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(340.21 KB 620x517 maocorn.png)
/leftybritpol/ - SECOND LOCKDOWN EDITION Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 19:32:10 No. 865440
A second lockdown is coming. I hope you're using this time to formulate your plans for ACORN-ML. I hope you realise the fun of a pointless cunt-off is fleeting and leaves a bitter aftertaste. In this isolated time we need friends. CYTUBE HANGOUT: https://cytu.be/r/BunkerBongs-AcornStalinism also join this, we need more members to join and mods to queue up videos. You don't need an account to post, and you don't need to give an email address to make an account. UNITY, CRITICISM, UNITY! https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/works/red-book/ch25.htm
>>865440 First for FUCK landlords
>>865440 Can someone explain to me why the EU and Britain are fighting again now?
>>865460 The unstoppable tory scheming meets the immovable EU media machine.
To socdem, who was complaining about the glowie meme: I've noticed another horrible side effect of the overuse of the glowie meme. It leaves the door wide open for actual glowies or radlibs to use a meme like this >>865397 and accuse anyone defending the US's enemies of being a glowie from the country in question.
>>865460 Ebin Bad Boy Boris CUCKED the EU by deciding to announce he was going to break international law by changing bits of an already signed treaty unilaterally for assinine reasons, without actually telling anyone in his party he was going to do that ahead of time or checking if he'd be able to get it through Westminster before announcing it Why did he do this? Because he's retarded, its not 4d chess, its not some great act of brinkmanship, he's just a sentient jizz rag who doesn't understand that the EU's leadership will see straight through what he's doing, and won't play to him
>>865495 which part did he actually change? I know I should be on top of this but it's really hard for me to give a shit after 4 years of this
>>865499 https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/brexit/explainer-what-the-hell-is-going-on-with-brexit-again-1.4353828 Liberal paper but its at least better than most of the British ones Big boy civil servants have started to quit over this, even ones that have stood by all the other crap the tories have pulled, attorney general was either deliberately lying when she told the government that what they wanted to do was legal or she's so incompetent she doesn't understand one of the fundamental principles of International law
Anon with burn out, are you in the IWW?
(825.47 KB 640x948 tenant.png)
appreciate my OC, you miserable fucks.
>>865515 very nice
>>865515 Excellent OC lad, I very much enjoyed that film.
>>865513 Yes, why
>>865522 shame it was CIA porn
>>865515 Should be Mao.
>>865530 Join the cytube or die
>>865525 All hollywood films are, advantage of it being as blatant is you can more easily not fall for it. Its a Nolan film so I was mostly there for the cinema setpieces and 2deep4u nonsense anyway. The scene where they pull off the heist by boxing in the car with all the big lorries while still driving was fucking mint.
(57.67 KB 630x480 bruh_moment.jpg)
>>865528 you sure fam?
>>865534 I loved how multiple points in the film a character literally says "don't think about it", like nolan is trolling the audience or something.
>>865533 we will actually kill you.
>>865534 the bit where they blew up the building twice with a normal and an inverted rocket was so fucking sick >>865539 also love the recurring line "ignorance is our ammunition", implicitly acknowledging that the film is far more enjoyable if you don't even try to understand the plot or any of weird gimmicks behind inversion.
>>865539 I have a suspicion that nolan had an idea for a scene you see once normally and then once in reverse to make full sense (the freeport) and then for the scene where the rocket unexplodes the building and then re-explodes it and he just built the entire film around that. >>865548 That was mental too. When I start to think on some of the things I go "wait this is starting to stop making sense" then I stop myself and go back to remembering how much fun I had watching it. The bit where the he tells the lass with the gorgeous legs that its going to kill everyone and she says "and my son" has to be the new best worst nolan dialogue
(23.69 KB 709x399 o6a85369w5z41.jpg)
>>865515 Why isn't it mao? pic rel is not OC
does anyone else find British culture incredibly vile?
>>865571 t. tarquin
>>865479 I think some glowis act really fucking stupid so smart real glowies can sneak in more easily like lower our expectations and lull us into secruity
>>865571 yes but i also have stockholm syndrome for it 4ch /brit/ was talking about this last night: it's impossible to express well-wishes in conventional British English without sounding like you're taking the piss out of someone.
>>865578 Whats /brit/ like nowadays, haven't used it in years and sometimes I miss it.
Well done sage you've cocked up the channel
>>865587 what the fucks the password
>>865587 >>865588 its gone now
>>865578 yeah I completly get this lol everyone just seems so unfriendly, 0 sense of community and I feel like I would get laughed at for even saying the words "sense of community" feels like saying nice things to each other would come as fucking weird so we all just act miserable and want to be left alone >>865572 no clue what you mean
>>865595 t. tarquin
>>865597 >>865572 who is this???
>>865595 is this a function of language, or just our general context tho? i can't remember the last time i spoke to somebody without layers of irony being involved
>>865595 Move out of the south. The friendliness will return (still tempered with bants though) and a lot of places will have a sense of community that isn't the freaky home counties village community.
>>865603 Please lurk at least one month before posting.
>>865604 You may just have shallow friendships, we are a reserved people but if you get close enough to people you can open up. Its not like america where everyone is fake happy and friendly
>>865595 >feels like saying nice things to each other would come as fucking weird so we all just act miserable and want to be left alone the other side of this is that, among friends, insults are more readily used as terms of endearment, compared to say the yanks
>>865611 I kind of like that though, it means that you're close enough with them that they wouldn't actually insult you for real. Shows resilience in the relationship
>>865562 >the lass with the gorgeous legs can't wait to see her as Diana in The Crown, getting shot 15 times by the black guys from the Sopranos in a Parisian tunnel
>>865609 >Its not like america where everyone is fake happy and friendly it turns my stomach seeing that
>>865562 >gorgeous legs thicc thighs?
>>865629 They go on forever.
>>865611 i'm never sure if i like this or not obviously i've grown up with it, so i just do it automatically because that's what you do, but when i'm sitting around by myself it makes me feel like our entire way of speaking is just as dishonest as the yanks, only we pretend to be glum or angry rather than happy. (which is far less depressing when you don't buy into it, tbf)
>>865615 yeah i enjoy it too, was pointing it out as a fortunate upside like if done right it can make actual compliments feel more genuine
>>865608 I leave and come back every now and then not like there is much stuff going on during lockdown :/ >>865611 I like banter >>865625 tbh I would rather fake happy than people feeling hostile to positive feelings
nothing is quite so disgusting as seeing yanks feign enthusiasm, but nothing generates quite so much jealousy as seeing a yank genuinely enthusiastic about something.
>>865642 since it's almost impossible to tell the difference, i just regard both with disgust
>>865631 To add she's over six foot and the film is filled with shots that make sure you get a full view of her legs. Utterly mesmerising, don't know why so many men prefer short women.
>>865638 >I like banter >oh noooo please don't be mean to me ever alright wanker
>>865652 how tall are you
>>865658 Six foot.
(140.79 KB 484x366 E3_2_1.png)
>>865634 >only we pretend to be glum or angry rather than happy. (which is far less depressing when you don't buy into it, tbf) it's the difference between optimism and pessimism, we've made the logical choice of the latter
>>865654 when the fuck did I say that?
>>865661 I wonder if its a barrier for socialism in the UK, is a more pessimistic society less likely to radically alter the status quo I wonder.
>>865650 nah you can tell (admittedly only by cheating and figuring it out from context, so it only works on yanks who you're at least vaguely familiar with irl... or stalking. please don't stalk people.) >>865661 ah, the "i pre-ordered spore" desk posture...
>>865669 I'm still livid about spore.
>>865659 >under 6'1" How's the weather down there, manlet?
>>865674 Wonderful, I am very happy with my height as it is the perfect balance between not being a manlet and not being lanky.
two guys at 6'0" stand burning, around them are lots of stock photos of crying firemen, EMTs, etc. beside them, another guy at 5'10" whom everyone is ignoring and will forget, perhaps with one laughinggirls.jpg
This is a very comfy thread lads, keep it up.
>>865678 Good, I'm glad that you are comfortable with your body image. manlet xddddd
Currently playing Rebs thats irish rebel tunes in cytube
>>865688 Thank you, I hope that one day you too are similarly confident and do not feel the need to think about your height.
As the bourgeois-reformist counter to the growing power of Acorn-ML, I'm hereby advertising for an exciting position for a deputy executive director at an exciting new company which will appear on the FTSE in just a few hours. Please submit your resume's below for an exciting new job opportunity at our new letting agency. Here's the pitch: It's harder than ever before for people to afford rent. Prices are going up and up with no end in sight. This problem is particularly acute for single men since they are unable to split the burden with other people unless they have uni tarquin friends, a drug habit and flatmates who'll doubtless steal more of their stuff than they're saving by sharing a flat, etc. While single women have it pretty easy because everyone knows females travel in herds (our market researchers confirmed this), for single men this is a particular problem. We've identified that a man's chances of being single are correlated very strongly with a specific variable: Height. And so I'd like to introduce to you: ManLet, the letting agency that specializes in providing affordable rental properties to men under 6ft. We've obtained an exciting portfolio of properties in Jaywick, Anfield, and Middlesbrough and we're exploring exciting new opportunities in Greenock Town Centre and Denbighshire at this very moment, and we would be very happy to take you on board and have you act as an ambassador for our world class service experience. (Men under 1.8288m tall need not apply.)
>>865704 massive kek
Posh male students holding competitions to shag ‘poor’ girls shows the total lack of respect working-class women get in Britain https://www.rt.com/op-ed/500486-working-class-women-devalued-uk/ Kind of reminds me of those sappy black and white movie when a guy from a rich family in town tells a girl to ditch her love as she would "starve" with him and falling for it.
>>866517 This is hardly anything new, I am afraid.
>>866517 >Dr Lisa McKenzie is a working-class academic. uh-huh... >>866535 Turn all "University of" Unis into people's rave houses when
is he a coward? or just a bit fucking thick?
>>866863 More importantly, why should we care? You're not actually up in arms about them breaking the withdrawal agreement are you?
