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Local cuisine thread P A 06/05/2020 (Fri) 08:02:06 No. 3550
Give food
I will not give you food >:(
>>3558 Why not :(
(31.67 KB 400x400 photo.jpg)
(311.32 KB 1600x1000 morcilla-burgos-delicias-burgos.jpg)
(201.37 KB 644x361 Paella con chorizo.jpg)
>>3558 Stop being rude :( >>3567 Here, have some.
>>>/hobby/ There is a cooking and food thread there. That is where this belongs.
>>3569 This is literally about sharing examples of local cuisine. I believe it fits the board well enough.
>>3550 Here comrade. >>3569 Cooking and local delicacies are completely different dude. I can cook the things on that thread but actually making regional dishes is hard as hell.
>>3569 here's a cooking video on how to make a local food bite me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJvYOYODlIE for real though, it just fits on both boards but you can have some actual local recipes on here while just suggesting whatever else on /hobby/, it can both exist and there should be crossboard links in both threads
>>3550 what is that cofi thing?
>>3653 It’s an Indian/Pakistani cappuccino. It’s made by beating instant coffee, sugar and water and then adding hot milk. https://cookpad.com/uk/recipes/5697293-indian-cappuccino-or-hand-beaten-coffee
>>3572 There is an amazing Vietnamese restaurant next to the office building I work in when there's no global deadly epidemic, I hope it survives Corona-chan. I miss their Pho.
>>3665 Non-Northerner here. Pho is overrated.
(277.14 KB 1300x917 Alcapurrias complete 5.jpg)
(209.21 KB 1600x1067 IMG_0232.JPG)
(58.01 KB 550x397 mofongos.jpg)
>>3654 sounds interesting.
>>3674 What's good then? Give me some recommendations to try.
>>3681 First pic looks great. What is that? >>3684 I don’t think you can get it in Hungary but bún tôm/shrimp vermicelli (second pic) is still the best goddamn thing I’ve eaten. >small fresh shrimps, Thai shallots, chili, pepper, an egg yolk, and a bit of heavy rice wine (vodka could be a good substitute) <grinds to a pulp using mortar and pestle >fresh rice vermicelli made on the spot (really just rice flour mix with water and push through a mold into boiling water) <pouring the vermicelli water into a bowl, garnish with spring onions Dead simple but the broth is amazing. Kind of a regional delicacy cause of the shrimp there is already extremely good.
>>3685 Those are called Alcapurrias, they are fritters made with a dough that is made out of shredded plantains and taro. Also can be made with yuca for lighter tasting ones. They can be filled with all types of meats and seafood. Great as beach food hence this is mostly where you will find little shacks that prepare them. Also you can make sweet ones with guava paste etc. They are delicious but take fucking forever and it's very messy to prepare.
>>3686 That sounds nice. Might try it some day. Taro here is everywhere here but plantain might be hard to find.
>>3706 You can replace it with green bananas. But the flavor will be a bit more toned down if you use those. Sad that it's hard to get plantains. All the dishes I posted are plaintain dishes.
(92.68 KB 720x720 acaraje.jpg)
(104.59 KB 800x600 feijoada.jpg)
(650.76 KB 2048x1328 moqueca.jpg)
Some foods of my state that are not very common in the others
>>3726 Are those tentacles in the third?
>>3726 that last one looks delicious
(4.00 MB 3872x2592 moquecabahiana.jpg)
>>3728 Yeah but generally moquecas here in my area they don't really have squid or octopus in it. Moqueca baiana at least in my region is mostly fish with vegetables, they look more like this one:
>>3731 Is that a soup or a stew?
(2.82 MB 1500x1500 tentacles.png)
>>3728 tentacles?
Moooooods delet this thread every time I visit I get hungry!
>>3758 Don't you get Hungary?
>>3762 Wow I never heard this before. Go eat some snails.
