempts to ape the Vista/7 aesthetic in its customization interfaces is a little disgusting). It's just that Xfce can do pretty much everything that MATE can do while having more features and customizability with the same or smaller memory footprint. At least, that was the situation the last time I did a thorough investigation of MATE a few years ago. What's the point of MATE when Xfce exists?
>>1599 >(though its attempts to ape the Vista/7 aesthetic in its customization interfaces is a little disgusting) On second thought I'm thinking of Cinnamon on this point, not MATE.
>>1599 >>1598 I have a better comp than this that I've wanted to do a clean install on that still has winblows (le ebin gayming PC), so I figure I'll blast Linux over it, and this Trisquel does seem pretty cool, but I notice that it's latest version is from 2018 which seems a bit old. I don't know if that really matters though, I'm not much of a hardcore compsci person at all. And I think I'll just stick with MATE since I'm just used to it and it seems the only out-of-box option for this distro, even if it's marginally worse than xfce.
(223.14 KB 1365x767 window3.jpg)
I switched from mint to slackware, actually it is a very comfortable distro, really liked it
(1.78 MB 3360x2100 2.png)
Forgive me for the proprietary software bros macOS
>>1327 That doesn't work for everything. Some shit doesn't come up in the bar especially with pirate software etc.
>>1711 Post that anime background pls.
(311.09 KB 1920x1080 zSCtKDI.jpg)
>>1714 For you comrade, anything
>>1715 arigatoe n__n
very original, i know
(659.76 KB 1920x1080 2020-07-16_01-11.png)
>>3170 Ayee Antergos GANG rip
>>3458 Hows the Peen book as a daily driver/video and shitpost machine?
been working on configuring bspwm.
>>3470 overall really great. Matt 1080p IPS display is gorgeous, battery lasts basically the whole day. I was surprised by how high quality it feels, it doesn't really come across on pictures. The factory Manjaro KDE felt very sluggish, no idea why they didn't go with xfce. But I never planned on using that anyway, hence i3. It replaced a 10 yr old single core netbook as my light on the go laptop, for that it is just awesome.
(395.64 KB 1366x768 Screenshot_20200718_221136.png)
convince me to switch from Kubuntu to Arch
>>3492 Nice, I've been wanting to pick up something cool running and fanless to replace my T450s, intel 5th gen igpu is problematic and its more power than I actually need on the go >Video stuttering in linux mint >Tearing in everything else >Doesn't happen on anything else Its intolerable and I can't find a solution so I might pick up a pinebook sometime in the next few months
>>3498 Nah; Ubuntu just werks, stick with it man.
>>3498 just use manjaro if you want to rolling release is nice and it isn't "bleeding edge" like arch so there won't be a problem with your system breaking also pacman is amazing and compile times are better i had better performance in games too when using manjaro
>>3498 Unless you have a specific reason to switch, don't APT is better anyway
(446.61 KB 1024x768 o.png)
>>3510 I once switched to Arch, because an update broke my Fedora install. For the most part it worked without much hassle after the initial setup and with regular updates, but when I crashed the Init System while modifying power management, I went to look for a OS without systemd. The openrc port was not that well maintained at the time, so I could not get Arch to run with it. Though left behind an old Arch install for Steam, it was nearly broken when I aborted a hung up install (pacman has bad error recovery IMO). Despite a lack of support for some software, my current platformworks with all modern formats and is much cleaner to administer. tl;dr When you want to use Arch, you should probably look for something better.
>>3515 why not artix?
>>3516 I can't live without SIGINFO anymore.
>>3515 What is this vision from the 90's? Is that a BBS I see before me?
>>1602 >Sword and Sworcery fag
>>3498 i switched to arch linux because i kept being annoyed at how terrible ubuntu was at updating between major releases, and tried my hand at a rolling release to not do major updates anymore, and i kept using it for like 3 years straight without doing anything except regular updates until i changed computers and that was super sweet. all the issues i've had with arch are mostly related to NVIDIA Optimus with the proprietary drivers tbh. Dunno how well does ubuntu fare with that shit though.
>>3515 >tl;dr When you want to use Arch, you should probably look for something better. like what though, broken updates seem like a pitfall for rolling release distros in general
(84.04 KB 1366x768 20200724_15h47m12s_grim.png)
Trying out Wayland + Waybar, pretty good so far
>>3610 *Sway
>>793 yes
>>3538 It seems like I should have elaborated more on that part. When I picked up Arch, I thought of it as some kind of "build your own linux" system. I certainly liked that you could manage it on the level of individual programs. Instead of booting to a black screen after an update, I would set up the bootloader myself and could continue meddling with it, when it did not work as intended. Unfortunately Arch builds most of its packages against "bloatware" (systemd, glibc), with a few badly supported alternatives in the AUR. When I recognized this, I saw 2 options: Use a more transparent OS (gentoo, smgl, suckless base with pkgsrc), or use an OS with sane defaults (OpenBSD, alpine). I mostly do the latter (because I always fail at the former ;-)
>>3661 >Unfortunately Arch builds most of its packages against "bloatware" (systemd, glibc), with a few badly supported alternatives in the AUR. Just use artix runit or openrc. Alpine is a piece of shit to work with in my experience
>>3662 What problems did you experience with alpine? I needed to set up some things from an archiso, because the alpine installer could only format ext4, f2fs and msdos partitions and I wanted to boot from EFISTUB. Installation and setup were otherwise very straightforward. It even had a script to set up X-Windows. Unfortunately it does not support a symlinked /usr (/usr->. Though when I was just trying to configure it as a VM host, glamoregl.so blew up in my face, I experienced similar and far worse things with Arch and other tty-based binary-packaged systems.
(498.99 KB 3840x2160 Untitled 2.png)
(691.55 KB 1920x1200 1395118545476.jpg)
(1.74 MB 1920x1080 desktop.png)
Who here /redundancy/?
>>3703 Fuck ricers 2bh; THAT is what a real desktop looks like.
(1.03 MB 1920x1080 1328938402623.png)
>>3703 I lol'd


no cookies?