>>866871 nah, it was a shite agreement, Boris spent weeks posturing about no deal then bent over and let the EU rape him harder than they ever did with Tezzy May this Internal Market Bill shit isn't bad in itself, but a perfect encapsulation of just how retarded Boris and his cabinet are, anyone who wouldn't take advantage of that for electoral gain is a fucking dunce
>Born into the Workers’ Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought – a strange and secretive “collective” that sprang up in south London in the 1970s – Katy was a human experiment, a model citizen being prepared by her cult leader father for the moment he took over the world. >While the popular TV comedy of the time, Citizen Smith (starring Robert Lindsay), made a group of inner-city revolutionaries seem amusing, there was nothing funny about the sinister way Comrade Bala – former London School of Economics student Aravindan Balakrishnan – controlled his women followers including Katy, who didn’t know he was her father until she finally escaped as an adult. >What had started out as a political movement had turned into a dangerous personality cult based around worship of Balakrishnan, where women were beaten, abused and controlled. It was only in 2013, when I heard how three women had escaped that I realised just how close I had been to them. Balakrishnan was tried and given a 23-year sentence for rape, indecent assault, child cruelty and false imprisonment last year. >It is hard to over-estimate the power Comrade Bala wielded over his band of followers. He claimed to have a mind-control machine called Jackie (harnessing the power of Jehovah, Allah and other gods) that would kill anyone who disobeyed him. Katy fully believed in Bala and Jackie’s power, yet she became desperate enough at one point to try to run away. She was so unused to talking to strangers that she could not explain her plight and was advised to return 'home’ by a well-meaning police officer. She then spent another eight years in captivity. This was an actual thing and it seems quite familiar?
>>866517 >classism this >classism that you all should be very afraid of radlibs picking up class rhetoric because its going to become a fucking shitshow creating ridicule and structural oppression at the same time <classism = class discrimination <we fully accept that there's a bourgeois class and a working class <it's only bad when the bourg dunk on the proles <socialism is when the bourg are nice to proles
>>867048 Britian in this image should be about 20 stone and sitting in a pool of her own waste
>>867048 tbh if Egypt wants my support in historical arguments it should bring back ancient egyptian aesthetics
>>867043 You really think anyone here is going to fall for that fabian bullshit?
>>867048 Please go away, I'm asking nicely for you to not shit up this thread.
>>867048 my favourite part is kylie teasing cleo with her feet
>we're not like the bourgeois tribalistic SNP supporters, we want an independent scotland so we can have a union of britain with the working class united! >haha fug anglos dey're all dory razisds even all de beeble who dond vode >da reazon dey did imberalism waz deyre ednizidy nod gapidalizm :D :D
>>867205 Actually its because Anglos aren't actually the same species as regular people, they're Homo Habilis Stuprator, explaining their devolved, disgustingly primitive appearance and social mores and their compulsive need to ruin everything around them
>>867217 >to "ironically" use /pol/ memes to self-denigrate like a cuck, lacking the sapience to see that one has become a useful idiot. This is the 12th type of liberalism.
>>867231 Who is self-denigrating? I am not one of your loathsome kind Worms of the Earth by Robert E.Howard is a historical document on the origins of the Angloid species
>>867238 Where are you from then? If you're from the UK, you are anglo. And if you are descendant from immigrants, good luck stopping racism by buying into racial essentialism
>>867240 Nice try subhuman Angloid filth, do you think I would fall for your animal "guile"? You're like an ape hiding behind a tree, thinking it the height of deceit without realising his very stink gives him away
>>867244 Get out of this thread you unfunny wrecker, ACORN-ML is incompatible with your trite soft serve /pol/tism
>>867256 Ah yes, I'm the wrecker, not the idiot thats brought up the mean rascist SNP and Scottish people derail in every single thread for months now
>>867244 13/50 but ironically haha isn't it funny when I pretend to be /pol/ :D :D
>>867260 Since you can't tackle the momentous task of reading every post in a thread that was made last night it's not surprising you think everyone that disagrees with you is the same person
>>867279 What the thread without any other mention of le evil snp and scot nats before the obsessive brought it up for the nth time? I'll wind up a retard if I want to
>>867292 NTA but I think he was referring to the thread description which urges against unity. Not that I paid attention to it either I'm the one who mentioned it first because you subhuman jock tartan sniffing cunts have been getting on my nerves
>>867403 Urges for unity*
>>867205 fuck up supremacist, everyone has a right to national self determination, especially if its informed in particular by how shit, london centric, and bourg dictatorial the uk government is
Sandy Hale is not allowed within 300m of a school
Sandy Hale more like sandy vagina why he’s so triggered all the time
>>867413 What do you mean? I didn't even say I was against scottish independence... oh are we having a strawman sesh? Why the fuck are you defending David Cameron mate? Seriously that's not on. He was very damaging to this country
I once wrote an essay about /b/ and I’m here to tell you how to be a normal person
(181.71 KB 792x1008 SpookPolitics.jpg)
>>876413 >everyone has a right to national self determination >a right >national self determination By what rational process do these concepts make any goddamn sense to you?
>>867457 >lol you care about things? pretty spooked tbh I'm yet to see egoists do anything. even anarchoids have some minor accomplishments.
>>867472 There isn't much difference between egotists and anarkiddies though
>>867472 No, no. Explain those concepts and how they make sense. What is a national self, and how does it have rights?
(18.19 KB 640x591 ((((you)))).png)
>>867498 They're useful. Whether they make sense is irrelevant you retard.
>>867506 They are not useful to anyone who believes in them, only to liars who would manipulate people whom they take for fools.
Started learning more about land and landlords, and the history of land here where we live in the UK, I think any revolution will be based on land and territory on a class basis and class background, ima start reading into mao more, I already believe britain needs a cultural revolution of sorts, we never got rid of our bourgeois traditions. MAOIST ACORN GANG
>>867471 >>867476 Please stop wasting this thread with your unfunny spam
>>867520 cope. I value results more than i do your absurdist notions of "truth". Who defines what is true? Whom does this 'truth' benefit? How is it possibly verifiable given all experiences are subjective?
>>867231 nooooooo if you joke about a*glos being subhuman then next thing you know bands of SNP Teritorialna obramba Republike Škotska militia will be going around ethnically cleansing the north of England! despite the fact that they are also a*glos!
>>867570 You're deliberately trying to get this new thread to bumplock and turning the thread into a huge cunt off. You're a nuisance to ACORN-ML.
>>867554 The entire history of British land laws is one of the upper classes stealing our land with a few exceptions such as the kinder scout trespass. Any revolution in the UK would not be kind to landlords and that would be glorious.
>>867569 >strawman sesh continues You're entitled to your own opinion but please stop talking about how much you want to fellate David Cameron
>>867580 I think he's trying to force a meme as well
https://youtu.be/RPTwDO0sh-E black Panthers using mass line in practice, we can learn something from this lads, hop on cytube and let's see if someone can put it on
>>866034 What the fuck, why would someone make a company called manlets and not make it a joke about the height impaired.
OP maybe you should try severse rychology in the next one and say you want cunt offs, maybe that will work
>>867600 self-denigration is only cucked when you're in the weaker position, otherwise it's at best neutral and really, the coherent opposition to it is that it's a power-play. the anglo self-denigrates because his position so so secure that nobody can threaten it.
>>867584 seems certainly so comrade, Upper classes holding land all these centuries, the bourg and petty Bourg, renting, selling, owning and small shitty land for indentured slave serfs and so on.
>>867606 You expect wit from English animals?
>>867619 Yes because we english are far more intelligent and witty than any other of the so called peoples of the world. The irritation at this is what has driven you to spam this thread.
>>867602 That's something I've noticed that is really annoying about this general. Our unique sense of humour relative to the rest of the site makes unfunny retards think they can force a meme over because that's british humour right? (Not knowing that using the same unfunny joke way past its use is emblematic of burger humour)
>>867634 In this case it seems to be an outsider so its that set to 11.
>>867630 counterpoint: the guy who wrote the thick of it was scottish, the best character in the thick of it was scottish and his actor was scottish and his angry friend was scottish but idk if his actor was scottish and i'm not looking if it wouldn't undermine my point i'd do a joke about how "the thick of it" is stuffed with as many crypto-scots as the actual fucking blair government
>>867630 So witty you believe I am the roach forcer and not a different poster? Why would I not take the opportunity to roach post if that were the case? For a supposedly superior Anglo you don't have the best grasp of logic, have you had your pint of Lizzy's breast milk this morning?
(276.90 KB 1202x1600 Robin-Cook-1999.jpg)
was he based?
The weather today has been just delightful.
>>867654 Scots are pretty much English both culturally and ethnically. At this point its an arbitrary distinction.
>>867655 Yes because your grasp of the english language is so poor you think I meant witty as in intelligent and not witty as in funny. Just like the roach forcer.
>>867660 Go away burger.
>>867656 Redpill me on him.
>>867654 I don't agree that scots aren't funny but why do you mention the thick of it as though one program proves anything lmao
>>867655 You are aware lizzy is also the head scrounger of Scotland and Wales?
>>867665 I am not a yank, I just live near the scottish borders and know that they are basically identical to most of England. If you want to split them seperate then you would really want to lump most of Northern england in with the scots.
>>867677 >lowland scots That's like saying the Irish aren't Irish anymore because you only know Bill Ulsterman from down the road.
>>867656 They kill this guy?
>>867660 all nations are arbitrary distinctions. Austrians are just Germans who're more happy to lie about their grandfather and where he got all those cows. Swiss are just Germans more happy to swear loyalty to a solid gold bull in exchange for earthly rewards. New Zealanders are just Australians who hate spiders. Norwegians are just Swedes who declared independence in the early 1900s. North Koreans are just South Koreans with antiquated accents. Indonesia and Malaysia are just countries that never merged because Singapore quit Malaysia and made drowning out the Chinese vote unnecessary. Pakistan is just Muslim India. India is just multireligious Pakistan. Taiwan is just mini-China. American Samoa is just Samoa with a glandular problem. You get the idea.
>>867680 The vast majority of scots are lowland scots including the guy who wrote the Thick of It which is what the comment I replied to was about.
