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(46.66 KB 512x512 Chinese language student.png)
Are you learning Chinese? Anonymous 07/13/2020 (Mon) 06:51:44 No. 5004
Are you learning Chinese? This will be an important skill for anyone in the post-American world, especially leftists.
>>5004 No. I don't care to learn Chinese because it's a boring and frankly unappealing language. I learned it before and I know enough to say that it is a boring and tedious language.
The Chinese are learning Esperanto.
No I have to learn japanese first.
(56.11 KB 585x464 1554414578869.jpg)
>>5004 Chinese isn't a language though. Also, no, I barely know my own language.
>>5004 Nah I'm not learning that shit, too much stuff on my plate to learn anyways, and I'll never be properly fluent in the language without living there anyways. Anyways anyone got dank Chinese memes? Really curious what memes Chinese people are producing.
>>5004 Fuck off, dengoid.
>>5009 Most developed nations have large Chinese communities to practice with. >>5010 50 social credit points have been debited from your account.
ITT: racist Europeans who think Asian languages are "beneath" them
>Imagine not being born knowing Chinese in anno domini 2020.
>>5012 I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that at least half of these people have in some way tried to learn japanese for their waifus
>>5014 Nips are honorary aryans.
(37.86 KB 700x700 imperialism.jpg)
>>5004 d*ngoid scum. >Are you learning Chinese? No. >This will be an important skill for anyone in the post-American world, especially leftists. Proof, besides a shitpost? Are you learning Arabic? It will be important skill for anyone in the post-Europe world, especially leftists. Why would I learn Chinese? I want communism in my european country and I don't need to talk with d*ngoids that want to achieve "socialism by 2069 and until then we will opress the working class by making them work 16 hours a day in 996 working hour system" to achieve that. I already know more than one language since I am not a yankee or b*it like you. Chinese serves me no purpose and I might learn it when it will, but I am 99% sure it will be useless and you are just wrong. >>5012 Are you learning Arabic? If not, then fuck off d*ngoid. >>5014 I know Japanese and learn it for fun. Realistically it's useless and you are better off knowing some west european language and if you are in yankee land then Spanish probably. Bets are you are not European. If you were you wouldn't make such vague accusations since even boomers in Europe have some knowledge or tried to learn another language, since we are somewhat intertwined in this shithole and we have been for past centuries. Learning Chinese wasn't fun for me. I seem to can't enjoy their culture and the cringe xenophobic hyper-nationalistic culture of Xi Jinping and other d*ngoids is just offputting. Should I learn Chinese for the nationalistic Taiwanese? Haha. I rather wait until d*ngoids die off then we can talk.
>>5016 reported
>>5012 Nah. Chinese is just too hard.
>>5017 Go back to your containment, dengoid scum.
>>5018 It's just memorizing symbols, not hard, simply tedious.
(68.76 KB 1280x720 mfw_retards.jpg)
>>5016 996 is 12 hours a day bitch ass eurofag. Learn to math retarded whitoid. Also europe will go fashoid and China will accelerate to god knows what, but what's for sure is the contradictions inherent in Chinese development will eventually come to a head and they will eventually have to choose between Socialism or barbarism. Honestly though they have a greater probability of reforming to a genuinely socialist system than most of the west, especially Europe. China will grow larger.
>>5019 同志你好!
>>5022 杀了你自己,邓小鬼!
-ish. I have watched few youtube videos about MANDARIN, and am planing on further studying Mandarin and Spanish in the future.
>>5023 咱们一起为实现共产主义而努力奋斗
>>5025 自杀后
itt:leftypol fallling for le yellow bad meme
(88.39 KB 680x589 dialectics.jpg)
>>5021 >996 is 12 hours a day bitch ass eurofag. Learn to math retarded whitoid. Yeah and I wrote "socialism in 2069" and not "socialism in 2050" but you didn't catch that. You know why? Because every d*ngoid is retarded. That is the whole point of mocking something. Exaggeration for some slight dramatic or comedic effect which will be seen/understood as a part of the mocking. Not even sure if dengoids can understand banter or joking around, like is it a point of honour to defend ur daddy in every instance on miniscule details that everybody knows? We good now comrade? The rest of the post is speculation not supported by anything. Also believing in accelerationism is naïve but you have to somewhat explain it to yourself that China is muh superior. >China will grow larger It is growing larger now with their imperialistic policies and trying to get a grip on Africa, so yeah (it will). Wake me up when your imperialistic chinese overlords conquer Russia or something. Or if they change their hyper-nationalistic xenophobic attitude. I do not work for some hyper-capitalist international corporation so I do not need Chinese and nobody (again - exaggeration - by that I mean 'almost nobody') in Europe or USA does. It is a waste of time and energy which you can spend more productively. And if you don't want to spend it productively spend it on relaxing after work or some shit instead of putting another burden on yourself that will not improve your life situation or situation of anybody else. But! But if you think learning Chinese is fun or some shit then do it as a pleasure to yourself. I assume most people will just find it boring and torturing. Your arguments are just not convincing. "The dialections are in motion"
>>5028 When your mockery of something makes you just look more retarded it loses effectiveness don't you think? What is the point in writing 2069 instead of 2050 le meme sex number? Also lambasting China for xenophobic nationalism is rich considering you are European. The undeserved smugness of Eurofags is palpable.
Right now, I'm learning French, but Chinese is going to be the next language I learn.
>>5008 It is. But it's a written language rather than a spoken language.
>>5031 One could conceivably graft any spoken language on top of Chinese writing system.
