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redpill me on dresden Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 20:37:38 No. 871190
How do /pol/lacks bring up the bombing of this nazihole As if it was somehow compared to the holocaust and the eastern front? many people even on the left are starting to swallow thier bullshit. Is the german government willing to do any thing about the yearly nazi march in dresden?
>>871190 Because they're nazis and think the Third Reich dindu nuffin. Every side makes apologetics for its crimes and points out vociferously crimes made against it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clWVfASJ7dc <Dresden, A Justifiable Target <Potential History >8:05
>>871190 Can somebody paint a wehraboo wojak praising the luftwaffe bombing then cry at arthur bombing dresden? Thanks
>>871207 This, and also some Germans want to play victim like Japan and say it was a War of Defence because Dresden and muhhh only the SS was bad, the Wehrmacht were just following orders
(671.68 KB 1214x965 (you).png)
>>871229 >cry at arthur bombing dresden done
>>871190 Dresden was a legitimate target and the strategic bombing campaigns managed to divert an equivalent of around one million men from the frontline if you count the men having to make munitions spent defending against it. If Nazi germany didn't want to reap the whirlwind they shouldn't have sowed the winds.
(25.89 KB 498x498 2c8.jpg)
>>871237 Do it again bomber Harris
>>871190 >many people even on the left are starting to swallow thier bullshit. >leftypol unironically anti german celebrating some british "sir" faggot please come cry at me again how i unjustly shit on this place
>>871237 Do it again bomber harris.
>>871230 Yes but they are using the tragedy of dresden to paint some "historeh is written by da victorz. Now say gommunism bad 1000 times .this episode of nazees werent bad number 2585379 wad brought to you by some porky company" bullshit
>>871237 Is he /ourguy/?
>>871253 >nooooooo you can't just joke about about dead nazis on this leftist board
>>871237 Do it again
(300.30 KB 1280x670 1597413327640.jpg)
>>871253 butthurt
(13.03 KB 259x195 index.jpg)
>>871259 >yes you can totally celebrate british sirs targeting civilians with fire bombs on a "leftist" board you guys are just nazi larpers, nothing else, zionism faggots
>>871190 >>Is the german government willing to do any thing about the yearly nazi march in dresden? THE WHAT?
The British knew Dresden was going to fall under the Soviet occupation zone and flattened the city as a way to show they were "helping" the Soviet advance but also to throw their weight around, demonstrating British air power to the USSR as a way to muscle in as an equal to the Americans on the post-war negotiating table. I think "Bomber Harris Do It Again" memes are an antideutsch pathology.
>>871283 East Germany is a wild place anon
>>871286 ssssh, stop spoiling the fun
>>871275 No fuck zionism and fuck israel Every day that we dont turn nut and yahho house to a second dresden is a ruined day
>>871289 Explain
>>871296 Dude. ULTRA BASED
>>871286 it's just to trigger the nazi who have such a soft spots for dresden
(107.16 KB 1342x900 nir4sqtyk5841.jpg)
>>871286 We're just joking around, it triggers Fashoids to no end.
>>871299 They eat their kebab with eggplant
(67.50 KB 800x516 churchill-raf.jpg)
>>871291 It was also very Churchill. Look up the Iraqi revolt of 1920. "The power of an air force is terrific when there is nothing to oppose it." There were domestic inter-service rivalries and industrial considerations to consider as well in the form of a "bomber lobby" -- of which Churchill was a powerful ally. To justify building bombers there is a need to justify that strategic bombing is effective, and this ties in with the Royal Air Force also needing to justify its existence as an independent service branch since long-range bombers -- as opposed to shorter-range bombers that support troops on the battlefield like flying artillery -- is the main thing air forces use to justify organizational independence. A similar thing happened in the U.S. in the war with Japan and the use of firebombing.
>>871311 Bu..but icant be triggered im alpha and redbilled hecking commies and gubermint putting uighurs in our video games and my little pony
>>871286 While we're at it, the "Burn it again Uncle Billy" memes about Sherman are liberal anti-poor memes that play on regional conflicts. If Sherman actually gave a shit he would have killed the slave owners instead of burning the productive forces.
>>871380 >noooooooooooo you can't blame them for being reactionaries because they're poor!!!!!
>redpill me You get the wall too faggot.
>>871436 I meant redpill as in communistpill
>>871416 >t. never been poor You can't blame a group without access to education for being unaware of what's in their best interests, as a former literal peasant I can tell you that it's easy to fall down the wrong path in trying to build a better life for yourself when the ruling class has kept you and your people in the dark.
>>871449 Alright, a couple months in the gulag.
>>871416 >you can't blame the poor unironically yes, the poor are denied self improvement
>>871380 retard he was ending the war sooner by lowering their ability to fight, akin to strategic bombing and sabotage which all armies engage in.
