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Secure/anonymous laptop Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 11:00:49 No. 3484 [Reply] [Last]
I want to get an old thinkpad, like an x200 and make it into a secure, tor-only machine. What is the best way to do this? Something like Qubes OS or is that just a meme? Looking for solutions for full disc encryption, network card that connects to TOR alone, that kind of stuff. Thanks.
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if you're going to buy an x200 make sure to use libreboot as well
>>3488 isnt the thinkpad an old laptop? might not have the power to run VM based OS?
>>3489 that’s the main problem with trying to go full FOSS. nothing is powerful enough anymore.
>>3493 That simply isn't true.
>>3484 X200 won't be able to run Qubes. Anyway, your general and perfectionist approach will make you fail for both technical and psychological reasons. What you need to do first is develop concrete threat models, and a hierarchy of priorities. I assume that in your case you should probably concentrate more on software than hardware, and specifically on networking, which also splits into many different low to high level tiers, anything from your machine connecting to anything else to what you do on which website. Using Tor only, as well as modifying and limiting use of the Internet in the first place, will for most people bring more benefits than all other measures combined.

(107.06 KB 361x370 1588828817840.png)
Comrade 05/15/2020 (Fri) 11:17:02 No. 1751 [Reply] [Last]
Oh god oh fuck I'm retarded. I've never been tech-savvy, just a pleb consoomer and user, never digging deeper than what was on surface level. But it seems to be, based on what I've been hearing for the past two years, that those who don't have a workable knowledge of it will simply be considered the illiterate of the 21st century. What bare bones basic, and I'm talking like Primary School shit I'm just that dense, level stuff should I learn? So far I've got: - Linux (no fucking clue how I'm going to learn it) - Python (seems accessible and is used in some GAN AIs which I find interesting, so kinda motivating) - Ruby (it's easier Python, is it really worth it then?) - C++ (I've just seen it everywhere I have no idea what it actually is) - Java (always thought it was only for free online games)

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>>3049 Most likely you will just fiddle around with it for a week and then put it in the closet to gather dust. There won't be any real commitment unless you use it as your "daily driver".
Reverse-autistic permanoob brainlet fag here. Python sucks as a first language. It wasn't my first and I'm glad it wasn't, though I tried many times early on (mid 90s) to learn programming and got turned off because of poor python docs. I recently came back to it, because lots of the best data tools are in python, and I want to extend some of them to encompass new use-cases. I find its idioms too restrictive, obtuse even. Try import sys import op def wrapper(inputs=argsv[0],arr=argsv[1]) <remove whitespace code> r"\n"r"\t" ''.join(list(filter(wrapper, arr) just to remove white space. Furthermore the 'declarative and modular' meme is "declarative" for opaque codebase: impossible to navigate without using a heavy IDE or a million vim plugins. I like barebones vim and even cat | less or cat | head / tail in a single terminal on ancient hardware. For first reading I'd stick with eloquent JavaScript, go through from start and finish wit arrays and linked-list data structures. Then jump over to SICP (with original lectures) and complement that with a basic knowledge of C structures. Then you'll be good on the programming side. If you want to learn how to use Linux. I'd go for arch. They have thorough and easily searchable documentation that will help you build your system. They don't spoonfeed you but they give you everything you need to create the perfect system for your needs and hardware. Give yourself 2 weeks for this. It's like building your rpg character. Take your time and contemplate well your use case and personal sensibilitirs. I for instance dont care about aesthetics or feature-rich cutting edge bullshit. I type around 150 wpm if there is no bloody track pad, and think with images and notions, so I require something that runs without the slightest hiccup, at the same speed as my commands, no matter the load (of commands per second). I don't use sublime or slack or file manager or any gui interfaces outside Wireshark and the browser. Works great. Learn how to do basic navigation in vim, hjkl is movement $ and 0 beginning of line end of line. W E w e is word over word navigation. V is visual mode. I a o O are insert modes. c DD are basic deletes. Y P is your copy paste. U Ctrl+r your history control. ESC + : + wq is exiting vim with a save. The same with q or q! Is without saving. Learn how to use buffers and windows and escape to shell. These kinds of things will make you very productive. Over time you'll start to merge with these command and control mechanisms, becoming a true cyborg with an exobrain. It's totally worth it. And the cognitive enhancement gives you a rush of power and fulfilment that is better than most drugs. Basics of a setting up and running a system, the fundamentals of programming, and well-fused cerebro-enhancement will give you a solid foundation to start poking around with networks and such. Through play and practical use you'll develop new skills (like learning to use a search engine properly, how to catalog your knowledge and discoveries, and, the hardest and most prized accomplishment: understanding the man pages.
>>3440 > cat | less Strong contender for the most useless use of cat ever.
Yeah I think you'll get bogged down trying to learn all that at once. I think it's better to start with some basic language you are actually interested in/ can see yourself using. Eg if you are more into electronics than computers you could start with arduino or python with raspberry pi, if you were thinking of doing video game or graphics stuff you could try C#/C++/Java, if you want to do webdesign then go for CSS/HTML- even something like Processing (mostly generative art) is a good way to start getting your feet wet without getting hella bored immediately. As long as it's not too derived (ie visual programming or something like Matlab) you can learn a lot of the same fundamental concepts with any language. Python is pretty multifunctional- it's used across a lot of applications for plugins/scripts (if you are into 3D printing it can be used to make cool shit in CAD programs) , game design, data science and machine learning stuff.
>>3440 >>3469 These are pretty complex

