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Shitty Political Compas Memes Anonymous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 16:29:26 No. 859356
Anyone find that r/Political Compas Memes & Political Compas Memes page whether in Fedbook, Instagram, Twitter, or others social media seems cling or have tendency that lead to bias libshit/centrism/rightoids rhetorics? It's fucking sickening seeing people did foolish debate constantly than stick to the praxis. What do you guys think? https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/731360.html#q852711 https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/731360.html#q852967
(152.78 KB 712x712 poliscale.jpg)
>>859356 nolan chart is shit to start with, liberalism is basically conditioned as fundamental as x,y dimensions. literally pure ideology.
The amount of times I've talked to someone and they say "authX"/"libX" is too damn high
>>859370 this is a good meme though
>>859549 centrists also use it tho
>>859382 It's the cringiest thing ever but alas people found a way to seem as politically savvy while being complete political illiterates.
>>859553 a broken clock is right twice a day
Have you all seen the polcomp subreddit? It's literally 99% "ironic" Nazis
Why is 'left libertarian' often depicted as soy?
>>859584 Because they usually are
>>859555 it’s more like virtue signaling since 100% of Americans to worship muh freedumbs. being “libertarian” is a great way to be political without any real conviction
>>859584 Because Nazis and dipshits like >>859586 think they're SJWs and liberal soyboys. Funny how some leftists don't have a problem laughing along with alt-right propaganda.
>>859635 Oh noo you got called a soyboy and I laughed, I clearly want to kill all non whites including myself! Grow up.
>>859584 Because this "meme" bullshit has always been pure images, never about any representation of reality. That would take effort and thought.
>>859638 No u >>859648 >oh noo you got called a soyboy and I laughed, I clearly want to kill all non-whites including myself! You should kill yourself anyway just to be safe.
>>859648 If the shoe fits... By buying into alt right memes you are in fact buying into their worldview and strengthening it
>>860098 and by attacking alt right memes you are just fueling them
>>860146 >if you fight your enemies, they win
>>860148 it is if thats their intended effect
>>860098 Smells like liberal bullshit. Go back to idpol.
>>859586 Durruti would become the most ardent stalinist if he saw how so many anarchists turned out in the future
>>859356 Because /pol/ made a mini operation about conquering r/PoliticalCompassMemes. Its fully taken over by them at this point. Look in the archives
>>860540 Link? I don't care enough to look at pol archives.
>>860503 >Everything that asks me to reconsider my actions is liberalism
>>859356 >I just want some stronger borders what the fuck does that even mean
>>859356 First one isn't bad if they mean to say the Wojaks represent Western, keyboard warrior caricatures.
>>860934 I theory it means a more robust and strict vetting process for immigrants, but in practice it means shooting nigs.
(6.19 KB 500x500 axeswithnames.gif)
(26.73 KB 480x400 usprimaries_2008 (1).png)
The actual political compass test was always shit because the the webmasters had such a libertarian bias and that even tankies have to actively try to get in the red quadrant, but the compass itself served as a good way to teach burgers about how small our overton window is and about how there are political ideologies that don't rest on economic liberalism. It should good despooking tool for burger libs, and while the test-taking algorithm has a notorious libertarian bias, the resources provided by the site about where contemporary and historical political figures are on the list are more or less accurate. But good god, have the compass memers misunderstood the point of the compass. More specifically, the current, reddit-based compass memers who appear to have only popped up in the past year or two. The original compass memers, who congregated mainly on the PCM facebook page (Bat'ko was one of the co-curators of that page) and had memes contriubted from places leftypo (and even pol and chapotraphouse), all understand the point of the compass was to show the full global spectrum of politics. The new compassfags, however, appear to be burgers who lack the imagination or self-awareness to realize that their politics are too narrow to apply to the whole compass, and thus, these cunts have decided to project their burger biases onto the whole compass. Anyone who understands what the compass is meant to be would know that any self-proclaimed American "centrist" would not literally be in the center