>>86767 Generally, having some scottish friends I dont see much cultural differences between Scots and Anglos , I mean there are some differences, England is definitely more racially diverse and so on, Scotland is a bit more homogeneous but they practically mostly have that same "british culture" that the British education system instills and drives into our minds from nursery, personally Scots are generally I find quite racist to people like me (brown, muslim etc...), class wise, Scottish cities seem pretty fucked and in some areas worse but generally in the whole of the UK the north of england is most downtrodden.
>>867671 perhaps it's less a serious argument and more a prompt to talk about how funny the TV show was. and how subtly based Malcolm Tucker was for someone who committed himself to serving a profoundly immoral government (provided you treat "in the loop" as a separate timeline) since he was always nice to service staff etc while tearing the fuck out of middle class mongs and literal lords imagine this irn bru bottle is the nationalist argumentation in this thread... do you see what i'm doing... i'm eating the irn bru bottle, because i am the man who makes the irn bru bottle go away.
>>867701 Pretty much, the majority of scotland is almost identical to the majority of England. Anyone that claims otherwise is either a retarded ethnonationalist or a larping yank.
>>867701 also to add onto this, alot of southerners from london and elsewhere going down to Scotland in search for cheaper housing due to rising rent for many middle class, petty bourg Londoners and so forth, alot moving to the north too where I am, gentrifying the whole place,seems like they're doing the same to places in scotland.
>>867680 >everyone in northern england is a scot vs only people in Skye and Aberdeen are scottish In that case shall we keep lallans scotland as part of the UK?
>>867709 agreed with this, correct take
>>867714 also adding on: many cities in the UK are very much copy and paste, they're trying to recreate london all across the north, very dull all manufactured culture for posh twats, really hope they dont decimate my town here in the north, we need a british gentrification thread, I would like to go in depth more of that
>>867709 this. Imagine if we heard someone saying the top half of iceland is vastly different to the bottom half culturally or something. One fucking small island with an extremely mixed population, it's not exactly going to be humans vs the klingons is it. People are easily fooled by a few bagpipes and attire into thinking it's somehow a different culture
>>867719 You might as well do it in here, god knows we need the effortposts
>>867710 Wouldn't they be going up to scotland
>>867719 >very dull all manufactured culture for posh twats How would you describe this? I don't do any trendy activities so I'm not sure what this means. Do you mean big moneysink "tourist attractions"
>>867719 The gentrification seems pretty localised to manchester and leeds. Tyne and Wear is mostly resisting it (although some parts of Newcastle are starting to gentrify) and its not even touching the post-industrial hellholes like Middlesbrough.
>>867733 Replacement of pubs and clubs with fancy bars and the opening of more pretentious arty places. Also the Prett-Greggs divide.
>>867711 If you'd understood my comparison you'd realise I was calling lowland border Scots colonisers so no you don't get to keep the land you stole.
tbh most clubs are shite can't stand the way all the pubs are turning themselves from dark cozy places to have a pint with your mates into pretentious open spaces to have your conversation drowned out by shit music though. if i wanted that i'd go to a club and sit on the floor, you tossers.
>>867726 sure, I guess I'll start off. Am in greater Manchester, alot of damn fucking property development going on in the city, huge companies starting to come in, property developers now tryna create a student centric part of the city too for posh southerners coming down here who could live perma post uni for em. I live just outside the city, multiple towns all connecting and leading there way into the city centre, mines a one way road down to there, anyways in my area were getting tons of gentrification, seeing alot of posh shits popping around, all these festivals, clubs, venues and markets opening up with faux shitty petty bourg culture and not only that with rent highering for the general middle class in richer areas are coming down to well my area and gentrifying the shit out of it, I hate them coming and fucking destroying every inch of the town, even if the working class here on my street and generally the town are atomized and no communism relations and no culture to exist here it's still bad what these idiots are doing, I live in a major rented street, mostly immigrant population, live near my fellow muslims so I feel comfortable to that degree but anyways alot of bougie culture pouring into where I am, alot of new investments and new developments and companies and posh startups and shit coming and cafes and bouje businesses anyways, questions lads?
(108.46 KB 780x520 burgon-black.png)
>>867749 Based
>>867735 pretty much, I wish I could force the gentrifyers out, these petty white middle class fucks really piss me off comrade, I wish I could burn there businesses and rip up there dumb markets and cafes, just want them out of here
>>867741 Clubs are kind of fancy tarquin spots anyway >>867749 I miss dark dusty old man pubs too. Fuck all these gin bars for yank wannabee pricks who want to spend a tenner on 1 simple mixer drink. Sadly not many of da yoof care for comfy pubs and a nice chat, there has to be some stupid distraction
>>867751 Are you a city or utd man
>>867733 Cultural activities the middle class take part in, there venues and shit like yoga clubs or local music shit or craft brewery, add that into an area and you up the value of the local land and thus can higher the rent,bang poor psople out, new people in, takes time though.
>>867743 I bet ethnically you are majority lowland scot too and one of the colonisers you decry.
>>867767 Utd mostly cos my family and friends support em, barely watch sports but I like utd, also based rashford
>>867765 Clubs depend on the city, most of the clubs in somewhere like newcastle are filled with the working class on a sesh because they are cheap enough and the clubbing culture is endemic to the working class there. Clubs in more gentrified cities can be tarquin shit though.
>>867769 Jokes on you lad I'm a filthy culchie with blood as thick as bog.
>>867768 oh and do property Development on that land, more housing, more businesses, create a whole new community for the middle class until there rent gets to high and they go to another similar copy and paste place in a cheaper place. I predict that slums will be created if gentrification goes on for too long either that or gentrification acts as a cycle to move around the classes and push them out or in depending on private interests etc...
>>867781 >or gentrification acts as a cycle to move around the classes and push them out or in depending on private interests etc... That's clearly the reasoning behind it isn't it? Clearing out working class people in favour of consumers living in liberal la la land
>>867775 I wouldn't know I don't really get clubbing anyway, prefer pints and a jukebox
>>867785 it seems so comrade, I really hope they cant push me out though, for now I'm safe since gentrification is a pretty slow process, just glad construction and moving people and creating Middle class culture and businesses and shit takes time
>>867781 My biggest concern with this is that solidly working class areas are losing that culture by either being gentrified or degrading and becoming rough crime hotspots. I've seen a few working class areas fall to both of those already.
>>867795 The impending depression will slow that process down to a halt I imagine, there's one positive
>>867795 ALSO something else on my side, as long as there is immigrants and me and my fellow muslims and other working class in the area, there will be class antagonism and generally the middle class doesnt seem to like me or immigrants and so forth so would rather stay away then come, atleast until developer raise the land value and do investments to raise value and thus raise rent and push us out
>>867806 My area is eh, working class immigrant and BAME area w no solidarity and community, I blame the capitalists for atomzing the working class up to the point we donr even speak to each other anymore, I barely know my neighbors or anyone on my street, the middle class somehow seem to speak to each other and have that I guess "faux community"
>>867812 seems so
>>867824 Part of the problem is that a lot of the working class immigrant areas have very heavy rotation of people as they are planning to return back to their home country after a year of making money in the UK. Its anathema to generating an actual sense of community because no one sticks around for long and everyone is more focused on making money. The other problem is that some aspects of muslim immigrants makes them more likely to form their own insular communities instead of mixing properly thanks to mosques becoming the nexus of their community, obviously you used to see the same with churches but the UK historically never had a large immigrant population while it was Christian majority.
>muh gentrification I bet most of you live in middle class areas
>>867824 immigrant areas are the worst for this, one of the first casualties of muh open bordurs is community solidarity. you end up living in an area where you don't know anybody but nobody knows anybody either because they're all stuck at work, nobody speaks to each other so there's no community spirit and anonymous people on the internet are more neighbourly to me than the guy living across the close from me. ironically the first thing that has begun to fix this problem is the corona lockdown, i seriously hope it will last for years to come t. immigrant
>>867847 I live in a block of flats on a council estate, when I complain about gentrification I do it from a position of actually being on near minimum wage in a poor area.
>>867843 Most working class asian immigrants and muslims immigrants tend to stay, we build a community ourselves, insular to a degree but we do mix with many others and generally there are multiple mosques in a city so we dont really treat it as a nexus unless it is the only one there, I would also say as a Muslim, alot of us are pretty class conscious, I think were gonna need immigrants for the revolution too, (unironically thinking of the fishers from children of men), also fuck social service's, fuck immigrant police, love me multi racial multi religous class solidarity against porky and tarquins
>>867847 >grumpy old man leninhat poster has logged in When's the last time you made a post that wasn't impotent whining?
>>867847 t. posh twat
>>867866 >love me multi racial multi religous class solidarity against porky and tarquins simple as
>>867878 simple as
>>867762 They dont have staying power they will be wiped out and proletarianised in the economic collapse. which will probably lead to a base for fascism but also hopefully strengthen socialism to fight it >>867847 How would that make them wrong about gentrification tho? And youre wearing the lenin hat who was middle class in russia
>>867890 I hope so, I hope we will win, I sadly see the petty bourg still standing in our way and cooperating with the bourgeoisie but I dont think there unbeatable
also the fuck is going on with our Govt? I feel like a conspiracy theorist sometimes but tf is going on? > multiple lockdowns and unlockdowns > contradictory rules > keeping some shit open even with cases rising > many companies working on fucking vaccine tf > AN EASY APP HAS TAKEN SO LONG TO DEVELOP, THE UK HAS SOME OF THE BEST APP DEVELOPERS IN FHE WORLD > Tf PR company shit with cummings and bojo > experiment on testing our limits? > WTF ARE THE TORIES TRYING TO DO EUGENICS AND FUCKING CLASSICIDE ALL PROLES > I CANT TRUST THE NEWS THE FUCK IS HAPPENING, WHAT IS REAL > cases rising in my college, might die before I go uni. rip
>>867852 I started getting to know quite a few of my migrant neighbours when I started going to church again.
>>867909 Top tier incompetence. That's it.
>>867959 Gotta do something with those all those student tribute bands which are a byproduct of gentrification.