(58.33 KB 1200x1200 hacktivism.png)
(307.87 KB rs1.pdf)
red swarm: leftist hacktivism Comrade 07/05/2020 (Sun) 04:29:45 No. 3109 [Reply] [Last]
pdf on left wing hacktivism
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>>3215 >sure. >>3216 >No. fuck.
>>3220 If you want to learn it, just learn it. You don't have to justify it.
>>3213 You don't need to be a expert coder, im sure not. that being said the pratical hacking course assumes just basic computer usage and is a good beginner guide. If I had to pick between being a good sysadmin, or a good programmer. The sysadmin is a better background. Knowing how to build systems and how they work together is more important. especially how windows servers works, 90% of corporate systems are windows. >>3216 I disagree far from it, knowing how attackers attack is essential for understanding how to harden, and knowing how to defend is important on how to attack and bypass security systems. Fundamentally computer security ( or anything really) the most important part is getting started any bit of studying is better than none.
>>3358 It doesn't really, knowing how to do a ROP attack in no way helps you in turning on ASLR. For a regular user there's very little to gain from understanding the technical details of these attacks.
>>3360 for a regular user the nitty gritty isn't that important, but knowing how it works you can put settings on your system, my post was more trying to encourage >>3213 to start trying and start learning.

(103.01 KB 900x705 5G_Dees.jpg)
5G router connection issues? Comrade 07/16/2020 (Thu) 05:46:34 No. 3443 [Reply] [Last]
My ISP has recently transitioned to 5G and replaced all the old WiFi routers a few months back. Over that time I have noticed a noticeable increase in connection cuts. They seem to have gotten worse over the last month, now happening every few days. Basically what happens is that all devices stop being able to connect to the network. They still see it, but can't access it. Pulling the plug on the router and powering back on, then restarting other devices fixes it, but it is really fucking annoying and will undoubtedly one day crash during something important. This issue isn't new, stuff like this happened with older routers as well, but usually it would only occur every month or so, not multiple times per week. So, anyone got a clue what is the problem here? Did the ISP provide a malfunctioning router, or is it the problem of their network? Or is it 5G being relatively new and thus sometimes screwing up or something?

(190.09 KB 1200x857 1448252999726.jpg)
Website creation Comrade 07/07/2020 (Tue) 17:36:42 No. 3142 [Reply] [Last]
Hey guys, my mum wants me to look into how to make a website for her crafting business, what site should I use? I just need one to work from a template, nothing too complex please. Thanks!
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>>3142 <html> <head> <title>Mum's crafting business</title> </head> <body> <h1>Hello, welcome to my crafting website</h1> <br /> <strong>Take a look around at all the stuff I craft.</strong> <br /> <p>This website is made by my son, who is very talented and a computer wiz!</p> <br /> My stuff: <a link href=../stuff/main.html>Main page of stuff</a> <br /> Pssst: <a href=../nudes/nudes.html>My nudes</a>

