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(77.94 KB 1600x1600 zoom-how-use-online-classes.jpg)
Comrade 06/11/2020 (Thu) 19:55:04 No. 2749 [Reply] [Last]
Techlet here. Everyone says Zoom is painfully vulnerable, but I heard if you have a paid account you have options to make it more secure. Is it good enough? Would you trust it?
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(88.63 KB 660x660 tin-foil.jpg)
>>2758 >calling anyone tinfoil hat >when MKultra happened >when Snowden and Assange happened >when the US gov’t just passed a new law allowing the FBI to directly read private sockets not even a month ago
>>2757 You don't have to act like I'm a retard. I only asked because fucking PSL apparently uses it. You fags love acting high and mighty about opsec but fact is the left has dogshit opsec. Part of getting people to listen to you is repeating tedious shit over and over, and clearly the techfags haven't been doing so if fucking PSL is using literal glowieware. A link to good software alternatives would be nice, but you would just say "you're only compensating for bad opsec". So do you have any resources about good opsec from a tech perspective instead of ranting about video games?
>>2757 >If it is proprietary, you can guarantee that that hardware is backdoored and the NSA is using it to spy on you. lol you have no threat modeling at all. nobody here is important enough to be hunted down by NSA via hardware backdoors. for most of people here it's enough to just avoid being flagged by the usual dragnet.
>>2782 >nobody here is important enough to be hunted down by NSA via hardware backdoors. Everyone here is important enough to be part of a broad-spectrum mass surveillance and insecurity complex. The point is not to target any one individual now while they're taking a shit on the toilet, it's to incubate vulnerabilities to be activated when the individual becomes a threat to the state. But using and promoting said insecure software through social coercion, you place everyone in this state of heightened vulnerability.

(16.55 KB 320x289 cringe.jpg)
Comrade 05/14/2020 (Thu) 16:00:02 No. 1741 [Reply] [Last]
Is ubuntu just cringe? Is there any reason to use it instead of pop!os or mint
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>>2739 MATE sucks too. They're both garbage compared to Xfce.
>>2739 It's no KDE but it's alright imo, just some bugs here and there and few extensions. Cinnamon's file explorer is irredeemable garbage though.
>>2746 XFCE is several times more bloated than mate you faggot ricer pleb
>>1782 useful features like having two different apps for system settings?
>>2760 But that's wrong, you ignorant faggot. They both have a similar memory footprint while Xfce manages to have a ton more features and customizability than MATE. That's called an objectively superior piece of software. MATE really has no reason to exist now that Xfce has come so far, it's been a pointless and obsolete desktop environment since its start.

Comrade 10/11/2019 (Fri) 22:59:54 No. 2455 [Reply] [Last]
why arent you using Linux dumbass? You have zero excuses
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very simple i have a piece of shit old laptop, i don't even know if it's compatible, and i'm too tech illiterate to look, in the manufacturer's website there only appears to be drivers for keyboard, mouse and screen, and the ubuntu compatibility website doesn't have it listed, so i have a great suspicion that it's not going to be able to connect to wifi, or some weird shit like that if i install linux
>>2725 What's the model/brand? I can help find compatibility with simple distros if you'd like.
>>2732 it's a dell inspiron 3442, i thank you very much anon
My audio card doesn't have linux drivers
(158.15 KB 1500x1173 81tzXmviGsL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
>>2743 get a pluggable usb audio adapter those are said to support linux https://plugable.com/products/usb-audio/

(13.45 KB 474x313 rusty.jfif)
Comrade 05/19/2020 (Tue) 12:29:05 No. 1835 [Reply] [Last]
Can someone explain me the deal with rust? Like I get it is a programming language similar to C++ and C but it provides more memory safety. Is it worth while switching to it, or is it just better to stick with C and C++ for not very public and big projects?
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>>1840 >without understanding that safetly is gained by better code not by living in the 4 layer abstraction world of Bjane Stroustrup. >just dont make mistakes brooo >why do you write a language where you cant make those mistakes in bro, just do it right bro
I love Rust, but it's completely useless for audiovisual projects due to the libs
>>2076 fuck you mean bwoy
>>2051 >Python is less verbose, Rust doesn't have pointless verbosity like Java. You don't have redundant type annotations if you don't want them. All of the "verbosity" in Rust is meaningful information that documents how the program works, and increases readability and ability to reason about the code. In Rust, you explicitly declare whether a function takes or returns a reference or a value by copy or move. In Python you have a clusterfuck of multiple-ownership references, everything mutable, etc. This is even worse for Python if you're comparing it to something like Haskell. Haskell programs are far more succinct than Python programs. >has tons of libraries and utility functions that do most of the work Rust and Haskell have these too. Not always the same libraries and functions, but many of them. And they have things Python doesn't have as well. >it runs anywhere python is installed *anywhere you have a compatible python version and can afford wasting resources
These threads are very non-directed and rarely have any meaningful content. I know this board is very young but please let's end the /g/ posting tradition of asking the same arbitrary questions and getting the same useless answers.

