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(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
>>668988 Yeah, bigger is more efficient.
>>668988 Idk, the end of petit booj creates a pipeline straight to fascism IMHO before we could take advantage of them
>>668988 I doubt it. ex-petit-bourgs just become full on reactionaries usually. just look at how Cuban emmigrants “behave”
What's this thread doing back on page 1? Did I miss something?
>>668988 petit bourgeois are insufferable anyways. I've met a few big time porkies since my aunt is a paralegal for some and they at least seem to acknowledge that they're exploiting people, but fucking petite bourgs unironically think they actually help people.
(530.82 KB 500x533 just.png)
>>669203 capitalism is always in crisis, anon
What the fuck?
>>668988 this is real accelerationism
(180.25 KB 750x891 san001.jpeg)
(186.56 KB 662x1024 san002.jpeg)
(54.22 KB 670x272 san003.jpeg)
>>668988 >petite bourg union leaders >good Can you not?
>>669452 the advantage being, I assume, the absolute crushing defeat of the pettys.
>>669452 I meant the entrepreneurial energy of the working class that goes to waste selling pyramid scams and useless gizmos, or pic related. >>669161 Nothing is worse than a "nice and cool" boss. I wish I were kidding with this following story. When covid first hit, a friend of mine conspired with his coworkers to ask the boss to please cut their pay checks in half. This was like day 1, before people were getting fired even. The boss refused. It was THAT pathetic. I want to see porky being schizo-fascist and hating their employees with open disdain. I also want to see the fascist ex-petits eat dirt.
Who else feeling optimistic bout the conomy right now.
>>669426 Ultra pump.
(41.54 KB 885x309 AllTimeHigh.jpg)
(1.29 MB 528x251 highh.gif)
(23.32 KB 303x192 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png)
baby doomp tomorrow?
>>671928 until futures hit breakers its down crabbin
>>669426 I love how the stock market keeps rising even though the actual economy is contracting in a big way. What could possibly go wrong?
>>671951 it wut healthee economy do
What is happening?
so a question to the experts ITT: some people think this virus will cause a big crisis. we have seen recession everywhere but not full-blown depression. let's assume there is a viable vaccine in Q1/Q2 of 2021. would there still be a crisis in Q3 2021? would things "go back to normal", or would the outfall from the virus cause "permanent" damage, similar to how much of the industrialized west never fully recovered from 2008? thx in advance
>>672580 Permanent damage, even the CBO is saying that unemployment will remain high through 2030
>>668988 >muh small business Absolute Amerilard ideology.
>>671951 When it got trillions of dollars dumped into it for free, it cut all remaining ties with reality. It is now a heroin junkie on their final dose, drifting into orgasmic death.
>>671951 50k by the end of the year kid. Don't cry about being poor when I'm telling you this half a year before.
>>672580 >>672580 >so a question to the experts ITT: Aw, thank you. >some people think this virus will cause a big crisis. Some, who? how? in which way? Here we describe we are simulating the 1929 depression in many similar materialistic factors, with some key differences: a) Around the world, the gold-money standard doesn't exist. With Keynesian tactics - careful here, Keyness described the situation of printing inorganic money and use inflation to combat economy contractions, he wasn't pro-money printing. It was the Bretton-Woods cunts who took Keyness' ideas and framed the next decades economy policies around the world around money printing which doesn't allow useless industries to bankrupt - it is nearly impossible to enter into a huge depression. But this tactic rely in two things: - People's spending. With Corona going, spending is neutered. - Rich people, the ones nearby the money printer, invest. But since many things in the U.S. are not producing with rentability 0, because they should've gone bankrupt years ago -but since the Keynesian policies were applied they never bankrupted-and those nearby the money printer know this, so they don't invest in many things really, so monetary speed slows down, and the recovery seems impossible. b) Europe is not overcoming an inner war, so their infrastructure is not destroyed. One of the things that helped America in 1929's depression, was the fact that the US helped to rebuild the destroyed country through big spending loan programs. c) Dollar control. Despite a and b, the US has huge leverage with the Dollar being the reserve currency, and with 79.2% of commodities being exchanged through dollars -and the consequent commissioning per each transaction- is hard to say that the US can collapse, however, thanks to many sanctions around the world, the world is taking notes to avoid and build monetary infrastructures circumventing the US dollar infrastructure. With all due respect, what we are seeing is more or less the collapse, not of the US economy, but the collapse of the US dollar empire, which indeed is the root of the US economy, but once dismantled, the US economy should be fine. >let's assume there is a viable vaccine in Q1/Q2 of 2021. would there still be a crisis in Q3 2021? I don't expect but a decade of long-suffering. Especially with the stubbornness US political class. >or would the outfall from the virus cause "permanent" damage, similar to how much of the industrialized west never fully recovered from 2008? We are not going to see a world economy like it was before. Seems we are heading towards a dual system with China and the US system going in paralell.
>>672621 'big number go up good' truly the most efficient and humanitarian system>>672621
(56.89 KB 1414x513 conomy.PNG)
>>672662 what the fuck even IS an "economy" then?! fucking porkies, swear to god
>>672662 >>672669 The "economy" or the "stocks" has been a literal magic show since the turn of the 20th century, no point in pretending its real.
Bolsonaro has the rona
>>670573 great now I’m never going to stop hearing this optimist one liner from Trump supporters
>>672680 Again? Hope he dies this time.
>>672714 In Minecraft of course hehe >:3
>>672723 No, for real.
>>672669 >what the fuck even IS an "economy" then?! My bank balance.
>>672669 >what the fuck even IS an "economy" then?! line go green
>>672755 The economy is when the line goes green. And the green the line the more economy it is - T.Porky pundit
>>672729 I hope it kills him for real in real life not as a joke IRL for realsies as a bit
>>672680 >>672714 >>672723 >>672729 I hope he's getting the best treatment available. He's a great guy, he opened up amazon faster than we thought. God bless him!
https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/The-Death-Of-The-2-Trillion-Auto-Industry-Will-Come-Sooner-Than-Expected.html Is porky actually so retarded hes banking his hopes on tesla , uber and lyft? This fourth industrial revolution seems like a meme if tesla is its champion. Is there any evidence porky has the will or ability to produce the infrastructure this hypothetical shift to digital feudalism would require, cause im not seeing it.
>>672580 Permanent but small damage, maybe a 1 or 2% increase in unemployment. If they will have to impode a second lockdown tho...
>>672669 Funny line go up
>>672898 To add tragedy to this trainwreck remember Morales got ousted to try to prop up that clown of Musk
>>672580 Gorona was just a gust of winf which sent the house of cards crumbling down. If it was magically cured tomorrow, America would still be in an economic pit seemingly deeper than the one from 1929, and some are saying this was just the initial shockwave, which I find hard to believe. Regardless, even if it already fully hit, the American economy already collapsed. What took 3 years after the 1929 crash now took only 3 months or even 3 weeks. >>672662 Inching closer to "mass starvation corrects price discrepancy as economy soars".
>>673688 >some are saying this was just the initial shockwave, which I find hard to believe. This isn't as unreasonable as you might think. Basically, a lot of american small businesses which employed almost half the workforce were either on the edge of financial viability or basically scams that never were going to work out. Long term serious unemployment and slowed economic movement due to fears of going out and catching corona means that even though the majority of smaller businesses might have survived the initial lockdowns, the resulting economic damage is going to pull a bunch of companies that survived the first wave of failures down over time as people lose the ability to spend as readily as they had been, which has the plausible (but not yet certain) outcome of triggering another wave of failures, which is going to cause the financial markets to freak out again. There's also the issue of CDO's that are on somewhat shaky ground right now, a lot of debt securities are way overvalued in their actual security grade.
>>673914 On hindsight, the deliberate rollback of the welfare State and the systemic increase of exploitation engendered by neoliberalism was bound to make the eventual collapse stronger, wouldn't it? It makes sense that giving an unstable system some extra lifetime would make the final destabilization worse.
(25.08 KB 421x218 poop.png)
not great, not terrible
Fighting to stay green. Fed pump at 3 pm.
https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/08/32-percent-of-us-households-missed-their-july-housing-payments.html 32% of U.S. households missed their July housing payments As the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic continues, almost one-third of U.S. households, 32%, have not made their full housing payments for July yet, according to a survey by Apartment List, an online rental platform. About 19% of Americans made no housing payment at all during the first week of the month, and 13% paid only a portion of their rent or mortgage. That’s the fourth month in a row that a “historically high” number of households were unable to pay their housing bill on time and in full, up from 30% in June and 31% in May. Renters, low-income and younger households were most likely to miss their payments, Apartment List found. In April, May and June, the majority of missed housing payments were made by the end of month, Apartment List reports. Almost 90% of households had paid some or all of their rent or mortgage payment by the end of June. But with late fees tacked on, those households may be more likely to miss their next housing bill, perpetuating a vicious cycle. “Delayed payments in one month are a strong predictor for missed payments in the next,” Apartment List says. While 83% of households who paid their May housing in full and on-time also did so in June, only 30% of households who were late in May did so in June. Worries about evictions mount States started to reopen their economies last month, but spikes in coronavirus cases led many to re-close sectors or pause reopening plans altogether. “The economic fallout from the pandemic does not appear on track for the quick V-shaped recovery that many had originally hoped for,” reports Apartment List. Plus, the continued coronavirus recession has more Americans worried about evictions and foreclosures, Apartment List found. Renters are especially vulnerable. About 36% of renters, who are more likely to work in industries devastated by the coronavirus, missed their July housing bill, compared to 30% of homeowners. The federal eviction moratorium, which covers around one-fourth of renters in the U.S., put in place at the beginning of the pandemic has been extended to the end of August. But many people are still worried about an imminent wave of evictions across the country, as tenant protections vary greatly depending on the state and even city. Many — though not all — states and cities have instituted their own eviction bans; some have already expired, leaving tenants vulnerable at a time when coronavirus cases are increasing in many spots in the U.S. Many households have already spent their one-time stimulus check, and the extra $600 per week in unemployment insurance — used by many to cover essentials like housing — runs out at the end of July. That means even more households could potentially miss their rent or mortgage payments in coming months. Housing advocates are calling for a uniform, nationwide eviction moratorium that covers all renters, as well as other federal aid in the form of emergency rental relief. The House or Representatives has passed several measures, including the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions, or HEROES, Act and the Emergency Housing Protections and Relief Act of 2020, to address the housing crisis. Neither bill is expected to pass the Republican-controlled Senate.
>>675412 36% is high but not as much as i hoped, with this rates collapse can be averted.
>>675577 Can it really? It seems like 32% of U.S. households missing their appointments is huge.
>>675412 Only about 40% of america is actually employed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmJuuHy-BFQ
>>675577 Is there a historic precedent? An economy where 32% of it's population has gone bankrupt can absolutely be said to have collapsed.
>>675604 Not that guy, but I'd say it's not possible to make historical parallels because the debt economy makes this its own unique beast. Regardless, remember that things have barely started. The tendency is for delinquency rates to keep increasing. >>675412 >the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions, or HEROES, Act huehue
Should I buy oil?
