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For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list Anonymous Board volunteer 07/05/2020 (Sun) 20:23:05 No. 668788
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>How can you call yourselves leftist politically incorrect? /leftypol/ posters are allowed to voice opinions that offend liberals, SJWs, and so on. All sects on the left are allowed to post on /leftypol/, leading to plenty of fighting and shitflinging between leftists, which other forums might ban. However, this was only a minor consideration in the naming of /leftypol/. Since the concept is simply a leftist version of /pol/, the entire name of /pol/ was retained. >I'm not a leftist can I post here? Non-leftists can come here to ask questions. Board moderation here is more focused on maintaining a good board index, so non-leftists have to be on better behavior as OP than they do as participants in someone else's thread. If you aren't b8ing or shitposting, your thread is likely to stay up. >Are you liberals? Are you SJWs? Do you like Clinton? Are you all Zionists??? No liberals here. We hate the Democrat party. As for Israel, leftism is anti-Zionist. It is not anti-Jew. Unlike /pol/, /leftypol/ fully supports Palestinians, and doesn't think they're "mudslimes". Pretending to be an SJW or Zionist will very likely get you banned. >Why did you leave /pol/ and why does this board exist? /leftypol/ existed to help the 8chan community focus on leftist topics without being slid or flooded to death, and now has moved to Bunkerchan as constant alt-right chud murderers and Qanon boomers killed 8chan. >Do you support gun control? While posters on /leftypol/ have varying stances on gun control (training requirements, mental health checks, etc.), they are overwhelmingly in favor of arming the proletariat. >Do you support "national" socialism? No.
https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/index.htm https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1875/gotha/index.htm https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1847/wage-labour/index.htm ^^^Absolute beginner material^^^ More Marx and Engels: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/sw/index.htm Lenin https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/ Other Selected Marxists https://www.marxists.org/archive/selected-marxists.htm Classical Works Recommended To High-Ranking Cadres https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-8/mswv8_56.htm Many important books can be found on libgen: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ Libcom has some good books/documents: https://libcom.org/library Other links: https://archive.is/L8uFD Various assortment of historical and biographical works. https://archive.org/search.php?query=uploader%3A%22kocotosi%40gmail.com%22&sort=-publicdate -------------------------------------- >During the last few years I've been saving and collecting thousands of pdfs and it's time to share them with you, especially since I've noticed that there are a lot of newfags joining the board recently. Some of these were actually uploaded years ago, but I had not shared them with anyone until now. I'd recommend that you don't skip any of them even if they're not your specific ideology because they all have lots of interesting stuff. If anyone has more links with pdfs, feel free to post them here. Enjoy! >The Leftist Bookshelf (4.16 GB, 600+ files) https://mega.nz/#F!QUFQSBja!hPbmmLolJBGwSQ848nncnw This was originally a torrent but I can't find the link anymore. Its description was: "640 eBooks, mostly in PDF format (a bunch are CHM, DJVU or ePUB), from a revolutionary Leftist viewpoint. The main subjects are politics and philosophy, history, economics, and much much more." >Political Theory (MLM) (2.64 GB, 550+ files) https://mega.nz/#F!4M1FnTgI!CdM8WWjpBC_UHGCJk9AHzA I found this on reddit years ago (circa 2016) Don't really remember who made it or where it came from, but this is a reading course (politics, philosophy, economics, etc) focused on Maoism. Has many books and articles on the USSR, PRC, Stalin, Mao, etc. >The Anarchist Library (669 MB, 4000+ files) https://mega.nz/#F!gRFkQCLY!5gUkmaubpp_P_yKLZiBJ9Q This is a complete mirror of the anarchist library with pdfs and epubs >Little Bunker of Marxism-Leninism (680 MB, 100+ files) https://mega.nz/#F!0QtCiI7L!MJZJk-SdjyBuBZOuNJuOPQ Unfinished project focused on M-L with more than 100 books on several topics like history, economics, politics, etc. Lots of stuff on the USSR. >Historical Materialism series (330 MB, 100+ files) https://mega.nz/#F!9IkymYBZ!B8vB2yDP0Qv_-DPS2ro-HA A pdf archive of over 100 books from the Historical Materialism book series. I got this from thecharnelhouse.org years ago and the website had released many marxist books from other publishers but unfortunately it's been taken down. >/leftypol/ with a slash of liberty (239 MB, 100+ files) https://mega.nz/#F!sFMQXJ6J!JboByVCZScC6Jq2YXE0Exw I didn't make this, just reuploading it. This is a classic /leftypol/ link, marxist stuff mixed with anarchism. >Marx & Engels Collected Works (900+ MB, 50 files) https://mega.nz/#F!BJEmkQiZ!vylIbCWFrqIeYaLiuN2szg The official, complete works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels organized in 50 volumes and 3 categories. ----------------- Freudo-Marxist Reading List Freud https://mega.nz/#F!UbRFwAxJ!o4DbRUmJyENBRiug3QYF_A Lacan https://mega.nz/#F!9kpS3KTJ!7FiS5rl5rX8Z64BP4dhGww Zizek https://mega.nz/#F!ryphUQyb!cytASzODw-zpiMIZl4BSfA -------------- book troves from 4chan /his/ https://mega.nz/#F!dlZlDbqL!TXG5bGvWufONkrQAL7b7jA https://mega.nz/#F!HbBXzIjC!AjsOUnEGMpcQPrWQG_MdEQ ---------------- The old leftybooks torrent. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ea25beb379477842994b284c8dabec7154b003de&dn=Leftybooks&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969
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(786.46 KB 2048x1463 ima_2772362.jpeg)
>>668814 >pinning AND anchoring a thread very stalinist dialectical synthesis. needs more hegel.
(53.50 KB 932x1100 newbhelp.png)
(203.10 KB BeginnerList.pdf)
Inequality in general is so much worse than most people realize and there's plenty of information that proves it. So, where to start? The ultra-rich are hoarding as much as $32 trillion ($32,000,000,000,000) in offshore accounts to avoid taxes. (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-offshore-wealth-idUSBRE86L03U20120722 ) As a way to understand just how much 32 trillion is, let's use time as an example. One million seconds is 12 days, and one billion seconds is 31.7 years. That's already a massive difference between a million and a billion, but how much is 32 trillion seconds? It's over a million years. Most people know that wealth inequality is a huge issue, but they don't understand just how bad it is. Here's an example: If you had a job that paid you $2,000 an hour, and you worked full time (40 hours a week) with no vacations, and you somehow managed to save all of that money and not spend a single cent of it, you would still have to work more than 25,000 years until you had as much money as Jeff Bezos. I've been researching this issue for years because I was shocked at just how bad it really is, and I've put together some information to help illustrate it. IMF study on the concept of 'trickle-down economics' https://qz.com/429487/a-new-imf-study-debunks-trickle-down-economics/ Graphs: Possibly the most important graph ever: productivity is increasing but wages are stagnant, all the profit is going to the wealthy https://i.postimg.cc/Qtv9Sh1R/Screen-Shot-2013-03-08-at-11-36-19-AM.png Distribution of U.S. income https://i.postimg.cc/HLsykSTP/OSX-Ethics-08-04-Avg-Income.jpg Distribution of average U.S. income growth during expansions https://i.postimg.cc/Qdq7sLZT/qDWnA4s.jpg Income inequality in the U.S. compared to western Europe https://i.postimg.cc/XYW5TjmW/inequality.jpg Inequality is still an issue in Europe though, here's the distribution of German wealth https://i.postimg.cc/DZwSd504/screen-shot-2018-01-31-at-12-07-49-am.png U.S. economic mobility compared to other developed countries https://i.postimg.cc/j5DnzLwH/Relative-Social-Mobility-of-Wealthy-Nations-2-1024x639.jpg Taxes for the richest Americans have plummeted over the last 50 years https://gfycat.com/fakecandiddungbeetle Amazing info-graphic about U.S. economics over time https://i.redd.it/e8t78dn0d5h21.png In addition to all of that, there's another layer of inequality as well https://i.redd.it/e4uoe4w8z6r31.jpg Videos: A fantastic video that quickly illustrates wealth inequality in America https://youtu.be/QPKKQnijnsM How American CEOs got so rich https://youtu.be/ylLTMYt24lA What corporations want has more of an effect on U.S. law than what the public wants https://youtu.be/5tu32CCA_Ig The origins of conservatism https://youtu.be/E4CI2vk3ugk Neoliberalism explained https://youtu.be/7gQFvf19Jec Why inequality matters https://youtu.be/XLJl0AdhPjE Beware fellow plutocrats: pitchforks are coming https://youtu.be/q2gO4DKVpa8 Rich people don't create jobs https://youtu.be/CKCvf8E7V1g What the 1% don't want you to know https://youtu.be/QzQYA9Qjsi0 The Money Masters https://youtu.be/HBk5XV1ExoQ?t=22 Articles: Study shows it's better to be born dumb and rich than poor and smart https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/12/would-you-rather-be-born-smart-or-rich/281828/ Small farms are being consolidated up into big agriculture https://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2011/07/23/concentration-in-u-s-agriculture/ "Is curing patients a sustainable business model?" https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/11/goldman-asks-is-curing-patients-a-sustainable-business-model.html This scientific study concluded that banks can create money out of thin air https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1057521914001070 Being poor reduces your odds of being in a relationship https://www.bbc.com/news/business-40894089 Peasants had less work time than you http://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/users/rauch/worktime/hours_workweek.html A few families in Canada own as much wealth as 3 provinces in Canada https://globalnews.ca/news/4360299/wealth-inequality-canada/