(133.07 KB 897x806 Matlab_Logo.png)
Alternatives to matlab and simulink? Comrade 06/06/2020 (Sat) 16:56:14 No. 2123 [Reply] [Last]
I just want to solve my partial differential equations by the line method, and get hopf bifurcation diagrams without getting a blood clot, in a way that is open source and not fucking bloated as fuck, and no python is shit, for those two i need 3 packaged which are completely imcompatible
for matlab there is GNU octave, very slow though
>>2124 octave is good. although it has some problems doing symbolic calculations/linear algebra
>>2125 yeah that's the same issue julia has, julia is way faster than both octave or matlab, but it cannot solve equations for shit, you have to call the python equation solver, which in itself is inferior to the matlab one
>>2125 For symbolic manipulation and calculation you have to use Maxima or WxMaxima.

(4.86 KB 180x180 rfe4r34r34r.jpeg)
Comrade 04/06/2020 (Mon) 16:42:11 No. 796 [Reply] [Last]
Why is setting this piece of shit up so fucking difficult? Come to think of it? What the fuck are computers so fucking difficult? It seems everything I do on a god damn computer these days breaks something, or, I didn't do it right, or it wasn't the right architecture, or, what ever the fuck man. Seriously, this shit has gotten out of hand. It shouldn't be this god damn hard to have freedom in my own fucking home.
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(223.20 KB 1849x906 chad parenti vs virgin chomsky.jpg)
>>807 Why do you hate Debian? I use Arch and while I'm happy with it (building up your system with only what you need is nice), I miss apt. Pacman is a bit convoluted imo. I installed Lubuntu in my parents' laptop and it works fine.
>>889 Goddamn I would love to get that upstreamed. I wonder what the hurd devs think about it. They might not like it because it's written in C++. I should ask on the IRC sometime.
>>1462 Even if they don't take the code itself it looks like a method to finally support SMT w/ SSI added on top for free
all these people recommending their debian clones missed OP's goal >>812 >It's really nothing against debian. >I am simply bored with it and want to try something new and different. >That's why I want to go with Gentoo. OP, as a person who installed Gentoo on multiple systems including a Thinkpad T480s, W520, and a Dell T1650 and had to go to great lengths to make sure the kernel and BIOS settings operate properly I can probably help you. In all likelihood you have a problem with the boot settings in GRUB that you will need to modify in a text file by hand, depending on your disk setup. the #1 issue I run into when setting up Gentoo is not using uuids for fstab. are you able to verify whether or not you've done this? https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Fstab
>>807 Hey, if the issue's WIFI, you could post the output of lspci -vvv and the laptop's name and I'll fetch all the source files you need to compile the drivers. Hell, I'd compile them myself if you'd be willing to trust a random anon.

(541.34 KB 420x300 bunkerstarcraftgif.gif)
FLOSS imageboard software Comrade 01/29/2020 (Wed) 09:42:40 No. 283 [Reply] [Last]
https://github.com/8b2eef7c901269e8e9a6ec532d57b6b1/supremereality Cons - Terrible CSS - No use of redis/memcached or any caching - cuck BBcode formatting until the last version PROS - Written in a functional language (Clojure) - Way less lines of code than Vichan - No CAPTCHA, uses honeypot method of spam prevention - User created boards unlike Lynxchan Maybe the CSS can be modified to make it better?
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jannies please bumplock this thread
>>606 Have you tried using it lol?
>>607 Why the fuck should they?
>>286 >>288 >>291 https://www.supremereality.us this website looks nice as fuck. why is this thread so underrated?
>>2100 it was a thing a while back, the people on this site dont like the language it was written in (clojure) and frankly they just don't like the css for some reason

Security general thread Comrade 05/24/2020 (Sun) 13:26:12 No. 1912 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for discussing privacy, anonymity, anything related to software security and online safety
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>>2033 run it in a container or VM.
>>2043 you can't game on virtualized hardware, the performance is shit. better if you can afford to have a computer dedicated to gaming or better yet just quit being a gamer
>>2047 I thought this already, but anyways, what about my registered accounts? Do I just log out of them and never log back in or do I need to permanently delete them?
>>2047 The performance difference is a couple percentage points if you use hardware virtualization
>>2037 Might as well disconnect from the network before starting a game. Lots of singleplayer games (even indie) phone home.

