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(873.78 KB 3537x3335 IMG_20200405_235750.jpg)
Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 16:13:05 No. 873303
>DSA ares feds >SRA are feds >CPUSA are feds >Redneck Revolt are feds I get that it is very likely there are indeed feds(I think some of the ones I mentioned are actually especially bad) in these orgs but I mean if we dissolved every org if a fed got in them we would never have orgs at all, I do unironically think part of the reason is people not wanting to join orgs so they convince themselves all of them are filled with feds and sectarianism where every org that isn't 100 align with them but be some nefarious evil controlled oppostion as that's easier to believe than leftists being dumb I guess what I want to know is if fed infiltration is inevitable why be so hostile to forming/joining orgs?
People who say entire political parties of people are feds, are feds.
There are feds on this board. Honestly just don't worry, because yeah it's inevitable and if you're posting here you're probably already on a list.
>>873303 Yes we control each and everyone of them. Your best bet is to stay home and read Bordiga.
>>873330 I maybe a little harsh But like seeing people say "every org is a fed" and cobtribute literally noyhing else just reeks of finding an excuse to be lazy >fed control them That's very bad but I do think people massively overstate the amount of fed influence in these orgs
>>873330 >Don't join any orgs bro they're all feds
>>873303 use leaderless resistance
>>873330 Matthew your shift is over
Hey everyone. Reminder, don't join any organizations. Just riot and protest liberal shit, instead.
>>873303 >DSA ares feds Nah, and probably not a lot of feds in the org either given how liberal it is. Probably a case of glowie brain worms becoming self-sustaining. But it's decentralized enough that some chapters or caucuses are not completely retarded. >SRA are feds Based on what? >CPUSA are feds There's actual reasons people think this, which is the history of the org being infiltrated to comical levels, something like half the members being informants. People asserting it "got better" are delusional and don't understand that at a certain point an org can be too compromised and just needs to be scrapped. >Redneck Revolt are feds Based on what? One of the leaders got MeToo'd which suggests the feds regard them as a threat.
I mean your choice is really between hanging out in IRL orgs filled with friendly undercover feds and hanging out an an Albanian concrete enthusiast forum arguing with unfriendly undercover feds.
All groups in real life are feds and always will be. Just wait for capitalism to collapse it’s inevitable
Why not infiltrate the feds with communists?
Hitler was a fed
>>873366 >DSA I just see the claim thrown away a lot Weitd how they get called Libs despite being anti Biden >SRA they had a massive leak which made people sus so all people in it were leaked >Cpusa Yeah I know the history >RR Can't recall from the top of my word seen the claim a lot
>>873391 >Weitd how they get called Libs despite being anti Biden They are full of retarded shitters but there are also people who are not retarded. It's not about vooting. It's about woke idpol shit derailing procedure. >they had a massive leak which made people sus so all people in it were leaked Fair enough, that's kind of suspicious. >Can't recall from the top of my word seen the claim a lot You will see the claim about literally anybody. If it's not substantiated ignore it.
>>873388 the nihilists did this lol
Every org in Usa has feds in it, hell even the Bolsheviks were chock full of Okhrana at one time. No org is 100% clean.
ive been thinking about making a communist christian group. if we get christfags to act like socialist christ himself we would have a lot of burgers on our side. Im not religious but i was raised it and can fake it.
Amazing how the eternally online bunkerchanlet sees government agencies attacking orgs and concludes that all of the later are feds as if it was any secret that the American government has actively targeted leftist organizations for decades. Guess actually doing some organizing takes a little too much effort compared to fapping to riots and dead cops
I used to be in Redneck Revolt, that organization is now basically defunct save for a few chapters. The leadership was shit and was ran by an abuser who probably took dues money for personal reasons. Look into COAL if you give a shit about the armed left.
>>873480 Got a link to COAL?
>>873469 >if we get christfags to act like socialist christ himself we would have a lot of burgers on our side Burgers don't actually care about Jesus or the teachings of Jesus except as an empty symbol.
>>873506 Yes we do
>>873469 Do it Comrade, I'd join.
>>873498 Check any social media like normiebook or Twitter. The website is still WIP
>>873453 Yeah people like to overstate it >>873476 Lmao
Where ever two comrades come together there is the revolution
(86.60 KB 801x464 karl-marx-ageing.jpg)
Poor Children, How did you not notice it all from the start? Missing the forest for the trees, always pointing at eachother. Meanwhile I was a fed from the start. Yes, I, Karl Marx, am an actual Fed, I got recruited by Engels. His father had connection with the German State police, It seems their plan worked out from the start.
SRA and Redneck Revolt are not glow ops. SRA data is out in the open because they are incompetent, not because they're a honeypot. Moreover, considering how long these associations have been around now, you would actually see some glowie activity.
>>873568 It's over, shut it down.
>>873559 Especially if they fuck
(40.13 KB 1280x720 pepe laugh tears.jpg)
DSA might have the least amount of feds because of the progressive stack shit that the feds designed anyway. the feds probably don't have to do anything for it to eat itself. even if there are no actual feds in the DSA, it's still fed as fuck.
>>873700 Idk their leadership is shadowy as fuck. There are enough genuine people in the rank and file but it's easy to imagine a lot of higher ups are feds. Them refusing to host Adolph Reed on account of some unnamed "Afrosoc" caucus is suspect as fuck
>>873656 is this based mr. deeds or some schlock sandler made after?
>>873748 Sandler has literally always made schlock.
