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🗑️ /ITG/ – Internet Trash General 💻 Anonymous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 02:55:49 No. 986104
Containment thread for the lowest forms of internet discussion: 💩 Social Media Screenshots 📞 E-celeb Gossip 🕸️ Internet Happenings
>>1041589 I think he has some good insights on politics and on the Us socialists situation. That said he's completely retarded in his assessment of Russia and China.
>>1041588 Gay people have refined taste and besides don't awooga at every male that has a youtube channel. >nice virtue signaling >being gay is a virtue based >>1041620 In this trashcan of a thread, not talking about V*@$# is a win. >>1041628 >Cockshott isn't the theoretical generator of the 'labor vouchers' yep, I know, but that is the modern manifestation of labor voucher systems and of course very popular on this board. >>1041589 Hating Maupin is absurd. He explains it well here >>1041631 If you strongly disapprove, then do something yourself. He dedicates his life to spreading communist ideals, however misguided. That's worth something IMO.
>>1041637 Caleb is the no1 source for memes
>>1041656 based
(19.62 KB 108x200 Content CHEKA.png)
>>1041653 >placing adam smith alongside ayn rand and milton friedman ishygddt
>>1041654 >He dedicates his life to spreading communist ideals, however misguided. That's worth something IMO. Well, so did Lyndon LaRouche.
>>1041669 as said before, brainlet and theorylet.
>>1041669 I mean Marx makes Smith kinda obsolete
Caleb seems to talk a lot but does he ever talk about the books he reads and what is informing his theory? Has ever ever talked about reading Marx or does this guy not read like at all? My only exposure to him is from this thread and it is...not great
>>1041678 >when one philosopher builds on the work of another it outmodes the latter lol what
>>1041691 yea, kinda.
>>1041656 KEK this is soooo good
>>1041695 what the hell kind of education are you all being given in the states?
>>1041701 I'm western european tho'
>>1041674 Wolff actually strikes me as more of a theorylet
>>1041689 I think he actually has admitted that he doesn't read theory books from cover to cover.
>>1041466 It's a hecking imageboard. At least it hasn't gone to shit >>1041484 Weren't the incels send to the abyss of 8kun or something? A year or month ago I believe.
>>1041589 He's nice, and for the culture of the thread, very memeable.
>>1041511 >>1041656 >>1041637 Soon we will have enough tracks to make a whole album!
>>1041654 >Hating Maupin is absurd. He explains it well here >>1041631 If you strongly disapprove, then do something yourself. I find this so fucking rude. As if there aren't several thousand US communists more suited for this and struggling in parties, in communities, unions and organizing on-the-ground every day. I don't understand how or why this cult has formed around Maupin and why people ITT are enabling and perpetuating it so fucking hard. As if the CIA wouldn't hand-pick an RT-employed, conspiracy-duped, Dugin-receptive (le red-brown meme) narcissistic capitalist roader for a 'leader of the coming US communist movement' if they could.
>>1041731 They gulaged themselves willingly but they still pop up once in a while.
>>1041741 Personally, I just like to meme him because I think he's fairly stupid.
>>1041741 If maupin betrays us it will be even more of a meme.
>>1041748 How should he "betray" us?
>>1041555 Deng thought IS orthodox Marxism but you fags aren’t ready for that conversation
>>1041631 Then, there is this clip. It's amazing.
>>1041752 By being a glowie
>muh revolution in the US when will you guys stop repeating this meme?
>>1041759 who are you quoting?
>>1041481 none of this matters
>>1041656 add toilet flush sound either at 0:19 in the background or if you have a sense of rhythm stop the music before it culminates and add the flush sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vbk6CEBIms
>>1041637 >reeeee stop hating on booklets
>>1041058 or his new age religious obscurantist deviations
>>1040712 I mean they both killed millions globally but through radically different methods.
(26.85 MB 480x270 tHiNk fOr yOuRsElf.webm)
>>1041855 is she our /boxy/?
(18.69 MB 500x354 LainTrailerUS.webm)
>>1041876 I get lain vibes from her, are we sure she's a real human?
>>1041888 She glows. If you know what I'm sayin
>>1041637 can't believe anyone with two braincells takes this shill seriously. He is literally using nationalist rhetoric to push his dumb points. He is not even socialist. Just anti-american geopolitical activist, pushing geopolitical interests that would oppose USA (which he gets paid for obviously). He unironically believes that modern Russia is socialist because muh oligarchy control (just like China etc). He is pure opportunist. You can admire it or not (I don't). That is why he meets with people like Aleksandr Dugin that lead nazbol party and have nothing to do with socialism. Because he would rather use the given >>opportunity<< than carefully plan his actions. Also like somebody said: he is a booklet. Irrelevant even after all these years. He is trying hard to push himself to mainstream as some kind of cool-headed civil politics guy in a suit, but he fails. Wouldn't be surprised if he would kill to be in a position of some retard like Tucker Carlson. Not like I care, burgers gonna burger out.
>>1041941 She is a Sleeper Agent activated by /leftypol/. Why activate her now? Well, Breadtube has decayed too far into Liberalism. She will fix things
>>1041946 he's a meme you dip.
>>1041933 Hope she sees this and ups her game. That filter is in no way fool-proof if she doesn't take some externalities like these into consideration. Maybe even using the world-context of wearing a surgical mask(?), etc.
>>1041955 Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they’re in good company. - Descartes
>>1041946 >He is not even socialist. Just anti-american geopolitical activist, pushing geopolitical interests that would oppose USA (which he gets paid for obviously). i think i spotted the insecure burger
>Vaush is gonna debate Tim Pool How much of a shitshow do you think it's gonna be?
>>1041946 dude, you probably believe that Washington was fertile
>>1041974 Calling it now, it'll be the equivalent of the Unruhe-Richard Spencer debate. Vaush will get btfo.
>>1041974 Just hope that Vaush calls out Tim Pool for his bullshit, that's all I want.
>>1041999 Tim Pool is an actual retard who watches capeshit and grifts even dumber people, Spencer is pretty smart as far as racists go. But who knows Vaush is a retarded grifter as well.
(276.89 KB 600x900 enver_hoxha_1983.jpg)
>>1041933 C'mon man that ain't cool
>>1041946 Is this true? I honestly don't even know if he's popular. I just see the memes here. I've heard him say hilarious things, but nothing close to this. The rabid anit-maupin force kinda made me lose credibility of them. Bad empanada and his followers, mostly. I don't follow e drama anyways, just what I see here. The good youtubers are drama free anyways, hakim, plastic pills, etc
(53.41 KB 403x403 nonplussedCat.jpg)
lol this shit is reminding me of my cringe adolescent /k/ years where they found my posts on gaia online because i thought you had to fill out the e-mail field to reply to threads anons, why are you like this?
>>1042022 Stop doing creepy shit (or posting about it) and stop doing the glowies work for free.
(27.53 KB 480x640 images (26).jpeg)
>>1042029 Just got to vet for glowies, can't control the urge.
>>1042022 Way to be a fucking creep you dingus
Better she learns about OPSEC now than later. I applaud anons for for educating the youth.
I'm not even that old but when I see comments about how the Vaush guy is going to debate the Maupin guy and that will finally determine the destiny of the Bad Empanada... I feel old. It just sounds like this to me: https://youtu.be/vRGMAW1wzQ8
Someone should at least email her or something about the fact that someone could read her shirt so that she doesn't happen to do worse shit in the future (if she indeed is trying to remain anonymous).
>>1042072 Also wearing a surgical mask would enhance OpSec and be topical
>>1042065 Should have done this >>1042072 instead of posting it here. Fuck you people honestly.
>>1042071 LMAO This is a good thing my friend, this really is just that - noise. It's unironically called the worst thread on the board for a reason. Many don't open it.
>>1042034 It's just memeing, I don't hate Caleb but having watched his streams, it's clear he has never read (or understood) any Marxist theory, and he 100% values geopolitics over socialism. And yes he's not popular at all, he has like 12,000 subscribers and with around 2000 videos only about 2 million total views for his channel. That being said though, despite his cringy shit and theoryletness, I still respect him a lot for attempting to convince people of opening up their minds to communism and stop believing all the lies the US has told them about it.
>>1042065 This, if the purpose of that filter was to protect her identity she failed. >>1042072 I mean, it probably doesn't matter that much she has a small channel and she isn't upsetting any psychopathic right wingers.
>>1042084 Yeah, I make a lot of Maupin memes, but in the end he's a comrade, and as long as he's not confronted with it and feels bad over it, then it's just us having fun with some dork who tries his best
>>1041053 RevLeft Citations Needed Parallax Views This is Hell You Cant Win Qanon Anonymous
>>1041946 LIES LIES LIES I DECLARE. Caleb Maupin has consistently said Russia is not socialist. THIS IS A LIE.
(209.18 KB 828x1103 Last thing a CHUD sees.jpg)
>>1042022 time to stop
>>1041053 What's left
https://prolespod.libsyn.com/ dont forget the most based pod in history
>>1042187 Do you prefer it before or after they got rid of benjamin?