of the compass, but would instead be in the center of the auth-right quadrant. The premise of all of the new compass memes relies on believing that American centrists are literally in the center of the whole compass. My theory is that while the old memers knew what the compass was for, they skipped over the nuance for the sake of comedy, and the new memers learned from the old memes without knowing the context. The old memers would make Stalin jokes in the upper left and ancap jokes in the bottom right, while knowing that Stalin is just one part at the very top left and ancaps are just one spot at the very bottom right. The new memers seem to believe that the whole top right is different flavors of communist, with "tankies" (these people have no idea what a tankie is) at one spot, trots at another, etc., and then the bottom left is for the more "friendly" left idelogies, with succdems, who would actually be in the lower red quadrant, somewhere in there next to self-proclaimed neolibs (it should be noted that while neoliberalism has been the dominant ideology of global capitalism for forty-odd years, neither Reagan nor Thatcher nor Blair nor Clinton ever marketed themselves as self-proclaimed neoliberals. The notion of someone calling themselves a neoliberal is a very new phenomenon and I doubt most self-proclaimed online neoliberals were even old enough to vote for Obama or possibly even Hillary. They just saw the word go from its once academic-only status to something discussed more openly and saw it as an attractive identity, because the shopping mart of ideologies is pure idpol at its purest) who fully belong full square inches into the blue. "But they have liberal in their name so they must be on the left!" The other worst crime the new memers commit is their insistence on plastering wojak edits all over the the compass. Everybody on that subreddit deserves a lobotomy.
>>862348 Friedman not in the upper right quadrant. KEK. Pinochet loving manlet fuck face. If I’m ever near his grave I’m going to piss all over it.
>>862348 Gandhi was an anti-union shithead, he's be on the right.
>>862348 >Hitler >economically center. Was this made by burgers who think communism is when healthcare is free?
>>862358 That's why, for all the simple virtues of the compass as a tool for people who are conditioned to think it's just "liberals left, conservatives right." All it takes into accounts are one's views on the marketplace and state role in civil liberties in their own country. Nothing about their views on the liberty of others in other countries, nothing on any foreign policy, or on what the logical extension of their economic views would lead to if put into practice in even their own country, or if their civil liberty views are the way they are because they support the specific liberties themselves vs. just not wanting the state have certain powers. Nobody serious about political science should be using the compass, but there's a "less wrong" way to use the compass than the current memers are using it.
>>862372 Hitler opportunistically appropriated some proposed social programs of left wing groups in late Weimar, and to a significant degree they challenged established liberal dogma with rampant defense spending. I think that's why they're sort of arbitrarily placing Hitler closer to the left, although I think he should definitely be placed much closer to the center right.
>>859356 I actually liked that sub once but I have noticed it is too centrist. I think the appeal of political compass memes is for people that can relate in large part to many different parts of the quadrant, so naturally many people there abhor radicality. Lots of "auth-leftists" there are so quick to shit on the Soviet Union and defend the Holodomor narrative; they're the majority. It's just another shitty Reddit meme sub but with more fascist refugees + infiltrators.
(192.25 KB 960x1044 hldx2j7axwm51.jpg)
lol this one's funny. Kind of breaks the trend the centrist trend
>>860098 >Zootopia fan Psychotic liberal detected.
The issue with the political compass is that the liberalism scale just measures how much people should be oppresses by the government, not by corporations, which allows for lib-right to exist. A better solution would be a political triangle which measures both oppression by the state and private corporations.
(29.41 KB 1080x1080 political triangle.png)
>>865758 Something like this?
>>865720 >I just want to kill all white people
The central thrust of political compass memes seems to be fairly centrist, lampooning the four quadrants to make the point that all your options are bad so don't take politics too seriously.
(49.00 KB 1080x1080 political triangle.png)
>>865758 >>866990 Or maybe more like this.
