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(740.74 KB 4974x2519 sexy template.png)
Opinion circlejerk thread (with map autism) Anonymous Refugee 09/07/2020 (Mon) 06:30:31 No. 4700
ITT we circlejerk about which countries are the best, have the most attractive people, whatever. Obviously /pol/ tier "muh haplogroups" should fuck off, though. Fill in the maps if you can be arsed, I'll finish mine later but right now I just want to get this thread posted since continuing to derail the /lang/ thread seems like a bad idea. If you have (or make) other template maps (or charts) or whatever to fill with ratings or whatever, post them.
(436.31 KB 1865x928 food map.png)
Dropping this here
>>4711 I'd place south/southeast asia in the purple category simply because of how normal insects as food is in those countries. Other than that I agree though. Britain with the worst cuisine in the world and Mediterranean, Latin American and northeast Asian with the best in the world.
>>4714 >I'd place south/southeast asia in the purple category simply because of how normal insects as food is in those countries. Not really in South Asia, don't know about Southeast Asia though.
(105.43 KB 220x229 scary.gif)
>>4714 Where is your flag?
croatia has great food
OP here, finally finished these. >inb4 why is [country/region] perfect when it's far-right/conservative/nationalist/whatever???? Because I ignored politics with certain countries/regions if there's enough that I like about them and I like the things I like about them enough. With the majority of countries/regions politics factored in at least somewhat, and there are a few countries/regions with which they're the only thing I considered if I don't really know anything else about them. Sometimes I was optimistic, other times I was pessimistic... it's not exactly consistent tbh. That's also one of the two reasons why I made it gradient without abrupt transitions, the other one being that I wanted it to look aesthetically pleasing. I'll also note about the attractiveness map, with a lot of countries I ignored regions because I don't really know exactly where the hottest people are. I generally tried to go with the average attractiveness of the hottest people from those countries I've seen (including by googling "[country/ethnicity] women") but in some cases, like the US and Canada, I highlighted particularly hot indigenous peoples as well as regions where a lot of the hottest people are concentrated (LA and New York). As for the food map, unfortunately I've never been to any other countries so I can only go by what I've eaten here in Finland at restaurants or bought from shops. I've only eaten food from a few countries in my life, although I've probably eaten more without knowing where they originate from... so, I dotted Finland since, you know, I've only eaten in Finland and they're probably all watered-down versions of authentic foods. Anyway, here's a list of the top foods I coloured countries by: >Turkey (kebab, condiments) >Italy (pizza, pasta, condiments) >Ukraine (Kiev chicken) >Japan (sushi, condiments) >China (Peking duck, condiments) >India (some chicken foods, condiments) >Thailand (phat mama) sounds like the intro to a "horny stepmum milks her son's dick" porn >America/Mexico (some meat things, I assume they originate from Mexico) >Sweden (meatballs) >Germany (sausages) I also associate certain spices with Turkey and India, even if they probably don't originate from either and I don't know if the "real" foods from those countries use them much? Like turmeric, cumin, saffron, sumac, curry... I know saffron comes from Iran, but a spice alone isn't a food so I didn't colour Iran. One reason I made Japan the tastiest tier are soy sauce and miso (soy factored in China's tiering too), and I also generally associate most noodles that aren't Italian-style with Japan or China even if they're not Japanese or Chinese-style either... but eh. I think of ketchup as equally Italian and American, even though I know all the ketchup here is from America.
(308.65 KB 4974x2519 food template.png)
Here's a food template map since >>4711 didn't post one.
>>4725 What problem do ya have with KPK?
>>4731 I just have a problem with the Taliban and people who think they're good guys, and I've heard most Pashtuns are sympathetic to them and are generally more conservative and right-wing than anyone else in Pakistan. If that's actually not true, then Pashtunistan should be "ok/mixed/unsure" or "like". If it is true, the reason the Afghan side of the border is more positive is just my gradient autism... I get indestructible boners over the Hazaras even though most of them are probably not supermodel-looking enlightened philosophers who kick the Taliban's ass with karate like I imagine. It's just that ever since it was once reported in the news that teenage Hazara girls are learning karate, my dick has been diamonds. Since I was really tired when I made that post, I should list some countries/regions I would've filled in as less positive for reasons other than politics and such per se, with the main things I ignored: >Kurdistan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, etc. (FGM) >about half of the world (male circumcision) >Vatican (child molestation) >India, Pakistan, etc. (caste system) >most of the US (muh guns, etc.) >Hungary, UK (they hate Finns) Some of those things are also political, but I feel like they're more "cultural". As for why I ignored those things... I'm not really sure, I guess I just didn't want to fill the entire world "nuke it from orbit". There are also some countries/regions that would be a more positive colour if I had been consistent, but whatever. Oh, and apparently the map on Wikipedia about Italian regional politics is wrong so Italy might be totally fucked; South Tyrol is apparently right-leaning rather than left-leaning? It being one of the few left-leaning regions of Italy on the Wikipedia map made me colour it "love", but if it's not, it should at best be "ok/mixed/unsure" like Austria.
