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South Asia Thread Anonymous Refugee 09/07/2019 (Sat) 05:44:44 No. 331
Anyone else here?
Redpill me on the 1988 coup attempt.
(683.04 KB 885x759 victory day 2017.png)
The coup attempt was led by some businessmen who wanted to establish a more liberal regime in contrast to the autocratic rule of President Gayoom who was also veering the country towards Islamic fundamentalism. They asked a splinter group from the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) known as the PLOTE for help. Unfortunately they fucked it up and ended up shooting more random civilians on the streets than actual security personnel.
The government requested help from the Americans, British, and Indians, and was saved by an Indian intervention which was praised by Thatcher and Reagan. Today the anniversary of the coup attempt is celebrated as "Victory Day".
So was it legit or just liberal garbage, then?
It was mostly liberal garbage. The coup was hardly a workers movement and the men behind it were a handful of prominent businessmen and army commanders.
Many years later, the main leader of the coup attempt declared in an interview that he is a supporter of the liberal MDP party and that they were doing a good job.
Disgusting. In that case, what's an actual good workers' movement to look out for when it comes to the Maldives?
Hi, South Asia Comrades.
There are barely any such movements unless you count a minor socdem party.
Communism is of course considered "anti-Islamic" and no communist party or organization would be allowed to exist in the current conditions. It is required by law that every citizen should be a Muslim and anything considered "anti-Islamic" is not allowed. The idea that the country is and should be "100 percent Muslim" has been firmly ingrained into nationalist rhetoric.
South Asia usually seems fairly woke when it comes to communism, so that's a bit discouraging to hear. To be honest, the Maldives is almost never in the news here, and when it is it's always over alleged human rights abuses and rising concerns for tourists over Islamist policies taken on by the Maldivian government. And yes, obviously ">US media", but from what you're saying these concerns don't seem to be too far-fetched.
(4.87 MB 480x270 tenor.gif)
Nepali's son here
>Maldives anon
(724.46 KB 1249x927 maldivian isis fighters.jpg)
Yeah it's not that far fetched. Islamism has been growing in power here for a long time.
So far there hasn't been much of a threat to tourists from the Islamists though aside from a failed bombing in 2007. They are more content to push for Maldives adopting Saudi style policies and to leave the country to go fight in Syria. And to occasionally murder people who speak out against them.
>US media
They probably aren't going to lie that much against their allies like Saudi Arabia and "neutral" countries with friendly relations to them such as Maldives.
Is Modi and the situation in Kashmir as bad as people are saying?
>President Gayoom
Ayy, yahan pe koi hindi ya urdu bolne waleen heen kya?
>>331 Just saying your language is pretty cool
>>1623 Show your flag coward
(31.58 KB 395x395 vomit.jpg)
post the worst thing you have seen posted by people from your country the runner up was a saffron colour le heath ledger joker with a hindu tika >The headband of doge says "jai shree ram" which is while just an innocent religious chant has been co opted by you know who. >BOTTOM TEXT is also another shitty meme I get why poor people use religion as a cope since it is literal hell for them but fuck the petty bourg middle class indians who make this stuff their entire identity and ideology for the LARP.
>>1836 I turned myself into a pickle Morty. I’M PICKLE MODI!!!!
>>1836 hey no fair this is cheating unless this was made ironically by your countrymen or are there B*P sympathizers there too?
Maldives anon, would you like to write about something for the new magazine we are making at leftypol? www.medium.com/new-multitude
>>357 >Islamism has been growing in power here for a long time Why? >>1875 Why don’t you sent up a working link before advertising a website?
What is India?
>>1945 Some place where I was born, lived and hopefully not die. I got a better question for you: What is mortality?
Indianon, in your opinion, can based Naxals ever win?
>>1962 ask them to visit pakistan some day please, i'm tired of bourgeois politics here
>>1988 it would be epic if they did, you right. I think it was Gandhi who said, "be the change you want to see in the world"...
