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/lang/ - Language Learning General Anonymous Refugee 04/02/2020 (Thu) 12:46:06 No. 2090
>What tongue(s) are you learning? >Ask questions about your target tongue! >Help people who want to learn a new tongue!
(52.44 KB 871x574 y7qpo42.jpg)
>>4645 >>4646 Looked up a 'map of cutest europeans' and came across this. WTF, why do people think the swedish are so hot? Also how true is this???
>>4647 Oh, forgot the title of where I found this. 'This Map Shows Where the Most Beautiful People in Europe Live'
(302.82 KB 1208x600 official bunkerchan cute map.png)
>>4647 >>4648 Interesting, I tried looking for the same and found this map that shows where the cutest Papis are.
>>4649 >tfw no qt /dead/izen skelly gf that defies the conventions and taxonomy of being qt
>>4646 Well, by "European" in that context I meant Northern and Western European. Southern and Eastern Europeans tend to be hotter imho. Well, I can't speak about Hungarians or Estonians but with Finns occasionally that primordial Uralic phenotype will manifest itself and result in TURANIC HORSE COCK RIDERS, but that's pretty rare. Unfortunately the majority of Finns look like a cursed mixture of Swedes and Russians with fetal alcohol syndrome, though. That said, hot Finnish (and I presume Estonian and Hungarian) women age like East Asians. If they're hot when they're 20, they'll probably still be hot when they're 40, 50 or even 60. The same can't be said as generally about Germanic or Slavic women, I think. So maybe Asian blood still coarses through our veins... but that'd veer into "muh haplogroups" territory unironically, which is cringe. Anyway, I wish more Finnish men grasped the fact that a woman having (dyed) blonde hair doesn't automatically make her "MUST BREED" tier. Maybe all Europeans have that obsession and not just Finns, though? People here tend to think it's American influence, but I strongly suspect it predates that. >>4647 Everyone who thinks Swedes are the hottest should be gulagged... I mean, I'm joking but who the fuck thinks Swedes are the hottest except Swedes themselves? Personally, I'd rank European hotness like this, from hottest to least hot, assuming we're talking about women who're ~20-30, it's a bit memey but more or less serious even if I didn't put too much thought into it: >Armenian (I mean JESUS CHRIST) >Kurdish (not really in Europe per se, but I have to include them) >Romani (have you SEEN Romani grills? hnng) >Turkish (what can I say? a lot of them hit that sweet spot) >Azeri (not as "steamy" as Turks, I guess) >Albanian/Kosovan (I once met an Albanian woman and legit got a boner... thankfully she didn't notice) >Georgian >Spanish (Latin Americans are hotter, but...) >Portuguese (Brazilians are hotter, but...) >Italian >Chechen/Ingush (that Dina girl whose face is used in that ethnography project gives me dick butterflies) >Crimean Tatar >Russian >Irish (mostly Saoirse Ronan tbh, she's top qt) >Greek >Bulgarian/Macedonian (pls don't circumcise me for grouping them together) >Finnish (excluding Americanised plastic bags) >Hungarian >British (the top 5% make up for the meh 90% and the OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK 5%) >Romanian/Moldovan >Basque (could be higher up the list tbh) >Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin >Slovenian >Ukrainian >Belarusian >French >Lithuanian >Latvian >Czech/Slovakian >Sami (some are absolute beauties, but many look like Finns except they're about to go "ackchyually" any minute) >Estonian (I'm sorry...) >Polish (for some reason a lot of Polish women make me think of fetal alcohol syndrome) >German/Austrian/Swiss >Icelandic (Björk used to be hot, though) >Swedish/Norwegian (I can only think of one hot Swedish woman) >Dutch >Danish (I don't think I've ever seen an actually attractive Danish woman; Scarlett Johansson doesn't count... if she did, Danish might be #1 on this list just because of her lmao) >mfw I just spent over two hours on this post
>>4647 this map is absolutely accurate
>>4654 >Danes at bottom absolutely fucking based Finnbro fuck the danes and their shitty fucking country, may it be consumed by the tide ever-rising. Fuck the idea that G*rmoids are somehow 'hot'. Generally buen taste fren.
>>4688 >Danes at the bottom <absolutely fucking based https://www.youtube.com/c/VictoriasChannel/featured Are you retarded?