>>677243 -400 now
(4.70 KB 225x225 oil.jpg)
Lame shit. Wake me up when we're below 25k
>>677308 Wait for 3pm bear gang
>>677342 You mean 3pm Jerome pump gang
>>672621 I don't think all that money is gonna mean very much when it costs a trillion US dollars to buy a loaf of bread. At the rate the US government is printing money you'll have hyper-inflation before long.
J-pows wrists must be sore
(266.42 KB 944x944 bear groyp.jpg)
>>679099 black friday
>>679101 We can hope but i doubt
>>679099 Under 25k or BTFO
(39.92 KB 324x500 39f.jpg)
>>678923 I would say rob the rich like Stalin did, but at that point wouldn't it be better to kill porky and over throw the government if you're paying trillions for a loaf?
25% of New York City's apartment renters haven’t paid since March https://twitter.com/BW/status/1280915371889958913
(30.95 KB 375x243 headlines.png)
Marketwatch running negative headlines again, we're prob gonna see big a drop soon. It's been mostly deluded optismism since the end of the drop in late march.
>>682732 Poomp day
(51.45 KB 759x446 goronabirus712.png)
>>686429 most likely. but there should be a decent red day later this week. Since covid deaths are surging again, Texas could shutdown again, possibly Florida and California in the coming weeks. I don't think the big crash starts until the 30th, depending on GDP reports from last quarter. Atlanta Fed projects 35 percent decline.
>>686429 I-I I'm g-gonna poomp
>>686443 should I invest in lithium?
>>686443 >I don't think the big crash starts until the 30th, y tho We thought that shattering the illusion that reopening would magically fix everything would make the crash resume, but clearly Porky didn't like that one friday early this month where that seems to have happened.
>>686446 No, invest in alternative energy
>>686450 when we see how much gdp declined, we will see how much lockdown shrunk the economy, just the headlines and panic from the report can stir a crash. also jobs report will be around the same week. Unemployment might rise again with reopening being rolled back. Also important to not the mass evictions coming, uneployment checks expiring, and congress failing with a new stimulus
>>686460 They're not above faking the GDP numbers as well tho.
Looming evictions may soon make 28 million homeless in U.S., expert says https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/10/looming-evictions-may-soon-make-28-million-homeless-expert-says.html
>>686915 Based archiver anon
Is a second lockdown possible in the Us? It would REALLY hit them HARD
>>686978 I think schools may re-close after outbreaks come about
>>687057 It's summer tho most schools are closed anyway
>>687066 ye but drumpf trying to force schools to reopen so more parents can work
pump btfo
>>686452 lithium the coin not lithium the mineral
Singapore slumps into recession with 41.2% fall in quarterly GDP https://twitter.com/economics/status/1282834051154554881
>>687066 >>687813 there's also summer school... does the US still have that? or did they cut it like everything else?
>>688857 my aunt is a special ed teacher and she said there's some online stuff for summer school kids but it's mostly a disaster.
>>688871 You mean regular summer school or this season?
>>688810 holy shit
>>688810 Is that a 41% fall in GDP or a 41% fall in GDP growth? I suspect the latter.
>>688810 >Gross domestic product declined an annualized 41.2% from the previous three months, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said in a statement Tuesday, the biggest quarterly contraction on record and worse than the Bloomberg survey median of a 35.9% drop. Compared with a year earlier, GDP fell 12.6% in the second quarter, versus a survey median of -10.5%. No, it's the first respect the same period of the last year.
>>688893 idk i can't find any recent total gdp numbers anywhere >>688886 regular summer school but she also said the district doesn't expect to go back in the fall, more of the online stuff where kids learn absolutely nothing, which is only slightly worse than irl school
>>688810 >>688887 >>688893 >>688901 >>688903 >>688922 >>688903 >>688901 It's quarterly annualized so that -41.2% QoQ figure is just attention grabbing, since we aren't expecting next three quarter to continue to contract at the same pace. The -12.6% YoY figure is what you would normally expect, though it's still worse than survey expectation of -10.5%.
>>688951 what does YoY stand for? Does that mean the actual drop in gdp? why does this have to be so confusing
>>688958 short for yoyo
(238.50 KB 1088x846 123123213.png)
Lockdown 2.0 begins
>>688958 Year on year
(39.69 KB 756x760 lenin wojak.png)
>>688871 >>688857 You know, education is one of these areas where you never see many comparisons between the old USSR and the rest of the world. Which is no wonder, considering it was their top priority. It's one of these things it had from birth which were never shed away. Lenin insisted on not skimping on culture and education, insisting that socialism required developed minds to maintain. I always agreed with that statement -- although clearly it's a necessary but not sufficient condition -- self-backpatting be damned, and the behavior of entirely too many Americans amidst a deadly plague pretty much clinches it. Back to the USSR. Did you know that, by the late 80s, it contained about half of all movie screenings rooms in the world? They had a project to ensure every single school had at least one. And they sure as hell didn't use them to screen romantic comedies and blockbusters. And, if I'm going to be honest, I have been considering the limitation of consuming media, especially all by oneself, it's clearly doing something to our heads. Anyway, I can't find solid confirmation because historical data about school curricula of various countries is the sort of information you can't quite find online, but it's possible that the USSR was the last country in the world which taught music and arts in the basic curriculum. They were a people who once filledsports arenas to hear poetry recitals, and to whom the word "uncultured" was the biggest offense you could throw. Meanwhile, the developed West started scrapping their own education system, I assume, even before the end of the Cold War, with neoliberalism. No need to elevate the human spirit when you only measure standardized tests, after all. Developed Eastern countries followed them in spirit if not in practice, by keeping a bit of that elevating thing but more to relieve stress than anything else, as they focused on standardized testing even more. I like to think of those Soviet schools, little redoubts of culture with their music classes, movie theaters and art paraphernalia, dotting the continental vastness between the Baltic and the Pacific, an archipelago of incomparably more islands than the overly-remembered gulag one, yet completely forgotten, even by its own people. The gulag archipelago now bears an American flag, but the education archipelago remains lost to all mankind. In its place, capitalists have given us one which, so far, has an island for money laundering and one for pedophilia. Who knows what other sins compose that ghastly chain of islands? The way the system is quickly degenerating, I wouldn't be surprised if the owners of the world didn't have an island dedicated solely to burning books.
(31.05 KB 967x570 26-1.png)
All those news about GDP shrinking several tens of percentual points are indeed misleading like >>688951 said. Here's a normie-friendly explanation so you can also share them with relatives and friends: http://archive.is/pDlO8 A decline of 41.2% in actual GDP would be nothing short of cataclysmic. Pic related.
>>686429 Like injecting blood into an open wound.
oh fuck... i'm gonna... croooob
>>689091 >A decline of 41.2% in actual GDP would be nothing short of cataclysmic. Well... that's the point. Accelerate!
(68.44 KB 1445x764 ha44h.png)
Every time I see Dow/Nasdaq/S&P "go up" in the news its always a tiny jump below the local high. These headlines should be illegal.
(67.02 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
(661.49 KB 1417x1031 dynomak-31.jpg)
(100.11 KB 278x279 20191007_001538.png)
>>686446 >>686452 Hydrogen gang, hydrogen gang! *The feeling when old Soviet technology saves the world today. Capitalist """"""innovators"""""" BTFO
>>690320 If we would outlaw misleading headlines, most of bourgeois press would go out of business overnight. LOL
(38.97 KB 1280x720 BOGDANOFFF.jpg)
>>690316 I'm just saying that if that were true, America would be at civil war right now.
>>690637 Or it would be shitting its guts out
>>690322 >Phage therapy proven to works against antibiotic super bugs >Soviet rockets is still used today while Americrap get mothballed It always have.
>>691901 it's all so tiresome. if we want the DJIA to hit 30k we might as well start a nuclear war at this point. Porky is so detached from reality the crash is going to fuck us over so badly and they don't even care. they already have their repurposed missile silos and private islands.
Be calm comrades. Once summer ends. Autumn will make things catastrophic. When the weather becomes colder, people won't be able to tell common cold, flu or Covid-19. The 3rd/4th wave will be insane. Then once winter finally begins? The US off of the election will be interesting depending on who wins as well. It has only begun.
>>690322 tokamaks don't work though
So you guys know why the markets are doing so "well" despite everything else being so shit? The reason is quite simple: This is where all the stimulus money went. They took their coronabux and used it to buy vast amounts of very cheap debt. Then they used that debt to buy more debt. Then they used that debt to invest into the stock market, because they don't trust an investment to make a meaningful return invested into real goods and services production. This cause stonks line to go up till someone else trying to do the exact same things buys it off them and they sell at a profit, take that money, and do the exact same thing. At no point is this money being used for useful production. What we're looking at isn't an economic recovery. It was trillions of dollars being converted into monopoly money.
It Starts: Mortgage Delinquencies Suddenly Soar at Record Pace And this is just for April, the very beginning of the Pandemic’s impact on housing. <OK, it’s actually worse. Mortgages that are in forbearance and have not missed a payment before going into forbearance don’t count as delinquent. They’re reported as “current.” And 8.2% of all mortgages in the US – or 4.1 million loans – are currently in forbearance, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. But if they did not miss a payment before entering forbearance, they don’t count in the suddenly spiking delinquency data. https://wolfstreet.com/2020/07/14/it-starts-mortgage-delinquencies-suddenly-soar-at-record-pace/
>>692206 This graph is becoming familiar.
>>692206 >For starters, the new delinquency figure includes an unknown number of households that are late on their payments because their loans are in forbearance, said Frank Nothaft, CoreLogic’s chief economist. On March 27, President Trump signed the Cares Act, which made it easy for qualified homeowners to request a total of 12 months of mortgage forbearance. That leaves a small window in which the first homeowners who applied for forbearance could show up in the April data.
>>692044 What would be really interesting if somebody screen capped both canidates in minecraft.
>>690637 It will be...
(49.13 KB 512x512 27.png)
>>692160 That's why they are still being developed with big construction projects, because they have no potential. (sarcasm)
>>692032 Porkies can't survive without workers! So, even in their bunkers they will try to exploit and that will eventually lead to their servants revolting too.
>>692535 in b4 universal laboring robots
>>692556 Won't happen within this century. Capitalism can't innovate fast enough for this. Climate change and the rate of profit hitting effectively 0 will happen before it, which would kill capitalism at the latest.
>>692200 also, in case anyone missed the upshot of this: We could have an entire new recession and the stock markets may or may not record it because they are almost completely divorced from reality. They aren't measuring anything about the industry anymore. The stock market is like 100 guys shuffling around meaningless money that they were given so they can be given more money to add to the flurry of re-shuffling.
>>692654 It'll keep the proles convinced that everything is fine though.
>>692682 Until they get laid off or kicked out from their place of living that is
>>692682 That almost feeds into it is the issue. See, once we start getting into the mass losses of zombie businesses, we might start seeing business CDO's collapsing. That might bring down other zombie businesses, and properly functioning profitable businesses that they are grouped in with. If we knew what the situation was and demanded more public stimulus, we could avoid this by creating temporary boosts to other businesses and spread out the amount of time that this happens over, thus preventing the catastropic crash of having profitable businesses dragged down in the weight of so many collapsing unprofitable businesses, but we've reached past that point. The next crash is virtually guaranteed at this point and it's a matter of time.