>>5032 That's pretty cool
>>5033 Actually in hindsight, that was a meaningless statement since any writing system can be used for any spoken language. For example Vietnamese used Chinese characters augmented with local characters and then switched to Latin alphabet. Persian in Tajik SSR went from Arabic script to Latin script to Cyrillic script in the span of 50 years or so.
(923.63 KB 500x130 giphy (5).gif)
Chinese seems like a difficult language to learn, but I'd be willing to put in the effort to learn some words so I could order food and try out different Chinese snacks (which seem very tasty) during the future occupation of America in between shifts of shouting through a loudspeaker at right-wing lunatics boarded up in their houses about why "The Provisional Government is your friend, please turn in your weapons."
>>5029 >The undeserved smugness of Eurofags is palpable. Yeah, well, if Europe collapsed or fell into a void and disappeared, would that be a big loss for the world? Probably not. The wackos over there say a lot of crazy stuff... probably not worth paying much attention to them.
>>5027 More like people are walking up to the fact that Chinese imperialism is worse than western one.
(179.87 KB 1440x1085 EcvRRKbUYAIW3yi.jpg)
>>5037 Doubt Also Eurofag if you don't want to work 12-hour days building up your country then don't complain when immigrants do it, loser! https://youtu.be/ExT4F3fYdIA
>>5037 glow more fed
>>5039 >if I call him fed I win
(88.65 KB 640x640 1584383247913.jpg)
Not learning Mandarin because it's too hard, and there is no guarantee I'll need it. Love seeing all the resident anticommunists rage about the PRC tho, always a treat.
>>5004 what's up with that kid's eye also no I'm not, because it's difficult. Maybe if I achieve a greater drive I will
I already know some Mandarin and I'm going to try to improve that next time I go to China. Not a Dengoid though.
(47.43 KB 640x480 abandoncommunism.jpg)
>>5004 I can't learn other languages, I've tried, my brain is too dumb on this aspect. I think big language learners don't understand that if you have a lingual learning disability in your own language, its basically impossible to learn another language unless you are just thrown into a foreign country for years like they did in the old days. I will never learn another language academically because that's not how I understand my own.
yes but 簡體字 are an abomination compared to 繁體字, whoever came up with that shit was projecting because poor people in HK or Taiwan have no problem learning writing
>>5046 I'd prefer to learn the Chinese of relevant countries, thanks.
No thanks fam, tonal languages can choke on a million dicks.
>>5004 I learnt Chinese with some success: that is, it wasn't too different from learning English. However, although I had some dealings with the Chinese, they knew other languages better than I knew Chinese, and, ultimately, I sticked at the beginner level. That said, I believe I can study it fast if I need to.
idk man i want to but i've studied 4 languages at school and i'm really frustrated with how little you can learn without being the kind of shameless extrovert who just goes into other countries talking like a baby and doesn't have their brain shut down all learning facilities out of embarrassment. i'm fluent in exactly one (1) of the languages i took, because it's english, and i can survive toddler level conversations as long as people talk really slowly and (barely) read the newspaper in another one, because it's the other official language where i live. i started learning my first real foreign language at an early age and worked really hard for it. read books in it and everything, listened to music, took the standardised test and got an ok grade. i even tried to stomach watching tv from that country, but that's where my resolve broke down. 15 years of work, i don't understand a word of normal conversation, and i can read a children's book at best.
>>5029 >Also lambasting China for xenophobic nationalism is rich considering you are European. The undeserved smugness of Eurofags is palpable. i hope you're not an american saying that
>>5028 >China is muh superior. The post you're replying to doesn't say that - it says the opposite in fact, and that's why socialism is inevitable in China.
>>5004 No. Chinks are the uighurs of the east, learn Uighur instead
>>5046 I don't think people who simplified them thought poor people are too stupid to memorize them, more likely they thought 20+ stroke characters were a pain in the ass and there's no reason to keep them that way other than muh tradition. Like right now that 體 look like a jumbled blob on my screen and I need to zoom the fuck in to read it. I'm not a fan of simplified Chinese aesthetically but it's not like you're loosing much information by decreasing the amount of strokes when shit's faster to write and clearer to read that way. And it's based on common shorthands so muh tradition fags shouldn't complain too much.
(51.01 KB 1024x576 1551098742621.jpg)
>>5050 >i'm really frustrated with how little you can learn without being the kind of shameless extrovert who just goes into other countries talking like a baby and doesn't have their brain shut down all learning facilities out of embarrassment thank you for putting this into words
The only reason to learn Mandarin would be if china was imperialist, and of China was imperialist, I wouldn’t want to learn Mandarin.
>>5056 Chinese social imperialism is more progressive and preferable to western imperial barbarism, and deserves our critical support.
>>5057 No, imperialism isn’t a good thing, China is like hyper capitalist now, there is a reason why businesses love it.
Fuck no
Give us the books, scoob
>>5057 >supporting imperialism in any form I’m about to smack China’s dick out of your mouth for that
(448.69 KB 720x387 deng.png)
>>5062 Absolutely BASED
china is anti-immigrant, there is no pathway to even permanent residency, it is very strict and they only hand out like 1000 per year, specifically for billionaires like elon musk, real estate moguls, the world's biggest celebrities, or those who won nobel prizes at least the US empire, british empire, dutch empire, ottoman empire, brazilian empire, roman empire, ancient greece etc., didn't mind absorbing other peoples and saw the benefit of brain draining.
