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(218.40 KB 540x320 arjhadsjh.png)
Anonymous Refugee 06/21/2020 (Sun) 18:49:24 No. 3853 [Reply] [Last]
is there a way to make this imageboard software less bad? it's very clunky and ugly
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>is there a way to make this imageboard software less bad? because StephenLynx is a fag We should just use phpBB or some other traditional forum system with anonposting enabled tbh. Much more mature and robust software.
(4.04 MB 498x294 stare to the left.gif)
>>3854 Why do you have it saved?
(32.55 KB 640x480 your resistance.jpg)
>>3857 administer death penalty by horse cock at dawn
i do nothing but browse & post, but i find the imageboard and most stephenlynx boards to be very agreeable....there is probably more content here than on other boards tbh maybe on a mobile device it is clunky? a lot of the times they work well for me on mobile devices...i have not tried this site on a mobile device recently
>>3853 How is it clunky and ugly? I think it's comfy and cute... >>3857 >>5437 DELIVERANCE OF SEXUAL JUSTICE >>3858 Why would you want to turn the only leftist imageboard into one more leftist forum among dozens? There'd probably be an influx of users who go "oh no, anime! these must be those alt-righters!" and /r/socialism who want to ban everyone who isn't a level 9001 tankie. >>3860 I don't think it's weird to have /pol/ tier shit saved for reference, like I have a whole folder called "pol bullshit" (and also "SJW bullshit" for ultimate Tumblr tier stuff), but yeah, posting it outside cringe threads or whatever is kinda weird. I wonder what other pics are in the folder OP picked at random from... I'm kinda curious, honestly.

(10.69 KB 225x225 1601383408773.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 09/29/2020 (Tue) 14:32:16 No. 5438 [Reply] [Last]
Bune, Bune, Bune! Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa

(37.93 KB 707x483 lang.JPG)
The Great Language game. Anonymous Refugee 05/23/2020 (Sat) 00:39:42 No. 3215 [Reply] [Last]
sadly the site is dead, but the replacements are good too! Let's see who get's the highest score. https://greatlanguagegame.com/ https://lingyourlanguage.com/
Edited last time by pb on 09/25/2020 (Fri) 20:35:52.
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I want to beat my first attempt, but that seems to be harder than expected... >fourth time First one I got wrong was Ukrainian, I guessed Polish. I thought they were two of the three Slavic languages I can tell apart, but I guess not... it didn't have any obvious dead giveaways of Polish, but it sounded less like Russian than what I'd usually expect of Ukrainian so that's why I picked Polish. Second one I got wrong was Malay, again... I thought it was Tagalog; I can't recognise Tagalog either, but it didn't sound like the previous Malay clips, so... is Malay the killer of /ref/ugees? Third one I got wrong was Czech again, I thought it was Lithuanian. Seriously, Czech really doesn't sound Slavic!? >fifth time First one I got wrong was Swedish, I thought it was Norwegian. They've always been absolutely indistinguishable to me unless it's some non-standard distinctly Swedish- or Norwegian-sounding dialect, but Standard Swedish and Nynorsk are practically the exact same thing anyway, so... ugh. Second one I got wrong was Italian, I thought it was Catalan because it had a bunch of [ʒ] in it, which I didn't know Italian ever has. ...and then I thought Polish was Ukrainian. >sixth time Hahaha, I got the same Italian clip that I mistook for Catalan almost right off the bat. I didn't get that wrong again, although at first I almost would have if I didn't realise it was the same clip... First one I got wrong was Croatian, which I thought was Czech because it sounded kinda Slavic but not really. I guess it sounding even a little bit Slavic should've ruled out Czech... I'm starting to believe in a conspiracy theory that Czech isn't a Slavic language, change my mind.