>>867909 Don't download the app anon
>>867909 i know this feel but for the entirety of the last decade tbh
(802.68 KB 1097x764 maximum soy.png)
>>867973 >download the surveillance app >drink the kool-aid >eat the bugs >ingest the soy >live in the box >consoom the media >watch the advertisements >cheer for the sports team >worship the corporation >praise the ceo >browse the wholesome meme subreddit >support the right-lib party >donate the money to the e-girl >work at the minimum wage job >consoom the nationalist propaganda >peacefully protest
>>867975 Spoken to my dad, he says the government overall over the years has always been incompetent, yea the govt. will kill many to pave way for the economy but it seems capitalism has since Thatcher created a British govt. incompetent and unable to do basic tasks and jobs, british society at the hands of multi generation of bumbling idiots
>>867878 Simple as mate it’s that simple
>>867996 'ate property developers 'ate landlords 'ate police, 'ate immigrant police 'ate porky, 'ate middle class YEP ITS MAOIST BRITAIN TIME
(29.64 KB 594x193 321231.png)
>>868029 anon I swear some people dont even understand socialism, muh elecotralism, anon why do people like that Twitter user exist
>>868008 The day we march on the bellway offices and hang the lot shall be the day our glorious transformation into the USRGB truly begins.
(421.98 KB 444x598 mao.png)
haha it would be a shame if there were anyone here from a tarquin background, ha ha!
>>868062 If we could do cultural revolution and struggle sessions on middle class tarquin crackers, those petty bourgs would be great....after ofcourse we behead the bourgeoisie of Britain
>>868069 its a joke because mao was a tarquin
anyone up for a cytube sesh?
>>868080 Still
>>868084 sure, what time? I can get on at about 9ish
>>868108 9 it is
>>868107 why didn't mao purge himself for being tarquin, the working class should be in charge
>>868117 sounds good
Just snitched on my neighbours to the pigs because they have their grandchildren over and there are certainly more than 6 people there. This is David Cameron's Big Society in action.
>>868142 You make Thatcher proud son.
>>868142 anon's gotta do what anon's gotta do to live
https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/14/grouse-hunts-and-shooting-get-special-exemption-from-rule-of-six-13269362/ Excellent news my fellow poors, we shall be able to continue our weekly grouse hunts, I am so glad that our government is ensuring that the rich do not get any exemptions at all, truly marvelous.
>>868142 hug a hoodie in order to give their entire extended family the virus
>>868199 Always wanted to go hunting, seems like fun. wanna do it sometime in the next 10 years.
>>868270 Rabbit hunting is cheap and fun, Grouse hunting is massively expensive and boring unless you like getting ginned up with the local chinless retards
>>868309 We're still streaming GET IN LADS
(1.09 MB 500x207 ABSOLUTE.gif)
Any other students here just gonna keep partying past the 6 person rule? I definitely am
(69.37 KB 613x1024 pFto7Yo.jpg)
>>868664 100%.
>>867866 Based Faiz Ahmed Faiz anon Ironically, the Tories strategy is to target the Conservative inherent values in most migrants
>>867866 >I would also say as a Muslim, alot of us are pretty class conscious Yes but too many become landlords with 50 BTLs however many are very very well versed on foreign policy and criplling effects of managerial capitalism
>>867843 Complete misnomer with many. The South Asian communities have many many many problems but they aren't >Going back Every wave of their forefathers all thought the same as many East Europeans >I'll work for 5-10 and then head back with some cash Most never do. Which can be very good if you harness their lefty-socilist attitudes which emerge. The issue is their comlete and utter disgust at liberalism which they then literally associate with idPol-muh culture wars, so then are reticent to get involved
(232.80 KB 1536x1536 Tarquin 2.jpg)
>Any other students here just gonna keep partying past the 6 person rule? I definitely am
>>869017 just Google faiz Ahmed faiz, very based asian muslim marxists, we need more muslim marxists ngl,
>>869468 *just googled
(171.32 KB 1200x1682 O1oo2.jpg)
Oh would you look at that
(444.55 KB 750x738 baby.png)
>>869577 >Human rights organisations
(128.49 KB 900x1200 C_zLPL_XcAEyMjt.jpg)
>>869577 She do be kinda cute tho
Why aren't there mass protests outside the courthouse trying assange? Why isn't there being a plan formulated to stop the van taking him to the airport or something? Like it or not, the media algorithmisers have the left's attention by the balls. None of you even give a shit, too busy talking about nicola sturgeon and tarquins, that's how good they are at controlling your attention
>>869664 >>869664 >Why isn't there being a plan formulated to stop the van taking him to the airport or something? idk man sounds like a purely symbolic gesture.
>>869664 nobody gives a shit bout that caspy ass nigga.
>>869688 You don't even know how retarded you are
So lads when do we introduce JK Rowling to her right place the gallows?
>>869769 Right after we hang all the people who told her to choke on their penis
>>869783 All blairites deserve to choke on dick anon
sandy hale has literally never organised anything because he is an autistic with zero interpersonal skills.
>>869769 perfect example of british lefties focusing on irrelevant bullshit.
(251.81 KB 1024x1024 blackpilled.jpg)
Just listened to a grace blakley interview and found out shes another co-op cultist, who disavows all previous socialist states as anti-democratic. Blackpilled Again.
I'm putting together a team ...
>>869845 She's a major political donor that actively engages in politics, she is important.
>>869913 So are tons of people, yet you bring up her because you're impressionable and easily distracted.
>>869845 shes the biggest selling author of all time or some shit. Of course its relevant >>869905 of course she is, look at her. Co-ops are fine, this was always going to be the case.
>>869924 can you try writing that last reply again, it doesn't make much sense
>>869905 Is that really a dealbreaker anon? >>869845 Rich coming from a poster ITT
(298.33 KB 810x706 2ed3.png)
>>869930 >Is that really a dealbreaker anon?
I have changed the cytube permissions so every cunt can chose videos now
>>870238 g o o d
I was wondering why today stuck out in my mind so much then I remembered it was the two year anniversary of me accidentally uploading my CV to /leftypol/ instead of the pdf copy of some book someone was requesting and desperately mashing the delete button to get rid of it as quickly as possible Anyway, how much do you think the odds have shortened on Irish Re-unification after the Government said the quiet part loud the other day?
>>870380 Someone post the cv
Does the British public hate the BBC more than Iranians do?
>>870704 No they love the bbc
>>870704 Fuck if I care But one things for certain, they will be begging for bringing back the BBC if it shuts down
>>870763 Lmao no. BBC sucks balls, just a status quo machine. Hope that shit shuts down.
>>869598 What's funny is that Shining Path and RIM would probably support the Uyghurs.
>>870778 Oh true, but I'm just saying, those that think they want the BBC gone, will be begging for it to be bought back
>>870802 When they "kill" the BBC they'll take it off the air for like 2 days, throw out the gays and soft liberal types and put it back up as the Imperial Broadcasting Service or something similarly cringely pandering to UKIP landlord types with content carbon copied from Fox News and then we'll all miss the BBC
>>870704 We have the same relationship /pol/ has with the BBC. We hate it, but it has a mysterious hold over us
Friend who works at Newcastle city council on the covid response team in a conversation about a community event I was planning to run on saturday told me not to bother as we will probably be entering local lockdown. I knows its my dad works at blimtendo tier but thats my bit of insider information I want to share with you lads.
>>870825 Probably legit though isn’t it, it’s a matter of time before we are in generalised second lock down really
Just had a look and the Glasgow numbers have gone up significantly again. Pretty surprised we haven’t fully locked down yet
>>870806 >Throw out the gays and the soft liberals. Literal retard, the Uk equivalent of fox news, LBC. Is literals full of gays and soft liberals. The bbc going away would be a gift.
>>865495 >of an already signed treaty unilaterally for assinine reasons not true. Had we ended on no deal the withdrawal agreement placed a border between NI and the rest f the UK. A third party orgainsation dictating where a nations borders are? No.
>>870827 Yeah, he said newcastle is looking at Leicester numbers within days if we're not already there. I trust him and think he's going to be right and doing a cursory scan of the local press found an article from 3pm today about them looking at powers to impose one up here.
>>870841 What is Newcastle like lad? My mums from there, I get the general vibe it would be kinda lefty but my only experience from there is going to warehouse party and watching a really fat woman piss on the dance on the dance floor in the middle of it. Don’t get me wrong, this was many keks would recommend to a friend
Am I some kind of schizo for thinking that some people in power want the Corona crisis to go on and on? Like why was BoJo's 'moonshot' so roundly and readily dismissed? The US has shown capacity to test 2 million a day. Big numbers can be tested. And we're a much more compact nation than the US. I'm sure its not that hard to mix blood or spit with a reagent and record the result.
>>870889 Votes labour, local labour party is utter blairite shite. Newcastle managed to survive the fate that befell other northern cities like Middlesbrough by pivoting the economy and we do have a decent amount of industry surviving such as the Nissan factory and the port. Strong union presence (including tenants unions) and it is a left wing city and I know a bloke at a call centre here who got the CWU to stop him getting sacked for bullshit reasons and get him compensation. A fair few areas are decaying though, mainly the west end of the city has really struggled to find jobs especially with EU immigration driving them out of a lot of jobs they would have done causing the areas and culture within to get a lot worse. Most Councillors are on the take from Bellway and the fucking lib dems built an extension to the civic centre and named rooms after still sitting mediocre councillers. All in all its one of the better cities in the country but we do have our problems and I think it is saveable. Still the best night out in the entire country if not the world which is always a plus.
>>870834 Lel, no, LBC is standard shock jock radio bullshit, Fox News is completely detached from reality without even the pretence of "balance" that the bbc pretends to hold
>>870951 Need them police roadblocks normalised innit.