>>3762 Post some good fud FranceChan :3
>>3558 Communism in a nutshell
(130.76 KB 1024x768 30155_w1024h768c1cx1632cy2464.jpg)
(80.90 KB 1152x769 raclette.jpg)
(733.66 KB 1000x667 recette-tartiflette_9408_0.jpg)
>>3767 Be prepared to get your intestines destroyed. Those are quite common food I love, all very high in calories. Soupe à l'oignon is just onion simmered with white wine turned into soup, then you add bread and grated cheese before grilling it in the oven. Raclette and tartiflette are from Savoie, near Switzerland, hence the cheese and potatoes. The first one is simply melted raclette (type of cow cheese) over potatoes with charcuterie and pickles. The second one is potatoes, onions and meat baked in the oven with a whole reblochon on top (another type of cheese).
>>3802 >all of those mountains of carbs and fat I bet they’re delicious but I don’t think my arteries and heart can handle that.
(303.73 KB 1500x1913 FEAST-04-19-LOBSTER-ROLLS.jpg)
(145.80 KB 1200x900 recette-tourtiere-a-lerable.jpg)
(51.01 KB 680x680 canadian-butter-tarts-4.jpg)
Canadian """"""cuisine"""""" a mari usque ad mare. 1/2 jk this stuff is pretty good
(311.20 KB 2848x4272 nanaimo-bars13.jpg)
>>3816 2/2
>>3816 God I wish I could eat a poutine, from expert's testimonies they are different here than in Canada.
(256.53 KB 1920x1080 Mas-Huni-1920x1080.jpg)
(85.21 KB 1024x680 Kulhi-Boakibaa-1024x680.jpg)
(79.87 KB 1024x680 Bajiya-1024x680.jpg)
(12.70 KB 201x251 maassel.jpeg)
(131.60 KB 650x488 Rfissa.jpg)
Have the top 3 of my favorite food : -Caramelize meat with prunes معسل maassel, the meat become so fucking tender that the taste will give you happiness - Rfissa look like shit taste fucking divine - Tagine is so fucking versatile but the simple one god the Tajine with eggs with tomato and kefta is god tier
(35.89 KB 300x384 Briouates-e1429804785865.jpg)
>>3819 Those look like Briouates
>>3822 Those look like samosas
>>3823 but they are
>>3818 I am not exactly sure what makes poutine authentic, but from my experience the curds make a big difference. The cheese that I have seen big chain restaurants use is horrible. The best I have had is when the curds are bought fresh from the cheese maker.
>>3845 >I am not exactly sure what makes poutine authentic, but from my experience the curds make a big difference. I guess people are just shit out of luck for trying actual poutine if you just can’t get access to fresh cheese. I always wanted to try some.
>>3822 Rafiq mghribi!
>>3885 Sah now this is a morrocan thread
>>3889 Any good Moroccan egg dish that isn’t the boring shakshouka? Got bunch of spice and I’m trying to make something different.
>>3891 Khlii/kleehe with eggs but i don't think you any Khlii you can make it yourself but it will take time to fully dry so gonna recommend a turkish dish Menemen
(8.80 KB 224x224 images-6.jpeg)
(11.06 KB 275x183 images-5.jpeg)
My Superior American Cuisine
(244.03 KB 550x304 냉면.jpeg)
(258.63 KB 945x629 삼겹살.jpeg)
some well known korean foods >korean bbq >stone pot thistle rice >cold noodles
slightly more exotic korean foods >freshwater snail soup >potato dough soup >Pan-fried buckwheat
>>5545 >heart attack in a diabetic bun Tried Mac & cheese the other day and I felt like getting five strokes with that amount of fat. >>5554 Fresh water snails is the shit for broth. Throw in some lemongrass and chilis and it’s god tier.
(162.18 KB 1110x892 Bagels-Montreal-REAL.jpg)
the virgin new york bagel vs. the chad montreal there is no better breakfast food
>>5575 Do you eat salted breakfast like the Brits?
>>5575 What's different about this from a reg bagel?
