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(42.88 KB 501x534 Alunya-cat-chilling.jpg)
>>1222884 Well, I have never heard Dore saying that Stalin murdered quadrillions of people while holding a conference for a communist party summit where all are laughing about how funny is to mock Stalin. You are expecting too much for the material conditions Dore has to face, in the core of the most rotten capitalist-imperialist place in the world.
>>1222870 Wrong. Back to reddit, libtard.
>>1222891 Dore doesn't endorse Stalin either. Notice that.
>>1222896 But has endorsed Marx and Michael Parenti in an explicit way. So STFU, and go be a sectarian elsewhere.
https://youtu.be/KQz4d_ABi_o Seeing the idiots sympathise with this clown is just grating. They act as if he was some normal guy when: >1) he went to a Gavin McInnes show >2) called BLM communists Look. I know BLM and antifa have their problems, but this guy basically asked for it. Already being a dyed-in-the-wool reactionary, he should taken his side's own advice and learn fucking opsec. The fact his family got involved is sad, but he's only going to exacerbate it and get someone other than himself hurt. My honest opinion is that politics is not a game. Anybody that wants to take it out of the Internet should take in account how much they can lose.
https://twitter.com/DanCrenshawTX/status/1338184981684908033?s=20 absolutely incredible cringe content from crenshaw
>>1223071 >Presidential tweeting >AOC doing e-thot streams >Now whatever the fuck this is supposed to be How can Americans stand their elites just blatantly treating them like childish retards?
>>1222992 Stop shilling yourself here. We all know that it is you. Nobody here will give you more clicks Now please kill yourself you self hating Gypsy
(31.00 KB 449x618 1601209464274.jpg)
>>1223071 oh boy they really pulled out all the stops for this one
What do you guys think about Finbol's videos regarding Anarchism and especially his Response to LibertarianSocialistRants? Do they have some quality or is he just "Strawmanning" Anarchism
>>1219615 what does he mean by this
>>1223125 he's 100% correct
>>1223126 More Maupinist drivel
>>1222588 Caleb Maupin is a leftist, and he doesn't shy away from the word “Communism” when explaining his political views my dude.
(171.74 KB 1908x279 gross.PNG)
why are these guys so disgusting?
>>1223262 >he doesn't even post a PDF
>>1223262 this one looks like an online-orderable toy, lmao
>>1222588 Dore isn't a socialist due to theoryletry. HE is a radical socdem and borderline socialist, watch the video he did with the jacobin guy, hes arguably farther left than most of the reformist DSA types
>>1223276 Everyone can be as far left/right as you want if you have your own show and dont have to do real politics and organizing. See Leftcoms
>>1223073 Don't worry. Whatever shit-tier political trends happen in American will soon follow here in Europe in a few years.
(98.39 KB 1414x1380 31o7zsaaltk41.jpg)
YouTube is down, finally an excuse to read.
>>1223292 Are you a NEET?
>>1223296 What is CovidBux?
>>1223299(me) Nevermind, I just found I'm retarded
>>1223292 It's some sort of problem with the account it should work if you log out or use incognito mode
>>1223307 Not really. The site is already down as soon as I visit it. Can't even log out
>>1223304 Damn nigga, when Trumpbux first came in my old job skimmed me so fuckin hard it wound up being the most I’ve ever made!
>>1222761 >at the end of the day you will never see him leading an army to annihilate the capitalist or taking any extreme *Communist* stance That's because this isn't his job. He won't led a revolution and we won't convert people into full-fledged communists. His job is simply to agitate and to make unpolitical normies question the system. To accomplish this, you don't need to be a marxist professor, in fact you must be more of an entertainer. I see this here in my country too, if you want to reach unpolitical normies, you have to repackage your political message in satire and comedy. It goes hand in hand, that Jimmy is a talented political agitator and a comedian.
>>1223280 This is stupid. Not everyone needs to organize. Some people are better at education and agitation. Jimmy is an agitator. Different people have different strengths.
>>1223324 Yea but you can't measure how left wing someone is based on the shit they are agitating alone since they have the luxury of not implementing it or even trying to do that you simp.
>>1223337 Eh, Jimmy arguably caused AOC to go into massive cope mode on Twitter when he proposed to withhold the vote for Pelosi for M4All. So he does actually have an effect on people.
>>1222594 >le tankies started the cold war As expected from a fucking rose.
>>1223352 yea wow a backseat driver, that always great to have around.
>>1222601 So basically the entire beef you have with Maupin is his take on China? That's so fucking pathetic. Fight your own bourgeoisie.
OK, who of you here is sending my boi weird porno?
(3.09 MB 498x280 Kill it with fire.gif)
>>1222652 Holy shit Laura Loomer is so fucking ugly, I mean neither of them are human by any standard but she in particular looks like a middle aged woman who got into really into cheap black market plastic surgery
>>1223509 >>1222652 She looks like a cheap hooker
>>1223534 >that entire crowd is the physical manifestation of pic rel
>>1222614 Mauling is an established organizer in the leftist movement. you’re pissed off because he said something you disagree with. you’re an ultra and a baby.
Say what you want about Maupin's opinions, but what he says basically aligns with most important communist and socialist parties around the world. He basically believes what the Cuban Communist Party, Communist Party of Vietnam, United Socialist Party etc. believe. You may disagree with him, as I certainly do, but what he says is certainly in line with what a lot of major organizations say.
(93.95 KB 665x611 purid.JPG)
I know this shouldn't enrage me this much but why are reactionaries this dumb. All they care about is some aesthetic that has been fed into their brain through a steady drip of stealth-marketing, the soy movies they claim to despise and porn. Literally this faggot posts about "retvrn" to some glorious pure past and posts his ideal slave wife with tons of makeup, a body that can only be achieved and maintained by modern diet and fitness, hair that costs 200$ a month to maintain. Fuck man, look at what actual peasant women look like they're wiry, swarthy and/or got arms like logs. But nah, thats probably not what ur looking for bc what you value and look for in a woman you learned on pornhub, despite how much you might rage about "degeneracy". Then of course there is the romanticization of rural simple life, a viewpoint which only exists in a modern urban culture that knows nothing about about actual life before technology. I hate these fucking assholes with an ideology so stupid it sees itself as some rejection of modernity and really is nothing but hyperlarp of some urban fuckwit, all of whose ideas about history come from DnD and Assasins Creed.
>>1223860 Tbh he may as well have just said >Pornhub and the Witcher is my ideology
>>1223504 >porno >o god i love how much of a boomer he is
>>1223875 Bruh, what kind of crack was he smoking when he made that lmao
>>1223884 How sad of a person do you have to be to call yourself "RacistLifter"?
>>1223907 Shut up libtard!We are not idiot like you;you can't understand us nazis...
Why are we so popular in Serbia?
>>1223946 Because we miss yugoslavia
>>1223946 Because Albania is Serbia's neighbor.
Naziposter was a cool guy this noticer spaz is just embarrassing.
>>1223953 Serbia doesnt share a border with albania unless you count kosovo as either serbian or albanian territory
>>1223958 Yeah I honestly feel bad for him
>>1223860 It's not an excuse but lots of leftists do this dumb larping shit too. I just assume it's online brain poisoning.
(158.42 KB 790x1062 serbian_comrade.jpg)
>>1223946 >Why are we so popular in Serbia?
(246.38 KB 597x539 pornhub ded.png)
Interesting times... Not surprised that it was a porn site to do this first, but I expect this trend to expand to all sites that allow user uploads. This has been a long time coming since proletarian media is a threat to bourgeois media. All the videos made and distributed by regular people, just gone in an instant. First it happens to a porn site, tomorrow it could happen to any other user-upload site.
>>1223983 >Tfw you will live to see the entire internet ruined within your lifetime So neoliberal porky needs us to be poor, powerless, AND miserable Fuck this world
>>1223946 Oh, apparently some Belgrade Anarchists might have found us.
>>1223983 Maybe the true nofap Chads against wasting your sperm on sluts were running the porn industry. Baesd
>>1223983 They justify this by the need to suppress illegal and unethical content (rape, underage, non consented filming...). It seems like a nuclear option to me though, because if a platform like youtube can enforce more and stricter rules with a combination of algorithms and mods I don't see why they couldn't also do this. Thus their objective has probably little to do with ethics, more like they want a locked down platform with streamlined content on which they can gather data and now they can do it because of their leadership position and captive audience. Not gonna lie tho I don't care about porn and some perverts hoarders probably saved most of the vids anyway so nothing is really lost.
>>1224008 >>1223983 Awfully coincidental that this is coming after the attacks on section 230 and the antitrust lawsuit against facebook, the biggest social media platform.