>>692776 Is that matter of time possibly the end of the month when the unemployment extension and eviction protection expires?
>>692206 Hold on you ya butts beacuse it begins
!! Russian Interference / collaboration Report concerning the Conservative Party likely to be released in coming days after months of silence ISC (govt dept. which makes such reports) Chair has been effectively kicked out of the Conservative party. It really does seem that the UK govt has something to hide about their relationship with Russia.
>>693063 >Liberals to further their mission of ensuring we die by nuclear fire rather than ecological collapse
>>692231 >On March 27, President Trump signed the Cares Act, which made it easy for qualified homeowners to request a total of 12 months of mortgage forbearance. Holy fuck, Porky really is running out of ideas. This is essentially a loan shark willing to give you an extra entire year before breaking your kneecaps, while still lending you more money.
>>692731 That still might not be enough. Porky's capacity to spread false consciousness might be too strong. This tug-of-war between quickly-degenerating material factors and unprecedented disinformation we're currently witnessing is a historical event. Quoting myself because #YOLO: >>688137 >>688425 >>688459 >>688603
(50.28 KB 1024x563 BASEDDDDDD.jpg)
>>693511 Saved. Nice one.
>>692568 Isn't it said that productive forces have to reach some kind of sort of new level and that communism will come with it? Hypothetically if we haven't reached this level yet but political change is forced by the climate crisis, what will happen? What does it take to automatically produce a supply of beer for example?
(29.82 KB 479x205 brappppbrap.png)
>>694045 samefag. tech is crashing this time. Thing it's more significant to see the nasdaq get hit more than the dow
>>694045 >>694047 Wake me up when dow 24k
>>693068 Honestly, at this point I'd prefer a relatively quick death by nuclear war than withering away slowly by climate change.
>>694045 Under 25k or it isn't even relevant
Just another day in the eternal crab.
>>695455 I guess next event could be August 1 if indeed there will be mass evictions because small stimulus is gone. If not we really should talk more about capitalism's stupid resilience. I hate that word, resilience, but I gotta admit market is hanging on. 30000 and the sky is the limit mean while
>>695470 Crabbing means stagnation. It means delaying the fall as long as possible with poooomps. It will never reach 30k. XD
>>695484 Could it be a Japanese style stagnation. If so we'll be here for a couple years more arguing when the big droop will come and the guillotine sharpened and ready expecting bankers. I swear I sometimes think traders swallow some Kind of super drug not allowed for us plebs.
>>695470 got to see what the senate does with the next stimulus when they come out of vacation in a few days. They'll have only a few days to potentially stop unemployment insurance from wearing off. The HEROES act passed the house two months ago but the gop controlled senate will probably not pass it unless even more corporate bailouts and tax cuts are added, and less things that could actually help people. if the senate fails to reach any agreement on passing a bill, the stonks could crash again. also if official unemployment goes up again and trump can't be out puffing his chest about how wonderful the economy is, fairly likely with states relocking down
>>696563 A state as big as California, locks down again. A state as idiotic as Florida doesn't give a fuck. Bloomberg TV says Investors might have some réservations about opening up, but really they're extatic because wagies are totally obedient. Senate bills at this point might be a bit late if they will even grant some mo' money. You know, they still might help wagies so they can voooot.
U.S. ECONOMY SEES 37% CONTRACTION IN THE SECOND QUARTER OF 2020 https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/1284157468109451264?s=19
>>698885 It's quarterly annualized, meaning the year over year growth is close to -10%, like Singapore.
also important to note china's economy grew last quarter. https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-07-16/China-s-GDP-declines-1-6-in-first-half-of-2020-up-3-2-in-Q2-SalyAYgOrK/index.html how long before china totally overtakes the US now? Can china manage to grow more if US continues to decline in the coming quarters?
(55.13 KB 480x592 FB_IMG_1594773624819.jpg)
Any advice for someone who wants to get into stock trading? Would $500 be enough to start out? Goal is to buy enough stocks via trading that i can live off of dividends. I would reinvest every penny i earn into more stock ownership, and i believe i have an advantage by being unemployed which means i wouldn't have to worry about a crash happening while i'm working. I believe the stock markets will get hit hard on the 25th and 31st, with evictions and the unemployment benefits running out, consecutively. How could a newcomer make money off of such tragedy? What does /leftypol/ think of stock trading apps like robinhood?
>>698947 2025 to 2030 at least, if we're going by nominal terms.
>>699014 buy high sell low
>>699014 Robinhood, writing out of the money options seem to be a good bet.
is this shit dead
>>699166 No. But the writing is on the wall.
>>699166 Zizek said capitalism might have been dealt a Kill Bill-like fatal blow. It's too early to tell that, but might be true for the American empire. The hegemony is definitely gone, and things are still spiraling downwards.
(12.65 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>698885 >Less decline than 41.2% Uh oh, does this mean the depression will be less terrible than expected??? This is not good for acceleration.
>>699203 Ha. Slavoj is always an entertaining fellow. I guess we shall see the outcome in due time. I will be eating hotdogs from both hands in the meantime.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14zbZvXogoM >Professor Richard Wolff: Coming Economic Crash Will be WORSE Than Great Depression
>>699340 >It's just the flu bro >It's just another 2008 bro See you on the other side.
>>698919 that's actually significant. you'd expect Singapore to get it a lot worse since they are an entirely open economy. if US does as bad as them, they are very deep in the shitter
>>699014 Invest on basic commodities, they are low but with demand restarting in 2021 they will easily see growth ,that could be easy money if you are patient enough
(72.83 KB 887x1097 80d.jpg)
https://youtu.be/PjuLtji31as This is fucking beautiful
>>699333 Definitely building up to something. >>699776 >That chad "yes" at the start Goddamn
>>699776 If he was honestly describing the world, then yes that would be based. A world where hedge funds, banks, private equities, share holders and CEOs actually were routinely plunged into millions of dollars of debt slavery that they would never be able to pay off even after selling their wives and children and themselves into sexual servitude forced to lick Epsteins undead dick for all time. However, the reality is that the hedge fund would be saved and the bankruptcy costs would be born by the employees who would have their pensions by a private equity fund which this guy probably runs. He'll make a few pennies at the expense of the worst human beings alive for every hundred dollars he makes at the expense of the workers.
Some 40% of the child-care providers that existed pre-pandemic expect to close permanently unless they get additional public assistance soon https://twitter.com/crampell/status/1283017148944834560
>>702541 >>704898 The 2020s will be interesting, as Turchin predicted.
>>704932 The 2020s will be shitty
(39.92 KB 324x500 39f.jpg)
>>703762 >tfw the local preschool that I went to might close for good :'( another remnant of happy childhood memories taken from me
(134.82 KB 1914x1349 Capture.PNG)
Stepping outside of my "bunker" here to try something a little different -- hawking a weekly newsletter covering capitalism from a perspective I think this thread will relate with. This week focuses on how the big banks are doing as a result of the crisis (the ones closest to Wall Street are making out like bandits while the more retail banks are not). Plus some details on how China is rising on the back of U.S. decline and how reported wage gains really reflects massive wipeouts of low-wage labor draining the bottom out of the labor market. To make matters worse, investors are plowing money into technology to eliminate many of those jobs forever. The newsletter is getting to where I want it so thought I'd share. Check it out: https://bit.ly/30zHjZ9
(1.06 MB 245x184 go in.gif)
>>707033 did I just subscribe to a CIA watchlist?
>>707033 Are the one keeping it leftist or ZeroHedge-esque libertarians? From a first glance i can't say it
>>707041 If I could make it into a ZeroHedge site for leftists that would be swell, and maybe win over some of them as well. That will be a long ways down the road though. But think Marxian analysis without the 10,000-word essays. ZeroHedge anyways notices a lot of trends the mainstream business papers won't see, but they don't really understand why these things are happening because of their ideological blinders and so it must be because Jerome Powell is a communist who wants to establish a one-world government which... well if that's true, then okay. >>707040 No, but IMO, assume you're already on one.
>>707094 My advice: 1) Make a Telegram channel for this newsletter 2) Join The Communist Pact on Telegram 3) Enjoy new audience for you based news
So we have recovered the chink virus losses. It's only up from here.
>>710043 >thanks to the coronavirus This is bullshit but I believe it.
spitting fax?
>>710862 It's a bit more accurate to say that coronavirus hastened an eventuality I think
>>712431 That summer heat is making them jingles sweat
Layoffs: 1.4M workers file for unemployment as COVID-19 surges, and some benefits near end >The number of Americans filing jobless claims rose for the first time since March, showing the need for aid isn't waning even as the extra $600 that bolstered weekly checks during the pandemic comes to an end. >A total of 1.4 million more Americans filed for unemployment benefits for the first time as the coronavirus surges throughout many states, and recently reopened businesses shut their doors to slow the virus's spread. >The uptick ended a 15-week stretch in which initial weekly claims steadily declined. In little more than four months, a staggering 52.7 million have sought unemployment aid for the first time http://archive.is/bJdKn
(49.99 KB 1200x1200 murilard.png)
>>712779 All those unemployed Amerilards will still yell "socialism bad!" and "pull yerself up by yer bootstraps!"
Why is tech crashing
(324.99 KB 654x578 ELONMUSK.PNG)
>>712809 This. Americans aren't really human. Not anymore.
>>713080 Lol what?
>>699340 The prophet has spoken
Is time to buy?
>>713125 no. bottom hits in two months at least
>>713057 Tech is crashing?
>>713144 nasdaq getting hit worse than dow and s and p which indicates it's mostly tech stocks getting btfo
>>713144 I mean probably is but I don't jerk off to the stock market all day since it's mostly irrelevant to the economy barring massive crashes.
>>713149 >nerds and redditards eternally seething
>>713137 But for short term
>>713080 >>713098 Tesla almost never makes a real profit, so if it suddenly becomes profitable he's actually gonna have to produce shit that's useful. Musk knows he's subsidized like a motherfucker.
>>712436 Exactly. But media and politicians are all blaming everything on the virus. >>712779 >Trump declaring state of emergency started the emergency HUEHUEHUEHUE
>>713237 What weapons is he researching to have the glowies shell so much money for him
Gold up. Will walmart and places like ingles and dollar stores go up in price when people buy up basic necessities again when the economy has another downturn due to the evictions and the unemployment bennies running out?
>>713389 He's in charge of their stellar lifeboat project.
What are the odds that it plummets when the last unemployment checks go out?
>>713871 A lot of unnecessary, commodity markets will plummet as spenders have less money to waste. https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ
This thread is obsolete. The stock markets have completely detached from reality, it is purely fiction at this point.
>>713971 It's incredible. It's truly telling of the post-reality times we live in. Baudrillard dindu nothing wrong.
>>713971 That's how it's always been.
Airlines lose billions as demand 'stalled,' CEOs warn recovery hinges on a coronavirus vaccine https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/23/coronavirus-airlines-lose-billions-as-demand-stalled-ceos-warn-recovery-hinges-on-a-vaccine.html
(83.24 KB 220x220 Popup_cure%402x.png)
>>713975 >hinges on a vaccine You know what we gotta now. This isn't supposed to end so early.
>>714173 The way 2020 is going, I expect this vaccine Murka has been rushing and over which they have accused both Russia and China of muh research theft (how the fuck can't Murka realize that crying this over a life-saving medicine makes Murka itself look bad?) to backfire badly.