>>5062 wtf i'm a dengist now
>>5038 Well yeah, the US is a Republic >inb4 they're the same thing
mandarin chinese learning resources + guide: https://pastebin.com/6Ma0hcGA
>>5064 >china is anti-immigrant So, like the USSR? >at least the US empire, british empire, dutch empire, ottoman empire, brazilian empire, roman empire, ancient greece etc., didn't mind absorbing other peoples and saw the benefit of brain draining. So, you're saying that Neoliberalism is bees knees and Communism is shit, got it.
>>5064 If it's so strict how is that retard Nick Land has been living there for years? I wonder if he even works.
>>5070 It's fairly easy to live there, but very hard to acquire permanent residency.
>>5070 the main reason i'm uneasy about china is that they're very comfortable with the silicon valley sociopathy land represents
>>5072 You should be uneasy about China for exactly this reason. Entrepreneurs are pretty much venerated there.
>>5073 you're not helping it's like they take the worst most cutthroat parts of bourgie and people of college culture, the ones i became a communist to get away from, and turn the dial to 999%
>>5074 This is my experience from living in China. It might be better if you go to the countryside idk.
>>5068 Are you under the impression the USSR and its aligned states weren't interested in taking in those with technical knowledge like engineers, scientists, etc? I really hope that isn't true, because that is very retarded policy. I don't think it is either, considering that there was migration going both in and out of East Germany and they simply had more scientists and engineers leaving than were moving in.
>>5004 I gave it a try last year, studied it for 1 month just to get a feel of how the language is like. Tbh didn't like it, not the type of language that I like to study so for me it was just plain boredom. Yes I know that you don't exactly need to learn how to write the characters, but I still did because it is the only fun part of the language, and also I was curious about the stroke order which is way better than the Japanese one that I am more used to. > This will be an important skill for anyone in the post-American world, especially leftists < All leftists are dengists A language for the leftist that wants to organize is the one that they can find the most useful while organizing their working class, so there isn't a really good language to learn for leftist, except english which most leftists speak and understand.
>>5077 Spanish is useful if you live in the US:
>>5075 well, fuck.
I've tried but it's too hard for me.
>>5076 >Are you under the impression the USSR and its aligned states weren't interested in taking in those with technical knowledge like engineers, scientists, etc? Well, China is interested in it as well. More over, these immigrants are also able to advance political (like those Jews in China that /pol/ likes to kvetch about)
>>5068 Since when is China communist?
>>5082 Chinese political system is Communist. Chinese economic system isn't socialist, but neither was the USSR's.
I am planning to once I get my hippo else to a reasonable level but there isn't a ton of material on Chinese I think.
>>5064 Immigration is not a Marxist cause, dipshit. Immigration has always been a Porky canard to lower the price of labour. Sorry you were born in a shithole country. The US is a great example of how the bourgeois can weaponize immigration against their own working class and the working class globally. https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1845/condition-working-class/ch06.htm
>>5076 千ㄩ匚Ҝ ㄚㄖㄩ! Ꮆㄖ 乃卂匚Ҝ ㄒㄖ 尺乇ᗪᗪ丨ㄒ!
>>5035 Kek
>>5084 Nipponese
>>5083 Communism isn’t a political system, it’s a stage of a society involving the non existence of a state, no money, and social ownership of the means of production.
>Muh capitalist billionaires are going to fix everything I swear Dengoids really are as retarded as Trump fans.
I'll try when I learn japanese and russian.
>>687944 Three reasons: 1. 3rd largest economy in the world by GDP at the forefront of technologies like robotics; also a massive labor pool even though they have more old people than on average. 2. One of the most spoken languages in the world; 130 million speakers. 3. Anime lmao + it challenges you because of how different and unique it is. To counter your three: 1. True, but the same could be said for most developed countries. Their socialist parties are about typical for their size, but have a strong history like France and Italy. 2a. Corruption + repression of communists can be said about many countries. Yeah, Japanese politics suck a bit more than normally because of how right-centrist they are, but it's not extraordinarily bad. 2b. That's actually exaggerated. The Japanese are insular but not as hateful towards foreigners as some may think. 3. That is a problem but in the wide scope of things it's not really all that significant. Japanese may not be the best language to learn but it's up there. I think priority of language-learning looks something like this: >English >German/French/Spanish >Portuguese/Arabic/Russian >Mandarin >Japanese Even though there are a lot of Chinese people, they mostly stay in one country. I'm not sure about this part but they probably have their own English-speakers to go out when doing business, or French or whatever if going to Africa and such. On the other hand, there are more "migratory" languages worth learning -- if you live in the US, it's worth learning Spanish because of all the Spanish-speakers coming in who are not acquainted with English. Besides, China has a pretty strong government that's not going to like other people spreading socialism to their country. That would be easier with Arabic- or Spanish-speaking countries, for instance.
>>687944 so i can play volfoss so i can play mizzurna falls so i can play the saturn version of baroque
>>5004 no i'm putting off learning nihongo first. also not putting much stock in china bringing about world communism.
>>687944 -video games -anime -manga
w*Sternoids are pathetic. Your days are numbered. It's your fault that socialist ideals are associated with your trannyfaggot """"culture""", which is alien to 99% of humanity. Literally any regime replacing the am*Rican hegemony will be positive for society.
>>687944 1. I'd like to study the history of Japan's left wing movements and (maybe even help translate) their contributions to anarchist and marxist theory. Gavin Walker is the only decent one I'm aware of. William Andrews doesn't count. 2. I think marxists should be paying closer attention to the Hikikomori/NEET phenomenon especially now that pandemic-related economic downturn has compelled economists to announce the "Japanification" of the United States. 3. Japanese contributions to media theory and contemporary art in spite of their ruling party's promotion of liberal conservatism and false consciousness are worth paying attention to, especially on a global scale.
