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(24.42 KB 736x713 youtube red.jpg)
/IG/ Internet General Anonymous Board volunteer 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:34:23 No. 731360
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. New 'actually moderated' flavour! Now with 100% less idpol guaranteed!
>>757899 >anarchist actually talking to the police instead going smashie shit finally, an adult >>746146
Hey bois, I'm actually thinking about (re)starting my Youtube career. Some months ago I had deleted my channel, because it's content couldn't match up with my ideology any longer. My views just had shifted too much, they didn't fit anymore to the initial reason why I started the channel. But now, the caterpillar has transformed into a butterfly and wants to create new political content on Youtube! Yes, I think I will start a new project! I miss writing on politics! (Thank you for reading my blog post)
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>>757972 ok socbar
>>757899 wtf are these abhorrent statues?
>>757972 Bruh moment What will you talk about? Marx for dummies video #839296? Trump is a Neo-fascist? Ecological consequences of capitalism? YAWN!!!!
>>757973 So this doesn’t only happen to me?
Look at this stuff Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete? Wouldn't you think I'm the girl The girl who has ev'rything? Look at this trove Treasures untold How many wonders can one cavern hold? Lookin' around here you'd think (Sure) she's got everything I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty I've got whozits and whatzits galore (You want thingamabobs? I got twenty) But who cares? No big deal I want more I want to be where the people are I want to see want to see 'em dancin' Walkin' around on those (Whad'ya call 'em?) oh - feet Flippin' your fins you don't get too far Legs are required for jumpin', dancin' Strollin' along down a (What's that word again?) street Up where they walk Up where they run Up where they stay all day in the sun Wanderin' free Wish I could be Part of that world What would I give If I could live Outta these waters? What would I pay To spend a day Warm on the sand? Betcha on land They understand Bet they don't reprimand their daughters Bright young women Sick o' swimmin' Ready to stand And ready to know what the people know Ask 'em my questions And get some answers What's a fire and why does it (What's the word?) burn? When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love Love to explore that shore above? Out of the sea Wish I could be Part of that world
>>757993 No!! I guess this “feature” prevents poltards from turning airplane mode on and off to ban evade but then at least make it so you can reply to threads
>>757973 >>757993 >>758032 Are you using iPhone? I do mobile image posting regularly and never run into this
>>757988 Well, I will just talk about the stuff which interests me. I will not promote a certain ideology, although I have personally a strong marxist-leninist tendency. But I will sell myself just as a leftist, who wants to share his snowflake opinion on various things. At this point I don't even care, if people will describe my views and ideas as "liberal", "revisionist" etc. I just like engaging with political ideologies and movements, I read Dugin such as Fukuyama, Mao and Lenin. I find the Ba'athists and the CPC fascinating, such like I'm also interested in fascist movements.
>>758046 No work on IOS I use mi ipad Works for mi telefono
>>757796 I see marx engels and a bunch of toilet paper. What gives?
>>758051 Sounds terrible
(175.97 KB 539x711 antifa app.png)
You'll be signing up for the official ANTIFA recruitment, right anon?
>>758129 I. DON'T. CARE.
>>757203 You’re based, anon
>>758131 >the socialist states of ANTIFA sorta gave it away
>>758051 Cringe
Learned about her channel recently This is a very interesting video. You can notice the same attitude today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIVsSqOKatE
>>758341 attitudes*
>Brace goes full DOTP cops are good actually >DOTP prisons are also good >pussies out and deletes it when the anarchists start getting mad smh
>>758699 >>758704 What is this?
>>758707 A mentally ill nazi spammer, don't respond to him. He's been at it for nearly 6 months now.
>>758713 oh okay. These just always confuse me.
>>757642 The fuck kind of mental retardation is this?
>>757659 Kek, he's like a communist Varg lmao
(40.07 KB 600x514 ameriga.jpg)
>>758713 Dang you for your serbiz.
(112.06 KB 594x1091 damn TANKIESFDGSFDGS.PNG)
More slop
(81.30 KB 753x800 this displeases stirner.jpg)
>>758942 Yes mr chekist, these ones right here.
>>758942 >just because there's a few heart eating head choppers in ISIS doesn't mean the syrian civil war isn't great! Are these people just incapable of retaining information once they've learned something?
>>757688 Jfc @ radlib retardation in the replies
>>757054 >They definitely aren't. The woke mob actually harasses people. They are just posting cringe. The only difference between them is power right now, if the anti-woke mob have as much sway, they would do the same.
>>758942 I really want to know what he's refering to here. Like, the venezuelan opposition or what?
>>757721 Angie is pretty ok although spooky at times with the occult stuff. She mainly gets crap from here for being in the Peter Coffin expanded universe and from radlibs for being a black woman who disregards their ideas entirely. >>759091 Angie is a lightning rod for radlib anger, and they really reveal that they could not give less of a fuck about wahmen of culur except for those who support their politics. >>759109 What is the actual difference in amount of power they have? Both are a big group of people online. Any of the anti-wokes could do the same things the wokes do (figure out people's real identities and fuck with them) but they don't AFAIK. What would constitute them having as much sway that they do not already have? >>759129 99% sure it's Hong Kong given this recent development >>756061
(41.19 KB 753x216 wat.JPG)
>>758942 what is this twitter-thread?
>>758773 he regularly jumps from maga shilling to semi-based(as much as a lolbert can be anyways).
>>759144 >What is the actual difference in amount of power they have? By power I mean influence over the media, academic and general popularity. Anti-wokies can't send emails saying "X mocked white people for their Y" and expect someobe to get fired, it isn't as potent as replacing white with black.
(17.61 KB 599x128 based.jpg.png)
>>759144 how will radlibs ever recover?
>>759180 That's pretty based
>>759180 That's brutal dude
>>759180 Omega roast
>>759180 >it's from a decent anime Sounds like pandering tbh
>>759156 >every bit of "nuance" is completely in line with CIA propaganda I was going to make a joke but I'm now thinking there needs to be a concerted effort to out these people as carrying water for imperialism. >>759180 She needs to go full black Lenin already.
>>759235 she's gonna make bordiga look like a fucking anarchist
The most important leftist tik tok account is this one: https://vm.tiktok.com/J65r1Cy/ Everyone is average, except that cute boy Finn that doesn't talk in his videos since they are actually good and well researched. If you have a tik tok, go show some support and follow them, and like their shit even if you think it's cringe. Help the algorithms radicalize the youth. Anyways, one of the account contributors has a video response to, our boy, Uruhe's video on idpol. It's pretty cringe and liberal coming from whom I think is a self identified "ultra leftist" (which intrtnet ultras are already cringe to begin with). If you want to respond (be nice) here's the video so you can give him proper reading material so he can graduate from being and idpol "muh class reductionism" lefitst. https://youtu.be/-GINA-VQQ7Y
>>759244 14,000 followers, not bad. Maybe this shit helps bring more zoomers to us lmao
>>759244 Honest question, why would you use tiktok if you're not either a schoolkid of a pedophile?
(905.93 KB Based and Cringe.mp4)
>>759334 If you fuck up the joke you can delete your post and post a fixed version. The reason is of course you want to reach zoomers who are potentially more open to socialism than other demographics.
>>759334 I like younger people. So the latter I guess. There's some interesing channels (eg science), and you can basically use it like instagram (turn off your brain meme feed). I do it for the cuties though.
>>759343 How old are you anon?
>>759344 I'm a millenial without being too specific. If you want to judge me, I think if you knew my age you would disapprove. Does that help?
>>759343 What do you mean by "younger people"
(15.14 KB 300x300 pedofinder general.jpg)
>>759353 What do you think he means
>>759350 You know what, it doesn't matter. I was kinda memeing, I use it for the cuties too and while I'm 19 it honestly doesn't matter if we're talking about relatively young people (for the viewers I mean), ultimately it doesn't make any, say, 30 year old or around that age range a pedophile or anything like that.
I don't think I will ever stop being attracted to teenagers.
>>759362 >30 I'm around that age. There are adolescents I'm attracted to, but never below 15. I don't choose what I like, and I don't see any sense in denying it. I am rather self conscious about it. In my experience, it is more acceptable to find 16 and 18 y/o girls attractive than it is to find boys. And I like the eye candy, I don't think I'd enjoy fucking a 16 y/o. I uses to date/fuck a 22 y/o cute twink. I got a lot of weird looks and judgemntal comments from friends. They'd ask him shit like "are you over age?". That's the biggest age gap I've done I think.
>>759377 Teenagers are sociopaths tho
>>759387 Yes we are
>>759180 holy based
https://twitter.com/sleepisocialist/status/1292560005611257856/photo/1 I'd post an image but I can't deal with shit right now.
Fuck it I’m simping for this channel https://youtu.be/7Kj8rX_5qmc This lady is absolutely gorgeous and tbh I’m lonely af and porn/movies are warping my mind so fucking hard that I just wanna see a girl do something other than take a cock I think she’s borderline breadtube
>>759782 this chick used to be on collegehumor or somethign i think
>>759180 based
(51.68 KB 583x380 Capture.PNG)
>>757688 How do we resolve the black flag question?