>>1042191 #ImWithHim
>>1042191 Say what you will about Caleb but he is more fuckable than most of the online left.
Guys, my right ball hurts a lot and I don't know why
>>1042201 Go to the doctor
>>1042176 Not every episode is perfectly relevant but they do a lot of work that is unmatched on explaining modern media and the neoliberal propaganda model.
(910.35 KB 640x360 CalebSpeaksTheTruth.webm)
Caleb is more redpilled than all of you
>>1042201 Hearing the voice of Caleb Maupin often does that to people. His call of liberty, for socialism with Cumming charterics.Although not immideality appealing to you a stuffy trot movementist is so inspiring it causes the future revolutionary children trapped in your ballsack to try and escape the to liberation. We need a ballsack to fight for future children.
>>1042218 Based
>>1042221 A ballsack of action to fight for working sperm
>>1042201 it could be torsion. make sure you can get to a hospital if pain persists or becomes unbearable. sorry for your pain anon :(
>>1042232 Torsion is unbearably painful. If you have torsion you would know it.
>>1041053 Matt Christman's Chapo vlogs
>>1042234 Kinda disappointed it's not him repeating it over and over the whole video.
>>1042203 >>1042232 >>1042243 Thanks for the concern guys, the pain has died down a little though if it keeps going for an hour or two imma get really worried. I don't think it's torsion but thanks for letting me know.
(226.80 KB 697x460 action.PNG)
>>1042234 We need a government of action to fight for working families. We need a government of action to fight for working families. We need a government of action to fight for working families. We need a government of action to fight for working families. We need a government of action to fight for working families.
>>1042257 G O V E R N M E N T O F A C T I O N
>>1041969 It's actually the exact opposite in this case. Before we starting taking the piss on him there were a couple of anons who posted him unironically.
(230.46 KB 402x490 CarebMoopen.png)
>>1042234 weneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamiliesweneedagovernmentofactiontofightforworkingfamilies
>>1042268 Lovecraftian Maupin when?
Revolution is the main trend of the world today
Calebposting is becoming the norm here? Ok, I won't complain
>>1042234 THE 11 WORDS
>>1042300 Omg, Caleb is a genius
(135.60 KB 455x259 maupin.png)
>>1042300 9/11 = We Workers Have Nothing To Lose But Our Chains / We Need A Government Of Action To Fight For Working Families
>>1042355 >>1042358 BASED BASED BASED
>>1042282 Wanna elaborate?
(237.62 KB 960x540 calebMaopin.png)
We need a government of action to fight for working families.
>>1042358 childish
(146.10 KB 880x986 JUST.png)
(35.32 MB 640x360 CalebSocialismDoesntWork.webm)
I tried to do a meme, kinda gave up half way. Is it good enough?
>>1042472 Complete it. I am in the middle of a multi-hour Caleb effort-post. These memes really pay off, keep goin'.
(276.89 KB 600x900 enver_hoxha_1983.jpg)
>>1042526 I can't understand a word of that.
Kek will Menakers dad died lol
>>1042625 I think there are a lot of radlibs working in the animation industry, so they will have some 'internalized white guilt' which is kinda cringe. But then again this has very little to do with communism and it's just some retard nazi screeching about 'muh cartoons'.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNnMFHSdZBY Vaush vs Tim Fool is here now
vaush on timcast it'll prob be bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNnMFHSdZBY
(1.13 MB 498x498 pepepopcorncrazy.gif)
An angry SocDem like Jimmy Dore is of course to the left of the Kautskyist Bhaskar Sunkara from Jacobin
kek that stoner dude
>>1042727 Wow, Vaush is a socialist? Reading here I always thought he was a liberal.
(460.48 KB 664x614 1590005786464.png)
>>1040221 >wizardchan Please stop anon.
>>1042761 The socialism vaush believes in only exists in his head
They're pretty chill rightnow, I'm always suprised how articulate and confident Vaush is even if I am not on board with his politics.
>>1042783 Don't menopause start at 50ish?
Vaush talks like a fag and his shit is boring. They're just talking about standard American politics, could get this crap on CNN. What's the appeal of this guy?
>>1042805 If you have ever seen a /pol/ thread on women you should know how it goes, any woman over the age of 14 is literally a dried up old crusty hag with no ovaries.
>>1042783 source
>>1042789 Vaush is competent at speaking and it obviously one of the chief things that triggers all the ML's here who can't keep their autistic rage from bubbling over in a conversation
>>1042853 I think he's doing good, he's taking control of the conversation, haven't seen Tim violently disagree yet. He's probably blowing regular Pool viewers minds.
I'm surprised Vaush is actually doing good.
>>1042871 We've already been through this with Destiny though. It just creates libs.
>>1042472 Finish it, looks great already
>>1042789 He displays unearned confidence in his ideas. Vaush can talk clearly but whenever he is in the middle of an argument if you’re paying attention you can see how he will often veer into disconnected lines of argument and loudly proclaim outright falsehoods with the same amount of confidence he always has. He is basically a fine speaker, but it serves to make his audience believe he is more right than he is because he talks to people who don’t speak for a living.
>Vaush is actually incredibly competent and calm surrounded by like four of Tim Pool's guy >Sounds very well informed in front of 45k people >Got Pool to say "ITS A CLASS ISSUE" and that the cops need reform >Complete control of the conversation
>>1042888 He is just a fat polish Ben Shapiro
>>1042888 >>1042893 It's because Tim Pool is legitimately a very stupid person. Vaush is stubborn and narcissistic and lazy, but not necessarily dim-witted.
(379.42 KB 576x566 vaushporky2.png)
Yep, I'm getting completely vaushpilled right now.
>>1042909 I wonder if Vaush is looking forward to the SWAT teams when Biden starts a war.
(98.85 KB 720x480 UBI-March-NYC-2019.jpg)
(75.00 KB 457x689 1600348500933.jpg)
It's over Maupin/b/ros..... Anarcho-Market-Vaushism with Contrapoints leading the Red Army will be the dominant American leftist tendency. FUCK
>>1042897 >>1042909 Well.... It's been good folks, time for me to get the fuck out of this place. Don't know where to go tho, radlibs everywhere I look.
(645.15 KB 916x600 39tvu8.png)
>>1042933 check your privilege AOC 2024
>>1042933 Don't blame us, don't blame polyp falseflaggers, blame the shitty mods.
>>1042939 The only way to stop this is to ban every burger on sight
Look at all these superchats made by these retarded boomers on the stream lol
>>1042943 For some reason mods are hyper-competent during raids but then change how they do things outside of raids, choosing to not even bother with bans. As if they've decided for some reason bans against a raid botnet are more effective against some retard clicking through proxies.
(328.45 KB 586x329 5023njz7ntm51.png)
(135.05 KB 537x392 45873957984.png)
>>1042969 >"And then one day, for no discernible reason at all, the fascists rose to power." -No one, ever.
>>1042969 @TheHinduDindu is your account, isn't it
Tim Pool is promoting classed based politics O_o
(6.73 MB 626x480 Scratchtasia.mp4)
>>1042980 Actually...
>>1042989 LMFAO
>>1042989 All this talk about y'all one day rising to power but I have yet to see it. Good luck though!
>>1042989 bro if you get off your ass and go hang people maybe ill take you seriously, but you, being a homosexual fascist, just have to larp all the time.
>>1043005 Based and Zoomer-pilled
(808.54 KB 640x480 DonaldDuckHitler.webm)
>>1043005 TheThingNoticer wants old school Donald Duck back on TV
(118.99 KB 480x643 mel-blanc-e1368129737860.jpg)
>>1043005 Don't make me post Looney Tunes. I'm willing to go back to the Mel Blanc days, buster. I'll go with Jewish emigre comedy writers and improv artists over that Walt Disney fascist crap every day of the week! https://youtu.be/5HlmucGrYFg
Voosh and Pool are getting heated up because of CRITICAL RACE THEORY IN TWITTER BIOS.
>>1043023 Shit, dude... this is some high stakes stuff!
>>1043023 Real radlib shit
>>1043018 >"Our" actions Such as?
>>1043035 Read Adorno > “The culture industry perpetually cheats its consumers of what it perpetually promises. The promissory note which, with its plots and staging, it draws on pleasure is endlessly prolonged; the promise, which is actually all the spectacle consists of, is illusory: all it actually confirms is that the real point will never be reached, that the diner must be satisfied with the menu.”
>>1043041 >The jogger riots Not us. >lockdown/mask cultism I'm against this too >CHAZ Not us.
>>1043044 I'm still pissed that Dune got delayed another year because of the pandemic. That was gonna be my Christmas feast. I blame Trump.
>>1043044 Yeah but haven't you heard Adorno's father was ethnically jewish but never spoke hebrew or Yiddish and was catholic so Adorno actually hates western kultchure and wanted to destroy. The frankfurt schools books definitely all aren't literally about literal cultural degeneracy sundering the west
>>1043035 I like how all the supposed "anti-degenerates" have anime pfps. I'm sure that's what their ancestors at Iwo Jima fought for (:
>>1043056 What do you think of Rick and Morty is based? It's pretty white.