>>871450 >>871454 this kind of patronizing attitude is exactly what people criticize in self-proclaimed militants
(485.67 KB 844x956 87235hgfjhhq358.jpg)
>>871467 Dismissing the attitudes of the most exploited isn't patronizing? If you can't be bothered to learn why the poorest act and think the way they do then you're never going to generate a useful analysis. If you're petty bourgeois and you genuinely want to understand their plight then I'm more than willing to answer what questions you have, and to ask my own as well. But if you don't care to understand the struggle at the lowest levels then you're as much my enemy as the ruling class who carry the exact same attitude.
>>871485 i dismiss the attitudes of reactionaries. please miss me with the holier (or rather poorer) than thou demeanour.
>>871504 It's not a moral high ground, that ain't me. It's in my interest to be against those who would oppose the most exploited rather than understand and help them. I don't claim to be more communist because I grew up poor, but I do have access to a perspective you lack, as you to a perspective I lack. If your attitude is fuck the poor then why wouldn't you be my enemy? It's certainly not good for my interest to be your friend.
>>871520 Additionally, the poorest of the population were the backbone of every successful revolution.
>>871520 >If your attitude is fuck the poor yes, that's obviously my attitude since i don't deny them agency
>>871532 Then you'll get the wall just the same. Not even being vile on purpose, you're just being counterrevolutionary with this attitude of assuming the poorest actually do have any agency when everything else has been stripped from them. You act on what you think will improve your condition, now if you wanna be useful then help the poorest to understand what is in their interest. Otherwise you're a problem and you ought to be dealt with. This isn't complicated, the poorest are the one's most desperate for revolution and they need only understand that.
>>871555 oh we've arrived at infantile power fantasies about dissidents getting the wall. i think we're done.
>>871562 Can't blame him, he grew up poor. He just doesn't know any better :^)
>>871562 I'm not fantasizing, just being unnecessarily hostile. But in all seriousness, if you can't appreciate the plight of those we're trying to liberate then what the fuck are you even doing here? Remember, the Soviet union wouldn't have been born without poor "reactionaries" fighting for a better life. And I'd you've got the same attitude towards them as porkie then I'm not sure how you could be bothered if I consider you an enemy. You're legitimately going against my class interests, you are a (granted small) part of the very things I struggle against and I'm not sure how else you expect me to feel about that.
>>871573 are you drunk? all i'm saying is if poor people choose to follow reactionary ideologies it's their own fault, just like with anybody else.
>>871275 It was an evil act But goddammit It got the job done 🕶
>>871584 Is it though? Do you think they've been given an opportunity to understand? The poorest lack the agency you believe they have, and to presume they have any choice in the matter is bourgeoisie logic at its peak. Would you blame serfs for not understanding their plight, or would you try to better understand their predicament so as to bring them to your cause? Your views towards the most exploited under capitalism are harmful and severely damaging and fall in line with the standard American idea of blaming poverty on the poor. If their conditions aren't their fault, then how are the attitudes created by those conditions?
>>871597 because they have souls
In Dresden happend the same that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but these two are deemed more horrible.
>>871602 Shit, it's been a while since I was successfully trolled. Well played sir.
>>871607 > a bombing campaing >two fucking nukes >the bombing was worst You good?
>>871614 What are nukes?
>>871614 Do you prefer to die in an instant or burn alive?
>>871624 All you need to know is that they go boom real big little one.
>>871614 Sorry to spoil it for you but nukes are complete fucking bollocks. A fission is not an explosion. It doesn't create kinetic energy, it doesn't create shockwaves, the little kinetic energy released is absorbed by the system itself of the supposed chain reaction.
(7.61 KB 266x189 download (1).jpg)
>>871637 If they are then why is everyone scared of pic related and woman i want to peg me with strap on
>>871190 I mean its clearly a horrible warcrime, OP, and the generals who ordered it deserved a trial at the Hague just as much as the Nazi generals. That said the Nazis were a hell of a lot worse, so who gives a shit that Dresden got burned?
One of the most atrocious war crimes brits and burgers committed ever, along Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The war was already over, the city had no strategic value at this point anymore, there were no fortifications or troops, but the city was filled with civilian refugees from the east, who just burned without remains or got gunned down in masses on the Elbe meadows where they had fled. The RAF bombed deliberately civilian areas in order to reduce as much civilians to ash as possible in an incredible inferno burning as hot as a blast furnace. There's no justification for committing such an atrocity, ever. If the Red Army would have bombed Dresden in such a manner liberals and reactionaries would have a dozen different Victims of Dresden foundations and rememberance days. Disgusting hypocrites.
