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Local cuisine thread P A 06/05/2020 (Fri) 08:02:06 No. 3550 [Reply] [Last]
Give food
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>>3845 >I am not exactly sure what makes poutine authentic, but from my experience the curds make a big difference. I guess people are just shit out of luck for trying actual poutine if you just can’t get access to fresh cheese. I always wanted to try some.
>>3822 Rafiq mghribi!
>>3885 Sah now this is a morrocan thread
>>3889 Any good Moroccan egg dish that isn’t the boring shakshouka? Got bunch of spice and I’m trying to make something different.
>>3891 Khlii/kleehe with eggs but i don't think you any Khlii you can make it yourself but it will take time to fully dry so gonna recommend a turkish dish Menemen

(189.16 KB 1300x1300 ahds.jpg)
Hands around the world. PB 10/29/2019 (Tue) 19:56:28 No. 595 [Reply] [Last]
I hope this thread serves as a welcome to new /ref/ugees, and also for those who have been here a while to get to know each other.
Tell us something about your contry and about yourself.
Let's get all the flags we can in this thread!
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>>2379 Here it’s just never ending sparrows. It sucks living in the city.
>>2379 awesome. I was watching birds this morning. Saw a lot of parrots.
>>2381 Sparrows are cute.
>>2392 Sure. The only house sparrow I ever see is weirdly enough always in the mountains. In the city, there’s only the Eurasian and russets. Love the Baya Weavers when I see them though.

(5.81 KB 225x225 dxgvjnm.jpg)
Micronations bear 04/03/2020 (Fri) 08:03:06 No. 2104 [Reply] [Last]
General thoughts on micronations. Any micronations in your country? If you made a micro nation what would you call it? Flags?
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(8.43 KB 268x188 homo.jpeg)
>>2104 Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Islands. Need muh gei ethnostate.
Does Transnistria count? For those who know it, is this video accurate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqmXP7AaAsQ
CHAZ is based
(1.73 MB 2060x1236 shrekland.jpeg)
Liberland > ancapistan
>>2143 >Milan how is it a micronation? Am I missing something? >>2104 The idea is maybe fun and playful, but in practice it's politically quite unproductive. It's like locking yourself away from the rest of society instead of pursuing change on a larger scale.

(7.70 MB 3000x3000 Untitled_Artwork.PNG)
oso 06/17/2020 (Wed) 20:34:03 No. 3820 [Reply] [Last]
Do you know your country well enough to survive in the case of guerrilla warfare or a nuclear apocalypse, or just going off the grid?
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>>3820 >guerrilla warfare Highly inadvisable in a place like this. The "countryside" is the sea, and every island is only a few square kilometers at the maximum. Nobody has guns besides the National Defence Force. A modern day guerrilla in this country would be easily detected and wiped out
(I live in Peru) I think I would survive if I just abandon the lifestyle I have now and go live like a Native American
I do know about the local mountains, but if I go too far away I would be lost
>>3820 Dude, I’ll be fucked way before that. The climate has already shat the bed here.
Not yet :(

(218.40 KB 540x320 arjhadsjh.png)
Anonymous Refugee 06/21/2020 (Sun) 18:49:24 No. 3853 [Reply] [Last]
is there a way to make this imageboard software less bad? it's very clunky and ugly
btw the image is satirical btw pro lgbt trans rights are human rights I just picked an image at random
use colgate now really idk, we are going to change software soon so why bother
>>3854 Apology not accepted. The gay council has decided your punishment is violent ass-rape by me.
>is there a way to make this imageboard software less bad? because StephenLynx is a fag We should just use phpBB or some other traditional forum system with anonposting enabled tbh. Much more mature and robust software.
(4.04 MB 498x294 stare to the left.gif)
>>3854 Why do you have it saved?

(56.27 KB 633x758 17f.jpg)
/bantz/ Anonymous Refugee 03/15/2020 (Sun) 22:39:56 No. 1500 [Reply] [Last]
Diss the country above you
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>>3797 Thanks for the shoes
>>3800 Croatia didn't let you have coast lol
>>3803 Yout best shot at socialism, in a stunning display of utter retardation decided to trust the army and take the few weapons workers managed to collect, only to be deposed by a military coup not even a year after. Talk about self cucking.
>>3804 > Spain Do I even need to say more?

(70.22 KB 1008x566 Arco.jpg)
?Puedo mover a la Argentina? Anonymous Refugee 06/15/2020 (Mon) 00:19:03 No. 3788 [Reply] [Last]
Can I please come to Argentina and be worthless stupid baka gaijin english teacher? I promise I'll learn Espannol and learn it good (I even took it in high school already but I'm not well practiced). I don't want to get drafted, nuked, or both for Yankeedom in the coming years. Also am tr00ney which I hear you guys are nice towards (or at least your law is).
(5.00 KB 250x202 kuma_huuuuuuh.png)
Why Argentina specifically?
>>3805 Argentina doesn't require me to have a bachelor's degree to meet visa requirements for English teaching. Firms in Chile for instance don't hire without degrees, but all they want is literally any bachelor's degree as having a degree just makes it way easier to get a work visa. I was going for a degree, but the American college system is extra fucked by COVID and no-one knows what will happen in the Fall. And I don't really even want a degree anyway. Also in the event of nuclear war, any country in the Northern Hemisphere will absolutely be affected by the immense amounts of fallout, even if they're not a direct target of any missile. And there aren't really any vital military targets for nuclear strikes in the Southern Hemisphere So any in the Southern Hemisphere is nice and clean, but I ain't gonna be able to go to Aus/NZ cause they have high visa requirements and (obviously) don't need any English-Second-Language teachers. And I'm not very knowledgeable about South Africa And there's no way I'm going to Bolsonaria (maybe after the revolution if BRs finally get sick of his shit). And to expand on what I said in the OP, Argentina has debatably the best Trans laws on the planet which obviously I'm a fan of.
>>3806 Sounds like a solid plan. My advice would be to A. learn spanish. I hear that duolingo ain't actually that bad to learn new languages And secondly to look at what the opposition is saying. Currently right now, Argentina has a left leaning government, but that could change, and you don't want to be living there and suddenly a bolsonaro gets elected and you're fucked.
>>3809 Duolingo is awful, go for Pismleur and Assimil.