>>1224045 >>1223997 >because if a platform like youtube can enforce more and stricter rules with a combination of algorithms and mods I don't see why they couldn't also do this Youtube can't do that though. They are dogshit at moderation with a huge number of false positives and false negatives. Pornhub ought to go down for how they've (apparently willfully) ignored the CP and other confirmed exploitation on the site, and they are going nuclear because they dragged their feet and got spanked for it. Fuck 'em. The problem here is the big picture though. Imagine youtube where the only news comes from the media conglomerates and the only music comes from the big studios. >more like they want a locked down platform with streamlined content on which they can gather data and now they can do it because of their leadership position and captive audience This is also a more effective business model. Mass user uploads is unironically one of the most revolutionary technical advances in history (printing press on steroids) and it's in very real danger of dying because it's not profitable to run huge server farms hosting so much content for free. We need to be making the case for nationalization/collectivization/p2pization/etc to normies for there to be a realistic hope that this kind of system will exist in 5 years. >Not gonna lie tho I don't care about porn and some perverts hoarders probably saved most of the vids anyway so nothing is really lost. Porn is the same as any other kind of content like this. There are large numbers of regular people who upload stuff as a side gig, so this is yet another hit to the economy, especially the proles.
>>1223983 So basically Mastercard and Visa are the moral arbiters everything now?
>>1223983 Fuck Pornhub. All my homies go to xvideos.
>>1224172 >xvideos a man of culture
>>1224172 The problem is that if one of the biggest websites in the world could purge most of their content in a single day like it’s nothing, every site can do it They started with the degenerate site, but this is only the first step Sleepy Uncle Joe is gonna be having censors bursting out the asshole
>>1223946 Cause most people here are disgusting revisionists
>>1224171 Ah Neoliberalism in action! Bet you the Twitter faggots and Breadtube crowd are celebrating >A defeat for the reactionaries and a victory for sex workers! They say for every action Neolib Porky commits
(138.78 KB 684x493 12312312-789087979878.png)
>>1224190 >TFW Empornium account
>>1224136 >Youtube can't do that though. They are dogshit at moderation with a huge number of false positives and false negatives. Pornhub ought to go down for how they've (apparently willfully) ignored the CP and other confirmed exploitation on the site, and they are going nuclear because they dragged their feet and got spanked for it. Fuck 'em. The problem here is the big picture though. Imagine youtube where the only news comes from the media conglomerates and the only music comes from the big studios. Honestly the problem here is the precedent it sets, neoliberal “centrist” porky always goes after the biggest degenerates before focusing on his true target, all dissent against himself. If Pornhub, one of the largest sites, can instantly purge almost all of its content then Youtube, Reddit, and every other social media can clip us off like a damn toenail. And they probably will. The only hope is that this destroys the big sites and allows smaller forums to flourish once again. Problem with that idea is, of course, that normies are at least *somewhat* retarded and only ever do whatever is the most “popular trend” which is almost always something porky has total control over.
>>1224136 >We need to be making the case for nationalization/collectivization/p2pization/etc to normies for there to be a realistic hope that this kind of system will exist in 5 years. Normies are unironically too retarded to consider something like this; on almost anything media related normies tend to bow down to their porky overlords and shovel whatever shit comes down the drain
somehow, simping for James Cameron's "Avatar" is the most fitting place for Chapo Trap House to fully jump the shark
>>1224197 Will this place become the last harbor of freedom in the Internet?
>>1224197 Parlor and Facebook already require you to post your ID and shit. It's pretty much going to happen mostly just for boomers though.
>>1224220 Wait so that review was ironic? They made a damn good argument in favor of that movie that was so compelling I nearly rewatched a film I distinctly remember forgetting
>>1223865 lmao true
>>1224229 No, it was unironic. But all the laudable subtext in the world can't make up for a movie's flaws purely as an aesthetic object, and while yeah, in retrospect Avatar has some suprisingly subversive messages, that doesn't change that purely as a piece of popular art, it's kind of garish and mediocre.
>>1224235 So basically kinda like the Star Wars prequels?
>>1224220 Its pretty funny that Felix can go and say that it's the best movie ever and everyone starts pretending they always loved it and never said anything bad about it
>>1224237 Pretty much, yeah. They've been on an irony-poisoned decline ever since Sanders lost, and at this point their act has kind of gotten stale. It was funny when the "dirtbag left" was new and pointing out the utter total obscenity of this country's status quo was still an "edgy" thing to do, but at this point, that by itself has become a predictable part of the status quo just due to the sheer rapid decline this countr has experienced due to Covid. Also, we're talking about the same podcast for whom all bitching about media consumption is just handwringing over superstructural epiphenomena until they find a movie that they like
>>1224240 Felix has basically become the mask at this point. Dude's gotten so irony-poisoned that his ironic mockery of dumb bro culture has turned into being an unironic simp for basic bullshit
>>1224235 The subversive messages in Avatar were completely ripped off Dances with the Wolves though. Leftist messages are not new in Hollywood, and back in the day they could be outright anti-capitalist. That Hollywood writers are all secret commies was ridiculed pretty well in Hail Ceasar! with George Clooney. But ever since the end of the Cold War you got the military-entertainment complex completely taking over mainstream production, which is why things like Avatar feel outstanding even though when they're actually not.
>>1224255 The only one who seems to want to move on and grow up a little bit is Virgil, his podcast with Briahna Joy Gray is pretty cool.
>>1224255 Like, in a way, this is the terminal end-point of our generation's (millennials) "let people enjoy things" internet culture: drooling over things that are openly mediocre *as pieces of art* just because they scratch an itch
>>1224261 I think Christman probably does to, what with his vlog
>>1224261 That and Amber, who kinda seems like she was sick of this shit a while back.
>>1224261 >>1224264 (me) Plus Amber is never there now that I think about it
>>1224264 Am I the only one who finds Christman's vlog kinda cringe? Like, at this point it's him basically descending deep into his own weird DiaMat-Terrence-McKenna bullshit as he goes insane from the lockdown
>>1224268 Eh Nah His problem is just that he’s probably ran out of shit to actually talk about and analyzing American politics as pure insanity can only go so far
<THERE'S A FIGHT BETWEEN JIMMY DORE AND DAVID SIROTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9tl2EjETQE
>>1224387 Cont. P.S. and correcting. That was live and they finally found peace.
>>1224242 Chapo is mostly just for fun, remember, no point in expecting anything more than that imo. And it must be noted that their line on mainstream politics is far superior to alternatives like agent Kochinski; better prospective leftists find chapo than "vote blue no matter who" anarchists, right
>>1224387 The woman from the JImmy Dore show just read this superchat out loud :D
>>1224531 >I'm not the anon who linked the video. I know shoe was and continues to be a shithead, but I haven't seen this with ollie Eh by my read shoe brought their audience over to the left with them Who is this Ollie people are going on about and messing up some thread over?
>>1224449 Epic meme
It's official
>>1224712 >Other Cool Channels >BadEmpanada >Three Arrows Did a 360 and walked away.
>>1224136 >ignored the CP and other confirmed exploitation on the site, Pornhub has better moderation than probably all of the other video hosting sites on the internet, porn or otherwise. It's a bullshit justification. We're seeing the beginning stages of the internet moving from being more platform-centered to being more publisher-centered. I fully expect Youtube to eventually follow suit.
>>1224728 >porn Go away coomer COOM again another day
>>1224136 If Isis can have a Twitter why can't pornhub have CP? Why even have porn at all without rape footage CP and revenge porn? Btw you all should be working to collaborate a debate between me, Jason, and all of bread tube like the serfs, agent Kochinski, Thought Slime, Contrapoints etc I call it Tankie Smash
1)twitter bans them as I am doing it to you 2)because not everyone is a sick freak dog that has to be put down.
>>1224770 Can you please fuck off and die. You've polluted enough alternative image boards with your presence over the years.
>>1224770 >#PIR8Mi Cool tripcode bro
>>1224387 >content not available anyone got archive?
>>1224449 Does she know what faps mean? Imagine Jimmy "Riddin with workers" Dore coming here to learn chan culture.
>>1224720 So you stayed.
>>1224788 Probably paid for that, what's worst.
https://youtu.be/6eRoGdIeNkQ Caleb is streaming
>>1224679 I'll be sad if Jason loses this debate too.
Twitter Marxist are so fucking cringe. Imagine confusing pragmatic praxis for idealist individualism. I blame terrible misreadings and misinterpretations of Marx's polemic against Stirner for this.
>>1223964 online brain poisoning is probably the best way I've seen it said. It honestly reminds me of GOTIS but for men.
>>1225054 as a long-time union rank-and-filer, seeing every labor newfag calling for general strikes over the past few years just makes me want to die. everyone "political" in this country is so completely detached from the labor movement, 2019-2020 strike "wave" were within a standard deviation of the previous two decades if you exclude "left" journalistic malpractice padding the numbers, organized labor is in a worse position than it's ever been. I'd an hero but my dogs would wonder where I went and that thought is sadder.