(205.49 KB 1600x900 ie_33748.jpeg)
>>1043063 look at this white family with white kids, they took this from you.
>>1043056 Am I being detained, officer? Am I free to go? I invoke my right to remain silent and will not answer any further questions without the presence of a lawyer
>>1043069 Reclaim evropa
>>1043048 >frankfurt school describes how capitalism dismantles culture >marx describes how capitalism dissolves tradition <ACKNOWLEDGING SOMETHING IS HAPPENING THE SAME THING AS ENDORSING IT <REEEEE BOOKS ARE JEWISH MIND CONTROL MAGIC
>>1043069 The Simpsons are also a white family. This is what they took from you: https://youtu.be/V9y3F-2tVkI
(252.41 KB 1800x2400 bobs-burgers-characters-lede.jpg)
(604.19 KB 2896x2896 1574713874862.jpg)
(1.15 MB 4032x3024 1574718280612.jpg)
>>1043096 These people should unironically be forced to have kids. This is disgusting.
(8.86 KB 240x210 Hypno.png)
(343.58 KB 576x731 EOR0jklXkAA495C.png)
>>1043101 (((Hypno))) (((Pikajew)))
>>1043099 >nooooo you have to breed because your sex life triggers me have sex incel
(77.69 KB 555x631 1600361868749.jpg)
>>1043099 >>1043101 >>1043104 Don't you guys DARE heckin DISRESPECT the heckin white family unitrino. Don't make me pull out my heckin 80's neon anticommie pepe memerino.
>>1042955 if shit opinions were valid cause for bans, I would have banned 90% of posters here. t. mod
>>1043109 lmfao
(66.57 KB 851x797 1596605414777.jpg)
Tim Pool's reason for voting Trump is actually similar to /leftypol/'s reason for abstaining from voting for Biden.
>>1043090 based Token singlehandedly bringing down Western civilization
(654.68 KB 1000x649 when the leppos are just r….jpg)
>>1043149 Its been 2 hours and Vaush just making Tim looks retarded
(16.55 KB 328x136 ElYG864XEAE0zfv.png)
(25.40 KB 660x202 ElYG6I-W0AAeXI-.png)
(58.93 KB 666x314 ElYG48hXEAIFDIK.png)
(15.95 KB 317x118 ElYG2zpXgAIaUey.png)
(14.49 KB 337x149 ElYNShSWoAETpDp.png)
(13.42 KB 355x148 ElYNVhAXIAIoh5I.png)
(11.15 KB 321x112 ElYNX2hXYAAyabm.png)
(11.95 KB 305x118 ElYNZh4XIAAOsrO.png)
(21.51 KB 461x197 ElYb6jtU0AEXbfJ.png)
>>1043206 >>1043218 inoperable maniacs
(99.85 KB 604x604 1tp5z2.jpg)
>>1043218 >>1043206 I'm no fan of V**sh but can these rightoids seriously get some better material?
(117.49 KB 600x600 1323123516269.jpg)
Pool is just letting Vaush go off on "socialism."
(105.61 KB 1024x683 aThreadDiedForThis.jpg)
"I don't think there is an economic left or right" Jesus Christ Vaush
>>1043242 >>1043218 >>1043206 america is cursed and doomed and we all deserve it. Every day I hope more for extinction to smother the stupidity of this fucking brain damaged species, we don’t deserve socialism if these are the minds we have produced. Posadists got the last laugh
(2.92 MB 291x300 stalin.gif)
>>1043206 >>1043218 >>1043242 Andrei, prep the firing squads
>>1043242 >Obama gate what?
(26.39 KB 728x90 4chan ssb china ree.png)
the cold warriors v2 are getting into the 4chan self-serve ads pic rel redirects to this: https://www.choosefreedom.io/our-china-problems/
Alright Tim is getting riled up
(785.95 KB 200x200 1587751223433.gif)
Shit is heating up finally
>>1042917 Why would that be,
(37.35 KB 380x376 di18ar7jde2z.jpg)
Pool is getting angry. Voosh go for the killing blow.
(103.21 KB 372x372 8974574584.jpg)
>Vaush getting BTFO Such a good night, lads.
(100.80 KB 1125x1035 EivSNmTXsAEDnAK.jpg)
>>1043295 We should buy an ad on 4chan
>>1043309 It wont affect them, they'll try something here.
>>1043308 when?
>>1043305 Because he's getting them
(38.22 KB 382x597 1556906234859.jpg)
>>1043313 Now. I hate Vaush more than Tim at this point.
I think Vaush is looking better because Pool's microphone is fucked up.
>>1043317 Can't stand Vaush either but Tim is just getting owned
>>1043321 Just put them both against the wall at this point.
>>1043320 He sounds fine maybe a bit lower than vaush
where can i watch this?
>>1043321 >Can't stand Vaush either yet you are watching him are we getting raided by his discord?
>>1041053 Chaos under heaven
>>1043336 Meh, Tim Pool has grown to be one of the biggest political commentators on YT. So this is a big 'culture war' event.
>>1043336 So? I'm just watching this shitshow, that doesn't mean I like the nigga
(204.97 KB 600x538 012.gif)
(44.66 KB 592x442 15fkab.jpg)
(474.79 KB 640x640 e40.png)
(9.29 KB 508x508 1601337255375.jpg)
>>1043342 >>1043341 >two internet personalities talk fast about vague topics This sucks man.
liberals please fuck off
(87.03 KB 390x528 kek2.png)
I love this stoner dude, why is he even on his show, Tim clearly doesn't like him. Is he just there for comic relief?
>>1043345 we're just looking at the liberal agar plate brah
I was starting to like Vaush until he never mentioned Cockshott
>>1038248 daily reminder that Cuckchanners are absolute fucking degenerates and deserve to be shot.
>mfw vaush calls you worse than trump
(146.86 KB 828x1424 yee_haw.jpg)
Moral of the story: Read books and lift weights, don't fucking follow nor listen to these people. ever. Get of the internet, clean your room, stand up straight with your shoulders back, just don't fucking follow e-celebrities.
>What is your favorite news source? <Tim Pool: DailyMail <Vaush: BuzzFeedNews
(63.03 KB 500x551 4ibuvf.jpg)
We should get Caleb on Timcast
>>1043309 yes let's invite more spammers and ddos attacks
Vaush destroyed Tim /pol/ is i agree also the hippie dude was fun
>>1043692 Where can I watch this debate? I can't find it.
I'm feeling so damn nostalgic for the low investment social interaction I used to have on omegle but that site was 90% bots even five years ago I'm so tired of imageboards and discord
>>1043733 thanks!
vaush bad
>>1043728 >seeking low investment social interaction this is the real problem. you are also at risk of simping.
>>1042355 The people Got nothing to lose but their chains/We need s government of action to fight for working families. Fucking 9/11
>>1043755 9/11 EAT THE RICH
>>1041527 When you work manually and your hands and eyes are busy but head empty audiobooks are a godsend.
>>1043341 >Tim Pool has grown to be one of the biggest political commentators on YT screaming internally
>>1043744 this. he deliberately picks the retarded ones like shapiro did with campus libs.
>>1043829 Tim Pool is the biggest political commentator on YouTube though, it's not really a good analogy.
>>1043833 >Maybe he done left hehehe Oh Maupin
>>1043836 >Tim Pool is the biggest political commentator on YouTube This is bullshit...right?
>>1043844 He has like 1.2 million subs.
>>1043849 Fuck sake
>>1043746 hey man we all have guilty pleasures, what am i fuckin lenin
>>1043728 u fucked up ur life lol?