>>870840 Right so the withdrawal agreement was signed by both sides and passed into law, Johnson then decides the agreement he was saying was amazing when he passed it, his crowning achievment is now duplicitous evil and the EU are being Nazis by holding the UK to it,when the entire purpose of the deal is to prevent a hard border along the NI/ROI border, to protect another international treaty the UK government is signed up to A third party didn't decide anything, the UK agreed to the terms, literally the same government that's now sayings it unacceptable did so, in order to deliberately tank the negotiations in a way that isn't going to work
>>870962 off topic but the majority of US news is objectively opinion over factual reporting. This is not exclusive to fox but Fox does produce the most memorable effects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BAFb97L3KU
>>870973 >muhppeal to supernationalauthority There was a lot of complaining from within the tories about the NI 'solution'. I suspect the UK thought it would never come to no deal. No deal is not in anybodies interest, not the tories, not the EU and not the UK. but the Irish solution on the table, had there been no deal, would have been a total anomalous situation with almost defacto Irish reunification. If you're a prod in NI, this is unacceptable. >A third party didn't decide anything You're twisting my words or misunderstaing me. IF we ended on no deal, the EU would have had jurisdiction over a part of the UK, above the UK government. I accept the perfidy in saying yes to this deal at the time but I don't think it should ever have been worded as it was. The UK blinked. You must see how the potential outcome for somebody living in NI would be unacceptable? As to the ard border, the UK has said they're will be no infrastructure. Free travel will continue on an agreement that predates the EU between Ireland and the UK and movement of goods can be monitored away from the border. The EU's WWG1WGA and Varadkar's being in a position to stick it to Britain kind of made this inevitable, but the British proposals don't inherently endanger the peace process.
>>871015 >Yes the government that lies when it signs up to things then breaks its word when its convenient in the most incompetent way possible will keep its promises >The government that is so incredibly incompetent it cannot even sort out basic testing in the middle of a global pandemic will overnight build huge infrastructure and monitoring systems, invent new departments, calm down the locals, and smooth over the literal half decade of bad blood its created with people now in a position to fuck it over six ways from sunday by January 1st Literal fucking retard >You're twisting my words < A third party orgainsation dictating where a nations borders are? News flash Dickhead, I'm in NI, the prevailing mood here is that any interruption along the land border is absolutely unacceptable, actually dangerous, and that the UK government has no idea what the fuck its doing, there are 50 border crossing points within 20 square miles of me, there is no infrastructure at any of them, many of them are completely rural and were blocked off or had trenches dug across them during the troubles because they were impossible to police, the larger ones see constant heavy freight and streams of civilian traffic and were flashpoints during the troubles and they've built absolutely no clearing stations or depots anywhere near me >The British Proposals don't endanger the peace process Right, OK, fucking idiot pig defending the gang of spastics running your country thinks that because the lifelong serial liar said something while drunk his team of retards will figure out how not to have checkpoints in the colony they don't care about along an international border with a continent sized trading block
(70.48 KB 750x693 pedophiles_use_this_symbol.jpg)
>>871015 >If you're a prod in NI, this is unacceptable. prods mad (x24)
(4.71 KB 212x250 1595265781427s.jpg)
>>871064 Protestants get what they deserve
>>871084 The butcher's apron
>>871096 Begone papist
Just want Irish reunification already, not because I particularly care about the Irish but because I'm sick of our politics being dictated by what won't upset the two camps of bog bombers there.
>>871096 One of the good things about the Tory's absolute fucking incompetence and transparent evil is that it might accelerate Irish Re-unification a bit, I just have to hope I don't die in Troubles 3.0, or starve after my job is destroyed and I can't get another when the economy implodes locally and UC doesn't cover a tin of beans after the deregulation train has come through, or that I don't get driven mad by being constantly woken up in the middle of the night by Helicopters or gunfights or random screaming again and kill myself
>>871096 papists practice heathen idolatry
>>871064 >The UK leaves an club euro so we're going to start killing each other Why? checks on goods don't have to be physical and freedom of movement between NI and ROI predates the EU. What interruption are you talking about?
>>871105 >I'm sorry that my master's massive erection for destroying my standard of living and turning me back into a serf in the rainy signapore porky utopia they want to build is having nasty consequences for you mister Irishman <Can I offer you some chlorinated chicken to soothe your woes? >What the fuck I didn't mean eat it I meant dry your tears on it, we can't get salt any other way now and that's my meat ration for the week, give it back >>871114 >What interruption are you talking about? The one where there's border posts checking ID's and inspecting vehicles like there was for the 70 odd years between the founding on NI and the GFA implementing a transparent border specifically to adress the massive issues said border points were causing? This is the worst thing about talking to Anglo's, the palpable ignorance and lack of basic knowledge on things they pretend to hold court on, why are you on a leftist forum when you swallow litre after litre of Daily Mail propaganda, can you actually read or do you have someone from your Constituency Tory party taking dictated posts for you?
(62.72 KB 398x512 unnamed.jpg)
>>871134 Look at those sicko papists worshipping that man as if he is a god.
>>871136 Get in ladrades.
>>871130 >The one where there's border posts checking ID's and inspecting vehicles Why would they do this though? To prevent a little bit of smuggling? People are allowed to move freely. Goods will be checked away from the border. What part are you suggesting will lead to friction? Individuals will be allowed to move freely between north and south. And goods culd be checked in advance. There only needs be a ckeckpoint if loads of arms are being smuggled. Given Brit and ROI are staunchly anti-gun I'm sure they'll find common ground on these checks.
>>871173 You are actually a fucking idiot, go suck off the Government on facebook or somewhere else where you'll up cummies for doing it People being allowed to move around freely isn't the same as a transparent border you political illiterate
>>871189 your point was about border checks. How about you settle down for a second and explain what form you think they'll take and why.
>>871204 I explained what form I think they'll take, a checkpointed border, and at best, assuming the government somehow magics up all the infrastructure they'll need and the as yet to be invented technology, yet to be founded departments, yet to be trained staff required there will be checks on the border in the same form there was before the GFA You seem to equate freedom of movement with a non enforced border, which is only possible because of the common market and GFA, one of which we are leaving, one of which the government is in the middle of tearing up
Reading "Against Avakianism" by Comrade Ajith. This is some good shit, its a lot like Anti-Durhing on how it uses a split in the movement to clarify and expand MLM theory. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5855a09de4fcb5bac6439853/t/59f0d3a4a8b2b0a3dff679a7/1508955053360/Against+Avakianism.pdf
>>871215 Technology as come a long way since the gfa but obviously the timeframe for sorting something out is getting tight. AFAIK the UK has no contingency to instantly man the borders even in the event of no deal. We're talking past each other though. I'm saying there needn't be a physical border. You're saying that any customs check means a physical border. Both the GB and Ireland are islands that have more in common gulturally and cenetically than most other euro nations. Maybe reunification has to happen but there shouldn't be a war because of EU bureaucracy.
>>871279 Yes, literally, any attempt to take NI out of the Common Market without a comprehensive trade deal will result in a hard border, which is what the government is currently going for, crashing out without a deal It isn't going to be the fault of EU bureaucracy, it will be the fault of the British Government and their terminal incompetence and lack of care for the people under their rule
>>870802 >those that think they want the BBC gone, will be begging for it to be bought back this. bbc is fucking terrible, but if you think things won't get worse without it you are incorrect
>>871130 based NI poster telling truth
>>871173 >Why would they do this though? To prevent a little bit of smuggling? you really don't understand the troubles or irish republicanism at all do you?
>>871362 Then vote for reunification. The UK has no real power to stop it.
>>871366 >Then vote for reunification. The UK has no real power to stop it. <British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has the final word on when and under what conditions a Border Poll is called based off of their abritrary non-objectively measured opinion on how likely it is to succeed giving the British state a literal veto and final authority on any attempt at a re-unification vote going ahead Please, learn to read, then actually read the good friday agreement you puddle of afterbirth
>>871366 its not the uk that is the problem with a reunification vote, its the protestants starting a civil war if the vote goes through. why do you think stormont has power sharing instead of anything else, despite how utterly insane and ridiculous it is when it comes to administration? NI is a land where there is no easy answer because of decades of anglo shittery.
>>871375 If greater ireland politicians were the outright majority in the NI assembly no british government would oppose it. Like Scottish independence, it only needs the right circumstance once.
>>871404 >we only need to be lucky once Based. TAL
>>871379 >why do you think stormont has power sharing instead of anything else Because it's representative. Roughly half the voting citizens of NI vote either way.
>>871409 Missing the point of Loyalist terrorism being a real threat.
>>871404 >If greater Ireland politicians were the outright majority in the NI assembly no british government would oppose it. So what, I'll just wait 60 years from now then for a solution to the thing happening in three months >>871409 >Because its representative roughly half of the voting citizens of NI vote either way For the love of merciful God please, pick up a book, that is not why there is a power sharing assembly and that isn't what a power sharing assembly means
>>871440 >So what, I'll just wait 60 years from now then for a solution to the thing happening in three months YES. >For the love of merciful God please, pick up a book, that is not why there is a power sharing assembly and that isn't what a power sharing assembly means ftlomg consider that the people that came up with the agreement knew that any solution had to take time. Reunification will happen when the clear majority of NI wants it. While time won't heal all the wounds it will take the edge off. Any instant solution is going to have winners and sore losers.
everyone's left the cytube then?
>>871468 What the fuck does the bottom of your post even mean, what's this nonesense platitude, do you think that covers for the fact that you don't actually know what the purpose of a Power Sharing government is?
>>871486 Its something about equally representing both communities no?
>>871494 Thalidomide
>>871468 >ftlomg consider that the people that came up with the agreement knew that any solution had to take time. Reunification will happen when the clear majority of NI wants it. kek you really are a retard aren't you? if the good friday agreement breaks apart because of tory brexit nonsense that seepees masturbate to, the first thing that will create in NI is the return of the fucking troubles, not a calm waiting period for a reunification vote. not every place on earth has a population as dull and feckless as england does
>>871495 If reunification is going to happen it will happen because of demographic shift. The current system does its job of representing both groups and will until one group is the clear majority. Once such a group is established power sharing won't matter.
>>871506 If a war is going to happen because of something as abstract as away from the border border checks then it is going to happen regardless
>>871510 Answer the question, what is the purpose of a power sharing government and why does Northern Ireland have one? Either go fucking look it up on Wikipedia or admit you don't know, platitude non answers about all just waiting and just getting along like good little colonials doesn't cover up your woeful lack of knowledge about the world outside England
>>871518 >of a power sharing government >why does Northern Ireland have one? One and the same. To stop them killing each other by giving both a political voice. The gfa also gives sets out specifically when a reunification can happen. It was a peace treaty between the UK and IRA. I don't know what answer you want.
