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List of all massacres, genocides, coups and human rights abuses done by America Anonymous Refugee 05/28/2020 (Thu) 06:13:21 No. 3290
Anyone have a list of ‘em? I forget.
(132.64 KB 635x1024 amerikkans.jpg)
>>3290 >List of all massacres, genocides, coups and human rights abuses done by America I don't think such a list exists, but anyway https://github.com/dessalines/essays/blob/master/us_atrocities.md North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests 北达科他州接入管道抗议 Ferguson Riots 弗格森暴动 2017 St. Louis protests 2017年圣路易斯抗议活动 Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll 比基尼环礁的核试验 Unite the Right rally 团结右集会 Charlotte riots 夏洛特暴动 Attack on the Sui-ho Dam 袭击穗河水坝 Milwaukee riots 密尔沃基骚乱 Shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile 奥尔顿·斯特林和菲兰多·卡斯蒂利亚的射击 Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Malheur国家野生动物保护区的占领 death of Freddie Gray 弗雷迪·格雷的死 Shooting of Michael Brown迈克尔·布朗的拍摄 death of Eric Garner, Oakland California 奥克兰奥克兰市埃里克·加纳(Eric Garner)逝世 Operation Condor 神鹰行动 Occupy WallStreet 占领华尔街 My Lai Massacre 我的大屠杀 St. Petersburg, Florida 佛罗里达州圣彼得堡 Kandahar Massacre 坎大哈屠杀 1992Washington Heights riots 1992年华盛顿高地暴动 No Gun Ri Massacre 无枪杀案 L.A. Rodney King riots 洛杉矶罗德尼·金暴动 1979 Greensboro Massacre 1979年格林斯伯勒大屠杀 Vietnam War 越南战争 Kent State shootings肯特州枪击案 Bombing of Tokyo 轰炸东京 San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing 旧金山警察局公园站爆炸案 Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. 小马丁·路德·金遭暗杀。 Long Hot Summer of 1967 1967年炎热的夏天 Bagram 巴格拉姆 Selma to Montgomery marches 塞尔玛到蒙哥马利游行 Highway of Death 死亡之路 Ax Handle Saturday 星期六斧头 Battle of Evarts 埃瓦茨战役 Battle of Blair Mountain 布莱尔山战役 McCarthyism 麦卡锡主义 Red Summer 红色夏天 Rock Springs massacre 岩泉大屠杀 Pottawatomie massacre 盆大屠杀 Jeju uprising 济州起义 Colfaxmassacre 科尔法克斯大屠杀 Reading Railroad massacre 阅读铁路大屠杀 Rock Springs massacre 岩泉大屠杀 Bay viewMassacre 湾景大屠杀 Lattimer massacre 拉蒂默大屠杀 Ludlow massacre 拉德洛屠杀 Everett massacre 埃弗里特屠杀Centralia Massacre 中部大屠杀 Ocoee massacre Ocoee大屠杀 Herrin Massacre 赫林大屠杀 Redwood Massacre红木大屠杀 Columbine Mine Massacre 哥伦拜恩矿难 Guantanamo Bay 关塔那摩湾 extraordinary rendition 非凡的演绎 Abu Ghraib torture and prison abuse 阿布格莱布的酷刑和监狱虐待 Henry Kissinger 亨利·基辛格 Battles of Fallujah 费卢杰战役 Manifest Destiny 昭昭天命
I can list a ton just from here: >Cerro Maravilla massacre FBI cover-ups >Secret Birth Control pill experiments >Albizu Campos Prisoner Radiation Experiments >Ponce Massacre >Rockerfeller funded cancer cell human experimentation >Bombing of Vieques >Sterilization Campaign 1940-1980s And that's only counting the truly egregious ones. I could go on and on on other shitty stuff the US keeps doing here.
>>3296 I think their treatment of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of hurricane Maria definitely counts.
>>3296 Cuál es la situación del sentimiento independentista allá en Puerto Rico? Los boricuas quieren independizarse de EEUU?
>>3303 indeed. >>3307 The movement is extremely dead in the mind of the general population. And no one want's independence because, aside from everyone having family in the US and they fear the loss of ease of movement, they are scared we will sink into a third world hellhole without american help. They'd rather enjoy humiliation, racism and general disdain over going over challenges like every sovereign country does. The movement is mostly very old boomers and a few of the leftist youth, which often get called venezuelan shills or violent rioters. Its sad really. I've lost all hope.
>>3321 Would you say there's a better chance at revolution happening in the US than you guys getting independence (or having a revolution first)?
>>3295 Soon we will need to add 2020 George Floyd protests LMAO
>>3335 Honestly with the things that are happening in the US I'd say there's more chance things change there than anything happening here, unless something extreme or some action of the US government really riles up ppl.


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