An OK discussion that was archived and somewhat cleaned up on the Labor Theory of Value, discussing against an absolute libertarian brainlet: >>638070
Imperialism Michael Parenti: Globalization, the "New" Imperialism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnhYOvPvNEQ Michael Hudson: Resisting Empire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xluStDQp9yE The Face of Imperialism-Michael Parenti- part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKhRE61VE0E History is Marching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S-CwVJxxug Fascism What is Fascism - Dr. Taimur Rahman Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fe9PUFW0Uk&t Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXUOqnnVlnk Marxist Economic Theory and Beyond A Marxist response to Jordan Peterson (An introduction to Marxism and historical materialism) - Dr. Taimur Rahman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42eJu22scY8 Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P97r9Ci5Kg Crisis and Openings: Introduction to Marxism - Richard D Wolff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9Whccunka4 Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: How Capitalism Works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGmEUR3gDew Left Out: Michael Hudson on Junk Economics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6y35aO_fpU Empire and Economics: The Long History of Debt-Cancelation from Antiquity to Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4DkZ3CWFOk Dr. Michael Hudson: Economic Lessons for 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nluLNA30e8k Kapitalism 101 Labor Theory of Value video series (and accompanying text) https://kapitalism101.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/law-of-value-introduction/ UMass Econ 305 Marxism lectures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w12bkm9g8o&list=PL8B2364D7C0D31D63 Reading list for the lectures can be found here: https://web.archive.org/web/20150319041344/http://courses.umass.edu/econ305b/Econ305ReadingList_for_VideoLectures.pdf Anwar M. Shaikh - Capitalism: Competition, Conflict and Crises, Parts 1 & 2 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB1uqxcCESK6B1juh_wnKoxftZCcqA1go The accompanying book is called Capitalism: Competition, Conflict and Crises by Anwar Shaikh and can be found on libgen Leftist Critique of Culture What are societies of control? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_i8_WuyqAY Hauntology, Lost Futures and 80s Nostalgia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSvUqhZcbVg Capitalism, Cultural Disintegration, and Buzzfeed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9srhgHzUFd4 The Emoji Movie, Adorno and the Culture Industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-m_7G31yh4 Capitalist Realism, Mental Illness and Societies of Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPeBEcsmWTY A Dying Culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jLbq9VwOK8 Identity Politics - Dr. Taimur Rahman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPdpHCYID3Q&t Intermediate Materials Going beyond money - Paul Cockshott https://youtu.be/cI01-5zhwdA https://youtu.be/kTl4b0w6mpk (This video is also good) Democracy or oligarchy (Parts 1&2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHN0foV4Ntk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxSPirB9ePA Leadership and democracy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98lvNhNfse4 Practical adaption to climate change https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lepMdZuZiHo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8hnAB43O4g Modern communist principles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgkWnODtS6g Socialist Strategy (Parts 1-4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p23gG5lT0hU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tovsC3-Vdk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-oRmcYR5cM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1bGkgpYVao What Was The Soviet Union? ft. Richard Wolff - The Michael Brooks Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E8wtXnhhj8 Philosophy Dr. Gregory B Sadler This is an exception from the theme of the list because his YouTube channel is mostly about philosophy in general. It's a really good channel to learn about a variety of philosophers. Core concepts in Philosophy playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4gvlOxpKKIjwnfPgqLkLJ7cHXAqDHfBA Half hour Hegel playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jgnp5Dy-v88&list=PL4gvlOxpKKIgR4OyOt31isknkVH2Kweq2
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does TOR work or not??