>>713971 Look at this crying bitch. Stay poor.
>>713057 intel behind 7nm & 10nm schedules
(51.43 KB 690x960 FB_IMG_1595433105702.jpg)
Let's test /leftypol/'s knowledge on the stock market, shall we? Lingo from /biz/: AMPL XRP ETH BTC LINK XSN DEXT SPY ETFs NAK Redpill me on each. Assume you want to invest using only 1000 dollars to start. What stocks would you invest in right now? Which brokerage? Your goal is to have 10k by the end of the month. Tip: stop buy ABOVE current price for entry into a stock, limit sell ABOVE stop buy price to exit with profit. Tech industry is said to be deflating, but TSLA is supposed to raise in share price due to a new cobalt mine being built.
>>714215 Apropos of which: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/us-epidemiologists-say-data-secrecy-covid-19-cases-cripples-intervention-strategies I can't believe this, America keeps hitting on more and more signs of a decadent and crumbling empire. It feels like the motherfucking Illuminati decided to read every hackeneyed political novel ever and make a checklist of cliches and heavy-handed set pieces. "The ideology at the core of the empire ironically hinders the quest for a solution to the what triggered its decline? Check."
>>714249 >hurrdurr do my DD for me
>>714256 Hey, if i can trick commies into doing my work for me, it might be mutually beneficial. They might gain some useful skills. I might get some money. Besides, you probably unironically invest in meme coins so your opinion is invalid.
>>714259 Idk How would you do it?
>>714263 For 1k, it's either penny stock meme coin gambling, etfs like SPY for diversification, or just striking it lucky with big biz stocks, especially with market consolidation and market monopolies
>>714249 >nearly all abbreviations of shitcoins
>>714280 Well? Which'll moon and which won't, commie? I know you can figure it out.
>>714283 >why don't you gamble it out commie Nice advise, porky, but I'll pass.
>>714253 > This is fake news folks - let me tell you that - we are going to have the biggest, the hugest universal healthcare system the world has ever seen. Its going to be the most tremendous system that ever tremended in our tremendous country which I cant even see the end of it from here. Hey Steve can you see the end of it? No? Right!? So, folks we are going to repeal obamacare which is so bad it makes Biden look good and mentally sound. If we dont repeal it we would just be sending money to the royal family - bad! We are going to have the best people on this and we are going to drain the swap which has been a constant source of fake news - believe me. Even they will get to enjoy our tremendous healthcare system in jail which I am sure Hillary will enjoy very much - tremendous.
>>714289 NO BALLZ NO BALLZ You're never gonna make it unless you get in on the market!
>>714299 I don't have enough capital to be as ballsy as you, pork.
>>714253 when is something going to actually happen though?
If anyone here was ever gonna invest, i'd suggest doing it right after news is announced about the coronavirus lockdown being extended. The pessimism will create a dip for most markets except for the essential ones which will mean that every business will suffer until the poomps come in to revive the zombie businesses. Profit off suffering! :^)
(40.28 KB 415x585 amd.png)
(38.78 KB 402x559 intc.png)
(40.32 KB 405x547 tsla.png)
(48.56 KB 398x622 disney.png)
Clearly undervalued. They're a monopoly on media, so this dip is clearly temporary.
Two red days in a row? Is the eternal crab over?
>>713091 I think it's interesting how people on a board that generally calls for revolution in America also hates the American people for believing the bullshit they're constantly exposed to. I am motivated out of love for people and a desire for a future for humanity. I have little desire to blame individual people. I know this is /crisis/ but let's keep in mind that rhetoric like this serves to make the current collapse in standards of living seem deserved and acceptable.
>>715761 Keep in mind that ask the bullshit Americans are exposed to leads them to hate people like us and this causes disillusionment
>>715517 We've had two red days in a row. We will go back down to 24k then it'll start creeping back up to 27k before sliding down again.
>>715773 So you respond to hate with hate? Isn't it better to focus on resolving contradictions?
>>715784 The contradictions stopped resolving 30 years ago. Burger misery is catharsis now.
>>715790 care to go into more detail?
>>715820 Capitalism has been locked into place post-USSR with propaganda, military and economic apparatuses far too developed, perfected and widespread to be combated. By the time material circumstances make capitalism impossible to sustain, so too will animal life on earth be unsustainable.
>>715879 That may be true. I would rather accept the small possibility that the world can be saved than accept something which tells me to take no real action.
>>715913 Then you're accepting comforting lies to justify LARPing in a doomed world full of unsalvagable bastards.
>>715879 I take a more optimistic view, that the sooner China btfo's the USA, the sooner Capitalism can be abolished.
>>715923 better that than being a doomer
>>715929 >a capitalist economy will btfo capitalism itself because their capitalists are good boys with heroic valor
China will be socialist by 2050 China will be socialist by 2050 China will be socialist by 2050 China will be socialist by 2050
>>715936 Fuck that being a doomer is awesome Doomer is the new punk rock
>>715936 Being a doomer requires less effort. I mean what could I even do for a revolutionary movement, if it was even possible at this point?
>>715942 Ah yes the real beginning of human history: capitalism with gibs, in one country.
>>715923 You know if you are such a doomer you could end yourself from such siffering. Otherwise do fucking something. Anything is better than bitching at people who want to have some slight hope in our world. Nuclear hellfire and destruction of capitlaism is one hope. Love it or hate it but thats what I see being the end of capitalism to be fair.
>>715942 So universal healthcare and no 996? SOCIALISM!
>>715945 >tfw you base your beliefs on an aesthetic >>715948 - Join a political party. PSL, FRSO, PCUSA, there's other good ones. - Join or support BLM protests. This one is easy. - Join or support a workers union. Workers rights are being threatened by corona causing unemployment. - Join or support a tenants union. The end of this month is going to see a shitton of evictions, now is as good a time as any. - Participate in mutual aid efforts. - Work to increase visibility and legitimacy of socialist thought. - Educate friends, family, and other people in general about the need for socialist revolution. - Spread left agitational thinking and fight doomer-ism, facism, etc.
>>715961 >>tfw you base your beliefs on an aesthetic If my zoomer understanding of the 80s has taught me anything it’s that it’s better to fuck pussy than to be a square
>>715963 protip: sex won't solve any of your problems
>>715967 Maybe not, but being the 2020s version of a 1980s punk rocker will Doomerism FTW
>>715953 The great powers won't nuke each other precisely because that would be the end of their power.
>>715971 >doomers are punks punks are punks, and a lot of them are activists
>>715977 Doomers are the modern version of punk rock, yes
>>715973 They’ll nuke each other because they’re insane and because capitalism was always destined to destroy itself
>>715983 You have some serious issues. Can you leave and make room for people that actually care about something?
>>715517 Is it under 25k? If not, still poomping.
>>715989 >Dude, bro, you totally can’t like this aesthetic, it’s highkey triggering and problematic
>>715999 Fuck off to /pol/
>>716001 >/pol/ is a doomer board now So everything you don’t like are feds or pol?
>>716011 You have only indicated that you think the world is doomed, and then made stupid fucking arguments and accused me of being SJW. So yes, you seem like /pol/.
>>716020 I never said I think the world is doomed, I said doomerism is the new punk rock How about you stop being such an assoomer This is an anonymous board
>>716036 The only copes come from assoomers
>>715961 >Join a political party. PSL, FRSO, PCUSA, there's other good ones. Literal glowie psyops. besides they've all literally done nothing. fuck off. >-Join or support BLM protests. This one is easy. There are none where I live nor do I care for a bourgeois, astroturfed movement based on nothing but a few murders. >-Join or support a workers union. Workers rights are being threatened by corona causing unemployment. Worker's unions which constantly backstab and betray workers and have never accomplished anything besided bourgeois concessions. >-Join or support a tenants union. The end of this month is going to see a shitton of evictions, now is as good a time as any. There are none where I live nor will I support a movement which seeks to justify landlordism. >-Participate in mutual aid efforts. Meaningless buzz word. Help hobos? I already do. Donate to charity? I already do. Soup Kitchens? Volunteer at one. >-Work to increase visibility and legitimacy of socialist thought. >implying anyone would listen >-Educate friends, family, and other people in general about the need for socialist revolution. Why should I alienate myself from my family with your utopian pipe dream? >-Spread left agitational thinking and fight doomer-ism, facism, etc. Accomplishes nothing. Fascism literally exists nowhere off the internet and glowie psyops. Fighting doomerism does nothing since there are literally no revolutionary organisations in the first world, and only a handful of mostly irrelevant ones in the third. No matter how many people you indoctrinate into your idealist nonsense porky will just suppress you and you'll go back to sucking his dick in a few years. Happens with literally every socialist movement ever. Inevitably collapses and porky rolls back in.
>>716041 >all the parties are psyops Big claim. FRSO actually got raided by the feds a few years ago. I think you should look into particular parties before making such a broad claim. >BLM protests are bourgeois The protests are far from homogeneous. Some are bourgeois controlled opposition, others are far from it. >Unions justify capitalism >Tenants unions justify landlordism I'm not suggesting that unionism will cause real change on its own. It needs to be paired with radical education. >You will just alienate yourself from family, etc. Unfortunately this can really happen. You have to exercise healthy boundaries with your politics, but don't be afraid to spread them. >Don't spread left thinking, give up Who does this help? >Facism isn't real What's ICE? What is US imperialism? Maybe it's not facism by your definition, but if we are to have any success the crimes of the US need to be shoved in people's faces until they are forced to confront them.
>>716041 Leftcom ultra pseudo glowie itt
(638.08 KB 669x657 chinese bodybuilders.png)
It makes absolutely no sense that this thread is mainly focused on cheering for collapse and not focusing on the market fluctuations. This thread and every stock market general thread made after this one should also be dedicated to funding the Socialist international cause by taking advantage of market fluctuations. As such, i will be posting various links here to help you search for stocks to invest in that can make YOU money. Show your dedication to Socialism by getting rich! STOCK MARKET SIMULATOR - https://www.howthemarketworks.com Penny Stocks under $2 - https://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=111&f=sh_price_u2 Pre-market and live data - https://www.tradingview.com/markets/ https://www.investing.com/indices/indices-futures Stock brokers - https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq Stock market lingo - https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ Difference between stop and limit stock orders, also how market orders are used - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVJ0WMCRy_k Education - https://www.investopedia.com Bloomberg livestream - http://www.livenewson.com/american/bloomberg-television-business.html
>>716264 Don't give the proles any ideas or i'll sanction your ass, Chinaman.
(882.64 KB 1125x2436 crash.png)
Someone redpill me on chainlink, ethereum, and bitcoin.