(719.82 KB 1076x1337 no date.jpg)
I applied to study Sinology next semester. I've been preparing for the uni-entrance exams for the last two years just so that I can study Chinese at one of the most prestigious universities in my country. Mainly because of their literature. But I guess it being the language of the next global hegemon is also a big plus.
>>5096 Based.
>>5085 >Immigration is not a Marxist cause, dipshit. irrelevant. >Sorry you were born in a shithole country. what you got against germany? >The US is a great example of how the bourgeois can weaponize immigration against their own working class and the working class globally. i don't disagree. you can make a moral judgment whether it was wrong for the US colonial empire to bring in immigrants primarily from europe, drain europe of its best scientists after WW2, and now skilled labor from india, china, phillippines, etc., but you can't deny it was vital to advance the US into becoming the current world superpower. the OP advocates you learn chinese, suggesting it's "an important skill for anyone in the post-American world" when a post-American world likely means a post-Chinese world too since their two economies are interdependent, and china doesn't want "outsiders" in their country
Yes, signed up for Chinese at my university this fall, I can't wait.
>>687944 I like anime and manga and I wanna be able to understand it on my own so I'm not dependent on shitty Americans translations, which isn't my native language either. What other reason do I need? Its got shit I like so I'm going to learn the language to better enjoy it. >Liberal conservatism, a monarch, population doesn't care So just like my own country then >Western core, represses Communists with a veneer or being allowed to operate but under surveilance So just like my own country then >You will always be an outsider to some spooked fuckheads because you're not ethnically Japanese So basically like every other country? >Muh vulcanos ??? Believe it or not, people learn languages as tools for specific goals, not to increase their communist larp cred. And I have also learned some Chinese btw since I have lived there for a while but my brain is too language retarded to learn languages easily.
>>5098 >>5101 study CS, IT or EE instead if you don't want to be a perma-burgerflipper
>>5095 This Also an asian language with actual consonants in it.
>>5103 Don't. Programming is living hell. I just got my degree and desperately trying to figure out ways not to do it. I think I might enjoy burger flipping more than programming.
>>5105 Fuck you desu. I tried to learn CS and failed. You have a license to print money and you're sitting on it. Faggot!
>>5105 i think you have underlying psychological problems
>>5105 yeah kinda regret getting a degree in CS
>>5107 >If you don't enjoy constantly tormenting yourself with complex problems and dealing with arbitrary bullshit because most languages and frameworks are fucking aids written over many years by incompetent fuckheads, while depriving yourself of social interaction further alienating yourself, you have underlying issues Programming sucks ass. Fuck programming. I hate doing it and it gives me anxiety. >>5106 A programming degree doesn't fucking print money outside of the USA, shut the fuck up. Here you make 1.5 the avarage salary, not the fucking 100k a year insanity for degreeless react scrubs like you have in amerikkka.
>>5103 Chinese isn't going to be my degree, I will be learning it and taking a few classes on Chinese history and culture in addition to my normal degree, which is philosophy. I went to school for STEM shit once already, hated it, and dropped out. Not making that mistake again. Philosophy is what I am interested in, and that is what I'm going to study.
>>5106 What the fuck do I need money for anyway. I'm not going to buy a fucking Tesla or some other waste of time. I just need enough money to buy beer, kebab, rent, groceries and the rest is all holiday money (and I am a major cheapskate)
>>5111 Is that all you can think of? You know you can do a lot more with money than just spend it on your self, for example, donating it to some organization, getting involved in any kind of philanthropy, I don't know, funding some socialist militia or something, whatever. Least of all you can invest that money and then withdraw it when you find exactly what it should be used for.
>>5112 >Waste your life working a job you hate just to give it to some scammy bourgoies charity that uses 90 percent of it on advertisements and CEO salaries >Giving it to the revisionist socialist party I'm part off that litterally will kick me out of they find out I'm a marxist. Fuck that shit >Buy into the bourgoies mindset, hoard loads of money "for when the day comes I need it" that never comes, only to either lose it all on an economic crash or die with a fuckton of saved up capital that never brought me joy Unless I can make a million in two years I'm not going to ruin the only valuable thing I have, free time. I will litterally not see my retirement within the capitalist system as it exists today. There is either going to be another war, my country will flood, the economy will implode or we will have a civilisation disrupting climate collapse. I'm not going to "save money for a rainy day". I have all my eggs in total societal collapse.
>>5113 Also >Just invest and withdraw That's not how investing works.
>>5102 >Learns an entire language for hentai and virtual kindergarten >Calls me a communist LARPer O k a y , d u d e .
>>5097 This is the answer I find respectable. I hope you accomplish your goals, good luck. I will also check up on the definition of the 'Japanification' of the US.
>>5111 >What the fuck do I need money for anyway A sex swing so I can penetrate your mom even deeper than usual.
(1.78 MB 2170x2961 signal-2020-07-13-182526.jpeg)
>>5115 Not them but there were plenty of left wing mangaka and animators who were active during the Anti-Anpo movement. A lot of the work produced in that era still remains untranslated. ie, I've been meaning to scan pic related for a while now.
>>5115 Learning a language you're not going to use just because the country is ruled by a communist party is pretty larp yes. Why do you want to learn Chinese? You going to live there or read material that.is otherwise untranslated? To understand and enhance a hobby you have? Or just because "it's communist".
>>5058 western businesses hate dealing with Chinese businesses though
>>5120 Explains all the luxury handbag stores and fast food chains they have
>>5121 I didn’t say they weren’t capitalist country
>>5104 Japanese has roughly two of those. You should pick up Korean if you're interested in consonants.
