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Piracy General. Comrade 01/28/2020 (Tue) 12:32:25 No. 190
General for all things piracy related: Share Torrents, Private Trackers, information about how to obtain a particular commodity for free on the internet; Requests. piratebayztemzmv.onion Current onion for the piratebay^ Pirate the planet.
>>1700 Get the no-intro romsets, you probably downloaded the goodset, who have duplicates and even romhacks. https://archive.org/details/no-intro-rom-sets https://nyaa.si/view/1111989
>>2704 Stop being such an immense proprietary cocksucker and install gallery-dl.
What are opinions on btdigg (or DHT crawlers in general) as an alternative to centralized torrent indices? It seems much better (more resilient easier to use) to me, but I'm curious what others think.
>>2881 The way I see it DHTs will never be as secure as a private tracker since there’s no moderation to actively sniff out fed peers
Is there anyone who can make a webrip of this and upload it as a torrent? https://vimeo.com/ondemand/revolution
Comrades, I bought some apps and have them installed but when I switch to new account those apps won't come with me. I hate this and I want to make copies of these apps so I can install them directly with the apks. How do i do this without google verification shit fucking with me. I don't have a lot of data to re pirate the apps and download from elsewhere. Please help me duplicating apps that I paid for so I can use them on an account which doesn't have them.
Anyone know why my TorrentLeech torrents aren’t seeding? There are more leechers and than seeders and I’m still not sending anything out.
Anyone know of a good place where to get pdfs and epubs of all books that doesn't also require registration?
>>3420 Library Genesis
>>3421 Thanks. Any idea how quickly it adds newly released books into the library? The one I am searching for is 1-2 days old, so I assume it should be uploaded in a month or so?
>>3422 No idea, when an owner of the book removes the DRM and uploads the book, which depends on the popularity of the book. You can also go on #bookz channel on UnderNet IRC to check for it.
(7.46 KB 397x63 hehe.png)
>>3005 >>3151 Will seed when this finally finishes
>>3148 You haven't got weird firewall or router settings do you? Sometimes they can stop you being able to seed.
(29.25 KB 423x648 9780745339979.jpg)
Does anyone have a pdf copy of Harry Cleaver's "33 Lessons on Capital: Reading Marx Politically"? https://www.plutobooks.com/9781786805157/33-lessons-on-capital/
>>3445 Check libgen?
>>3429 https://anonfiles.com/P344p4G2o2/bunker_torrent Sha256sum: 43b3bac9f6718678bd15ace5149364530db90acba48fcd869e5f3ca165905273
>>3446 Not there; there's an unfilled request on aaaaarg, too.
>>3451 "Reading Capital Politically" mostly covers the first chapter of Capital, and was originally published in 1979. "Reading Marx Politically" covers the whole first volume of Capital, and was published in 2019. The latter seems to be his "Study Guide for Capital" repurposed into book form.
>>3453 What about this one right there: >>3452 Why did you ignore that post? Isn't it what you were looking for?
>>3454 I didn't ignore it; that's the study guide. I'd prefer to have a print replica but I'll take what I can get, thanks.
(498.38 KB 600x900 01.PNG)
(387.95 KB 600x900 02.PNG)
>>3455 Same issue I have with looking for books on Operation Gladio. There's this guy named Jeffrey Bale who did his dissertation on the subject in 1994. I have a scan of it, but later found that he repurposed and expanded on it in a two volume set a couple years ago. Can't find them anywhere online; can't afford them either because fuck Routledge. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075CJTN3X/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07658CHW5/
>>3429 >>3447 thank you so much Comrade! will seed the shit out of this
>>3456 sounds interesting, can you post the dissertation?
>>3460 thank you, I'll be monitoring this thread for that Darkest Sides of Politics book
>>3456 I was able to find the first of the two, however the source isn't trusted. I did however check the files and found nothing suspicious.
>>3464 Oh shit, thanks! What's your source, though? Maybe the second volume is out there somewhere..
>>3445 here's an epub
>>3477 Where did you find this?
>>3447 Download is stalled. Please seed.
>>3482 I bought it and removed the digital bookplate. Pluto Books has a 50% off sale on most of their catalog right now.
>>3486 this, only 30mb left for me >>3447 please seed
(48.13 KB 941x1499 page_1.jpg)
>>3491 Speaking of Pluto Books, does anyone have an epub of Boris Arvatov's "Art and Production"? https://www.plutobooks.com/9781786801845/art-and-production/
>>3501 nevermind I got it
>>1917 Streamed anime has shitty encodes so there are no good anime streaming sites.
(627.28 KB 1723x2548 1595285613219.jpg)
Couldn't find this book on libgen, now what?
>>3523 >/g/ still has a cyberpunk general man I remember helping maintain those threads in 2015; that's wild
>>3530 #bookz on Undernet IRC
Requesting: The Science and Passion of Communism: Selected Writings of Amadeo Bordiga (1912-1965) https://brill.com/view/title/22024 Art and Labour: On the Hostility to Handicraft, Aesthetic Labour and the Politics of Work in Art https://brill.com/view/title/33415
>>3005 >>3447 how do I convert this torrent file to mp4? Fusako Shigenobu was the OG Japanese waifu btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NTpscQjjdg
>>3757 You can convert the .avi file to .mp4 with ffmpeg.
>>3609 found Art and Labour; looks like the Bordiga book won't come out until next week
(39.64 KB 313x500 51sR3dkZ0VL.jpg)
Requesting pdf of this book
Remember to cross-post ebooks to libgen!


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