(33.07 KB 403x490 WENEED~1.JPG)
Jump right in to ”the ten things that you did not know about me”. now someone's saying that I'm not a natural redhead, I – Part of me wishes that was the case, but I am definitely a natural redhead umm so there you go Alright. *Ten things you did not know about Caleb Maupin*. Number one: I once won a hundred dollahs for impersonating Elvis Presley. That's right! When I was a student I won a hundred bucks for my Elvis Impersonation. I dressed in the costume, I got a wig and I impersonated Elvis and I won, I won the school talent show. And uh ah, I, I, I... You know, It was a hit, it was on local-access television... ummm aaaannddd errrr... yeah, uh. That was- I was- That was 8th grade and I was... I brought the house down. Uh, Audience participation.... I did errr Elvis and I WON A HUNDRED BUCKS, and that was- that was a big deal, people talked to me about it around town for the next five years of my life iwouldgoeverywhereurrr ”You're that Elvis-guy? You won the contest dressin' as Elvis” and I was like ”I guess, yes I was the Elvis-guy”. I was the Elvis-Guy. I won a hundred bucks. And I actually- It was interesting because my grandmother uhh her minister at her church – she was a lutheran – Her minister... Heh... was eh also an Elvis impersonator, so he actually trained me to be an Elvis-impersonator. Ummm errr So uh I remember I went and umm... I went and sat down with the minister and... My grandmother's minister... and he... you know, he showed me what moves to make, how to shake my knees and the kind of things to do with my voice and the lip and I, I learned to be an Elvis-impersonator from my... my, my grandmother's minister, and that's how I ended up winning a hundred bucks. As an Elvis-impersonator. So there you go. I bet you never guessed that I won a hundred dollars for my Elvis-impersonation. But! That's why I promised you that this is a... This is a ”live” about ”things you did not know about me”. And you didn't know that. Next one! *clicks pen * I spent two weeks at Eagle Butte Reservation. I bet you didn't know that, right? But yes, uh... when I was a high-school student. I went and volunteered at Eagle Butte Reservation. That is a Native American Reservation... Ummm and ... I... I stayed there for two weeks... ''I helped clean out a graveyaaard, I worked in a community-center uhhmm it was quite an experience for me, to spend a lot of time on this reservation... Ummm, and... and uhh, it was quite an experience. It was quite an experience. I had never done that before. Ummm, and it was educational for me and I would see the ”AIM” newspaper for the American Indian Movement like in gas-stations... ummm... and there was kind of a pride in indigenous heritage uh the reservations were very divided, you had native americans that had converted to christianity, you had native americans that practiced indigenous religions... there was a big divide. A lot of Native Americans are in the US military, I didn't know y- I didn't know that. Ummm, errr, but yeah that was an experience for me and I am really glad that I had that experience. So... that was number two. Number 3: I had an uncle who was in Hollywood movies. Bet you didn't know that, but yes... My uncle James, my mother's brother, uhhh he was a- he was a theater-professor in Chicago. And uhh... He had been in a number of movies, he had been in the movie ”A Bridge Too Far” … As an extra... err and he was in a number of Hollywood movies ummm he was in an episode of ”Chicago Story”, which as like a police show and err yeah, he had a lot of errr acting- acting gigs in TV and movies anduh he was kinda my heerow when I was a kid. Rightbecause I lived in a very very small rural area but he lived in CHICAGO – which was this big city. And I would go to his apartment with him and my aunt and I would see- they lived- they- in- in theater, they were in movies and they were livning in Evanston, which is in Chicago aaannnddd WOW! I was just... I was just in AWE of my uncle ummm... and he was, you know, he was in movies and he taught acting classes, he was an acting professor ummm and he actually DIED when I was 11 years old uh he had a heart-condition called marfan's syndrome [sic] umm and he DIED and uhhh and his memorial was very widely attended uhh aaannnddd uh he was a bag-piper uhm he played the bag-pipes umm and he... he... you know, because of his heart-condition, he couldn't ride a normal bicycle umm so he rode a recumbent bicycle and uh he actually biked around the world in his recumbent bicycle ummm, you know, so he was like, well-know as this, this, you know, promoter of recumbent bicycles, those are bicycles where you, instead of having the bars in fron of you, you have the bars behind you. So he was really a go-getter. He was somebody who did a lot of things. Umm and he eventually, you know he died at the age of forty-five, from his heart-condition. But he was kind of my hero, when I was a kid. Err and he was in movies and he was a professor and yeah that was my uncle. Ummm, I really looked up to my uncle. He wore a leather jacket. All the time. Ummm you know, he thought that was very cool. He wore a leather jacket- BUT HE DIDN'T WANT PEOPLE TO THINK HE WAS A RACIST – apparently a lot of biker-guys are. So he wore a leather jacket and he had this- this button with ”racism” crossed out on his leather jacket, so that noone would think that he was a racist. So he wore a leather jacket with this, you know, ”no racism” button on. That was my uhhh- that was my uncle. My uncle James, who dies when I was 11, and he was kind of my hero, so there you go. ALRIGHT! Another thing I bet you didn't know about Caleb: Ummmmmm... That ummm... Hmmm... Which one do I wanna do next? I'm not doing these in any particular order. Ummm... OH! Well, I was given a shotgun when I turned 18. My grandfather- My grandfather... Loved shotguns. And when we would go uhhh visit my grandfather in Missouri, He- We would go shooting clay pidgeons, right, they had this errr this, this like errrr machine, that's like discs youknowyouknowyouknow ceramic discs and you would take the shotgun and you would *Pow * shoot the shotgun. Aaand it was a tradition in my father's family that anytime that you errr that that you turn- that a young man turned 18, my grandfather would give them a shotgun. So I remember that I was 18 and my grandfather gave me a shotgun and I... ha no- I had no desire to own a shotgun, so a soon as my grandfath- as soon as we were gone, I said to my dad… My dad turned to me and said: ”do you want the shotgun?” and I said ”no” and he said ”Ok, I'll get rid of it” and... My... I never- I never actually owned it, like I must've- I guess it was given to me and then my dad got rid of it, but yeah I had no desire to own a shotgun, but yes when I was 18 my grandfather errr made a BIG DEAL og giving me a shotgun, as he gave to almost every young man ummm okay here's one thing I bet you didn't know about me, okay I HAVE A THEORY ABOUT THE WASHINTAHN MONYUMENT. I have a theory. About the Washington monument. Right, now we all know – it's cliché – what does the Washington monument look like? Right? We all know what it looks like. BUT! There's more to that story: Folks who look into the life of George Washington – the father of our country – will know that George Washington's children were all adopted. Why? Because when George Washington was a child he had the measles. And it left him sterile. And George Washington unable to have an erection. Right? GEORGE WASHINGTON WAS UNABLE TO HAVE AN ERECTION So the statue... The Washington monument... Looks a lot like something that George Washington could not do! My theory has always been... That George Washington was... he was old... and he was sitting around in the bar with his friends. And they said: ”George, you have it all. You're the richest man in the 13 colonies... You the riches- you're the first president of the United States. You're the very prominent military leader; but there is one thing that all of us can do, that you cannot do: So when you die – As a joke – We're going to make a statue of THE ONE THING that you
>>1043844 He gets 100 million views a month.
out of curiosity, how educated do you have to be to be as qualified as caleb maupin? his job title is "political analyst", but how do I know he even has the credentials to make comments?
>>1043962 Caleb Maupin's credentials are that he's a dengoid
(63.82 KB 500x333 caleb-maupin1.jpg)
(1.16 MB 1091x581 occupu.PNG)
>>1043930 cannot do”. That's why the Washington monument was built. Now I have no evidence of this, but I find it to be an odd coincidence... That George Washington... Who could not have an erection... His monument looks like a giant erection. It's, it's odd! Thing's like that don't just happen! Right? And noone ever talks about the fact that he was sterile, that he had measles as a child and could not have an erection. So I think, you know- It's supposed to be an Egyptian obelisk, but I have a feeling that it's an inside-joke. That's. my. theory. Right? Put that in pipe and smoke it, I could be completely wrong... definitely not a historian, but I have a feeling, I have a feeling that's what was going on there. *clicks pen * ALLLLLRIGHTYYYY what other things do you not know about Caleb? OH! Here's one: I taught a class of white kids – all white kids - about Kwaanza *dreamworks-face *. When I was a senior in high-school, I was a student-teacher. I was a part of this program they had at my high-school errrr called uhh ”Career Pathways to The Teaching Profession”. Where you got college credit uhhh for, for... Taking a class on education and then you were uh uh a student-teacher, you would assist teachers. Aaannnddd umm- So I was a part of that program! Annd I, I, you know I taught 4th grade. I taught first- first in a 1st grade class, then I taught in a 4th grade class. Ummm, and in the 4th grade class- I was with them, and it was 3 days before uhhh... The holiday. And the teacher had me come up with a lesson-plan. And I said: ”Well why don't I do a lesson on holidays other than Christmas- Other than the christian holiday of christmas”. And she said: ”That's a great idea!”. And so I taught them abouth Chaunakka... and theeeen I taught them about QWUANZAH- and, I will tell you: The st- The- th-th this class full of all white kids – every kid in that class was white – They thought Kwaanza was the coolest thing they had ever heard of. I showed the videos about Kwaanza. We talked about it, I went over it there's like 14 principles of Kwaanza aaannnddduhhh... They thought Kwaanza was really really cool, ummm, they wanted to have a- lika a Kwaanza-party, the Teacher said ”no no no let's not get outta control” but I remember that I had a great time teaching a class of 4th graders, who were all white... about Kwaanza. That was cool. That was one of my coolest experiences ummm and in a wayyy I feel like it was a little bit of activism, because, you know, that was the year I graducated from High-school, It was 2005/2006, right? That school-year. And that was the time when Billo Reilly was having this ”War-on-Christmas”-campaign and if you said ”happy holidays” instead of ”merry Christmas” that was like, this big crime. So to teach these kids about- you know, these kids were all white, and they were all christian, but to let them know that there're other holidays... out there... umm and that... I mean, in a way it was kind of an activist-y thing to do ummm and errr it was kinda fun too I mean the kids thought that Kwaanza was very very very cool umm so there you go um and you know you c- yeah, you can look into the history, right? Kwaanza was started Ron Karenga, Dr. Ron Karenga, who was a black nationalist, he was against the Black Panthers, right? And the FBI kinda used him to attacks some Black Pathers, so Kwaanza itself has a shady past, but a lot of c- you know, revolutionaries who admire black nationalism don't admire Kwaanza because it's associated with this guy who killed Black Panthers. I think Ann Coulter wrote an article called ”Kwaanza: the holiday brought to you by the FBI” There's a whooole... shady history there. But regardless; teaching a class full of 4th graders in my little tiny town about Kwaanza was a great experience and I am really glad that I did it. So there you go. I taught a class of kids who were all white about Kwaanza Alriiight. Alright. How about this one: I don't hold pens correctly.