>>5110 you won't get at least a half-decent job with a philosophy degree. >I went to school for STEM shit once already, hated it, and dropped out. Not making that mistake again. Philosophy is what I am interested in, and that is what I'm going to study. just because you are "interested" in something doesn't mean it's practical outside of a hobby. why not take a degree in jerking off to porn? you could just jerk off all day for 4 years and it'll give you just as many job opportunities as a philosophy degree. are you a trust fund kid who can afford to jerk around with a useless degree?
>>5105 Become and archeologist and spend your days digging up ancient Chinese bronzeware and interpreting the writing on them.
>>5124 first off, you can get good jobs with philosophy degrees, it is actually a pretty good degree for getting jobs. I think you have fallen to hard for the "all humanities degrees are only good for fast food" stemfag meme. And no, I'm not a trust fund kid, I'm disabled and broke, I'm going back to school thanks to vocational rehab.
>>5126 >you can get good jobs with philosophy degrees Can you give some examples? I'm another anon, just curious, as I've heard about this as well (since philosophy is so specialized but broad, involving everything from logic, to epistemology, to ethics, etc., etc.).
>>5127 So basically the only job you will be doing "philosophy" specifically is philosophy professor, but a ton of jobs just require a degree, and most of those value philosophy degrees very highly, since (at least in theory) you learn how to critically think. It is also a good degree to have for lots of post grad programs, for example philosophy majors do better on getting into lawschool then prelaw students. My brother is a philo major and is going into bio-medical ethics, basically somebody who works with patients + their doctors/other health professionals to figure out what treatments are consistent with their ethical beliefs.
(75.78 KB 240x300 1564526145917.png)
>ctrl+f "japanese" >14 matches WEEB GANG
>>5129 >Sees OP try to make a thread on learning Mandarin >Gets triggered like the radlib consumerists you are and start spamming NIPPON NUMBA ONE!!!!! with your sorry excuses for 'art'.
>ctrl+f "baboonese" >0 matches ARE YOU FUCKIGN KIDDING ME BITCH LANGUR
>>5130 bruh well mandarin is second on my priority list
>>5097 That looks like huge list of excuses from weeb
>>5124 Philosophy grads are as employable as you, stemtard. https://www.statista.com/chart/15347/which-majors-are-most-employable/
>>5132 sorry I meant *mandrill
(162.60 KB 1024x914 soy.jpg)
>>5116 Thanks, I hope so too. "Japanification" is basically the fear that 'x' country will experience the kind of stagnant growth and subsequent explosion in surplus population similar to that of Japan since the 1990s. >>5133 It's hard for a westerner to get into Japanese media studies without also being a massive weeb, sure. The same goes for Japanese contemporary art, too. But I've always wanted to look past that "Cool Japan" facade and dig deeper; can't do that without circumventing the language barrier.
>>687944 Retard this thread is about Chinese
(109.48 KB 890x960 Cringe_e4fb1c_6336695.jpg)
>>5138 >"Retard" Ok racist
(1.34 MB 1022x731 1593398366963.png)
>>5137 > But I've always wanted to look past that "Cool Japan" facade and dig deeper; Sureeeee
>>5123 Korean is fine too.
>>5095 Kys degenerate
>>5144 cute
>>5089 yes everybody fucking understand this. we're simply saying that the political system is leninist-style (of course with modifications), as well as the official ideology, as well as the constitution. basically we mean communist in this sense: >And so in our case now. We are far from having completed even the transitional period from capitalism to socialism. We have never cherished the hope that we could finish it without the aid of the international proletariat. We never had any illusions on that score, and we know how difficult is the road that leads from capitalism to socialism. But it is our duty to say that our Soviet Republic is a socialist republic because we have taken this road, and our words will not be empty words. V. Lenin 1918
>>5144 Burn all anime women
>>5144 God I hate Anime
>>5148 >>5147 stay mad you can't contain >>>/anime/
>>5149 Weeb culture and an anime industry that caters to those weebs has to die. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
(110.16 KB 800x600 1586886984607.jpg)
>>5150 it's an industry alright
>>5151 This is so gross. You know every one of those will be drenched in some sad grown mans semen a month after they are sold.
>>5152 >drenched in some sad grown mans semen hawt
>>5152 >Implying grown men can produce enough semen to drench anything
>>5006 Are they really?
>>5062 Deng is one of the most confusing people in history to me.
(648.81 KB 1980x2837 MRRiQlx Se llamaba Negev.jpg)
>>5147 >>5148 >>5150 You'll be begging for your lives when waifus rule the world, since they are obviously the superior lifeform, faggots. They are artificially beautiful, and when we can engineer intelligence, they will have it fully fledged, augmented with AI and biological implants and all. True cyborgs. Not to mention the true superiority of principles intrinsic in clear thinking. The truth is there for anyone who wants to think or notice it. It's actually not that hard, but most people are lazy.
>>5154 <>Implying grown men can produce enough semen to drench anything Another item on the ever expanding list of all the failings of God
>>5006 > Esperanto. Wot is that
>>5147 Too far.
>>5157 >all this talk >yet nothing about wanting to become the waifu Sad
>>5157 Under socialism anime never existed and will never exist. And that's a good thing.
>>5161 TRANSHUMANIST GANG RISE UP >>5162 I mean, I'm pretty sure if the USSR took over Japan rather than USA, anime would probably never have existed
(35.54 KB 1200x800 Lojban_logo.svg.png)
>>5159 Gay. Learn Lojban instead.