>>676559 You can now post with all tor nodes (unless they're range banned) but you can no longer post files through TOR (possibly, you might still can if you have a block bypass). We can't detect all Tor nodes. Those tor nodes are treated as normal IPs, since we can't detect them as Tor nodes.
>>676608 how do i get one of those?
>>677470 Click 'extra' in the quick reply box, and then click 'Make sure I have a block bypass' Or in the top of the page reply box, Click 'More', in the Misc section, click 'Bypass check'.
>>677470 Just renew circuit (ctrl+shift+l), and yes a block pass is needed now too: >>677828
>>677828 >>676608 what's "block bypass"? what does it do
>>678255 It lets you post with tor.
(38.80 KB 1000x660 leftypol-age.png)
if you ever feel like you're losing brain cells when browsing /leftypol/ it's because this place has mostly brats https://www.strawpoll.me/20611052
(44.75 KB 347x346 thumbs up.jpg)
>>698920 >anonymous internet poll Checks out.
>>698967 i think it's accurate enough, but i suppose someone like you will now screw it up on purpose since you have no life
>>698920 no wonder nobody here understands theory, they've barely been able to read for a decade
>>698967 And only 21 votes. BAD DATA.
>>701622 that's half the userbase
>>702777 Actually the only ones here are you and bots.
>>699030 go sh*t urself
Whats a good history of the cultural revolution, the gang of 4 etc?
Any simple guides for worker organization? Preferably not super lengthy so they can be printed and handed out to workers on strike. The more pictures the better. Any language is good.
>>711814 >communist reading material on google docs Yeah, I might as well send a copy of my party card to the FBI and cut out the middle man. I bet those docs/links come from r/communism. Don't you know they're COINTELPRO? lol
>>711909 why aren't you using tor+vpn?
>>712033 Dunno. I have both of those things, maybe I should. I just don't care about space_ getting my IP. Pretty sure I could take him if he comes to my house to start some shit.
>>712033 Pretty sure you don't need a vpn for Tor if you use a bridged connection. Correct me if I'm wrong.
>>711909 The FBI does not give a fuck what you're reading. You got people on Reddit literally sharing child porn and they don't care
Hi questioning why this thread was locked? https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/697419.html I am not the op nor have posted in it, but I'm literally reading Capital right now and it's useful to me.
>>714509 Depends what you're trying to protect against, bridge tor will let you get past half arsed TOR censorship, private bridge tor will let you get past most TOR censorship. Neither will protect you against targeted nation state surveillance that does network analysis and deep packet inspection but in that case the VPN isn't going to help either. As long as you connect via your home theres a risk you'll slip up or NSA will manage to pull off one of the low probability of success anonymity breaking attacks and find you. If you just want to hide your browsing from dragnet surveillance then TOR on its own is fine.
>>717708 Dude you don't know what the fuck your talking about. Deep packet analysis doesn't decrypt traffic. Intelligence agencies monitor traffic at the exit and entrance nodes. I monitoring the timing they can sometimes get a good idea of who connecting to Tor, but very often they can't. People use VPN to hide the fact that they are using TOR at all because the Tor Node IP addresses and protocols are well known and they're often the only people on the network using Tor. Intelligence agencies especially foreign ones, cannot most likely de anonymize you if you use tor. There's already been leaks from Russia that show they're taking up huge projects to de anonymize Tor users, something they wouldn't be doing if it was so trivial to find out the identities of Tor users. As of now, Tor seems to be perfectly safe to use. There's been no cases were someone was found out on Tor that didn't side step Tor's protection in some way.
>>722035 fuck i'm an idiot i wanted to read the rules before posting and i accidentally replied to the rules thread LMAO
>>722036 It's fine, you can also delete your own post using the arrow on the right.
what happened to the little cat fursona of different leftist tendencies
Did Pol Pot do anything wrong?