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>>3184 Cute. But I need stuff like an ecommerce store and stuff, me trying to code that myself would be pretty silly. I'd end up linking the customers to a security vulnerability that got all their money stolen or something. I had a look around and all the options with ecommerce template options seem to converge at around £10/month at minimum which is a little expensive for the scale of the business I think. >>3167 I mean I live in her place, so, meh. >>3147 Yeah I think I'll just tell her to get an ebay/fb listing and so on.
>>3222 If you aren't good at making websites then just use shopify
>>3222 >Yeah I think I'll just tell her to get an ebay/fb listing and so on. Facebook page + ebay store is the way to go IMO, plenty of businesses do that.
>>3142 If you just need a website, do wix. If you need ecommerce, do shopify. If you don't want to pay, I guess this is a good option >>3432 you could also complement it with a cheap wix site. >>3146 HTML is super easy. Using CSS on the other hand is like being a lawyer suing a website into looking like you want it to.

Laptop Comrade 07/03/2020 (Fri) 21:31:34 No. 3084 [Reply] [Last]
Going to uni, they require people to get a Laptop, here are the requirements they have. What do you guys recommend?
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I strongly suspect they are full of shit. If I were you I would march in their office and ask for who wrote this "Laptop Requirements" and schedule a meeting with him to question him why you need an Intel i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB for your molecular genetics classes. Ask him if you're using virtual machines. If not, the laptop requirements are meaningless and you can settle for much less.
I got by fine with a x41 for ~30 euros, until the charger melted away, so if you find one they're still fine.
Why the hell is a webcam listed as an requirement?
>8th gen quad-core at minimum >i5 vs. i7 Those requirements are bullshit, probably some idiot from management came up with them because he gets new shiny laptop every two years. And his laptop gets paid by your tuition or taxes, btw. Even if some class requires that much computation (highly doubt it), there's no way it needs to be portable. Tech universities have their own desktop computers for students to use because not everybody has a laptop. They could also assign whatever you need to do as a homework anyway.
>>3354 for remote classes probably

(134.16 KB 1199x900 wsl-2-thumb.jpg)
Windows Subsystem for Linux Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 11:50:21 No. 3178 [Reply] [Last]
Is it bad for Linux as a whole? Is Microsoft trying to kill desktop Linux as a whole with its "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" policy?
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>>3210 nobody is suggesting that, just that Microsoft might be making big moves to supplant Linux's market as the server OS. without the demand for Linux the NPOs that support it will get no funding.
>>3178 WSL will make linux better because it will allow megacorporations to force their wageslaves to use Windows for dev work instead of Linux. The less corporate involvement in Linux the better.
>>3371 Good point
>>3371 We profit from corporate involvment, when their contributions are released under GPL-like licenses. One of the most sane desktop environments ever was polished by Sun, for example. When corporations with hardware licenses work on the Kernel, they can use their knowledge to improve drivers. When steam needs windows games to run via Wine, they use their manpower to improve the translation layer. Etc. etc. We are their parasites, but this is nothing to be ashamed of. Redirecting, or rather taming, corporate logic into work for the commons is the least we can do.
>>3371 Wageslaves are already forced to use Windows because of the MS Office crap. Megacorporations don't give a fuck about desktop Linux, they only care about Linux on the server. WSL won't change shit about it, they will keep degrading Linux into a fancy hypervisor for their cloud bullshit.

(94.13 KB 871x960 zzbkpj2mj3531.jpg)
Leftist Tech Communities? Comrade 05/29/2020 (Fri) 21:06:08 No. 1930 [Reply] [Last]
Is there something like HackerNews but not infested by Silly Valley's libertarian STEMlords and VC-bootlicking hustlers?
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>>3171 any pro or anti trans stance is idpol
>>3366 any stance is idpol
>>3365 It's also a rational response to anyone who's actually spent some time reading studies linking chronic radio exposure to enhanced DNA/cell damage.
>>3368 so the movie johnny mnemonic was right then
(66.61 KB 960x828 Dsi1me8WsAANyer.jpg)
>>3366 Opposing trans-pol is literaly saying no to identity-based politics. You assert that the way sex works in society doesn't come down to your own perception of youself, but that is a social category with it's role in the (capitalist) division of labour. And just because the pre-capitalist forms of families and local-communities have been disolving, changing the way our productive relationships are reproduced, doesn't mean we should support trans agenda (and their corporate allies, because don't forget: there has never been a more profitable civil rights movement than those who need constant medical therapy to even exist).

