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(227.43 KB 2289x1526 PicsArt_01-29-10.04.26.jpg)
The post-Xenoleft 01/30/2020 (Thu) 02:22:51 No. 1262 [Reply] [Last]
Opinion on this flag
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yikes! is all I can say. horrible flag.
>>1262 Words on flags are a terrible idea. You should know.
As a crest or banner or something, it could work, but you need to shorten your motto and do a better job of integrating it, or making it look deliberately disorder. Right now it has too much BOTTOM TEXT energy. But not as a flag.
>>1262 can't read/10
>>1262 It's good. Reminds me of the Makhnovia flag (which probably inspired by). The Text looks too digital though like you just typed on a computer. It'd be better if you made the writing look more natural.

(784.04 KB 1200x877 Diada-Catalunya.jpg)
Catalonia and Independence Anonymous Refugee 05/08/2020 (Fri) 10:31:52 No. 2932 [Reply] [Last]
Can any Spanish anons (or anyone else who knows) explain to me why Catalonia specifically wants independence? Does this go back further than the 20th century (I assume so) and how much was socialism a part of their efforts both then and now? Also, how if Franco viewed in the modern day both by the mainstream media/state and by average people?
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>>3102 The catalan struggle for self-determination is being used to funnel unrest from an anti-capitalist stance born during the 15-M to a nationalist one. I was there during the 2017 referendum, people were fucking CHEERING on mossos d'esquadra for not intervening, cheering on the same mossos d'esquadra that were cracking skulls in plaça Catalunya during the 15-M protests 6 years before, deployed then by the same CIU under orders from Artur Mas, the politician who popularized catalan nationalism this decade.
>>3105 >They cheered when the cops did something good so that means that they approve the bad things they did before Moreover >In the 2019 riots people were saying "no hos merexeu la senyera que porteu" wich translates to "you don't deserve the senyera that you wear". Nowadays most Catalan independentists are, at least, critical of the police
>>3105 >The catalan struggle for self-determination is being used to funnel unrest from an anti-capitalist stance born during the 15-M to a nationalist one True, that's why the right to self-determination is useful for the working class. Have a vote, apply the result whatever it's yes or no, and then the workers will say "well, we've resolved our national issue but life still sucks" and class struggle will resume. The opposite only leads to all workers turning more and more nationalistic, both in Catalonia and Spain.
>>3198 Totally agree. My opinion in all this is the same as Anguita's (the only acceptable leftist position imo).
>>3198 I somewhat agree. I wouldn't wait for the referendum to stir up class struggle tho, even after its uselessness becomes apparent. In the next decade, I think the Depression and the decaying corpse of sociodemocracy are going to be enough. But more chaos maybe helps.

(47.53 KB 4400x3200 skand.png)
/Skandertråden/ Anonymous Refugee 08/13/2019 (Tue) 22:10:08 No. 91 [Reply] [Last]
>Kvar kjem du frå?
>Er Ten folket og Raudt kringle eller forgrunna?
>Kven vil/burde nordmennene røysta på under kommunevalet?
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(161.19 KB 640x432 2017762662_2dcce1630a_z-1.jpg)
Who is that in the pic?
Finland doesn't even have a well functioning welfare state lel
Danskjävlar blir också skjutna när revolutionen kommer.
Spräng upp hela landet, eller skopa hela jävla sandmassan i plurret ett spadlass i sänder, eller något, så hänger jag med. Stora Bält har varigt en aning trång för våra skeppsvarv i mer än ett årtionde.
Chairman of the Danish Communist Party back in the 1950s and founder of Socialist People's Party in Denmark (Parliamentary Social Democratic Left Wing Party)
The news paper says:
"Social - Democrats"
"Aksel Larsen called to Moscow to give allegiance to Stalin"
(63.78 KB 850x400 FINLAN No 1.jpg)

(236.27 KB 719x480 ZomboMeme 11092019164848.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 09/11/2019 (Wed) 20:30:15 No. 368 [Reply] [Last]
Czy jest tu jakikolwiek polski lewuk?(jestem samotny lol)
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W sumie nie wiem czy postuję na martwym, ale co tam... Kto z was z #antykapitalizm z wykop peel?
>>1378 No elo Jebać Neuropę
>>1379 Jebać Neuropkę i kuców
Say sorry you stupid polish
a słowacki dobry?