>>1991 Ironic coming from that anti-revolutionary
>>1994 "be the change you want to see in the world... NO WAIT NOT THAT KIND OF CHANGE, I JUST MEAN STARVING IN PRISON"
(8.46 KB 229x220 wuefh78wfg7.jpg)
>South asia thread >Canadian flags To be fair, I expected a lot more UK flags
>>1997 I mean, the canadanon isn't exactly of indian heritage (I presume)
>>2000 not at all, but my town def has a ton of south asians. I'm just bored
>>2000 >>2001 >7 seconds too late damn it
>>2000 Cheka'd
(23.80 KB 400x400 52ugsj_B_400x400.jpg)
>>1945 India is where mommy comes from.
https://www.rekhta.org/stories/toba-tek-singh-saadat-hasan-manto-stories Have any of you guys read the works of Saadat Hasan Manto? He was a really intriguing writer who seemed to be a leftist as well.
>>1831 This is so cringe
>>331 The fuck is going on with Pakistan?
>>2135 Imams are dumbasses, simple
>>2136 All religion godmen and women are shitheads that need to be banned asap. Asian countries are so obsessed with the traditional medicine and nature. These imams, Those cult leaders in South Korea, The gaumutra gang here etc. The vultures have always scavenged but before their extent of damage was minimal and only to the NPCs. This pandemic has shown how much of a danger they can become if left unchecked.
>>2135 >Al-Faith
(225.75 KB 1200x675 GettyImages_470780584.0.jpg)
Has anything been done about this, or has it been swept under the rug?
>>1938 >Why? There are many factors. We had an autocratic government headed by Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom for 30 years. He is an Islamic scholar who studied at Al Azhar University in Egypt. He presented himself the the supreme authority on Islam in the country and promoted a form of conservative Islam which was used as a tool of political control. However hardline Wahhabi extremists (usually with Saudi or Pakistani education) who went beyond that level of conservatism were suppressed. With the arrival of liberal multiparty system in the 2000s, the Wahhabis could run around freely. They established several organizations to spread their message and one of their political parties even took control of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Here, Islam is a mandatory subject in school from Grade 1-12, and all school textbooks on the subject of Islam are not much different from what you might find in Saudi Arabia. These extremists also used the aftermath of 2004 Tsunami as an opportunity to spread propaganda about how it was Allah's punishment for not following the proper version of Islam. Particularly blaming it on women not wearing the hijab. Within a few years the hijab went from being worn by a minority of women to a majority. And most importantly the socioeconomic conditions in our densely populated capital with its growing problem of unemployment, drug abuse, and criminal gangs provide many recruitment opportunities for the Wahhabis. Some of them are former gang members seeking redemption.
>>1242 Our language is most closely related to the Sri Lankan language of Sinhala. But the script looks entirely different because since the 18th century we have used a constructed alphabet which was originally made as a secret code.
>>2204 >Here, Islam is a mandatory subject in school from Grade 1-12, and all school textbooks on the subject of Islam are not much different from what you might find in Saudi Arabia. Oh shit, so the Maldives isn’t secular? Have you ever had separation of church and state before Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom?
>>2218 We never really had a secular system, but before his era the form of Islam practiced here was much more moderate.
So why did they abolish ޱ?
>>5656 The reason for this is not clear. It may have been due to ނ sounding almost the same as ޱ in the standard Male' dialect.
>>1641 how someone from Bhutan ended in this site and on /ref/ on top of that ?
>>5700 /ref/ is the best board on this site, it's really not surprising that they would end up here.
>>331 I’m a bengali-speaking ABCD
>>5781 wtf is an ABCD lmfao hello i'm a english-speaking EFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
>>5835 ABCD means "American Born Confused Desi" Basically its a slur used against 2'nd / 3'rd gen South-Asian immigrants to the US to imply "their turning white" or some nonsense
(630.85 KB 1920x1080 kathmandu-oy-lt2.jpeg)
I was dicking around at wikipedia and i saw that Nepal is ruled by a Communist party who comes of the merge of a ml and a Maoist one in 2018.I can't find a lot of interesting political news except that the leaders of the two former parties had agreed to take turns at power every 2 years and that they mishandled COVID. So i wanted to ask if anyone here knows if they do anything.......well communist in Nepal.
>>5905 Didn't they become succdems? That what I remember hearing


no cookies?