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(34.32 KB 593x290 dprk sony.jpg)
Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 06:25:12 No. 872528
So how good are North Korea hackers, really? We know they can basically make a toy out of South Korean military cybersecurity and are capable of targeting corporations in America. They are also able to steal hundreds of millions scot-free through banking schemes to assist in funding. Are they really a global threat in this capacity? Are they better than the Russians? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bureau_121
Glow in the dark
capabilities exaggerated by the media
>>872531 Fucken based
>>872707 how? this is just for educational purposes. take your meds
The DPRK tech is not that good.
>>872531 best praxis, fcking based
(460.87 KB 647x689 2fb.jpg)
>>872528 This is you right now
>>872818 it's a fucking thread about a team of hackers operating from the dprk, how is this glowieposting in anyway you schizo????
According to the posters of /dprk/, the Juche supersoldiers can't do propagandizing through social media, so can they actually hack anything wherever? Also, is there proof that these were because of hackers of the DPRK?
>>872861 Watch the thread die out and drop off now that glowanon got doubted on.
Supreme Leader Kim is looking for college degree defectors. You too, can fight for the Juche ideal.
>>872531 100% praxis
Does the DPRK even get addresses? How does one know the attacks come from there? Glowie sources aren't reliable.
Post that pictures of the transfer students to Juche college again, someone. this thread has been hijacked by the URA, divert the destination to wholesome posts of the DPRK
>>872531 Absolutely nothing wrong here. Robin Hood hacking.
Why tf is everyone saying glowie? Hacking western countries is based
>>872861 >Steal money blame the dprk Could be


no cookies?