(7.05 KB 1102x720 class loyalty.png)
>>865758 Political compasses in and of themselves are retarded. Actual policy is never that neat, and it's not really how people think about politics. There are conceivable ways to visually represent someone's politics, but plotting a position on a cartesian plane is retarded. Example of how you could represent someone's politics: >one "axis" represents class position, from the discarded to plutocrats, in distinct boxes >other "axis" represents nation, including your country, your neighbors, the world as a whole, and lumpens or country-less people >add/remove pieces accordingly (posadaists would have one for interstellar people) >color the boxes according to how their politics aligns with the interests of the group, green = supportive/sympathetic, yellow = ambivalent, red = hostile The chart should be customized according to the ideology you're representing, adding or removing categories accordingly. For instance, a nazi's chart would have separate columns for "my countrymen" and "other races in my country." The different versions would demonstrate the structural differences of the ideologies, and would help to illustrate parallels to woketard ethnonationalism. Alternatively you could make them look even worse by not adding separate columns for racism and just split the color in half within the boxes to show the internal conflict. Disagreement and discussion over how to lay out the chart would be a good thing, since the whole point is to facilitate communication about the ideas rather than reducing them to a simple meme chart.
The sub really is a toilet bowl. Seems like there's a lot of overlap with the "enlightened centrist" crowd.
>>862380 that was after the war already fucking started. of course a war economy is going to have elements of socialism. even Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be retarded enough to start privatizing and deregulating when your country is in a fucking war. indeed, in the 30s there was privatization in Germany comparable to Reagan himself.
(203.08 KB 525x468 the real political compass.jpg)
>>865758 >political triangle
>>870275 Hoi4 is shit, I’ve just played hoi3 since 2016
>>859356 imagine implying that the "seperate all cultures and races" and "nationalize everything" are equivalently radical and unacceptable opinions
>>872295 Deny them their smol bidness and refuse to cull the poors and you might as well be a virulent racist, goosestepping Nazi to liberals.
(242.26 KB 926x432 70itjppmkky41.png)
I thought that sub was kinda funny at first, but they treat authright with kid gloves and constantly shit on libleft for having strawmen positions. Anything that even remotely associates authright with something negative is flooded with apologists, not-all-authright, and it-was-the-only-option cretins while libleft is constantly associated with bullshit like state-sanctioned gender-reassignment and other cuck shit. Authleft just doesn't exist. But fundamentally the compass is broken because it reduces every position to fucking co-ordinates on a 2d axis. Pic is one of my favs.
(624.72 KB 1401411217993.webm)
>>872307 >Anything that even remotely associates authright with something negative is flooded with apologists, not-all-authright, and it-was-the-only-option cretins while libleft is constantly associated with bullshit like state-sanctioned gender-reassignment and other cuck shit.
(2.54 MB 268x268 judy aww zooptopia.gif)
>>865722 >being this oversensitive
>>872307 Honestly auth types are much more sincere, lib bunch are all doublethinking wormy faggots in my reddit experience.
(367.87 KB 800x710 zootopia nazbol gang.jpg)
>>872727 >Honestly auth types are much more sincere Sincerely braindamaged and psychotic that is
>>870275 is Thailand NazBol in hoi3?
>>872741 I don't remember economy or policy really playing much part in the game, it's all about who you can get to join you in the electric hullabaloo
>>862358 >Pinochet loving He gave him som tough love. Pinochet: I hold the chilean pot by the handle. Friedman: If you keep doing what you're doing, you will only have the handle left.
>>866990 >>867015 How about keeping the compass, but where the axis are Government oppression - Government liberation Corporate oppression - Corporate liberation One example of Government oppression - Corporate liberation would be South Africa where the international corporations usually did everything they could to mitigate the apartheid laws. Another example is how public transport corporations in the south dragged their feet with segregated buses and streetcars. Usually the whites rode in the front and blacks in the back and there was a floating line between them. But the states wanted the first third to be white, the back third to be black and the middle third to be floating. That meant if the first two thirds was full of whites and the back third was totally empty. Then the bus driver couldn't pick up one single white passenger. It was only when the states really enforced the laws that the corporations had to pick up the tab for running their companies not as efficient as they could..


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