>>5156 Only if you haven't read him
>>5006 You wish mate
(61.48 KB 720x540 reverse dengism.jpg)
>>5164 Gays have their own language?!? I knew those pol smokers and carpet munchers were upto something!
>>5141 I don't see what's so hard to believe. I'm under no illusion that the anime industry doesn't suck. That don't mean I can't still care about it.
thread about learning Chinese, its full of people talking about Japanese....
>>5170 Clearly they need to draw more manhua
>>5170 Weebs just can't contain their autism. They will get the wall after the revolution.
I'm SHIT at learning fucking Romance languages. Any sort if Chinese will be impossible. One anon years ago called Japanese a communication puzzle, not a language. If Japanese is a communication puzzle, then it is one with 100 pieces and tonal bullshit like Chinese is 100000 pieces. Sorry my Chinese comrades, we'll always have shitty translation software. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9jtiw721RAg
>>5038 This same survey had only 24% of Venezuelan respondents say their country is democratic. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-06-26/which-nations-are-democracies-some-citizens-might-disagree
>>5173 If you disregard the tones (which only really make it hard to understand and speak at the start) chinese is waaaaaay easier than japanese. One to one character to sound mapping, simple grammar, no conjugations. >>5038 >Also Eurofag if you don't want to work 12-hour days building up your country then don't complain when immigrants do it, loser! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIJrsAIhoEo Everything is fucking build.
(21.06 KB 474x220 japanese-writing-systems.jpeg)
>>5175 >One to one character to sound mapping Yeah, if I were to make any complaint about Japanese, it would be the absolutely insane writing system(s). They're the orthographic equivalent of a piece of bloatware like Microsoft Office that just kept reimplementing random stuff from different sources applied to inappropriate features for ages and never removed anything due to compatibility. Chinese at least had an actual spelling reform that stuck in the '50s, though IMHO the radically reformed Korean Hangul system is the most elegant of the East Asian scripts.
>>5172 >everybody I personally don't like gets killed after the revolution No, everybody gets gulaged for reeducation, including pyschos who think violence is the way to deal with people they don't agree with.
>>13667 Based
>>5004 No, China is full of radical imperialists. Nationalism on steroids, plus the people are cucks to capitalism. And they're super prejudiced against foreigners, and the language sounds awful, and the country is polluted and crowded. I did try to learn it but then I found out all of that by firsthand experience and said fuck it, I want nothing to do with these nationalist capitalism huggers.
>>5171 For real though, they gotta step up their cultural export game
>>5159 Learn to google retard.
>>5179 There is a lot of beauty in Chinese culture, despite the fact that the country is a hypercapitalist hellscape.
What about the shift from literary Chinese to the Mandarin based written vernacular. Could it have not been more ideal to retain the classical language to for one, have preserved the continuity of the tradition among all peoples who used it, but also to preserve continuity with history and avoid diglossia with the writings of the past?
>>5183 If they did that there would probably be an awkward merger like with Japanese, with varying pronunciations and such
>>5184 They could have still went ahead with implementing the simplified characters but it could have been fairer then imposing a supremacy of Mandarin or driving a further wedge between the diverse communities.
(46.98 KB 650x773 wojak crying.png)
>>5004 im learning chinese but my inner weeb wants to learn japanese too, also the tones are hard as fuck and why is q pronounced like chew it makes no sense man
>>5186 You mean the Romanization of Mandarin pronounces it that way because other Chinese languages like Cantonese might pronounce that phoneme differently.
>>5176 It makes me sad that the realest attempt at complete writing system reform was an American effort to romanize, which obviously makes it imperialist. (And made it unpopular). Hiragana and katakana with added diacritics to denote moraic pitch would probably work just fine and be 'sufficiently japanese' I feel. On a side note, there exists a system called roomazi (rather than romaji) that seems to try and do what pinyin did for Chinese and actually adapt Roman characters for writing Japanese from a native perspective http://shii.bibanon.org/shii.org/knows/99-siki_Roomazi.html
(63.70 KB 644x644 Do you know where you are?.jpg)
>>5183 >preserved the continuity of the tradition
>>5189 Yes that's nice and edgy but it may have indeed been nice for communities to preserve a greater connection to their past instead of perpetuating the cultural arsonist meme.
>>5016 >xenophobic hyper-nationalistic culture of Xi Jinping and other d*ngoids Give even one concrete example of this
>>5190 Being able to read the 史记 won't really bring any benefit to those not interested in studying ancient literature. And those studying ancient literature today can already comprehend archaic Chinese.
>>5186 >my inner weeb wants to learn japanese too No need to be sad! Just learn what you like! I think that japanese is easier to learn and you will make progress faster.
ching chong i'd like a bit of cat, and then a side of dog, hurr hurr 😑😷🤤👨🏽‍🌾
>>5195 except you fags never give examples that aren't sketchy as fuck. at best you have the uighur situation but that doesn't prove shit, literally any country on the planet is capable of doing shit like that.
(114.33 KB 666x507 cia as cia.png)
>>699199 >Chinazi
>>5198 not official content tho. of course chinese people can be racist, they are just like other people in that respect. but it does not come from "hyper-nationalistic culture of Xi Jinping"
>>5199 Well the banning of foreigners from public establishments and evicting them from towns certainly can't be a purely civilian endeavor but a result of the collective actions taken by the CCP to deflect blame for coronavirus from itself.
>>5200 Are the cartoons proof of that happening?
>>5201 The condemnations the government received from African officials was, and led to some of the foreigners being freed from quarantine.
