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Esperanta fadeno Anonymous Refugee 08/17/2019 (Sat) 08:52:49 No. 111 [Reply] [Last]
Saluton, kamaradoj!

Ĉu iu tie ĉi parolas la internacian lingvon Esperanto?
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>>4269 Try to imitate a cat purring
>>4269 Wait, what’s rolling your L’s?
>>4276 Hmm, maybe I’m not seeing it but I don’t see anything about rolling your L’s. Merely rolling your R’s, which I’m already aware of

(191.80 KB 646x680 king hijack 2.png)
Papi Board owner 08/18/2020 (Tue) 04:51:09 No. 4428 [Reply] [Last]
Alright, it looks like someone claiming to be King has completely gone off the deep end, restricted my access to the GETchan domain settings so I can't make a new installation like I was planning, and he's made a completely new site in place of the old one.. Any posts he makes here will be banned and deleted (when we see them)I It's technically possible that this person is King, but we're doubtful.
Was the sticky removed because the situation reached a satisfying conclusion or did we simply decide that we do not care?
>>4480 it's still unresolved as far as i know

(19.13 KB 240x240 240px-Lewica_razem.png)
Polska - wybory 2020 Anonymous Refugee 02/03/2020 (Mon) 03:22:54 No. 1284 [Reply] [Last]
Czy są tu jakieś polskie anonki? Jak myślicie, warto brać udział w wyborach prezydenckich?
>>1284 nie wiem na kogo glosowac
>>3902 bojkot to protip, ew napisz cos smiesznego na karcie i wrzuc
(490.99 KB adolf hitlerrr.mp4)

(12.60 KB 267x189 Unknown.jpeg)
Say something good about the flag in front of you Anonymous Refugee 04/15/2020 (Wed) 15:20:08 No. 2456 [Reply] [Last]
This is the anti-/bantz/ thread start with me
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>>2740 vary cool flag and naem.
>>2742 feel like shit just want ur flag back :(
You have nice bears
>>4556 you have nice spiders
>>4558 Paella is delicious

(716.43 KB 945x630 Zikayo_isuzu_journeyL.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 07/13/2020 (Mon) 18:21:48 No. 4098 [Reply] [Last]
post neat vehicles
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(34.80 KB 544x496 image0 (3).jpg)
(34.90 KB 450x338 XJ40.jpg)
Some years back beaters would go as low as few grands.
(287.64 KB 1200x630 202907_16544_1.jpg)

(1.19 MB 3600x2285 0BH106_o2.jpg)
/leftylang/ - language learning general pilot Comrade 08/25/2020 (Tue) 00:25:16 No. 4807 [Reply] [Last]
>What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learning experiences! >Ask questions about your target language! >Help people who want to learn a new language! >Participate in translation challenges or make your own! >Make friends! Read this shit some damn time: https://4chanint.fandom.com/wiki/The_Official_/int/_How_to_Learn_A_Foreign_Language_Guide_Wiki Totally not a virus, but rather, lots of free books on languages: https://mega.nz/#F!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2ywojGLE0O8cu4A Lots of books on linguistics of various kinds, as well as language courses: https://mega.nz/#F!Ad8DkLoI!jj_mdUDX_ay-8D9l3-DbnQ Check this pastebin for plenty of language resources as well as some nice image guides:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>4816 Possible yes, but if it is desirable I don't think so. For reading Marx you would need to get really, really proficient in German; you would be just better off learning one and then the other
What's your opinion on this: >>>/ref/4498 ? The /GET/ mod team seems to agree with the idea and if the other members of the /leftypol/ mod team accept, we would transfer every language learning related threads (including this one) to >>>/ref/
>>4818 Fully support! Our own /lang/ board!
>>4818 So is there a specific date set for when this is happening or?
(142.50 KB 300x240 unnamed-2.gif)
>>4818 Checked Also, yes i agree, it would help out /ref/ and confines it all to one board

(9.20 KB 268x188 big_ass_penis.png)
Anonymous 01/08/2020 (Wed) 19:21:00 No. 4822 [Reply] [Last]
i am learning a few languages, for now it's not hard to learn'em at the same time But, all the autodidact learners recommends at some point reading and listening the language on the daily basis. what lefty media do you read? BTW, I'm learning german, italian, russian and japanese
Edited last time by comraderat on 01/21/2020 (Tue) 10:39:42.
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>>4997 idk; any change of Lingua Franca will happen over the course of decades, and I do believe that Chinese writing is genuinely too obtuse for it to proliferate in a way that an alphabetical language (even with terrible and inconsistent rules) can do on a global scale in the modern epoch. People who say one language or another is objectively bad or good are tards, but I am absolutely of the belief that a language's writing system (or certain classes of writing system) can be objectively bad, as they are things which are explicitly designed, unlike spoken language which just kinda happens. Anyhow, I don't see any contender challenging English other than Chinese, and I don't think Chinese can quite hack it, especially as well cause the damage of people globally knowing English is kind of already done. LF of the past were more regional, even if over very large regions, whereas English is the language to know the entire world over, and lots of people do know it already, and lots more continue to learn it. >>4998 At a Half-Price Books lol. and only some of the pages were magazine print full color, typically at the intros with some in-the-middle splashes, rest were standard black and white. Apparently Gainax did do a full color manga release too though http://www.evamonkey.com/gainax-releases-sadamotos-evangelion-manga-full-color/
(508.69 KB Congratulations.mp4)
>>4999 upload the front&back book cover i need to get my hands on it
(3.13 MB 2160x3840 1598476521959.jpeg)
>>5000 Here ya go
>>4994 If you want a great primer I'd recommend Describing Morphosyntax by Thomas Payne. It's an overview of all the insane shit that languages are capable of (like switch reference, basically mandatory conjugating of a verb a sentence early). Absolutely memorize the International Phonetic Alphabet. Trying to learn foreign writing systems (or even hard ones like French) become SO much easier when you can read sounds directly. Learn glossing rules and abbreviations (like ACC = accusative, PST = past tense, etc). Learn basix syntactic alignments and word orders (Nominative vs Ergative, SVO vs SOV, etc). Learn basic X-bar theory and syntactic trees.
Try reading highschool philosophy and sociology textbooks in your target language. They're written in a very simplified manner compared to primary sources. Another thing I did for practice was translating simple english wikipedia articles into the target language on Duolingo, but I don't know if Duolingo still has that. I also kinda unintentionally learned some very basic Italian just by constantly comparing a translation to the original. This happened only because the translation was so sloppy that I had to check the original after every sentence, so I got a feel for the grammar and was constantly looking up words in a dictionary. It helped though that I was already learning other Romance languages before.