>>1043983 >Dreamworks-face LMAOOO
>>1043848 >The cucks simping for the police unions Bruh
>>1043930 >>1043983 >>1043969 >>1043966 please explain this fucking meme to me, why are you guys posting like this about that guy from rt all the time
>>1044158 That's the Chairman of the American soviet your talking about there.
(133.66 KB 666x375 caleb.png)
>>1044158 This board really likes to meme on Caleb because he's kinda of a boomer and a bit of a retard in an adorable way. But you also have to realize that he has done a lot of organizing. He has traveled extensively in the Middle East and in Latin America. He was involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement from its early planning stages, and has been involved many struggles for social justice. He has put forward a uniquely American brand of socialism with provocative flair. Even if you don't agree with his vision, Maupin's political imagination and daring demands atttention.
>>1044378 Yeah, people give Caleb a bit of a hard time on here because his videos are a little bit cringe and all that but he's also that Elvis-guy who won $100
>>1044158 It's humor
>>1043848 >>NÏGGER BAD >COP GOOD If that's what you're getting from that post, then you're even more of a retard than the average /r/stupidpol poster.
>>1044158 We need a government of action to fight for working families.
I haven't heard about Findom Earle in quite a while. Findom Earle anon are you alright? Have you gotten over your crush?
>>1044158 He's an admitted booklet and a delusional narcissist who's trying to spread a socially conservative brand of vulgar marxism while making dubious claims about his qualifications.
(379.31 KB 599x616 7u5ru0jxtpv51.png)
>>1044777 Where's the military stand on this situation?
>>1044771 Name his socially conservative positions.
>>1044765 she's not gonna fuck you anon
>>1044771 >socially conservative positions "I haven't read up on transgender issues so I don't have a stance on this" isn't a "socially conservative" position. All you're saying is that he isn't woke enough for your ilk.
>>1044794 Don't crush his dreams
This thread is just kiwifarms
>>1044794 >>1044806 He's talking about the anon who posts about Findom Earle, you illiterate goons
>>1044765 She's a whore, forget her ffs
>>1044781 Considering the military has been untouched ever since the coup, it's probably still commanded by rightoids willing to attempt another coup. MAS leadership better get down to purging it soon.
(116.02 KB 900x600 amused queen.jpg)
Just made a Twitter account to spread Cockshottism and leftypol memes (besides some italian politics). Drop your accounts and i'll follow them
>>1044788 >muh family values >muh Jesus >muh culture >muh nation/patriotism >>1044798 That's not the only one, but he gave a platform to "trans people are idealists" retardation and didn't challenge it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v7bWFFLzUY&t=27m46s Even as someone who's totally ignorant of trans people he should have been able to correct this vulgar and anti-science materialism, but being a theorylet he cannot. Instead he nods along like a retard. And before you say that he's just giving her the ideas their equal time or allowing her to speak, he specifically asked her to talk about the CPGB's position on the issue, because he knew about it in advance and wanted her to express it.
>>1044845 Post your @ comrade
>>1044887 @ilmiticogianni
>>1044878 >familiy values Logical conclusion of the current values leftwingers hold in regards to family. Leftists are all about letting kids not be controlled by their parents, kids getting allowances, and giving as much liberty as possible for kids to develop themselves without the constraint of strict parenthood. Why do we make such a fuss about this family values shit again? Leftists should've never turned that concept into rightwing shit. >Jesus What about him? Can socially liberal people not like Jesus? Even if you aren't religious, Jesus as a historical figure, or to be more accurate what he represents, are characteristics which display great amounts of love for your fellow people, what's so socially conservative about that? >culture There's reactionary culture, yes, however there's nothing about culture itself which is socially conservative, ffs. Why are you acting like such a stereotypical faggot rightwing strawman of what leftists are? >patriotism Your worst point by far, most people I know are patriotic and socially liberal. There's no correlation you can take from love for your nation which is conservative. I think for this point you're just coping you live in an imperialist puppet nation with no real history, like New Zealand or Australia or some shit. Don't project your anti-patriotism onto us.
>>1044895 >kids getting allowances is liberalism run amok You are doing a really shitty job of pretending you're not a wacko conservative tbh
>>1044903 What?
>>1044771 >He's an admitted booklet and a delusional narcissist who's trying to spread a socially conservative brand of vulgar marxism while making dubious claims about his qualifications. Excuse me, sir, that's not what the official record says. Stop spreading lies and slander. Rather than a "booklet" he's "[...] my favorite American correspondent. I met him once. He called me a legend. And I call him one". You also call him a narcissist. This is completely unfounded. Rather, there's documentation that he is a voice, a sage and professor. Maybe you haven't met him yet, but you know he's out there.
>>1044940 Based Maupinposter
Yo check this out, Jason is in da house! >>1043465
(5.06 MB trafficWomen.pdf)
>>1044947 The Origin of the Family is a very good historical materialist text. Gayle Rubin summarizes many of its main points and builds on it to sketch out an anthropology of women in the short article I've attached; check it out if you're interested in what feminism can look like from a materialist rather than bourgeois moralist perspective: >There is no theory which accounts for the oppression of women-- in its endless variety and monotonous similarity, cross-culturally and throughout history-- with anything like the explanatory power of Marxist theory of class oppression. She is also a very methodical thinker, and she does not balk from taking propositions to their logical conclusions. For instance, in the first passage she says >If innate male aggression and dominance are at the root of female oppression, then the feminist program would logically require either the extermination of the offending sex, or else a eugenics project to modify its character. Well, let us hope it doesn't come to that!
>>1044833 There is no pretext after losing an election massively, it's not going to happen.
>>1045012 Come with us sir
>>1044599 You didn't read the comments that were full throating police unions
>>1044878 >Oh no he dissented on radlib identity politics!
>>1043295 I bet Bannon and those weirdo Federal State of China faggots are behind this.
>>1045039 socialism is when you pander to non normative identity groups and the more groups you pander to the closer to socialism you get
>>1045039 More like >why did you randomly bring up trans people in this interview about socialism Conservative idpol is also idpol.
New Joe Rogan episode with Alex Jones. They fact-check Jones throughout this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdVso9FSkmE What are your thoughts on this? A lot of the material that Jones brings up is shown to be credible. Is it true that elites want to merge humanity/get rid of it and such?
(37.06 KB 607x284 bhaskar.PNG)
Surprisingly good opinion by Bhaskar. I'm never sure where to place him, he seems to waffle between championing Kautsky and Lenin.
Tim Pool and his fans are so retarded they make Vaush look like Stephen Hawking. They love to cite isolated incidents being pushed by right-wing media with headlines like "transgender does X", "antifa does X", etc. for the sole purpose of getting clicks and sparking outrage. But if you asked Tim and his goons about a hypothetical headline like "Black Man Kills White Man In Cold Blood" or "White Man Kills Black Man In Cold Blood" they would tell you that these are obviously isolated incidents being used for race baiting. That's how braindead these retards are, they can't put two and two together.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq3n-Zf4-d4 Caleb goes live in two hours
>>1045130 The ideal situation would be if Brother Bernard took the position, secured what he could within the system, and then used the failures as a rallying cry to create an opposition movement. But I think we all know that won't happen.
>>1045102 Motherfuckers like epstein, musk, gates and other transhumanism philanthropy fags are up to some weird shit for sure. But Alex works with glowies and is on their side so whatever he says is a red herring.
>>1045531 Jones does this thing where he mixes real shit with obvious nonsense and causes people to associate the two. When he went on Rogan before he pivoted directly from talking about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments to talking about interdimensional vampire pedophiles.
>>1045531 Proof on Alex being a glowy?
