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(620.39 KB 3000x3000 DEOpEphWAAIWJwo.jpg)
Mascot Anonymous Refugee 01/30/2020 (Thu) 04:44:13 No. 1263
This is the only semblance of a mascot I've seen /ref/ have. Do you guys have one?
Yes, Tania is our mascot. That particular image is from a set of images featuring the mascots and emblems of /GET/, /leftypol/, /ref/, and /luna/.
(496.49 KB 1800x1500 Tania.png)
>>1295 Cute! Tania doesn't get drawn enough.
(383.33 KB 2100x1500 Tania2.png)
>>1295 Another pic for /ref/ Otra foto de Tania para /ref/
>>1295 >>1303 sugoi abd yattapilled. very nice.
This board is just too slow. Why aren't enough posters around here?
>>1307 >Why aren't enough posters around here? probably because it has a stigma of being slow / dead.
>>1307 because you are a nigger
>>1308 Yeah, we need to get like a thread with a dececent pph and then we may get more people here
(1.78 MB 2048x2048 IMG_0753.PNG)
Found this in King's replies. Good shit
She cute :3c
>>1315 teh cutest
Wait, is this Tania or an earlier mascot, similar to /GET/ and Cirno
(54.17 KB 108x216 move.PNG)
>>1327 No that's cute Lenin. similar to Cirno for /GET/, yes.
>>1328 Are they a boy or a girl? I know Lenin was a dude, but I see them as a girl
(2.23 MB 2152x3048 p015.JPG)
>>1329 it's a boy. it's just lenin. It's from this page.
(2.77 MB 2148x3040 p013.JPG)
meanwhile this is stalin from the same book
(690.68 KB 914x768 1529395733677.png)
>>1333 She kinda cute
We need more pictures of her!
(1.50 MB 3000x3000 taniaemblem.png)
Just gonna drop the transparent PNG of the OP image.
Also here's both versions of her character sheet seen here: >>1311
>>1396 >ponytail
>>1398 Are they gay or what?
(277.46 KB 2100x1500 tania_sketch1.png)
Here is more Tania. Thoughts? What could be done better?
>>1499 nice. she looks crosseyes tho. also >no backpack haram.
(76.07 KB 2100x1500 tania_sketch3.png)
(73.88 KB 848x480 mpv-shot0133.jpg)
>>1606 Very cute, I like it a lot!
(482.16 KB 2480x2480 Tania guants.jpg)
>>1606 very nice. I like it. >>1609 lol nice
>>1499 Cute, always glad to see more of her. I assume you're a fan of the ponytail version? >>1606 Holy shit, really nice. Any chance we'll get a straw hat version? >>1609 Poor Tania, the Coronavirus won't even spare her in the jungles of Latin America.
(330.20 KB 2100x1500 Tania_Rona.png)
(3.18 MB 3024x4032 IMG_0805.JPG)
(2.94 MB 3024x4032 IMG_0806.JPG)
>>1798 (from /GET/)
(248.31 KB 2100x1500 tania_color2.png)
>>1798 I fixed the eyes
>>1852 Would hold hands with.
>>1873 MOOOODS
(415.43 KB 1801x1633 IMG_0817.JPG)
Commissioned this cause i thought it would be cute
posting in a sesame street children's thread
>>2125 what?
>>2126 Completely irrelevant to anything. Just serves to trivialize things. Anthropomorphism of ideas is also manifestation of idpol. I recognize that many of these are technically "board" mascots, but even so, what purpose do they really serve ? Furthermore, why do these mascots always have to be women ? Is everyone here so deprived of puss that they feel they have to project their desires onto cartoon women? Then again, many of the people here have probably never had a job/are still in high school so I guess it's useless to speak about it since this kind of infantile shit appeals to people who have just discovered that milk comes out of their peepee when they touch it a few times.
>>2127 It fills the same archetype as such of the seppo's statue of liberty or the ruski's statue of victory I reckon mate
>>2128 Yeah I guess but why are they such babby looking weeb shit?
