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(62.41 KB 768x768 rss.png)
Proper RSS setup thread Comrade 08/26/2020 (Wed) 16:48:31 No. 4423 [Reply] [Last]
Replacing registration on major, datamining, media hosting sites with secure, sleek, easy RSS set-up Bunker/tech/ alpha draft RSS SETUP (tor + QuiteRSS) >Install: quiterss and tor >Stylize: Options->Fonts and Colors->Colors: stylize to your own liking >Secure QuiteRSS: Tools->Options->Browser-> untick "embedded browser" and leave the "external browser" empty, under 'Content' untick everything >Torify: Tools->Opt.->Network Connections: SOCKS5, proxy server: localhost, port: 9050 >Go to desired Youtube channel page (or visit it via https://invidious.snopyta.org , which may be taken down soon) >Right-click and pick View Page Source (or for invidious copy the unique channel ID which is already copy-pastable from the URL; it's the last string of text after "/channel/") >For Youtube, when at the View Page Source page, ctrl+f "/channel/" and pick the unique channel ID >Insert the unique channel ID (which looks like 'aAi1SEieasu124dSdsa45Ddas') into the end of the following RSS-ready link: https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=ENTER_UNIQUE_ID_HERE For Soundcloud see bottom of this post >Paste the completed channel link into your RSS reader. MEDIA PLAYER STREAMING (torsocks + SMPlayer + mpv) >Install: torsocks, youtube-dl, smplayer and mpv

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>>4984 same question, just want to know if someone managed to fix the broken bunkerchan rss feeds
The connections themselves are only as secure as your connection setup. It's your job to use a vpn or set up tor for all your traffic, if you feel the need to do something like that for youtube feeds and streams. Since this only handles feeds, and watching or downloading the streams themselves is done with another program, presumably you already have your preferred security measures set up for that other program, so route this one through the same setup. For adding extra fluff to the request headers to hide in the crowd you can use GetFeed.get_headers. The default request looks like this: GET /feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=... HTTP/1.1 Host: www.youtube.com User-Agent: ... Accept-Encoding: gzip Connection: close and the equivalent for invidio instances.
Bongino is in the process of moving to Rumble (.com) because YT's SJW tendancies are disheartening, and eventually will necessitate the move. But Rumble's /c/<user> page is, no surprise, nothing like YT's channel feed. And I can't code my way out of a box. Any chance of QuiteRSS updating to interpret Rumble's feeds?
>>4993 Hmm. There's this http createfeed.fivefilters.org/index.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Frumble.com%2Fc%2FBongino&in_id_or_class=video-item--a&max=5&order=document But it can't, for example, tell what the video is called, nor will it play/show pictures internal to Qrss but choosing the <no title> to be opened externally brings up the latest video. Doesn't at this time show any of the other videos in the channel though; not with those settings.

(802.40 KB 543x848 thankyouforyourfeedback.png)
(301.76 KB 538x377 whitwomenfuckdogs.png)
Firefox Fenix - Yet Another Browser Thread Comrade 08/27/2020 (Thu) 15:57:01 No. 4439 [Reply] [Last]
Is the new firefox for android as bad as they say? >no about:config >no extensions besides redditblock >can't make urlbar persistent >no save as pdf >accessing top sites, bookmarks and history is more cumbersome Also worried about resource consumption and crashes, I have an old phone with a few years old lineageos and it's already slow and often purges background apps from memory. I also use dozens to more than a hundred tabs on mobile and lose those in private browsing in frequent crashes. Do I have to stay on the old version and try to block progress as long as possible?
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>>4932 please file a bug report though
>>4948 This is vaguely interesting, but what it misses is that to the extent it is true it was viewed by Marx and Lenin that was an inevitable disgusting endpoint to laiziz faire capitalism that needed to be accelerated past as quickly as possible Engel's considered State Capitalism to be the next stage after this as market signals started failing and become unable to even coordinate and maintain a minimally functioning society in the cruel wasteful and mindless fashion capitalism operates on
Why is this reactionary allowed to dump his pol image collection here with no relation to tech, huh mods?
I downgraded back to Firefox 68. Lost all my bookmarks and history. But I rather that instead of use that piece of shit they released.
>>4463 Comrade your post is shit