>>1225065 Still more productive than "vote blue no matter who" Marxist.
>>1225079 No lol, that attitude just perpetuates the idea that a union is nothing more than a tool for external activists to use to call for political strikes, which is very much wrong. Everyone in the left media badly needs to stop calling for fake "strikes". If you're not in a union or a left wing labor research institute shut the fuck up about labor and stop calling for this pretend bullshit for the love of god. It dilutes the term and weakens the threat, and that's about it.
>>1225082 >that attitude just perpetuates the idea that a union is nothing more than a tool for external activists to use to call for political strikes It's not, but it should be. That's the whole point. The problem is that Unions are way too embedded within the structure of capitalism itself. There needs to be more wild cat strikes that break from anemic and corrupted union leadership.
>>1225054 Yep. Hispanic marxists on twitter made a super cringe "Linea de reconstitución" marxist circle jerk. Most of the members are fart sniffers with retarded yet very informed readings of marx. I'm still amazed how people can read so much yet understand so little. Also, imagine being a "marxist" that is less radical than Jimmy Dore, a social democrat. Laugh My Ass Off. She should be shamed off the internet. >>1225055 >online brain poisoning is probably the best way I've seen it said. yep. twitter people are by far the worst.
>>1225054 Jamie Peck is the definition of a radlib. She uses Marxist/radical language and aesthetics to push fundamentally liberal, Democratic party friendly politics.
>>1225085 You don't know what you're talking about, wildcat strikes have never and can never lead to the meaningful formation of a labor movement, the causality is the other way around- good organizing lays the groundwork for strikes that can last and positions people to take radical action. Also fyi the "Union leadership corruption" is mostly just a capitalist media narrative to further push what's left of the neoliberal anti-labor agenda, the bigger problem is free riders thanks to right-to-work and the lack of engagement due to contract fights winning paper membership gains without actually having to build a militant base
>>1225095 >the causality is the other way around diffrent poster, why do you mean by "the other way around"? I don't think they were proposing that organizing isn't necessary.
>>1225096 "We need more wildcat strikes, that'll build a vibrant labor movement" is the line I'm arguing against- wildcats are mostly a sign that either there's little meaningful union support for a workplace, an action is controversial and is happening outside of the context of a broader campaign plan, or that there's a disagreement about strike fund allocations, and in all those cases they're not an indicator of a successful labor movement just of increasing individual militancy. You can't organize a hot shop in any meaningful way, so that's not politically useful for the labor movement or the "left" and it just leads to actionism
>>1225054 <There is a leftcom blahblahblah >Im too dumb to know what that means t
>>1225082 Explain why it worked with the teachers in Kentucky? Also, what's more "groundwork" than a wildcat strike? Union leadership does sometimes become corrupted. Otherwise you wouldn't have had unions that capitulated to NAFTA because of short-term deals they've cut with the capitalist to give their workers more benefits in exchange or endorsing bourgeois politicians on a regular basis. Granted, "corrupt" is a relative term here. I'm not denying it's often sensationalized and made out as more widespread that it actually is. I'm more concerned out about its anemia and sluggishness.
>>1225054 Of course Dore is calling for a general strike. Attaching yourself to pie in the sky measures like this is peak idealist.
>>1225054 that tweet reads just like the average leftypol post if we’re being real. and I don’t mean Jimmy Dore’s
>>1225136 Name the victories of the Red4Ed strike wave, go ahead. There's no lasting movement that came out of any of the strikes that weren't already connected to a union. When the big teachers' strike wave started in 2018, I drove down from Philly when one of my union brothers in the labor council down in Virginia told me to drop by because something interesting was going on, and those waves were mostly precipitated out of a single strike in WV that some wobblies had pushed for over a private school campaign they were working on that had jumped the gap over to public schools. The individual campaign at that individual workplace benefitted from that, but the only thing any of the action that happened without any connection to a broader movement lead to was repression, and all you have to do to figure that out is look at how the fights over public school spending in the South are going. Here's a hint, they're not going well. Wildcat strikes most often happen when a bunch of pissed off workers who have no connection to each other get riled up to the point that they're as likely to walk off the job as take action, and the mental coin flip that takes place lands on the side of 'strike' instead of 'quit'. They don't require groundwork because they're mostly purely reactive and only leverage structures that are already existing, build nothing, and primarily serve to be a pressure release valve on labor militancy wherein it's possible to take these short bursts of militancy that lead to little if any meaningful change the exact same way all the anti-police protests this spring and summer did.
>>1225161 So workers should unionize first then strike for most effectiveness?
>>1225161 Most of them were already attached to a union, of course. That's kind of the point of wild cat strike. You go through the traditional methods of organizing by unionization and then make a radical break when needs aren't being met to apply pressure. This isn't a dichotomy.
>>1225172 Yeah, for whatever values of "unionize" are possible in our gutted post-covid NLRB. It doesn't have to be legal, but you need the organization in place before the strike happens, or it can't serve anything longer term than the objective of that individual strike. There's a huge number of case studies of basically this exact phenomenon over at organizing.work
>>1225054 We really need to work on Jimmy and his audience right now to get the message across that this is the natural outcome of electoral systems and they are not democracy.
>>1225176 No, there's basically no public school teachers' unions in the South- the anti-union drive in the 70s killed all that and they were replaced by activist associations in the 90s, and less than 10% of school staff in those states were attached to any sort of professional organization. That reading is just factually incorrect, they weren't fighting against a union in their wildcat- there was no union there and so the only avenue for that militancy was a wildcat. You're right that it's not a "dichotomy", but you're wrong in that I'm right and you're a retard who's missing the point.
>>1225188 Bro... You just said that the only ones who benefited were the ones who already unionized. Were they unionized or not? Also, what was the AFT of West Virginia or the WVEA if there was nothing there? Quit being salty and just admit we're not "so different, you and I".
>>1225226 Almost nobody benefited from those wildcat strikes other than the minority who were union members and were engaging in a broader campaign, there's no contradiction there unless you're an absolute retard. There were individual campaigns at private schools, the momentum behind them lead to parallel action in the public sector, and two years down the line we can look back and see that gains were made by the union in the former but not the latter (because there was no real organization driving the latter). AFT had next to no role in the WV strike wave (because they were wildcats (are you getting it yet?)), and the WVEA are not a union and also had next to no role other than trying to indirectly kill the strike by claiming to represent teachers and meeting with state congresspeople. There was a grassroots movement within the work sectors that should have been represented by both of those groups, and it was expressed as a strike but ultimately it could not lead to anything because there was no backing for anything beyond an individual action, which is why WV teachers have been locked in legal fights over school privatization basically since that happened and have effectively done nothing but lose ground since then. It's not complicated
>>1225179 So like the unionization part is to see who is in to do stuff like strike and who is out before making demands to management?
Anyways point is if you want to actually go on strike don't be a fucking retard and think all it takes is people walking out at work
>>1225263 And to ensure that the demands are ones that are widely felt enough that they'll build your presence, make sure that you have a plan beyond an individual action (how does the strike lead to the result you want? who has control over the decisions that affect the thing you would strike about? how does the action you take force the person who has the power to give you what you want to give in to you? what do you do after the strike if you don't win? do you need to structure a series of actions instead of just one? how do you check in on the people that are involved? how do you deal with the constant attrition? who determines when and how you escalate? etc etc etc) and most of that needs to at least have a way of figuring it out before you start doing crazy shit or nothing gets anywhere and people will just realize it's easier to just quit and go do something else
>>1225377 How do these people say this shit, live the few hours necessary to see that they are wrong, and never integrate their failure into their minds? When I was a little kid I used to watch fundamentalist doomsday shit on youtube. But even as a 12 or 13 year old I got over it when I saw that literally nothing was happening. Grown men that believe in this sort of stuff are an embarrassment to the world.
>>1224449 That's his wife
>>1224801 Sirota got furious at Jimmy because he rightfully interpreted his slimy fence sitting on the issue as being not in support of the Medicare for all vote idea.
>>1225256 Come on. There's a contradiction between saying there's absolutely "nothing there" and "there's a minority there that benefited". Humor me and at least admit you were being hyperbolic. If they weren't originally a part of the AFT or some other union org, they weren't wild cats by definition. Also, you don't blame them for not being part of the AFT, do you? Most sources I've looked at say they weren't doing enough to meet their needs over the years and everything I've seen come out of the AFT seems to justify that cynicism. They cucked out on (and continue to) the negotiations they were attempting to make on their behalf. I guess you can blame "individual action" or whatever, but the fact of the matter was the AFT for a long time was failing to strongly meet the collective needs of the teachers. In the long run they've won out anyway because their membership has gone up by quite a bit last time I checked. I agree the WVEA was useless, but everything I've read refers to them as a union including the people who are supposedly members. wtf are they?