(3.77 MB 500x378 scroogemcduck.gif)
>>716264 >As such, i will be posting various links here to help you search for stocks to invest in that can make YOU money. Show your dedication to Socialism by getting rich! >>716275 >Don't give the proles any ideas or i'll sanction your ass, Chinaman. * ==DISCLAIMER: trading real money poses serious risk of significant financial loss What, do you guys work for a brokerage or something? Of course porky wants proles to invest in stonks, because that's where the traders make them majority of their money from. Reminds me I took an intro investment class in college and that was one of the investment styles our teacher taught us about. They are able to see how large each order for a particular stock is, so then they divide them into large and small orders. Large orders being hedge funds and such and the small are just the average prole retail trader. But the interesting part is they don't copy what the big traders are doing, they do the exact opposite of what the average joe trader is doing, because it's a fool proof way to make profit. Well after all that, it's an interesting idea to have /crisis/ general put their money where their mouth is. Seeing people in this thread claiming they made ridiculous amount of money off of stocks. So how about we create a contest on that site you linked and we can see how everyone does. What should the starting amount be? Something more reasonable like 5k? More? Less?
>>716422 If i were a newcomer, i'd start on the stock sim website at the highest possible option in order to give yourself some wiggle room with buying stocks and measuring how big and small transactions can affect your portfolio in the long term depending on which industries you invest in. As far as i know, the sim actually bases its fluctuations on real market fluctuations, so it's actually a pretty good way to compare your buying strategy to how things work in the actual market.
>>716433 Are you really a Chinaman? 是国人吗?
(52.87 KB 720x457 xi jinping.jpg)
>>716439 我是中国特色社会主义者
>>716444 I think so, he unironically calls himself a socialist with Chinese characteristics.
>>716407 nothing to "redpill" about. it's just digital gold.
>>716433 >As far as i know, the sim actually bases its fluctuations on real market fluctuations, so it's actually a pretty good way to compare your buying strategy to how things work in the actual market. I mean of course it's going to be price matched to the actual stock prices second by second just like any real trading service. >If i were a newcomer, i'd start on the stock sim website at the highest possible option in order to give yourself some wiggle room with buying stocks and measuring how big and small transactions can affect your portfolio in the long term depending on which industries you invest in. I think it'd be a good idea to give people a reality check of what's possible only starting with a small sum of money, but fine, let's do a 100k game. So is the thread brave enough to risk some monopoly money?
(22.75 KB 405x609 chadlord.jpg)
>>716473 /leftypol/ can't into stocks. Commies don't know how to get rich quick.
>>716335 this retard thinks government spending automatically equals hyperinflation. we'll see about that.
>>715967 I don't know man, I really REALLY could do with some dopamine right now.
>>716477 Here’s an amazing video showing you how to make the fluctuation of the stock market favor you and how to come out on top https://youtu.be/8wAYb-PnRGY
since this is also the unofficial gardening thread, a few questions: my pumpkin plant is growing too large and is taking over my whole yard, is there anything I should watch out for when trimming the branches? will I kill it if I cut off thicker ones? second, can plants grow without being directly in the sun? I have a large back window, but the sun never shines onto it. could I still grow seedlings in front of that window?
>>718013 try this thread: >>161914
>>718013 Pumpkin plant is a climbing plant, you could use strong tables, small wooden or steel beams over the yard or 'cabillas' (in Spanish, but google translator doesn't bring any valid translation as I've checked in google each translation i.ex. steel knob, belaying pin etc - cabilla is a long thin steel rod used in reinforced concrete columns), so people can walk behind the plant while the structure can support both the weight of the plant and the fruits. You'll be creative on how to hold the fruit.
>>718873 rebar is the word you seek
>>718920 Thank you, comrade.
>>716458 He is an opportunist.
So... Didn't you see the Teslapocalypse?
>>716444 Based
>>718013 Are we going back to tomato vs eggplant discourse What happened to tomato anon
>>719561 -6% isn't much, specially after Black March.
(555.67 KB 1280x720 20200509_161014.jpg)
>>719632 >>719659 Those were comfy days
>>719632 >>719852 Eggplants are objectively shit and anyone who says otherwise is a liberal.
>>719858 uncultured, plenty of epic ways to cook them besides breaded and fried, look at the asians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpBsRUUZtd4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=763VL30t8vg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDszKHMss8c
>>719996 The neoNKVD will throw every eggplant eater into gulag.
>>720005 very capitalist of you to waste perfectly good food.
Eggplants are only good as dildos
>>720017 Brilliant idea, the neoNKVD will anal probe every eggplant eater.
>>720017 idk, they seem to soft and most are way to thick. For me, it's cucumbers.
>>720022 "An eggplant in each end." -- Felix Thecat Dzerzhinsky.
(105.95 KB 1200x1015 IMG_20200325_175001.jpg)
Why aren't you a dengist and an investor yet, /leftypol/? You have a thread entirely dedicated to the stock market, you focus entirely on economics and financial systems, and you have a prime board for speculating on stock futures. Hell, theoretically this board could coordinate shill campaigns for penny stocks to artificially inflate the price and make them moon to ensure a profit. What's your excuse for not profiting off of capitalist economics? Don't you think it would be awesome to be able to personally fund political campaigns, buy weaponry for naxalites, fund maoist resurgence in china, or just pay for your own luxury? You already have an advantage over the capitalists because you are materialist and they worship money like it's god.
>>719659 >>719852 they are doing well also yes I am kulak
>>720055 painfully bourgeois. you should feel ashamed, anon
>>720060 the property is nice but I live in a tiny one bedroom house with my mom and I sleep in the kitchen, so it's only bourgeois on the outside
>>720078 You're a kulak if you don't turn the entire ground area into a potato plantation, including the indoor areas.
>>720096 If it were up to me all this dumbfuck "lawn" would just be fruit trees and pigeon peas and sweet potatoes and shit. Sadly it's not up to me and I am forced to keep to my tiny space >_<
>>720107 is it your mom or shitty home owners groups that make you have a boring shitty lawn
>>720111 overrated. why would i waste eventually-to-be delicious ripe homegrown tomatoes. nothing beats homegrown/locally in season tomatoes. just cut and sprinkle a bit of salt and it's heaven
>>720114 >anno domini MMXX, still putting salt on tomatoes instead of sugar salt might be pretty good, plain should be good as well if they're ripe
>>720118 yeah, especially if they're tiny. also good marinated a bit in vinegar
>>720112 mom, she's literally the most stereotypical boomer you can think of.
>>720049 agreed with this anon on the investing part at least, buy ethereum thank me in 2-3 years >>720107 a fellow hater of lawns! Your knowledge of ecology and production absolves your kulak tendency anon
My tomato plant just keeps getting bigger and bigger without growing any tomatoes it's even starting to outgrow my sapling fruit trees, it's truly monstrous
>>719632 >post one meme about food >derail entire thread jannies I'm not even sorry
>>720306 Not sure where you live, but generally it’s one of two things. if it’s getting blooms but then just dropping them, it may be too hot for it to produce reliably at the moment. If it’s just growing a shit ton of foliage, it might have a bit too much nitrogen.
>>720114 Fuck you fried green tomatoes are a proletarian food
>>720310 there are a few flowers here and there, but no sign of them falling or turning into fruits just yet
>>720118 >putting sugar on anything
>>720339 bruh be honest kim likes the sweets. I don't know what kind of desserts they have in the DPRK but I'm sure they're delicious
>>715190 >The pessimism will create a dip for most markets except for the essential ones which will mean that every business will suffer until the poomps come in to revive the zombie businesses. Profit off suffering! Let me tell something that this pseudo-bait is saying. Never invest 'under pessimism' into zombie companies. There's a small, tricky, but essential rule of the finger into investment: Whenever a minimum or maximum historic is reached, it tends to go minimum or maximum constantly again respectively. So if a company goes down historically, it will go down historically again, so you will lose money if you invest. Investors know this, and that's why they are not investing in American companies even with free money because they would rather use that money to but luxury yachts, luxury apartments and/or luxury paintings. Be warned.
>>720055 Sexy. That's porn to my eyes.
the eggiest of all plants (aubergine) >>>> red tumor (aka. t*mato) change my mind protip: u cant
>>720307 it's part of thread history/culture
>>720049 I already do that and I spend my money sending doggy doodoo to known Neo-Nazi gang members.
>>721432 This. This thread is inbred by agriculture, deal with it.
>>721466 stupid snitch its literally thread meta
>>720339 >is a communsit >eats anyways
>>721493 he's probably joking about eggplants being shit, not about it being offtopic
>>721746 >implying I'm joking about eggplants
(73.00 KB 1529x540 23423.PNG)
>>716407 >>716459 naw m8, ethereum at least is building parallel and more profitable infrastructure in decentralized finance. It's much more than just a story of value, though it is both that and money too. Decentralized finance has seen explosive growth recently and likely will continue to. The growth is far too high to simply be tracing the overall market and the black swan in March barely made a dent on the market. https://defipulse.com/ Lending, derivatives and assets are all being onboarded onto the ethereum network right now and many offerings already exist and already being traded and collateralized.
> The Motley Fool: Warning: Our Next Stimulus Deal Could Cause a Massive Stock Market Crash. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/07/25/warning-our-next-stimulus-deal-could-cause-a-massi.aspx Porky please.
(68.41 KB 746x768 7t9fx79xut351.jpg)
>>722173 hell yeah
>>722173 You are mischaracterizing the article. The author is saying if the next stimulus deal doesn't live up to expectations, that will cause a stock market crash.
Reminder that the eviction moratorium will be extended until after the election to save Trump and potentially damage Biden if he wins.
>>722191 I wonder if that would finally get them to break the bipartisan blackout on the crisis.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07JCLQNeVF8 DAMMM.... Porkies are destroying Americans faster, and faster...
(516.56 KB 868x649 Screenshot_20200711_032159.png)
If you want to read and discuss some /crisis/ academic literature, go check out my thread >>722223 >>722223 >>722223 It hasn't seen a lot of activity so I might as well start shilling it
Keiser Report: the monetization of cynicism https://youtu.be/tEhNVNxPDYg
New to /crisis/. Can someone give me an explanation for the speculative bubble of Tesla's stock prices? Is it just all powered by the cult of Elon Musk? >>715302 I have 400 shares of AMD, I predict it will get to $100 per share by the end of the year & it's not just because of intel's troubles
>>732352 Partially this, partially expectations on a future Green capitalism (That is a scam), partially Bolivian coup consequences
>>732359 But isn't the automotive industry collapsing due to COVID-19? Why would Tesla's skyrocket from getting Bolivian lithium imports? Also any predictions on when or how the Tesla bubble will crash?
>>732368 Bolivia has a HUGE chunk of world lithium reserve, so the coup can lower the medium costs of Tesla by a good chunk thereby boosting their profits (until now nonexistant)
>>732373 Well sounds like the Tesla bubble is going to continue for a while then, wonder how long will it last for?
>>732425 Prolly for a good while, "green" capitalism is going to happen. Just look at what happened when trump just slashed fuel efficiency standards again this month but the automotive industry didn't even ask him for that. He did it to make libs mad even though auto makers won't lower efficiency standards because 1) consumers what better gas mileage 2) auto companies have to abide by other countries fuel efficiency standards. It doesn't make sense to have two production line to make a less efficient car. Renewables were cheaper than oil before the oil crash on black Monday. But that only pushes the case for renewables because they will be better long term investments than oil and gas.
(356.17 KB 596x638 aZzxYqs.png)
>>716041 why is it that ultraleft faggots always deny fascism currently existing? i've noticed this line of thought more than once. is it their autistic insistence on being The Master of Definitions, to bend every word to their will and define it to fit it under their leftcom worldview?