>>1045339 I can't wait. Who knows what great meme will we get out of it
(8.27 KB 294x172 whiteWomanExtinctionButton.jpg)
>>1044947 First I will start with some background. Engels is working within the historical materialist framework; this is developed to a high degree of sophistication in The German Ideology. An essential aspect is delineating the evolution of human societies and social relations by understanding how they influence and are influenced by the production process. Marx: >What is a negro slave? A man of the black race. The one explanation is as good as the other. A Negro is a Negro. He only becomes a slave in certain relations. A cotton spinning jenny is a machine for spinning cotton. It becomes capital only in certain relations. Torn from these relationships it is no more capital than gold in itself is money or sugar is the price of sugar. The analogy as far as the subject of women is concerned is straightforward. >What is a domesticated woman? A female of the species. The one explanation is as good as the other. A woman is a woman. She only becomes a domestic, a wife, a chattel, a playboy bunny, or a prostitute in certain relations. Torn from these relationships, she is no more the helpmate of man than gold itself is money; etc. In the case of the slave, the relationships in question are property relations, much as they are for the wage-laborer in capitalism: it is on account of the willingness of society to enforce these relations that the slave works without compensation, or the wage laborer sells his labor for less than its product goes for at market. What are the relationships that are responsible for the maintenance of the oppression of women? Engels' perspective here is interesting in that it probes this question in far more detail than Marx. Marx wants to contextualize oppressions within the system of labor expropriation and commodity production-- labor is a commodity, it is sold at market like any other, and it is consumed: therefore, labor must be reproduced like any other commodity of the sort. So there must be workers, of a sort, whose task it is to reproduce labor-power as their surplus product. These are the childrearers. But why are the childrearers women? Marx has a funny answer. It is basically circumstance. What is necessary to reproduce the worker is determined in part by biological needs, physical conditions of the environment, and by cultural tradition. So beer is necessary for the reproduction of the English working class and wine is necessary for the reproduction of the French working class-- because of cultural tradition, you see (lol). Let us give the great man his due and at least mention that he calls this by the grander name, "historical and moral element." But into this matter Marx did not delve deep. Engels goes much further. In The Origin, he states >According to the materialistic conception, the determining factor in history is, in the final instance, the production and reproduction of immediate life. This again, is of a twofold character: on the one hand, the production of the means of existence, of food, clothing, and shelter and the tools necessary for that production; on the other side, the production of human beings themselves, the propagation of the species. The social organization under which the people of a particular historical epoch and a particular country live is determined by both kinds of production: by the stage of development of labor on the one hand, and of the family on the other. Engels would like to distinguish economic activity from the activities associated with reproduction, and to do so consistently as a historical materialist he posits that their historically antecedent systems must have been distinct as well. As we have an economic system, i.e. a set of social relations instituted for the transformation of pieces of the natural world into objects fit for human consumption, we have another system, the sex/gender system, constituted of social relations for the satiation of the needs of sexuality and procreation. The important aspect here is that the sex/gender system must yield a solution to the problem of incest; Engels supposes that this is the reason for pairing marriage: >these customary pairings were bound to grow more stable as the gens developed and the classes of “brothers“ and “sisters” between whom marriage was impossible became more numerous. That is not to say that fidelity is demanded; simply that group marriage becomes biologically unworkable. That is the background. But now to your question. This is false: >the expectation of a wife's fidelity to her husband is the beginning of all oppression. Engels does not state this. Actually it does not even say this in the article you read, but maybe it is an easy mistake to make if you are disoriented by the method of historical materialism. What Engels believes is firstly that "mother-right" is the historical antecedent of all sex oppression. The anthropological exotica he uses to illustrate "mother-right" comes from a report about a South American tribe: >They know about their mother, for all the care and responsibility falls upon her, but they have no knowledge of their father; nor does it seem to occur to the woman that she or her children have any claim upon him. Mother-right, then, is matrilineage-- naturally; the kids come out of the mother-- but not male fidelity. Hence each is due that which was produced by their own labor, and Engels does not consider this sex oppression. But private property relations destabilize this: in the primitive division of labor, men accumulate under agriculture and animal cultivation the wealth (herds and food). The man's position in the pair-marriage becomes more important than the woman's, giving him the power to overthrow the traditional order of inheritance dictated by mother-right in favor of his own children. But what good is this revolution if you do not know which of the children are yours? Hence, fidelity of the women must be demanded. >The overthrow of mother-right was the world historical defeat of the female sex. The man took command in the home also; the woman was degraded and reduced to servitude, she became the slave of his lust and a mere instrument for the production of children. To say this is the "beginning of all oppression" is not quite proper-- it wasn't the beginning of class oppression, for instance. But it was a prehistorical revolution whereby men took power over women, so it is conceivable (to Engels) that is was the first oppression. picrel it will be the final historical revolution
>>1045540 All right-wing grifters and conspiracy nuts do this. The point is the merging of truth and fiction. "We do not seek to control content, we seek to create context" is a quote from Metal Gear Solid that perfectly describes this phenomenon.
(241.67 KB 748x868 rexnebular.jpg)
(140.90 KB 800x500 1-Update_11_-_1.jpg)
(52.78 KB 641x315 rex-nebular-2.jpg)
>>1045000 >Well, let us hope it doesn't come to that! Well, if it does, as a man I'm willing to do whatever it required for the revolution and if they still want to get rid of me afterwards, then that's fine too.
>>1045130 Yeah I dunno. I met him once briefly and he was very friendly and had an unpretentious style. Also predicted a Biden victory and this was early 2019, so I get the sense he figured Bernie was a long shot but I guess that's politics, you gotta support your guy.
>>1045702 Also to add, this isn't some postmodern creation. This has been going on since practically the inception of religion. Marx did not call religion the opium of the masses for nothing.
https://www.youtube.com/post/UgzZzwywMfHnt0hHYml4AaABCQ This nigga sééthing about "Muh deep state" and thinking that the US was once a paradise lmao
(116.43 KB 950x776 opiumOfTheMassesMarx.jpg)
>>1045771 marxism is not a series of slogans
>>1043833 I know Maupin will defend China at any point because he's a red capitalist but yes in fact socialism has nothing to do with wealth or income, those things in fact stop existing when you do socialism.
(1.76 MB 300x241 hello there.gif)
>people ITT talking about Alex Jones on Joe Rogan >nobody mentions Glenn Greenwald on Joe Rogan step it up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0rcLsoIKgA
>>1046444 Checked. What is your favorite cartoon?
>>1046426 Ren and Stimpy certainly did not have a messsge
>>1046450 tag yourself
>>1046450 Tove Jansson based Snufkin's character on a Finnish communist called Atos Wirtanen whom she had a short relationship with
>>1045920 >umm ackshually Marx likes religion Please refer to this thread, Christnegro >>1042269
>>1046485 >umm ackshually Marx likes religion didnt say anything close to that you illiterate goon
>>1046487 >Christcuck >calling anyone illiterate
>>1046500 Please consider the possibility that people who are not Christians may view it as vulgar to use Marx as an authority to justify their sophomoric opinions about religion.
>>1045602 Great effort post anon
>>1046510 You don't need to appeal to Marx to recognize religion is cancer. I would love to hear your sophomoric defense of religion.
(93.32 KB 1200x867 EldwKykXgAAbUIN.jpg)
What's with Jimmy's misleading video titles?
Hot take: Vaush crushed Tim Pool better than Badmouse, Muke, or any other breadtuber could have. They would have tried to score points on Tim but Vaush unironically spent 4 hours redpilling Tim's audience and exposing him methodically.
>>1046573 What did he "redpill" him on other than Biden 2020
>>1046551 >"To develop in greater spiritual freedom, a people must break their bondage to their bodily needs—they must cease to be the slaves of the body. They must, above all, have time at their disposal for spiritual creative activity and spiritual enjoyment"
>>1046578 nice opium you got there
>>1046573 This >>1046577 It's not really pushing anyone further left if you're telling them to vote blue no matter who.
>>1046573 Nobody cares but you vaushites. You retards are just propping up new batch of politicians.
>>1046569 It's tough trying to grift right wingers while supposedly remaining a leftist
>>1046551 >I would love to hear your sophomoric defense of religion. The difference between us is that I'm not interested in speaking on matters I haven't bothered to understand.
>>1046789 I hate reddit so goddamn much
>>1044895 Best post in this shithole
(242.09 KB 801x1200 het!.jpg)
>>1047394 His arguments are straight up lies, why do you torture yourself with outright dishonest shitbags?
>>1047830 >What shifts in psychology led to this new attitude in Europe about an unexplored world? lol
>>1047880 The Pope
Does anyone have Socialism or Barbarism's old videos? He deleted his channel a little while ago. I'm specifically looking for his video on nonviolence vs violence.
(20.89 KB 270x360 ElD0fBfWMAM5YoS.jpeg)
(354.60 KB 1536x2048 EhxA-c8XYAA6862.jpeg)
(999.14 KB 3072x4096 EcCqxbTWkAYrriJ.jpeg)
Why did Vaush get away with being a pedo?
>>1048557 His lib fanbase don't care.
(73.91 KB 437x599 che.jpg)
>>1046789 >Argument boils down to 'Stalin was a bad person' >Denies the successes of industrialization because 'he made people not like the ussr'
>>1048557 he's a mini cult leader like many e-celebs
>>1048768 Man I miss the time when there were actual nazis here. It was funner. Nowadays it's just radlibs and this weak shit.
(185.24 KB 1080x1080 WhatComunistReallyWantToDo.jpg)
>>1046165 does anyone still care about glenn greenwald?