>>871517 it already happened once and the good friday agreement is the only thing holding it together, and one of the main things holding the good friday agreement together is an open border with the republic. the next troubles will happen precisely because of anglo imperialism just like the last ones, and i hope whatever fucking anglo peacekeepers get sent get their skulls thoroughly ventilated by the new south armagh sniper
>>871536 It would take about three minutes to find out the correct answer to this question, but you won't, because you're English, and like most English people you're an arrogant fucking oxygen thief I cannot wait for the breakup of the UK and the complete deconstruction of the English world view that will come with it, I despise people like you
(50.17 KB 960x528 its_all_ireland.jpg)
>>871545 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4k14hk1nA8 based, drive the snakes once more from our fair land
>>871603 remember when leftypol had the (((irish))) meme but then mods made it (((british))) because ireland is oppressed
(43.92 KB 600x893 www.jpg)
>>871679 >I see you're trying to undermine a far right conspiracy theory meme there >it would be a shame if I... ruined it for a mild chuckle
>Asked whether he had advised the prime minister not to use the word “moonshot”, Bell said: “Well, I do remember the space shuttle Challenger. So there are several ways to do moonshots. Apollo 13 (sic) was great, Challenger was not so great.” Pressed again, Bell said: “That’s right. Yeah, I probably did.” screaming at this
We're bombing Yemen with our Saudi mates. 'Mon, lads! HOORAY!!!
(61.71 KB 581x557 asngj.png)
this is happening in your country bongs just in case you forgot
>>873219 Didn't know he was married with children when he was raw dogging those SÄPO sluts, what a player.
(12.89 KB 590x115 basedboris.png)
>triggered the libs with his brexit bill >now this damn he's really trying to get me to like him
>>873258 >tories buttering up the chinese TORIES POGGERS?
(405.85 KB 600x888 toyoot.png)
(277.15 KB 1540x576 me.jpg)
>>873300 care to link to a single post of me saying the first two
>>873306 its a joke lad
>>873336 If there's something to vote for like a Corbyn government or stopping world war 3 then it's worth voting. Remember starmer is a literal fed agent groomed by the Mi5 for years. Better chinese tied capitalists than him. although obviously they will just get rid of Boris if the death cult gains the advantage, just let me have this slight relief from fear of nuclear annihilation
>>873264 I am starting to feel old, I keep seeing poggers used and I can't figure out what it means.
>>871679 Defeats the point now as people see it and take it seriously because its not inherently absurd like saying the Irish are behind everything.
(30.13 KB 299x168 poggers.png)
>>873358 Poggers is the name of a face, similar to the name wojak being applied to describe the black and white feels guy template, or how pepe is the name of the meme frog. Poggers is pic related.
>>873365 I see, is it one of those twitch or discord reacts?
(33.73 KB 748x299 thanks guvermint.png)
Got a bad cough and a temperature and i go to order a covid test and I just get given this. Thanks a lot moonshot boris.
>>873364 Jannies are retarded what else is new
>>873371 Every day I thank allah that I am not a janny.
>>873300 >when people vote for rightists, grifters, and rightist grifters ikr i hate it when people vote for labour as well
Ben Swain for Labour leader
>>873364 >inherently absurd like saying the Irish are behind everything.
>>873255 he got married after, to one of his lawyer
>>869577 I searched through Corbyn's Twitter to see if he made a similar statement and there is no mention of Yoghurts. Good to know he sees through it at least
>>873368 twitch yeah
>>873523 I see
broke: supporting the overthrow of the CPC because it's running an authoritarian communist dictatorship that hurts human rights, so the chinese people must have a revolution to overthrow it, perhaps with some foreign aid. joke: supporting the CPC against foreign imperialism because its governance is an example of actually existing socialism woke: opposing the CPC because it's a traitorous clique run by capitalist roaders who have restored capitalist social conditions and so must be overthrown by a second socialist revolution
>>873546 Fuck dengists All my homies hate the perversion of chinese socialism
(31.92 KB 495x259 den.jpg)
>>873546 For once we would agree with him
>>873546 >>873561 Ah yes the famed anti-dengoid gang: reflexively stating the obvious about chinese capitalism whenever anyone combats Mike Pompeo propaganda about them, in a deliberately dishonest attempt to equate such a position with supporting chinese capitalism.
>>873572 actually i just want to have a laugh about the fact that there's a "maoist communist party of china" which is dogmatically opposed to the communist party of china though in a fit of contention mongering i might say that there is no such thing as "chinese capitalism", only capitalism, that china is clearly standing as an independent and powerful country (unlike the dysfunctional neo-colonies of africa), and that as such china-supporting anti-imperialism is a LARP on the scale of france-supporting anti imperialism. but i might be saying that because i've precisely calculated it to annoy people who have foreign flags on their walls.
>>870812 Underrated
>>873358 It's derivative of "play of the game", so basically coming in clutch is poggers but people use it for excitement too. I think most people here say it ironically, at least I do.
>>873611 Yank social imperialism over our perfectly fine coming in clutch
>>873734 While Stalin coming in clutch is good it will never match up to POGGERS STALIN
>>873369 Fuck the Tories and get well soon comrade. Hope its not covid also.
>>873593 I view them the same way I view Iran or Lebanon. They are not socialist, but we defend them from imperialist attacks and propaganda, at least I hope you do, socdemflag. Obviously there are overcompensating fools that you describe, that cover themselves in flags and try to apologise for everything about these countries, like saying China is socialist or pretending that they will suddenly become socialist by 2050. Just because we realise China is an emerging imperial power, that doesn't suddenly make it OK that the USA and certain people from the UK are baying for blood over cooked up Zenz stories. It also doesn't change the positive things China have done, or make China anywhere near as bad as the NATO powers. Please endeavor to have a balanced perspective instead of black and white thinking or you are just as bad as the people who pretend China is a magical socialist wonderland.
>>873736 Stalin definitely did come in clutch tho.
>>873747 Thanks. I managed to get through and told me to walk to a walk in site 45 miles away, going to keep refreshing till I get one closer. Absolute joke.
>>873774 Yeah because he's poggers
>>873369 >>873799 It's still probably just a cold in any case get well soon anon and I hope you get a test
https://cytu.be/r/BunkerBongs-AcornStalinism CYTUBE TIME Starting off with some black panther vids, which will be useful for Acorn-ML practice
>>873906 based
>>873771 I don't. China is actively fighting against several Maoist people's wars, that in Nepal and those of the Communist Party of the Philippines. China is now on the level of an imperialist nation like any other. Cheerleading for China does nothing: they don't need your cheerleading.
>>874370 I think anyone who reads this chain of posts can clearly see that you have repeatedly ignored what I have said to make a quick cheap shot and lie about my position. Typical chan board behaviour I guess. Fuck you, worthless little cunt.
>>874370 isn't >>873771 is >>873546 is >worthless little cunt
>>874385 You are right that China being imperialist doesn't make it right for westerners to oppose China to chauvinistic levels. But it also you shouldn't support China to the extent of supporting Chinese imperialism, like many people do. A lot of MLs see China as some Great Socialist Grandfather whose coming to save us: it isn't, and its an active enemy of revolutions going to this day in India, the Philippines and Nepal.
>>874390 So then why the fuck did you accuse me of doing that, when I went to painstaking efforts to make it clear multiple times that I think they are an emerging imperialist power and not socialist, but you went and accused me of "cheerleading" for them anyway. This is what makes this shithole fucking insufferable to use, people can't just have an honest discussion and have to nitpick and strawman you while acting like the sun shines out their arse.
>>874392 You view in the same as Iran or Lebanon, when they're not. We should combat imperialist propaganda against any country, China included, Europe included, whether they are imperialist or not.
insights from neoreactionaries that i have misremembered #2253: everything is fundamentally binary. (the original rule was something like "any complex idea will be dumbed down to the point of uselessness") "china is bad but america's anti-china policies are also bad" too complicated, too many words. "china is good, america is bad" easy "china is bad, america is good" easy as such any of the various possible more nuanced positions will be holed on the rocks of the fact our brains are permanently trying to return to monke.
>>874432 Yes, in that they're not socialist but I defend them from unjust attacks and the possibility of war. As I stated already some people who wrap themselves in flags and defend Iran and Lebanon, and also add the element of spending all day pretending China's system is still socialist
one of my m8s has gone innawoods to live in a commune and is trying to get me to do the same. how does one react to this?
>>874435 Are you implying anyone in this thread has said "China is good", or are you trying to spin "China has done some good things since dengoidism" as sucking China's balls? In the latter case you're just as black and white in your thinking.
>>875418 Depends what kind of commune it is. It might be a good idea if everything really does go to shit and there's no other organisational structures at that moment. Unless it's like Jonestown or something
>>875421 it's a bunch of anarchists in the Leicestershire countryside trying to be self sufficient
>>875426 Sounds like tarquinism
>>875428 a brand of gin?
(938.74 KB cH7T-8ZhxOCEKDez.mp4)
so this is the kind of shit you guys are up to christ
>>875850 revolting
>>875850 I don't think a German can just on that front.
>>875850 welcome to jabba's palace, just off the m4 near port talbot
>>875850 Yeah we're epic keep scrolling bitch
(1.08 MB 1600x900 acornmovienightbattleship.png)
CYTUBE FILM NIGHT TONIGHT 9PM https://cytu.be/r/BunkerBongs-AcornStalinism Tonight I thought we would stream a few videos of your choice as usual, followed by the classic Soviet film Battleship Potemkin! SET YA WATCHES FOLKS BE THERE AT 9PM!
>petite-bourgeois intellectuals are now saying touching someone at all without their consent is always harassment Wow, guess the working class who tap each other on the shoulder, put their arms around each other and generally touch each other to make gestures all the time are all harassers. I swear, detached intellectuals are worse than the capitalists.
>>875974 lib radicalisation via the need to always virtue signal harder than everyone else is really something isn't it
>>875419 i'm implying "china has done some good" is an untenable position on the macro scale. the fact that you and i as individuals can accept this (because we've got the time and energy to care about that level of detail) is largely irrelevant to the majority of people who're too busy to have an opinion beyond whether China is good or bad. (the NRx position would be that most people are too stupid, but the model works just as well with being busy or apathetic.)