(8.20 MB 2830x3522 asm_book.png)
Learning assembly language Comrade 09/19/2020 (Sat) 16:26:31 No. 4895 [Reply] [Last]
I have recently started my first course in Software Engineering. The first programming subject we got apart from C is learning assembly language. I have zero knowledge of the subject and it seems quite intimidating at first glance, and was described to us as a hard course. So I wanted to ask, what would be the best sources of information to learn the language and how to even use it? The YouTube tutorials always seem a bit shit and from my first glance it is true for asm as well. We were also all recommended to read picrel over the course. Is it good and or enough for learning? It's 34 years old, so I was wondering if there were more recent manuals on the subject.
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This is a good book on the subject. I learned a lot from doing crackmes, reverse engineering in general is often about just reading and understanding (disassembled) assembly. Don't be afraid of it, it's not black magic.
Play TIS-100 or Shenzhen IO or Exapunks. They don't use actually existing assembly languages, but the principles, commands and syntax are kinda similar.
>>4899 Where would one be able to find a pirated version of this?
>>4902 rutracker.org I've played all of them on Linux. Can post links to Linux versions if that's your OS, but it shouldn't be hard to find Windows ones via your preferred search engine.

(94.13 KB 871x960 zzbkpj2mj3531.jpg)
Leftist Tech Communities? Comrade 05/29/2020 (Fri) 21:06:08 No. 1930 [Reply] [Last]
Is there something like HackerNews but not infested by Silly Valley's libertarian STEMlords and VC-bootlicking hustlers?
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>>4279 >his eyes suddenly seem a bit too big for his head You watch too much anime if you think estrogen makes your eyes bigger.
>>4305 >Blackface is (rightfully) recognized as harmful, while drag is woke. I want the attitude towards gender to be the same as towards race, and until now, the only people I have found with that position are radical feminists. >i want to abolish gender but drag is bad mmmkay
>>4882 <seem Facial changes make the eyes seem slightly larger Anyway, we're supposed to stop screeching about gender, talk about this shit in /IncelG/ with all the other real leftist do nothings, not on tech
another solid thread ruined by derailing autists
(368.36 KB 931x720 laughs-menacingly.jpg)
Here's to getting banned: https://www.ovarit.com/o/ThisNeverHappens/ >>4883 >>i want to abolish gender but drag is bad mmmkay >wanting to reinforce gender stereotypes >>4890 It's horrible how annoying TRAs are, right?

(17.42 KB 243x255 dance compilation.jpg)
What's the best way to download music off Youtube? Comrade 08/22/2020 (Sat) 17:26:04 No. 4337 [Reply] [Last]
There's various sites/programs that do this but I haven't really found a good one yet. Features I would like: - 320kbps - Capture of a still of the video as song art - Download whole playlists automatically - No daily limit or whatever As a bonus, are there any applications that automatically convert a folder full of mp3s into versions of those mp3s with levelled audio? IE, all the songs will become roughly the same volume. I know there might be better ways to organise your music but I like to do it like this. Thanks in advance people. Currently I use 4K Youtube to MP3 but it has a daily limit and no automatic playlist support (without a paid license).
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>>4343 youtube-dl itself just uses ffmpeg in the background.
>>4353 Never thought about this trick before, pretty neat. But I like to see clearly what I'm actually doing, you could have wrong (and sensitive) text in your clipboard for example. I do use xsel for a script that takes whatever text is in clipboard then makes substitutions with sed and puts it back into the clipboard. So I can for example copy a youtube/twitter/instagram URL and convert it into an invidio.us/nitter/bibliogram one with a single keyboard shortcut.
yt compress every audio, maybe the output format is 320 but in reality its much lower. I suggest the p2p network soulseek, or the browser addon 'spotify & deezer downloader', you dont have to subscribre to spotify or anything, only login with fb or whathever

(869.82 KB 1600x1600 Anti Centrist Aktion.jpg)
ROBOCOMMUNISM Comrade 09/17/2020 (Thu) 12:07:41 No. 4801 [Reply] [Last]
It's a trick designed to fool the uneducated.

