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Image boards in other languages Anonymous Refugee 01/22/2020 (Wed) 23:39:29 No. 1241
Share some imageboard sites in different languages
>>1251 Why do they block foreign IPs? Raids?
>>1252 Yeah I guess. I think you can send an email to them to prove that tou can speak spanish so that they let you post
>>1253 Damn this sucks. I just saw a CHI gringo that posted with an American flag, though.
magyarchan.net a hungayrian imageboard it has an /int/
I really want a Mandarin Chinese one, I know there's Taiwanese komica, but Taiwan uses traditional Chinese characters not simplified.
>>1241 The home of spurdo spärde, apu apustaja and gondola right here. https://ylilauta.org/
(9.91 MB ylilauta.webm)
кто-то здесь знает белорусский имиджборд?
>>1241 indiachan is literally the worst one there is i used to mod it then the original owner left and somebody else bought it now nothing but pol and r9k imitation. replace race with religion and caste. most are turds.
bienvenidoainternet.org Spanish. Both textboards and IBs
>>1624 the homepage alone makes me want to spew
Any Italian ones?
>>2103 We should try and spread class consciousness on the pizza making forums. Would be sick
>>1283 belchan.eu
>>1251 Terrible site of terrible people.
>>4122 They had to delete the /b/ board since people didn't post elsewhere lmfao
>>1277 Wasn't gondola like Brazilian?
>>4133 No that's Dogola
>>4155 Okay. I recall seeing gondola mostly on KC/int and not ylilauta when it was new though.
>>4157 Yeah, it was on KC i first saw it. It's made by an italian hence the neme.
>>2134 yes, please do
>>4322 I’d be down, but we need a plan heading in. Like what time works for everyone
>>4323 Some agitprop would also be nice
(335.48 KB 2100x2100 pizzagitprop.png)
>>4325 something like this lmao
>>4326 Beautiful
(3.36 MB 1757x1987 porky_pizza.png)
>>4328 We have to compile as much shitpost/agitprop as we can before the raid, so that should be step 1
>>1624 no wonder lungoot shut that cesspool down, now its filled to the brim with underage cuckchodi larpers and neets
>>4326 i enjoy
>>4326 Ehhrm, akshually, according to both Marx and empyrical evidence, the natural rate of exploitation is 100%, meaning that boss only takes half of your labour in usual circumstances.
Do it on the vegan pizza theme please
(48.32 KB 913x483 selamatmalam.jpg)
There used to be a malaysian imageboard called belachan.net but it's been dead for a long ass time. I recall 8chan having a /malaysia/ board when it was still alive and that's it.
(2.37 MB 2097x1573 surplus_pizza.png)
>>4488 >>4336 >>4326 This is bloody perfect, gonna make some later, what about we do the raid around tomorrow around 4pm Florida time?
(200.48 KB 2100x2066 tania_mamamia.png)
>>4490 We should do it on Friday. Thats when we would have pizza parties at school here in the states. We should also call the raid "Pizza Party", gives it a fun name. Also, we should invite the fag/GET/s to join. More numbers would be good and would probably garner more attention there for it
>>4495 doesnt exist
>>1241 there exists a chinese imageboard but i forgot the name
Reminder of the Pizza Party @ http://www.mypizzamaster.com/forum/index.php habbening this Friday. I'm going to make a general account that can be used by everyone that I will post later but feel free to make your own account if you'd like
>>4551 Based
(1.16 MB 2100x2100 pizza tiem!.png)
>>4551 issa pizza tiem username: papipizzaparty password: refugeecamp0
>>4561 ok wich topic?
(292.74 KB 1470x1470 pizza tiem!.jpg)
(227.38 KB 1470x1470 pizzagitprop.jpg)
(418.37 KB 1229x1390 porky_pizza.jpg)
>>4562 Main topic I'm in is the Off Topic Foods but we can spread around also uploading these because the other images are too big for the site, so these are the smaller versions
(326.67 KB 1467x1101 surplus_pizza.jpg)
(266.73 KB 1470x1446 tania_mamamia.jpg)
(487.13 KB 2100x2100 spectre_pizza.jpg)
The offtopic board is already ours We need a new place to raid!
(46.41 KB 852x480 12.jpg)
>>4566 We have to take over all of General Topics! Fill up every forum
(8.12 MB Banned.mp4)
>>4568 I think they IP banned me as well lmao
>>4569 Does this happen with another account also?
>>4570 It won't let me log out of papipizzaparty, and I'm banned from my phone, so I just assumed they IP banned me
(13.59 KB 300x100 badge of honour.png)
>>4572 Truly. Luckily I have this. Hopefully, other comrades can pick up the fight against the Pizza Jannies and use things like Tor and Proxies to avoid my fate. As they say, arrivederci
>>4573 I'm also banned o7
Sorry got a bit late but already doing some stuff http://www.mypizzamaster.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=268
>>4577 Care to share some pics on the inside. I can't even view anything
>>4583 Took the main part entirely
With Brazilian Anon and me together, I would say that we are at least 50% of all posts made their. We have successfully raided them folks!
>>4586 A terrific raid just perfect


no cookies?