(667.88 KB 680x521 they took this from you monke.png)
>>1225152 Jimmy makes me mad I haven't returned to monke yet.
>>1223534 bitch gettin chonky. i kind of like it
(205.90 KB 720x700 Glowie on China.jpg)
>>1224712 >Uyghur genocide bullshit Literally doing the CIA's job for free
(55.13 KB 678x452 Just fucking leave.jpg)
(33.08 KB 636x440 Evo MoCHADles.jpg)
>>1225528 Is there any proof they're literally a CIA front?
(96.02 KB 1280x720 im sorry but not really.jpg)
>>1224712 >ugandan socialist
Malcom Kyeyune now writes for this Claremont Institute front, "American Greatness". He was already a founding member of Swedish right-wing think tank "Oikos" and now he's shilling for right-wing American think tanks as well. This guy is definitely a true Marxist though, not like those horrible "leftoids".
(20.11 KB 600x315 Doubtful queen.jpg)
>>1225377 WTF is this shit?
>>1225054 >I blame terrible misreadings and misinterpretations of Marx's polemic against Stirner for this. I highly doubt that dumb cunt has read it m8
>>1225539 Read more
>>1225595 Vengeful ghost of Tom Clancy possessing million of american boomers to write embarrassing fanfics.
>>1225539 >Founded by Reagan >To promote "democracy" <Casually operating only in non Us aligned countries <Color revolutions usually related to spike in their expenses in a given country In Italy we have a say "three hints make a proof", here i have left four of them
>>1225586 who tf is malcolm kyeyune?
>>1225054 I feel bad for Jaime. I think she has feelings of inferiority and wants to prove herself, so she tries to do the smarty pants stuff. I get it because I’ve tried to be a smart bitch in my life, but I was lucky because people believed my bullshit. They all thought because I could regurgitate books to them I was clever, and for my whole life everybody called me the smart guy. But it changed the trajectory of my interests, because I felt unfulfilled. I didn’t feel like a smart guy, I felt like a fraud just repeating shit to other people confidently. So I flipped to disdaining that kind of pretension, and even though I still read and regurgitate information because I’m genuinely interested in something I don’t try to do it in some kind of intimidating way, and I self-deprecate when somebody is still telling me they think I’m some kind of smart guy because I don’t like seeing people feel as though regurgitating books is special. I don’t think Jaime had that, she seems like she has had the opposite. People have treated her like a dumbass or an accessory for much of her life, and so she really wants to prove them wrong. Maybe I just pity her because she gets picked on by Sam Seder, who is a smug liberal, but I feel like she wants to be taken seriously and that deep desire is making her do silly shit like start babbling in jargon on Twitter about a YouTube comedian, who is much more secure in himself so he can easily just say “I don’t know what the fuck you said, sounds like a lot of confusing bullshit to excuse the Democrats”.
>>1224720 >360 >walked away So you subscribed to him?
>>1224813 >>1225901 no he walked away. can you read?
(428.32 KB 1800x1416 EpSXocVVoAMPg5I.jfif)
New Ben garrison cartoon! have a look!
>>1225944 >tfw 4 more years of neocon autism but now China instead of Russia I can’t take it anymore.
(71.42 KB 679x724 EmPW5izVMAUV91n.jpg)
>>1225054 >your thinking is 100% idealist opinion discarded, i've yet to meet any twitter marxist that knows what idealism even is.
>>1225528 >wars on terrorism are OK when when China does it
>>1225964 <wars on terrorism are OK when when China does it yes
>>1225944 I can't wait to see the new edits.
>>1225898 she could pull it off if her intellect wasn’t weighed down by liberal superstition. instead of questioning her values and putting in the work to develop her beliefs she’d rather allow her simps (yes twitter simps are real, get over it) gas her up and give her approval to let her stay in her political comfort zone. maybe she doesn’t want to be an accessory but regardless of that she’s come full circle and I’m sure she at least partly knows it.
>>1225944 I think he was hungover when he drew this, really phoned this one in.
>>1225898 Sam Seder fucking sucks, but I think she may be blinded by her association with him and picking up his axe to grind with Jimmy. Sam has had an irrational hatred for him for forever.
>>1226182 >>1225898 Also, Michael Brooks, who I normally agreed with, also was hypercritical of Dore and it never made sense to me. It's like a trend that if you're associated with Sam Seder you have to dislike Jimmy.
>>1226186 It's work culture shit probably, the same way that everyone at TYT imitated Cenk Uygur's belligerent retardation.
MR going full butthurt over Dore.
>>1226228 NOOOO you can't attack based AOC
>>1226182 It's not irrational, it makes perfect sense for a disgusting liberal like Seder to dislike Dore.
>>1225264 Correct, all it takes is ENOUGH people walking out of work
>>1226289 Can someone explain the feud between Seder and Dore what the fuck is the deal there?
>>1226186 >Also, Michael Brooks, who I normally agreed with, also was hypercritical of Dore and it never made sense to me. It's like a trend that if you're associated with Sam Seder you have to dislike Jimmy. Same, holy shit. Hated that about Brooks. It was strange because he always seemed to be very kind to most people despite disagreements (except for clowns like Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, etc.), which I found endearing. But he had a massive irrational hate boner for Dore for some reason. Probably because of Sam Seder liked you said.
For everybody who hasn't seen it yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG4btd_yuMI
>>1226433 Jimmy Dore is right. He argues really bad, but he's right.
What is it about Redditors that makes them gobble up such pedantic navel-gazing pseudery always and eternally? I swear the mods always have one of these articles pinned like it's an important revelation and not the same exact shit they've been blabbering about for years. I swear Mao was right about reading too much theory
>>1226475 >western Stalinism If only
>>1226475 Is this condemning or promoting intersectionality. I can't quite tell. Either way, it makes no sense to attribute it to Stalin. And yes, I refuse to read that idiot's essay. It reeks of fart sniffer.
>>1226502 it’s reddit re: Stalin so take a guess
>>1226515 Should I get in there? Or will my day just be ruined?
>>1226517 >Should I get in there? Up to you my friend >Or will my day just be ruined? Depends on you tbh, I just found that reddit thread about us funny
>>1226517 none of their insults make sense anyway. apparently we’re “r/chapo” types whatever tf that means. stupidpol is pretty neocon so I’m guessing it has something to do with us being the opposite.
>>1226533 Yeah this Board has a ton of issues, but Chapoids? Idk man...
>>1226533 >>1226515 Redditors are still butthurt about age old 4chan memes exposing them as unfunny dorks, despite the fact that 4chan is pretty much irrelevant now. That thread actually had some not so bad posts, just from low post count users. The mods there are such terminal Reddit brains (and there's a shitload of them) so they hate everything outside of their clique
>>1226533 Some are complaining /pol/ bait gets removed. One even lamented that an ancestors thread got removed for /pol/ bait because "that's for chuds". Wtf, who worships ancestors besides /pol/ schizos. Is this type of shit posted on stupidpol?
>>1224770 Based Jannies
Why do we accept redditors on here nowadays? I remember when Muke and Rebel Absurdity (Reddit Obesity) used to get ruthlessly mocked for even posting their vids on that site.
>>1226598 There's also that one faggot that says that 8/leftypol/ helped kill 8chan lmao
>>1226433 “AS A HUMAN BEAN, DAVID!” holy shit, this is memeable
Apparently, Anarchopac had a debate with agent Kochinski
>>1226766 Both are worse
>>1226515 They are ass mad that we never really fell for their weird social democracy autism.
>>1226770 anarchopac is at least knowledgeable about the subject, agent Kochinski is a fat retard who defends child porn
>stupidpol going "YAAAS KWEEEN" for a female politician because she's "protecting women's sports based on biological sex" So much for being "anti-idpol" am I right? https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/comments/kb6ebq/tulsi_gabbard_introduces_bill_to_protect_womens/
>>1226515 I love how everyone hates /leftypol/, lmao
>>1226783 Get off Reddit you fucking incel
>>1226783 just stop going to stupidpol. You will realize how utterly irrelevant they are.
(307.25 KB 480x270 Vaush on child pornography.mp4)
>>1226778 >agent Kochinski is a fat retard who defends child porn vid related
>>1226778 both are worse and you are weird bothering to defend one
>>1225054 There is this annoying tendency among pseudo left-coms to put up a disclaimer saying "I'm super duper ultra-left, like so left in my left-ultra-hyper-communism the concept of linear time and space will be abolished" but then to continue to simp for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party because of some vague notion of "consequentialism" based on a lesser evil logic. They basically combine the worst elements of left-deviationism and right-opportunism and mold it into a seemingly coherent position. Besides the fact that it's super autistic to tweet at Jimmy Dore, who simply calls out AOC for being a pretender with no balls and a traitor to her constituents, with pseudo Marxist language (apparently criticizing a person means you're an idealist). It's the most comfortable position to hold, because by pretending that you are actually a left anti-electoralist but still vote lesser evil, you are doing something we Leninists call "creating an equidistance" towards different forms of bourgeois rule - "it's all futile so we can at least vote lesser evil and give up on change". >>1226190 It's called being employed.
