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(103.01 KB 900x705 5G_Dees.jpg)
5G router connection issues? Comrade 07/16/2020 (Thu) 05:46:34 No. 3443 [Reply] [Last]
My ISP has recently transitioned to 5G and replaced all the old WiFi routers a few months back. Over that time I have noticed a noticeable increase in connection cuts. They seem to have gotten worse over the last month, now happening every few days. Basically what happens is that all devices stop being able to connect to the network. They still see it, but can't access it. Pulling the plug on the router and powering back on, then restarting other devices fixes it, but it is really fucking annoying and will undoubtedly one day crash during something important. This issue isn't new, stuff like this happened with older routers as well, but usually it would only occur every month or so, not multiple times per week. So, anyone got a clue what is the problem here? Did the ISP provide a malfunctioning router, or is it the problem of their network? Or is it 5G being relatively new and thus sometimes screwing up or something?

(190.09 KB 1200x857 1448252999726.jpg)
Website creation Comrade 07/07/2020 (Tue) 17:36:42 No. 3142 [Reply] [Last]
Hey guys, my mum wants me to look into how to make a website for her crafting business, what site should I use? I just need one to work from a template, nothing too complex please. Thanks!
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>>3142 <html> <head> <title>Mum's crafting business</title> </head> <body> <h1>Hello, welcome to my crafting website</h1> <br /> <strong>Take a look around at all the stuff I craft.</strong> <br /> <p>This website is made by my son, who is very talented and a computer wiz!</p> <br /> My stuff: <a link href=../stuff/main.html>Main page of stuff</a> <br /> Pssst: <a href=../nudes/nudes.html>My nudes</a>

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>>3184 Cute. But I need stuff like an ecommerce store and stuff, me trying to code that myself would be pretty silly. I'd end up linking the customers to a security vulnerability that got all their money stolen or something. I had a look around and all the options with ecommerce template options seem to converge at around £10/month at minimum which is a little expensive for the scale of the business I think. >>3167 I mean I live in her place, so, meh. >>3147 Yeah I think I'll just tell her to get an ebay/fb listing and so on.
>>3222 If you aren't good at making websites then just use shopify
>>3222 >Yeah I think I'll just tell her to get an ebay/fb listing and so on. Facebook page + ebay store is the way to go IMO, plenty of businesses do that.
>>3142 If you just need a website, do wix. If you need ecommerce, do shopify. If you don't want to pay, I guess this is a good option >>3432 you could also complement it with a cheap wix site. >>3146 HTML is super easy. Using CSS on the other hand is like being a lawyer suing a website into looking like you want it to.

Laptop Comrade 07/03/2020 (Fri) 21:31:34 No. 3084 [Reply] [Last]
Going to uni, they require people to get a Laptop, here are the requirements they have. What do you guys recommend?
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I strongly suspect they are full of shit. If I were you I would march in their office and ask for who wrote this "Laptop Requirements" and schedule a meeting with him to question him why you need an Intel i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB for your molecular genetics classes. Ask him if you're using virtual machines. If not, the laptop requirements are meaningless and you can settle for much less.
I got by fine with a x41 for ~30 euros, until the charger melted away, so if you find one they're still fine.
Why the hell is a webcam listed as an requirement?
>8th gen quad-core at minimum >i5 vs. i7 Those requirements are bullshit, probably some idiot from management came up with them because he gets new shiny laptop every two years. And his laptop gets paid by your tuition or taxes, btw. Even if some class requires that much computation (highly doubt it), there's no way it needs to be portable. Tech universities have their own desktop computers for students to use because not everybody has a laptop. They could also assign whatever you need to do as a homework anyway.
>>3354 for remote classes probably

(134.16 KB 1199x900 wsl-2-thumb.jpg)
Windows Subsystem for Linux Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 11:50:21 No. 3178 [Reply] [Last]
Is it bad for Linux as a whole? Is Microsoft trying to kill desktop Linux as a whole with its "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" policy?
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>>3210 nobody is suggesting that, just that Microsoft might be making big moves to supplant Linux's market as the server OS. without the demand for Linux the NPOs that support it will get no funding.
>>3178 WSL will make linux better because it will allow megacorporations to force their wageslaves to use Windows for dev work instead of Linux. The less corporate involvement in Linux the better.
>>3371 Good point
>>3371 We profit from corporate involvment, when their contributions are released under GPL-like licenses. One of the most sane desktop environments ever was polished by Sun, for example. When corporations with hardware licenses work on the Kernel, they can use their knowledge to improve drivers. When steam needs windows games to run via Wine, they use their manpower to improve the translation layer. Etc. etc. We are their parasites, but this is nothing to be ashamed of. Redirecting, or rather taming, corporate logic into work for the commons is the least we can do.
>>3371 Wageslaves are already forced to use Windows because of the MS Office crap. Megacorporations don't give a fuck about desktop Linux, they only care about Linux on the server. WSL won't change shit about it, they will keep degrading Linux into a fancy hypervisor for their cloud bullshit.