(954.08 KB 867x766 dialectics son.png)
>>759813 those people arent actual anarchists just twitter radlibs rebranded
>>759813 >Genocides in fascist and liberal societies involve concentration camps, bombs, and bullets <“Genocides” in socialist countries are when your grain production gets fucked up once or twice lmao
>>759820 Radlibs always were rebranded libs, the term just got abused by retards to mean "people who make my bum sore".
https://youtu.be/448tdK5J46k this is a really satisfying video tbh
>>759840 Yo why tf can’t I get hot leftist women that aren’t either obvious e-thots (Ashley Coffin) or twitter libs?
>>759846 You must be out of their league
>>759869 I don’t mean to date dingus, for videos Nobody ever posts the Leftist QTs here
>>759873 The only decent one is probably Mad Blender
>>759813 A bullet
>>758632 unironically just don't call them cops. i mean that rhetorically and also for whenever we actually get around to doing socialism. Come up with another name not cops not law enforcement. call them jannies even
>>759206 how is that pandering? there is plenty of anime that isn't decadent garbage. Lain, Afro Samurai, Cowboy bebop, Akira, some Studio Ghibli &c Japan is the only country that actually takes cartoons for adult audiences seriously, the west really has nothing like an Anime industry. you're legitimately missing by just ignoring all of it.
(40.11 KB 850x400 alois brunner.jpg)
>>759822 Genocides in fascist societies are universally agreed to be genocides even by fascist exiles who proudly admit to their participation in genocide. Meanwhile "genocides" in socialist societies such as the so called "Holodomor" are not considered to be intentional genocides even by most anti-communist liberal historians.
>>759180 Fucking lol, literally everyone with a steven universe avatar is a transhumanist.
>>760001 “Holodomor” isn’t even considered a genocide by most liberal COUNTRIES including the US lmao
>>760011 Yeah she just wanted to throw lowkey shade in a way the wokelets would only comprehend if they weren’t so damn autistic
>>760028 shut up transhumanist
tf why did a mod delete the posts?
>>760337 There were not related to leftist politics in any meaningful way and were in my view idpol bait. Those were just random screencaps pf literally who's from twitter .
>>760345 Complaining about how radlibs are ruining leftism helps the left become more anti-idpol
>>760345 What you said is true, but applying that criteria would lead to the deletion of everything in here. What was deleted was on the same level as >>759813 >>757892 And this thread has been just that, a peanut gallery for shitting on people's twitter posts. This is more evidence it's a mistake to lump that sort of content together with discussion around youtube video content. We need a /leftyb/
>>760345 stop fucking censoring shit. go the fuck back to resetera or twitter or SA already
(377.01 KB 600x450 jimdorecist.png)
someone send this to Jimmy
>>760379 >>760383 wait was this what was deleted? I support its deletion then, this is below even /IG/
>>760386 >>760386 Explain how you think this is below anything
>>760367 How exactly is this board different from /leftyb/? Clearly you don't need it. >>760379 >>760383 What the fuck is this? Please kill yourself.
>>760390 at least stuff like vaush is vaugely related to some internet subculture, this is just screencaps of random shit you probably fished up by searching for it, it has no bearing on anything and its trying to start a discussion about meaningless twitter drama. if you want to talk about twitter drama then stay on twitter, you retard.
>>760398 Lol all of these posts were retweeted and commented on by people like the fooly cooly guy and breadtubers.
>>760398 >like vaush is vaugely related to some internet subculture You are only saying that because you are mentally ill enough to follow or give a shit about any of these - literal who- grifter of the week "personalities". The fact that you unironically think obsessing over the latest e-grifter is somehow better than looking at dumb radlib shit and laughing at it, says just how deeply mentally ill you are. if you want to obsess over e-grifters then stay on twitter/youtube, you brain damaged subhuman.
>>760379 >Hiring PEDOPHILES on the same level as a latino stereotype, only ONE (🙄) gay character, and some vaguely connected individual doing black face once Gotta love radlibs
i mean it is truly hilarious that mentally ill incels who know every little detail about these breadtuber's lives and obsess over their every opinion, no matter how tiny, are now pretending they are above dumb twitter chatter. medicate yourself you low IQ animal
>>760410 Take your meds you projecting stupidpolyp
>>760417 kill yourself incel. get some friends instead of obsessing over random internet grifters.
>>760410 >You are only saying that because you are mentally ill enough to follow or give a shit about any of these no I say that because 1. vaush is funny to watch, he misses the mark so hard its like ideological slapstick 2. they are actually a current of the internet left which is vaguely useful to know about to keep a track on what trends are developing in response to world events, as a way to track radicalization (or lack thereof) among the online types >>760407 1. I don't care 2. People retweet stuff literally all the time with no consequence, it doesn't amount to anything 3. fuck you
>>760422 >no I say that because <i follow and obsess over these people> See >>760414
>>760383 Woke scolds are just conservatives with another flavor.
>>760421 Take your meds
>>760426 I really don't, I just check up on whats happening on /IG/ to get an idea of whats going on every week or so, I'm not hunting down twitter screencaps of irrelevant people to try and clog the discussion with your utter retardation.
>>760422 Vaush is a fucking clown with absolutely no left substance. The only reason anybody watches him is for entertainment.
I mean listen to this fag.
>>760367 >What was deleted was on the same level as >>759813 >>757892 One of those posts effectively illustrates the mentality of online performance and the persona as a brand. >>760427 I think that very often they come from backward families and try to become liberal/progressive/radical but don't question their assumptions very deeply and just adopt the new lingo to rationalize the biases they already have.
(150.04 KB 601x611 BraceVMuke.PNG)
(158.57 KB 601x827 BraceVMuke2.PNG)
(57.55 KB 593x565 BraceVMuke3.PNG)
Podcast V Youtube war NOW
>sanders voters get bullied in another thread >/IG/ immediately becomes "IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT THE IDPOL AROUND THIS CARTOON YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL!!!" stupidpol moment
>>760443 >5 years on since muke read no books >he has finally evolved into the genius 2016 leftcom that posts >its not socialism there is commodity production
(1.17 MB Leftcoms.webm)
>>760449 Wasn't he always saying that? Somebody needs to explain some really basic shit to muke.
>>760443 Muke is a posh boy armchair """marxist""" who uses dogmatism to end up at the same position as as trots and anarkiddies
marxism is when you read no books and defend radlib idpol t.muke
>>760453 hey don't insult anarkiddies and trots like that comparing them to muke is a worse insult than is imaginable
>>760443 What spurred this discussion? Did Brace say he supported modern day China or something? Anyways, this is the kind of boring wars over terms that seems irrelevant to building socialism, more based on dogmatic snobbery. "Was this or that actually socialism" and "what did marx say socialism was" feels like a totally retarded discussion when you can just ask yourself if you think socialism, as a pristine classless society, can be established in one swoop. If that is not possible (which seems obvious) then clearly a revolutionary state can exist that is attempting to establish that pristine classless society. So Muke is still behaving like a stupid sectarian leftcom, which is of course hilarious because he was known as "no book Muke" for years.
>>760460 Plus he looks like Neil Gaiman
>>760460 >What spurred this discussion? Did Brace say he supported modern day China or something? see >>758632
Do you think sh0es gonna end up fucking vaush?
https://youtu.be/4G85UTJmMes Lmao who the fuck even are these fucking dorks?
>>760465 Someone redpill me on the borgar forced meme
>>760467 vaush will be like the anti-first world war his idiocy alone will unite all left tendencies in denouncing him
(727.91 KB 874x547 Capture.PNG)
>>760465 >these faggots ripping on our boy
>>760464 I would have to seriously question the well-being of anyone who would willingly want to see Vaush naked.
How did Vaush get so big so fast? Was it his debates?
>>760471 >christcuck >our boy
>>760467 Insufferable twitterites who leech off more popular american socdem voices to have a tiny shit little channel. They say nothing and know nothing, they literally post porky newspaper links to bash "tankies" when it's convenient for their retweet battles
>>760475 And he has a gf, nonetheless. Makes you question what's going on in her mind..
>>760465 wtf is this?? The video started quite serious, but the rest???
>>760481 Have you seen her? I doubt she has better options.
>>760462 lol, what is funny about Brace is even though I get the impression he tries to study and be involved in real organizing he has some reputation as a stupid podcaster among some because he is very humble about it. Anytime he feels compelled to start "being serious" on streams or whatever and giving opinions or analysis he often pulls back and says "but I'm just a moron what do I know". That also makes him far more likeable, because he doesn't pretend he is some Marxist scholar or genius of theory and praxis.
Is there any breadtuber worse than Vaush?
>>760483 Yeah I have, though still. If I was unattractive I would still seek as much as possible a person who's at least somewhat good looking.
>>760465 Who is the girl?
>>760485 Yeah, it makes him far more relatable than any arrogant intellectualoid prick.
>>760471 They shouldn't had crossed the line...
