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Travel Papi 07/28/2020 (Tue) 06:27:28 No. 4237
How many countries have you been to? Do you like to travel?
(528.27 KB 2753x1538 world mappp.png)
(619.15 KB 2753x1538 visited countries.png)
Would like to go visit some non-european country someday
(530.88 KB 2753x1538 mapaaaa.png)
>>4240 added some stuff
(671.95 KB 2753x1538 viajes.png)
(679.96 KB 2753x1538 Map.png)
I am aware Tasmania is a part of Australia; it's the only highlighted part because I'm not interested in the rest of it. Same goes for all the other small highlights. BIG highlights means I do wanna actually see the whole country though. (or a much as "the whole" can realistically mean [not much for Antarctica])
(679.56 KB 2753x1538 travel.png)
I miss the days of youth when I was able to go so many places. Now I don't wanna go anywhere to be tbh. >>4245 Why the question mark in paraguay?
(137.65 KB 3039x1941 1588116938853.png)
it's all true except the USA thing which I'd like to visit but painted it that color to troll Americans on /int/
>>4250 Do I really have to learn Spanish to belong on /ref/?
>>4251 no no everyone belongs. Just ask for stuff to be translated. You might pick up on a few words and maybe even decide to learn the language if you like it!
>>4251 Don't worry I'll translate it for you; >A picture of a dog with a hundred legs in paraguay is being posted on multiple sites, but we did some research and it is fake >paraguay doesn't exist >FAKE
>>4248 I was there for like 4 hours and the only thing I remember was buying a pirated copy of God of War that didn't work when I tried it at home (It was in Ciudad del Este I think) Also for the "paraguay doesn't exist" meme
>>733902 Yes, as with pretty much all media. But it doesn't make it any less true, especially considering that Sam Hyde got a show (if very briefly) on Adult Swim, one of THE most kosher TV networks currently on the air.
>>4266 uhhhh
>>4266 wrong board Brudi
(688.43 KB 2753x1538 world map3.png)
>>4291 You've never been to any other state in the us? only cali?
>>4292 Yup. I’d like to visit other states, right now I really want to see Washington/Oregon. My parents went to Washington when I was a kid and it looked so very pretty when they showed pictures and I really want to go. How many states have you’ve gone through?
(620.89 KB 2753x1538 world mappp.png)
>>4294 >homeland >includes western sahara as morocco ree
>>4247 >>4291 Is the USA really that diverse that it is worth splitting into states?
>>4296 Oh yeah. Someone from Oregon is not the same as someone from West Virginia. We do share some similar things, like the 4th of July and McDonalds, but each state/region is rather different from one another
(56.42 KB 800x585 tumb.jpg)
>>4295 Sah
>>4296 >>4247 I personally hate people who say shit like 'le every state in the US is equal to a country in Europe xD', that shit is retardedly fucking juvenile and incorrect, but there are definitely different regions within the US that are rather distinct from one another, as well as genuinely peculiar small towns dotted all over the country. Various elements of the US can be monolithically homogeneous, or completely unique; it really is a tossup.
(211.26 KB 1952x1311 USA map.png)
(73.53 KB 1952x1311 USA.png)
>>4293 quite a lot actually.
>>4300 Woof, that’s a lotta states. New York I can kinda get. Any fun stories on why you went to there or anything that occurred?
>>4297 But you could easily say the same thing about Budapest and Debrecen?
>>4301 I was homeless for like 9 months (had no home but had money), so I decided to go to tons of places and visit people (in the US and abroad) until I ran out of money. During that I unironically stayed at a place where some sort of cult-like group helped ppl and did meetings and stuff. I got spooked to shit after my 3rd day there because I found one of the leader ppl looking thru my shit and while I was leaving a dude kept following me for like half a day. Probably the most interesting thing that happened.
>>4302 You could. Sometimes from city to city, the culture is quite different. But it’s probably more of the same than from region to region in the US due to proximity towards eachother. The difference is that in the US it’s very much on a bigger scale. And it has to do with many things. Such as where states/regions derive their culture. The north east of the US derives more of their culture from the British/early colonial settlers. Whereas in the SouthWest of the Us, they derive their culture from Mexico/central/South America.


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