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(24.42 KB 736x713 youtube red.jpg)
/IG/ Internet General Anonymous Board volunteer 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:34:23 No. 731360
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. New 'actually moderated' flavour! Now with 100% less idpol guaranteed!
>>899130 >pizza >pedo triangle >star of david >lgbtqp That poster was obviously made by a /pol/yp, it's not even subtle lol.
>>900435 Not wrong tbh though I would advise her to tone down the religious stuff.
>>900454 She's totally wrong.
>>894460 He said yess Get your facts right
>>900468 White and black people probably were sacrificed or least screwed over to enforce the concept of whiteness over others.
>>900431 Great video
>>900288 Because all maybe they don't like the hardcore porn which exists Maybe they don't want to support the porn industry and would much rather pay the porn actress directly Don't be a fucking boomer and be confused that people have varied tastes in what they jerk off to
>>900514 This. 95% of modern porn freaking sucks. Remember GirlsDoPorn? That shit was the definition of assembly-line pornography, and erotica has been getting more and more like that as time goes on, even "amateur" porn isn't actually amateur anymore.
We need some leftist porn videos that teach theory while they're getting pounded
>>900527 people liked gdp because the girls there were "next-door" type, literally sometimes. pornstars are too out there for most.
>>900553 You mean Jack Angstreich videos?
>>900558 Okay, I'm not gonna speak for all GDP, but a lot of the vids, they just so obviously aren't into it, and the male actor is just going through the motions of BJ-mish-rev.cowgirl-doggy-moneyshot. I am not gonna shame people for liking individual gdp vids, but the average video was pretty bad
>ITT porn connoisseurs
>>900581 >/pol/.jpeg
Just gonna leave this here for the boys who haven't heard that Girlsdoporn was a sex trafficking scheme.
What is Youtube so right wing?
>>900622 >What is Youtube cancer >so right wing? what are you tyring to say
(209.65 KB 1080x864 BLACKED.jpg)
>>900581 BLACKED is not pornography. BLACKED is ART. Right from the intro, BLACKED understands that seduction and eroticism is not about about just mere carnal desire, it's about the poetry, the adventure, the journeys of these flaxen-haired women who experience their sexual awakening in the hands of these Aethiopian Kings. The plots of BLACK are superbly written, with an eye to the western canon, but also very much a respect for hewbrew classics and native african epics. The colour-balance, the lighting, hell even the MUSIC, underline beautiful black bodies of it's male performers, and make the nubile young starlets appear even more white, like prestine snow clashing against the virile, vibrant, fertile soil of the Nile river-delta. BLACKED isn't just porn. It's EROTICA! Honest to go thrilling, PROGRESSIVE erotica, liberating us from notings of right and wrong, enticing us with the thrill of breaking down barriers long establish in sour dull western culture. Like fine wine, this gets better with time, and like fine wine, the future with be blacker. God Bless these African Kings
>>900617 >>900620 Wait, holy shit, WHAT?! I was the guy who shat on GDP before, but I didn't know about this wtf
>>900617 The pro porn leftists get the bullet, of course
>>900632 Bruh it’s literally cuck fetish porn sold to white dudes, every video is just “White girl cheats on schlubby rich white husband with black chad” that’s it, the entire plot It’s sold to “certain” guys’ insecurity [spoiler]and also tbh a decent amount of black dudes’ ego too actually[/spoilers]
>>900641 I think it's a copypasta friend
>>900641 >[spoiler]and also tbh a decent amount of black dudes’ ego too actually[/spoilers] are you new?
>>900641 This is how to spoiler *this is how to spoiler* this is how to spoiler *this is how to spoiler*
>>900641 Check the help setting my man. Glad to have newfags around, so long as they behave and read the rules.
>>900654 Lmao no I just fucked up the spoilers
(84.21 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
You're getting the iMask, right?
>>900679 Reds is about idealist cretins going to the USSR and then betraying the revolution when the actual work begins, lmao. Suddenly when things get messy, there's work to do, then it's "not my revolution" anymore.
>>900679 Watched it recently. It's fucking garbage, it's a love story with a vague communist background. It was approved by the US government (this should already tell you all that you need to know) and paints the Soviets as useless bureaucrats. There's barely any labour movement in it to boot. >>900683 Thank god we got another member of the based department here to clear this up
This channel with almost a million subs starts making based content. https://youtu.be/vW-ImCVDsWk
>>900686 >It was approved by the US government How did you know that?
>>900724 I heard reagan said he liked it, not to mention it was a critical success as well. This paints a picture of how *actually* communist the film is
>>900721 Based
(86.80 KB 500x500 Eugene Puryear.jpg)
RDW presents his new book in PSL run radio: >In the second segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Dr. Richard Wolff, Economist and Professor at the New School University to discuss his new book “The Sickness Is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics Or Itself” and why a look at how the rest of the world are handling the coronavirus demonstrates the utter failure of our elites to address the public health crisis. https://sputniknews.com/radio_by_any_means/202009251080564223-biden-totally-out-of-step-with-movement-as-breonnas-killers-walk/
>>900735 Checks out: <Warren Beatty on his unlikely friendship with Ronald Reagan >After Reagan began his first term in the Oval Office in 1981, he and First Lady Nancy Reagan invited Beatty to screen his latest film in the White House movie theater. It was an honor, of course. But a slightly awkward one. After all, under Reagan, the Cold War with the Soviet Union (which he branded “the Evil Empire”) would heat up and nearly reach the boiling point. And the film that Beatty was about to show him was none other than Reds — a sweeping and sympathetic three-plus-hour epic about the American Communist movement in the 1910s. Reagan was hardly the ideal audience for it. >“During intermission, we walked outside and he said to me, ‘I really don’t understand how anyone could be president today without being an actor.’ He wasn’t joking. He was talking about the performance of it.” After the second half, which recreates Russia’s 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Reagan confessed to Beatty that he was kind of hoping that the movie might have a happier ending. Recalling this, Beatty laughs. “I was quite friendly with Ronald Reagan. I didn’t agree with him, but I liked him very much.” >Reds did turn out to have a happy ending, though. The film, which Beatty co-wrote, directed, produced, and starred in, was nominated for ten Oscars and won four, including Best Director for Beatty (it lost in the Best Picture race to Chariots of Fire). https://ew.com/article/2016/11/11/warren-beatty-ronald-reagan-friendship-reds/
>>900721 Yet another influential commentator making propaganda for that Nina Turner's party. I'm HIGHLY suspicious of that.
(375.78 KB 480x640 file.png)
Damn! I didn't know freudian marxism is like seeing through the matrix of reality. Read Marcuse - Eros and Civilization or watch this video like I just did: https://youtu.be/HUIMPMae6Yo
The great e-war against Vaush begins when?
>>900944 Hes right about the online LGBT community being cancerous as fuck
>>900833 >Watching videos instead of reading books Based retard
>>900951 Point me an online community that isn't cancerous as fuck
>>900944 As a LGBT Vaush is completely correct about the LGBT community being full of mental illness. The only problem here is where he says "less than human" or whatever, but the actual analysis part about building the social circle around shared mental illness is true. He's just too much of a piece of shit to understand that this is tragic rather than disgusting. A lot of LGBTs are so outside normal culture that it's hard to even imagine not being seen as "queer" and developing a sense of identity around how you're different (including being unwell) is a coping mechanism. Fuck Vaush but this is not the way.
>>900951 True, but he's still a fucking retard. >>900968 As an lgbt myself, I agree. The tragic part is crucial. It's symptomatic of an even more sick society that leads people to identify as queer to belong to something and have an identity, even when they aren't LGBT. Also the performative activism of LGBT communities is particularly high, like activism is choosing the right words and correcting others when they don't use them. The lib left is toxic, both IRL and online. This is a broader problem that particularly affects queer online spaces. But the solution isn't to dehumanize them. Instead we should criticise them and their tactics, because they are essentially oppressive. Vaush is just pissed because he got mixed up on some drama on the most toxic social platform on earth.
(318.30 KB 550x614 iwas11.png)
>>900967 leftypol
>>900993 >they were dead Isn't the guy still alive?