>>760491 I should become a breadtuber then because I say that shit all the time when talking with other leftists about theory. I could become the anti-vaush.
>>760471 our favorite cosplayer
>>760502 Please do, for real. But join beardtube of course, those are the based lads struggling against the libshit breadtube fags.
>>760476 I think it was the burgers
>>760505 not to keen on getting cancelled by libs for retarded shit
>>760486 Xanderhal, he's vaush but substantially more stupid
>>760465 They for annihilated by this Historic.ly (don't know who is actually behind this) account on Twitter on the Uyghur issue, so they made a video showing clips out of context of people they don't like in substitute for an argument.
>>760476 he's an idiot, but he's good at debates in the same way manchild shapiro is. he's not functionally retarded either, just has very bad ideas and doesn't read.
>>760476 The Youtube algorithm was very favorable when he first started there. I used to get his streams recommended all the time and I barely ever watch "breadtube." Conspiracy theories aside I think it's because he had a following before coming to youtube after getting banned from twitch, which meant he had a lot of artificial growth when he first joined so the algorithm gave him an extra bump because he was also a new channel.
>>760502 I think it's a good trait to have, but I also think it is a better trait to have for the actual revolutionary and organizer than just a podcaster or youtuber. Of course, you can be both, and I don't know if Brace Belden is still very involved although I think most people who follow him know he helped unionize a brewery he worked at, but definitely something more actual organizers should internalize. I was watching this interview with Fidel Castro the other day here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=967&v=NmWhTKFHET0&feature=emb_title and on the same note felt like it was so impressive how Fidel could take what was a pretty combative interview from a guy who kept basically asking him when Cuba would collapse, and he managed to take every question and look like he had an immense amount of empathy and interest in the betterment of Latin America and Cuba. And he did it without sounding like a particularly stuffy Marxist or anything like that, even though everything he said was perfectly in line with Marxism and Leninism and proletarian internationalism. He just sounded like a reasonable man who was driven by love of Cuba and Latin America. I think striking that balance, of being able to be well-read but never coming off that way, just coming off as authentic, empathetic and reasonable, is a real asset for charismatic leaders.
>>760514 Is there any breadtuber who is "functionally retarded"? Or any youtuber for that matter?
(288.02 KB 1080x1133 1d7v10zzzzf51.jpg)
>>760511 Also the Serfs because they’re far less funny
(317.72 KB 601x469 MeansTVDriveBy.PNG)
The Means TV people got drive by'd.
>>760467 who is this based lad
>>760534 LMFAO
>>760532 I don't follow youtubers. My point is that vaush is smarter and a better debater than other youtubers, although a terminal theorylet and manchild. That probably helped a lot with his success. Similar story with destiny.
>>760534 they do know rosa fucking hated anarchists right?
>>760534 A couple more of these and we can switch the world energy source to the energy generated by Rosa rolling in her grave.
I'm kinda jealous of Vaush, Hasan Piker and Destiny. I really want to start focusing on streaming again and maybe get some growth so I can BTFO these fools. I'm a theorylet though, so it are only wild fantasies, but my yt channel has 112 subs so maybe one day.
>>760538 😰 Wtf......
>>760465 I kept waiting for an argument, but I guess the only point of this video was character assassinating in-fighting on the left (again).
>>760538 This will never happen to any breadtuber
>>760548 Literally wrote the book against reformism. The pattern is always against actual revolutionaries. The writers of the books are all fine for these people, but if you actually engaged in revolution you’re out of the club. If the Spartacists had won, I’d bet anything Rosa would be considered another “tankie”.
>>760465 Remember lads a famine is only a "genocide" when it happens under a non-western "regime".
>>760538 Fuck, that sucks.
>>760561 That whore doesn't know that, before castro and che, there was a dictatorship by a guy named batista. The country was nothing more than a sex tourism country for sex pests, like Thailand and the Phillipines today. she'd be a literal street whore without Castro. Fucking gusano.
>tfw i participated in the no comrades under 1k hashtag >tfw my timelines is full of "i am privileged, what should i do" and transposting i've made a huge mistake
>>760567 >implying she is not the descendant of some plantation owner
>they took away my grandfathers SLAVES how can you do that
>>760570 >reading other peoples' posts on the "narcissism and not reading other peoples' posts unless they are celebrities" website ishygddt. mute them or something idk i dont use twitter.
>>760534 >Rosa but not Lenin Imagine being this retarded. >>760561 It's surreal to see someone complaining about "generations being destroyed" while wearing designer clothes and dancing like a prick over images you think represent poverty and oppression.
Oh shit this dude is getting pretty based My man is basically calling out Verso Books for being utopian and idealist My man is basically like >FALC is dumb because only the working class has any interest in instituting it but the base assumption of the concept is a harmonious transition out of capitalism Honestly if this dude reads a bit more Marx he’ll be absolutely based; then he’d give the red pill that further automation would dismantle the basis of value in capitalism
>>760570 >hey everybody who's a socialist tweet under this hashtag for the express reason of being seen and identified! Sounds like the feds trying to round up the small straggler accounts tbh. Pretty sure a lot of the most retarded twitter accounts are feds (using bots) pretending to be wokes or rightoids.
>>760567 She knows, her family were just collaborateurs. Every single time you see one of those young, hip female gusanos on the internet and dig a bit into their family history, you almost always arrive at some really shady connection to some ultra-right regime in Latin America of the 20th century, it's quite stunning. There is barely any reason for a latina to be anti-communist considering how bad the situation for women got everytime one of those US-backed anti-communist dictators came to power in Latin America. When you see a latina who is like that, it's a safe bet to assume it's because her family was complicit in some sort of atrocity, maybe even genocide.
>>760561 Daddy's daddy got his slaves taken away :( FUCK GOMMIES
>>760591 >it's quite stunning. it actually isn't
>>760561 Narcissistic moralism. America is such a twisted up society, it really makes me sad to see this kind of stuff. She has no idea what the Cuban revolution was, it is just a way to get some clicks and she is certain it was bad because her parents are probably gusanos, or maybe she has just marinated in Miami Cuban culture and knows that it is “known” that Castro was a monster.
>>760534 who's the guy in the bottom right?
>>760385 There was a larger backlash amongst the left because trump fans would support them for saying it. They could point to the liberal myth of a "left-right political alliance" and get their ego stroked all day. There is no petty political victory to be gained from defending china/belarus/etc because both parties are on the same side. That is why most anti-russiagate warriors have been so disappointing with similar issues.
>>760608 what did jimmy do
>>760550 I believe in you, comrade. Keep in mind that these people have made it (currently) mostly due to being "the first there" (being """leftist""" on the 'political side' of streaming on what recently became the streaming platform competing with YT, taking large chunks of young people). Self-study the medium (streaming), rhetoric/debates/argumentation, and the subject-matter in in question - socialism. In dealing with these people you should probably really get acquainted with keeping stoic / a cool head, identifying and countering abuse of debate tactics and having undisputed sources for a lot of your arguments on-hand in a doc whenever livestream-debating.
>>760606 Antonie Pannekoek. I've never read him, but he sounds similar to Luxembourg. Wikipedia says he was a critic of Lenin disempowering the soviets during the civil war, but it also says he was a critic of anarchism and social democracy.
>>760612 Make russiagate his entire schtick for 3 years and then be completely oblivious to the exact same thing with other countries because there are no trumpbux in it. Imagine if he had pro russiagate people on "for balance" like he does now with every new cia bullshit conspiracy theory
>>760618 >>760550 >Keep in mind that these people have made it (currently) mostly due to being "the first there" It's also a patience thing. Building an audience usually takes time and consistency with maybe a few bumps from some content going viral. Also post YT channel so we can sub.
>>760606 dutch left-com, infantile communist Pannekoek a literal fucking who nowadays with not a single party pushing his line. the guy is only read as lubrication before the ass handing lenin does to him.
I feel like Lee Carter used to actually be pretty cool, but now he's turned into a complete simp for his gf and exists only to pedal her issues.
>>760650 Why are you so obsessed with him and his gf
>>760652 Im obsessed with a lot of twitter people tbh.
>>760624 jimmy is retarded when it comes to foreign policy like 99.9% of americans including sanders, but i will still watch his domestic takes
>>760581 While I think FALC is a silly concept and I haven't read the book the video mentions, does FALC advocates hinge their ideas on tech companies acting benevolently? I've usually seen the idea play out as dismantling capitalism and then instigating FALC.
>>760665 Novara media basically think you will be able to vote in FALC with someone like Corbyn, which is obviously absurd. FALC is simply a means of pushing liberalism under the guise of the idea that the overton window is going left. It's for first world people who are scared of revolution
>>760688 It’s honestly cool to have even a single Breadtuber that makes a rational case for revolution instead of LARPy radlib ranting Just very matter of factly points out that just peacefully and democratically instituting socialism via capitalist controlled states and capitalist controlled industries is absurd because capitalists have no incentive to do so and already allow millions to die in our current conditions of post-food scarcity.