>>725346 he did everything wrong. He was not a Marxist, and had to be removed from power by Vietnam.
>>725346 >>726025 He's the only one who actually abolished capitalist relations of production.
>>725346 He did his best
>>726032 untrue, mao did that as well in some villages during the cultural revolution
Anybody can recommend a history book about late Soviet Union? I'm interested in the period from late Brezhnev to maybe early Gorbachev.
(1.16 MB 1200x1252 EssentialLeftist.png)
(3.95 MB 2016x2880 LeftistLit.png)
(1.38 MB 1074x1598 Communalism.png)
Some more reading charts
>>735039 I will make magnets if this
>>735039 >no post-left >no pomos >no stirner Pretty shit reading lists desu
>>668788 isn't there an archive of posts in here? If not, having one would be essential, as some posts have been full of interesting discussion, such as that of the hacktivism poster
>>735254 >stirner get out of here with that nihilist faggotry
>>736534 Stirner is a key figure in past and present nihilist thinking, anon.
will I become a liberal if I read bookchin im kind of scared that I will
>>668788 Could we maybe add the Italian one to the list or region specific threads? >>19862
>>738690 Seconded
>>737708 If you're that scared that reading one guy that disagrees with you will completely change your views then you need to work out the inconsistencies in your present worldview so you can strengthen it. If you have a strong and supported base for your views then reading conflicting ideas will simply help you understand the other side and yourself rather than convert you.
>>737708 bookchin is fucking retarded if you've read any actual marxist theory. I can see how he'd be interesting to absolute normies just now dipping their toe in the water, but man... he's so bad dude lol.
What would be good intro books if I want some lit on leftist history / to understand the left? I was recommended Capitalist Realism, but I didn't like it. It used too much pop culture references and citations of dense philosophers I don't have time to read (Zizek, Baidou, etc.). I want to know why leftists are anti-capitalist and what their positions are (maybe including brief overview of the tendencies too, you all define socialism differently!).
>>744719 oof, that was a bad recommendation for what you want. There are some typically recommended essays, like Why Socialism by Einstein, The Soul of Man Under Socialism by Oscar Wilde, the Communist Manifesto by Marx. I'd also recommend the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, if you speak spanish, the october of 1912 speech of Emiliano Zapata. Longer reading I'd say the Conquest of Bread by Piotr Kropotkin is an interesting read. tl;dr capitalism sucks and we live in a post-scarcity society since the 1900s. All suffering related to scarcity on earth is optional and a choice we take collectively every day. If you want to understand how this happens, you'd need to go deeper into theory, Capital Vol 1 at least, and other things like Ideology and State Apparatus, by Althusser, probably some Zizek even if you don't like him or his ideas, he has interesting ideas. Why leftists in general are anti-capitalist, depends on the leftist. I think most leftist have an "anti-bootlicker" (or in /pol/ terms "anti-cuck") sentiment. They understand that society is organized so that proles contribute more to society than they get back. Many have a general distrust to authority. Honestly the "different tendencies" is kind of a meme. The general aims are similar and differences are irrelevant until one actually comes into power. The biggest difference is how people organize, MLs tend to stale party politics, anarchists tend to be too disorganized to do shit. Doing shit is the most important and hardest part.
What are some good sources on the history of modern police, especially in the US? I want to class pill some normies who are being disillusioned by the current historical moment.
>>744626 Fuck ecology and fuck precaution programme
>>746497 no, fuck you retard, if you want to kill yourself just do it, don't try to drag everyone else with you
>>745549 >There are some typically recommended essays, like Why Socialism by Einstein, The Soul of Man Under Socialism by Oscar Wilde, the Communist Manifesto by Marx. Thanks for the advice on these. A follow-up question is - what book is recommended for learning about class conflict / the different types of worker and capitalist class? Is there some Marxist work that focuses on this more? The notion of the middle class is really confusing to me, but I've heard Marxists addresses that too in terms of owning land or something? It'd be great if it weren't 500 pages but I'll take any recommendation.