>>900992 even if that's the case, i still think this posters point is pertinent >>900967, that is, that most online spaces are cancerous because of their ostensible anonymity rather than their ideological positions. i think the only real argument is that LGBT online spaces are, for whatever reason, extra-cancerous, a claim that is uninteresting and self-serving
>>901015 I think this is accurate. I mean, Vaush's own channel and "community" is cancerous. Pathologizing your enemies is boring.
>>900992 truth I just want everyone to be ok with everyone else tbh. The point of being a rebel or queer or whatever should be to transcend the abolish the conditions that create the separation. >>901015 It's both. It's not just an LGBT problem either. A lot of subcultures wallow in self-pity and mental illness. Being an "outsider" is just one version of it. "Normal" people also have neuroses and insecurities just different ones, about potentially not being normal or what have you.
>>900944 He's not wrong, just right for the wrong reasons.
Zoomers will lead the revolution
>>901172 cringe
>>901172 >demisexual literally not a thing just like how being a "goth" or "emo" or what fucking ever wasn't a thing you've been had
>>900993 Remember this one too, bad feels. It still goes on daily of course, but they don't bother filming anymore. The father did survive, but the child did not.
(166.27 KB 1080x809 Mikaela-Happas-Feet-4619437.jpg)
(233.33 KB 875x405 1.png)
(239.52 KB 638x325 2.png)
>>901172 >several youtube vids over 1 million views >only less than 100k subscribers <ergo: daddy paid for ads >self-declared "model" <she's a 6/10 at best >movie star <only B & C-tier movie roles Honey, the only thing you are is mediocre and spoiled. also >i only fuck if i feel the emoshuns no shit, sherlock, you got a big brain too
I mean, in theory demisexuality is based. This is what we should strive for, treating others as real humans as opposed to objects of desire. But in this context it is of course, cringe
>>901172 Who is actually inventing all these sexual flavors?
kek /pol/ has a sticky right now because Ron Paul had a stroke in the middle of a livestream. https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/279184817 RIP happening guy
>>901234 All the happening started happening in his brain.
(350.16 KB 1321x953 1.png)
(112.80 KB 698x416 2.png)
>>901215 >risen to """FAME""" with her more than 80k subscribers >#59701 most popular >She is one of the popular actresses in the world of cinema. The only thing I'm interested in is her parents' net worth.
>>901234 the final happening
>>901219 in practice demisexuality, sapiosexuality, and all those similar things are just memes. The theoretical trait of attraction is relevant insofar as the physical attractiveness is at a sufficient threshold, no one is purely attracted to some trait other than how hot you are. So it's just naming a personality preference, completely pointless memery.
>>901234 Good bye, porky prince!
>>900944 I was going to say "why do all these fucking people sound the same?" then I realized it was Vaush.
(49.89 KB 1039x222 1601056345042.png)
well fuck
>>901255 You sure that is a stroke, most libertarians sound like that to me.
(53.89 KB 640x640 EVENT.jpg)
>>901172 But "emotional connection" to women is feeling tingly when they see a hot guy.
(44.10 KB 852x480 you have cancer.jpg)
>>901172 is this triggering to you anons
Trump is doing a BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT FORUM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxx6BH79TM4
(241.77 KB 344x305 Ron_Paul_yuh.png)
>>901269 >"...to this from free market economists. It has to be liquidated. We have to get rid of that. It's a burden. We ha beh wor ges...meh bah hah guh huh heh? ah yuh...Yuh! Yuh! Yuh, yuh"
(771.40 KB 1086x674 1.png)
>>901270 you, on left
where's the video of the ron paul thing?
(134.66 KB 500x397 hhhehehe-possum.png)
>>901255 That made more sense than all the things he said in his life combined.
>>901255 Damn, he was about to deliver a libetarian epiphany but then the chem trails got him.
I just wanted to post this here to show you the absolute delusions these people live in https://twitter.com/p8r1ot?s=21
>>901172 Unironically kill all Zoomers
>>901298 >Scroll down >It just keeps showing 1h 1h 1h That has to be a bot
>>901234 lol @ the civil war between the trump and ron paul fags in that thread. Looks like mods deleted a bunch of pro-trump posts shitting on ron paul.
>>901234 I scrolled down and saw a post saying "We want to be lolberts but the left will never leave us alone so we have to kill them and then we'll be lolberts again" absolute state of """"libertarians""""
>>901313 it's the NAP with a few extra steps, really
>>901313 That's always the excuse but the reality is that the "left" includes workers wanting higher wages as well so it's basically just a reason to establish bourgeois dictatorship while pretending you're being consistent ethically and morally.
>>901313 lolberts are the most dishonest pricks in united states, they are the modern day successors of antebellum slave owners who yelped about government tyranny and freedom.
>>901349 >successors of antebellum slave owners in more than one way https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Paul_newsletters#Controversial_content
Richard Wolff has a premiere airing on co-ops vs normal businesses. You can comment in the chat for playback later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOMFo1oDF4s
>>901477 that was short
Anyone get the feeling kyle kulinski is completely off with this election. He keeps citing the polls as hard evidence for some reason. I bet he does the same thing as last time where he says the dem will win and then pretends he said trump would win all along.
(1.82 MB peterson23648.webm)
>>901477 >stop undermining my judeo christian values >reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>901495 Is it even worth or even possible to worry about? The election is getting stolen and fucked with every which way so it's going to be impossible to disprove anyones theories about the polls or the voters. Everyone is going to claim that they were right before trump shut downs the poll and the court stops the count
>>901495 >I bet he does the same thing as last time where he says the dem will win and then pretends he said trump would win all along. damn, did he do that? how the fuck does this guy have an audience then?
Is there anything/anyone with a similar vibe to Matt Christman's rantings on Twitch? I really like those.
>>901502 I mean, really, last election almost every media outlet thought that Trump was a joke.
>>901172 >hapas LMAO
>>901520 most of them didn't pretend they said trump would win.
>>901532 it's hilarious seeing mentally ill liberals and mentally ill trumptards go at it
>>901532 hide comicsgate threads ignore comicsgate posts do not reply to comicsgate posters
>>901499 I hope so, it will make for good television.
>>901566 haha look at all those black face masks. how quickly we normalized it to match our mourning attire
(139.54 KB 330x236 1593489156495.png)
Hourly reminder that having fatasses and ugly characters in cartoons is to appeal to a similar string the tag of "ugly bastard" do which is to make self insertion more realistic since in-universe the characters seem to have lower standards
>>901577 makes no sense cause in-universe their fat ugly nature is remarked upon negatively. Its not like some women commercial about beauty at any size
>>901496 lol wtf is his problem?
>>901577 >>901587 why don't you watch some grown up films instead of watching cartoons all day? Casablanca, fargo, full metal jacket maybe?
>>901596 I was talking about hentai with a fat bastard
>>901600 oh yeah I assumed that was for the ugly fat fucks who like anime
>>901587 The fat ugly gets to put the D Real guro style rape is rare in 2d, most of the time the girl is drawn Cumming and whatnots >>901596 Because unlike you I am not a woman I don't need to enjoy something based around how highbrow something is and don't build my taste around a basedmeter Now go be a wOman in a circlejerk
>>901611 >fargo is elitist highbrow bro
>>901611 Grow up you fucking baby. You think watching stephen universe or episode 99999 of one piece makes you a man?
>>901590 Benzo's my dude
>>901618 >>901626 >o-oh no this person is not affected by the based-cringe measurement?! >b-better backpedal >"haha you just called Fargo highbrow"
(67.10 KB 912x1024 gigachad.jpg)
>>901637 >Yes I am cringe and a baby, how could you tell?
>>901496 He looks damn near euphoric watching that RC car.
I can't escape chapocels even on /mu/
>>901637 >"haha you just called Fargo highbrow" I'm still laughing at you actually, yes.
>>901646 le zoomer has arrived
(612.32 KB 3000x3000 the tea.jpg)
Fargo the TV series is better than the movie
>>901637 >completely irrational >his own personal esoteric humor >makes up weird phrases that he thinks are commonplace I love meeting one of you rare but fascinating weirdos you only get on anonymous sites.