>>733320 Ultraleft call everything fascist
>>733331 maybe anything the left is involved with, but for whatever reason they gladly explain away phenomenons like bolsonaro or trump and say "there is little to no fascism left in the world"
>>733336 They're all probably the same person trying to piss you off.
(107.66 KB 960x956 ancap_scroll_of_truth.jpg)
>>733320 >is it their autistic insistence on being The Master of Definitions, to bend every word to their will and define it to fit it under their leftcom worldview? Pretty sure that's an-caps
>>732845 Is this Stirnerpilled?
(28.67 KB 201x217 Teslacoilredalert2[1].jpg)
>>732352 Uncle Sam has decided to try to just plain try to hide the biggest economic crisis in history behind a curtain (see also falsified unemployment numbers which contradicts its own data), and that included, until recently, what effectively was as speculation allowance from the Fed to keep funny numbers from going red, in the form trillions of dollars in ephemeral loans. For the most part, porkies have used it to keep their stock inflated in a relatively credible way i.e. stable or very slight day-to-day rise, whereas Musk seems to have gone all-in. I explained it here: >>724498 >>724523
>>733341 I am actually basing this on offline stuff too. Sadly, these types are prevalent in my city.
>>733716 Thanks for your effortposts
>>710049 Delusional
Is the USA facing a "lost decade" similar to Japan?
(82.97 KB 666x792 1596055397423.jpg)
>>734579 No. All of us are facing a "last decade".
>>734047 You t-too...
(62.41 KB 322x498 central_banking.jpg)
is this worth reading? my liberal friend recommended it to me and while it looks interesting it looks like schizo Qoomer shit at the same time, which I don't trust. apparently it might be banned from Amazon too.
>>734944 Well if it's banned from Amazon then it's either a scam book or it's so controversial and correct that it must be worth reading. Read some book reviews online.
(187.39 KB 607x768 centralbanking.png)
(45.00 KB 607x174 centralbanking1.png)
(70.12 KB 607x306 centralbanking2.png)
>>734954 it seems like this book has 3 genders. idk which to believe.
>>734944 Sounds like generic petit bourgeois conspiracy whinging. TLDR: capitalism is bad because of a conspiracy of the powerful, who organise capitalism in such a way to reproduce their power. If only we could get rid of them and organise capitalism our way, then everything would be great. It's pure idealism.
>>734944 >muh central banking its just gonna be Diet /pol/
>>734944 >Stephen Mitford Goodson (died 4 August 2018) was a South African banker, author and politician who was the leader of South Africa's Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party. He stood as a candidate for the Ubuntu Party in the 2014 General Elections. >Goodson had stated that the Holocaust was "a huge lie" as "the principle is to extract enormous sums of money from the Germans as compensation", blaming international bankers. Goodson authored a book titled Bonaparte & Hitler Versus the International Bankers where he maintained World War II was provoked by the economic success of Germany... >In a 2010 radio interview, Goodson stated: <they've [Jews] been expelled from over 70 countries, some of them several times. But unfortunately they have such a tight control of the media. Well, there is a small window of hope in that the Internet can provide alternative views, but even there they are trying to exercise supervision. >On the Veterans Today website, Holocaust denier Ingrid Rimland Zundel quoted from Goodson when she wrote that Japan "had peacefully occupied Indochina, with the permission of Vichy France", but eventually was "forced into attacking America in order to maintain her prosperity and secure her existence as a sovereign state." Rimland Zundel also reposted a piece by Goodson who admired how Hitler had defeated the "banksters". One could almost guess by the book cover alone.
(50.69 KB 600x600 BALANCE.jpg)
>>735042 >>734944 >A friend recommended it <Goodson had stated that the Holocaust was "a huge lie" <They've [Jews] [...] But unfortunately they have such a tight control of the media. I think it is time to talk to your friend comrade, maybe you can still save him.
>>734985 Why is /pol/ always so infested with these goldbug "muh central bankers"? They litetally will just sperg about fractional reserve banking all day and literally ignore everything else and act like lending is somehow the driving force of the economy rather than capital.
>>735167 more on this, sounds like they're gonna be forced to sell TikTok to a US corporation, rumor is it's gonna be either Microsoft or Google
>>735146 Dunno. I mean capitalist crises originate in the productive sector but tend to first manifest in the financial sector as that's where profits are realized, and the central banks have been propping up this sector with very low or even negative interest rates. But it's like, what do they expect Jerome Powell to do? Pull out support and let the world economy collapse? I don't think Powell is going to be like "oh okay that sounds like a great idea, why didn't I think of that."
>>735167 >>735175 How & why would they?
>>735185 >How legally the US gov can just shit out an order forcing them to Why? on paper it's muh spyware, the reality is probably more than US tech industry is getting beaten out in certain fields and can't catch up so the gov't is going to openly intervene to try and stop them from losing the "tech race". Same deal why the US has banned Huawei from selling phones in the US or setting up 5G
>>735194 >legally the US gov can just shit out an order forcing them to If it's a Chinese company what's to stop them from ignoring them, or for the Chinese government to step in and block Burgerstan. Couldn't they just remove their product from burgerstan like Huawei? Sorry for my naiveté
(213.22 KB 600x2661 1529498094272.jpg)
>>735146 It's a form of economic planning. And it almost always manifests as propping up of big businesses that employ thousands, instead of letting them fail, and allow the petite-bourgeois to rise instead. Because of course its /pol/-tite bourgeois lolberts/fascists that obsess over this shit. It's inherently unmeritocratic. Prole lives destroyed during this process is not a concern to them.
>>735146 >act like lending is somehow the driving force of the economy rather than capital. Because for a lot of them, loans have been a driving force in their life. A lot of them are middle class boomers and small business owners / aspirationists, and to them the economy looks like >take out a loan >buy house >build value in house >pay back loan, own house >take out loan >buy car >use car to get job, live >pay back loan, own car >take out loan >start small business >do work, get profit >pay back loan >own small business Well-managed lending is the core of running successful middle class life, something to which most of /pol/ absolutely salivates over.
>>735230 Also, should mention that /pol/ tends to struggle to discuss or imagine things outside their narrowly defined field of "good" and "bad" things. They don't really care about macroeconomics, because analyzing large scale economy really has no comparison to the middle class life, so to try to talk about it, you get absolute brainlet takes like "imagine the national budget is like your house budget" which doesn't work, at all. They also have no concept of the interaction between their work, their lives, and society as a whole, they just have "work" as some sectioned off part of the day in their minds where you just get money for doing things for a few hours and spare little thought for this; the only real universalization they have is talking about how "if nobody worked everything would collapse so we can't have welfare". It's an extremely myopic view centered almost entirely around a middle-class member's view of their immediate affairs.
>>735244 Also very suburban life, too. Apartment complexes horrify them.
>>735218 >what's to stop them from ignoring them the US can cut access for them in the US and can probably convince several euro states to do the same
>>735274 >Chinese company There are still 5 months in this year to go for something drastic to happen. :^)
>>735274 How good are Chinese cars? I like Japanese cars because they last forever, have good gas mileage.
>>735364 There's decent quality chinese cars in china and the east, in the western world the chinese vehicles available are the ones brought in because they're cheaper than anything else, and are of commensurate quality >t.once owned a chinese motorcycle
>>735218 Really all they'll do is ship the cars to Malaysia. Have a factory there install the steering wheel. Then bam the car was made in Malaysia. This is how they they've been getting around a lot of tariffs and export bans.
>>735274 he won’t because the USA will give him a local monopoly like they did with Apple against Huawei.
>>735408 They can do that, but the whole world won't reject it. Capital needs the world, and he'll struggle to compete wherever market this company enters.
>>735175 Guess I will be deleting tiktok.
>>735503 To much homegrown competition in europe as well tbh. These will likely sell mostly in emerging markets.
>>735042 Socialism will have to adopt, as one of its paradigms, that the management of pathological reactionaries like him should be an openly stated goal and a permanent effort if we are to maximize to population aggregate quality of life. >>735167 >muh free market They will cite spyware as the reason for this, but they do jack shit about Facebook tracking you even when you're not logged in.
(59.87 KB 499x581 1584280375088.jpg)
>>735167 can't wait for china to reach military superiority so we're done with this bullshit tbh
>>735663 >to reach depends on the field, in certain areas I'd say they're already ahead. In terms of naval parity they'd beat the US openly now.
>>735683 The PLAN isn't far from matching the USN in the South China sea (supposing that South Korea and Japan stay relatively neutral). But beyond that they are hopelessly outmatched, they have a long way to go before they reach US blue water numbers. The SSN gap for example is vast, both qualitively and quantitatively.
>>735693 >SSN gap what's SSN?
>>735693 I sure hope the chinese leadership is not dumb enough to go for the whole global hegemony thing. They don't need to match the USN out in the pacific and Indian oceans. >>735700 SSN = Nuclear powered attack submarine (attack in this case means attacking other ships and submarines) also fyi SSBN are nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines (these are for nuclear deterrrence)
>>735364 They’re meme shit that are either worse or at best the same quality as domestic trash. >consooming is good as long as it’s Chinese t. Being a southern neighbor to Dengland >>735663 >supporting anyone in an inter-imperialist conflict militarily Yeah that sure worked out with the social democrats during ww1. Let’s repeat that again. The fact that Dengoids here are actively shilling for Chinese Capitalist corporations like idiotic /v/fags in their console wars phase is just pathetic.
>people ITT still pushing the eggplant vs. tomato dichotomy Beta move. Check out my... uh... yam.
>>735728 >consooming is good as long as it’s Chinese Stfu, honestly. He was asking a legit question about the quality of Chinese manufactured cars. Nothing wrong with that. Discussing, comparing, etc. vehicle technology isn't consoooming, you moron. You take every opportunity to insert your anti-China angle like the nationalist you are in every thread.
>>735728 Sounds like you're too poor to buy good Chinese cars.
>>736805 Vietnam is wery poor, yes. China took are sea and sea related treasures. If evil China didn't take our sea I could afford better cars. By taking our sea China did a holocaust of my sea-faring people. When the Americans was waring us and you heard a bombing, we could at least know that our gorilla fighters were out there, resisting. But how can you resist China taking all that salt water? We can't dig holes underwater for our soldiers for they need air for their glorious vietnamese lungs. What China did to me, personally, and to my people is unforgivable.
>>736874 >Muh sea Nice strawman autist
(155.73 KB 1600x900 cover4.jpg)
>>735663 nuke me xi fucking do itttttttttttt
(1.97 MB 500x600 1425951735680.gif)
Reposting from >>737075 >>737079 >>737098 https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/07/31/pers-j31.html "Last week, the moratorium on evictions expired for about 18 million renters—more than a third of the 44 million total US renter households—who live in buildings with mortgages backed by the federal government. With rent bills accumulated over the last four months now due, housing advocates predict a “tsunami” of evictions, with half a million households in Los Angeles alone threatened." https://thehill.com/policy/finance/508802-wave-of-evictions-could-be-coming-for-nations-renters "The most recent survey by the U.S. census showed that 23.7 million Americans had little or no confidence in their ability to pay the coming month’s rent, accounting for a third of all renters. Over half that number already reported not paying their most recent month’s rent." https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/tidal-wave-of-evictions-feared-as-extra-600-unemployment-benefits-end/2412870/ "Princeton University’s Eviction Lab recently reported approximately 28 million people in the U.S. could be evicted as a result of the pandemic, the number could be in the thousands in Dallas, said Melton."
