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(20.52 KB 445x267 gaddafi-jacob-zuma-007.jpg)
ok lets settle this one and for all Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 23:11:41 No. 871660
>>was pic related based? >>what was his biggest mistake? >>could he have survived? >>what if he actually unified africa and its currency? Since his death libya became ancapistan2.0 is there an alternative?
>>871660 >was pic related based? He was alright. A lot of the stuff parroted about what he supposedly did for Libya is bullshit. He was anti-imperialist. Beggars can't be choosers, so let's say he was an ally. >what was his biggest mistake? Not finishing the nuclear weapons program. >could he have survived? If he made nukes >what if he actually unified africa and its currency? Cold War 2.0 starts early
>>871666 Those female gaurds he has though 8.5/10
>>871667 He had a nuclear program?!
>>871668 >Nukes aren't real Pic related disagrees. >>871673 Yes, he abandoned it as a peace measure with the West. Look where that gets you. >>871671 Notice how none of this is sourced. As I said in my other post, a lot of the positive things parroted in his favor are bullshit. Try and find a source for 4 or 6, for instance. A lot of these things were simply on paper and never implemented.
1. He was definitely based 2. Not purging the army I suppose (maybe he did but it wasn't enough). Also not following through with the nukes ofc 3. Yes, but if he had done the previous answer 4. Africa becomes a target of joint American-France Operation Condor-esque attacks
>>871671 Ah yes the man made river that got bombed by the us Whcat could have become
>>871675 Given Parenti's history I tend to accept him as a reliable source as everything else he's said is easily verifiable.
>>871678 Well I'm disputing it. He gives no sources (unlike how he does in Blackshirts & Reds, for instance, for pretty much every claim made). Some are more believable, like #1. Libya was an oil exporter so it's not unthinkable a socialist-oriented government would give cheap or free electricity. Some of the others I have been able to find zero corroboration for and I suspect Parenti literally just reposted a pro-Gaddafi copypasta he saw on Facebook. Don't take his word for gospel.
>>871660 I lived in libya Seeing how it was before the revolution and now all i can say is fuck the us and israel
>>871681 Fair response, I'll admit I haven't sought to verify these specific claims.
>>871660 >Was he based? Yep >Biggest mistake? Trusting Italy too much >Could he have survived? Depends, he should have planned for that shit at least since 2009, then he could have had a chance.
>>871668 Are there people who think nukes aren't real?
>>871730 How did they pay off everyone in Nagasaki and Hiroshima to say it was real?
>>871660 >>what was his biggest mistake? Gaddafi was killed by IDPOL. Why? He thought that a black man wouldn't want to kill him.
>>871748 Kek im gonna use this
>>871751 No they just told them that if they dont faked they will throw herrman goring on hiroshima and nagaski woch is 10 times worst than anuke
>>871771 Did you have a stroke?
(22.52 KB 336x336 adbesp9ze6151.jpg)
Did you have noticed, how many threads we get lately about Gaddafi and arab socialism? This is a quite recent trend in the history of /leftypol/ and I believe this is the result of a specific person.
>>871803 Maybe because of recent events? Like the uae-israel agreement
Just another opportunist who gave the masses stuff to solidify his rule, rather than through any deep ideological commitment. Defend his rape "harem", please.
>>871882 After you stop beating your wife
>>871888 Gaddafi was a liberal at best, you can take off the ideological blinders now.
>>871660 He was pretty based for an african dictator, but still a bizarre third positionist. In any case, he was certainly better than whatever shithole Libya has become now.
>>871882 >Defend his rape "harem", please. Where is proofs? And how would that constitute a systemic view of Libya under Gaddafi? Unless he was literally ordering other people to rape, one man having a rape harem has very little relative effect on a country, unironically
>>871882 >"Defend his rape harem, please" >implying there is anything wrong with a rape harem I want a rape harem filled with thicc bitches and an cute traps
Wait, parenti doesn't believe in nukes wtf?
He's an eccentric weirdo like Hoxha. Did some good, did some bad. Bad things including https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_Am_Flight_103 And other shit like that making him completely toxic to the west. Why the fuck can't these dictators just not do this shit.
>>872764 I you finally get it dont forget to give me a hot thin trap femboy to fuck all night
>>872795 Glow elsewhere
>>872795 my favriout covid related post was a brit posting how many people a day died in terms of lockerbie bombings. It was a little graph with planes representing 270 people each
https://www.jurist.org/news/2012/09/hrw-bush-administration-engaged-in-torture-rendition-of-gaddafi-opponents/ Fucking BASED Bush administration building True Arab Socialism by collaborating with Gaddafi to torture dissidents and opponents of American imperialism! https://merip.org/2007/12/rogue-libyas-long-road/ >On May 15, 2006, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced that the United States would soon open an embassy in Libya, long classified by Washington as an inveterate “rogue state.” This move came, she said, “in recognition of…the excellent cooperation Libya has provided to the United States…in response to common global threats faced by the civilized world since September 11, 2001.” Holy Shit BASED Socialism With Neocon Characteristics!!!1 Condoleeza Rice Secret Communist Supporter???
>>871688 >Trusting Italy too much Explain? I didn't know the pasta boys were much involved.
>>871882 >Just another opportunist who gave the masses stuff to solidify his rule, rather than through any deep ideological commitment. Literally who cares. If you think what was "in his heart" is more important than what he actually did you're an idealist retard.
read a bit of the green book and watched some of his interviews, I find him a very well meaning person and that his ideology of Islamic socialism fit very well for libya and his ideas of unifying the African and arab world was also fantastic, shame he got bombed and overthrown, if only he kept his nukes.
>>873033 one of my fave quotes from him that I use often: "There is no distinctions between islam and socialism, they could be considered one and the same, there is no contradictions between them" Or something like that if I remember correctly, very based
>yes >Give too much batina withouth the support of another superpower (since Russia was in their courtship of the west phase) >Yes, with some guarantees from the exterior or with nuclear weapons >He would have my heart and a shrine in my house.
>>872795 >And other shit like that making him completely toxic to the west. yea like trying to make a new panafrican currency so the petrodollar gets removed. think before you post.
(11.91 MB Parenti on Cuba.mp4)
>>871882 >who gave the masses stuff to solidify his rule, rather than through any deep ideological commitment Yeah fuck this guy who made actual material improvements in the lives of the proletariat, he's not a real communist like me, who has read everything written by Marx and Lenin while sitting in my chair and posting on an Albanian wheat and concrete enthusiast forum.


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