>>4687 Where's your flag?
>>4687 holy shit we've got an alien here
I need to start learning Chinese. Esperanto is just funny Spanish >>4647 why is the UK so high ?
>>4696 Iru kacen!
>>4687 t. Sweden >>4688 Thanks, but why do you seem to equate the hotness of an ethnicity with how good they are as people and how good the country/region they're the majority in is? Even with Kurds it doesn't apply, I mean just because they're leftists doesn't mean they're perfect. They literally practise FGM and are majority Shafi, which isn't exactly the denomination of Islam most compatible with socialism... I'd like to know how they make it work, or if the socialists are just a very vocal (non-Shafi?) minority and masters at PR. I hope they do actually make it work and that the majority of Kurds really are leftist and against FGM in future generations, etc. but who really knows? >>4691 I guess she's cute, but she looks like she was grown in a /pol/tard's basement from the discarded remains of fetuses aborted by "I only date non-white men"-shirt-wearing Danish women who were shocked by their kid's whiteness in the baby monitor. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking shit about her being too white or whatever (I look about 92% as white as her tbh), I just mean she has that /pol/ tier "smug white girl" look rather than a "smug girl who is white" look. I'm also not saying you can't abort a baby for being too white (unironically her body, her choice), but personally I think that's a stupid reason to have an abortion. I stand by the only attractive Danish woman I've ever seen being Scarlett Johansson, but her not counting because she's practically as American as Marilyn Monroe. Not sure if derailing this thread further is a good idea, though... maybe we should have a thread for this topic? Fuck it, I'll make one with that sexiness map template and a worldview map template since it kinda makes sense to contain both discussions within one thread. Not sure how long it'll take to fill those maps, though, and obviously at least the OP has to... >inb4 I'm the only one autistic enough to bother with it >>4696 What variety of Chinese?
>>4654 >>Portuguese (Brazilians are hotter, but...) Based
>>4699 Mandarin
just started learning french with Anki week ago. Its so annoying that "vous" and "veux" are so similiar yet they mean different things: "you" vs "want". Those words appear in same places in sentences too
Are there any places to get Japanese subtitles for films, also mostly Japanese? Quechua seems cool, also. What are some good textbooks to get started?
>>4702 Nice, I'll never understand people who prefer Cantonese. I'd also want to learn it and have tried a couple of times in the past but just can't get anywhere since I suck at memorising, pronouncing or even hearing tones. There's also the phonemic distinction between retroflex and alveolo-palatal sibilants, which is easy to hear but hard for me to pronounce reliably, although the vowel allophony helps. The grammar seems deceptively straightforward and English-like, though. Of course, then there's the writing... I always cringe when people say "the alphabet is the hardest part" about learning any language since usually it's about Cyrillic or Arabic script, but with Chinese it might actually be true?
(35.27 KB 512x354 frisian.jpg)
I was just looking up languages and apparently this is a sister language to English. Thoughts on Frisian?
Q1: Which methods are the most effective for learning languages? Grammar/writing, listening, speaking? Which order of best to worst? Q2: Is it possible to learn a language without speaking it?
(79.29 KB 579x366 where's your flag.png)
>>5348 Torposters are flagless.
Could you guys please stop giving me the silent treatment? Just because I'm nationless doesn't make me any less of a human... :( >>5347
>>5354 (I'm not Deutsche)
>>5347 Start with drilling how writing relates to pronunciation.
>>5347 >Q1: Which methods are the most effective for learning languages? Grammar/writing, listening, speaking? Which order of best to worst? I know this is no help buuuuuuut, depends on the person, try different things and on the meanwhile you'll also learn some bit of the language you're trying to lean >Q2: Is it possible to learn a language without speaking it? guess so but i don't know why you would
>>5347 >Q1: Which methods are the most effective for learning languages? Grammar/writing, listening, speaking? Which order of best to worst? It depends really. Some people get more by reading, others by listening and speaking it. There's no proven method. Tho the best thing is using both and immersing yourself in the language as much as possible. >Q2: Is it possible to learn a language without speaking it? Yes. Mute people (I personally know one that can understand 3 languages) can learn new languages so I don't see why that wouldn't be the case.
>>4735 >>5347 Usually the most difficult language to learn is those who is most distance of your mother tongue for instance though i can read Arabic script i can't read Farsi due to different use of volleys & grammar but it will more easier to learn than a southeast Asian language.
