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anti consumerism thread Anonymous 08/01/2020 (Sat) 03:36:47 No. 736344
consumerism, turbo liberalism, culture war shit,and generally anything that helps show the soullessness of living under modern capitalism.
>>736348 how do tattoos relate to the productive forces?
(133.13 KB 750x948 p57x4ymnt5741.jpg)
I guarantee you, all those people who have PICKLE RICK!!!! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB tattoos are going to wake up one morning in about ten years. See they still have the tattoo and proceed to off themselves.
>>736348 OP is obviously criticizing consumerist culture of capitalism not the act of consumption in general.
>>736349 How do tattoos relate to consumerism? China is big on consumerism but not so much on tattoos.
>>736355 Its what the tattoos themselves depict that relate to consumerist culture, i.e. manufactured pop culture icons.
(152.13 KB 1018x1181 1kzqr99edr151.jpg)
(133.64 KB 828x1792 ea53yrfua5r41.jpg)
(108.68 KB 1041x783 EDUMer-XUAMEFPO.jpg)
Stop liking what I don't like ITT
>>736352 Imagine dying and your family seeing the pickle rick tatooed in your face as you descend to the grave.
The worst part is that this show went to complete shit after they fired the entire writing staff for attempting to unionize and then replaced them all with women to seem progressive. Imagine making a tattoo for a show that was really only great for the first season.
(539.74 KB 1024x316 image.png)
(39.62 KB 320x320 image.jpeg)
(38.76 KB 188x269 image.jpeg)
shit thread criticizing 'consumerism' is turboliberal horseshit, acting like the problem is on the consumption side instead of the production side ie, people drinking bottled water is the problem and not profit-driven companies pumping out disposable plastic culture war shit is cancer, talking about culture war shit is cancer, you should be ashamed for bringing it up on a marxist board and for the millionth fucking time, the problem with capitalism isn't that it's 'soulless' or 'morally bad' or whatever idealist horseshit you want to peddle the problem with capitalism is that it's an inherently unworkable system that generates great suffering in failing to overcome its own inherent contradiction >>736387 do you think the casket is still open when its being lowered into the ground or what
>>736361 The Harry Potter references to real life events are the worst imo. Super cringy, and completely unsolicited.
>>736350 You know I was going to Pride parades before 2012 and they looked just like the pic in 2018. It wouldn't surprise me if the pic labeled "2018" was actually from before 2012. Actually went to one circa 2009 or so and there were all these banks with floats like that. And right there I was like "oh man, the Religious Right is sooooo fucked." Nothing to it. All this stuff predates Occupy and all of this stuff will continue as history continues on whatever happens. But just to get this out of the way, Ross Douthat of the New York Times (the Catholic conservative guy there) wrote something in 2015 about Michel Houellebecq's novel "Submission" with its themes of alienation in modernity and foreshadowing a turn toward reactionary anti-consumerism among some quarters of the right. Some critics have accused Houellebecq of endorsing patriarchy, although Houellebecq seems to think patriarchy is pretty stupid but "at least it's an ethos" and that if French society's beliefs about itself collapse, people will take whatever is on offer. The ironic twist is that the offer is Islam, with a restoration of the French provinces at a local level built around petty production and local culture instead of meaningless globalism. Houellebecq doesn't really give a shit though and just makes fun of everyone. Like the build-up in the novel is that France is heading toward civil war between the Front National / Le Pen supporters and the Muslims, but then there is a series of events that just collapses all of that and the FN collapses in way that FN supporters reading the book would get butthurt about, and the return to local producers is done by the new Islamic government of France as a way of impoverishing people and cutting spending. Douthat meanwhile concludes that what Westerners are really being tempted by is not "patriarchy" or "anti-consumerism" at all, but the promise of an intensification of the existing consumerist lifestyle of the average metropolitan bourgeois male: >But why can't Houllebecq's point be precisely that the actual subconscious desire of Western man, liberal man, late-modern man is not really to somehow to return to a true patriarchy, where you have to shoulder real burdens as the price of your authority, but rather to just play-act patriarchy with a giggling child-bride or three while still drawing a government salary and living in a rent-stabilized apartment in a safe modern city? That's the reactionary "offer," which probably thrives in the corners of the west where conventional explanations of the world clearly no longer make sense but the left alternative is such a clear negation of their identity and hopes that they simply choose to believe nonsense. The right is embracing buffoonery and vicious attacks and all the mainstream liberal technocratic parties can offer is to avoid that insanity without positing a specific alternative. Even if you look at the leftish candidates that have become popular recently like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, none of them really offer an alternative mode of living or alternative culture. Oh well. *puts on Lady Gaga* https://youtu.be/5L6xyaeiV58
>>736362 Do you guys think, when people like this come home after a long day owning the LIBZ, see them selves in a mirror dressed up as a full retard and think about killing themselves for about for hour. I think about that a lot.