(39.90 KB 600x375 PC-Troubleshooting.png)
Hardware Issues Comrade 02/04/2020 (Tue) 10:43:17 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
More just cause I don't wanna go to some place like r/techsupport ew So anyways I built a computer recently, it works perfectly fine except for one issue: it has difficulty starting up. It takes about 5 minutes after pressing the power button for it to turn on, nothing will speed it up. I found out that the issue with it is that the Motherboard came with a dead CROM battery, I replaced that and voila it starts up fine. And it has been fine for the past week, however the startup issue has returned, and just to be sure I replaced the CROM battery AGAIN but this time it didn't work. I know for a fact that it was just the dead battery that was the issue so why is it persisting?
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>>1630 Most people here probably already know this, but when it comes to laptops thinkpads are pretty durable and most of the parts can be easily replaced. Their hardware also works very well with Linux. I'm using a 10 year old thinkpad that still runs fine, so far I've replaced the battery, charger and fan, all of which you can get pretty cheap on ebay, even though the model is old. There's a ton of affordable refurbished thinkpads being sold online because corps buy and sell them in bulk about every two or three years. Here's a buying guide: https://www.bobble.tech/free-stuff/used-thinkpad-buyers-guide The guide is based on US market though, prices in Europe are slightly higher. I can post some links to some European refurbishers if any one needs it. Often you can even find "new old stock" for the same price as used ones.
>>2911 The other thing with Thinkpads is that many support coreboot or libreboot. I think if we're setting out to buy hardware, support for open source firmware is a must.
Idiot question: Does Libreboot/coreboot support overclocking & why not??
>>3357 Good question, I have a System76 machine with a very minimalist coreboot and it has absolute fuckall in terms of motherboard/CPU options.
>>3361 did some quick research, looks like it's possible to add overclocking options but nobody is developing it https://www.win-raid.com/t5377f16-BIOS-modding-vs-Coreboot.html I will stick to proprietary BIOS then, if you can't overclock then it means you can't undervolt the CPU to save on power usage either, I've never used coreboot but it sounds like shit if it can't even replicate the functions of a proprietary BIOS let alone have more functionality than one

(38.57 KB 700x470 AccuVote TSX.jpeg)
Designing transparent and secure election systems with computers Comrade 07/09/2020 (Thu) 23:00:09 No. 3173 [Reply] [Last]
Many countries around the world, after some initial experiments, have completely dumped the idea of running their election systems with computer hardware and returned to hand-counted paper ballots. One look at the cartoonish hodgepodge of election machines with a million security holes across the United States all making use of unauditable proprietary software and hardware and manufactured by private companies mired by a history of corruption and scandals. One look at all that would be enough to give any reasonable person pause to reconsider the entire idea of electronic voting. Is it possible to design an electronic voting/counting system that fulfills some basic expectations of security and transparency? I and many other computer security experts would argue that it is not and never will be due to some fundamental aspects of computers. But let's not let that spoil our fun. How would you design electronic voting systems to be secure and transparent? What would the hardware be like? What would the software be like?
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>>3192 It's better for direct democracy. Its simply not feasible to have tons & tons of properly organised paper votes for things like workers councils making small decisions. Some electronic system could offer a lot of benefits. This was an interesting read: http://mason.gmu.edu/~rhanson/futarchy.html It's a little libertarian, but the ideas are interesting.
>>3177 This work work fine too. A pseudonymous but verifiable cryptographic signature is a solved problem. Look into zero knowledge proofs as well: https://research.kudelskisecurity.com/2018/11/05/e-voting-crypto-protocols/
>>3197 >Its simply not feasible to have tons & tons of properly organised paper votes for things like workers councils making small decisions. Why not? It's being done right now.
The fundamental issue isn't that its an unsolveable problem, its that you still have to trust the organisation running the election more than you do for a paper ballot.
>>3174 >copyleft openrisc >not permissively-licensed risc-v meme ISA giga based


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