>>736874 Long live our mighty gorilla forces.
2 things can someone red pill me on why it the federal reserve doesn't change the patterns of boom bust cycle capitalism! also can someone give me a update on the non-renting housing market THANK YOU ANONS FOR ANY EFFORT USED ON THIS POST!
>>737317 >can someone red pill me on why it the federal reserve doesn't change the patterns of boom bust cycle capitalism! bruh this is literally impossible, it's exactly like the proverb about plowing the sea to stop the tides
>>737317 >>737614 To clarify a bit: Keynes famously taught that it was possible to alleviate and shorten the crashes, as these consisted in part positive feedback loops e.g. prices are too low so producers destroy their stocks to raise them but consumption already crashed because there aren't enough buyers with the lower price anymore, let alone with the new higher one. There's this "old" post explaining it a bit better.
(60.86 KB 620x620 ff2.jpg)
(47.39 KB 700x394 ff3.jpg)
https://thenextrecession.wordpress.com/2020/08/01/taking-on-the-fearsome-foursome-and-market-power/ <Last Thursday, the US-based global tech giants reported their quarterly earnings simultaneously. On the same day, the US economy recorded the biggest quarterly contraction in national output ever (-9.5% yoy or -32.9% annualised). <In contrast, the ‘fearsome foursome’: Alphabet (Google) – the world’s largest search engine; Amazon – the world’s largest online distributor; Apple – the world’s largest computer and mobile phone manufacturer; and Facebook – the world’s largest social media provider, posted double-digit revenue growth for the three months ended in June, raking in a combined $33.9 billion in profit in the second quarter alone. While the US and world economy have been plunged into the deepest slump since the 1930s by the lockdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s most prominent tech companies have prospered. <Revenues are up across the tech board and the price of their shares (market cap) rose $178bn in the following day, taking their stock market value to $5trn, or 25% of US GDP. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos saw the largest single-day increase in wealth ever recorded for any individual. In just one day, his fortune increased by $13 billion. On current trends, he is on track to become the world’s first trillionaire by 2026. <At the same time as these results came out, the fearsome foursome were ‘grilled’ by a US Congressional Committee about their nefarious practices in dealing with competitors; and their increasing ‘market power’ and ever-growing monopoly position in the most profitable sector of the US economy. The Judiciary Committee published 1300 documents that supposedly showed their attempts to crush competitors, buy them out or exclude them from markets. <[...]Profits are not the result of the degree of monopoly or rent seeking, as neo-classical and Keynesian/Kalecki theories argue, but the result of the exploitation of labour. Marx’s law of profitability is still central to a capitalist economy. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world economy, the major capitalist economies were already heading into a new recession, the first since the Great Recession of the 2008-9. The profitability of capital was near all-time lows; up to 20% of US and European companies were making only enough profit to cover the interest on their debt, with none to spare for new investment. Real GDP growth rates had dropped to their lowest rates since 2009 and business investment was stagnating. A global recession was coming; and it had little to do with the ‘market power’ of the FAANGs sucking up all the profits; much more to do with the inability of capital to exploit labour enough. <But that is something mainstream economics (both neoclassical and Keynesian) never wants to consider. For the mainstream, if profits are high, then it’s ‘monopoly power’ that does it, not the increased exploitation of labour. And it’s monopoly power that is keeping investment growth low, not low overall profitability. But if the ‘market power’ argument is accepted over a Marxian analysis of capital, then it implies that all that needs to be done is to weaken ‘market power’; or break up the monopolies and restore ‘competition’, not end the capitalist mode of production. <In her Jacobin article, Blakeley perceptively concludes that “The only real way to tackle these inequities is to democratize the ownership of the means of production, and begin to hand the key decisions in our economy back to the people.” Yes, but I’m not sure what she means specifically: workers on the boards – German style?; shares for employees?; regulation? All those measures have failed in the past to ‘hand key decisions back to the people’. In the article, Blakeley advocates a wealth tax. But such a tax would do little to ‘democratize ownership of the means of production’. <The real solution to the market power of the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix etc is to bring them into public ownership to be run by democratically elected boards and managers drawn from the workers in these companies, consumer bodies, trade unions and government. The fearsome foursome’s rule would then be ended. The billions they ‘own’ through their shares would be lost to them overnight. The nefarious practices of these companies would then be stopped and the social media scandals ended. And most important, the key services that these companies provide (as the pandemic has revealed only too well) can then be supplied (at low cost without adverts!) to meet social needs, not deliver mega profits.
>>737317 Honestly would probably be even worse without the Fed suppressing interest rates to try to get commercial banks lending again. We'd just be in a deflationary negative feedback loop. Though, maybe some accelerationists would see that as a good thing. As usual, the free market is the cause, and not the solution to our problems.
>>735185 >>735167 This is just the U.S. taking an app they don't have, and that Tik&tok not only has a market, is the OWNER, of such market (silly video-maker). Tik-tok should do a 50.1-49.9 sell (with tik tok being 49.9%) so trump still has to suck cocks.
>>740830 It's all so pathetic. China is poised to take over the American electric car market and barely anyone even notices, while the POTUS raises a huge stink over a 15-second video zoomer hangout being a threat to the free world.
Why is this general getting so little activity now? Don't y'all know theres an eviction crisis going on
>>740980 see >>737115 I posted about it, not sure why activity dropped here tho
>>740980 Yeah, but we're not seeing any happenings. The media blackout will try to encompass this too until it's impossible to ignore.
>tfw society is about to enter Weimar republic levels of poltical activity >tfw when the talk in work places and in schools won't longer be a new season for a Netflix show or trailer for some sequel but of recent events, movements and internal conflicts I'm so hyped bros. This shit is gonna hit like a storm and encompass every single part of our lives. No longer will people waste their time with dumb shit that gets forgotten in a year but with actual genuine progress.
https://newsone.com/3987817/tenant-brutally-kills-landlord-over-rent-eviction-crisis/ Tenant Charged With Brutally Killing Landlord Over Unpaid Rent As The U.S. Braces For Mass Evictions >Jerry David Thompson was arrested last week for the grisly crime that allegedly included decapitating his landlord, Victor King, with a samurai sword in a home in Hartford uhhhhh... based?
>>735167 >don't send meme videos to Xi send it to me
>>741076 Aw fuck. Fuck shit fuck, I just realized this. You know how Trump, being a mental child, threw a tantrum at Fox News for not being 100% brownnosers and actually is looking into having his own TV network? Well, now he has the opportunity to own a kinda-sorta Twitter competitor. How long until he tweets "Big news! I'm moving Away from Censorship Jack's Twitter and to a site which tolerates my common sense and Truth-Telling. Join me at Tiktok™!"
(1020.21 KB 560x315 asteroid.gif)
Minimum wage workers cannot afford rent in any U.S. state https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/14/minimum-wage-workers-cannot-afford-rent-in-any-us-state.html Full-time minimum wage workers cannot afford a two-bedroom rental anywhere in the U.S. and cannot afford a one-bedroom rental in 95% of U.S. counties, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s annual “Out of Reach” report. The report, released Tuesday, defines “affordable” as spending no more than 30% of monthly income on rent, in line with what most budgeting experts recommend. Nationally, NLIHC puts the “housing wage” for 2020 — or what a full-time worker must make in order to afford a fair market rental without spending more than 30% of his or her income — at $23.96 per hour for a two-bedroom rental and $19.56 per hour for a one-bedroom. That means even the average hourly worker who earns $18.22 per hour cannot afford rent, the report says. Many workers deemed essential during the coronavirus pandemic earn even less. “Grocery store cashiers earn a median wage of $11.61 per hour, while building cleaning workers and home health and personal care aides earn $12.94,” per NLIHC. But the findings are especially relevant now. Coronavirus-related job losses hit the hospitality and service industries particularly hard, and renters make up a disproportionate share of those work forces, according to the Urban Institute. Additionally, it is not likely that the U.S. will make the “V-shaped” recovery economists are hoping for, as states are re-closing large parts of their economies as virus cases spike across the country. With all of that as the backdrop, housing experts forecast a coming housing “apocalypse” at the end of July: Eviction bans put in place at the start of the pandemic are lifting, just as enhanced unemployment benefits expire. That could lead millions of households to face eviction and potentially homelessness as they choose between covering rent and basics like food and medicine. An estimated 32% of households — almost one-third — missed their housing payments at the beginning of this month.
(226.76 KB 375x457 1584298516084.png)
>>741155 Congress leaves town without a coronavirus stimulus deal, allowing $600 unemployment benefit to end https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/07/31/coronavirus-stimulus-trump-pelosi-cast-blame-unemployment-ends/5554365002/ A $600 weekly unemployment benefit that has helped millions of Americans stay afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic officially ended at midnight as Congress adjourned for the weekend without coming to any deal on the program or a larger emergency stimulus package. The discussions over another package turned testy Friday as Democrats and Republicans each blamed the other for their inability to come to an agreement, leaving out-of-work Americans in limbo as the vital benefits came to a halt. Though the back-and-forth attacks signal a deal is still far off, both Meadows and Pelosi said they plan to meet again to continue talks. Democrats, including Pelosi, have balked at taking up unemployment assistance as a separate measure, arguing Republicans should come to the table for a larger deal on a host of pressing policy items, including more funds for local and state governments. House Democrats' bill included not only an extension of unemployment but also another round of $1,200 stimulus checks and increased funds for state and local governments. Senate Republicans, meanwhile, have had trouble negotiating their demands as the conference remains divided on what the next stimulus package should include. Some even expressed doubt that another bill is needed. The divisions remained even after Republicans unveiled their own proposal this week that included $1,200 stimulus checks, funds for schools and small businesses, and a scaled-back unemployment benefits of $200 per week. Many Republicans have spent weeks railing against the $600 unemployment benefit, which is paid to Americans in addition to state claims. They argue it should be changed or replaced with a back-to-work incentive in hopes of jump-starting the economy and getting shuttered businesses to rehire laid-off workers. While unemployment benefits have remained a point of contention, both sides have butted heads over a number of proposals, including Republican demands that companies be shielded from coronavirus-related lawsuits and Democratic requirements that state and local governments be given more funds to offset their budgets after the pandemic.
>>741155 16 man to a room housing making a comeback.
(73.66 KB 700x467 14fff40.jpg)
(277.26 KB 1200x630 411e275e499bb52adb0882e24d.jpg)
>>741172 Welcome to real Hong Kong!
>>741165 So let me get this straight. The democrats wanted to send stimulus money. the republicans also wanted to send stimulus money. but they couldn't agree on how much, so instead they're doing nothing?
>>741216 Yes, the GOP thought the proles were getting too much but couldn't agree with each other on how little they should give. And the Democrats would not be able to get their stimulus bill to pass in the senate without GOP senators to jump ship.