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Quite curious, those of you that don't have a clue about it, how do you recognize / perceive Lithuanian? Does it have some sort of recognizable feature or a comparison?
>>5422 It's hard to say really. For me it in the not-russian camp. When I hear it I immediately hone in on Polish, so I go it's gotta be either polish or lithuanian if both options are presented.
I've come to realise that most times I try this, I end up getting a clip that's in either Swedish or Norwegian and with both as choices. It's literally a pure guess in that case. Pretty much the same for Russian and Ukrainian. I thought they sound more different from each other, but I guess there may be dialects that sound less alike, like in Swedish and Norwegian? Also, twice I've gotten Finnish where the speaker has a speech impediments of some kind. One is an infamous guy who pronounces R as uvular like in German or French who's on practically every site for Finnish audio materials (Omniglot replaced his audios only after several years), the other had a slight lisp. It isn't their fault, but it's kinda weird to include them in this kind of stuff. Has anyone noticed, do the clips in other languages also include speech impediments sometimes? It wouldn't be weird even if they don't, though, since so many Finns have speech impediments... even I kinda do tbh. So far in my dozens of attempts, I've gotten Czech right once! My impression is that it really doesn't sound Slavic in either phonology or intonation, it sounds more Indo-Iranian or like Armenian or Albanian or something than Slavic, but it's also more Slavic-sounding than actual Indo-Iranian languages or Armenian (to about the same degree as Albanian). I have no idea why. Is it always like that? Somehow I can't find a single video on Youtube with actual Czech speech in it (more than individual phrases), what the fuck. >>5422 There aren't any dead giveaways, but I think like "if it sounds somewhere between Slavic and Iranian languages, it's probably Lithuanian". The presence of [æː] is also a good indicator. Those do apply to Czech too, which is why I've gotten the two of them mixed up on this at least twice, but somehow I feel like Czech sounds even less Slavic in spite of actually being a Slavic language and more vaguely Indo-Iranian than just Iranian. Latvian, meanwhile, sounds slightly like Estonian but Lithuanian doesn't.
Because I'm a turboautist and have too much time, I tried on the "omniglot" mode... >first time First one I got wrong was Italian. The speaker pronounced R as uvular and one of the choices was Quebec French, which I've only heard once in a song so I have no idea how it actually sounds spoken, so I clicked on that. Second one I got wrong was Vietnamese, the only other choice was Khmer so of course I got it wrong. I have zero clue how to tell those two apart, or any Southeast Asian languages tbh. (Somehow I got Zulu right out of seven African languages. It was just a guess, it just sounded like how I imagine a language called "Zulu" would sound lmao... lucky guess.) Last one I got wrong was Serbian, I thought it was Bulgarian. I just heard some Slavic words and it sounded really Slavic, but as evident, I can't tell Slavic languages apart so I just guessed and got it wrong. >second time Technically the third time, but I misclicked on the wrong language knowing it was wrong the second time very early on so I'm not counting it. First one I got wrong was Shona, I clicked on Igbo. Honestly no idea how either of them sound, the clip didn't have those whistled sibilants Shona is famous for so I picked at random the one whose name I thought fit the sound the best. Obviously that's not a tactic that works most of the time. Second one I got wrong was Bosnian, I clicked on Ukrainian because it sounded like Russian but stiffer and "clearer".

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I'm a burger who wants to understand non-burgers better Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 18:05:36 No. 5339 [Reply] [Last]
I am An American on the internet I talk to non Americans the most A lot of people arent Americans here Everything I know about other countries is mostly stereotypes and memes, French are baguette people, British are the funny hat fish and chips people, Spaniards are European Latinos, Greeks are also European latinos basically, Italians are like Jimmy Latoya from down the block except they only speak Italians, Chinese people are like how Russians used to be when they were still a socialist country, Japanese people are depressed, Australians say "Crikey" and Germans are blonde etc, etc I know this all sounds retarded and Like Americans are dumb, but you gotta understand, Europeans can easily visit another country on any afternoon, with Americans just visiting another state is as close as most of us get to going to another country America is a third of a continent So I am making this thread so I can get to understand different nation and peoples better, I was gonna say I'm happy when I meet immigrants cuz it's like meeting a baby or someone from a whole other world, but that sounds cringey and 19th Century British colonists tier
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>>5403 same, AMA
>>5403 >>5404 What’s the most offensive expression in your country?
>>5396 Yeah, I've had experiences with Puertoricans before. They were kind of serious. One of them got a bit offended when someone said they speak Spanish (apparently this person didn't).
>>5406 >They were kind of serious. It's not serious it's just a general bitchy attitude. I've been to a lot of places and I've never encountered a people as generally bitchy as here.
>>5405 Probably either catalufo or xarnego

(327.08 KB 544x550 Muumilaakson_SNT.jpg)
/suomi/ - Muumilaakson SNT -edition Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 08/16/2019 (Fri) 10:31:06 No. 101 [Reply] [Last]
Suomalaiset toverit nyt postaamaan tänne, tai no ainakin kaikki ketkä nyt selvis tänne asti.
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Hej små finnpajsare! Jag gillar er.
(32.85 KB 220x200 poggers.jpeg)
>>4167 >speaking swedish on a finnish thread
(295.97 KB 656x370 158894004256.png)
>>4168 >speaking english on a hispanic board
>>4169 >lo hace igualmente basao'
Meil on Leftypedia artikkeli tämän osoiteen: https://leftypedia.org/wiki/Finland Pystytäänkö kukaan tarkistaa sen? Erityistesti meidän tarivtsemme enemmän tietoa nykyisesta Suomesta.

中华聊 罗小立##sJ13ss 08/28/2019 (Wed) 15:24:36 No. 250 [Reply] [Last]
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(61.09 KB 680x323 future.jpeg)
(788.59 KB 2000x2000 Lenin.jpg)
不明白为什么,不管怎样就是要回到了这儿。 都过的还可以吗,大家?
>>5337 Doing fine, how are you?