>>1225898 >I feel bad for Jaime why would you feel bad for someone who was handed everything in her life? i'll answer for you it's because she has nice knockers and u r simp
>>1226840 I mean, she's such a naive Brooklyn middle-class child, it's okay to feel kinda bad for her being sexually abused by that creepy pedo photographer and desperately trying to gain validation from anybody. Imagine being already psychologically unstable and then having to work for the ridiculously smug, narcisstic and demeaning uber-liberal Sam Seder.
New video of Ahi les va! About the Guaido "consultation" https://youtu.be/3Be3lBumi6E
>>1226766 Based unhinged empanada man?
>>1226796 it's all just 1s and 0s baby
>>1226943 strong ISIS suicide bomber vibes from that profile pic. clearly cropped out a raised index finger
>>1226766 https://youtu.be/I99V01pFsXM Starts at 1:09min 45sec if anybody wants to watch this shitshow.
>>1226961 Thanks for sharing
>>1226953 so is the DNA I gave your mom last night but I’m still going to jail for it
>>1226943 can someone explain why leftypol hates him again?
>>1225898 I use to think regurgitating was nothing special until I found out there were a lot of people who couldn’t read very well. Granted, I don’t think most skills are that special. There’s a lot of brilliant and skilled people in the world which almost renders brilliance and skill common place to me.
>>1226975 He has said some real dumb radlibby stuff in the past but has had better takes recently.
>>1226975 because he doesn't support laying workers into an oven and baking them until they're crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth on the inside add a couple of sprigs of rosemary and you're set, enjoy the meal
>>1226975 He's unhinged, he manages to get himself a global ban on reddit and 4 bans on Twitter for being an incredibly hostile asshole. He also has really shitty takes outside of Latin America. China hawk.
>>1226961 I'm watching this and Anarchopac basically makes an argument against Orthodox Marxist that were largely electoral like Bernstein and Kautsky, less so against Leninists. But anarchist arguments are always so incredibly unconvincing. >power corrupts That's not a sincere critique, that's from the Star Wars prequels.
>>1226975 He'll probably turn into an ML soon, he's currently on the right path
>>1227109 How the hell is he on the right path?
>>1227115 Becoming more redpilled on US foreign policy by the day, he'll see the light soon (hopefully). There's always the chance he reverts all progress and turns into an even more retarded radlib.
(11.57 MB 776x438 vaush third worldist.mp4)
Watch out Jason, there is another MAOIST THIRD WORLDIST in town
>>1227131 I wonder if the comments would say the same thing about Jason lmao
>>1227094 Power can be corrupting, but I don’t think it’s much of an argument if the power is diffuse.
>>1227131 So what's behind this shit? Is he actually seeing the light and getting redpilled or is he taking the piss?
>>1227184 Does it matter? This is why I've always hated third worldists and see them as nothing more than right wingers with extra steps.
>>1226957 Holy shit I can totally see it.
>>1226975 I like him tbh, at least he's redpilled on the (((Anglo))) Question.
>>1226856 Yeah, that’s exactly it. I know about her history and it’s pretty obvious from her interactions on Seder’s show that she is always trying to say something “valuable” in that context, but Seder always shits on her because she is pretty vague and just says Marxist buzzwords or “capitalism bad” in some way. Then Brooks dies and instead of shifting the co-host slot to Jaime, Seder just hires a new person. I mean I’m just guessing, I don’t know this girl really, but she looks like she has an inferiority complex and she tries to sound smart.
PREPARE SOME JAZZ MUSIC FOLKS, CAUSE CALEB HAS A THEORY ABOUT AOC https://twitter.com/calebmaupin/status/1338991230492045315
>>1227333 Blackmailed by who?
>>1227333 Hhahaha that tweet is wholesome somehow. >>1227340 Isn't it "by whom"?
>>1227340 By the Washington Monument of course.
>>1225054 What thread on here contains her titties again?
>>1227350 Based coomer
Did somebody say titties?
>>1227333 I see you are spreading my word
>>1227344 Idk, English isn't my first language >>1227349 Ahh yes how could I have forgotten? Caleb probably wants to get to AOC first to make sure she gives birth to talented, handsome ginger Marxists, that won't be possible if the impotent Washingston Monument gets its way.
>>1227350 Her titties are very easy to find on Google my friend
"White leftist" at this point is pretty much the "my Black friend said" argument, deployed by Dengists against anyone who dares criticize shitty imperialists that aren't in the US or Europe.
"White leftist" at this point is pretty much the "my Black friend said" argument, deployed by Dengists against anyone who dares criticize shitty imperialists that aren't in the US or Europe.
>>1226515 oof I've been away for a few weeks are we still infested with kochinskyites?
>>1227484 Everyone in general is getting more and more retarded when discussing China
>>1226840 >>1226856 >>1227279 Jaime seems based on her own show. I think shes just on MR to drop half pills and plug her show.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5rofY0bZIU Jimmy doesnt get the joke...
>>1227640 That's fucking cool man
>>1227646 >marxism is when muh degeneracy
I wonder why kiwifarms is so consistently reactionary. They even say that a lot of their lolcows are infected by "marxism" or whatever. Even though most of the lolcows just seem to be pretty liberal or even reactionary really.
>>1226515 >that one guy blaming us for 8chan’s demise NANI THE FUCK?
>>1227655 you're telling me that people who have nothing better to do than obsess over people are reactionary? Most kids who browse kiwifarms are petit boug kids, they're more prone to reactionary reasons
>>1227655 I'm going to guess that a website based on stalking "lolcows" is going to attract sadists and creeps. Just a theory.
>>1227658 Nazi faggot.
>>1226515 I mean /leftypol/ has tons of issues but what a terrible thread. >waahhh they called us (stupidpol) socdems That's literally like 90-95% of stupidpol. Many of them claim to be Marxists but anything to the left of Bernie Sanders is ridiculed as tankie LARPing, etc. There's also a sizeable minority of straight up rightoids and unironic Tuckerites who blend in perfectly since most of what stupidpol does is just wank over idpol outrage porn. Also stupidpol is extremely inconsistent on issues like imperialism. Many of them pretty much admit to being American/western chauvinists, which is another sign that they're a bunch of socdems and not Marxists. >they are chapoids Don't get where this is coming from. Probably some people came here from r/cth when it was banned, but r/stupidpol is literally a r/cth off-shoot, they have chapo in their fucking DNA. And it's not like this place is particularly woke either. /leftypol/ was the original left "anti-idpol" forum, before stupidpol even existed. People here still use "n.igger" to insult each other, how woke can we be? Is it just that we usually focus on other things than gawking at screenshots of wokies from twitter all day? I mean often the content on r/stupidpol is essentially the same shit as like a 2015 Sargon of Akkad video, except they insist they're Marxists (despite opposing anything left of mild social democratic reforms).
>>1227833 >you are all chapoids literally a TheThingNoticer argument
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=haSMRb8eGeg >"Its Not Free!" PragerU's Fallacious Austerity Argument
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UeCOCYhPi5g >NFL’s Justin Jackson: Please AOC, Stop Playing Nice With Nancy Pelosi
>>1225923 internet culture is bourgeoisie and counter revolutionary anybody who is proud of cultivating and practicing it must be killed
>>1220471 >When and Why these breadtubers Thoughtslime and The Serfs started am beef with Caleb Maupin and Jason Unruhe? Probably for clicks to appear relevant again.
>>1228109 I agree. We need DPRK levels of censorship of the internet.
>>1225054 >Jimmy Dore taking umbrage at being called "anti-Marxist"
>>1224220 idk it was an interesting reading of Avatar. I am not saying I 100% agree with it, but generally I am a sucker for off-kilter takes on media, so that episode was right up my alley.