(364.86 KB 888x671 EU5MpjsUYAAd0q3.png)
Anonymous Refugee 04/08/2020 (Wed) 17:04:33 No. 2226 [Reply] [Last]
What has your country/state been watching? Also if anyone can find the one for Latin America, that would be great
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>>2430 Or someone with many IPs
>>2384 absolutely blessed post. thank you
(33.75 KB 201x160 despair... but also!.png)
>>2226 The absolute state of world wide degeneracy.
>>2226 Fucking Bulgaria actually has vanilla as the most popular tag. Confirmed to be the most boring country in Europe.
>monstergirls great taste

(2.24 MB video0.mp4)
/diaspora/ Anonymous Refugee 03/21/2020 (Sat) 12:39:52 No. 1651 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for children of immigrants or otherwise displaced peoples >Parent's original country or region >Country they moved to >Do you ever feel like going back? I'm from South America, born in the USA, and yes I do plan on returning soon.
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>from Ukraine SSR and Moldova SSR >to Canada maybe I would visit but a very short visit lol, it would probably just depress me that Stalin is gone.
I was born in Australia , I do not belong here my parents came from London. I don't belong in a stolen country.
>>3023 >my parents came from London. https://www.gov.uk/apply-citizenship-british-parent Fuck off then cunt we're full
>>3023 >implying the UK's industrial progress wasn't from stealing the resources and labor of its old colonies >implying that the history of the UK isn't as contentious as Australia
Laotian parents who moved to the United States around the Laotian Civil War or Secret War. It'd be weird since I was born in the states, but I never really learned their language or culture, so no.

(34.75 KB 634x640 flood.jpg)
Natural Disasters Anonymous Refugee 05/07/2020 (Thu) 00:49:37 No. 2918 [Reply] [Last]
What natural disasters have you experienced in your country? out of it? What has been the worse natural disaster that has happened in your country's history?
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The Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. There was extensive damage to housing and infrastructure everywhere. In several areas communication was completely cut off. 13 islands were made uninhabitable and had to be fully evacuated and resettled. Per capita we probably had the highest cost of reconstruction out of all affected countries. Around 100 people were killed Due to coral reefs and the lack of a continental shelf, the wave was much smaller than in other countries.
None. t. Scandinavian. flag not mine due to tor
(45.22 KB 770x513 1589003352106.jpg)
(83.84 KB 1024x629 1589004851974.jpg)
(139.72 KB 1417x942 1589005111635.jpg)
>>2918 Mexico has suffered several devastating earthquakes, most notably in '85 and '17. There were two in September 2017, a couple of weeks apart from each other. The first one (not pictured; Chiapas) did cause many deaths, though not as many as the other two, and we did experience it over here (it's not often that we get seriously affected by earthquakes, since this state is a bit far from the areas with the most seismic activity); for the first time in my life I lived an earthquake that made my knees shake and made me shout desperately for someone to bring me the keys so we could get to the street (we didn't suffer any damages, but in the following days we could see some affected buildings that didn't collapse but had broken windows and cracks). I can't even imagine what victims go through, or people who live in places with high seismic activity. The second 2017 earthquake (2nd pic; epicenter in Puebla) is memorable not only because of the damage it caused in Mexico City, but also because it happened exactly on the anniversary of the '85 earthquake (1st pic). Curiously, in both events there was a "ghost child" that was believed to be trapped under a collapsed building, whose stories were widely covered in the media, both considered to be distractions made up by the government. To be fair, I think people focus too little on the damage suffered in other states, and too much on these two earthquakes because they struck the capital, but Mexico City really is particularly vulnerable to them because of the soil it's built on (however other places can also suffer a lot because they're poorer). I may not live there in CDMX, but some relatives do (fortunately, they don't live in the most vulnerable areas). In 2007, the states of Tabasco and Chiapas suffered what was perhaps their worst floods in the last 50 years (3rd pic). You may have heard about it. This state is prone to flooding but it's never as bad as that time, and the reason it took such scale was mainly the mishandling of a dam by the government. Water reached a height of around 1.5m inside my house. We had to live in the apartment of a friend for weeks (in fact, spent my birthday there) and replace our furniture and fridge (thankfully we got a check as financial help and it was just enough to buy everything; I remember the massive, neverending line at the furniture store after the disaster, and how I was so hungry I was about to pass out as we waited, stories of some rich assholes using that free money to buy their kids electric cars, and I recently found out about the rampant corruption in the process of distributing the donated goods from around the world such as stealing useless expensive shit like electric coffee mugs). We had to leave our cat behind, in the second floor, and my dad went back every one or two days in a small boat to feed it. When it was all over, we didn't move until two years later. I remember another flood happening when I was a toddler (forgot the year), and that time we had to move immediately, if I'm not mistaken.
During late 2019 - Early 2020 We had the absolute worst bushfires in the country’s history entire biomes collapsed and 10s of thousands either lost their homes or had to temporarily move One of our national animals (Koala’s) will likely go extinct at some point in the future as an after effect of this
I have been pretty lucky in MA. I haven't lived through anything life-threatening. No serious earth quakes or fires. No tornadoes or hurricanes. Usually no severe flooding. Not in my location atleast. We get some bad snow and perhaps rain/snow. We had a big ice storm in 2009 that shut down much of the state and destroyed a bit of my property, but that was the worst I have personally experienced in the last 29 years.