Gentoo Comrade 08/18/2020 (Tue) 14:48:56 No. 4206 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a general for discussion about the most based OS there ever was. What builds are you using? Use flags? Are you on a Stacking or tiling windows manager? Lay it all down. Talk about optimization and help out more, less experienced, gentoo users.
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>>4632 It wasn't intended to be a rhetorical question. Why might someone do Gentoo over Linux From Scratch?
>>4630 Linux from scratch is the dumbest most boring thing one could do. It's litterally a gentoo installation where instead of using portage you go to the page of all the various components and projects and manually download them and compile them. Maybe it made sense before gentoo was a thing but I really don't see the point now, you learn nothing over a stage 3 installation
>>4637 Gentoo actually has some uses, it can be an excellent base for a specialized distro: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Distributions_based_on_Gentoo LFS on the other hand is just a hobby project whose only goal is building the system to learn about linux, and not actually using it. It's like a school project.
>>4637 LFS is actually unmaintainable as a computer that you would actually use because just keeping the packages up to date would take all of your free time to download, compile and debug. LFS is something you do out of curiosity in a VM, and then wipe the VM image afterwards. It doesn't exist to create a thing that serves a useful purpose.

(6.69 KB 300x225 11-119-233-21.jpg)
PC build Anonymous Comrade 11/21/2019 (Thu) 22:06:26 No. 2265 [Reply] [Last]
Just building a semi-cheap PC to replace my old one I built 3 years ago, it's not really meant to be a brand new state-of-the-art computer but just one that's supposed to have the same power as my old one but that runs better. Also yes I'm using Intel because my past 4 computers have used Ryzen or AMD and milage has varied, intel is shit but at least it's shit that won't turn into a nuke like my AMD did(it was their very first 8-core) and also I'm trying to skimp on money so while expensive and probably not the best performance I at least know it won't require a fucking swimming pool for a cooling unit.
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(88.96 KB 439x426 bad-caps.jpg)
>>4189 Are there any noticeably leaking or bulging radial electrolytic capacitors on your motherboard? It can be up to like a $50 repair to order the soldering iron, solder with rosin/flux core, replacement capacitors, tax & shipping and up to a couple hours to replace them yourself.
>>4193 I didn't know that, thanks for the tip. I checked and didn't see anything out of the norm, the only two I could even find in the entire machine were on the graphics card and they looked picture perfect except for some dust. Which sucks, because I already have the solder and the iron from a few induction heaters I made last year
So I originally asked for PC parts advice back in January(I think it was this thread too lel) for a budget PC. This is what I eventually settled on. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FYCTdm Now that one is stranded on a different continent for another year and I'll be going back to it in about 10-12 months but in the meantime I'm stuck with my 5 year old PC back home . This one doesn't have to be budget like the last one(I got that one for free thanks to "technical" issues). So that build worked great for the most part, the hard drive; perfect. Might need an additional 2 or 4tb SSDs for storing games and stuff. The processor; I personally had no complaints since the one I'm currently using is an old AMD fx 8320 and oh boy it's bad so the i5 in comparison was great. I don't know whether to get over the mental scarring from the fx series and get an AMD Ryzen or play it safe with Intel since I found out Intel pays Epic to sabotage AMD performance and stuff but otherwise AMD seems the better option all round, dunno what to do with that. Motherboard; hot fucking garbage, I don't even want to buy an MSI motherboard ever again. I actually went through 2 of those motherboards since the first turned out some circuits were fried on arrival and the second one had some of the RAM slots broken so I had to stick the two of them in the inefficient positions side-by-side and eventually due to NewEgg basically saying it was cause of bent pins after I shipped it back to them and MSI refusing to help cause lel the UK isn't in the EU or NA jurisdictions of their offices my bank eventually got the trade protection office to step in and refund my entire order cause NewEgg was violating the Consumer's Rights Act by not offering a refund at all(The CRA says basically if the consumer wants a refund they gotta get one, if the good was damaged you can only offer a reduced refund not entirely void it). RAM: It's 16 gigs of RAM, hasn't changed much in 10 odd years. PSU; could be more powerful for what I have in mind. GPU; I didn't notice anything wrong with it, only issue was that the VRAM was rather low at 4 gigs and this kept causing some issues with CPU intensive games for some reason. So say I'm building a new PC in a week or two, what parts should I improve of off of my last one? I know Nvidia is dropping the 3000 series in 3 days and I dunno whether to just fuck it and go all in on one of those or keep it to a 2000 series that will drop in price after the launch. Also the CPU; play safe or go big? Also this build is 100% for gaming, don't need to worry about school work or anything this time around. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
>>4733 if you have a 60hz 1080p monitor and don't want ray tracing then 1660S should be enough to maintain 60 fps avg even in poorly optimized games like rdr2, gtav, ac:o (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnUcuCZ-iMY ) if 9600K is the same price as 9600KF then you should choose 9600K since having the integrated graphics is like having a spare tyre and one less troubleshooting step in case the gpu dies if you're getting that 212 evo cooler make sure it's even (ex. not having one edge of the front of cpu sticking out not making contact with the cooler) and you screw it really tightly, it makes a big difference in fan noise / temperature (and be patient installing it, it's the biggest pain in the ass)
>>4794 I just want straight upgrades across the board, not simply just getting the streamlined versions of the stuff I already have(the 1600, while great compared to my old specs is already in the dust but then again everything PC related is redundant 2 months after release) oh and I know how the 212 works since this is about the third or fourth time using it and each time it required a different setup for the Moba CPU slot. Magnetic screwdrivers are a fucking lifesaver when the screws keep bouncing up and you feel like you're about to rip the board in half while trying to get them all even. Took about 2 hours to get it in proper last time and that was mostly spent trying to get the screws in the right spot since the "X" shape of the screws mean one side had trouble going down always.