(740.74 KB 4974x2519 sexy template.png)
Opinion circlejerk thread (with map autism) Anonymous Refugee 09/07/2020 (Mon) 06:30:31 No. 4700 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we circlejerk about which countries are the best, have the most attractive people, whatever. Obviously /pol/ tier "muh haplogroups" should fuck off, though. Fill in the maps if you can be arsed, I'll finish mine later but right now I just want to get this thread posted since continuing to derail the /lang/ thread seems like a bad idea. If you have (or make) other template maps (or charts) or whatever to fill with ratings or whatever, post them.
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>>4740 Fucking Orbán... >>4741 lol >>4775 Jamel, because it's full of Nazis. In one thread like this on 8chan's /int/, how people coloured that tiny bit of Germany became a clear indicator of who was /pol/ tier and who wasn't. Pretty sure most just ignored it, but if it was "perfect" or "nuke it from orbit" while the rest of Germany didn't have as much detail... you know, not that many possible reasons for either extreme. Sometimes I wish all threads on there had been archived somewhere. Especially clay wars... the nostalgia I have for clay wars can't even be put into words, it was so much fun, at least until the inevitable always happened and someone didn't read the scenario as outlined in the OP so they made a country that felt really out of place. I wonder if there'd be enough posters here who'd be interested in doing clay wars? In case someone doesn't know, clay wars is like a very freeform alternative history game where people make countries and add them on a blank map, interact with other countries as they expand territory, etc. and write about the stuff going on in their countries. It's really fun, as long as it's not taken seriously. My fondest memories are of ones like "the Earth just has an entirely different history, and now it's the modern day with modern technology" since that made it possible to have elaborate histories for the countries while also enabling things like nukes and internet memes, etc. as "plot devices". >>4760 >future wife Good luck on your quest of love! >>4776 A few questions: what's up with that random-looking blob of "absolutely disgusting" in Kurdistan? Also, is it just a coincidence that one of the few "perfect" parts of Germany is where Jamel is located? Is the other "perfect" part of Germany meant to be Berlin but you clicked slightly off?
>>4781 >Jamel Ah okay understandable. I'm not well versed in what /pol/ obsesses about but that makes sense and honestly pretty cringe. MV does have the reputation of being kind of racist which is really disappointing if we could get over that we'd be top tier. Our cities are fucking beautiful and people are generally pretty nice. It's just that we're rural and poor and racist. :\
(276.57 KB 4974x2519 foodthatitastedbtwto.png)
>>4700 i'm here for food
(535.80 KB 1865x1410 brazil.png)
The real issue at hand. Thoughts?
(4.13 MB video0.mp4)

(205.76 KB 2000x1333 'cali'.png)
/cali/ — California Thread / Hilo Californio / 加利福尼亞州帖 Anonymous Refugee 04/08/2020 (Wed) 19:02:29 No. 2235 [Reply] [Last]
California Thread: Bear Flag Revolt 2.0 Edition. A thread for all Californians—Alta, Baja, and everywhere else. Don't forget to set California as your flag! Working Languages: >English >Spanish >Chinese (traditional) Hilo Californio: Edición Rebelión de la Bandera del Oso 2.0. Un hilo para todos los californios—Alta, Baja, y en todas las otras partes. ¡No olvides seleccionar California como tu bandera! Idiomas de Trabajo: >Inglés >Español >Chino (tradicional) 加利福尼亞州帖:熊旗革命2.0版本。加州人用的帖—上加利福尼亞,下加利福尼亞,和其他之間的省份。別忘記選擇加利福尼亞州旗為旗幟! 工作語言: >英文 >西班牙文 >繁體中文
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(173.84 KB 459x459 EDFiJfKWsAEs-rP.png)
So now that Kamala has been chosen as Biden's VP, who do you think Newsom will choose to replace her with?
(206.12 KB 1200x1200 5568.jpg)
Y'all good? Any of the fires affecting you?
>>4742 I caught the ronas
>>4743 sorry to hear but what has this got to do with the fires
>>4742 Just the smoke and ashes but other than that everything else is almost fine

Image boards in other languages Anonymous Refugee 01/22/2020 (Wed) 23:39:29 No. 1241 [Reply] [Last]
Share some imageboard sites in different languages
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>>4583 Took the main part entirely
With Brazilian Anon and me together, I would say that we are at least 50% of all posts made their. We have successfully raided them folks!
>>4586 A terrific raid just perfect

(6.92 KB 189x267 zizek.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 08/30/2020 (Sun) 14:45:37 No. 4605 [Reply] [Last]
A hero
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>>4605 Just watched a talk he gave with Badiou. Better than any stand-up I ever watched.
(168.91 KB 640x948 zizek election.png)
>tfw no Zizekian Slovenia
(578.70 KB 2100x1500 marxcoomer.png)
>>4707 Is this what happens when you're on ideology
>>4707 That's called a glow-up.


no cookies?