(1.07 MB 5000x4611 rb1boc1clp141.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 11/30/2019 (Sat) 15:05:27 No. 730 [Reply] [Last]
>We need to get rid of the Anglos
<How can we tell?
>Just get rid of all the Smiths and it will be a decent start.
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>>730 *Conspires against the English in English*
>>730 "Popa" is occupational, it means priest; common wisdom here is that "Popescu" or "Ionescu" are the most widespread.
I have only known one Smith in my life. Where are all these people?
>South Sudan >Deng Deng Xiaoping was a PROUD BLACK MAN. Hoxhaites and Gonzaloites are RACISTS txet mottob

(205.76 KB 2000x1333 'cali'.png)
/cali/ — California Thread / Hilo Californio / 加利福尼亞州帖 Anonymous Refugee 04/08/2020 (Wed) 19:02:29 No. 2235 [Reply] [Last]
California Thread: Bear Flag Revolt 2.0 Edition. A thread for all Californians—Alta, Baja, and everywhere else. Don't forget to set California as your flag! Working Languages: >English >Spanish >Chinese (traditional) Hilo Californio: Edición Rebelión de la Bandera del Oso 2.0. Un hilo para todos los californios—Alta, Baja, y en todas las otras partes. ¡No olvides seleccionar California como tu bandera! Idiomas de Trabajo: >Inglés >Español >Chino (tradicional) 加利福尼亞州帖:熊旗革命2.0版本。加州人用的帖—上加利福尼亞,下加利福尼亞,和其他之間的省份。別忘記選擇加利福尼亞州旗為旗幟! 工作語言: >英文 >西班牙文 >繁體中文
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>>2471 "California" y "Texas" eran repúblicas títeres del Imperio yanqui. Los Aztlántecas también lucharán al legado malvado del Imperio español y del "mexicano". Los pueblos indígenas que no se identifican como Aztlántecas dentro del territorio también tendrán sus derechos de autodeterminación. Todo será negociado con los otros pueblos de turtle island. Imaginaté zonas autónomas como las de la República Popular China o de la Unión Soviética. En efecto, será una redivisión de los "estados" a reflejar las naciones que constituyen al EEUU viejo. Para Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, y los otros territorios habrán referendos sobre independencia total con recompensa generosa y este sin compromisos. Así será, compa boricua.
finally, based california people’s republic
california people’s republic when?
Today is the 174th Anniversary of the Bear Flag Revolt

(1020.53 KB american proverb.mp4)
Proverbs Anonymous Refugee 06/13/2020 (Sat) 12:24:31 No. 3772 [Reply] [Last]
Let's hear some cool proverbs from your country!
>Proverb Like a common saying?
>>3774 Profound statements of folk wisdom. Here's a Hungarian one: > Több nap mint kolbász. < More days than sausages. It means that everything good must once come to an end.
(31.94 KB 690x420 galicia catalunya.jpg)
Catalan; somiatruites "omelet dreamer". To be distracted Menjar poc i pair bé "to not eat a lot to digest well". Meaning to take your time Pagant, St Pere canta "If you pay, Saint Pere sings". You can achieve anything you want with money Ja has begut oli "You've already drank oil" Meaning that you have already fucked up. The meaning of this expression comes from one of the torture methods the inquisition used, using a funnel to make the victim drink boiling oil untill he or she died. Venir de l'hort "Coming from the fields". Meaning to not know what's happening Fer-se un Sant Hilari "To do a Sant Hilari". To drink all of the bottle without stopping. vesteix un bastó i semblarà un senyor "he dresses with a walking stick and looks like a sir" meaning that even though he may pretend he is still the same inside. ja estem al cap del carrer "We reached the end of the street". To arrive at a conclusion

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(344.38 KB 220x213 54325.gif)
>>3782 >eren set que l'aguantàven i encara pixava tor "although seven people are holding (his dick) he keeps not being able to pee straight" To not be able to do a thing even though you have help.
Halt die Schnauze. "Stop/hold the snout." The snout is a mouth, your mouth. So it means shut up. Fick dich ins Knie. "Fuck yourself in the knee." It just means the same as fuck yourself. Why does German have to be so complicated? Sport ist Mord. "Sports = murder." It rhymes. You are "murdering" yourself here. It's what you say when somebody suggests exercise and don't want to. Wenn das der Führer wüsste… "If the leader (Hitler) knew that…" What somebody comments on you doing something somebody higher-up would not like you to do, especially when it is rather unimportant and the higher-up would only be mildly disappointed in you for the transgression.


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