>>760695 The reformist brain simply replies "yeah but you may as well vote too"
>>760634 Are you a parody of a tankie? KAPD-Bolshevik synthesis.
>>760634 >>760621 What do Mario 64 speedruns have to do with anarchism?
>>760695 >in our current conditions of post-food scarcity. Not just food btw. Pretty much all basic needs. Water is pretty much a no-brainer. Housing is pretty easy these days. Medical care is as artificially scarce as it is because the only way to profit is to price gouge - most of the products and services are real cheap. Even educational resources are near-free given the way the internet works and how digital information can just be infinitely copied. The one big thing that's still scarce is energy, and that's primarily because it's based on fossil fuels. Solar energy is not scarce at all (neither are most renewables) so the petrol companies have to actively suppress those developments. IDK why people think FALC is some utopian fantasy. We are almost there already except that porky runs the show and uses technology to make the line go up.
The only way to have communism is by building up speed for 12 hours
>>760724 The resources that have to mined for those so-called renewables are scarce and will only become more so.
>>760722 In this video, I'll be narrating how to achieve communism with zero point five revolutions.
>>760730 >>760732 This is only a problem if there is not enough of the resources on earth to build the machines for earth's needs, and given what a wide variety of options there are, the idea that it's not possible seems pretty dubious. Scarce doesn't mean finite. It means that the supply is lower than the demand.
>>755363 Bappin is basically the same type of wrecker lib as Snyder. Basically, no matter who wins, we all do. It's great to watch.
>>760740 But first, we need to talk about dumpster-diving
>>760776 >lifestylism
>>760724 FALC is a utopian fantasy because it doesn’t say we have to tear porky’s heart out
>>760624 Idk he has defended the Assad-regime against gas-attack accusations. He does extend this anti-russiagate-ism to countries that don't really appeal to trumpist interets sometimes. The main problem is that these countries are usually not a part of the mainstream media narrative, and Jimmy hardly goes outside of that box.
(226.09 KB 611x763 1.PNG)
(311.68 KB 608x1088 2.PNG)
(32.92 KB 608x353 3.PNG)
This guy really does seem a little unhinged. The guy with the username "Caelliox" went on to say he was worried for Empanada's mental health when he reached out to him in DMs. I can see why, he is extremely aggressive.
>>761071 What's the argument about tho? Can't judge without that.
>>761114 Ongoing debates all across twitter about whether China is evil, most hinging on Xinjiang. BadEmpanada has been calling people holocaust deniers for pushing back on propaganda around Xinjiang.
I don't care about any of these streamers like Vaush but I did click on the thread to see if there were any comments about his debate with Michael Tracey, who I do follow for the laughs. Anyone watch it? >>760523 Based
>>761200 "I want the law changed!" Society: "No."
How has Vaush not been cancelled yet for his takes on CP and sexually harassing that 14 year old?
>>761200 >raping people is a good thing >fascists actually believe this
>>761226 Because he is on the side of the good guys
>>761226 Because he’s an anticommunist idpol radlib Lmao you think Breadfags have actual beliefs and standards?
>>761226 >sexually harassing that 14 year old sauce?
>>761418 Who is who in this thing?
>>761418 That's bullshit but I believe it
>>761418 Okay if the "red" user is 14, Vaush is being a MAJOR creepster
>>761418 vaush reminds me of when I was an edgy libertarian, just with a vague socialist paint over top.
>>761418 How old is vuash? >the XX year old groomer
>>761526 >Esa página no existe Think you fucked up the link, also got it in English?
>>761554 >This nigga is pro-rape Imagine my shock
>>761554 Can I ask you a serious question: What is this supposed to signify?
>>761418 so this is why he supports Joe Biden :^)
>>761418 Now that is low inhibition.
(12.53 KB 441x145 TheSerfs1.PNG)
(52.16 KB 845x361 TheSerfs2.PNG)
>>760465 These guys prune their own comments to enforce their own position. t. guy who left the computer and came back to check on his comment
Did you noticed, that all the major leftist e-celebs are millennials?
>>761977 Is muke a millenial?
(66.96 KB 796x674 EfF5VqgUEAEFkVp[1].jpg)
remember when leftypol shilled this faggot endlessly?
>>762029 yes, vaguely. That was 8chan days.
>>762029 I remember when he was a running joke.
(126.30 KB 1183x596 23224723854512467356132623.JPG)
>>762056 Does anyone knows when that uighur is going to post his next video? >>760465 Kek, private video. Why? Did he got screwed or what?
>>762029 >billionaire's covid scam Nigga, the fuck does that mean?
>>762029 Kek, just saw this, and I have no idea if he's being sarcastic or not https://twitter.com/PhilGreaves01/status/1292834934659457024
>>760465 Its on private now? Interesting...
>>762092 They probably couldn't keep up with all the people they had to ban
>>760465 Lol they made the video private after getting criticized all day by Esha and her twitter buds. Probably getting ridiculed by Peter Coffin, fellow breadtuber, made The Serfs dude get anxious.
>>762092 Not even invidio opens it (ofc). >>762096 Kek.
>>762092 They claim it’s because Esha got called an insect by somebody on twitter, which they “condemn” or something stupid.
>>762096 lol this is great :D
>>762096 Who is Esha?
>>762029 Oh Christ, going down his twitter feed... This dipshit's a fucking Anti-masker... Has he not seen how the DPRK has handled this?
>>762104 Is this the woman from historic ly?
>>762104 She is just the middle person in their thumbnail. She runs the twitter account Historic.ly, an anti-imperialist ML account. She got in a spat with Serfs guy on twitter over Xinjiang sources, and he reacted by putting her in this video. It’s infortunate I know all of this.
(81.37 KB 604x534 equisde2.jpg)
>>762109 I see, thanks for the info
>>762111 >*Privatized* the video Oh serfs
You can think about Peter Coffin what you want, but at least he didn't jump on the tankie bash train
>>762131 Peter Coffin is absolutely fine most of the time, he's just a little cringy, but as far as internet personalities go, he's good.
>>762131 It is actually fascinating, that the Serfs put so much effort into this. I mean, just look at the thumbnail. This is from a pure technical perspective a fine job, this isn't just a meme which was half assed slapped together.
>>762131 Can anyone explain the "borger kang" stuff?
>>762131 >>762137 Thankfully I don't know who te fuck they or he is. But I bet a KN-95 that the video was marketed to Vaush audience and twitter radlibs. To increase their views.
>>762143 It all started with Maupin's video. Watch 15:38 to 16:01 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4fZZA4_uEY
>>762111 Being called an insect is the lamest “insult” I can think of. Like isn’t that what the DBZ guy does all the time?
>>762148 What about the "kang" part, is that just Serf parroting /pol/ memes?
>>762160 I don't know, perhaps just to sound more dank?
>>762160 I mean, there is Dankey Kang and I don't think he is influenced by /pol/
>>762029 Contrarianism is a terrible drug.
(34.76 KB 563x410 5ago7aro2hty.jpg)
>>762164 They didn't even go with the awesome burger-king ripoff
>>762132 I don't like that Peter gives credibility to Jack Saint, the guy who thinks converting libs is worthwhile and was caught during a stream saying that people should vote for Biden because Oranje man bad.
>>762157 >Being called an insect is the lamest “insult” I can think of. It's got racist undertones actually (dehumanization).
>>762176 Peter isn't without sin sure, but niether he, nor indeed Jack Saint, are wrong 100% and sometimes produce media and arguments that is beneficial to leftist causes. That said, Peter has good takes waaaaaay more often that Jack Saint.
>>762111 No way this is the actual reason the video got privatized. I get that one is partly responsible for the community that one fosters, but one person with a bad take shouldn't be enough to private a video. Instead, it is more likely that it was because of criticism of its content
(1.08 MB 220x169 carlin.gif)
>>760534 >max fucking stirner >helping the proletariat in any way
(230.33 KB 613x816 empanada back at it.PNG)
That Serfs twitter thread degenerated into a holodomor discussion and Empanada jumped in again. I think this guy has a Vaush-like vendetta against "tankies" now.
>>762259 His fans gave me nice advice on dumpster diving
>>762131 >Bosnian Genocide denial. Wait what? Did Jason post a pic of himself saluting Arkans head stone or something?
>>762269 They're talking about Esha, who stupidly posted a video of Biden declaring he wanted to bomb Serbia to present him as a warmonger, but the context was over the genocide. When some people said "and why did he want to bomb Serbia?" she deflected to something else. She never denied the genocide though, so it is a disingenuous attack.
>>762288 A logical person would’ve have figured this stuff out before they got married
>>762288 find a wife who's willing to give birth to that many kids, adopt kids or get used to the fact that we don't always get what we want as adults. >>762296 Homosexuality used to be totally normal in Greece and Rome too, but I bet you wouldn't say that is a good idea just because people have been doing it for a while
>>762296 Honestly same. I have the same feeling but for treating Italians like shit. My grandparents took that for granted and now those dirty wops have rights and attacking one is considered “assault”. If you don’t endorse it, your practically a shut lib like John Colbert
>>762304 Marriage
>>762304 I mean, I have never heard marriage-vows where perpetual, non-revokable sexual consent was given. Could you please quote a source indicating this?