>>750271 first that springs to mind is Erik Olin Wright, but he's what's called an "analytical" marxist (meaning his MO is reconstructing marxian concepts and arguments using the tools of analytical philosophy and mainstream/"bourgeois" social science as opposed to dialectics), which means a lot of people on here will shit on him on mere principle. That said, he seems to be arguably the most well-regarded of the bunch from my own layman perspective
>>750271 In my opinion, although I'm not that big brained or well read, trying to understand marxism and class conflict primarily by slicing society into many strata rather than the two main ones (bourg vs prole) is a red herring or a route that won't take you far. I understand marxism better by understanding the opposition not between the working class and the bourgeoisie, but the working class against capital. That clears up a lot of confusion. For this, I'd recommend "reading capital politically" (just skip the introduction chapter). You should also read wage labor and capital, and value price and profit first though. Some leftist feel resentment towards anyone who is richer than them (even if marginal). This is seen in middle class or people of college hate. And some hate poorer people, which they call lumpen. It's all retarded. Ignore these people.
>>751388 There are a few problems with this, first you have to understand the class interest of the different strata's the labour aristocracy will not necessarily show solidarity with the workers even though they are technically in the same class, there will be reactionary labour aristocrats that are social climbers that will try to sell out the workers movement, it's very important to explain this detail. Further more the class struggle is between workers and the capitalist class not capital itself, because that would be nonsensical since capital is inanimate objects. >Some leftist feel resentment towards anyone who is richer than them (even if marginal). That is a right wing talking point, thanks for outing yourself. The "рмс" labour aristocrats get a bad rap because they have betrayed working class movements more than once, because of careerist ambitions, again you have to understand this as limitation, be careful while organising, to avoid having a majority of these people impose their personal interests on your movement, because the careerists will stop at nothing to kick out workers and burn the political credibility of your movement for personal gain. >And some hate poorer people, which they call lumpen. To be fair here you have to point out that there's a legitimate aspect here lumpens don't hold strategical positions in production like workers, so there's limits to what lumpen can achieve, this is not born from hatred it's a strategical consideration.
>>474515 >>474634 >Arguments for Socialism (Cockshott) is on /leftypol/, but not libgen SOMEONE NEEDS TO UPLOAD THIS TO LIBGEN, IT'S A GEM FOR PROSELYTIZING TO NORMIES! https://libgen.is/search.php?req=cockshott+arguments+for+socialism TANS only works for proselytizing to spergy neolib-LARPers who have no problem biting straight into academic social science already!
>>752275 But aren't all Cockshott's writings free on his website?
>>752520 WTF you're right. http://paulcockshott.co.uk/media/books/argumentsasreleased.pdf Having it where most people will be looking is probably a good idea though. Also >Not using https for your website
>>751852 > it's very important to explain this detail. It's really not. There are reactionaries in every level of society. It's not a specifically useful piece of information. There are bigger threats to the integrity of leftist orgs than what you personally call "labor aristocracy". >because that would be nonsensical since capital is inanimate objects. that's your opinion, and a wrong one at that. I insist it is an inferior view. It doesn't account for a large part of the imposition of capital. >That is a right wing talking point fuck off. There's many "you can't be a socialist if you aren't dirt poor". If you don't understand why this is wrong, you are a brainlet. >lumpens don't hold strategical positions in production like workers, again, your opinion. I've organized with "lumpen" just fine. This isn't a thread to discuss so I won't respond to whatever you respond.
>>752718 >>Not using https for your website At first I was gonna say something about him being an old man, but then I remembered that his whole thing is computer science, which just makes it worse.
bunkerchan should have an anime board.
>>754457 We do, it just not at the top >>>anime
(10.71 MB 1225x1496 ARI_Agitprop_5.gif)
>>754009 Computer Scientists don't necessarily know about cybersecurity, especially one that is an old man. I'll listen to him about COBOL, not about pen testing.
>>756685 >not about pen testing Do you think he skipped those classes just because the puns and innuendos would've been enough to derail the entire semester?
Holy shit >>>/anime/ has been added to the panel! how many weeks/months was it postponed? It was hilariously long. I legit worried about Space_'s well-being a couple of times
>>757094 I bet it will though.
>>757029 You realize pen testing is relatively new right? A boomer isnt going to know much about haxing if they're CS. Source: pen tester
>>757480 > It's actually not, it started 'for real' around the 60s You're comparing apples to oranges. As a field where you can go to school to be a pen tester it's about 10-21 years old > Since 1999, CAE-CD colleges and universities have educated our nation's cyber first responders. The initial schools were expensive and non CC
>>752718 >Not using https for your website Even worse, theres a certificate installed for the domain but its a certificate for a completely different domain so if you do force it to HTTPS it just gives you a security error.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRXvQuE9xO4 Is his analysis in this correct?