>>1048813 your main issues are cartoons, it's clear that you are either literally or mentally twelve
(865.60 KB 1190x1326 e.png)
I respect this guy but what are the odds that one of his editors just took out something unsubstantiated
>>1048845 Greenwald was apparently always a right-libertarian but I guess he's now really running with it
>>1048845 Eh, seems possible. No idea what he is personally like but he certainly seems combative. Maybe an editor just pressed on something being too flimsy and he got upset and decided to leave. Could be that he thinks he could make more money going independent even. He is a co-founder though so I’m not sure what his ownership interests are in The Intercept. In fact I’m genuinely a little confused how editors could tell him what he could and couldn’t publish. Unless it was just the case that the other owners over-rode him.
>>1048850 Is he a rightoid? Tbh, I've never actually read anything he's written. I just know he published Snowden's stuff which is pretty cool.
>>1048845 What is actually The Intercept's political position? I know nothing about them.
>>1048868 He was in the past, I get the sense he is some kind of vague anti-establishment independent now. He obviously defended PT in Brazil, so he is clearly not ideologically driven to oppose social democrats. I think he might just be driven by the desire to get good stories and expose corruption.
>>1048845 Glenn is known for being a drama whore (despite his excellent reporting on Brazil/etc) and the total lack of specifics in terms of the actual content being censored (and how it was censored) makes me skeptical. He even admits he has been planning his own new media venture for months, this could be a way to get extra attention.
>>1045602 >inheritance dictated by mother-right <inheritance before private property
>>1048845 >what are the odds that one of his editors just took out something unsubstantiated decent chance that was the straw that broke the camel's back. he also complains about wokeness from his coworkers, but knowing him who knows how true that is. tbh this huntergate shit is flimsy as hell and i'm disappointed to see people who didn't fall for russiagate eat it up because the MSM won't report on it. like it's not even a bit suspicious that the "leakers" won't release the documents, not even to wikileaks? that all those emails are solely contained on one laptop? that tucker carlson would randomly lose critical files and there be no backup for them? that hunter biden would just have a selfie of him with a crack pipe? but i digress >>1048850 first time i've heard of someone saying this about him. just thought he was an obnoxiously antiwoke socdem. >>1048861 last i read greenwald made like half a mil a year off intercept. i'd be shocked if he could make more money independently. >>1048913 >He even admits he has been planning his own new media venture for months oh ok there it is.
>>1048768 I want healthcare and to kill you. Can i be both?
>>1048845 lma0 get fucked
>>1048967 is that a response to greenwald or to the OP
>>1048972 fuck greenwald he is a cryptoreactionary
>>1048872 generic american progressivism
(98.71 KB 659x402 ElhAa26U0AE9zNA.png)
(410.23 KB 600x593 zizekZootopiaRabbit.png)
>>1048802 >basing your political ideology on the satiation of human need instead of on murdering people who speak out against nonwhite cartoon characters
I don't like Vaush but this is a crazy funny video, this is your average /pol/ schizo https://youtu.be/syscwuKfvB8
>>1049011 Why? Listening to him on Rogan and gotten say he's sounding pretty based.
>>1049265 You know, this is probably an unpopular take here but Vaush is actually a decent debater. He does get a bit dishonest when he's cornered but he does dismantle fools like that pretty effectively. He does have horrible takes in regards to socialism (muh co-ops, muh market, evil tankies) which I think is based on the fact that he doesn't read. All he needs to do is read. Vaush can be a huge asset for us if he drops the radlib shit, and reads proper Leninist theory.
>>1049516 Problem is his personality makes him not motivated to do that kind of thing. He likes the adulation of his audience and he enjoys the spectacle of "owning" people. He is also incredibly self-important. He openly says shit on stream like he hopes that his channel starts a whole new "pragmatic" leftist movement. It is honestly such a massive display of insularity, that he associates his little media brand with some kind of revolutionary shift in the flailing American left, that it is just strange and disconcerting. It feel like looking at a cult, but the cult is like Jerry Spring debating people and then declaring he is helping change the world while his audience throws money at him.
>>1049516 >Vaush is actually a decent debater I don't think anyone disputes that. Its not a good thing if he is rhetorically adept and also wrong about everything because he spreads misinformation in a convincing way. He was a lot more radical when he went by IrishLaddie so that leads me to believe hes actively deceiving people for views. A classic case of shifting to the center to appeal to mass audience for money.
>>1049554 Even worse, he includes his audience in it. He will say "we" when talking about the channel. The whole parasocial development with political streamers is just bizarre. On the Contrapoints stream he talked about how people from his audience send him really personal emails like he is their best friend or something. It's seriously kind of dark shit. Not like it is totally different from people who get obsessed with typical celebrities, but his show and his brand are like this weird proxy for political action. It is like you're spectating somebody telling you that by watching him, political action is occurring.
https://boards.4cha nnel.org/co/thread/118684508#p118688617 REMINDER Organizing raids is a bannable offense. Don't mention leftypol on 4chan. They have permanent brain damage and are un-salvageable.
Edited last time by antious666 on 10/29/2020 (Thu) 23:57:52.
>>1049734 >left >liberalism Sorry TTN but how long have you been coming here. How can you still equate the two as the same. Jesus christ.
(1.11 MB 1280x720 begging.webm)
>>1048872 crypto silicon valley shills, front for piere omidyar
>>1049752 american left is identical to liberalism in practice. the anarchism and street violence is pure window dressing for vooote blooo
>>1049715 Stop mentioning us on their, you dumb fucks. There is a reason we are currently evading DDoS with cloudflare you absolute ape.
>>1049914 on their site*
>>1049265 Goddamn, that /pol/ack is such a fucking retard
>>1041053 Red menace podcast (ran by same dude as RLR but it's about pieces of theory and how they can be applied today) Proles of the round table (rip) invent the future (new PRT project but after how proles fell apart this one just feels like they are constantly not trying to step on eachothers toes because of the retarded drama that happened at the end of prt ((critical support for the brewery btw)) it was dumb id pol shit ) Radical Reflections Revolutions (not explcitly from a leftist perspective i think the guy who runs it is a trot there only half way through the russian revolution but still cool) psychic dolphin garage Srsly wrong (( they are idiots though it will make you dumber unironic utopians its sort of funny thou))
>>1041503 what makes you think anyone on an image board site is socially adjusted
>>1050476 Speak for yourself, fambalam. Unless you mean "get a shit job, wageslave, get a wife, have children, live the rest of your life in debt" means socially adjusted, then fuck no. I was blessed with the gay which absolves me from such a pitiful experience.
>>1041589 i like maupin tbh i think like the memes here are like made by people who dont have the gull to actually put themselves out there like he does and i mostly agree with these takes on him >>1041654 >>1041739 >>1041653 although i disagree with the last anon about china either way its kind retarded and idiotic to hate the guy he is very memeable but like i dont really see it like as that sinister idk i feel like the hate on here for maupin is purely motivated from bad empanada thats the only guy who trully hates him and some rad libs
>>1044878 im sorry caleb isnt attracted to you it sucks when you cant make a man see you as attractive but he is happily married and i hope you find some one who makes you feel as special as he makes us all feel >>1044771 okay go and make your own vids about marxism that are socially progressive but remeber People will be on boards like this one eager to mock you every step of the way not saying you cant do it i believe in you lad
>>1050490 The US needs to be knocked off global hegemon status for many reasons. They don't even believe in climate change and are willing to destroy the planet for short-term profits.
>>1050560 Your Democrats have done virtually nothing to address climate change in the 8 years of the Obama regime. So fuck off back to reddit.
>>1050573 On topic suck Obama's Moderate Republican Dick. His words not mine.
(338.96 KB 629x1203 Xanderhal Death threat2.jpg)
>>1050603 >guy shoots BLM >commits suicide <commies did this you're a retard
>>1050603 >>WE JUST WANT HEALTHCARE MY DUDE, WE DON'T WANT TO KILL YOU! Don't think I've seen anyone say either of those things on here lol
>>1050633 I recognize the 2 from the right, the story of arnold and the pigeonkeeper and the cat and fox running away from the toxic lover in Courage What is the one from the left? Xmen?
Where's the place with all the free TrueAnon eps at?
>>1050490 Consider negative outcomes over time instead of negative outcomes during an arbitrary snapshot in time. How many minorities have to die every year from "natural causes" like lack of healthcare food and housing before its equal to a revolution? If a thousand people die in one year, but it saves a hundred every year in the future for 100 years which is the better option?
>>1050065 He was also big into the libertarian at one time. Keep in mind not all of them agree on the role of the state. I remember a lot of them getting with each other over seatbelts. I also remember him being big into Ron Paul.
>>1050709 this is just copy and pasting the shanny.tools links right?
>>1050065 Grifters going to grift
(10.24 KB 693x56 Clipboard02.jpg)
who are pic related, I see their comments on almost every newer chapo related video, always shilling the same vid
>midwest traphouse doing the "haha hunter's just another epic failson like us bros" schtick lol
>>1051152 She's absolutely right, you know?