>>901653 shut up fag
>>901655 You can't unspill the tea
(367.81 KB 3000x3000 bt.jpg)
>>901647 The first person I heard use the term chud was doug stanhope and then I started using it here. But then I guess the Chapo people started using it? I honestly feel like they ripped this off from somewhere.
>>901653 >the tea I h8 this twitter meme.
>>901647 that lady is fine
>>901667 I don't think it's a twitter meme it's just one of those retarded burger phrases.
>>901660 It's from the film about "cannibalistic human underground dwellers" thus the term
>>901647 I wish my gf would do her hair like that.
>>901672 Yeah, I know. But I think the chapo guys probably ripped it off from Doug as a general insult.
>>901670 >fargo mentioned in a list of movies >braindead zoomer googles fargo >still doesn't understand that anon was referring to the 90s movie yep it's a zoomer alright. was your brain melted by having an ipad from the age of 2?
(905.93 KB Based and Cringe.mp4)
>le zoomer >boomer >arguing over who recognizes a TV show STOP
>>901697 > STILL doesn't realise anon meant the 90s movie
>>901706 >everybody who enters the thread should follow this inane conversation about who recognizes pop culture STOP
>>901653 even season 3?
>>901648 >>901654 Not an argument
>>901742 <English translation Born in the 90s (yeah) after that (you know) We both won't give up till we die As this song will never die My first impressions of him, is from politics class Studied his ideas, but just to pass the exams Planned to just barely pass, no point in reading But later turned the pages found it not so annoying Life is always full of surprises One day I see his excellence/power Look at my ideals/faith and don't ask why Don't read magazine, I read Marx I was born in the 1990s I am your Bruno Mars But you are my Venus My dear Marx The ruler/regime talks about utopia but don't know how to spell freedom You stand up and say the proletariat's strength will over come evil Not for power not for money But for our ideals we press forward with indomitable will (Forward Forward) Cause we both won't give up till we die Like a lone boat travelling in between mountains Battle for the truth Like him hate evil Like him disdain trickery Marx is born in the 90s We both won't give up till we die As this song will never die Sacrificing yourself for others will never be easy There will always be people that thinks it's inconceivable The inconceivable, will never be easy But the world is ready Marx is no longer plan B (Be mine) decide to be his brother Even though there is already at least 1.4 billion (You are gonna listen to me) Communism is sweet like honey I was born in the 1990s I am your Bruno Mars But you are my Venus My dear Marx The ruler/regime talks about utopia but don't know how to spell freedom You stand up and say the proletariat's strength will over come evil Not for power not for money But for our ideals we press forward with indomitable will (Forward Forward) Cause we both won't give up till we die Cause we both won't give up till we die And this song will never die Like a lone boat travelling in between mountains Battle for the truth Like him hate evil Like him disdain trickery Like a lone boat travelling in between mountains Battle for the truth Like him hate evil Like him disdain trickery Marx is born in the 90s
Holy kek I found an animated short about Marxism made in 1983 https://youtu.be/zZuE419UB3g
>>901821 actually based and saved
>>901277 what's with the purple? even the signage looks purple.
>>901940 Maybe they are tweaking the colors to make them look VERY black lol
Is Thoughtslime's niche being the weakest possible youtuber? Is fragility his unique selling point? A weak, weak person.
>>901951 Does seem that way, doubt he'd get as much shit from here if he just wasn't a bitch.
>>901506 just become an alcoholic yourself
>>901255 Does the other guy also have a stroke or is that just Libertarian Resting Face?
(1.50 MB 600x450 pork.gif)
fukken broken site
What if Ron Paul was just making a Banjoo Kazooie reference on Live TV and evil anti-gamer statists are pushing a fake stroke narrative to "cure" him in hospital?
new Jason video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVQciMdZBzY destiny is a fascist
(10.46 KB 259x194 sad possum.jpg)
>>902074 ok...but... wtf is that jacket?
>>901821 Here's a 3hour french anime from the 70s https://youtu.be/DLVhw0vNM5s
(708.72 KB 708x656 ah5k6t.png)
>>902087 >wtf is that jacket? HOLY BASED
>>902114 Jason looks so big in this pic he looks like a Garrison rendition of Trump
>>902074 Based Only thing I will comment on is that I would be more than ok with the Gender Critical types being removed from the internet in addition to degens like Crowder, Vaush and Destiny
>>902176 I feel like gender criticals are now like the anti-woke, outnumbering the group that originally made them butthurt and taking the mantle of most annoying.
>>902087 it's the "I don't want a gf" jacket
>>902239 Based. He's married to the revolution.
>>902176 Anybody who doesn't buy into mind-body duality (e.g. any Marxist) is GC.
>>902268 >the only way things can be separate is if they are made of different essences my toilet and sink are different parts of my bathroom as my genitals and brain are different parts of me for some people the parts don't match the way they're supposed to where is the dualism
*abolishes the commodity form with market socialism* heh nothin personnel tankie
>>902259 u changed my mind based
>>902289 What doesn't match is behavior and social expectations of one's sex. The social pressure is to match optical stereotype with the behavioral stereotype, one way or another. Which is why Iran does this surgery. Radlibs explain giving in to the social pressure as an authentic outpouring of your pre-social-interactions-existing soul. In the world outside of anglo/burger social media, there isn't a progressive-reactionary split between which of the two ways of matching is pushed for. Pushing for matching either way is the reactionary side.
Imagine being so salty about a person, that you take the effort to search and dig out age old tweets https://twitter.com/RadEmpanada/status/1308531301826408453
>>902339 Pic related.
>>902339 >What doesn't match is behavior and social expectations of one's sex. Gender identity and gender role are separate concepts. >Which is why Iran does this surgery. No they do it because it's a loophole to get out of executing gays which they find comparatively distasteful. >Radlibs explain giving in to the social pressure as an authentic outpouring of your pre-social-interactions-existing soul. You don't need a soul to describe the workings of the mind. If you think this is the case you're even more of an idealist than dualists because you think that the brain is some kind of blank slate. >In the world outside of anglo/burger social media, there isn't a progressive-reactionary split between which of the two ways of matching is pushed for. Pushing for matching either way is the reactionary side. This is how I know you just aren't familiar with the subject. Most trans people don't get surgery to match. Some do for various reasons but what matters to them is not the matching but that people identify them by their brain rather than their genitals. Much like in Iran, transition in the west serves a partly social function, but it's not to make the body comport with the mind. It's to make other people treat you like the person you say you are.
>>902352 WHITE WOMEN: NO!
>>902352 >"gender criticals" just want to let people be how they are rich that you post this after basically calling trans people delusional for how they are >identifying sex by who wears a dress unironic yikes tbhfam
Hot take, the Gender Critical types on the left should be put under mandatory Maoist style struggle sessions
>>902375 just say you want them raped
(505.10 KB 1458x797 533.png)
stupidpol sëëthing about zoomer leftists calling out succdemery
(9.98 KB 480x360 Goggles.jpg)
>>902382 No, no I don't, I want them put under Maoist style struggle sessions
>>902382 You'd like that wouldn't you
>>902404 Who fucking cares about France
>>902382 >my critics actually just want to fuck me and I thought the TERF stuff was warped
>>902389 To be fair it doesn’t seem to garner a lot of attention within the sub but yea the comments are fucking retarded.
>>902414 >>902389 Not to defend suptidpol but subreddits like imageboards are heterogeneous. Absolute shit gets posted there a lot but there's usually one reasonable response. They don't moderate it enough to get rid of really bad shit or to dress down the liberals posting it. They let themselves get swamped by libtards without educating them or filtering out shitlibs and reactionaries.
can someone please post the glowie federal agent meme
>>902414 the anti-stupidpol poster(s) is known to take posts out of its context just to justify his own idpol shit in his mind. it doesn't matter that nobody cares about a given post in that sub, what matters is that his beliefs are now justified
>>902470 To be fair it's probably not inentional. Stupidpol itself has this problem. When I've checked the page I've seen a lot of tweets by total randos. They may have put a rule requiring relevance or something. Similar mindset, so probably some ex-stupidpoler who now disavows stupidpol and wants to atone.