>>4714 >and I've heard most Pashtuns are sympathetic to them and are generally more conservative and right-wing than anyone else in Pakistan. Not really? Those that are super-conservative live mainly in the FATA region which is now a part of KPK. Pashtunwali is only strictly adhered to in rural, tribal areas, which mainly are in FATA. Many areas of KPK are basically as conservative as Punjab or Sindh, especially for urban areas like Peshawar. Most Pashtuns I know aren't exactly more conservative than Punjabis or Sindhis, most which are are so because of their class character for the most part (many Mazdoors where I live are Pashtun or Punjabi). >It's just that ever since it was once reported in the news that teenage Hazara girls are learning karate, my dick has been diamonds. For teenage girls? >India, Pakistan, etc. (caste system) Pakistan doesn't have much of a caste system, but there are customs such as honor for one's tribe or surname, mostly for Zamindar clans though. I would single both out for cousin-fucking though, that is a real issue.
>>4734 wtf why would we hate Finns?
>>4736 That's good to know, thanks! The only sources of information about Pashtuns I have are whatever news and shit online, which generally paint them in a negative light... >For teenage girls? I mean, yeah, but I'm not that old myself (too old to actually fuck teens, but I wouldn't even want to actually fuck teens anyway) and it's not that weird to just think they're hot. I googled to find the news story and it turns out the one focused on and who solidified those boners was 20, though, so not even a teen anymore... but also, what the fuck. It wasn't karate like was said in the Finnish news, it was some Chinese martial art. We sure have quality journalism in Finland, copying stories and still getting the facts wrong... unless I'm just misremembering it being karate, which could be possible but in that case I must commit sudoku. But anyway, the point was that I get figurative boners over the Hazara people because of the idea that they fuck the Taliban up using karate and are intellectual and philosophical and shit. I mean, I do get actual boners over Hazara women too. >cousin-fucking Legal in Finland, but socially it's seen as weird. Honestly I think laws against it are unnecessary and puritanical, if it's between consenting adults it's their own choice. Sure, they might get babies with birth defects, but society already provides care for disabled people at least in theory. >>4737 Dunno, but all the Hungarians I've talked to have hated or at least disliked Finns and rejected us being related peoples. One explicitly said that all Hungarians hate Finns, which I took to mean the majority since no people is that unanimous on anything. I've only talked to a handful, though, so maybe it's just bad luck?
>>4739 I'm not aware of any widespread dislike of Finns. To this very day I was confident that we actually liked you, but now I can't find any concrete evidence (surveys or anything) of it. The denial of our linguistic roots used to be a fringe far-right delusion but recently Orbán started laundering some of the taxpayers money through a revisionist institution that is supposed to uncover our "true" origins. There is a hypothesis that the Hungarian language is completely unique and comes from Sirius, I hope they confirm this as the Truth and they go for a visit with the whole entourage.
Here's a map of how would I colour each region if I wanted to demonstrate the four colour theorem but gave up before doing the Americas.
>>4700 there are no best countries and the country with the most attractive people is the country from where my future wife is
>>4760 damn, then I guess all countries just have ugly people then
>>4725 lmao whats that city in the north of germany that you hate so much? Wismar? Because its swedish?
(2.06 MB 4974x2519 opinion template lazy.png)
(617.27 KB 4974x2519 food .jpeg)
(50.42 KB 528x280 attractiveness.jpeg)
I definitely got progressively lazy as I went through this and did not want to fill out each region... so.
>>4760 lmao what is it with indian people and marriage? like every indian person I know is terrified of being single past 30.
(92.11 KB 800x1200 fils-aime.jpg)
>>4777 I believe that arranged marriages are a big thing in India, so maybe because of that, they feel pressured to get married as soon as possible
>>4740 Fucking Orbán... >>4741 lol >>4775 Jamel, because it's full of Nazis. In one thread like this on 8chan's /int/, how people coloured that tiny bit of Germany became a clear indicator of who was /pol/ tier and who wasn't. Pretty sure most just ignored it, but if it was "perfect" or "nuke it from orbit" while the rest of Germany didn't have as much detail... you know, not that many possible reasons for either extreme. Sometimes I wish all threads on there had been archived somewhere. Especially clay wars... the nostalgia I have for clay wars can't even be put into words, it was so much fun, at least until the inevitable always happened and someone didn't read the scenario as outlined in the OP so they made a country that felt really out of place. I wonder if there'd be enough posters here who'd be interested in doing clay wars? In case someone doesn't know, clay wars is like a very freeform alternative history game where people make countries and add them on a blank map, interact with other countries as they expand territory, etc. and write about the stuff going on in their countries. It's really fun, as long as it's not taken seriously. My fondest memories are of ones like "the Earth just has an entirely different history, and now it's the modern day with modern technology" since that made it possible to have elaborate histories for the countries while also enabling things like nukes and internet memes, etc. as "plot devices". >>4760 >future wife Good luck on your quest of love! >>4776 A few questions: what's up with that random-looking blob of "absolutely disgusting" in Kurdistan? Also, is it just a coincidence that one of the few "perfect" parts of Germany is where Jamel is located? Is the other "perfect" part of Germany meant to be Berlin but you clicked slightly off?
>>4781 >Jamel Ah okay understandable. I'm not well versed in what /pol/ obsesses about but that makes sense and honestly pretty cringe. MV does have the reputation of being kind of racist which is really disappointing if we could get over that we'd be top tier. Our cities are fucking beautiful and people are generally pretty nice. It's just that we're rural and poor and racist. :\
(276.57 KB 4974x2519 foodthatitastedbtwto.png)
>>4700 i'm here for food
(535.80 KB 1865x1410 brazil.png)
The real issue at hand. Thoughts?
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no cookies?