>>5575 Perhaps your bagel is chad, but it is nothing compared to the ascended Jewish pastries. Sadly the place that sells them here might have closed down, but the one time I ate a Jewish bagel made into a salmon sandwich was the most divine meal of my life.
>>5576 alors qu'une quinche lorraine le matin avec du bon cafe 11/10
>>5579 En vrai pourquoi pas, j'ai bien de la famille qui trempe son maroilles dans le café.
why no italiano havva da show up!!? where is da garlic breado, la pizza and le calzonne? mama mia ayayaya
>>5577 >denser >chewier >handmade as a necessity >slight hint of sweetness from maple syrup water bath (water is of course delicious Canadian spring water) >baked in a real wood oven >bigger hole for your peepee
>>5592 Sounds good. What do you like to eat it with? Is there anything canadians won't add maple syrup to?
>>5593 cream cheese and smoked salmon. the toppings are pretty uninspired.
(1.30 MB 2048x2048 Cuisine 1.png)
(1.09 MB 2048x2048 Cuisine 2.png)
(1.87 MB 2048x2048 Cuisine 3.png)
(880.52 KB 2048x2048 Cuisine 4.png)
>>5907 I want to go to the old carcass to eat that plate, it's so wrong, I'm intriged in how its flavour.
(43.55 KB 595x611 Colcannon-and-champ.jpg)
>>3550 traditional irish "food" we eat at halloween. basically its mashed potatoes mixed with kale, if you dont know what kale is its kind of like spinach
>>5916 well at least you have potato bread.
>>5916 is there any special reason why that is eaten in Halloween?
>>5923 idk exactly why we do it but i know that coins are put in it and if you find one in your bowl it means you will be rich but if you fond a rag you will be poor and if you find a stick your spouse will beat you :D in my family we just put money in it though.
>>5935 > i know that coins are put in it New coins, right anon....r-right?
>>5940 Coins wrapped in tinfoil don’t worry we aren’t that wretched
>>5907 What even is this another British genocide right there?
>>5907 >British people eat tripe and eels too >oh nice does they braised it in spices or fry it? <no they just sell it raw and cook the eels into jelly Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Anglos?
>>3758 this thread is bad because it makes me realize how shit food at my college is, god break can't come soon enough
(158.38 KB 1200x1800 deviled-eggs-1.jpg)
(92.01 KB 680x1020 stuffed-bell-peppers-4.jpg)
(1.32 MB 2241x2241 image.jpg)
(65.74 KB 800x533 crab-cakes-7-1.jpg)
>stuffed peper >devild eggs >crab cakes >eggs benedict >double baked potato
>>6030 I’ve had stuffed pepper before but with potatoes in it it’s good 😌
>>6056 I'll have to make it that way next time
(604.21 KB 720x480 um.png)
What a thread! >>3686 >>3710 Have any good recipes for these?
>>6030 I wish I had baked potatos. There used to be a potato truck (which also made hotdogs and sold Ice cream and pastries and sweets and all sorts of things) in a park nearby. But it has been gone for years. >>6075 not really. Just google Alcapurria recipes. Amke sure you can get plantains and taro in your area. like I said, they take a lot of time and work to make them, you can't fuck them up, but still, id rather go to the beach and buy some.
>>6077 Wait are potatos a scarce commodity in PR? That sucks.
>>6078 no no, there's no potato scarcity! it's just that I'm too lazy to make it myself and id rather have it made for me. And the potato van was a neat shop and I miss it.
>>6079 oh thank god, thinking of moving to PR once I finish college, wouldn't want to go to a place with no potatos
Here’s some of my local food. We love to eat cheese. Way more than any country.