>>890596 Lmao I watched that one live.
>>890596 Lmao I watched that one live.
>>902553 >>902554 >>902037 >>902043 >>902051 fucking site is collapsing
>>902470 >>902427 I got banned by a succdem mod there just fyi. Succdems are a huge part of the sub because the mods can't or won't do shit.
>>900558 >>900571 I think that website gdp had a bunch of illegal or revenge porn or something later and they had to delete all of it
>>902669 >i got banned from an anti-idpol because I was TRUE COMMUNIST very hard to believe, lmao
Does anyone have a link to that one very well produced Russian video explaining Marxism in like 20 minutes using 3D animation? I know that sounds super fucking vague, but I don't have anything else to go on. It went over the basics the basics of class conflict, depicted the capitalists as Mr.Moneybag shielded by a platoon of cops and went over the USSR around the end. I really liked the video, it wasn't your typical meandering breadtube shit. I think someone from /IG/ tried to contact the author.
>>901958 >>901951 i think he has a good schtick tbh, with his vulnerability he comes across as just some normal guy and then you get hit with the hate against landlords and capitalists and if you're not a marxist it makes an impact
>>902769 They do have some mods that will ban people for hurting their feelings on whatever niche topic. I got banned for saying Israel should be nuked lmao
>>902769 Oh wait you're some butthurt faggot from there calling everyone idpolers lmao
>>902792 You might want to ask in the Russian thread and the QTDDTOT thread. Fwiw I remember what you're talking about, but I don't know the name.
(sixth try to upload a fuggen .gif)
(sixth try to upload a fuggen .gif)
>>902769 Bitch the mod’s tag literally said “Social Democrat”. Fuck you.
>>902906(me) And that was when I told him that imma have to rethink my opinion on gulags when he said we don’t need to be completely dependent on the Marxist conception and description of class.
>>902375 Only if the struggle session is against TRAs and emotional grifters/guilt mongers can’t intervene on behalf of the TRAs
>>902289 >The essence of anti-materialism.jpg
Just went on /pol/ and they're i agreeing so fucking hard about Trump's $500 billion "plan" for black communities. Well, at least half of them. The other half is just people spamming "still voting trump" at Nazi flags posting Zion Don memes. Always good to see that infighting isn't exclusive to the left
>>902355 >Gender identity and gender role are separate concepts Honest and good faith question: how does that even work? What does the identity consist of if it is not related to a physical trait, or a socially gendered behavior? When someone reasons, I prefer all these female gendered behaviors (gender roles) so therefore I identify more with being woman, that makes sense to me. Or, some parts of my sexed physicality cause me distress, so therefore I identify with the other sex, that is logically conceivable (I suppose this would be lot less obvious if say we had a dozen sexes, cause then discomfort with the one does not lead you directly to another). Is there a third thing that I am missing here?
>>902930 They are cucks, they will always come for more and Donnie will deliver the bullseed.
>>902828 >with his vulnerability he comes across as just some normal guy He comes across as a little child quivering who makes half-jokes and has such little grasp on the topics outside of his own emotional response to them. Awful takes on literature aside, he's a booklet.
(1.78 MB 1024x1140 CC Red Alert.png)
>>902114 I think I just figured this guy out. He got Red Pilled from playing Command and Conquer Red Alert. >>902239 >it's the "I don't want a gf" jacket He's got a type that he's looking to attract.
>>902895 Bro...
>>902828 That doesn't make sense. Normies might be flabby and weak themselves, but that does not mean they react well to vulnerability. To the contrary - it's why politically bullies do better than wimps, and so on.
>>903119 yea, that's not how many zoomers are like
>>903128 Am zoomer Never met anyone that liked utter weakness Thotslime seems like the kinda nigga that would cry if you punch him Nobody respects that
>>903131 i actually know metrosexual zoomers who are like that, but they're all uni students so
>>903103 ngl, that rifle she's carrying looks plasticy as fuck Still annoyed that she only had a what, 5 seconds worth of screen time in the games cut-scenes, she's the fucking soviet commando, she could've had moments like the actress that played Tanya for fucks sake
I see Sev_k has changed his avatar again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcoVBBMB0nE
>>902470 Yeah it's more succdemy than here and more likely to believe BS about China, but r/stupidpol is the closest thing on reddit to leftypol. Back in June there was a guy (same one?) claiming in the US riot thread here that all of that subreddit was against any protests about police violence when they literally had a pinned thread on the first page titled "Go to a Protest".
>>903340 Have you read any of the threads about the riots since then? The overall consensus is that the riots are bad. There have been hundreds of posts about it.
>>903340 That was before they got whipped up in a moral outrage over statues being torn down, now for some bizarre reason they think dems and neoliberals are the ones rooting for riots. They hold the same position as Joe Biden, instead of "listen jack, stop being violent so we can get rid of the cheeto", it's "stop rioting you petty bourgeois people of college radlib chapo democrat LARPer, you're harming my workerist socdem sensibilities and betraying your proletarian comrades in the police unions"
>>902836 >advocate woke genocide of le kikes <WTF IM BANNED its reddit what did you expect reddit gold?
(15.86 KB 531x531 dark n edgy.jpg)
>>903119 >Normies might be flabby and weak themselves, but that does not mean they react well to vulnerability. *blocks your path*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3NtIiBjPsE&t=1132s >873,095 views >overwhelming like to dislike ratio Holy fuck. Are Russians secretly based?
>>903390 A brief glance at the sub is enough to see that they hate Biden. What do you get from posting this nonsense? You think you are clever? By the way, you tripped over the word filter.
>>903504 who gives a fuck if they hate biden? /pol/fags hate biden. wanna know what else they do hate >pro-assad leftists >the protests >le eternal tankies per their poll, over 70% of the sub self identifies as socdem. you think that's the closest thing to leftypol on reddit? you're just being dishonest.
>>903404 He is a massive pussy. All the guys I know who like him think hes the toughest fucker ever tho
>>903524 >per their poll, over 70% of the sub self identifies as socdem This was already debunked, lol. What do you get out of repeating the same lies again and again? Are you obsessed or something?
>>903524 >They hold the same position as Joe Biden <brief glance at the sub is enough to see that they hate Biden >who gives a fuck if they hate biden? Sorry to inform you, but people here have longer attention spans than on Twitter, so your rhetorical strategy of pretending you didn't say what you said five minutes ago doesn't work.
This single reddit sub dedicated to critiquing radlib identity politics? I hate it and make up lies about it obsessively! t. totally not mentally ill radlib
>>903535 >This was already debunked, lol. imagine tryinng this fucking hard to gaslight for a reactionary shithole like stupidpol, yikes https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5mMNOX98RXZdfVzhW_NnkccsOZvGtmVDHmnjOZFQTsLbnlA/viewanalytics >What is your ideology? Choose all that apply >Democratic-Socialist 41.3% >Social-Democrat 20.2% My bad, It's only 60%! of the sub.
>>903551 >multiple choice lmao You realize that burgers LARP as if "democratic socialist" was a thing, right? If you asked one he'd tell you that it's not socdem. So we back to >20.2% identifying as socdem IN A MULTIPLE CHOICE questionnaire and you initially said lied that they constituted 70% of the sub. You are mentally ill, lol.
>>903551 Democratic Socialism in not SocDem, and will likely be the umbrella under which Socialism will be able to develop in America, just as Social Democracy was in Russia.
b-but they shit on my radlibbery constantly!!! ;_; they are evil nazi socdems ;_; the alternative would be that there's something wrong with me and that can not be the case, naturally ;_;
>>903566 >You realize that burgers LARP as if "democratic socialist" was a thing, right? If you asked one he'd tell you that it's not socdem. please enlighten us, what would a burger bernie voter who identifies as demsoc call themselves if that option wasn't available faggot?
>>903189 RA3 Tanya didn't have much attention though.
>>903541 You can hold the same opinions towards stuff as someone and still hate them. Narcissism of small differences and all that.
>>903597 >please enlighten us Allow me to enlighten you and your headmates. They would call themselves socialists or progressives.