(39.54 KB 410x598 BASED DEPARTMENT.jpg)
>>1226515 >>1226515 It’s funny to watch their minds melt calling us chapos solely because we don’t waste our lives obsessing over radlib idpol the way these faggots do >You are chapo! I say, ignoring the fact that my subreddit was literally created by bitter chapofags that were mad they didn’t get modded
>>1226639 >Haha leftypol killed 8chan <Ignoring the multiple mass shootings, FBI warrant, CP, and /pol/ infestation
>>1227655 Americans are a terminally retarded race, they’re thoroughly subhuman They refer to anything other than vicious sociopathy “Marxism”, probably a little freudian slip from their culture being self-centered degeneracy
>>1228163 >I say, ignoring the fact that my subreddit was literally created by bitter chapofags that were mad they didn’t get modded It's a battle between lib and more tankie chapo at this point. Which tendency will win out
>>1224220 YouTube recommendations please ? nothing educational just fun to watch. Someone on here posted Vagrant Holiday and I really enjoyed that, most stuff like that please
>>1228207 Flat earth youtube
>>1228166 it turned from "lib idpol is cynically used to crush left wing politics" into "waaaah pronouns waaah look what some twitter nobody said to me waaah hello fellow leftists these (((transhumanists))) are destroying the west aren't they kek" and so on
>>1228210 no thanks, try again
>>1227131 I will give the devil his due and say he is mostly right, Americans are really hopeless.
>>1228207 whats some gaming channels, maybe playthroughs of various games that look to have a cool storyline but you're too cheap to buy
>>1227131 >Tfw sitting in my game chair from which I stream gameplay multiple times a day and talking about how Burgers just aren’t willing to make the necessary sacrifices for socialism
(14.22 KB 380x380 roo_jason.jpg)
>>1227131 WTF did he become based?
>>1228271 Would this make America revolutionary?
>>1227131 Damn, someone recommend him literature. I think he might be ready.
>>1228271 they will take the environment down with them.
>>1227131 have him react to cockshott videos
>>1227653 >believing translations by autistic anglos who take every single word literally
Can somebody explain to me wtf is the whole gypsy joker meme
>>1228524 gypsy crusader*
>>1228525 Man you guys really loved Jimmy "Fuck the committee" Dore don't y'all.
>>1227655 Those "people" are all sickos. I'm reminded of those checkout tabloid magazines that purport to detail the lives of minor celebrities. Being that level of obsessed with a total strangers life has to be classified as a mental disorder.
>>1228558 I agree TheCringePoster We should try to reach out more to deaf and legally blind elderly people to prevent them from going outside, but the number of willfully ignorant people exceeds the number of deaf and blind by a large margin! We should really suspend right-wing grifter accounts pushing the anti-mask agenda.
Attention I am gonna start giving people replying to spam a timeout of an hour. I can understand replying to the shittiest bait but replying to what is or may as well be a bot posting what is essentially the same post hundreds of times is worse than useless. Just fucking stop. He clearly is severely mentally ill or a bot, what's your excuse?
(21.88 KB 431x350 ed.jpg)
>>1228582 Is your post spam?
>>1228582 (Your Majesty) You dropped this, King 👑
>>1228274 no we are already too stupid. imagine how much worse it would get once education is inaffordable for most people.
>>1226515 Basically correct aside from the one who has some conspiracy theory that leftypol brought down 8chan. You can see that this place is a bit more trans friendly now, for example. (That one might have more to do with being /GET/ adjacent than with refugees from r/chapo though.) >>1226533 >stupidpol is pretty neocon Yes, they always want to bomb Iran… Do you even know what that word means?
>>1228617 >Yes, they always want to bomb Iran… Do you even know what that word means? they have Hawk foreign policies and are anti-Maduro, anti-China, and pretty much anti any far leftist state
>>1228225 spot on
>>1228617 Stupidpol is a heterogeneous community that includes genuine left-wing anti-idpol and a lot of conservatives who try to covertly (or not so covertly) shit on minorities. Some people try to resolve the different mentalities into a singular character, which is going to be incoherent, and for the same reason they don't realize it's dumb to try (they're fuckin stupid) they don't understand what political terms like neocon actually mean and just try to grab something that sounds right to their untrained ear.
Thoughts on Glenn greenwald?
>>1228645 His reporting is decent but I don't trust him as a political actor. He comes off as a dick and a grifter.
>>1228617 It’s /GET/, not chapo
>>1228645 Good on Russiagate and Lula, shit on China.
>>1228617 >You can see that this place is a bit more trans friendly now, for example. So? >neocon >Yes, they always want to bomb Iran… Do you even know what that word means? I wouldn't call them neocons necessarily, but many of them have American/western chauvinist attitudes. There's lots of anti-China New Cold War stuff, lots of anti-anti-imperialism, lots of "b-but Maduro is bad", lots of "Assad must go!". I mean ffs if you don't support the American/Turkish/Saudi backed jihadist death squads in Syria you need to flair yourself as "Assad's butt boy" (or something silly like that) or get banned. What does that tell you? They're a bunch of pro-imperialist socdems.
>>1228207 Sick animation, Theminutehour, Drue Langlois.
>>1225270 >>1225179 >>1225161 >>1225102 >>1225095 Are all unionists this cucked? No wonder the labor movement is a joke
(150.88 KB 864x864 1608148651145.png)
>>1228854 already posted in the /Beardtube/ Thread. Try to keep this stuff in there
>>1228854 good enough video but really this idea of cultural production as a front for subversive action at all, is silly. there is no point to subversive culture, it is not causative of political change. at best it is recuperated as a symbol or rallying point or whatever by a political movement. if today we have no subversive culture, that is all right, because a subversive culture is just a aesthetic style, not a precursor for revolutionary action. the power of the sans cullotes did not come from their rebellious style of fashion really once the revolutionary foment starts you can reach back into the old trashcan for symbols and cultural icons, it will be fine. national liberation movements do it all the time, fishing up things people haven't worn or done or ... in a hundred years. and suddenly you're a revolutionary for doing it. lack of currently subversive cultural production is not something that we should lose sleep over our kill ourselves for, like fisher did also note how he ends his video by concluding that the future of subversive culture will not come from big corporations - no of course not he's a self interested content creator. you better keep sending him money or he'll never come up with the new subversive cultural product, oh noes! and now to thank my patreons...
>>1229064 subtle
>>1229064 A Nazi would unironically say yes. It makes perfect sense to them. It's a mix of capitalist realism and the believe that the system is flawless and can only be made corrupt by the intrusion of a foreign entity.
(177.36 KB 426x409 breathes_exploitatively.png)
>>1229064 if that actually was accurate jews would only be like 1/3rd of the international bankers not 75%. You bought into the meme too hard
>>1220442 any shoutout is good
>>1229077 >>1229084 >>1229088 its an edit of a nazi comic satirizing them supposed to be anyway, i guess its not enough
>>1229088 There is no such thing as a solid set of "international" bankers anymore. These people act like banks are still these small independent firms with some miser in the back swimming around in money. Banks these days are huge multinational conglomerates with CEOs, stockholders, ect. The idea "jews" run them is as ludicrous as saying they run TESCO or Wallmart.
(81.37 KB 789x430 MRA Twitch.jpg)
>>1229224 >Tfw tech porky’s social media starts devolving into a bunch of literal kindergartens because they’re mindless, degenerate “backers” lose their fucking shit over the slightest whiff of “controversy” I hope every single social media dies at this point The average normie definitely can’t be so retarded that they want to live in a fucking padded cell free of insults and the like
>>1229242 shut up virgin incel
(3.61 MB 455x262 Kitty Boob Massage.gif)
>>1229237 >degenerate “backers” lose their fucking shit over the slightest whiff of “controversy” I assumed it was because most of Twitch's userbase fits that description: >simp >incel >virgin Don't want trolls disturbing their cashcows.
>>1229095 you can't saterize a nazi comic and then make almost all the top of the pyramid fit in the jew coded box, it has to be proportional we wouldn't want any unfortunate implications haha
HOLY BASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Among Us is /ourgame/ https://twitter.com/AmongUsGame/status/1339311243681783811
>>1229469 Shame that game is a bastardized SS13 bootleg
>>1229224 Well, like this has any effect in the reak world. Maybe one or two fuxkers get their grift gone. >>1229469 Wholesome 100 Among Chungus moment Well, if it radicalise someone it's valuable
(237.79 KB 1916x945 e7a.jpg)
>>1229469 I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!
>>1229531 Degeneracy is a side effect of greed. What drives people to pull their daughters out of school and make them prostitutes? What drives people to give their body and soul to a corporate machine that kills them inside and out and makes them fantasize about murder and death? Anti-degeneracy is thus a side effect of a reprioritization of the economy. Were the bolshevik soldiers in the revolutionary war against the provisional government fighting specifically against degeneracy? No, not at all. They were fighting against their mistreatment. Degeneracy fell by the wayside, and decayed and died for decades. Not that liking dick or being a transhumanist is bad.
>>1229469 wholesome cringe
>>1228524 Fed astroturf ignore it
>>1229469 zoomers can’t stop winning
>>1224449 He did it again
Is it just me or the people who constantly bitch about 'neoliberalism' the biggest pseuds ever?