Uh oh, a twink is reading Gadaffi. If you know what I mean https://twitter.com/RevTwinkComrade/status/1293028804907040768
>>762096 How embarrassing
>>762131 >not even defending anyone pictured He seems like a massive pussy, imagine not defending Basedson Unruhe
>>760465 videos removed, please link the channel
(541.53 KB 594x774 taro.png)
>>762378 I hate this picture
>>762375 The Serfs made the video private. But they have uploaded excerpts from it in some of their Tweets, which are still up
>>762383 What it from
>>762394 Lain I believe
>>762394 some weebshit what else?
>>762403 It looks like ben 10
(321.94 KB 889x1000 Ckxk.jpg)
(269.44 KB 903x726 Mnvv.jpg)
>>762448 Blumenthal is doing god's work. I fear he'll end up like Assange.
>>760467 That's it? That's the message?
(449.01 KB 1155x721 1.png)
(92.35 KB 313x324 2.png)
I'm watching Caleb Maupin's latest video. I'm 15 minutes in and I could summarize the "content" of the video in 30 seconds. Can't wait for him to "criticize" Freud for being an atheist again.
>>762517 He is such a brainlet. Is this really the best the left can offer nowadays?
>>762517 Is maupin even religious? His whinging about atheists never seemed genuine, but rather some cynical ploy to appeal to the masses with religion. It feels like nothing but tailism.
>>762517 Caleb is what happens when you read too many revolutionary biographies, political propaganda pamphlets and and other political theory sources instead of actually learning theory. Like what the fuck even is his explanation of materialism? All he does is mumble some shit about A!=A. Not to mention all of his arguments can be fitted to a bingo sheet.
>>762536 It really seems like anti-intellectualism is par for the course with the American left now.
>>762534 >Is maupin even religious? yes he even has an article on Odin worship
any musicfags here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mS06lEmY3s how based is this, faaaack?
>>762536 >All he does is mumble some shit about A!=A. my god, don't even get me started on his dialectics vids
(442.97 KB 1165x716 1.png)
>>762517 He started going on again about "you need to feel that you are part of something bigger than yourself" which is fine and dandy, but if this goes into God shilling again ima kms.
(415.59 KB 1117x697 1.png)
>>762563 He just criticized Mao's Cultural Revolution and Stalin's purges. K. Then he went on to say that the Paris Commune was a "Marxist revolution". Lol, nigga, Marx pointing at the Paris Commune, and saying "See dat? Dat is the DotP!" doesn't make it the Commune itself "Marxist." You can bet your fucking ass that 99.9% of people involved in the Commune didn't even know about Marx, let alone read him or ascribed to his tenets.
(85.31 KB 1080x628 Screenshot_20200811_100215.jpg)
>>762073 Apparently is about the shining path and peru
(468.25 KB 1137x711 1.png)
(23.51 KB 250x332 marx_terror_quote.jpg)
>>762567 Nigga is just shilling against revolutionary terror as such. My fucking God, Caleb.
(438.36 KB 1160x735 1.png)
>>762569 "[Cuban] people don't remember very positively the terror against Batista's old regime." THIS NIGGA IS SHILLING AGAINST REVOLUTIONARY TERROR AS SUCH
(417.64 KB 1171x766 1.png)
(36.99 KB 669x669 1592670839107.jpg)
>>762568 He would've been better staying in Aus and reporting on Aus issues, all we have here is Jordies now, despite everything i miss his content.
>>762573 Going for that sweet r/stupidpol demographic now, Caleb?
>>760478 I won't do the "both side are bad" argument as I'm a leftist but your comment did make me nostalgic for 2014-2016 pol mate
>>762573 He's always said that. It is true that people who have a boner for smashing things are middle class larpers, but he goes too far with that notion.
>>762563 Caleb he's the actual worst I really don't get why there are so many people simping on him in this board. He call himself a marxist but he's absolutely not material in his analisys
>>762633 No one says he's the next lenin but we appreciate people being out there sharing anti-idpol socialist ideas and defending countries like the USSR. He might be wrong on china being socialist but there are few people around nowadays who confidently deny the smears levied against them. You know people don't have to be perfect right?
>>762639 Apologia for Caleb is always this shit like this post >yes, we know he pushes religion and shits on atheism >yes, we know that he pushes the Kulturbolschewismus meme rebranded as "synthetic left" >yes, we know he publishes on InfoWars and flaunts it on his website >yes, we know about his Odinist article >yes, we know that he doesn't actually read theory and says "you are not supposed to" read non-fiction books from cover to cover >yes, we know that not even the Chinese Communist Party calls China's economic system socialism >yes, we know that he wrote a book comparing Jews to Satan BUT HE'S USEFUL AS FUCK
>>762649 And the posts that attack him are sadly always like yours, mostly miniscule stuff that is blown up by hysterical breadtubers. He disagrees with you on a few things ergo he's definitely some kind of info wars nazi in disguise. Grow the fuck up.
>>762568 Can't wait to see him defend Shining Path yet attack Stalin
>>762654 >miniscule stuff kek
>>762573 I think he's just mad because he recently received some revolutionary terror in the homeopathic Twitter form.
>>762654 >ergo he's definitely some kind of info wars nazi Publishing an article on InfoWars mentioning the Cultural Marxists "Cultural Leftists" doesn't make him a nazi. Equating Jews to Satan spawns doesn't make him a nazi. Being friendly with Dugin doesn't make him a nazi. Writing an endorsment on neo-paganism doesn't make him a nazi. Fixating in the Frankfurt school like /pol/ does doesn't make him a nazi. It just makes him share a lot of views with them, that's all.
>>762663 I don't think he's a nazi I just think he's a retard.
>>762663 If he actually put all this out as a coherent message that would be one thing, you seem to be fixated on making him look as evil as possible by cobbling together some dumb shit he's said. He didn't compare anyone to satan either, that book he took down simply doesn't say anything of the sort. I'm trying to get through to you the fact that character assasination is something you should be weary of, but you are jumping on the bandwagon because he rubs you the wrong way. How many actually great people have been the victim of this kind of pile-on? It's especially annoying that the only reason historic.ly, jason unruhe and caleb are being attacked is their opposition to the long propaganda campaign. Don't you see the merit in defending people from unjust criticism even if they are a christian who wrote something nice about pagans?
(23.42 KB 744x191 1.png)
(133.06 KB 617x486 2.png)
Caleb to me is like that nerdy guy that thinks he's smart because he memorized the whole dictionary.
>>762678 Me pointing out that he's an open anti-intellectual is not a character assassination. It's what he does, dude, it's what he promotes. Not reading books hurts the left more than idpol. Caleb is worse than idpol, get it? I don't give a shit about Breadtube because I'm an ML and my criticism of Caleb comes from this position too.
>>762680 Now folks, let me tell you about Mesopotamia. That's right, folks, Mesopotamia. Many of you might not know about a place called Mesopotamia, but it's interesting to talk about it. Why am I saying this? Well, folks, I first found out about Mesopotamia when I opened the chapter in my dictionary titled "THE LETTER M". That's right, folks, the letter M.
>internet general discussing radlib with 10 subscribers <I think one day she will move onto being a socdem, she's been reading my comments and agrees working class people deserve not to die if they go bankrupt as long as they're not cis white men, soon we can convince her that people shouldn't go bankrupt and then it's clear sailing turning her into a stalinist boys, our wait is almost over! >internet general discussing marxist <fuck this useless piece of shit, he's worthless and I hope he dies, everything breadtube says about him is right, his hair is dumb he's fat haha
>>762683 why do caleb fans cope so much? Fuck breadtube and fuck caleb too, you useless fanboi.
>>762585 Caleb is an idiot, posing as a ML, he is unironically a Fed or at least an opportunist Why is he a fed, you ask? >His ideology is incoherent, but still acts like he knows everything and makes up his own words, a common behavior among Feds since they either don't have the will, mental capacity or time to study theory >Since feds main idea of communists is that they are "anti-America", therefore feds think just being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian is enough. This is literally Caleb's entire being. >His understanding of 'Capital' is "muh evil capitalists and muh evil (((bankers)))", this is how most people think about capitalism, this is pure absorption of the dominant ideology.(=how feds think it all works). >Poses as a scientific socialist, while associating with Nazbols, since the FED Caleb doesn't understand genuine Marxism, he doesn't see the problem >Doesn't seem to understand Marxist terms, he picks up some common Marxist words like 'idealism' and throws it at whatever >Despite all this he is able to publish books, appear on state media and even talk at huge conventions >Criticises and holds ridiculous reactionary viewpoints, he tries to bring in reactionary elements into Marxist spaces, bringing conversations back to the old idealist "anti-SJW" topics, causing division and infighting among Marxists about already settled topics like: transgenders right to exist, distracting communists away from an analysis of capital. >He associates with old reactionary and already fed infiltrated """"communist"""""" parties >He is also setting up his own "socialist think tank" = honeypot
>>762683 Caleb is not a marxist. He might call himself one but I don't think he is.