(223.06 KB 534x587 827832.png)
this is what desperately trying to please a certain base of people to maximise your patreon bux looks like. it's actually quite sad.
>>903655 calling soldiers dumb bastards is kind of cool but he's not doing it intentionally
>>903651 but surely they'd only be lying to themselves.. SURELY you don't believe that bernie voters are socialists?
>>903655 Check the burger thread. Half of the replies here were pretty much word for word what he said. Fucking liberal brain rot. It's pervasive. >Ooohh Biden called the troops stupid bastards in an endearing way, so cool! >Oh no! Trump called Troops dumb, according to hearsay, for signing up to be sacrificed for corporate conglomerate Moloch! So crass! So unpresidential!
>>903662 I think anon meant kyle always apologizing for biden
>>903655 he got vaush'd.
Feminism isn't needed in the west. Women are treated quite well.
>>903681 Your privilege. Check it.
>>903681 >feminism isn't needed in the West æpin
>>903686 >>903687 back to twitter.
>>903702 back to maupin.com
>>903681 >Feminism isn't needed in the west. Feminism isn't needed anywhere, but egalitarianism is needed everywhere. Feminism is not very popular where westernoid bourgeois activists try to spread it. The people of a culture need to liberate themselves from their particular discriminatory ideologies instead of relying on white saviors. >Women are treated quite well. Women do have some real issues in the west, as do men, intersex people, trans people, etc, but feminism is too limited in scope and understanding of the problem of gender roles to meaningfully address these. It was limited to the interests of bourgeois women at its inception and has been sloppily expanded to address the problems of more (but not all) women, but ideologically it isn't radical enough to understand gender roles much less abolish them. On top of that feminism has been pretty fully recuperated into the non-profit industrial complex that exists to create bullshit jobs for bureaucrats and marketers to insist to people how bad sexism is and how important it is to line rich people's pockets in the name of fighting it (somehow). In the west too we need to move beyond feminism.
>>903488 I'm not sure as I can't read or speak Russian, what's the tl;dr of the video?
>>903706 Caleb Maupin is a Marxist, anti-racist, and feminist. He opposes all forms of oppression, but he's also a Christian and a patriotic American. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=surq0zZvlFc&t=2m55s
>>903710 >Feminism isn't needed anywhere Feminism IS needed everywhere. There is a tangible social difference in the behaviours between men and women, and these differences are relevant and worthy of being studied. The ways these differences are studied is through feminist theory.
(33.07 KB 403x490 687687687.jpg)
>>903718 Caleb Maupin is a widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst. He has traveled extensively in the Middle East and in Latin America. He was involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement from its early planning stages, and has been involved many struggles for social justice. He is an outspoken advocate of international friendship and cooperation, as well as 21st Century Socialism. He doesn’t shy away from the word “Communism” when explaining his political views, and advocates that the USA move toward some form of “socialism with American characteristics” rooted in the democratic and egalitarian traditions often found in American history. He argues that the present crisis can only be abetted with an “American Rebirth” in which the radicalism and community-centered values of the country are re-established and strengthened.
>>903718 >>903726 kek oh no what did I do
>>903712 It has English subs. It's basically explaining Marxist concepts of class struggle with some Soviet nostalgia thrown in. 10/10 communist propaganda.
>>903726 >>903729 "مستوحى من ماركس ولينين بقدر ما استوحى من ديبس وفريدريك دوغلاس ، طرح كاليب موبين نوعًا أمريكيًا فريدًا من الاشتراكية بذوق استفزازي. حتى لو كنت لا تتفق مع رؤيته ، فإن خيال موبين السياسي والجرأة تتطلب الانتباه"."كاليب موبين هو ذلك الصوت ، ذلالأستاذ ، الحكيم الذي كنت تعرف أنه موجود ولكن لم يحالفه الحظ في مقابلته."
>>903718 >If you are one of the many people getting interested in socialism and world politics these days, you have probably heard of Caleb Maupin. What the ever loving fuck? Who is this absolute, egomaniac lunatic?
>>903745 Who is Caleb Maupin? Caleb Maupin is that voice, that professor, that sage you knew existed but never were lucky enough to meet
>>903745 The meme e-celeb that's getting /IG/ to wean itself off vaushposting. He's been a contributor to RT and written some books but he's a nobody. His whole shtick is making socialism palatable to burgers, specifically the "respectable" kind i.e. bourgeois. He's an ardent China stan, defending Jack Ma as a socialist hero and arguing for a need to wed socialism and spirituality in the US.
Why does Phil Greaves believe in Q?
>>903745 >>903752 Here's Caleb's tweets about Jack Ma https://twitter.com/search?q=jack%20ma%20from%3A%40calebmaupin&src=typed_query >Comrade Jack Ma, longtime member of the #Communist Party of #China is full of tech optimism & belief in historical progress. Listen to him, not the voices of pessimism and despair. https://twitter.com/calebmaupin/status/1076955956251160577
>>903597 Even fucking PSL said that they wouldn't run candidates if Bernie won the primaries and they are open communists.
>>903681 >Women are treated quite well. BIG if true Men needed feminism to equalize the playing field tbh
>>903741 Since that time, Caleb's writing has been translated into a number of languages. He's been featured and quoted on China.org, Forbes, The Nation, Democracy Now, and many other outlets. He works as a reporter for the international television network RT, and his work is viewed by millions every day. >>903780 Despite being a weak succdem, Sanders winning would be good enough for the left (such as it is right now in the US) that this is a smart move.
(930.73 KB DtpmeeqpoORnuuhM.mp4)
(1.85 MB videoplayback.mp4)
America is a fucking joke.
>>903757 because everything you believe and watch is retarded >>903780 >PSL literally who
>>903780 >PSL scam org full of glowies and radlibs
>>903686 thanks for the gold, dear stranger EDIT: wow, I didn't expect this post to blow up, thanks again
>>903788 you stupid what? boxers?
>>903706 that redirects to a Hawaiian weather report site from the 90's
(29.06 KB 482x800 i gib id fibe ouda fibe.gif)
>>903783 >Men needed feminism Feminists say this and then do the opposite of help. If feminism was actually egalitarian or even just fulfilled its promises for women specifically it would be good. But it's mostly meme bullshit that sows division and convinces college students that gender politics is us vs them in the same way that class politics actually is, when it's a cultural divide that alienates people from each other and can only be overcome through unity. >>903788 Clapping is obligatory. >>903797 bastards slurring his speech pretty bad back in 2016
>>903719 Then how come Marx, Engels, and Lenin were able to offer more insight about the female condition from a materialist perspective than the entire (insert number)-wave Western feminists combined?
Feminism would be tolerable if the "all men are potential rapists" thing never became big. Men are horndogs, but most would never rape a woman. The problem is that every time a rape occurs it gets heavily publicized by the media.
the best out there
>>903818 >Feminists say this and then do the opposite of help I guess it is time for men to do the job of women for a change :^).
>>903827 you need to get off twitter if you think a lot of women think that "all men are potential rapists".
(59.73 KB 261x217 1.png)
>>903827 >Men are horndogs So are women. What makes males extra special?
>>903790 >>PSL >literally who you know, these insignificant guys who can hold a rally for 300,000 people and advocate for a revolution? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1Iqr6ReUzo
>>903795 t. idiot
>>903575 Who is a Democratic socialist? Seriously, are there books I can read about it that differentiate from socdems?
>>903849 Ok but its true
>>903860 >proof: my ass
>>903860 It's most likely true that almost every socialist organization is heavily monitored by the feds and maybe even infiltrated but that doesn't mean they're incapable of doing anything meaningful
>>903842 It's counter-intuitive but a big chunk of feminism is very male-centric if you pay attention to the ideology. >Men are horndogs because they have agency/subjectivity while women do not. >Traditionally male things are good and important but traditionally female things are shameful and oppressive. The problem isn't that the activities are compulsive, but the activities themselves. >Women are STRONG and LEADERS and other "male traits" because only male traits are valuable. >Wage work is empowering because men do it and men are powerful, so becoming a wage cuck is good for women. This is what I mean when I say it's not radical. They don't question the dichotomy, the prescriptiveness, or the value system. Sometimes they're more misogynistic than traditionalism (which I do not support to be clear), which does put value on things associated with women. This kind of feminism may be overtly "man-hating" by railing against men and patriarchy (which is also centering men lol), but if you examine what they're actually saying it's not good for women either.