>>736408 >people drinking bottled water is the problem and not profit-driven companies pumping out disposable plastic No one is criticizing the literal concept of consumption, you spanner. We're criticizing consoom culture, wasting thousands of dollars buying hundreds of useless trinkets, being ultra obsessed with every pop culture element to pop up, idolizing fictional characters to the point of worship, that is what we're criticizing. And it's directly related to capitalism, as it shapes the superstructure which ingrains in the minds of people that consooming is ok and even desirable.
(80.64 KB 584x749 tur7eg5hv0x41.jpg)
>>736428 >And it's directly related to capitalism, as it shapes the superstructure which ingrains in the minds of people that consooming is ok and even desirable. I mean, whoa, man. Whoa. Whoa! >>736357 >Its what the tattoos themselves depict that relate to consumerist culture, i.e. manufactured pop culture icons. Mike Tyson had tattoos of Che and Mao for awhile and he could kick everyone in this thread's ass so I'm going with Iron Mike.
(796.32 KB NvQUulKhIy0JA4hs.mp4)
(10.61 KB 255x198 download.jpeg)
Consumer culture did what fascism wasn't able to do. People have to understand that. It's not just about criticizing in a liberal way or mocking people who collect funko pops. I'd rather listen to Adorno and Pasolini than retards on this board. https://youtu.be/6kez7fugpOU https://youtu.be/ZnMC6ta8za8
>>736444 >mfw someone slanders mao
>>737146 >Consumer culture did what fascism wasn't able to do. Di late?
>>736359 this is based tbh if you can't kill the act of consumerism, you may as well kill the profitability of it. pirate all your media, steal what you can't pirate if you can get away with it, etc.
(40.20 KB 750x770 LIBERALISM.jpg)
(90.10 KB 500x502 GeekPolitics.jpg)
>>737146 I gotta say that, overall, I'm still more attached to Benjamin's perspective on consumer culture than Adorno's, if not just for being the path left untraveled. Whereas Adorno, and later the Situationists, believed that you could somehow subvert commodification, whether through uncommodifiable art or detournment, Benjamin fully acknowledged that under consumer capitalism everything is always already commodified. In that way, I remain much more interested in Benjamin's call to attempt to use the commodity form rather than rage against or avoid the commodity.
>>737451 I thought the Benjamin form was to reject anything mechanically reproducible as illegitimate art
>>737523 What? No. Where are you getting this impression from?
(749.18 KB 880x1445 1593836114838.png)
>>737834 basado
>>737409 > only the dead can know peace from this ideology True you just need to go to >>>/dead/ and take the post-left pill
Do you guys think that if the consoomer citizens of the Eastern Block gave up socialism in favor of jeans and coke they would've done the same in favor of hentai, e-girl thots, and Marvel movies?
Anti-consumerism is idpol. Stop this circlejerk, stop psychoanalyzing "commodity fetishes" which always arrives at a different conclusion every other month and never makes predictions or brings you closer to oemthing actionable. Focus on whats important ind indisputable and universal: Harder work, less free time, less pay. More surveillance, more state violence, more reactionary vigilantes, no action against environmental collapse. All of it connected to outmoded relations of production. Focus on that, focus on applying basic ML theory to all the happenings around. Cultural critique like this thread is and has always been the bane of useful analysis. >>737898 If the eastern bloc mass culture would've stayed as drab and stagnant as it was, then yes. Imagine some good union guy programmer worker in the soviet union of 2020, raised on a steady diet of ML slogans and for-fitting overalls being the sexiest thing hes ever seen. And then somehow he goes online and gets past the antifascist firewall and discovers an onlyfans for the first time? Dude it would be over before it even began.