>>6111 >Fondue god that shit is good
>>6111 >that'll be 100 francs please
(838.67 KB 833x833 تمر_مجروش.png)
(108.52 KB 1080x710 مرقوق.jpg)
(137.25 KB 1000x1000 كليجا.jpeg)
(737.57 KB 1370x770 بسبوسة.jpg)
(58.36 KB 599x427 مضغوط.jpg)
(53.57 KB 639x628 Z8Q5Tpp.jpg)
>>6134 >that'll be 500 riyal please
>>6111 What’s that first one? I know fondue and sausages with sauerkraut but is the last one potato hash?
>>6136 Its rösti. It's basically potatoes amalgamated with fat and it's delicious. The second one is not sauerkraut but "papet Vaudois". It's leek and potatoes with cabbage sausage. We don't really eat Sauerkraut in Switzerland.
>>6100 lol why, just why are you thinking of moving here? >>6134 what are the first and second pics? they look good. Is the second one lamb meat?
There literally is no Finnish cuisine. All we have is imported from other countries: >potatoes from Sweden >meatballs from Sweden >fish from Sweden >fish from Russia >pasha from Russia >kebab from Turkey >pizza from Italy >rice from China >burgers from America >liquorice from the UK I could go on, but there's no point. Just like we have no culture, we have no cuisine... which is fine, but it makes me feel empty inside looking at all the cool foods other countries have. >inb4 pasha and liquorice aren't even cuisines For the simple Finnish mind, anything you put in your mouth is edible. There is no distinction between a fancy concept like "cuisine" and regular food, and if you can eat it, we will eat it. Even if it's literal tree bark like wtf.
>>6144 Their has to be something, maybe not in Helsinki, but maybe in more remote areas. I can't imagine that their is nothing. Their are areas of burgerland that are majority of finishe decent and they have unique foods.
(419.22 KB 1200x1118 ryebread.jpg)
(81.00 KB 512x353 ryebread2.jpg)
(163.52 KB 1600x1066 sill och potatis.jpg)
(209.83 KB 1200x872 poro.jpg)
(152.86 KB 768x1024 talkkunapuuro.jpg)
>>6144 Another Finn here. You are absolutely right, I've wanted to post something to this thread but almost everything that isn't contemporary pan-western everyday food is either weird village fair heritage stuff or highly seasonal feast thing like the christmas buffet. It also feels wrong to post the meme stuff like squaky cheese or mämmi or salty licorice for the millionth time. That said: 1) rye bread, the real kind, made with sour dough and rye content varying between 40-70% in most commercial stuff, though 100% rye is also available 2) contemporary rye bread, they have these crust like pads glued together that can be teared apart by hand, there even isn't the real kind in my local convenience store 3) herring and new potatoes. This is traditional from the days when the government's north sea fishing fleet would deliver its first catch of the year around the time when taters are still only half grown, light and have almost no peel. The potato boiling water should have copious amounts of dill in it. Often also accompanied with eggs or egg white sauce 4) cold smoked reindeer. Damn good but also expensive, like 60€/kg 5) talkkuna. It's literally just roasted flour; barley and or oat with or without milled peas. Still relatively popular. Today, there are two main ways of having it: either mashed with berries directly or mixed with buttermilk or similar fermented milk product (filmölk/skyr/junket). The third way of pouring boiling water and adding butter and fried bacon was a brief social media fad recently. >kebab from Turkey >pizza from Italy But no other place you can have a kebab pizza with blue cheese and mayo...
(4.47 KB 225x225 images-8.jpeg)
>>6131 Is that Donald Drumpf??