>>903860 Seems you still don't know what leftypol is. You are preaching about feds and shills to other glowies and shills.
>>903884 Yeah, wherever two socialists gather the feds are probably listening (or trying to) so hand-wringing about there being feds is stupid. The problem is if they saturate the org or worm their way into the leadership.
>>903854 Sri Lanka is the only actually existing democratic socialist country
give me some fun videos to watch, i'm bored.
>>903884 Yes we are in every single org so there is no point in joining, stay home and watch Vaush
>>903488 This is probably the most based communist video on Internet as of now
>>903686 Kys radlib >>903795 t.Glowie >>903860 Every org has feds, even the fucking Bolsheviks had, but there's a difference between being infiltrated and being an honeypot
>>903488 Holy shit, anglo breadtube is nothing compared to this. God damn this is based.
>>903488 Lethally based.
(617.25 KB 456x763 ggthigh.png)
is there a name for this, me like
>>903854 Marx and Lenin, arguably. It just means that you're a socialist, that also believes in multi-party representative government, a position fully compatible with socialism, if a little sub-optimal. It's not SocDem tho.
>>903822 Ummmm... Because Marx, Engels and Lenin were feminists are contributed meaningfully to feminist theory?
>>904068 >Marx and Lenin >multi-party representative government kek
>>904035 adipose tissue
>>903843 >you know, these insignificant guys who can hold a rally for 300,000 people and advocate for a revolution? They didn't "hold a rally for 300,000 people" they were just speakers at a rally that already had 300,000 people
(42.41 KB 587x293 bluestatecunt.png)
The libs are at it again
Lol I came in here to post that stupidpol thread about socdems. It got a lot more replies since it was first linked here
>>904226 Sounds good actually
(85.31 KB 623x983 uemjkc1r8bs11.jpg)
>>904035 I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm sure the Japanese have a name for it, but I've never seen it.
>>904226 Why do they do this? Just screech about civil war like the rightoids do, don't cuck out with secession memes that will probably result in disaster either way.
>>904695 Thighs don't look like that IRL lmao
>>904704 yeah, it's anime silly
>>904035 >>904695 skin indentation
(80.94 KB 681x383 joe-rogan-hosue-austin.jpg)
>Joe Rogan Snags $14.4 Million Lake Austin Mansion https://www.dirt.com/entertainers/performers/joe-rogan-house-austin-1203341096/ >Rogan’s new country home measures in at a Texas-sixed 10,890 square feet with eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The property is located on a particularly desirable spot along Lake Austin, in a quiet neighborhood far from the hubbub of the city’s center, but not too far from downtown to be an inconvenient drive. Some of the neighboring homes are owned by the likes of haircare billionaire John Paul DeJoria and Sandra Bullock. This is what all e-celebs like Vaush, Kyle Kulinski, Destiny, Jimmy Dore et al. aspire to have.
>>904749 Mansions are retarded. That many rooms is just alienating.
(100.38 KB 1200x801 0_2rZXodrBp1c5o1i-.jpg)
LMAO HOW ON EARTH IS THIS REAL!? I can't get over the fact that he lives in a literal Culdesac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2eDLongJs4
(30.97 KB 569x599 1548989594944.jpg)
>>904785 Yeah, I always wonder what bourgeousie do in them. Do they have constant guests over? I guess some of them but really majority of it must be just constant empty space. The worse thing is when they have servants who also sleep in that mansion and do all the cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc for you.
(60.77 KB 482x427 1495064642927.jpg)
I'm arguing on /pol/ again, it's all so tiring...
>>903488 If only breadtube was 1/10th as good as this, if only...
>>904820 It's just a dick waving contest for them. Same reason they keep hoarding more money that they don't need.
>>904800 honestly? based
>>904834 we need to stop
>>904800 Hahaha bro what the fuck. What a character. He even went on Dr. Phil. What a fucking world. Great find.
>>904800 Badmouse mentioned seeing this once but didn't say who it was and it has been bothering me ever since until now
>>904800 lol this is great, howd you find it??
>>904834 The day I blocked 4chan from my browser was the best day of my life.
https://youtu.be/WXUiVLBifpk >Tfw the alternate/speculative history youtuber pushes crypto fascist propaganda by saying if Ethiopia and Egypt fight a water war the Europeans need to exterminate Egyptian refugees or be destroyed Why are they all like this?
>>904938 Alt-hist youtubers are not just crypto-fash, they ARE fash, especially that faggot Monsieur Z. They are only remotely tolerable because alternate history itself is a pretty entertaining subject, but they are all pretty much irrelevant. Only remotely good alt-hist channel is AHH.
>>904950 >Communism kept nations poor and kept population growth down Lmao Do alt history youtubers get all their facts from reddit comments?
>>903488 It makes sense why Russians would like Stalin, even my conservatard Trump supporting grandparents on my biological dad's side like FDR for instance.
>>904035 Is that Bailey Jay?
>>904923 The friend that sent it to me says he got it from discord. Seems like this was already known for while, but somehow nobody ever mentioned it here
>>903945 >This is probably the most based communist video on Internet as of now Just wait till you see their video on Stalin: https://youtu.be/7GZBYgMlPcI These Russian mofos are on the next fucking level of based.
(561.76 KB 960x626 MUvEDEb.png)
>>904800 >We don't need fun-control, we need cracker-control lmao
>>904800 Even aside from the total disconnect from his maoist stuff, what is this shit? These people live in mansions and just need some drama in their boring lives?
>>905002 That's not true. It was widely enthused about ITT some months ago, but at the time there were no English subtitles and so we were just collectively admiring the visuals of it all.
>>905031 to be fair, they're not real mansions. It's just a fake plywood and plaster 'mcmansion' that'll breakdown in 50 years
(93.49 KB 620x455 facebook post.JPG)
(24.35 KB 480x360 brother hao.jpg)
>>904800 BASED
>>904800 Are the video and the twitter screenshot connected? Seems like a completely different account
>>905051 Black Read Guard is the guy in the video, he has the same voice and everything.
(37.80 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
Ron Placone interviews communist candidate Christopher Helali https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHHyQq2B7l0
>>905195 Never heard of that guy before, he has a nice beard and smile.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zTTBtR3wBM what even is his point here?
>>905491 This is mostly a response to people in the comments calling out his last shitty libtard video
>>905491 weird how all these breadtubers are just grifters.
>>905501 You mean as in outing themselves as liberals by going out of their way to attack socialists that transcend academia and activism?
>>904972 This could actually be used as educational starting point for newfags disillusioned /pol/acks.
>>905501 I wouldn't even take it as that bad if he wasn't trolling in the comments and on reddit. Plenty of people still have the 'communism only existed from 1917 to 1918' brainworm. I just don't get this whole never work with ML they are the red fash thing. I don't remember online anarchists being like this until recently.
>>905560 Finbol had recently an interview with this guy :D
>>905560 He even was mentioned in this unclassified gov document: https://www.voltairenet.org/IMG/pdf/471292844-The-Syrian-Conflict-and-Its-Nexus-to-U-S-based-Antifascist-Movements-3.pdf He certainly is a suspicious person...
>>905011 i just watched this. Holy mother of god. imo we should ask them if we can have the vid and music and make an english version of their stuff
>>905558 This is the Bernie shill crowd Bernie is a worthy compromise, the Soviets are a step too far Except the twist is that the Soviets are secretly fascists and Bernie is secretly a communist
>>905560 He's actually on a livestream right now https://youtu.be/w235RwpyfSw
https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/comments/j0dw9v/people of college_idpol_is_the_worst_idpol/ Can the stupidpol simp ITT try to justify this?
>>905011 Defending Stalin is less surprising than outright calling for anti capitalist revolution. Even fascists in Russia love Stalin.