(39.90 KB 600x375 PC-Troubleshooting.png)
Hardware Issues Comrade 02/04/2020 (Tue) 10:43:17 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
More just cause I don't wanna go to some place like r/techsupport ew So anyways I built a computer recently, it works perfectly fine except for one issue: it has difficulty starting up. It takes about 5 minutes after pressing the power button for it to turn on, nothing will speed it up. I found out that the issue with it is that the Motherboard came with a dead CROM battery, I replaced that and voila it starts up fine. And it has been fine for the past week, however the startup issue has returned, and just to be sure I replaced the CROM battery AGAIN but this time it didn't work. I know for a fact that it was just the dead battery that was the issue so why is it persisting?
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>>1630 Most people here probably already know this, but when it comes to laptops thinkpads are pretty durable and most of the parts can be easily replaced. Their hardware also works very well with Linux. I'm using a 10 year old thinkpad that still runs fine, so far I've replaced the battery, charger and fan, all of which you can get pretty cheap on ebay, even though the model is old. There's a ton of affordable refurbished thinkpads being sold online because corps buy and sell them in bulk about every two or three years. Here's a buying guide: https://www.bobble.tech/free-stuff/used-thinkpad-buyers-guide The guide is based on US market though, prices in Europe are slightly higher. I can post some links to some European refurbishers if any one needs it. Often you can even find "new old stock" for the same price as used ones.
>>2911 The other thing with Thinkpads is that many support coreboot or libreboot. I think if we're setting out to buy hardware, support for open source firmware is a must.
Idiot question: Does Libreboot/coreboot support overclocking & why not??
>>3357 Good question, I have a System76 machine with a very minimalist coreboot and it has absolute fuckall in terms of motherboard/CPU options.
>>3361 did some quick research, looks like it's possible to add overclocking options but nobody is developing it https://www.win-raid.com/t5377f16-BIOS-modding-vs-Coreboot.html I will stick to proprietary BIOS then, if you can't overclock then it means you can't undervolt the CPU to save on power usage either, I've never used coreboot but it sounds like shit if it can't even replicate the functions of a proprietary BIOS let alone have more functionality than one

Is it worth using fake accounts to make use of free trials? Comrade 04/15/2020 (Wed) 17:21:49 No. 1140 [Reply] [Last]
Could I end up getting arrested if I kept making fake accounts using one of these 10min emails, to enjoy the free trial of ProtonVPN?
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I'm sure they will figure it out based on your IP address\usage patterns and just ban you.
>>1191 let's see how long I last then
ahh, they don't allow accounts with 10 min email domains anymore...
>>1181 I really expected something more like this: https://youtu.be/uSdXjppGFoI?t=31
I use free trials for my job, use them in a VM that gets reset to some previous snapshot whenever the free period is over. I've had no problems so far, nobody has blocked my IP or whatever. Do you need to create a Protonmail account for ProtonVPN? How long does the free trial last? Might try this if I ever need a VPN.

(49.66 KB 1024x1024 324r234rf3.png)
Buttcoin Comrade 01/28/2020 (Tue) 00:15:14 No. 275 [Reply] [Last]
I know, you're asking yourself already, how the fuck are crypto's compatible with a leftwing communist image-board? Well, first of all, fuck you, we live under capitalism and as such must exchange and purchase under the current mode of production we find ourselves under. Second, I would like some one to help me understand, exactly, how to set up a bitcoin, monero, what have you; wallet. I tried to set this up on my laptop but syncing with the bitcoin network is a huge MASSIVE bitch and took me months and I never got fully synced. Also, it takes a shitload of resources to work properly on my computer. I can barley do anything else. So, my question is: What is the best way to get into bitcoin and use bitcoin and other cysto's like a boss? Am I doing something wrong? What are the best specs for btc and the like? As always, any help would be appreciated. Thank you /tech/!
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Just buy and hold chainlink.. seriously.
>>275 There's a lot of Leftists in the Ethereum world actually. Look into DAOs for collective organisation & direct democracy - lotta experiments happening. Bitcoin itself does tend to be more lolberg of course.
>>3204 whats the advantage of ethereum over bitcoin
>>281 >Does not generate dividends Go look at Aave or Compound, or one of many other already working Defi projects, then come back and tell me that.
>>3205 Smart contracts, mining is getting removed, many other better features. It's not perfect, but Bitcoin is merely a store of value, while Ethereum is a effectively a whole platform running most of the other successful crypto projects.