>>761213 Yes, this >>762786 is just ML cope (see overall time of the two clips in response) with the fact that they diverged substantially (especially Stalin) from classical/orthodox writings of Marx, Engels and Marxists.
I've been using leftypol so frequently that I just got a "deja-vu"-like feeling of being in bunker society within a literal bunker.
>>761213 >>762786 >>762794 >Is his analysis in this correct? Marx was a "tanky-light" he did think that it was possible to transition to socialism via the state nationalising industry as intermediate step, but only for the most advanced countries, so while Marx probably didn't think that something like the Soviet Union was possible, he did think that it was possible to use the state as a tool for the proletariat. You could say that Marx was a conditional statist. But the discussion is moot now, there's plenty historical examples of state socialism, so you can't say that it doesn't work.
>>762794 I mean he's litterally taking out of context quotes from critique of the gotha program. Also if a discussion could be made on Marx, I don't think the same could be said for Engels that expresses his views much more clearly. Anyway the discussion is moot since >>764342 is right.
>>764680 I think he would probably beat out the other GOP idiots, so in that sense you are right that he has a solid shot. The democrat probably isn't going to be able to take down Carlson. Obama was literally the most charismatic democrat since Clinton. Every other major Democratic politician in the last 20 years has looked like a fucking idiot.
(178.03 KB 500x697 Marx_Reloaded_promo.jpg)
Found out that Marx Reloaded is on Youtube, a documentary film I always wanted to watch but never could find: https://youtu.be/o1ZVv0I7DH8
>>765182 Nice, I was looking for this for quite a while as well. Well done.
(27.46 KB 448x301 25p1.jpg)
recommend me socialist poetry
>>768604 start with Brecht
I am here because I want to be a part of something
>>768604 Ernst Toller, the swallow book Or you could always read Ho Chi Minh poems:^).
>>768739 No you don't
>>768739 nobody in here does anything, just wastes their whole day shitposting and defending china's imperialism
>>769427 Speak for yourself. I spend around 10 hours a week doing organizing work.
>>769071 https://www.literatisch.de/ernst-toller-das-schwalbenbuch.html It's in german, but you can always use the traduction that google gives:^)
>>770294 based, what do you do specifically comrade?
>>76518 surprisingly high quality documentary
>>771627 I'm secretary of communications (so, organize propaganda, social media, etc), plus I lead a reading group, and do base work, like going to places where people are protesting.
>>772488 more like based work
>>769427 >china's imperialism such as?...
(15.47 KB 554x554 images.jpeg.jpg)
>>775672 >Vietnamese nationalism disregarding Chinese control of the sea since the period of Sun Yat-Sen >Inane ramblings about the silk road being an imperialist ploy >Colonization of the barren shithole that is siberia >Encroachment of Nepal Are you talking about Mao claiming Nepal as Chinese land? Deng ended that. >claims that the coronavirus was made in a wuhan lab and not pangolin >conflict with India noooo not the imperialist hindu nationalisterinos Vietnamese faggot t. Newari Wumao
(1.77 KB 400x400 cringo.png)
>>775672 The defence minister speech is a Hoax, that originated from "the Epoch Times" newspaper, which is published by fringe sect called Falun Gong, they are bit like Scientology except they are bit worse.
>>775774 I figured the Epoch Times were just another Enquirer except crazier, had no idea they were backed by a weird religious group. A quick Google search says it's "unofficial" but that seems.. dubious since most of it's employees are members of the group. Interesting. I kept getting YouTube ads for them for a while. The best one was an ad where they had faked "footage" of the Chinese Communist Party breaking in and setting their copier (or something?) on fire? It was really weird.
(76.86 KB 625x626 tooMuchBait.jpg)
>>775672 >Biologically attacking the world and trying to destroy evidence and silence researchers
sports board when!!
(25.15 KB 474x266 lenny.jpg)
>>779395 is bodybuilding ok
>>779482 As long as you don't enter queer posing contests yes.