>>5362 >volleys Vowel sorry needed my coffee
>>5363 Hmm, but the vowel inventories of Persian and Arabic are very similar? Both have |a i u| and |aː iː uː| that are phonemically /æ e o/ and /ɒː iː uː/ in Standard Persian, and IIUC while in Arabic they vary a lot by dialect, their main allophones are [ɑ~æ ɪ ʊ] and [ɑː~æː iː uː] in Standard Arabic. Even if you have no idea about the vowels of a word, you have a one-in-three chance of getting each of them right just by guessing. If it has long vowels, then AFAICT in Persian there seems to be a tendency for the short vowels to be similar in quality, and |a| is the most common vowel anyway, so while you'd still technically only have a one-in-three chance, you may be able to deduce with more accuracy. In any case, at least the Arabic loanwords in Persian should be straightforward for you since they retain the same vowel archiphonemes they have in Arabic so you'd know that شخص couldn't be /ʃexs/ or /ʃoxs/ but /ʃæxs/. For me it's easier to guess the correct vowels in Persian words than Arabic words since they seem to be more "predictable" than in Arabic, but it's probably the opposite due to the way Arabic's root system works and I just suck at pattern recognition...
>>5364 Yes, Phoenician loans vowels shifted or merge like all vowels of Ṯāʾ ث and some minor difference. from Arabic speaker he most also relearn grammar. but duo to huge of similar words and loanword between Arabic and Farsi it will me more easier to learn than a southeast Asian language.
Accents? Does it play any role in language?
>>5388 What do you mean by role? It's just a natural part of the evolution of every language. due to distance, influence of other languages etc.
>>5388 English has hidden accents.
>>5388 Did you mean "dialects"?
(143.96 KB 720x1280 I'm god.jpg)
I was duped by the Finnish sounding Hungarian and Arabic sounding German
Why do we learn more languages when English already took over as the global lingua franca? Isn't it kind of redundant and counter-intuitive? I mean, we all gather around the internet and communicate using it. It is an ugly language though...
>>5418 Because most people around the world can't communicate in english and foreign countries often won't accommodate for your lack of understanding of their language.
>>5418 It may be the lingua franca, but the majority of people on the planet don't speak it. Also, whenever you learn a new language you just don't open up communication with other peoples, you also open up a new world of cultural stuff that doesn't cross even with translation.
I don't know if anyone is interested in this, but here are some Chuvash resources. If you have a basic Russian knowledge, and learn some words you can get through them pretty easily. Also here is a website teaching some basic stuff https://урокичувашского.рф/ The other PDF is just too big, here is the libgen link to it. It uses the old chuvash alphabet, so take it with a grain of salt. http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=69D98771FCD5CA0C56D84012AF6946AB
>>5418 Because it's fun and interesting? That's mostly it for me, at least. Not only that, when you're watching some film from whatever country and realise you'd understand like 1% of it even without subtitles, it's a good feeling. Good feelings are important in life. It's also just fun to learn new things, isn't it? >inb4 learning is suffering >>5421 Nice. Chuvash is an interesting language and I wish I had more interest in learning it. It being the only remaining Oghur language makes it important, at least, not that all languages aren't important but you know what I mean.
r8 my study plan >anki >vocab drills from my book >read book >kwiziq (grammar) I tried HelloTalk to talk with people but everyone is flakey as fuck, think I might make an InterPals or something IDK. What's the best way to talk to other language learners? I can pay if it's reasonable.
Does anyone here know or had gotten their hands on learning any kind of sign language?
(100.99 KB 2220x1248 officehed.jpg)
>>5674 >gotten their hands on learning any kind of sign language >hands at learning >sign language idk if it was intentional or not, but here's your (you)
I speak English, Bengali, French and Russian.
>>5708 Are you like a full polyglot or are you still working on one or the other. >>5675 Well, what else are you gonna sign with!
>>5715 Yeah, I’m fluent in all of them.
>>5797 That's pretty cool. Which is your native one? How did you come to learn the other ones and how long did it took you?
I always find it fascinating how people will sound a certain way when speaking a language. Like, there's a particular "male Japanese adult" voice, and a "male French adult" and a "male Russian adult" one, for example.


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