(32.70 KB 925x584 chinada.jpeg)
PB 01/19/2020 (Sun) 12:25:56 No. 1227 [Reply] [Last]
If you were appointed as the sole person to design your country's flag, what design would you choose?
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>>1239 >as *to
(2.42 KB 275x183 IMG_6162.png)
>>2855 the stripes need to go. American flag is ugly with so many stripes.
>>2861 The US flag sucks in general. Having the stars and stripes represent the states and colonies numerically is really dumb.

(34.02 KB 400x400 3464356.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 02/06/2020 (Thu) 19:14:46 No. 1298 [Reply] [Last]
Gente, ¿que opinais del iberismo? ¿A favor o en contra? ¿Como haríais una nueva nación ibérica?
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>>1298 El iberismo solo funcionaría si antes se concede el derecho de autodeterminación a las naciones no-castellanas de España, de lo contrario es básicamente una pura annexión.
(28.92 KB 634x483 Solucion.png)
>>1298 Perfecto :)
>>2832 Pues te voy a ser sincero, pero no me importaría que la capital de una iberia unida fuera Lisboa la verdad
>>2837 Blasfemia, la capital tendría que ser Gibraltar
(4.94 KB 324x216 Palencia.gif)
>>2841 >No poner la capital en Palencia Cringe

(1021.43 KB 2048x1482 228_119_large.jpg)
/יידיש/ Anonymous Refugee 09/04/2019 (Wed) 00:50:29 No. 308 [Reply] [Last]
this isn't a Hebrew thread, mods.

איך קען נישט רעדן יידיש זייער גוט אן א ווערטערבוך. ;_;
איך רעד אביסל יידיש
>>2593 Californian, English, Urdu and now Yiddish. How many goddamn languages do you לדבר? >>308 חברות שבקעו במקלדת שלי, לא יכול להפסיק לדבר ביידיש שלח עכשיו עזרה ;_;
Du bist nit mayn ershter soyne Ikh hob gehat a sakh azoyne Kh’vel nor farshraybn oykh dayn nomen Inem tsetl, vos heybt zikh an mit “Homen” Homen, Antiukhs, Torkvemada, Krushevan Hobn di velt farhfisht frier nokh far dir A langer tsetl “Homen's” iz faran – S’vet nit steyen keyn papir… Ir ale hot zikh a tsil geshtelt Mir optsumekn fun der velt Nor… nit an aykh iz es gevendt Stalin vet shoyn kurtsn aykh di hent… Mayn freydlekh hoyz hostu farbrent, Mayne tekhter hostu geshendt,

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