Anyone here learned Esperanto? Is it true that learning it will help you learn other languages? If so does that apply to non-european languages?
>>5203 I think you'd be better off learning an actual language. Spanish has hundreds of times more speakers and it'd make it a little easier to learn other Romance languages like Italian, Portuguese, French, etc.
(280.82 KB 1726x886 esperantoAssocMembers.png)
>>5203 Well if you know no other languages, merely having understanding of a language that functions differently from your own helps you to learn even better. Of course much of Esperanto's vocab is European, and like none of it is Eastern, but the grammar itself isn't particularly European. In Zamenhoff's pursuit to create a language more grammatically regular than Indo-European ones, it's grammar has ended up functioning more like that of some Asian languages. I read an article on it once, but I forget if the conclusion was that Esperanto grammatically functions like a Turkic or a Uralic language; Regardless, Esperanto can help a beginner quite a bit; moreover, there's a good body of Communist literature translated to and written in Esperanto, some not even in English, because of how significant Esperanto was for Communist Internationalism from about the 1890s to the 1930s. And even though the language isn't as prolific today, its 2 million speakers are dispersed fairly evenly around the world (with a massive dearth in Africa and ME), so there's a good chance you can find people speaking it who'll want to help you out if you go around the world with knowledge of Esperanto. Chinese and Japanese in particular have liked Esperanto since the early days and many Japanese and Chinese Socialists in particular wrote works in Esperanto. Language is still (relatively) popular in those countries now
(719.44 KB 270x360 1557098211948.gif)
No, I'm learning Japanese because I'm a filthy weeb. Maybe I will learn Chinese after that.
>>5206 yo what was the name of that anime again?
>>5207 Urusei Yatsura
>>5208 thanks
>I mean, I'm pretty sure if the USSR took over Japan rather than USA, anime would probably never have existed One of the biggest influences behind anime in Japan was Soviet cartoons. I'm pretty sure it would exist minus the more obnoxious consumerist aspects of it. It would probably be geared more toward general communist propaganda rather than advertising merchandise.
>>5205 Ok cool thanks
(659.77 KB 698x941 Gappy.png)
>>5206 I've seen you on 4chan you're that lum poster!
>>5004 of course
>>13704 lol, nice try DSA
(1.62 MB glows.mp4)
I speak spanish, the language of Fidel, Che, Durruti, Chavez, and Allende. The most anti-imperialist language to exist. I'm good.
>>13705 Not them but see >>>/edu/2431; also, Soviet animation would continue to influence Japanese animators into the 1970s and 1980s as well.
>>5200 you retard the government actually conducted a harsh campaign to punish business owners who did that and the CPC has no blame in the virus affair, but rather passed the test that nature thew at it with flying colours
>>5218 The government doesn't care about anything as along as it isn't a direct threat to their power, so it just punishes a few individuals that they can direct the public frustration at for show. Also lol at their 99% conviction rates for crimes.
>especially leftists Why? So I can beg my chinese comrade boss to whip me less and congratulate him for making socialism in 2150 possible?
>>13704 >China's political system will collapse within a decade Yes >CCP has become too oppressive and will never surrender power peacefully No, it already surrendered power to porky decades ago. >so civil war is inevitable Nah, just a continued slide into hypercapitalism until it goes full AynCrap.
>>13713 >tankie You don't have to be a fan of the USSR to acknowledge that animation around the world during the '70s (when anime emerged as a distinct subculture) encompassed a hotbed of countercultural activism.
can't. extended/non-Roman alphabet, emphasis on certain vowel sounds, I couldn't do it. autism really sucks. can master my mother tongue just fine but I barely know anything besides some German. and besides this will just create an underclass of illiterate people that will be high on anger and no shortness of ammunition.
>>687713 I dunno I thought the post was pretty funny, now that you say it.
I feel like I have too much going on in my life to learn another alphabet or I'd be interested in doing so. I was interested as a teenager, but didn't really have the resources that I do now.
>>5219 So what is it retard, do they foment racism or don't they? You're just incoherently hating on China at this point, typical "left" anti-communist pap
Where can I download the same books that chinese kids use to learn the language?
(239.64 KB 511x495 lenin saying cringe.png)
>>5130 based, fuck weeb degenerates
(7.21 KB 190x266 1569548424772.jpg)
>>13726 How counterproductive of you. Go to an actual website for learning Mandarin instead.
>>13726 Why did you post that corny pony gif?
>>13730 well why did you post that corny Kirin doing the fornite dance?
>>13732 You sure are embarrassing... other people...?
>>5004 French is the next lingua franca
>>13726 fuck you uphold Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought-Deng Xiaoping Theory
>>13736 >@724770 lmao
>>5237 lmao zedong
Why not learn Yiddish instead?
>>5004 >Chinese language I'm assuming you mean Mandarin and if so, I highly suggest everyone to learn this beautiful language.