>>1051152 At 2:17 she said, that white teachers in Vietnam earn more money than non-white teachers. My question: Why do the vietnamese prefer white teachers? Why do the vietnamese enable white privilege?
>>1051230 I like Luna, but this is just embarrassing. She made a 3-part series on Dialectical Materialism, so she be knowing better than this
>>1043069 rick is hispanic lol
>>1043099 cringe natalist
>>1051269 In this case, it's probably because Westerners speak better English than the native Vietnamese.
>White supremacy >In Vietnam Lol
>>1051486 Which means Beth, Morty, and Summer are too
>>1043069 Lel, I never noticed until now, but Rick has olive skin like a greek or a turk. RICK ISN'T WHITE
>>1051601 He's grey because he's old, you dunce
>>1042928 I hope they realize that for UBI to work at all you need rent and price controls in place
>>1048614 It’s also false when taking into account that even historians who are Anti-Communist in their slant like fucking Robert Conquest and so on Admit that the industrial revolution under Stalin was literally the most important factor in the USSR winning WW2 (Something that even these guys own dumb reddit mod seems to imply) And secondly the claim that stalins policies caused people to not like the USSR. This is also false considering this was during the middle of the Great Depression and one of the actual tactics used by a lot of communist parties at the time was to just make posters out of GDP reports showing the Soviet line going UP UP UP while everything else went down
(35.31 KB 920x512 OldMan1.png)
>>1051694 old people don't have that skin-tone in Rick and Morty Rick is olive-skinned
Interesting video: https://youtu.be/mER4bNX_DkQ
(158.81 KB 592x538 blowback.png)
BLOWBACK SEASON 2 ABOUT CUBA LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO https://twitter.com/deep_beige/status/1322004748208377856
>>1052389 >Wow this looks coo- <podcast dropped
>>1052503 I get that some people just don't like podcasts at all no matter what it is, but their first season (about the Iraq war) was really really good.
>>1051601 >olive skin like a greek or a turk. Greeks aren't white?
>>1052525 Greece was raped by Turkey and most show negro or mongoloid features now.
>>1052529 well hello there
>>1052533 >/pol/ It's a fact. Turks raped Greeks and most Turks are black or central asian.
>>1052525 >Greeks aren't white? Yes they are. Wouldn't be surprised if burgers think they somehow aren't though. I've heard burgers say italians are non-white/"PoC". It's also very strange how they seem to think anyone whose native language is spanish is "PoC".
>>1052487 what is the point?
>>1052535 Turks are black?
>>1052586 Not "black" I suppose. I worded that wrong. What I mean is that many Turks have African ancestry.
>>1052540 >It's also very strange how they seem to think anyone whose native language is spanish is "PoC". Because it's not the '50s anymore and being considered "white" doesn't have the cultural/socioeconomic cachet that it used to, leading to this "I'm not white because the Irish weren't considered white in 1860, checkmate, racists" shit.
(47.06 KB 856x835 fingol.png)
>>1052594 >leading to this "I'm not white because the Irish weren't considered white in 1860, checkmate, racists" shit. maybe I should start doing this because my father was bullied for being a Finnish immigrant in Sweden in the 70's.
>>1052606 Us Swedes used to be brutal towards Finnish immigrants back in the days. Pekka med kniven used to be a pretty big meme.
>>1052590 >Not "black" I suppose. I worded that wrong. What I mean is that many Turks have African ancestry. Europeans have more african ancestry than turks of the time
>>1052612 >Pekka med kniven used to be a pretty big meme. Yeah I know. Tbh it's hilarious to imagine people being afraid of Kniv-Pekka of all things.
>>1052623 Turk African ancestry is more recent since they settled down in Turkey earlier so more noticeable.
>>1052629 >earlier *more recently
>>1051502 Nah, it happens in China and other Asian countries too. My cousin had a degree in English from some posh university and a Slovenian guy with a thick accent got the job over him because parents reflexively trust a Caucasian to teach a Western language better. East Asia really got cucked by imperialism and there's still some holdovers of that kind of thinking. t. Asian
https://youtu.be/WroTeC-nBZM Opinions on that? I'd say one of the best Caleb videos
>>1052813 Is it cringe?
>>1052813 I love this guy and his autism
>>1052590 >What I mean is that many Turks have African ancestry. lmao what? i thought they were mostly west/central asian.
>>1052822 Everything Caleb Maupin is cringe.
>>1052971 Dude literally looks like weed sprout. Weed not even once.
>>1052971 What does that even mean
>>1052813 Caleb Maupin is a widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst. He has traveled extensively in the Middle East and in Latin America. He was involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement from its early planning stages, and has been involved many struggles for social justice. He is an outspoken advocate of international friendship and cooperation, as well 21st Century Socialism.
DO YOU HATE CALEB MAUPIN ? WELL, FUCK YOU I'm sorry but this is so angering when a bunch of angsty rebellious teenages go around spitting on this dude just because he talks in a "silly" or "funny" way. I don't care about his opinion on China, I don't care if he didn't sperg out when someone mentions "trans-ideology" when talking to him, I don't care if talks to based retard Dugin, I don't care if he says some bullshit about the Washington monument from time to time. This dude has traveled the world and he has helped actual working people, I don't think anyone on this thread who criticized him has done this: he and his group prevented a working single-mother from getting evicted from the building she rented. Who the fuck in this thread has done that? He doesn't fear going out protesting in the street while you fucking crypto-leftcom uighurs stay here masturbating and crying about "muh looters". He doesn't fear speaking out for oppressed people and nations, he doesn't fear showing his ideas to the public. He is currently building a new organization to help the working class movement in the US, WHO THE FUCK IN THIS THREAD HAS DONE THAT? >inb4 muh it will lead to nothing So what? Tell us why, fuckhead, and instead of whining like a little bitch go give him advice on how to make his organisation successful. You won't actually do that, because you are a massive little bitch who think he is smarter than everyone else. Go fuck yourself and suck Caleb's dick and jerk off mine as well. That would be a better purpose for your mouth and hands instead of putting out such useless bullshit.
>>1053068 Is this copypasta? If not, it should be.
>>1053068 I love you GRU.
>>1053068 Trying too hard
>>1053068 >immune from criticism because you do basic charity No, fuck you.
>>1053099 Loser
>>1053068 Yes, this is my new ideology.
>>1048541 You know there's leaked nudes of her and peter right? Can't find them myself, think they're still on my PC somewhere.
>>1053123 How far gone do you have to be to want watching Peter Coffin fuck?
>>1053132 I thought peter's videos would be good ammo, but wanted ashleigh's for the coom.
>>1053150 Don't you get a little discouraged from having Peter in your Ashleigh?
Speaking of Ashleigh, she's streaming right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wuy2Rf2Qzr8
>>1053199 Fuck off
>>1053206 Make me :3
(100.80 KB 1125x1035 EivSNmTXsAEDnAK.jpg)
>>1053199 That's not Ashleigh
>>1053225 Oh yeah, my bad, thought it was going by her profile pic
(5.59 MB 766x418 greetings from leftypol.mp4)
>>1053199 Check this out :D
>>1053261 tell her i like her boobs
>>1053261 I think Ashleigh would post here if she knew about this place
>>1053294 I think Ashleigh would avoid this space because of the creeps honestly.
>>1053311 Seriously they make me want to give them all wedgies and shove their heads in the toilet
>>1053311 She likes to upload semi-pornographic images of herself. I don't think that she has a problem with creeps.
>>1053322 I mostly wish that they will get a well-endowed girlfriend so they can have sex and shut up about mammary glands for a second. >>1053329 Even people who upload sem-pornographic images of themselves have a problem with creeps, believe it or not.
>>1053335 I wish they would at least choose a more attractive woman to constantly simp over. It's just pathetic to watch, I really mean that.
>>1052586 Insert KARA BOGA copypasta here
(462.51 KB 763x590 kek3.png)
>>1053329 Well, about that
(107.08 KB 541x941 Vaushites.JPG)
>>1053068 Thank you for this
>>1053476 Is a push up bra and a bunch of hair extensions all I takes for you virgins to simp.
>>1043930 >ALRIGHT! Another thing I bet you didn't know about Caleb: Ummmmmm... That ummm... Hmmm... Which one do I wanna do next? I'm not doing these in any particular order. Ummm... OH! Well, I was given a shotgun when I turned 18. My grandfather- My grandfather... Loved shotguns. Reminder to think twice when you have the idea of downvoting Maupin's content. >I had no desire to own a shotgun, so a soon as my grandfath- as soon as we were gone, I said to my dad… My dad turned to me and said: ”do you want the shotgun?” and I said ”no” and he said ”Ok, I'll get rid of it” and... My... I never- I never actually owned it Read between the lines. Maupin is already anticipating the police watching his videos after the mysterious disappearance of some haters.
>>1053068 Based.
>>1053497 Based af


no cookies?