>>1230294 Neoliberalism is just liberalism
this is the most fun online time boys soak it all up trump banned everywhere right wingers agreeing pol tards coping leftypol janny drama by december this year 20201 we all will be in PAIN pure PAIN
>>1230377 That is if we even make it till then.
>>1230450 man you're even more pessimistic than me
Thoughts on this? https://youtu.be/qcHs6yg-up4 This the most honest I've seen him and his critique of online leftists at the last 5 minutes is pretty good I think
>>1231034 TL;DW?
(332.52 KB 854x463 destiny.png)
>>1231034 He's just mad because leftism wants to create a just society and in any just society grown men wouldn't be paid to play video games and talk out their ass all day for hordes of 12 year olds.
>>1231034 >1:05:11 tl;dr or no dice
Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska and more banned from DLive.
>>1231082 Time to join the fash
>>1231088 They will learn first that whoever escape the web trap will win.
>>1231037 >>1231043 Destiny respects and likes to listen to Cuck philosophy, although he disagrees with some of what he says. He believes in being able to criticise a system and still support it and believes that "lefties" that throw away an entire system for for having "flaws" are retarded and don't really offer alternatives instead they merely cry about it.
>>1231089 What makes you believe that?
>>1231095 never leaving his mom's basement
>https://twitter.com/AmrenPeter/status/1347713148137168897 <the amount of pseud leftists calling cucker the only true marxian left in american because he used le prole word irony poisoned twitter leftists are just as gullible as the brunch liberals they cringe at
>>1231095 what exactly, they will learn first or who escapes win?
>>1231093 I hate Destiny. He sounds insufferable and liberal
>>1231093 >don't really offer alternatives yeah it's called communism
>>1231105 nobody's "leaving his mom basement" today, figuratively or not. >>1231125 >If I say a word it's gonna materialize
>>1231127 >>If I say a word it's gonna materialize who are you quoting?
>>1231093 I hope Destiny realizes you can do this with literally any system holy fuck what a brainlet.
>>1231125 He criticises that by saying it is an abnormal reaction. Being moderate is ideal for him
>>1231114 How can they be gullible though? They say the n-word with such conviction.
RedScarePod got suspended on Twitter.
>>1231420 literally who?
>>1231420 Anna K. too what the fuck
>>1231420 Why? I thought they just talked about their pussies and clothes.
>>1231420 >>1231455 they're not even waiting to turn the new purge around on leftists lol
(115.66 KB 680x626 azealiabanks1.jpg)
(109.88 KB 680x593 azealiabanks2.jpg)
(86.24 KB 680x480 azealiabanks3.jpg)
is she wrong?
>>1231800 >Parler Opinion discarded
>>1231800 It's true. >>1231875 >implying posting in a rightwing environment makes you rightwing while posting in a leftwing community that was born on 8chan
>>1231800 >muh small business >muh tax payers yes
>>1231034 What you mean "honest critique" Destiny is extremely unlikable and only watches those videos to pose as someone who "is not on the right" but then again he's an extreme shill for neoliberalism and thinks that Bernie is like "extreme left" or whatever.
>>1230294 Neoliberalism is a real tendency (Thatcher, Reagan, etc.) although the word is much older (going back to FDR's times). It's been used a lot because... that's still currently the phase of capitalism we've been in since the 80s? It's not wrong to describe the era of capitalism between 1980-2020 as the era of neoliberalism that followed the New Deal era of social democracy between 1930-1970.
>>1231800 She is always right
Which one of you is behind this?
>>1231800 >she has totally ruined NYC God I’m sick of these people.
>>1232741 WTF how does that source even work our site goes down a lot and images get deleted?
>>1231800 Word salad
>>1232985 You are late: >>1231420 There is a thing called redscare.cafe now in case their subreddit gets also nuked.
>>1231800 >no money to pay taxes Oh no, whatever would they do
>>1231930 It doesn't make you rightwing. It is, however, a retard community that does make you retarded. At least you didn't have to provide your SSN to post on 8chan, lmao.
>>1231623 Are they even leftist? Seems like they spend more time complaining that leftists don't go to church enough or lift. They're like contrarian art hoes who spend too much time living in Brooklyn so their brains have totally been warped. Brooklyn should be nuked immediately.
>>1231800 >rant on liberals No. 29717197401471047109 >using and defending parler Tho I'll give her credit for using the word tr4nny, not even us are allowed to do that
>>1234402 >are they even leftist No >They're like contrarian art hoes who spend too much time living in Brooklyn so their brains have totally been warped. Brooklyn should be nuked immediately. Yes.
>>1231800 Wait is that the real azaelia banks?
Sam needs to smile more, a more demure and approachable demeanour
Has anyone else really enjoyed watching Jimmy Dore burning the bridge between himself and The Young Turks?
>>1231420 so did scihub yet I don't see any of you tards bitching about it.
Destiny is now saying that the cops didn't let the larpers in but that they were already overrun so it didn't matter https://youtu.be/UOfT4KL0nQc He complains that "lefties" leave out some context clues as to what's happening sometimes which gives ammo to the other side like in that that MAGA teen was screamed at by an native american it seemed as if the boy had harrassed or discriminated against the native but it was actually the other way around, which the media ignored and gave trumptards ammo.
>>1234950 Im not watching destiny.
>>1234978 Just read the tl'dw
>>1234950 >Destiny is now saying that the cops didn't let the larpers in but that they were already overrun so it didn't matter And then the "overrun" cops started taking selfies with the crowd. Brilliant.
>>1234950 Ah yes the very cops that were so overran that they had no choice but to let the monkeys into the zoo to have a guided tour of the place instead of you know protecting the private properity piglets were sworn to protect.
>>1234939 did they post tits?
(273.18 KB 531x448 0a5.png)
>>1234950 >Capital Hill Police was told about such scenario days ago by feds yet they looked the other way >The gathering was planned weeks ago and was heavily advertised >Reports of Pentagon not allowing deployment of National Guards till it was too late. >implying any of this shit would have happened if it were BLM or Antifa
(63.49 KB 733x733 EreG5D4XAAU9ETz.jpeg)
>>1236072 >Reports of Pentagon not allowing deployment of National Guards till it was too late. Why would the Pentagon deploy the National Guard? The Pentagon has federal soldiers. State governors deploy the National Guard. That also makes me wonder why the Virginia National Guard was called instead of the Maryland National Guard. D.C. is in Maryland. Any guardsmen know what the fuck this is all about?
>>1236091 Fucking Varg lmao
>>1236092 >D.C. is in Maryland No it's not, it's literally in the "District of Colombia" which isn't a state
>>1236091 The hate speech and gravity comparison doesn't make any sense, what
>>1236591 The fact that pulling power correlates with the mass of an object pretty much "proves" gravity. You might as well say "prove that circles exist without the expectation of the number Pi".
>>1236875 Gravity isn't a "power" though, it's a property of mass to bend space time making objects moving through it collide not through force but through the geometry of the bent space time. This is the main reason as to why our universe is non eucludean
>>1237024 Dude, if we meet irl I can show you a simpler method of proving gravity exists than dumb words that mean nothing.
Political cartoonist Ben Garrison got banned on Twitter. He used to be very enthusiastic about Trump, at least early on. Since the number of remixes and parodies of Garrison outnumber the originals I wonder which ones led to the decision to ban him.
>>1236072 Didn't you learn anything by 9/11? I won't be suprised if pigs were told to let them in... the point of this protests is for a patriot act 2.0. Nothing else.
Hey bois, check out my new video (if you are desperately bored) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yswbM4Kq6P8
>>1236091 LET'S FIND OUT>>1236091
(62.51 KB 480x600 EK3HOn4XkAITfIQ.jpg)
>>1236984 Are you that Kraut Dengoid who nuked his channel after announcing that he is leaving the DKP? You sound just like him
Jimmy Dore has Richard Wolff on his stream right now. https://youtu.be/mH0MObOVGZc
>>1237490 based
>>1236764 Just say you don't get it brainlet
>>1236984 You should try to not laugh while talking but fun video
>>1236764 >tfw we've recently observed gravitational waves from a supernova millions of light years away >tfw we did it twice >t. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_observation_of_gravitational_waves
>>1231800 Understands the problems but still has a pile of dogshit for a brain. At the end of the day she's still a bisexual woman with mental health problems
>>1290966 Oh and she fuckin dug up and boiled her dead cat. Bitch needs to embrace her destiny and find a heroin dealer bf who smacks her around as foreplay
Does anyone have Batko's old Death to Idpol vid, and a transcript of the lyrics to it?
(669.14 KB 900x1362 Untitled.png)
>This shitty and archaic system that tricks people into thinking it has their best interests in mind isn't working, so let's just install another shitty and archaic system that tricks people into thinking it has their best interests in mind in its' place! Why are they like this?