Yes but not for political reasons I oppose DEngism personally to be honest as I take the anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist perspective, irregardless of that however i want to visit China and study there for college as I am very interested in Chinese culture and I want to be able to connect with people that are literally on the other side of the world (I'm from Alaska so it's definitely a place far from me), I want to be able to connect intimately with people that are so different of me, and the only way I can do that truly is to learn somebody's native language, Nelson Mandela quote I think about how speaking to someone in their native language speaks to them in their heart or something, sappy but true, I think there is a lot we can learn from other people and cultures and I am planning on being as humble as I can when visiting and really just be there for the purpose of educating myself on the culture and knowledge of another country and try to see what I can learn, always something that's good and as a Marxist (and as a human i suppose) I really hate national hatred and antagonism and I want to break that down with international unity and understanding
>>13742 This is your personal opinion, personally I would say mandarin is one of the most beautiful language, I think it sounds amazing and I genuinely think this as a native english speaker
>>13704 >China's political system will collapse within a decade *says increasingly nervous glowuighur for thousandth time in last decade*
>>13746 They probably based their opinions off fake Mandarin in Hollywood movies spoken by Nth-gen Cantonese people
>>5021 >996 is 12 hours a day bitch ass eurofag. wow so much better lmao
>>5171 >>5180 there's a handful of interesting manhua from hong kong and taiwan specifically dontcha know
>>5247 li chi tak scanlations when
is bopomofo useful or do i have to learn what number corresponds to what tone
>>5004 >Are you learning Chinese? Did Chinese on duolingo. The whole first lesson was teaching you "ni hao", "ni", "hao", then "nihao" again. The whole first lesson, the pronunciation, the symbols for it, the meaning, over and over. But I guess that's what you have to do. At this rate, 5 minutes per 2 symbols, and you need something like 20,000 to understand Chinese, it'd take me 50,000 minutes, which is around 834 hours or 35 days total of studying Chinese. If I do half an hour a day, I could learn Chinese in 4 years. Tempting, but I'm just gonna rely on the Chinese learning English.
>>5250 >Did Chinese on duolingo. that's your mistake. Duolingo is absolutely awful for chinese. Use HelloChinese. It is way better in every way. You'll be able to learn conversational chinese in about a month if you already have a bit of practice.
>>5251 >Pay-to-use
>>5250 >something like 20,000 No, fren. The actual quantity of core Chinese characters you need to learn to pass the highest level of literacy test (HSK 6) is around 3000. Many of those 3000 constitute individual words in there own right, but most everything beyond that is a compound of two or more characters side-by-side. I believe as well that the total vocabulary needed for HSK 6 is around 8000 words. So once again, many of the 3000 Hanzi in-and-of-themselves constitute words, but all the rest of the total 8000 vocab required to be legally literate are just compounds of this (preposterously immense, yet) limited set of characters, not new characters.
>>5252 bruh it's free
>Are you learning Chinese? No. Maybe I'll revisit the topic in 2040 and see if the bastard leadership are doing any inroads on their fantastic promises, as opposed to me just having to rely on the child's care -tier buzzwords and platitudes they're doling out at present time, and the mass hallucinations of a sea of "JUSS BUHLIEF" retards who currently (and historically) have constituted the worst trends in ML self-sabotage. I'M PICKING UP SPANISH.
>>5256 basado
>>14725 you do know you're going to be banned for this?
>>14725 >Japan is a much more civilized place is it really? Also as an American I will say that America' introspection ends solely whenever one of their liberal parties are in power. The right gets all raw raw muh Obama muh operation swordcums and then simp for trump and the libs will do the same for biden when he(or if he) gets into power.
>>5259 Yes, people in Japan generally behave much better than in China. They are more conscientious and community orientated, and negotiate less sociopathically. China is even more consumer driven, and every purchase in some cities becomes a negotiation. Then you have to endure the constant nationalism and imperialistic conversations Not sure why my last post was deleted. Everything I said is true, and disappointment with their culture and the average Chinese personality is why I stopped studying Chinese after about two years of college classes. I lived I'm China too so I know.
>>5004 >Are you learning Chinese? I tried their character system was to hard. If they had an alphabet like Korean it would be easier. >This will be an important skill for anyone in the post-American world Even if China gets the geopolitical power that the US had in the 1990s English will remian the lingua franca. Most international websites are in English and that is very unlikely to change. And if it does change it will be to a language that is very easy to learn like Esperanto.
No, I'm unbelievably stupid. At least I speak Spanish, maybe Cuba will take me.
>>5251 >mobile app disgusting
>>5254 Memorizing 3000 characters that can have a dozen pronunciations and meanings instead of memorizing 10,000 characters with unique meanings doesn't seem much better. >>5261 >And if it does change it will be to a language that is very easy to learn like Esperanto. The dominant language of the world/region has NEVER been decided by ease of learning. Where the fuck do people get this misconception? Most of the world's biggest languages are difficult to learn with bizarre, archaic writing systems (Chinese, English, French, Arabic, Hindi, etc). It also doesn't matter how much has been written in English, nearly all of the world's writing used to be in Sumerian, but humans moved on, it used to be in Latin, but humans moved on. I'm not arguing for Chinese being the dominant language, but there's no reason it couldn't be just because it's a bit difficult.
>>5264 >I'm not arguing for Chinese being the dominant language, but there's no reason it couldn't be just because it's a bit difficult. Because we are already living in a globalized culture with a English lingua franca, English is the most well known language, and is used everywhere on the global Internet that is available in all countries, except China.
>>5264 > Memorizing 3000 characters that can have a dozen pronunciations and meanings instead of memorizing 10,000 characters with unique meanings doesn't seem much better. Believe you me I was not saying it's good; I think the Chinese logography is awfully obtuse and has only been retained in China and Japan for generally reactionary reasons. That being said, I was correcting anon for being inaccurate about the specific manner in which it sucks.
How hard is Japanese compared to Chinese?
>>5004 The chinese are learning japanese though...
>>5267 very hard japanese is much harder chinese is easy but it sounds trashy af
>>5260 In which province and city? Living in China is similar to say you're living in Europe, too vague. Are England and Italia similar to each other? Zhongyuan people, Jiangnan people, Bashu people, Guanzhong, etc. they all have different mindset. Not to mention the rural vs. city distinction.


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