(133.54 KB 500x381 bomber harris.png)
>>871190 dresden was pretty terrible but it pales in comparison to the allied ethnic cleansing of germans after WW2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_and_expulsion_of_Germans_(1944%E2%80%931950) "By 1950, a total of approximately 12 million Germans had fled or were expelled from east-central Europe into Allied-occupied Germany and Austria. The West German government put the total at 14.6 million...The death toll attributable to the flight and expulsions is disputed, with estimates ranging from 500,000-600,000 and up to 2 to 2.5 million." that being said I do think it's fair to characterise nazi germany as uniquely genocidal in some ways, although I have some doubts irt certain details of the offical holocaust narrative the main lesson to learn from WW2 history is that everyone committed atrocities but the victors (anglo-americans and zionists) have a vested interest in exaggerating nazi war crimes to distract from their own
>>871597 good posts that other guy is a major shitter
(174.58 KB 256x256 person_shrugging.gif)
>>872426 >There's no justification for committing such an atrocity, ever. >WW1 >WW2 >Dresden bombing <No World War 3
>65 posts and not one has mentioned Slaughterhouse-Five The absolute state of this board >>871236 The point is that every single target wasn't hit, only civilians were targeted in the end >Dresden was a legitimate target
(260.64 KB 964x553 london blitz color.jpg)
(125.71 KB 520x365 London2.jpg)
(935.10 KB 1024x740 ww2-london-england-in-colour5.jpg)
Lol at all the whining Nazis in this thread. Think you're going to do this to someones country, and they aren't going to come back and fuck you up if they get the chance. And I hate The UK too.
fuck g*rmans
Wollt ihr den totalen krieg?
>>872678 Volk, steh auf und Sturm brich los! And of course it is only right that it was the Hitlerites themselves who were swept away by it.
>>871190 Only good thing the Churchill ever did in his miserable drunkard life.
>>871275 The same civilians that were fine with genocides and death camps. Fuck em.
>>871380 Yeah, Marx sure was retarded rooting for the Union in the Civil War. Not like that mode of production needed to be destroyed or anything, think of all the poor plantation owners and slaves who don't get to receive their master's guidance anymore! God I hate you fucking ex-polcucks more than Hillary. I have lived in the south my entire life and I can say with 100% confidence that Sherman did LITERALLY nothing wrong.
>>871190 Nothing of value was lost.
>>872690 Oh yeah every civilian in a country is absolutely liable to every crime the goverment perpetrated. Like obviously is every american is ought ot be put to death for crimes US government commites.
>>872642 >>872703 I sincerely hope jokes about Dresden are done so to troll Nazis and not because a legitimate mistake is being considered a totally fine thing.
>>872708 these are unironic anti germans and the mods are faggots not to ban these right wing mongs the same guys are neoliberal faggots that deliberately drove the party Die Linke towards coalition with the socdems under dietmar bartsch they are nothing but unironic US and Israel bootlickers and the incompetence of the mods again gives them a foothold by allowing them their edgy joke echo chamber thread that goes against every leftist stand on these issues
>>872720 >people say thing i dont like >they say the same thing as people i dont like >they are the people i dont like Think more, type less.
"The strength of the Red Army lies, finally, in the fact that it does not and cannot feel racial hatred for other peoples, including the German people; that it has been trained in the spirit of equality of all peoples and races, in the spirit of respect for the rights of other peoples. The Germans’ racial theory and the practice of racial hatred have caused all freedom-loving peoples to become enemies of fascist Germany. The theory of race equality in the U.S.S.R. and practice of respect for the rights of other peoples have caused all freedom-loving peoples to become the friends of the Soviet Union. Herein lies the strength of the Red Army. And herein lies the weakness of the German-fascist army. The foreign Press sometimes carries such twaddle as that the Soviet people hate the Germans just as Germans, that the Red Army exterminates German soldiers just as Germans out of hatred for everything German and that therefore the Red Army does not take German soldiers prisoner. That, of course is a similar stupid lie and senseless slander against the Red Army. The Red Army is devoid of all sentiments of racial hatred. It is devoid of such degrading sentiments because it has been trained in the spirit of racial equality and respect for the rights of other peoples. It should not be forgotten either that in our country any manifestation of racial hatred is punished by law." - Stalin >hahaha massacring civilians with fire bombs by british "sir" epic bro XD >US collective guilt doctrine for justification to kill the ebul kraut! - "lefty"/pol/
>>872726 >people promoting the exact same right wing bourgeois ideological garbage as known right wing group >it's different people! think, at all your reactionary cloaking is very transparent, go kill yourself you bootlicking faggot
>>872736 Cry about it, bombs away bitch.
>>872731 Thank you, comrade. This whole thread is in the bad taste.
<[after carefully reading and considering every post ITT] DO IT AGAIN
anchored for anti-german brainrot ("idpol")
>>872737 While I despise war, and wish it didn't have to happen, I will allow myself the animal pleasure that is to relish in your destruction, faggot.
>>872753 firebomb jannies
>>872751 Well, if wiki says so, it must be true. It's not like massive antisoviet propaganda exists or something.
If god wanted the germans to win why did he make them so flammable?
>>871190 The Dresden bombing was an example of imperialist brutality and the DDR understood this.
>>871190 Hey /leftypol/ Werent these people working class to you
>>872849 >Werent these people working class to you Fuck around, find out.


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