(48.30 KB 1121x639 2020.png)
Isaias Targets East Coast in Fastest Start to Hurricane Season Since 1851 https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2020-hurricanes/ https://twitter.com/BBGVisualData/status/1289502982556377088 https://archive.is/VrQtk The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is off to a record start with nine storms forming across the basin faster than any year going back to at least 1851. Hurricane Isaias, the most recent, is tracking toward Florida and could make landfall along the U.S. East Coast this weekend. Analysis from Phil Klotzbach, a meteorologist at Colorado State University, shows that sea surface temperature anomalies in the tropical Atlantic are at their fourth highest levels on record. The three years that were warmer—2005, 2010 and 2017—all had extremely active hurricane seasons. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center expects 13 to 19 named storms and up to 10 hurricanes—of which up to 6 could become major hurricanes with winds of 111 mph or higher. A report by Colorado State University estimates a total of 20 named storms, 9 hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes this season.
(853.92 KB 940x705 dog_bless.png)
>>741255 Gott strafe!
>>741261 The next Avatar cartoon is gonna be lit
(2.34 MB 3208x3208 Minimum Wage map 2019 v 2.jpg)
>>741155 >The report, released Tuesday, defines “affordable” as spending no more than 30% of monthly income on rent, in line with what most budgeting experts recommend. Nationally, NLIHC puts the “housing wage” for 2020 — or what a full-time worker must make in order to afford a fair market rental without spending more than 30% of his or her income — at $23.96 per hour for a two-bedroom rental and $19.56 per hour for a one-bedroom. HAHAHA. FIGHT FOR $15!!!
>>740980 We're all just kinda watching and waiting
>>741270 What if the Avatar is actually the Proletariat?
>>741165 THREE CONDITIONS FOR REVOLUTION: 1) Elite infighting- CHECK 2) Economic and social collapse- CHECK 3) A strong organized party- I'm gonna kill myself lol
>>740980 so far it's only happening on paper, no?
(48.24 KB 749x143 SmallBusinesses.jpg)
Why would corporations care about small businesses? My bullshit radar is going off full blast. So this must mean that the "relief bills" are going 100% to the corporations huh?
>>741677 Because equity groups have stake in lots of 'small businesses'
>>741696 >Because equity groups have stake in lots of 'small businesses' That's true. I wasn't considering realty porky who is dependent on rent checks too. The banks I think would rather people default and then they just get bailed out directly like last time though right?
>>741677 They use small business as a front to get shit they want. Works 100% of the times even on ""leftists"".
analysis of changes in the base and superstructure of contemporary capitalism: >>741722
>>741497 >released Tuesday, defines “affordable” as spending no more than 30% of monthly income on rent, in line with what most budgeting experts recommend. >Tfw you spend over 50% of your income on rent. People really don't consider how much of an economic advantage having a girlfriend (or any partner) is, it would be much easier to split a one bedroom with a partner than a two bed with a flatmate.
Girlfriends are gay
>>741216 #Compromise #Bi-partisanship Shit sucks, in less I get a call for permanent hiring on I'm about to lose my job and won't even get to see the extended benefits. They really have gone beyond giving a shit. It's an election year and they can be assed to even pretended to be working on any solutions.
>>741247 If something like this had happened in my country (Chile), people would be in the streets. It'd be October 2019 2.0.
Ok. When will it collapse? Or has the stock market finally separated itself from the real world to become a chaos realm or something.
>>741937 Stonks only go up xD
>>741997 Ok. So what's the name of this new chaos god of stonks.
<Trump's good with Microsoft buying Tik-Tok-US. Told ya, guys: >>740830
I deleted tiktok. I was having fun with the weebshit on there, but I intentionally quit other social media to get away from US spying. Guess I can't use the normie internet at all anymore.
>>742403 >Implying you would ever want to. The internet is full of cunts that make me want to shoot myself, you're doing yourself a genuine favor.
(9.64 KB 200x200 hahahah.jpg)
>>740877 >>740877 >It's all so pathetic. China is poised to take over the American electric car market and barely anyone even notices, while the POTUS raises a huge stink over a 15-second video zoomer hangout being a threat to the free world. HHAHAHAHAHAHA THE USA US FUCKING PATHETIC
>>740877 It's because they ruined his rally and made him look like a retarded faggot cuck.
>>742002 His name is The Hand. Adam Smith, the high priest of The Hand, referred to Him as being "Invisible". His machinations, much like Tzeentch, are unknown to us. His methods are unknowable, unfathomable. The Hand manipulates, propagates, and plucks His enemies out of the realm of The Market like an artist plucks a string or a writer plucks a writing feather from a bird. All shall bow to The Hand. He will lead us to a new reality. The market is His gate, and stocks are His key.
>>742002 Mephistopheles
>>740877 which Chinese car company is overtaking the US?
(39.54 KB 410x598 based department calling.jpg)
>>742426 ZA HAND-O!!!!
>>742426 >>742508 Is this chaos god a massive weeb?
>>741059 tfw the big conflict in two years is between reaganite libertarians and esoteric evola fascism
>>742515 bruh leave me alone im just jojo-referencing
>>742515 bruh leave me alone im just jojo-referencing
>>742515 bruh leave me alone im just jojo-referencing
>>741731 "Small businesses" are the crying Kuwaiti schoolgirls of economics.
>>741810 damn need to find a girl asap
(220.68 KB 1242x1962 EeWibOkXkAEkYMO.jpeg)
(172.63 KB 1241x1577 EeWibSlWoAAS3me.jpeg)
(216.36 KB 1241x1485 EeWibOlXsAINzrc.jpeg)
It's all coming to a head, boys
>>742895 >1/10th of the country going hungry and probably twice as much eating shit everyday MUH BREADLINES MUH GOMMUNISM STARVING BEOBLES!
>>742930 the funny thing is there were literal breadlines and fascists were posting "this is what socialism would be like". BITCH IT'S WHAT CAPITALISM IS LIKE RIGHT NOW
(75.33 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
2020 feels like >The car's on fire and there's no driver at the wheel, and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides. And a dark wind blows. The government is corrupt, and we're on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn. We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death. The sun has fallen down and the billboards are all leering, and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles. It went like this: the buildings tumbled in on themselves, mothers clutching babies picked through the rubble and pulled out their hair. The skyline was beautiful on fire, all twisted metal stretching upwards, everything washed in a thin orange haze. I said, "Kiss me, you're beautiful; these are truly the last days". You grabbed my hand, and we fell into it. Like a daydream. Or a fever. We woke up one morning and fell a little further down, for sure is the valley of Death. I open up my wallet and it's full of blood.
>>742946 That wasn't real capitalism
>>742895 So the American ruling class is going to commit suicide by a hungry mob and implode the empire. For all the US anons your chance to to build dual power.
>>742964 My party is working on it. :)
>>742895 This is the future accelerationists wanted. Hilarious how anti-Trump administration's fear mongering actually catalyzed in his last year.
>>742949 Nice. I like that album but never paid attention the lyrics.
>>742895 You realize anything left of Reagan remains totally discredited in the minds of burgers, despite everything, right?
>>742992 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMaCg4fpJKg With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand...
>>742930 >>742946 You get to wait in the breadline in a car though. Totally different.
(740.76 KB 378x509 recaptcha.gif)
Anti-Eviction Protests Have Begun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fT-4xDb730
(47.69 KB 481x600 Alunya-cat-BURN.jpg)
US rioting thread will be overloaded. We should commission the posting in that thread.
>>742983 The right wing is too busy screaming about their masks and riots and china to offer a solution to the problems. The liberal establishment is desperately fuming and attempting to pretend everything will be fine just around the corner. The left wing is growing resurgent, slowly, and the flames of the riot have cracked the ideological ground for the seeds of revolt to be finally planted after so very long. What was impossible is now becoming possible.
(419.67 KB 492x391 20200803_132936.png)
>>743002 >at least I don't live under communism where I have to wait in the bread lines while in my car God bless
(63.12 KB 544x672 demokracija.jpg)
Hey guys, explain to a brainlet how come everythign is so calm now? In previous years when the growth was 3 % instead of the projected 4 %, there was widspread panic and chaos. Now we have negative growth anywhere from -10 % to -32 % in the USA and nothing special is happening, noone is in panic, capitlists aren't going crazy etc. What gives?
>>743793 They are scared of getting the coof
>>743777 You got it wrong, God. He meant that American breadlines have cars. Lots and lots of them. Even breadlines are wasteful in America.
>>743799 why are the cars socially distanced
>>743793 It's what I call post-post-modernity. Facts literally do not matter anymore. There's an actual retard leading the world, Western porkies have a pedophilia island which received the patronage of just about the entire American bourgeoisie -- including the retarded leader -- and we just witnessed the biggest economic collapse is history. Yet the establishment is trying to hide it all, as if convincing people a massive crisis isn't real will make them act to that effect. And honestly, it just might work. I can, and pretty much did, write a book-worth about it and its causes. The tl;dr is that the superstructure has gained in power in relation to the base to an absurd degree, thanks to ubiquituous media bombarding everyone every waking moment with lies, propaganda and worthless noise. Porky used to be careful about crafting hyperreality, but he got careless recently, and I have the sinking feeling that it was a deliberate choice on the part of the more reactionary swines, having realized, after the aforementioned retard was actually chosen to be leader and won by accident, that they can do whatever the fuck they want. It dawned on them that capitalism has never been unopposed like this, so they might as well just give go ahead and completely dumb mankind down. Make us all too stupid to break free of their "end of history", or even realize that, for that matter. Hyperreality spun out of control, and now not only there is no new normal, but there can't be a new normal. Whatever happens, happens, because the ones in charge do nothing about it, and the ones below are powerless to do anything yet don't realize it, so they just accept whatever absurdity happens next. Porkies can normalize anything they want now simply by acting like it's no big deal. We all live in our personal reality bubbles, not sharing the same cultural background with anyone around us, picking and choosing basic facts about reality as if they're opinions e.g. antivax and creationism. Honestly, I'm glad March saw the collapse. Things had been degenerating for a long time now and I saw no end in sight, but finally, March showed that this insanity can't and won't go on forever. Porky is pushing it too far, tho he's doing it in the superstructure even more so than at the base. Regardless, interesting times are here to stay.
>>743824 This pandemic is truly a blessing.
>>743824 This can't continue forever, eventually the economic base will push it's huge veined erect cock in the ass of the superstructure and rip it apart. And if that isn't enough climate Change will make sure it will be a double penetration BBC gangbang edition. We are about to witness the collapse of "the end of history".
>>743838 Fukuyama already walked back on "end of history" a while ago. This was before corona
>>743824 after spending a lot of time using that kind of "post-modern lens" or "framework" or whatever as a way to look at the world, I realized it sucks and is utterly retarded. Just realzie that the West is imperial and lives off of super-profits from the empire, so the working class can't touch them until it dries up. Then that seeming invulnerability and futility of the post-modern contemporary frame disappears. It's just taken a long time to fall. Don't worry, the base determines the superstructure no matter what. This psychotic feeling of beating your head against a wall WILL end. TRPTF is still and always will be a thing, even in the empire and it's tendrils into the global south. Hang in there.
>>743793 As other anons have suggested, its a mass-societal case of shifting the goalposts. Whereas we once considered a few percentage point drops in GDP to be unthinkable, they’re now not only the norm, but an impossibly optimistic goal. Our new, hypernormalized “normal” is becoming double-digit negatives. Yes, this is as apocalyptic as it sounds.


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