(20.54 KB 414x473 coffee.png)
19chan Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 14:08:47 No. 3186 [Reply] [Last]
www.19chan.org 19chan is a chill place for people to have discussions about fiction, tv shows, movies, music, games, sports, science, technology, current events, news, and a variety of other topics.
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>>3190 4chan is cancer tho.
But I already have 7chan.
(133.71 KB 1366x734 naw man.jpg)
>>3191 and this place won't be because?...
>>3206 try without the www, i.e. https://19chan.org/

(127.52 KB 1366x768 i3-16.06rc2.png)
General Distro/DE thread Comrade 06/30/2020 (Tue) 00:07:13 No. 2983 [Reply] [Last]
Hola, comrade Anon. What Linux distro is on your device? What Desktop environment? If you say Windows or Mac you're getting sent to the gulag for using Liberal Yankee cyber imperialist software.
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(49.83 KB 1000x500 s05-ep01-permits1-1000x500.jpg)
>>3161 How do you hold packages from installing certain files on apt or simply stopping them from upgrading? in pacman.conf you can have IgnorePkg, NoUpgrade and NoExtract. As for the differences, they do differ a lot: one has 2 commands with long args that do what other can do with just a short one; other takes commands when the other can do it only after making a change in the config file. Upgrading everything while leaving no cached packages behind is pacman -Syu && paccache -rk0 but in debian you have to use apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade && apt autoremove && apt autoclean. And no don't get me started on the difference between dpkg, apt, apt-get, synaptic and aptitude. This syntax shows clearly that the goal was not to have the pm being used from its CLI interface, rather they probably thought it as a library for clicky-click GUI wrappers that get installed alongside the DE. You could try partialy fixing it with shell aliases, i think that could do wonders but i can't figure out how you could fix the broken configuration. It took me like 15 minutes just to find out how to stop it from pulling 2GB of useless dependencies when installing xorg as there's no mention of it on debian wiki, but how about not interrupting the install just to ask me for what to do with the developer provided config file for a random package? Why is this the default behavior instad of simply keeping it in the cache just like the package itself so i can make that choice later? You can't use the command in a script if it does that. Pipeing yes? i don't think so. Adding user repositories? Another pain in the ass. In the end what pissed me the most was how it's supposed to be noob friendly just like the distro itself, but i always get headaches when something goes wrong with it. Anyway, pacman isn't the greatest- i didn't said that. That would be apk-tools but with this capabilty i was talking about which it doesn't have at all. I also can't say i couldn't live with apt only, but it would be inconvenient. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Apt
>>3168 if you're asking about portage, its equivalent to that pacman thing is package masks.
>>3163 But you shoudln't always do what you want, and themes are just a mistake.
Linux Mint (just cos I felt like a change), but normally an OpenBSD.

(56.38 KB 752x500 snitchesgetstiches.jpeg)
Exploit Development 03/23/2020 (Mon) 06:03:19 No. 587 [Reply] [Last]
Are any other anons into exploit development or vulnerability hunting?
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This is a good thread with nice accessible and, amazingly to me at least, relatively simple to follow guides. I'm not a programmer, I just want to automate some of my job/hobbies, but I just love how cosy this place is for noobs like me reading this stuff. Thanks for making this shit comprehensible, I took one class once because I thought about doing Game Dev and I was confused to shit and no one would explain. They just expected you to sink or swim. The thick accents didn't help either.
>>600 >HTS Damn, that takes me back. I think the last I checked they are still running some oldschool phreaking challenges.
(31.37 KB 500x486 owie.jpg)
Where does anon get crackmes to play with? I used to use crackmes.de before it was shut down but none of its mirrors seem to be up anymore. Bonus if it's easy to look for different CPU architectures, I want to try my hands on some ARM.
>>587 Yep, I'm osce/oscp/oswp.... Among other exp I'm not going to mention. Ive found vulns and exploited them at places I've worked.


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