>>736344 There is a literal LSC consumerism thread already you duplicate posting faggot. >>737967 >eastern bloc mass culture <drag and stagnant Yeah you clearly haven't SEEN Eastern Bloc Mass Culture.
>>737834 Looks intriguing
>>737967 >bros don't think about things
>>738146 They're great reads, out of the ones I've read at least. New Dark Age and 24/7 are horrifying.
>>737435 Trump is more like the Baron Harkonnen imo
>>737967 t. consoomer
>>737967 >And then somehow he goes online and gets past the antifascist firewall and discovers an onlyfans for the first time? Dude it would be over before it even began. Yeah I was listening to an interview with someone who went to the Soviet Union in the early 1990s and went to the top department store in Leningrad, walked over to the consumer electronics section and they had vacuum tubes for sale... like if you had a problem with your T.V. you would go buy a vacuum tube and replace it yourself. And in the section where washers and dryers would be, there were washboards. And he was like woahhh damn this shit is fucked. https://youtu.be/Kk88FOmqboo
>>738332 (me) Overalls are cool though.
>>736361 >Isn't the best take i've heard this month Is twitter where this whole "take" meme comes from?
>>737435 The worst part about these """"nerds"""" is that they relate everything to most obvious beginner level stuff. Like if you are going to call your self a nerd, don't be into stuff half the planet knows about. Be into shit like Philip K dick or Issac Asimov. Even Tolkien if you read the History of Middle earth series.
>>737967 >Harder work, less free time, less pay. More surveillance, more state violence, more reactionary vigilantes, no action against environmental collapse Consumerism is related to those thing and fags like you really don't understand this.
>>736406 I looked this water isn't a human right quote and there were a couple handwaving explanations of why its not the worst thing ever but here's the thing: it is. The reason is even if they don't say water is not a human right out loud the entire existence of their organization hinges on the concept of water not being a human right. It doesn't matter if they say it or not, they're saying it through the way they do business
>>737146 Pasolini is a degenerate nonce, more irredeemable than any prick on this board.
>>738559 True but he was also redpilled as fuck. Italians don't have the anglo conception of pedophilia btw, i fucked 15 years old myself, it's not illegal here
>>738545 ways of self expression have been intentionally limited in capitalist systems to lead as many as possible down the road of taking out more and more loans. suppression of countercultures means taking out student loans and getting a mortgage is the only real path in life other than stagnating and doing nothing of interest. if the rapists and drug abusers are clean cut and wear suits instead of being dirty hippies then no problem, we can stil have clean cut people with suits no need to eliminate suits, everybody loves suits. but if the rapists and drug abusers are interesting or different? thats got to be dismantled asap
(46.70 KB 300x300 27b.jpg)
>>738564 yeah, okay.
>>738564 > Italians don't have the anglo conception of pedophilia btw bruh
>>738599 Go being an anglo somewhere else
>>738603 I was more doubtful of the fact that you can get laid but the other stuff is bad too.
>>738605 Funny man. But quoting Pasolini does get you laid fam. Also "muh homo nonce" is the fascist argument to discredit his writings
>>738608 >"Mamma mia! not the metal bat-a!" I don't think I'll be missing out on much by choosing not to read/ watch him.
(60.73 KB 1015x554 JP-DennisNedry2.jpg)
>>738564 >i fucked 15 years old myself, it's not illegal here
What's wrong with consumerism again?
>>738612 It's litetally not illegal >>738603 i know for you people is impossible to think that not everyone in the world thinks like you, but sometimes is still like this.
>>738614 It's a tool of control. It's the imposition of petty boug ideology throught commodities. Consumer culture It's the homologation of everything that has potential to go in a different or radical direction from the current system. It's castration.
>>738615 Oh I realize that. There's nothing I can do about it, and you know what, I wouldn't do anything about it. But I will still make fun of you.


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