>>762685 I don't like caleb. My post is still accurate
>>762686 subtle
OWS activist Caleb Maupin defends burning the US flag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWLF1Px_5c0 Was Caleb Maupin a "synthetic leftist" back then? Because sure as fuck he calls people who burn the flag "synthetic leftist" now.
>>762686 naw he's just a pseud. Feds actually are meticulous and study theory enough to engage in sectarian shitflinging with authenticity
>>762694 But you agree it's a great idea to go around trying to destroy anyone who is putting their neck out to speak against the new WMDs story
>>762699 This is such a pussy line, really. It amounts to saying that if you are correct about anti-imperialism you are above critique entirely. Also >destroy do you actually think that e-celebs can be destroyed? Their entire craft is about deception, survival, growth at all costs.
Caleb Maupin's "criticism" of Marx, Darwin, Freud: they were all atheists and thought we were animals. But what about our souls? How can you understand people going against their class interests without souls?
>>762712 I'm just very suspicious of these criticisms corresponding to the peaks and falls of criticism by radlibs. This is what happened with the antisemitism campaign against corbyn. As soon as someone was attacked by the msm it seemed like every leftist in the country was eager to go and pick through their record and denounce them conveniently as they were being attacked. If Jason (who Caleb got onto press tv btw) ends up debating vaush and being attacked in the same way caleb and historic_ly have been then there will be people here going through his YouTube history to find any reason to denounce him
>>762725 Nigga, where did breadtube criticize Caleb for being an anti-atheist obscurantist and anti-intellectual? I'm criticizing him from the left, and not from the right like breadtube.
>>762725 pretty sure most people here had issues with maupin long before the breadtube shit.
>>762722 Evolution is cointelpro :^)
>>762735 This is exactly how it works - someone is cancelled for bullshit reasons and we find a left wing reason to appease the witch hunt. You know we need people to go after Adrian Zenz right
(1.10 MB 1200x1708 Caleb_vs_Marx_Lenin.png)
>>762754 >bullshit reasons kek
>>762722 Now this is anti-synthetic! This is scientific! This is Marxism!
>>762725 Caleb is a Youtube personality of no actual importance. He sprouts a lot of stupid shit and he is a grown ass man who should be able to deal with criticism. He is not being cancelled and the criticism is not for bullshit reasons, it is because he holds a lot of stupid ideas.
>>762722 Caleb is a fucking pseud, not sure why people keep shilling him. He's legitimately anti marxist
>>762755 I don't understand how he could begin to believe that. what a dummy
>>762757 >>762760 >>762763 Alright I don't care about caleb or his dumb hodgepodge views I'm just afraid you'll do it to based people
>>762769 "based people" aren't stupid and actually read and can defend themselves
>>762683 I go extra hard on caleb since on this board he has admirers for some reason, unlike breadfags.
>>762769 It's not like anyone cares about what's written on an obscure Mongolian forum for crocheting enthusiasts. We don't have the power to cancel anyone.
>>762775 jannies have the power to cancel tho they cancelled uighur
>>762722 Well Caleb is Based, and it seems like what you are saying is true. Technically, he's wrong though, while Marx believed that humans were just like animals without magical souls and all that stuff. He clearly didn't think that humans weren't a special case of animal, it's just that this has material reasons. Also Marx said that capitalism would lead to the common ruin of all the classes. If you look at People like Lenin, they do what they do because they want to have a functional society, and any intelligent person will come to the same conclusion.
>>762722 Animals have souls too, embrace veganism. Veganism and Marxism are quite similar. The meat industry regards animals as objects or products to be sold to make a profit, not living things, and this is the most brutal and pure form of the exploitative capitalism Marx wrote about, but the labour is animal labour not human labour. Still the animals are exploited to the furthest extent possible - most of our meat comes from factories, not from farms, and in those factories living animals are strung up on factory lines and boiled to death, if not skinned to death, if not bled to death. They arn't killed quickly, they suffer a huge amount. Our meat industry should be every Marxist's nightmare, regardless of what you think about killing animals, because these places are not farms. Labour, or even life, is exploited fully for the total benefit of the employers and to the total misfortune of the workers (the animals). The only distinction is that animals are not human, so this is not what Marx wrote about, but the animals are still smart and sentient and hurting them causes the same amount of pain and suffering as hurting a human baby or developmentally challenged adult.
>>762873 don't care
>>762873 human liberation has priority
>>762873 >Marxism is about the moralistic condamnation of exploitation and suffering. Just stop using marxism as a synonym of socialism. While some (or even most) marxist might agree with what you wrote you are fully in the utopian socialist side of the spectrum. Marxism is about scientific and material analisys not moralism.
>>762873 anyone who compares animal labour to human labour has not read capital
found two amazing videos where former soviet citizens are being interviewed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui11x8vLQFI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjI8jwn0Upo
>>762763 He ironically gets closer to Marxism than 95% of breadtubers
>>762952 Breadtubers might one day turn half marxist if we leave enough comments on their videos though!
>>762897 >While some (or even most) marxist might agree with what you wrote you are fully in the utopian socialist side of the spectrum. Marxism is about scientific and material analisys not moralism. No marx considered human workers to be universal robots that can do any type of work, while animal labour was not able to do that. We can also do a marxist class analysis on veganism and conclude that it is a pretext for attacking worker interests. The real problem we have is that meat production is not industrialised enough, it's unreasonable to grow an entire animal, we should only grow the tissues that we actually eat. There's also sanitation problems with a current meat production, where contagious diseases crossed the species barrier to humans, and of course the waste streams.
>>762955 >everything I don't like is a pretense for attacking the workers
>>762873 Humans deserve extinction tbh
>>762953 are you seriously trying to argue about praxis in "internet general"?
>>762873 This opinion is wack but it does bring to light some of Marx's ecological views; especially the idea of 'metabolic rift.' Remember lads, there can be no exploitation of human labor without the exploitation of nature. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metabolic_rift
>>762863 Shilling religion is anything but based. Go fuck yourself.
>>762972 No, but there's one obsessed dude in here that talks about the political journey of radlibs he tracks and it's funny
>>762873 can't hear you over the sizzling of my sausage can you speak up a little? you seem weak and anemic. here, I fry you one too.
>>762895 animal liberation is a myth. you literally can't liberate nature
>>762884 >>762895 >>762897 >>762911 >>762955 >>762970 >>763011 >>763041 >>763047 We should stop subsidizing the animal agriculture industry: https://youtu.be/bvX14U3gopU
(51.19 KB 557x711 atheoids.jpg)
>>762928 this is great shit, thx
>>763080 No I need supermarket meat for every meal of every day so I can become a disgusting fat monster
>>762969 >everything I don't like is a pretense for attacking the workers socialist: lets liberate the workers vegan: Noooooo workers must wait, animals first. Somehow there's always a reason why we can't liberate the workers... Somehow the worker cause has to be postponed. So yeah it's reactionary. We can go technologically forward and make synthetic meat, that doesn't have the downsides like animal cruelty, large waste streams, disease breading ground,.. of current meat production, but somehow that prospect isn't very interesting to vegans, i wonder why, maybe because if we solved the problem it stops being useful as a road-block you can put in front of worker liberation. Lets face it most of vegans are economic cannibals.
(1.49 MB 1080x1068 oohoohahah.png)
>>763109 That’s obviously not what they’re saying you strawmanning faggot, can you stop ruining every thread on this board?
>>763080 Bruh I was just plugging some theory
>>762955 >We can also do a marxist class analysis on veganism and conclude that it is a pretext for attacking worker interests. this
(519.45 KB 960x879 gray pill.png)
>>763092 Cope, christcuck
>>763105 I lost 60 pounds going keto and significantly increasing my meat consumption. It's carbs that make you fat, silly.
>>763080 the conclusion of the video is wrong. Consumers as passive elements in the system they do not make decisions about production. if you want to change production, you have to change production. No matter how much you keep yelling vote with you wallet, people will just react with their consumption habits to what is on offer.
>>763167 I did the same thing and lost 35 pounds, felt great as well. now I'm back to eating carbs because I don't have the money to eat well and I feel like shit
>>763109 Who ever said the workers have to wait, idiot. Veganism is (arguably) anti-capitalist because it disrupts one of the worst industries out there for its workers. >>763167 Obviously meat can be eaten in a healthy way, but it's a lot easier to be a fat carnist than a fat vegan.
>>763200 >it's a lot easier to be a fat carnist than a fat vegan. how lol, the only way to get enough calories on a vegan diet is to load up on a shit ton of carbs, fiber, and sugar.
>>763195 Just eat chicken
>>763092 wow what an epic meme, athiests eternally btfo
>>763206 Carbs and fiber aren't inherently bad for you either, dummkopf, it's literally calories in calories out. Keto is literally just the Atkins diet for non-soccer moms, the only reason it works is because it makes you think about your portion sizes and etc more.