(37.19 KB 620x360 shitto.jpg)
(65.50 KB 590x442 turnip grave.jpg)
(1.31 MB 1058x830 laukkamakkara.png)
(238.62 KB 918x1077 madesoppa.jpg)
(78.08 KB 640x480 granny salad.jpg)
>>6145 Looks like a variant of pierogi to me. This style of pasty is not at all known these days, specially not with ketchup filling. 1) Like where I'm from, old women still make barley bread called "kakko". There are also commercially made bread called kakko but none of those are made with milk. The barley content of the flour count varies from 20% to 50%, sometimes little oat flour is also mixed in. 2) Going to the village fair category there are fire pit turnips. 3) This is "laukkamakkara", raw sausage with mashed potato, onions, pig fat and optionally also some meat but not enough to legally count as sausage. It's baked in oven. 4) Burbot soup, highly seasonal because they can be caught really easily during the mating season in late winter (with 8 hook "robber", illegal lure nowadays though). The best part is the liver if one forgets all the heavy metals in it. 5) Summer salad / granny's salad. The base recipe is salad and boiled eggs with sauce made from whipped cream, mustard and vinegar. (Granny would make a varian with bananas and mandarin because she got heartburn from them.) We also like our rollmops, gravlax, lamprey and smoked whitefish around here. Pike is trash. Also mushrooming is particularly popular.
>>6153 that soup looks really good
>>6148 >kebab pizza with blue cheese and mayo Sounds delicious! One of my favourite kinds of pizza is kebab pizza that has blue cheese in it, among other things of course.
>>6142 First picture is pressured dates. Why do we pressurize dates you may ask? In the process of pressuring dates for several weeks, date syrup gets pushed out and solidifies into a crystal like shape. This makes dates sweeter. Second pic is indeed lamb meat stew (aka Matazeez).
>>6160 Why do I have a /pol/e flag?
>>6142 >lol why, just why are you thinking of moving here? better weather, lower cost of living
(109.76 KB 900x600 9817231.jpg)
>>6144 look at this cute finnish dog though
>>6180 Finns don't eat dogs, we're Jabanese not Gorean! :DDDD In all honesty, though, I would eat dog if I was paid a hundred million euros (after taxes) and another hundred million euros were donated to various charities and left-wing organisations, and it was a dog that was already going to be euthanised. So, realistically, I'd never eat dog. But yeah, they're cute. >>6181 You don't like blue cheese and kebab meat on pizza? If you haven't tried it, you should because it's amazing. It might sound kinda weird if you think about it too hard, but holy shit it's actually one of the most delicious things in existence. >inb4 it really is only a thing people in Finland eat In that case, this is the most compelling reason to become a nationalist I've heard. By expanding our country, we could spread the joys of blue cheese kebab pizza to the world! Or we could just tell people about it, dunno, it's still a stupid ass reason to become a nationalist... but you have to admit the mental image of Finnish soldiers invading Karelia and the locals being like "aw shit, here we go again" only to be given pizza is pretty funny.
>>6134 that third pie thing looks really good mane
Should I finish this? Like, make it a three- or four-panel comic?
>>6202 Yes you should finnish it
>>6200 >You don't like blue cheese and kebab meat on pizza? That shit is really weird, to weird for me? Some strange combinations are good, but not that. Also blue cheese tastes like dogshit
>>6205 >Also blue cheese tastes like dogshit Die.
>>6206 they hated Jesus because he told them the truth
>>6205 >blue cheese tastes like dogshit ok we i called and we gonna unrecognized USA. sorry your country doesn't exist.
>>6202 Finnish people are so cute
>>6205 Americans eat pizza with ranch all the tiem. Isn't it basically the same?
>>6216 kebab is to heavy for a pitza
>>6217 I'll trust you with this one because you seem to be someone who has lots of experience with being to heavy.
>>6220 160lb isn't heavy
>>6206 Normal blue cheese? Good shit. Gorgonzola? Absolute bottom of the dumpster trash. >>6217 Why do you guys put butter in your mash potatoes? Seriously, it just make the mash looks like vomit and has a worse texture than porridge.
Why does mold on cheese indicate that its is good cheese?
>>6241 I don't know but it adds a lot to the taste, like the crust on some cheeses. I saw somewhere a burger eating brie without the crust and I was sickened.
What is the toppings of choice for pizza in your country? Which one is yours?
>>6250 kebab meat and that sweet garlic sauce you get at pita places. I pair it with Italian sausage for a combination guaranteed to offend Muslims


no cookies?