Anonymous Refugee 08/26/2020 (Wed) 22:43:44 No. 4531 [Reply] [Last]
Мой папа был советский туркменский солдат. Он был в Афганистане с 1982 по 1989 гг.

(46.66 KB 512x512 Chinese language student.png)
Are you learning Chinese? Anonymous 07/13/2020 (Mon) 06:51:44 No. 5004 [Reply] [Last]
Are you learning Chinese? This will be an important skill for anyone in the post-American world, especially leftists.
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>>5264 > Memorizing 3000 characters that can have a dozen pronunciations and meanings instead of memorizing 10,000 characters with unique meanings doesn't seem much better. Believe you me I was not saying it's good; I think the Chinese logography is awfully obtuse and has only been retained in China and Japan for generally reactionary reasons. That being said, I was correcting anon for being inaccurate about the specific manner in which it sucks.
How hard is Japanese compared to Chinese?
>>5004 The chinese are learning japanese though...
>>5267 very hard japanese is much harder chinese is easy but it sounds trashy af
>>5260 In which province and city? Living in China is similar to say you're living in Europe, too vague. Are England and Italia similar to each other? Zhongyuan people, Jiangnan people, Bashu people, Guanzhong, etc. they all have different mindset. Not to mention the rural vs. city distinction.

(516.32 KB 497x492 vive la commune.png)
fil de discussion /fr/ançais Anonymous Refugee 03/30/2020 (Mon) 16:06:44 No. 2012 [Reply] [Last]
francophones de /ref/, bienvenue à /fr/! mon français n'est pas parfait mais je veux pratiquer pour le jour quand les Québs conquerrez la reste du Canada.
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>>4010 Parce que les révolutions communistes ne se produisent pas dans les pays les plus développés et avancés mais dans ceux dont l'industrialisation est bloquée par l’organisation politique, que ce soit en Russie, en Espagne ou en Allemagne après le traité de Versailles et la crise de 29, la Chine après s'être fait roulé dessus par le Japon et s'être rendu compte de la gravité de leur aversion aux nouvelles techniques. Le pays le plus avancé d'alors, les USA, n'ont eu que de ponctuelles révoltes locales dans un secteur précis, qui se sont conclues rapidement par de petits aménagements. Le second pays le plus avancé, la Grande Bretagne n'en a pas eu plus. Les pays voisins des géants industriels et ne suivant pas leur exemple, en revanche, on eu des révolutions sous une forme ou une autre pour surpasser les raisons qui les gardaient dans la misère et le sous développement.
Est-ce qu'il y a des Charles sur /leftypol/ ? Impossible de les prendre au sérieux vu leur nombre et la disparité des idéologies sous cette bannière mais les plus vocaux sont des ML (ou du moins le prétendent) edgy et éduqués qui correspondraient à la ligne éditoriale de /leftypol/. Mais en même temps ils refusent catégoriquement d'apprendre l'anglais.
>>4424 Des Charles, c'est à dire ? Je suis trop vieux pour connaître tous ces termes argotiques.
>>4010 L'autre anon a fourni une analyse matérialiste qui tient la route donc je vais parler d'un autre truc. En France pendant la première guerre mondiale il y a vraiment eu un effort d'unir la population contre la menace externe des allemands, l'opportunité révolutionnaire était en 14 mais quand la la guerre a été déclaré, que Jaurès est mort, et que les travailleurs ont (presque) pas protesté c'était la fin. Pendant la guerre si t'étais un homme jeune à l'arrière sans habits militaires t'étais mal vu et traité comme un paria, toute la presse était contrôlée et dirigée vers l'effort de guerre. Après la guerre il fallait honorer tous les gens morts pour la guerre impérialiste... Pardon, morts pour la France. Et donc l’État à créé plein de monuments qu'on a encore dans toutes nos villes et tous nos villages dont le plus célèbre est probablement le machin du soldat inconnu aux champs. Après ça t'as un mouvement de droite conservatrice qui prend le pouvoir fort de toute l'idéologie patriotique tirée de ce dont j'ai parlé et qui va jusqu'à prendre au parlement le nom de la couleur de l'uniforme que les soldats portaient: "bleu horizon" et qui se nomme officiellement le "Bloc national républicain". En gros pendant que l'Etat restait fort les bourgeois ont capitalisé sur l'union nationale et ils ont niqué tout le monde en vendant l'idée de l'union nationale, les révolutionnaires se sont retrouvés en minorité et marginalisés n'ont pu rien faire tandis que le pouvoir s'est effondré en Russie et en Allemagne laissant aux communistes l'opportunité de de le prendre.
Qu'est ce que vous pensez de ces films? La société du spectacle https://youtu.be/xGN5N3vrbLE De la servitude moderne https://youtu.be/e5LcXFXgqw0 Conquérir notre autonomie https://youtu.be/BXv4Txr9CYU


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