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Anonymous Refugee 08/29/2020 (Sat) 13:15:30 No. 4594 [Reply] [Last]
Good morning refugees
good morning. Nice picture
Good Morning /ref/
(46.62 KB 604x604 1401489844203.jpg)
Buenas noches /ref/.

/ref/ General Anonymous Refugee 04/27/2020 (Mon) 19:24:25 No. 2746 [Reply] [Last]
Discuss about any misc topics related to your country or any other countries.
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>>5472 More like Rectum Orbogan
(151.61 KB 614x1080 pet water.jpg)
(47.46 KB 1024x512 EjfN1_yXgAAH_5l.jpeg)
/ref/erendum on independence for New Caledonia, and it seems they will be staying with France, so new flag sadly
>>5546 *so no new flag sadly
>>5546 Sad, but even then, new caledonia still has their own flag and their own TLD, therefore it's bad but not too bad flag already there.

(163.40 KB 286x323 Screenshot_12.png)
Can we get Yotsuba in a dark mode Anonymous Refugee 10/06/2020 (Tue) 01:25:06 No. 5534 [Reply] [Last]
the other dark modes are kinda clunky, it'd be great if we tidied up a little
When are they gonna make a dark mode for Colgate, amirite?
>>5534 1.you put your custom css/js in settings 2.wrong fucking board go /tech/

Anonymous Refugee 04/25/2020 (Sat) 01:02:26 No. 2691 [Reply] [Last]
PEOPLE OF /REF/ FROM WHAT ACTUAL COUNTRY ARE YOU REPORT YOURSELVES I just want to know, I think the majority from here are spaniards or speak spanish
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>>5508 Well at least Korean food isn't half bad. also this : https://www.youtube.com/c/BohemianKitchen/videos
>>5525 I guess it do be like that. >>5526 Tajine kicks ass.
>>5524 i thought current liberal government was going to abolish landlordism or something
>>5536 We got limited rent control so that is something. But no, the SoKoLibs are at best vaguely socdem. There claim to fame is not being the worse evil.
>>5508 sorry for the retarded question but isn't talking positively about the North and/or communism illlegal there or something like that?

(27.47 KB 604x402 1403371935784.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 08/16/2019 (Fri) 11:14:13 No. 102 [Reply] [Last]
a je kdo tukaj?
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Jst se mogoče dons pojavm,, drgač a se sam men zdi al je mobilna verzija sita popolnoma sfukana?
Mam tarok
Омич полуёбок, скажи ты наркоман? я просто тоже где то там живу, могли бы вместе уёбывать наркотики.
try metelkova or any rave event
(3.55 MB brownpill.webm)
je duas ve timi

(128.20 KB 1242x1242 EVU517MXQAIQVhw.jpg)
ANTI-🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪PERUANO🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪 MEME THREAD Anonymous Refugee 04/28/2020 (Tue) 22:59:17 No. 2763 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we post anti-🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪peruano🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪 memes. Also please filter ((( and ))) for 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
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(3.50 MB 2100x2100 nico kaiserboo.png)
>>5324 She still salty from Versailles
>>2763 Where does this meme come from anyway? >>2870 More like Vergas Llorosa lmao owned
>>5414 I suppose from FB and the edgy groups. I don't know frankly. When I used to hang around there it was common the Comepaloma one or the Fuera Peruano (the theme of the thread) >>5513 Ese Faraón Love Shady RAAAAAAAAA
>>5519 Raaaa XD?

(97.48 KB 1200x1062 71OSFg7QGIL._AC_SL1200_.jpg)
flaghunting_irl bear 03/28/2020 (Sat) 16:53:56 No. 1821 [Reply] [Last]
Let's bring flag hunting into the real world! Share pictures of flags that you have, whether their from your country or not, into this thread
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>>1823 Burn the third flag, fuck the BRD.
(12.22 KB 285x177 gvjbhknm.jpg)
>>2042 My original plan for my school project was to rip it in half, but we didn't have enough time within the project to do that, so we didn't. But if y'all really want me to, I'll record myself burning it while playing the GDR anthem
(18.31 MB BRD_burning.mp4)
>>2042 forgot to post this. here you go anon
The only flag I own is an Imperial Japanese Navy one. Pretty cringe, I know. I got it at a garage sail for a few bucks. I also got several miniature flags, but I forget which one. I don't have any of the flags I mentioned on display because I'm too lazy to hang the Japanese one on my wall or put the others on my desk.
>>4144 Basado

Anonymous Refugee 10/16/2019 (Wed) 16:26:05 No. 539 [Reply] [Last]
Is Kaban popular with the /ref/ugees?
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(582.94 KB 1000x800 1577893604597.png)
>>5398 Backpacker (lmao) from Pokemon
>>5428 Pokemon what
>>5459 oh sorry. Gen V and VII

(218.40 KB 540x320 arjhadsjh.png)
Anonymous Refugee 06/21/2020 (Sun) 18:49:24 No. 3853 [Reply] [Last]
is there a way to make this imageboard software less bad? it's very clunky and ugly
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>is there a way to make this imageboard software less bad? because StephenLynx is a fag We should just use phpBB or some other traditional forum system with anonposting enabled tbh. Much more mature and robust software.
(4.04 MB 498x294 stare to the left.gif)
>>3854 Why do you have it saved?
(32.55 KB 640x480 your resistance.jpg)
>>3857 administer death penalty by horse cock at dawn
i do nothing but browse & post, but i find the imageboard and most stephenlynx boards to be very agreeable....there is probably more content here than on other boards tbh maybe on a mobile device it is clunky? a lot of the times they work well for me on mobile devices...i have not tried this site on a mobile device recently
>>3853 How is it clunky and ugly? I think it's comfy and cute... >>3857 >>5437 DELIVERANCE OF SEXUAL JUSTICE >>3858 Why would you want to turn the only leftist imageboard into one more leftist forum among dozens? There'd probably be an influx of users who go "oh no, anime! these must be those alt-righters!" and /r/socialism who want to ban everyone who isn't a level 9001 tankie. >>3860 I don't think it's weird to have /pol/ tier shit saved for reference, like I have a whole folder called "pol bullshit" (and also "SJW bullshit" for ultimate Tumblr tier stuff), but yeah, posting it outside cringe threads or whatever is kinda weird. I wonder what other pics are in the folder OP picked at random from... I'm kinda curious, honestly.

(10.69 KB 225x225 1601383408773.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 09/29/2020 (Tue) 14:32:16 No. 5438 [Reply] [Last]
Bune, Bune, Bune! Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa


no cookies?