(13.70 KB 745x196 monoids btfo.png)
Comrade 05/30/2020 (Sat) 22:33:05 No. 1944 [Reply] [Last]
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>>2009 >I love exceptions Have fun not catching your errors. Also we can keep playing this game but I will just put the option type on the table which means you don't have to check null for all your arguments because null doesn't exist. It also has bind and lift methods. But I bet you're gonna say >I actually love checking if my values are null >Actually I love having null exceptions when I forgot to check it manually >I love the fact that even after I null check a type I cannot let the compiler know the value is not null Fag
>>1969 >Also pureity is fucking good but if you want a language almost as powerfull as Haskell that allows you to shoot yourself in the foot what is so good about purity and why is it shooting myself in the foot to think otherwise? purity might not be a problem if you're doing simple console i/o but if you're dealing with extremely complex outputs (such as OpenGL for a videogame) it becomes such a pain in the ass since you have to integrate non-pure ideas like time flow and coincident events into the pure world of haskell. which results in so many workarounds and operators that all of your code is 99% likely to be completely unreadable.
>>2017 Not all applications are appropriate for Haskell. But regarding what you said about time and stuff, there's a lot of research done in FRP, which explicitly deals with purity in time varying scenarios. It cuts down on complexity massively but unfortunately, it is not fast or memory lean enough to use for AAA games. A lot of ideas have been borrowed from it and ported into imperative languages. From what I understand, React.js borrowed heavily from FRP. Elm did as well, although that is a functional language. Playing with Reflex was really fun, very mind bending, almost like magic. I'm looking into purescript for interesting libraries, specifically Concur. To answer your first question, purity is nice because you can isolate functions and "prove" they are correct. The nice thing about purity is that they will always give the same result given the same input, which means that if you test a shit ton of random inputs and it behaves as expected, it will probably behave as expected in production. I try to use purity in imperative languages since it makes it much easier to reason about data flow. This means that stuff is not mutated in hidden places, it is always clear where the data has changed. But OOP makes this very cumbersome. In imperative languages it means being very diligent in not modifying the arguments. This has several problems, one is that you either have to make a new datastructure to be returned or you must copy the entire object and return it instead. The cost of copying large structures is very steep. There's also a billion pitfalls with the depth of copying, you might accidentally be mutating another object's nested field because you didn't copy correctly. Not only that, copying objects is very unweildy code-wise beyond a simple shallow copy. This also means that you have to hand code every single class you want a deep copy of. Then there's the issue of colliding programming styles. People are very used to just mutating everyhing everywhere. Which is fine, because it makes code more legible. But if you want to make pure functions, there might be problems with your team. And finally purity goes against OOP, which uses methods for mutation and tries to encapsulate complexity. If you are shooting for a pure approach, you will probably be breaking this encapsulation and you will be left with a confusing mess of non-OOP code and OOP code, making it really hard to understand where things are happening.
>>2006 Is that your template answer when you didn't understand anything that was said? I didn't expect the concept of natural number to filter you as well.
>>1946 >>1978 >>1981 >>1983 >>1991 >>1999 >>2006 >>2007 >>2011 thank you for your service, soyjacker.

(17.57 KB 400x400 sPN7F0Dd_400x400.jpg)
/scratch/ Comrade 04/14/2020 (Tue) 06:54:23 No. 1106 [Reply] [Last]
What is the best way to program and why is it scratch?
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It is absolutely scratch. Here is my scratch account: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/rory1301/
>>1132 I don't know if you're memeing but this is peak 2005's internet comedy: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/1886700/
on a side note, with computers being so capable these days, why don't we have visualizations for all scripting languages.
>>1551 Sorry sweaty, big boys don't bloat their code with cringe visualizations
I literally found my old scratch account a few weeks ago. Some of my stuff was popular, damn.


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