>>763222 veganism is for spineless bleeding hearts anyway
>>763225 wow, make an argument anytime
She's cute and based.
>>763262 I guess she's right but who really thinks socialism is going to immediately abolish work?
>>763262 >This kills the dumpster diving post leftist
Veganism is idpol
>>763262 Everyone wants to the comfy white collar labour aristocrat "work". Nobody here will do farming or mining lol
>>763269 rather, meaningless busywork and production for exchange which sucks the soul out of you. there will be work under socialism, of course, but work that actually benefits those who do it
>>763262 Don't care; didn't ask. The era of the RATCHAD is upon us https://youtu.be/XGwTwTaFSrE
>>763237 I haven't seen a single vegan argument that isn't >a bloo bloo bloo muh poor animals or >a bloo bloo bloo muh questionable health statistics and let's not forget the environmentalist pearl clutching that pretty much amounts to virtue signalling
(182.00 KB 800x800 xexizy.jpg)
>>763269 >I guess she's right but who really thinks socialism is going to immediately abolish work?
>>763212 nah, i like moo moo meat and oink oink meat better
>>763308 >i haven't read a single socialist argument that isn't abloobloo poor workers, or ablobloo you're destroying the planet grow up kiddo, life isn't fair
>>763269 US "anarchists": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-left_anarchy For some odd reason, they even were given a (hidden) board on here, instead of actual IWA-inspired anarchists: >>>/dead/
>>763262 This is great!
>>763391 The reason /dead/ has their own board is because they were on the site before /leftypol/ was, and taking away their board was imperialist. Even if I don't see the point in it. t.mod
>>763262 Ok this is true, but it's vulgar anti-work to say we should just immediately not work any more. The actual point of anti-work is to not fetishize work and instead frame work as something we want to eventually get rid of, and be glad when automation "takes jobs away."
>>763416 Isn't that what leftism is anyway tho?
>>763427 Ideally yes, but because capitalism promotes retarded ideology about "the dignity of work" and so on, a lot of people come into the left with ideological baggage. They think the glorious socialist future is supposed to be a bunch of blue collar workers swinging hammers, which tends to either make them misguided comrades or it turns them off the movement entirely. This is the mentality that's criticized as "workerism."
>>762722 Caleb is still immensely christ cucked, you can hear it in most of his talks. He's desperate to fuse religion with marxism.
>>762722 This guy is hot on Vaush's heels for most illiterate pseud of all time. >This was the age of Charles Darwin. >People believed human beings were not special, just animals. Darwin's work was extremely controversial at the time because of how it clashed with contemporary ideology based in Christian theology. >Sigmund Freud was a contemporary of Marx Marx died in 1883 and Freud was born in 1856. Freud was just shy of 27 when Marx died. He didn't even being practicing until 1886. >Marx doesn't recognize the spiritual aspect of human, the ability to look beyond their economic interests for a greater good. So right here we have several implicit points that should immediately provoke a struggle session for Caleb. <he implies that capitalism is in people's economic interests <he implies that Marx was pessimist and didn't think people would overthrow capitalism (???????) <he doesn't know Marx's theory of alienation or the concept of Gattungswesen <he is apparently unaware of Marx's broader opposition to the general problem of capitalism reducing workers to mere cogs in the machine This guy is just straight up anti-communist and anti-marxist. He gets such basic things wrong and then celebrates China having "socialist billionaires."
>>763262 based content cringe video
>>763583 >he implies that Marx was pessimist and didn't think people would overthrow capitalism i thought this point was odd too, hegel and marx were criticized because their view of history was actually quite optimistic and always assumed that people, wholly, make rational decisions.
>>761170 just saw it. vaush btfo's him on several things like the protests spreading covid and tracey being an anti-BLM activist who's too cowardly to just say he is. But vaush is also a giant douche that has drank way too much idpol koolaid, and thinks anyone who hasn't is a "class reductionist". He plays a lot of semantic games with arguments that are ultimately just about word definitions and nothing else ("are trans-women women?")
If Caleb sucks so much, why don't you just do it better? 🤔 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TivR3z7fPTE
>>763737 >we're talking about >we're talking about >we're talking about >we're talking about >we're talking about ORGANIZE
>>763743 Do you organize?
>>763737 Why does he like talking about himself in the third person so much?
(177.36 KB 426x409 breathes_exploitatively.png)
>>763794 pathological narcissist like all lefttubers
>>763743 Radlibs can be useless organisers you know
(27.37 KB 380x720 46XUpPG-eecEBMPa.jpg)
https://twitter.com/JhonnoWayne/status/1291565621822418945 https://www.instagram.com/p/CCrbaARAPSC/ Mikhaila Peterson at Belgrade's "Money Club" nightclub before her father Jordan Peterson was confirmed to have the coronavirus. Serbia has an insanely schizophrenic government under Vucic where they abided China's recommendation and did a total lockdown with police on the streets for the first month or so, and then all of a sudden before their elections on June they completely removed all restrictions to this day, no mask requirements, pretending like coronavirus is just a flu.
>Mikhaila Peterson at Belgrade's "Money Club" nightclub before her father Jordan Peterson was confirmed to have the coronavirus. LMAO
>>763834 Upon inspection of those two links due to her differing outfits, it looks like she went to Serbian nightclubs at least twice while her dad was in a Serbian rehab.
>>763416 We must acknowledge that wage labor is forced labor and treat it as such. Like force office rats to take turns cleaning their office toilet instead of having some miserable guy only cleaning toilets and pretending he chose that outcome.
>>763456 It may be a retarded ideology, but it is an ideology out of the current conditions. Marxists should look to how people feel, and where capitalism is fracturing with their lived experience, where it doesn't meet their expectations, and meet them there. The advantage of socialism, or the movement to abolish capitalism, is that it is fluid and self-directed while capitalism is driven by large systemic forces. If the majority of workers feel, for instance, that they work all day and don't receive enough in return, then of course you say they deserve more. If they say they work all day and feel like society doesn't respect them for what they do, then you say they should be respected as the backbone of society. As socialism develops maybe it is that workers say they feel satisfied with the respect they get and their compensation, but now they feel they work too much. So you move to shorten the work day, and so on. It is all a development from the conditions. I couldn't claim to know if "normal" working class people feel like the workerist middle-class leftists from the developed countries. I think a lot of those millenials (myself probably included) get workerist ideology because they feel alienated, undermployed, they may also feel low skilled or like their service work "isn't real work" out of a mixture of guilt and confusion with how manipulating data or shifting papers in offices makes food and cars and housing and electronics constantly appear in their possession. But that is all a very real thing too, and it can be appealed to by having more "real work" available to them in the form of volunteer work. I remember when a natural disaster happened in my city, all the lefty orgs got together to help people fix up their houses for free. Most didn't know what they were doing, but they got help from more experienced contractors who were also volunteering and learned to do what was within their ability. People felt like they had really done something because they physically manifested that assistance before their very eyes, and they were fulfilled and felt like they had really "done the work" like their heroes in all the books about old labor struggles.
>>762555 No puede ser NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Delfin hasta el fin!! >>762657 According to "some" peruvian media, there was a conection between Huallaga (or was the Quispe Palomino remnants) and some Argentinian drug cartels that had some SP cadres. Kek, getting real enemies nearby you, unlike twitter fighters.
>>763456 vehement anti-workerism is whaat turns them off, not normal Marxists. anarchists think every single vulgarity and decadence is somehow a crime against capitalism when they’re just legitimizing it.
>>762657 I don't think he will defend Shining Path. They're more contentious than shit like the Cuban revolution. Kind of like how there is plenty of criticism for the FARC or IRA and whatnot, mostly because they were guerilla movements that transformed into very bloody organizations funded by crime. Easy for "principled leftists" to disavow them.
>>762657 Plus, SP is a lowhanging fruit. He is just going to say >Ohhh boiling babies, revolutionary praxis is cutting tongues But the real problem here in this land of highlands and inequalities is to win the ideological fight againt SP theory (done partly at pointing that the conditions they atributed to Peru at that time was the conditions of the 1950 or 60's not the 80's, making some scholars take the position that if the "conditions" would have mantainted, SP would have truly won).
>>763583 No Caleb is fine, he's got idealism with his Christian spiritualism thing but he isn't abusing it for apologetics. The Christians putting people on a pedestal above animals was very useful against slavery, because you couldn't say that people were the same as cattle, which for it's time was progressive, because it did put a wrench into slavery a little bit. From a materialist perspective obviously people are just biological robots, there's material reasons why you should not bully and degrade people, but those are all fairly technical. Christians get hung on up evolution because they don't understand concepts like group selection, the reason people aren't all sociopaths and psychopaths that see others as expendable tools for their interests is because evolutionary selection pressures that work on the level of groups selects against the survival of groups that have members with this trait, and given how few people actually have socio/psycho-pathic brains , it safe to assume that the selection pressure against this was/is very harsh. I'm assuming that this is what they are referring to with their distinction between people that have or don't have a "soul". It might be reasonable to try to find the material aspects behind the various religious spooks and then try slow-walk people to a materialist view. Where you start out pretending to be religious and over time replace appeals to religious morals with material explanations for the behavioural rules.