>>873748 >>873769 Click and uncut gems were p good movies
>>873728 I know one of the leaders. 👁️ 👁️
>>873779 Punch Drunk Love and Funny People are pretty good too, hell ill even say The Wedding Singer is okay
>>873388 This Join the FBI, convert the glowies to communism
>>873303 marx was a fed too
>>873827 yes yes yes do this
Am I the only one who feels NABPP is hard to infiltrate because they where born in prision? anyways if you wanna make sure your org isn't infiltrated make your own and make it underground that seems to be the only way to avoid feds
>>873951 They have chapters outside prison too. If anything a party born in prison is more likely to get infiltrated because prisoners have no rights and no way to counter what the guards blackmail them with.
>>873303 it's not about the very presence of feds, it's rooting them out when they get activated and start doing entrapment shit or outright wrecking. if a guy suddenly starts talking about bombing bridges and "who wants to do it with me????" or turns up the idpol to 11 you can be pretty sure they are a fed.
>>873961 nah I meant because they where born under constant surveilance they might be able to subvert it more effectively I imagine if they where infiltrated they would've been erradicated already too
>>873913 this is unironically true. the new york tribune was linked to intelligence.
>I guess what I want to know is if fed infiltration is inevitable why be so hostile to forming/joining orgs? It's not. You have to be pragmatic and smart if you want to stay on the side of the law and accept that rats for the system are always looking to fuck you over. Even if they agree with you, they're more concerned with the benefits the system gives them than any sort of idealism or what has "worked" in other parts of the globe because socialist ideals and how they're put into practice throughout history are an anathema to American ways of thinking and the way of life. Every fed, even if they could be swayed by reason or emotion, their first loyalty is to the state and protect it against everything their paymasters perceive as a threat. They're not interested in your revolution and be more than happy to crush it if given the go ahead. However, if you're not afraid to do counter-intelligence against them, find out who they are and expose them, they're more than likely going to crush your organization through direct force if it comes to that, but at least you caught them red-handed and embarrassed them in front of their paymasters.
An organization having feds is literally a good reason to join it. It means that they are competent and legitimately dangerous.
>>873913 And Hegel was literally payed to justify the Prussian monarchy. How deep does the rabbit hole goes?
>>873366 >There's actual reasons people think this, which is the history of the org being infiltrated to comical levels, something like half the members being informants. People asserting it "got better" are delusional and don't understand that at a certain point an org can be too compromised and just needs to be scrapped. There's never been a point in our history where half our membership were feds. Even at the height of infiltration during the cold war, feds made up something close to a 1/10th of active members, which we could mostly sniff out because their dues would always be paid on time.
>>873366 >rape allegations are just feds trying to divide the left are you trying to scare women away from organising or are you just retarded?
>>873338 If you don't understand how easy it is for Feds to exploit latent feminist sympathies to break up groups with fake rape accusations then you're not smart enough to run a successful party. They can even get a honeypot in there to have consensual sex with a target and then claim rape afterwards. If you think I'm joking, the Feds have literally been caught using undercover agents to outright MARRY eco-anarchist terrorists in order to get them to mellow out and stop plotting shit (they divorce after a couple months to also send their target into a depressive spiral to finish the job). The glowies will stop at nothing to consensus crack, destroy, subvert, and bribe their opposition out of existence.
>>875616 Now I understand why orgs are so serious about not dating other members lmfao
>>875095 Lenin was a German agent sent to Petrograd to destabilize the Russian government.
>>873303 The two explicitly religious socialist organisations I can think of are the people's temple and the Mujahedin-e Khalq, going by their track records, this isn't a good idea
>>875136 >only women get raped wew check those patriarchal assumptions at the door shitlord >>875616 Also we now have it on record that the FBI threatened to MeToo MLK back in the day.
(51.40 KB 820x547 254054-mek.jpg)
(42.94 KB 590x350 DyrLJ_SXQAEZtQZ.jpg)
(131.88 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault-1.jpg)
>>875890 im sorry being an gutless opportunist is frecking epic
>>873303 Lazy internet tankies don't want to accept the idea that "the big worker party of which they would be the vanguard" is finished so they accuse exogenous elements like feds. That also absolve them of doing nothing of value to the cause in real life.
>>873780 some people need to get liquidated i hope you understand now give me his information
>>873303 You sound like a fed anon
>>873303 Seems that the solution is to join en masse then, to dilute the fed presence. No?
>>875616 take homopill is the only solution
>>873388 Massive brain take tbh
>>873469 Do it. You could take inspiration from what socialist Christian groups like the Sandinistas and PSUV have/are doing
I find it odd it's not more common knowledge there likely would ne more power in infiltrated feds than fed infiltrated little groups.
>>875891 Fuck off
>>881682 But CIA is full of homos. Just look at The Rat.
>>873303 How to tell if your talking to a fed: Do they shit talk, or actively discouraged behavior that supports your community? Behavior that builds solidarity with others? Are they against unions? Then you're probably talking to a fed. A fed would definitely want to convince people not to join the orgs because it's full of feds, supposedly; itself an unfalsifiable claim. Join your orgs. Join the CPUSA and join the IWW. Imagine how things would have been when covid hit if we had members numbering I'm the millions.
>>873375 You realize the collapse isn't our goal as Communists right?
imagine being a fed and having to regularly attend DSA meetings
feds dont even exist
Simply inform feds that they need to announce their intelligence agency privilege before speaking at DSA meetings.
>>882310 sounds incredibly cushy and easy
>>882312 this. but also everyone is a fed.


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