>>2127 >Anthropomorphism of ideas is also manifestation of idpol What ideas am I manifesting per say? >what purpose do they really serve ? Fun, you should try it. >Furthermore, why do these mascots always have to be women I would say that historically people tend to just name inanimate objects after woman. Captains would give their ships woman name. People call storms such as hurricane by women's name. So it wouldn't just be too off to think people would merely just go with a woman as their mascot. Not only that but the two biggest boards have woman as their mascot for different reasons. leftypol because they like catgirls and GETchan because of a joke about some swedish guy and lolis. Therefore, when coming up with more mascots, people could be more inclined to have a woman than a man. But does it really matter. Why do you care so much that their a woman? >probably never had a job/are still in high school >discovered that milk comes out of their peepee when they touch it a few times. You're the one complaining about a board mascot.
>>2124 It is cute! VERY CUTE!!
>>2124 Cute
>>2124 It's very cute indeed
>>2124 Is that moe Lenin? That tickles my old /ref/ nostalgia.
(119.33 KB 261x195 ns.PNG)
>>2124 wow this is so cute!
Here's some more moe lenin didn't draw lol
(7.03 MB 3347x3496 Comrades Forever.png)
>>2374 It's weird seeing moe Lenin again. Cirno was the mascot of /GET/ for like 4 years, but moe Lenin was only /ref/'s mascot for like a year, maybe 2 at most.
>>2396 Why is that so? Was Tania made after those first years, replacing him or did he simply fall out of fashion?
(809.93 KB 875x1862 taniahairtug.png)
Also here is some lewd Tania because there is none
(160.02 KB 760x540 bueno.jpg)
>>2414 I demand more!
(762.46 KB 1280x720 what.png)
>>2412 Moe Lenin was only really adopted because /ref/ needed a mascot to appear alongside Cirno on /GET/-/ref/ friendship material and because of a user by the name of Comrade Lenin who stopped coming here a long time ago. Prior to that contact with /GET/ in late 2013, /ref/ didn't have a mascot. After /leftypol/ adopted Alunya in early 2015, /GET/ switched from Cirno to Rodina, preferring an original mascot (like with /leftypol/ and Alunya) to an already existing character (like with 4chan and Yotsuba). Following that, /ref/ followed pretty soon after by creating Tania. >>2414 Oh damn, never seen lewd Tania art before. Breddy gud. Looks to be resized and had the background a bit messily cropped out, though. Got the original?
>>2478 As original as it gets
(2.08 MB 1754x2480 Tanya_dom_señorita.png)
Here is some original Tania lewd art. t.Drawanon
>>2482 >Dom Tania fucking good shit
(1.26 MB 1128x631 35.PNG)
>>2479 >>2482 Fucking amazing. It’s really great to see more Tania art despite her not being as popular as Alunya or Rodina (and likewise /ref/ not being as popular as /leftypol/ or /GET/). Great stuff, comrades.
(1.77 MB 498x278 tenor.gif)
(1.92 MB 2480x1754 left_unity.png)
Blame the anon in /leftytrash/ who requested this. Tanya domming Moe Lenin
>>2479 >>2482 >>2515 Lewd and cute
>>2515 >left_unity.png My sides. Keep doing amazing work, anon.
(88.10 KB 1300x867 shout.jfif)
>>2515 noooo not moe lenin this is nice.
(237.45 KB 2100x1410 ponchorojos_tania.png)
Remember to continue to support the Bolivian People in their struggle against the coup
>>2592 Cute.
Tania visits Latin America
>>2606 I love it! Very cute!
(324.05 KB 645x913 b5wpoXB.png)
Surhavanta nenian veston.
>>2606 incredibly blessed <3
(15.79 KB 250x332 lewd.png)
>>2856 Odd-looking vagene
>>2863 Yeah, where's the hair?!
>>2606 Nice!
(655.04 KB 1542x1080 pin_on_tania.png)
>>2863 >>2865 you got to put them on her!
To commerate all of our brave veterans who fought against the stormfag jannies of /int/
(180.40 KB 650x458 int execution.jpg)
>>3831 This is very nice, thank you for this. Can't believe it's been 8 years since this.
Where's the yuri? :3c
(566.93 KB 479x680 taniarodina_sleep.png)
>>4012 Here you go comrade hopefully its reasonably sized this time
>>4225 this is too cute omgzzzz
>>4225 cute!
>>4225 I wonder what it's like to be happy.
(557.69 KB 2480x1754 kissy_touchy.png)
More Tania lewd for y'all
>>4317 Thanks.
(203.37 KB 1908x1217 G-6ssn93.jpg-large.jpeg)
Tania would def play the guitar
>>5660 omgzz this is so very cute.


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