>>1291002 Why don't they move to Swaziland
>>1291002 >Your government wants to replace with cheap migrant labour Wheres the lie?
>>1291010 there is no lie i wish we were like BASED saudi arabia and have zero migrant labour thanks to our epic aristocrats
>>1291010 >>1291021 Saying that a monarchy would be better? Two examples of aristocrats exporting cheap labour would be the Latifaundas of Rome and the Dragh nach Osten
Yo can someone give me a quick rundown on /lit/. is /lit/ infested by /pol/yps? I can't point to it, but there is a unique demographic in there that varies between Schoppenhauer, Nietsche, Petersson and Far Right Literature. The occasional Leftist is also there, but rarely
>>1291138 Yeah like all of 4chan. Last time I looked it was a lot of Evola, Guenon, type shit.
>>1291140 Also a lot of Musashi. Why?
>>1291143 >why is there weebshit on imageboards
(360.04 KB 1200x871 Ben Garrison's final words.jpeg)
bottom right: Shoe0nhead
>>1291445 >working class =OH NO NO NO=
>>1291445 >American labour aristocracy >Working class Lol
Lol what the fuck Doug Lain (zer0 books) is on the new episode of cum town???
>>1291445 Christopher Stanton Georgia, the protester guy who just killed himself, was a portfolio manager. I read about some woman that she flew to the protest in her own private plane. Trump's base are business owners and landlords and demented housewives.
Wild considering you guys are now going AAAA POLICE PLEASE STOP THE CHUDS after months of ACAB posturing
>>1291531 That comic is actually pretty funny. About sums it up.
>>1291531 |mirror|
(30.29 KB 500x500 gay nazi fish.jpg)
>>1291531 >TheBakedAlaskaRespecter more like MilkyWayRespecter amrite? https://youtu.be/f_qb6Os-kKU
(140.41 KB 520x348 anglojews.gif)
(151.53 KB 520x348 anglojews.webm)
>>1291602 YOBA living rent free in leftoids' and wignats' minds, whodathunk
>>1291707 I have been wondering but who even is baked Alaska I don't keep up with reactionary content creators except for cultured thug.
>>1291518 >Christopher Stanton Georgia, the protester guy who just killed himself, was a portfolio manager And this is supposed to make me not care about him... why? >I read about some woman that she flew to the protest in her own private plane. Again, what is the argument here? People have luxuries when others don't, therefore nothing they say matters? >Trump's base are business owners and landlords and demented housewives. So basically just another loosely defined Motte and Bailey argument. Got it.
>>1291743 Because they are bourgeois
>>1291747 1. What’s the demographic makeup of your neighborhood? 2. How's your Onlyfans going?
>>1291743 >we're all working class >no you're not >SO WHAT?!?
>>1291743 >Motte and Bailey back to >>>/ssc/, midwit.
I love him. On today's cushvlog some normie lib was like >WHY AREN'T YOU TAKING THE COUP MORE SERIOUSLY THE REPRESENTATIVES COULD'VE BEEN KILLED!! and you could tell he was about to say "good" but held back so they don't get banned from twitch
>>1291991 Indeed, good. -Bad Empanada
>>1291991 I get the feeling he's going to get banned for wrongthink
When did Richard Spencer become left wing?
>>1292414 Richard Spencer is weird because he literally could've been like a mayor, or some like wall street guy (his family is old slave money, had dinner parties with the Bush family, etc) but he is such a massive failson fuckup loser that he is simply an irrelevent e-celeb
>>1292360 The cush (PBUH) is uncancelable. He simply absorbs the cancel energy and transmutates it to fuel; his constant soyface is merely an opening for it to flow into much like Kirby sucks in stuff
>>1292419 So he says what that sort thinks out aloud That's handy
>>1292439 Not exactly. I think the Bushes, Roosevelts, like the international capitalists are smart enough to know that stuff like racism has to be somewhat eradicated for the sake of profit (not trading with someone because you don't like their skin color is a problem) so even if privately that like are deeply racist they obviously realize that anti-racism is where the money is. But richard is too stupid to realize this and keep his mouth shut. Maybe his weird heel turn on twitter is him finally realizing >oh yeah all these spooks like race don't matter all that matters is money flow
(252.68 KB 1536x2048 EbPLAfIXkAY7RNJ.jpeg)
(294.73 KB 1536x2048 EmR3IMUWEAAzm-n.jpeg)
(491.56 KB 1536x2048 EqdANjUW4AEdwuY.jpg)
>>1292891 She is so fucking hot
(999.14 KB 3072x4096 EcCqxbTWkAYrriJ.jpeg)
(309.38 KB 1536x2048 EhwZf9jXsAAiUCv.jpeg)
(373.23 KB 1536x2048 Ei9eUDQXsAAywsG.jpeg)
(243.96 KB 1536x2048 Eqq1iQRW8AAGcMt.jpg)
>>1292895 Ashleighs ASS
>>1292414 He is just grifting, oppurtunist anti-communist piece of useless shit. And should be punched on sight
(368.01 KB 420x560 big trap cock.png)
(144.19 KB 1193x796 close.jpg)
(187.85 KB 767x1023 nice.jpg)
(433.35 KB 2048x1536 tight.jpg)
(1.46 MB 1920x1080 trapmilk.webm)
Guys, always remember to post transhumanist porn in transhumanist threads. If someone's making a thread about transhumanists, then it's only natural that you'll post transhumanist porn in the thread.
(1.53 MB 533x526 1590992601535.gif)
but.. this isnt /b/
>>1292975 >>1292969 This is ban worthy
>>1293005 Idpol threads are already banworthy, so posting porn in them is perfectly fine since they'll help them get deleted.
>>1293005 Since its spoilered I'll allow it but if Shytan takes it as an invitation to spam porn I'll start deleting it.
(298.24 KB 978x808 Untitled3.png)
(166.54 KB 1018x1216 Untitled4.png)
This but for Baked Alaska, America First and Scott Greer
>>1293465 Well as in them too but I assume you'd get the point lmfao
Reason #183 I will never call myself a leftist instead of communist The unironic cocksucking of some vulgar altruist e-celeb by pseud leftists is baffling. They literally repeat the same age old libtard boomer talking points about "uwu don't hate rich people you stupid stinky poor person he's still doing something that he didn't have to be grateful!!1" I don't care about this BeastYT guy's intentions but you have to be in denial to reject that he's continuing to propagate the "kind rich person" fairytale everyday on his social media Anybody here know how he initially started the money to do these extravagant money stunts before becoming famous and getting all the sponsorships?
(26.48 KB 640x429 ErErUYYU0AAoISI.jpg)
(176.39 KB 2000x1340 ErpUUgRXAAEqJHt.jpg)
Someone fixed one of your gay memes lol
>>1293889 Nazi cope memes kek
>>1293889 Kill yourself No amount of brand image altering changes what you really want to do, fashy boy Have a free cave exploration session
>>1293902 How does it feel knowing a bunch of speds dressed up as Vikings managed to do more genuine harm to the system than you have in the entire past decade
>>1293937 >to do more genuine harm to the system Kek the only harm they caused was making sure their will never be another president like trump again
>>1293937 What harm did they cause?
>>1293937 But they were our antifa agents :^) looks like you fell for another one of our ruses
>>1293937 How does it feel knowing you’re an infantile retard who literally has zero systemic understanding of capitalism and thus has no clue how to actually make revolution beyond whatever kiddie shit you read in your virgin larp novels?
>>1293937 The spergout was just a symptom of collapse and not really a cause of any downfall. Neoliberals are just gonna toss yall asses in jail
>>1292969 Where the fuck do you get these nudes? You're an interesting fella shaytan. Interesting, but fucking weird. No offense
>>1294185 SAY THE 1411 WORDS
>>1291002 >actual aristocracy was good stopped reading there
>>1293937 How does it feel to know that your limpdick furher is a weakling that killed himself
(41.15 KB 1033x414 bruh.PNG)
>>1293889 cope >>1294987 Based Dickblast
Lmao based Doug
>>1293465 >>1293466 nobody even likes baked alaska anymore even right wingers have proven have much of a retarded lolcow he is
>>1292969 It was Shaytan-tier and it was on /leftypol/
>>1295048 Half the right-wingers disavowing him aren't even really right-wingers, they're just Keith Woods-tier edgy socialists https://twitter.com/NickJFuentes/status/1350511645806764033 Wow 4.3K likes for a tweet calling for his freedom, he's so unpopular
>>1295701 >Half the right-wingers disavowing him aren't even really right-wingers 100% of his following are brainless twitch emote spammers
>>1295701 Dude livestreamed his own coup "attempt", almost deserves prison for being that dumb. The complaint leading to his arrest is full of timestamps from his own video.
podcasts are holding civilization together


no cookies?