>>763906 He will not, he has critiziced them before (a nit bit) in his crimes of the argentine dictatorship. Plus, he is going full anti-stalin mode, so no. He will go full NGO.
>>762577 He has fallen down an abysmal rabbit hole really. What is the point of making a video that will undoubtedly tear down the SP? Who of any significance is trying to emulate the SP? This isn't even really helpful history, it is likely a part of his wider recent vendetta against tankies. I think leftist youtube, if it is going to be useful, needs to move more in the direction of encouraging people to stop consuming history and international events as a proxy for doing actual leftist work. It is a similar trap to the armchair, people argue about what everyone else is doing in the world or has done in the past and do nothing themselves. Many of these people probably know very little about their own cities. Much more time should be spent not reading books about this or that revolutions or world event to argue online with other leftists about, but researching and compiling novel information about your own locales to act on. Stuff that largely isn't in the books, stuff that the people who write the books have to go and research first hand themselves.
>>763910 >No Caleb is fine [TL;DR] I completely agree; I've also never heard of a single Caleb that was fine.
>>763940 And of course I'm not saying people shouldn't read theory or history, just that feuding over who knows the most about it is an immensely popular hobby for leftists online right now, and it is reinforcing a stupid culture of people wanting to jump into the fight. It should be shamed more, and it is being shamed by some. I noticed Hakim called out Empanada for refusing to engage civilly in DMs on these things and rather demanding public debates. Andray Domise has heavily criticized the youtube leftist sphere for being a bunch of "debate bros" who are only interested in monetizing their discussions with everyone (including supposed comrades) rather than trying to come to truth or useful action.
>>763940 That's what twitter does fellas, stay out of that hellhole.
https://nitter.net/Noahpinion/status/1293224384371421184?s=20 I don’t care what anyone says, the return of a Pol Pot like figure to kill these “scientific” “intellectuals” would be net gain on society.
I find it funny that Breadtube can only criticize Caleb from his right when anyone who has a basic understanding of Marxism can see the many holes in Caleb's political stance and analysis. It reminds me of the dynamic between the democrats and Trump's presidency, all they can do is criticizing him for not being enough of a neocon and warhawk.
>>763966 spot on analogy
>>763954 This neurallink stuff seems even more scammy than hyperloop.
Jason Unruhe also says he wants to become a Shia Muslim, maybe he just feels some kind of kinship with Iranians after collaborating with PressTV for so long. https://twitter.com/MaoistRebelNews/status/1264485155181408257
(11.06 KB 210x210 caleb-hue-hue.png)
>>763945 that was almost funny
>>763972 Yes, it's most likely a scam directed at big investors, especially now that they are gorged by all the FED and Congress' poomping money.
>>763966 That's a good observation, the always criticize him for his opinions on sexuality and gender and not on the fact that he is a very unorthodox leftist. He'd definitely be in the right wing of any communist party, but not because of his interviews with TERFs.
(35.74 KB 500x375 calebmaupingflag.jpeg)
>>763966 If they can only attacCaleb from the right then he's left than them, So he's a good influence
>>763954 God I hate this "next step in evolution" shit.
>>763984 Trump is in many ways to the left of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, doesn't mean he's the Hero of the Proletariat.
>>763990 lmao fuck off TERF
No idpol derailing. Thanks.
>>763990 I’m just using it to indicate what their criticism of him is, not to take a side or start a debate on trans people.
>>763992 What a rotten comparison, Caleb argues for socialism, Trump doesn't. Stop shitting on the guy, he's a net gain for out cause
>>763990 No, it stands for Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminist.
>>762760 I think this is a false analysis. Just check out this video by "The Serfs" where they don't attack Maupin for his stupid takes, no, they utilize out-of-context moments to lash out against anyone who is an anti-imperialist and debunks things like the whole Uyghur story or even the Ukrainian nationalist Holodomor narrative. I think there can be the utilitarian argument that there is a time and place to call out Maupin on some stupid shit just not now. Breadtube is currently lining up to push a full-frontal escalation with China.
>>764030 >Breadtube is currently lining up to push a full-frontal escalation with China. We should make Breadtube enlist in the U.S. military and fight the PLA on the front lines imo. I'd watch that on a livestream: https://youtu.be/5dSTmSNUTAc
>>764017 >voosh saying stupid shit as he argues for socialism is cringe and he hurts the cause >caleb saying stupid shit as he argues for socialism is no big deal and he's a net gain Hmmmm
>>764057 The difference is that Vaush is actively pushing anti-communist nonsense, Maupin isn't. In fact, he behaves incredibly comradely most of the time. That's the difference. If you think that every comrade of yours must have the 100% correct interpretation of Marxism you're in for disappointment.
>>763981 >>763990 >>763995 Caleb’s not a TERF, retards. at all.
>>764057 I'm under the impression Caleb hasn't been attacking these people except in response to their attacks on him. Vaush is the one who begins holy wars against "tankies" because they "support China" or whatever, which its notable that actively attacking China is also almost entirely irrelevant to leftist organizing in America. So Vaush spends time talking about why foreign countries are hellholes, and then spends time telling his audience that any leftist who says otherwise is taboo, which is all then considered "doing leftism" by his audience.
>>764029 I don't believe you, they used that word to cancel Cockshott's lecture on the laws of wages, which had nothing to do with any of this. Words take their meaning from how they are used. They use it as a cancel-word, and hence that's what it means, you know like "anti-semitic" now just means disagreeing with Israel's foreign policy.
>>764057 The main question is: How much stupid shit is someone saying to argue for socialism? Think about what Deng said: > I would be quite content if I myself could be rated fifty-fifty in merits and demerits. But one thing I can say for myself: I have had a clear conscience all my life. Please mark my words: I have made quite a few mistakes, and I have my own share of responsibility for some of the mistakes made by Comrade Mao Zedong. But it can be said that I made my mistake with good intentions. There is nobody who doesn’t make mistakes. We should not lay all past mistakes on Chairman Mao. So we must be very objective in assessing him. His contributions were primary, his mistakes secondary. We will inherit the many good things in Chairman Mao’s thinking while at the same time explaining clearly the mistakes he made.
>>755902 nah the latter part is called LARP, which stands for "Live Action Role Play" here I'll get you the wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_action_role-playing_game
(459.40 KB 601x757 mikhailpeterson.PNG)
>>763834 Who is the real dragon of chaos here?
Okay im actually convinced now that Mikhaila is on a misson to make life hell for her dad as much as possible
>>764121 Based slav kek.
>>764070 based
>>764121 holy based
>>764121 >he told me he had a demon in him named Igor Lmfaoooo
>>764121 >>764151 I think that was just the name for his dick, the demon thing was a figure of speech love
(31.29 KB 600x750 6f7.jpg)
>>764121 >demon in him named Igor This nigga in your head
>>764166 Even funnier if he was just telling her he wanted to fuck and she is like “he seems schizophrenic but that is fine I guess”
>>764112 don’t worry, they actually only ban people for being against white supremacy and sex workers.
>>764121 She really is sticking to her all meat diet
(14.54 KB 205x243 ew1.png)
>>762686 Tbh I do think he is a Fed, but not an American one. I know that to say "Russia is behind this" is a meme because all of the Clinton people, but cmon, this guy literally is claiming that Russia isn't imperialist and that Putin is a based market socialist and totally not an oligarch puppet.
>>764121 Last reflection on this is that this man, who champions comrade Stalin's victory in the Great Patriotic War, also fled the USSR with his family when it fell, which likely means he has grown up being told Gorbachev is a bastard. And now his wife is named after Gorbachev. Love works in mysterious ways.
>>764062 >actively pushing anti-communist nonsense religion is anti-communist nonsense, and Caleb pushes it
>>764227 Caleb also has no problem promoting and interacting with atheistic communists. I have no particular love for Caleb Maupin, but I think it is undeniable that Vaush is much more sectarian and caustic than the guy whose channel is mostly about building bridges with other countries and anti-imperialism.
>>764121 >Igor my. fucking. side.
Do you accept the challenge, anon?
>>764231 I don't disagree. I just want us to be principled communists and call out shit when we see it. That's all.
>>764239 I agree with that, and overall would prefer if people stopped promoting Caleb Maupin so much because he is much more flawed than some alternatives. The Grayzone guys have less baggage when it comes to geopolitics and anti-imperialism. There are also plenty of expats in China who make channels for western audiences that provide good information on China left out by MSM sources.
>>762686 >Shilling the “Caleb just hates Burgerstan” line t. Vaushite glowie
>>764233 why the fuck is he so condescending
>>764322 Utterly spooked, marriage is about property inheritance and labor force reproduction
If you are anti-maupin you are a liberal. Simple As.
>>764347 bwahaha, okay
>>764278 Narcissism.
(46.24 KB 591x156 Screenshot_20200811_224925.png)
>>764347 If you're a western leftist you're already a liberal.
>>764570 BASED


no cookies?