>>905622 It amazes me, that he can sit there and talk for like 3 hours straight about politics
>>905967 yeah seriously I don't understand how streamers and commentators do this. After about an hour I'm done.
>>904800 is there a full episode of this anywhere? funniest shit i've seen.
(186.20 KB 1242x1615 g2ywx3rh7cp51.jpg)
this shit is really starting to get tiresome
>>906065 Whether europeans are "white" or not to them is a matter of convenience.
>>906065 how do you deal with these kinds of people in real life?
Does anyone have the image that shows a super market and says something like "this is the state of America, please liberate me Xi jinping with your glorious [specific description of a missile or something]"?
>>906065 This is actually true to some degree. Like, whitness as it exists in america is a fairly unique concept, that can confuse the hell out of Europeans. Like Scandinavians, the French and the Irish don't really consider themselves as a part of the same in-group at all. When that is said, this is completely irrelevant to what she's saying - like, there's no context explaining that this is meant purely in an american context and thus it commits the crime of being incredibly americanocentric and ignores the whole rest of the world. Also, even within the US it's sorta crap. Like, was the Free State of Jones just "reform"?
>>906106 They don't exist in real life.
>>906199 Admittedly, I've never been outside of the US, but I have to say, I'm a little skeptical of this. There are non-white ethnic groups living in Europe, too, and from what I've heard, many of them encounter the same issues they experience in the United States, issues that don't seem to plague European immigrants to the same degree. It would surprise me very much if, say, the French or the Germans never had cause to use the term "white" to distinguish between themselves along with those other European ethnic groups living in their countries and black people/Arabs/etc. Obviously, most white people in Europe tend to belong to a specific ethnic group, so they're more likely to identify as French or German or Italian or whatever, but this is a separate issue. Hell, even South American countries use the term "white".
>>903488 inject this Russian anti doomer shit right into my veins
>>903058 reeee why won't anyone explain this to me
>>904749 >with eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms why does he have more bathrooms than regular rooms and why do the bathrooms get to be "10" when the rooms got eight written in full
>>906221 idk bro. I agree in the sense that to want to be trans you would need to associate a gender with a set of material factors. Submissiveness, wearing skirts, long hair, etc...
>>906199 they all 100% consider themselves white that divisions among whites exist doesn't change that
>>906225 >why does he have more bathrooms than regular rooms One for each bedroom, one for the living area and one for the laundry >why do the bathrooms get to be "10" when the rooms got eight written in full Probably per the publication's style guide Or the style they were taught in college
>>906203 there's been a lot of left-wing agitation on /pol/ lately, a lot from antifa. I wonder if people are just stumbling on there like the qoomers.
>>906219 >There are non-white ethnic groups living in Europe, too, and from what I've heard, many of them encounter the same issues they experience in the United States, issues that don't seem to plague European immigrants to the same degree. You'll see similar things happen to euros in non euro areas being barred from stores etc and between various ethnic groups you'd consider the same race as a burger although thankfully this sort of bigotry and racism is decreasing worldwide
(446.45 KB 990x500 20180730-book00b273f7-image.png)
>>906219 Certainly racial bigotry exists in Europe, and to some degree, especially because of American political discourse, a fledging sense of "white solidarity" exists, but one has to understand that bigotry in Europe is primarily religious and foremost anti-semitic. White muslims or jews, even if they are of racially white backgrounds, are considered more "foreign" or dangerous than sub-saharan africans, and the anti-muslim sentiments are usually entirely comorbid with anti-semitism. Therefore, "whiteness" is not central to European bigotry, "christian identity" and anti-semitism (here including anti-arab/muslim sentiments) is.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRfpfjuPzGs >Peronism & Twitter Censorship - Caleb chats w/ Dakotah Lilly >>You have been removed from Twitter, what happened?
>>906305 Fair enough, but can we agree it's still retarded to say Europeans aren't white?
>>906417 western europeans don't consider slavs white, or Albanians/bosniaks because they're Muslim. it definitely isn't as simple as "looking white=white", like it is in burgertown. but french people are white so that tweet makes no sense anyways
>>906417 It's a statement that is only true in very very very speciffic circumstances at least, and as far as I can tell, not in the one the the tweet is about
How far to the right was r drama and the later zweirama? They like to say they're centrist nbut the humor seems to be extremely ine directional to me
>>906065 >>906095 >>906106 >>906199 >>906219 >>906246 >>906305 Reminder that the first people to be colonized by capitalism were the "white" European working class, when the bourgeoisie engaged in primitive accumulation to turn peasants into proletarians.
(1.55 MB video0_6.mp4)
>>906644 The point is that "whiteness" is a largely meaningless construct. It's the bourgeoisie who engage in exploitation, and they started with "their own people," who if we're keeping track have therefore been the victims of capitalism for the longest. Dividing people into color coded groups is just a means to an end for porky. Arguing about who is or is not white reinforces the framing of oppression on porky's terms, and especially using those terms to argue who is or is not potentially revolutionary is using porky arguments against communism.
>>906638 >>906784 This! White is so meaningless. Russians, Italians, etc. weren't considered white 100 years ago despite having white skin. Today Jews, Armenians, Turks, Georgians, Syrians.. aren't "white" even though they have white skin. It's a meaningless and non-Marxist division, white skin doesn't even matter anyway, that only Porky benefits from.
>>906244 Well that sounds cool. I think that a lot of the people on /pol/ are starting to think that the right is a bunch of faggots but don't have the guts to actually turn against them "publicly" less they get (you'd) to death.
>>906203 >People are actually agreeing
>>904938 >If there are 20 million egyptian refugees then europe wont exist I bet this cunt pretends to be impartial too. Funny thing is that other middle eastern countries take the most refugees every time there's dysfunction in neighbouring states. Also he's laying the blame of future wars on russia/china, mostly being china. And the idiot said that communism forces down birth rate, without realizing those birth rates dropped because they were so RIDICULOUSLY HIGH due to communism.
>>906898 Ah just watched the last 4 minutes, just lol. Wow.
>>904938 That guy is definitely a fascist. I watched his video about the Korean War and he played up his hate for communism so much that it actually wasn't an analysis. He also calls himself a "classic liberal". I also just checked the comments and one of the top ones was "Durr allies didn't win ww2". Fuck, I hate that history communities are infected with these guys.
Tonight at midnight starts Yom Kippur. Fuck kikes who support Israel. Kikes who hate Israel have a nice holiday
>>904972 >HARDCODED SUBTITELS How can I do this? I want to share it with german subs
So whats the Vaush drama today?
>>907641 Vaush had a heart attack
>>907651 hurray
>>907651 Is this real?
>>907695 Yes Fat and liberalism flooded all his arteries GG
>>906923 >history communities are infected with these guys you're talking amateur history online, right? I hope to God clowns like this get booted from their programs while they are still undergrads.
>>907700 proofs? Big if real
>>907710 anon is just posting 5 years from the future. with his diet, it will come any day now.
>>907651 Based
>>907700 fat in your arteries is normal and healthy, stop spreading bourg vegan propaganda
>>907764 some fat is, but not too much
>>908008 at last I truly see
>>908008 Can't you feed the poor and shit and build robots? Why is the rose emoji guy getting all butthurt?
>>908008 >starvation no importent, whitey maek robbert
>>908033 >whitey idpol
>>908044 White is ruling class social control formation. Being against the classification of white is actually anti-idpol
>>908008 Rose emoji is right for the wrong reasons. Fuck the robots while capitalism still exists because they will use them against us, but capitalist were never going to feed the poor.
(832.80 KB 411x488 Amerimongrel.gif)
>>908126 >a literal useful idiot for capitalist totalitarianism Bud, if you think their technology and surveillance will ever be used in your favor, you're in for a shock. They'll use you to further their goals and get rid of you when we're not threatening them. You're their footsoldier and people don't like you at all, so you're not likely to ever be in charge of anything. It's us or them, really.
(393.83 KB 2560x1302 french colonial history.png)
>>906199 >>906065 didn't the french have colonies in the americas and africa during this time ?
>>904800 Why are his hands so smooth? Has he never worked a day in his life?