(29.30 KB 660x574 pepe.jpg)
Comrade 08/11/2020 (Tue) 11:24:36 No. 3998 [Reply] [Last]
i broke my headphone wire extender
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>>4026 Muh Pratchett anon! Big reason i love his works is the way he slips in these things in such an easily digestible and humerous way. He's an often under-looked leftist influence for children.
>>4026 >>4715 that's just the "poor people buy twice" saying. Don't get me wrong, I think he's great and I've read nearly all of the discworld novels, but I don't think he was a leftist.
>>4724 He was maybe a Dem Succ at best, more like Succ Dem which is pretty standard for socially progressive people of his generation in the UK
>>3998 please recommend me a over the ear headphone that will be durable strong. i'm not an audipphile. i just want to be not able to hear the outside world while wearing it. converting my country's currency to dollars my money to spend on a headphone is 10-15 dollars
>>4023 Buy a nice pair of shure or etymotic headphones with detachable cables and then just replace the cables.

(92.46 KB 1280x720 dirtycow.jpg)
Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 22:04:43 No. 4284 [Reply] [Last]
Hi Anons. If you could have root on any porkies machine who would it be? >“Hacking gives the underdog a chance to fight and win.” -PhinPhish
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>>4309 I'm scared of going to prison. Even though I know the chances are slim that I would get caught it was still the fear of it holding me back.
>>4331 A) Know what they can use to detect that you're in their systems B) Know what they can use to link it back to you From these two points you narrow down the chance of being caught. You could hack an old machine, for example, since reconnaissance is the most important part of hacking, and you got access to it all. In case you get caught they wouldn't think it was an insider. But be safe, if you don't master what you are doing, you'll be caught.
>>4331 How do we persuade and/or help you, anon?
>>4331 If you prepare the rootkit beforehand and put it in some kind of simple tool (like an addon for a text editor or something dumb) and then release it anonymously in public, you get plausible deniability for it. So when they ask you "hey, our data got hacked and you unlocked the door when it happened" you can say you just compiled this cool github thing that would've helped your workflow. You might not even get fired for it then, since this shit happens all the time anyways.
>>4410 >>4411 he said that he used to work for the company, he's not going to be able to waltz back in there and get his hands on a company computer. >>4288 half the time, the IT guy actually doesn't know his shit, even in companies with supposedly high security/compliance requirements. speaking from experience.


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