>>875991 >i'm implying "china has done some good" is an untenable position on the macro scale. yes, but it shouldn't be forgotten either, or else you are a teenage burger anarchist who views all states as equally evil to the USA and their allies.
>ring estate agent to enquire about viewing flat for sale >get asked if I want to rent it out Think I might vomit lads.
>>875850 the literal inventor of schizer porn and the proliferater of Nazis wants to come talk about degeneracy smh tbh
>>875850 Anne Widdecombe hass gone mental
>>873369 Should have gone to Eton All Eton lads get tested
>>869769 >Gallows >For saying sex exists and is a legitimate biological fact Take yer madness elsewhere
>>869783 This >But muh gender queer theory matters more
>>869845 I have been to so so many so called leftist meetings There will be no revolution if these fuckers are what we have to represent and fight for class justice. Bunch of intellectual masturbators that get fuck all done to organise our centres of populations beyond nonsense cultural stupidity thrills
>>869905 Is it Misogyny and patriarchy to point out she'd get one? Have I absorbed white patriarchal notions of dehumanizing women?
>>865515 kek Where the Bevan memes?
>>877077 Which organisations?
>>869905 Socialism is inherently anti democratic. You aren't any less retarded than her for thinking meaningless bullshit like democracy is even possible.
>>877102 Socialists complaining about lack of democracy aren't complaining about a lack of liberal bourgeois democracy
>>877107 So say that as if "socialist" "democracy" is even possible without immediately collapsing, let alone desirable
>>877123 Saying something authoritatively doesn't make it true lad
>>877125 Yeah because democracy went so well in the Soviet Union once the government was flooded with revisionist people pleasers
(198.28 KB 1400x1120 USSR referendum.jpg)
Are things going better in the other timelines abed?
>>877136 >Lol guys they voted to make a socdem union that means democracy works! Heres a news flash faggot, Gorbachev was not a communist and the New Union plan was literally Social Democracy. Cope harder vootfag
(181.75 KB 442x341 ned.png)
lmao I can't believe that you think you are any different to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1tVAUGnE1c You should all be locked into isolation, and never let out again.
>>877168 Stay mad Trot >im not a trot! Okay so Gorbachev came up through the system you uphold as the best >>877171 >being a roarke
(410.01 KB 2000x1000 JK Rowling is Blairite.jpg)
>>877069 >implying that being the number one provider of rent-free accommodation to trans* people (still landlordism) is JK Rowling's only crime against the people of Great Britain
>>877207 You're the one that brought up the soviets (adding literally nothing in the process) to railroad your little chimpout onto a limited number of topics, dumb ape.
>>877213 The left are fascists, the right are fascists. Me? I'm a moderate fascist.
>>877069 She was also anti Corbyn and a Blairite. There is no coming back from that. Also her entire twitter persona is so deeply cringe. So, so cringe. Don't get it twisted either, shes not your based soviet terf mommy, shes an extremely rich Karen who sees it as a threat to her privileges in that regard. She doesn't give a fuck about the liberation of women, or she wouldn't attack an anti imperialist like Corbyn, who wants to liberate all women all around the world. I'm even one of the little brats who read potter as a child. Multiple times. As kids books go, y'know, they are alright. Find me a kids book that isn't a bougy fantasy. The main thing edgelords leave out when they jerk off hating it is uh.. its a kids book. For children. You might as well hate peppa pig. But still, shes a cunt. A massive one.
Also I'm gonna fire shots and say there isn't a single anti trans feminist who isn't fucking cringe. Yeh some extreme trans activists are annoying and they ask for some ludicrous things like for people not to have any gender preferences. But name me one single anti trans feminist who isn't cringe. There isn't one. The whole thing is cringe.
I'm not even gonna outright say it isn't correct. I have heard terfery occasionally argued in a well reasoned manner and without actual hate although there is usually hate so maybe they are just better at disguising but like, its fucking cringe even if it is correct. Its a cringey argument only cringey people get involved in in cringey internet places and nobody IRL really gives a fuck. Like a very small percentage of people. No mass movement is going to be built off either pro or anti trans positions and that is some facts.
>>877259 Isn't Joti Brar of CPGB-ML fairly chill?
>>877281 im aware there are literally whose who might be okay. But the public debate as it stands. Cringe
>>877277 Yeah the TRAs seem to have it covered anyway, so piling in is just opportunism/tailism/attention seeking/cringe. Just let them fight their moral panic between themselves, not like they're short of numbers compared to the woeful state of the communist movement.
>>877235 >uh.. its a kids book. For children Read by adults. There's a Stewart lee bit about this, but it's more fun to quote Sam "My parents massive house will be mine when they die" Kriss. >Harry Potter is a profoundly reactionary fable; its fantasy isn’t really about dragons and broomsticks but the tired old fantasy of the British class system. Harry Potter is the petit-bourgeois boy who goes to a magical Eton (one that, incidentally, runs on actual slave-labour), faces a few tribulations along his way, but eventually finds himself admitted to the ranks of the aristocracy. The central moral dilemma is one of inequality – what do you do when you have one class of people who, by dint of their extraordinary powers, are innately superior to the society surrounding them? (This goes some way to explaining its popularity: Harry Potter is a book for people who are very pleased with themselves because they love books and love to read, without any judgements on what’s being read; it was never for children and always for the bored 29-year-old human resources workers they would grow into.
Consider: Is it relevant to union organising? No. Why? The Trans exclusion debate exists specifically in regard to women only spaces. Unions are not women only spaces. Neither is a communist party. There will be some instances where it is relevant, namely in industries where unionised workers will have multisex changing rooms and so on. But on the whole, for most union organising, still a very niche issue. Compared to wage theft etc, pales in comparison
>>877329 yeah but you don't get to feel morally superior to others while copypasting someone's personal info from kiwifarms to mumsnet when you're dealing with wage theft
>>877329 >legal unions
>>877311 meh, lord of the rings or whatever is equally reactionary in many ways. A much better book, but still reactionary. >it was never for children and always for the bored 29-year-old human resources workers they would grow into. well, i've not read it since i was 10 and im almost 29 but i can tell you one thing magic is fucking cool. Bringing people back from the dead? Cool. Going invisible? Cool. Dragons? Cool. All of that stuff is cool when you are 10. Think stuart lee needs to calm down a bit. I'm not saying its good, just saying its another one of those things people love to hate. There is no doubt for an educated adult to read this and not see all this would be deeply concerning. The slave labour is even more deeply reactionary than it first appears, given that she literally dehumanises this race of elves in order to make the enslavement seem okay. They aren't a lower class, they are a different species all together. Still sentient, still powerfully magic, but ultimately still in chains. Why? Never explained. Easily freed to, though the wizards never do, because of course, the elves actually like it, they would be without purpose without it, according to the text Horrific stuff truly. The ministry of magic? A purely technocratic institution by all evidence from the book. By the way DurmStrang, the name of the german school, i recently discovered has ariosophical meaning i.e. Nazi meaning. Perhaps she was just looking for german sounding wizard names, but also, given the penchant of nazis for the occult and secret societies and so on, could this be a glimpse into the books true purpose? The true nature of the class society- one dictated to by a magical elite? How much of the above do you think a 10 year old understands?
>>877311 i don't know why i'm posting so much about harry potter but stewart lee is also wrong in the books intended audience. Who buys childrens books? Children? LMAO KIDS DONT HAVE MONEY YOU DUMMY. This book is aimed at the parents of children born in the 90's. So people who are around 25-40 lets say. Meaning they themselves would be born from 1950-1975. So most of these people... are boomers. Yes. This book is marketed directly at queen toasting, roast beef on a sunday, boomers. The generation who actually watched jimmy savilles televsion. Those people. This is who it was aimed at, or at least, who it sold to. Boomers, the ultime eternal bougy boomer
>>877386 >>877363 point of order, that's sam kriss not stewart lee stewart lee is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMjrXRgu8IU kriss's full article is https://samkriss.com/2016/09/13/jk-rowling-and-the-cauldron-of-discourse/ (and it's also sort of a pisstake, but one of those pisstakes that makes you go "yeah good point")
>>877389 hahahah forgot about the Jew goblins. Yeh. I mean. Its got magic including the Magic of old German Nazis who believed in Magic, its got race based enslavement, a multilevel caste system, with humans as the ultimate scum. Its got a faceless one party government, the only position seeming to matter that of the leader, complete with an island prison where the guards suck out your soul for seemlingly any and all magical offences. And yeh, straight up jewish bankers. Given the fact I am now pilled on the Magickkk of early nazis, this book has just become even more spooky in my eyes
>>877389 didn't even know she was anti BDS either the bitch
>>877389 >Gryffindor are fascists according to fascist ideology itself, the ideal-ego of the fascist subject: a natural elite, strong, noble, honourable, yellow-haired, and respectful of difference, but only within strict limits. Slytherin is the same figure as she appears to the outside world, her negative aspects projected onto a despised other. Hufflepuff is the fascist’s ideal ordinary political subject, dull and stolid, but essentially good-hearted; Okay, fairly normal analysis so far >Ravenclaw is the indeterminate other that resists assimilation into this conceptual matrix, the thing that constitutes the order through its exclusion, the figure that in the early twentieth century was identified with the body of the Jew. this article is generally okay but that right there is some major fucking word salad. I can smell a literature degree a mile off i would know i studied it in first year of univeristy
>>877235 Don't forget she once sued people who bought her book too early when a book shop accidentally got the release date wrong
>>877363 >meh, lord of the rings or whatever is equally reactionary in many ways. I know JRR Tolkien was right wing and probably had Varg-like beliefs on race and culture. I do sometimes like fantasy stuff though because it's a great escape from our miserable world. Is there a similar copypasta to the harry potter one describing the reactionary nature of LOTR someone can share? >>877443 >I can smell a literature degree a mile off i would know i studied it in first year of univeristy What ya switch to?