This looks like something a bunker anon would make https://youtu.be/Pfuuf9fzTr4
>>908205 this is the shittest editing I've ever seen
>>907651 We should meme Vaush’s heart attack.
(314.33 KB 1440x1786 Ei8TfO6XkAACixn.jpeg)
>>907700 Critical support for trans fats clogging the arteries of fat grifting morons.
>>908249 >Mensa How hard would it be to troll these autist? I’ve never wanted to bully so bad in my life.
Holy shit, I had to post because this is the literal inversion of a Lord of the Rings /pol/ meme https://youtu.be/qKOu3vwkNUc
>>908190 What would you expect, he's a first worldist leech.
>>908266 There's nothing to be grateful for faggot.
One time on Twitter, a leftist said something I didn’t like. That is all.
>>908272 I see you finally decided to come out TTN
>>906199 Modern Europeans do consider themselves white, but older Europeans that is debatable. It doesn't matter that whiteness is a settler colonial thing, even though racial caste shit was really bubbling up in imperial Spain before the actual colonial period, but it has already been exported to the rest of the world. I think it is still accurate to say that those people were not "white" at the time. Even as late as the October Revolution, look at what the Nazis thought of Eastern Europe. Race science wasn't what it is now. Post-war the former Nazis and neo-fascist groups formed new ideas about pan-European identity (basically, whiteness) because of how weak they were. Now that is just normal, but before the war was over you still had very heated racial tensions between Europeans.
(91.37 KB 1024x522 bbc10.jpg)
"Say what you will about black males - they are violent, malicious, thuggish, unintelligent; they are rapists, con-men, murderers, drug addicts. But one thing you can't say about them is that they have small dicks. Race is real, physical attributes are genetic! A woman is weaker than a man in much the same way as a black man has a larger penis than a white boy!"
(283.06 KB 1602x2048 Ei9bKEzXkAA2K2H.jpeg)
(409.38 KB 1536x2048 Ei9bKE0WkAI6oB7.jpeg)
>>908336 When is she going to release those puppies already?
(12.43 KB 186x271 cooming.png)
(373.23 KB 1536x2048 Ei9eUDQXsAAywsG.jpeg)
>>908336 >>908344 >>908351 WE GOT A THIRD OME
>>908358 >Lower res version of that vid For what purpose?
>>908336 This is not real. They can't be so fucking perfect, i refuse to believe it.
>>908357 I wish I was that monster energy drink tm
jannies can you move the tiddy spam to /simp/ where it belongs?
>>908387 >being gay
I'm bored give me some good videos, preferable educational
>>908249 Fun fact: fucking anyone with an understanding of IQ science knows that consistent and accurate measurements past about 140 is a dubious claim, using any of the currently accepted testing standards.
>>908393 Didn't you asked the same question just yesterday?
>>908399 yes, so?
>>908400 Do this test: https://spyscape.com/spy-skills I am a spycatcher :D
>>908249 based RN gf. RN's are used to talking to "superiors" who are often dumber than them. t. know many salty RN's
https://youtube.com/GOMFo1oDF4s Leftypol eternally BTFO
"The government gives free money to poor people and rich people but never to the middle class. Middle class has to PAY and we’re the only ones that have to follow the laws too." https://twitter.com/NickJFuentes/status/1305626739402563584
>>908461 >inb4 middle class includes people with car dealerships and several mcmansions
>>908461 "Middle class" in the sense you're using it isn't a real thing.
(59.00 KB 1073x554 5tou72ewxg841.jpg)
>>908461 >>908481 Also >Fuentes
>>908468 Nice!
(14.07 MB maupin_sra.mp4)
Maupin on the Socialist Rifle Association:
>>908548 Who is this faggot and why doesn't he have an actual filming setup?
>>908555 >Who is this faggot Oh boy, you have missed something! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwnclIe3eMo
https://twitter.com/Aurora_Colors/status/1310026258269442060 "It is worth remembering how inhumanly ungrateful leftists are."
>>908575 read theory
>>908548 socialism ain't free the tree of liberty gotta be litterd with the propaganda of think thanks family and faith not guns and ammo praise deng
Are thighsocks the best kind of socks based fellows?
>>908577 He's too busy watching Blacked porn.
Holy shit, I want to fuck the twink from Promare in the ass
BLACKED is not pornography. BLACKED is ART. Right from the intro, BLACKED understands that seduction and eroticism is not about about just mere carnal desire, it's about the poetry, the adventure, the journeys of these flaxen-haired women who experience their sexual awakening in the hands of these Aethiopian Kings. The plots of BLACK are superbly written, with an eye to the western canon, but also very much a respect for hewbrew classics and native african epics. The colour-balance, the lighting, hell even the MUSIC, underline beautiful black bodies of it's male performers, and make the nubile young starlets appear even more white, like prestine snow clashing against the virile, vibrant, fertile soil of the Nile river-delta. BLACKED isn't just porn. It's EROTICA! Honest to go thrilling, PROGRESSIVE erotica, liberating us from notings of right and wrong, enticing us with the thrill of breaking down barriers long establish in sour dull western culture. Like fine wine, this gets better with time, and like fine wine, the future with be blacker. God Bless these African Kings
(64.92 KB 720x960 gay butt.jpg)
>>908581 I love a good pair of thigh socks. Pic related, it's me.
>>908590 I was only nine years old. I loved Shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies. I'd pray to Shrek every night before I go to bed, thanking for the life I've been given. "Shrek is love", I would say, "Shrek is life". My dad hears me and calls me a faggot. I knew he was just jealous for my devotion of Shrek. I called him a cunt. He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep. I'm crying now and my face hurts. I lay in bed and it's really cold. A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me. It's Shrek. I'm so happy. He whispers in my ear, "This is my swamp". He grabs me with his powerful ogre hands, and puts me on my hands and knees. I spread my ass-cheeks for Shrek. He penetrates my butthole. It hurts so much, but I do it for Shrek. I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water. I push against his force. I want to please Shrek. He roars a mighty roar, as he fills my butt with his love. My dad walks in. Shrek looks him straight in the eye, and says, "It's all ogre now". Shrek leaves through my window. Shrek is love. Shrek is life.
(179.38 KB 1200x1302 Memri_1cd987_6446921.jpg)
>>908548 such a new yorker's mentality
(3.60 MB 680x673 pepe pixels shaking.gif)
>>908590 this but unironically
>>908595 Cute send more
>>908595 Strong armpit hair. I see you are /high test gang/ cheers
>>908601 blacked isn't the future, the future is white femboys, artificial wombs, and euwugenics
>>908548 Jesus what an idiot
>>907651 Critical support for the plaques building in his heart valves.
>>908548 Partially cringe. He could have a point but for totally unrelated reasons. (glow ops etc)
Apparently Max Blumenthal is not a big fan of Assad https://twitter.com/RadEmpanada/status/1310120650242220032
>>908863 the fuck ? how old is this and it has zero replies
>>908942 If you're a normal law-abiding working person and you call yourself a capitalist then you are retarded and furthering your own misery.
>>908907 Based
>>900454 WE DONT WANT A RACE WAR How could the current revolutionary intelligentsia ever lead the working class into participating in, aiding, or supporting the actions or ideals of a legitimate revolutionary movement if that same group accuses a large portion of Americans (whites) of being inherently evil, blood-sucking parasites due to their race? This kind of useless, unscientific culture war is what divides not only the left, but the working class generally, and maintains the negative stigma of communism.
>>909315 >accuses a large portion of Americans (whites) of being inherently evil, blood-sucking parasites Well I wouldn't say they're *inherently* evil, blood-sucking parasites...
(20.47 KB 1049x217 2020-09-28.png)
Noooo my favorite socialist website is down. Where else will I be able to learn the advanced Marxist thought of Jack Ma? :(
>>908772 i just took it as him wanting to make sure that his think tank he's been working on isn't somehow equated with an "armed militant group" (which the SRA is not)
>>908548 Is he just trying to keep his nose clean because he knows those guys have the feds breathing down their neck?
>>909439 I have some bad news for you brother
>>908272 your preaching to the choir brother


no cookies?