>>877277 They just hide it well. Theres some sane people out there with vaguely terfy views but the ones that are keen on it always end up having borderline murderous views on either transes or men. No one with a sane view on it spends large amounts of time arguing about it. The correct view on transes is that they are people too and just christ stop arguing about it and look at class disparity. my favourite terfs are the ones that get in trouble for chasing butch women out of changing rooms because they've been driven insane by mumsnet, always gives me a chuckle
>>878228 What do you call it when you like trans people fine but you have no time for all these hangers on like "nonbinaries" who basically just have to cut their hair or wear different clothes (in another time they'd just be called cross dressers, which is fine, and they'd be fine with it) and pretend they are going through the same struggle as actual trans people? Either that, or they are actually transgender and confused, and we are hindering their progress by keeping them in this pre-transitionary state? That kind of thing seems deeply evocative of an extremely alienated narcissistic culture to me.
>>878238 I dunno but I agree with you and think its also a sane view. I support the dismantling of rigid gender roles like I think all lefties do but most of the non-binaries are clearly middle class attention seekers. I don't think it really slots into any of the gender idpol ideologies to be honest.
>>878238 Also just to add, this stuff is taken to its extreme by people who come up with a completely different name for their personalised gender, like "greygender" or something to describe the same thing. Surely these people make it harder for trans people because they go around telling everyone that this is what being transgender is?
>>878255 I've unironically been called a TERF before for not thinking nonbinary middle class attention seekers are genuine.
>>878260 I've been called a TERF for pointing out that biological sex is a thing. The word has lost its meaning.
>>878260 Gender idpol rots peoples brains, to the terfs anyone with a non-negative view of transes is a misogynist TRA, to the liberal feminists anyone who doesn't accept every single new part of their ideology is a TERF. I just hate the lot of them and have to regularly remind myself that cool women and cool trans people do exist and outnumber the rabid maniacs.
>>878271 I've never met an annoying trans person, they've always been cool.
>>878268 What is even the argument for saying otherwise?
>>878238 >>878255 it's 100% guaranteed not to work because it's impossible to disentangle where i'm coming from with this from where that kind of person would be coming from if i was them, but still: it's not worth being bothered by other people doing something like that. sure, you can draw up all sorts of theoretical reasons why they're incorrect to do so, but at the end of the day it's much more zen to just go through life saying "nice, cool, sweet" to these sort of things. the number one advice i could give for these little annoyances would be that every time you come across one in an innocuous context (idk someone's saying how glad they are their uni lets them say they're non-binary or whatever), don't go "oh, that's fucking stupid", go "nice". just say to yourself: no, i think this is fine. i'm glad this stranger is happy. not because you agree, not because it's theoretically correct, but because it improves your own life to take a view like that. it's not your actual views i am to shift here. i'm not particularly invested in non-binary identities or anything, it's just practical advice. mostly i'm giving it because i'm astounded at how well it can work: just saying to yourself "no, actually i'm okay with this" can actually help put you at peace with things. or to look at it another way: it's all a symptom of an alienated narcissistic culture rather than being a cause of it. it's not the kind of cultural disease that can be alleviated by attacking the symptoms, so you might as well acclimatize to them while targeting the core of the disease itself. (which is ultimately capitalism + some monke brain dynamics + the capitalist internet)
>>878362 >or to look at it another way: it's all a symptom of an alienated narcissistic culture rather than being a cause of it. Well I did actually say that, but I like your post. Tell me more of your mindful zen ways
>>878273 Obviously 🙄
>>878436 Very womanly post there lad, not on
>>878307 TERFs will never acknowledge the fact that sex isnt binary because it doesnt fit their binary vagina=oppressed penis=oppressor narrative.
>>878362 Fuck that. >On the contrary, we sometimes meet with persons who regularly heat themselves in an argument, and get out of humour on every occasion, and make themselves obnoxious to a whole company about nothing. This is not because they are ill-tempered, but because they are in earnest. Good-nature is a hypocrite: it tries to pass off its love of its own ease and indifference to everything else for a particular softness and mildness of disposition. All people get in a passion, and lose their temper, if you offer to strike them, or cheat them of their money, that is, if you interfere with that which they are really interested in. I only don't care about people doing trans shit because I generally agree with them or don't know enough to make a counterpoint.
>>878474 Yeah only TERFs think that there isn't a middle ground between XX and XY. Moron.
Corbynoid Labourites spreading fascist lies about the PRC https://twitter.com/zarahsultana/status/1306256428827643904 Joke party
>>869577 three days late mate >>869577
(191.71 KB 1280x674 ewes.png)
>>879048 >western aligned pro-wahabbist (incidentally the murderous ideology funded by the yanks they are trying to stamp out in china) STILL agrees with Venezuela that the claims are made up >this is somehow not blatant evidence that the claims are made up >not realising this is one of the most vital and quick to understand bits of evidence against the lies not too bright are you chum
>>879043 The perfidious euro strikes again.
>>879090 Jesus christ you are stupid. They don't "support the chinese", they just believe that the Uigher claims are bullshit. If you believe this shit, fuck off. We don't want you here.
>>879108 >fuck off. We don't want you here. Thank you for deciding that no one wants him here for thinking the Saudis are full of shit. I am glad that you are the decider of ideological purity.
>>879125 you obviously can't read, so I'm giving up. I'll just link you to >>879067 and hope you read it this time. If you think you're going to convince anyone here of your Adrien Zenz stories, you have another thing coming. It's in fact a bannable offence to share this myth. Reported.
>>879143 oh nononono bros he called the jannies and anounced it! what are we going to do. i'm crying right now
>>879136 >>879158 Try and think about the argument you are responding to one more time. Not once was it claimed that saudi arabia is a good country. It's just that these countries that are US puppet wahabiist states agree with Iran, Syria, Venezuala and Morales on this issue, meaning it's rejected from countries with different allies. There is also a mountain of other evidence that there is no genocide or mass internment, but you seem eager to avoid talking about that and pretend the only evidence against it is Saudi arabia. Seriously, go away now. This website and especially this thread is not for liberals who believe Adrien Zenz and Mike Pompeo.
>>879196 Do you believe the "uigher genocide" stories, yes or no?
(12.68 KB 210x240 (Hwi).jpg)
>>879143 >lol you don't parrot the chinese government which has repeatedly denied the existence of said facilities only to them confirm them? You must therefore support a retarded hyperchristian. Called the jannies!
>>878575 >Yeah only TERFs think that there isn't a middle ground between XX and XY. Moron. When did I say that? Its just idiots in general that cant understand bimodal distributions. And all terfs are idiots, but not all idiots are terfs.
>>879211 and what footage would that be? If someone who instantly believes western propaganda agents is making leftybritpol threads we need to cut out that tumour and improve leftybritpol.
>>879211 >genocide ... any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. Chinas at the very least doing b and d.
holy fucking shit what is going on ITT? Where are you people coming from?
roll up, roll up, come and battle it out in the thread that will decide once and for all whether we critically oppose britain sending her planeless cuckramp carriers for a holiday in the south china seas or not
EVERBODY WAIT A FUCKING SECOND Would you say Britain was America’s Papa?
some kind of raid going on?
>>879243 Oh right you're baiting. You had me going for a while there
>>879240 Every so often people see the thread on the front of the board and come in and scream that they'll run to the jannies because they're not happy with us.
>>879227 straight up lie faggot, you have no actual proof or evidence of "serious bodily or mental harm", neither "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group" (which I haven't even seen claim of except from full retard propagandist) they target extremist islamist, and jail the too dangerous, while trying to rehab the less dangerous. It makes sense, its even gentler than what would happen if a western state had a muslim minority that started committing serious and regular terrorism.
>>879243 >bellingcat, the official nato investigator that always find their ennemies are in the wrong, even without any evidence are you fucking kidding me you retarded lib ?
>>879236 You say that like the UK is going to go war over something as pointless as a genocide. We only go to war for serious things like violating belgian neutrality and stealing the sheep islands.
>>879243 >>879265 This is some kind of raid or two very annoying trolls. >>879258 No I'm the OP of this thread and I also want the zenzposters gone.
>>879229 You can spot from the typing style (notably the space before the question mark, thus ESL) that a non-regular to this thread has come in and started treating it like they would any other thread on the board thus making angry posts instead of esoterically shitposting.
>>879268 >joke about the UK never going to war for perceived good >we're being raided by trolls!!!! autist
so let's say the Uighur thing is made up whole cloth: Why would NATO pick a Muslim group for their op? If you took a list of everything China's supposedly done against the Uighurs and asked the man on the street (or question time audience) if he'd support taking the same measures against muslims in Britain, he'd say "no, we should be harsher."
>>879264 ignore this guy >>879270 he's trying a clever tactic here by accusing you of what he is obviously doing.
>>879259 >forcefully putting people in camps doesn't case serious bodily or mental harm Aside from that retarded take, here: https://apnews.com/269b3de1af34e17c1941a514f78d764c
Thread regulars please ignore this western propaganda spamming retard.
>>879273 What? I'm not even involved in the conversation because I don't care to argue about dengoid china in a british thread. I'm just pointing out the obvious outsider from the ESL typing style. Got to love that you've flagged yourself as the OP on an anonymous board as if that gives you authority.
Anybody else a little spooked by the fact as soon as we resolved our differences suddenly this inexplicable arguments started popping up nuking the thread time after time
>>879281 Namefagging as OP won't make you OP
>>879281 This is top tier pathetic, you have to baby regulars into ignoring someone when if you had half the faith in them you seem to have you would assume they would do so anyway.
>>879286 I would appreciate it if you two wouldn't pretend to be me.
(88.89 KB 411x640 BritaniaAndDaughter.jpg)
>>879239 Momma
>>879285 Almost always involves someone who puts a space before their question marks. Very suspicious lads.
>>879285 No because I’m a burger who’s just popping in
>>879289 Im not one of the two retards, was just proving a point. Want to prove you're the OP? delete the thread faggot
>>879297 I was continuing the joke in support you autist
think i shall do a sneaky and make the next thread about my side in the argument in true butthurt style, very devilish me
(266.76 KB 682x480 keynes car.png)
*deep breath*
>>879315 new thread


no cookies?