>>779395 Stfu nerd, the largest coops will pay for the best players while lottery draft will help small clubs
(14.58 KB 301x200 sadball.jpeg)
>>779395 >Any sport involving a ball is bourgeois Can you explain the logic behind this ?
>>780033 never
>>781382 >Paul Cockshott who was once beloved in the former is a pariah on this board schizopost go to meta: >>>/gualg/
(84.99 KB 825x436 Edn-S_PXYAAXtOg.jpg)
can anyone recommend something for materialism as a philosophy?
>>782447 Engels: Ludwig Fuerbach Darwin: The Origins of the Species. Plekanov: The Materialist Conception of History Lenin: Materialism and Empiro-Criticism Kautsky: Origins of Christianity Turing: Can a Machine Think Althusser:Lenin and Philosophy Dennet: Consciousness Explained Dennet: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea
Finally I've managed to download this file from a totally broken indonesian university website, which appears to be also the only source. Well here it is, this document is the most important work to understand Nasakom, the ideology which was founded by Sukarno!
>>780033 NTA, but I'll give it a shot: In games with a ball, possession of that ball is the most important part of the game. So the game becomes a fight over who controls the ball, rather than a competition between people. I think he was joking, because football is undeniably proletarian, historically and by virtue of it being played/enjoyed by predominantly working class people. Unlike sports like golf or fencing, for example.
>>668788 Hello, r/socialism here
(5.15 MB 2414x3375 leftypol reading list.png)
Created a new /leftypol/ reading list for beginners
(5.14 MB 2414x3375 leftypol reading list.png)
>>793429 Actually this one's better, fixed top row.
>>793433 It is very un-socialist to criticize work without putting the work myself to make the change. It is very well done and I commend you on doing it. I don't have the skill to do it myself. That said, here is my criticism: - A lot of these books are massively long. I know it's a meme at this point to recommend long ass books to beginners, and to "start with the greeks", but in this case, it is not constructive or comradely. >On Socialism: Remove Marx-Engels reader and replace with mutual aid, or conquest of bread. No clue about "the communist horizon". From reading the reviews, I don't think it's too relevant as a beginner book. I'd replace it with "socialism, utopian and scientific" >On Political Economy: I can't say much about most books. At least the first one and the last one are very long, and not good recommendations for beginners. Marx's book is the only good recommendation there. I'd add mandel's books, and harry cleaver's reading capital politically. I'd also add "debunking economics" by keen. Maybe add "j is for junk economics" by hudson. >On Political theory: I can't really say much about these. I don't get why these are relevant. I'd think some secondary lit from peeps like JS Mill or Proudhon might be better. Also, change "the ego and it's own" edition for "the unique and it's property" one. >On history: I'd add blackshirts and reds by parenti. >On cultural theory instead of a picture of zizek, add this book: The Symbolic, the Sublime, and Slavoj Žižek’s Theory of Film
>>782637 >>782447 Philosophy of the Encounter by Althusser The German Ideology by Marx
(18.15 KB 400x400 white people be like.jpg)
>>793429 >>793433 >Aristotle >Not even a book by Aristotle, just a reflection by someone else >Machiavelli >Contemporary New York Times Bestsellers tier books Well it's not reddit but at this point it might as well be.
>>793446 Reason I choose Marx engels reader is because it encompasses a lot of their work, otherwise most of it would have been recommendations for marx/engels. While some of the books are pretty long, all the ones that are long are very easy to read through and not dense. As for zizek, I think his essays online are better for beginners. >>793448 I thought that was just the book by Aristotle, it doesnt have any other names on it
>>793449 You want Politics-Aristotle. Not "The politics of Aristotle." Also what the fuck does Aristotle have to do with leftism.
>>793648 I double checked, it is the politics by Aristotle even tho it says of. 1, Aristotle provides lots of background stuff for marx's thought as well as for democracy. But also, it's an important starting point for anyone who wants to understand political theory more generally.
(9.77 MB 3905x4783 leftypol advance reading list.png)
>>793433 Due to complaints on twitter, I've created a follow up reading list for Advanced Theory
>>794888 >Don't read Capital! This is bait right?
>>795839 That's the manga version lol
>>795852 The other 2 are serious tho
>>795861 Oh wait I see it now. Why da fug did you put it in the corner damn nigga do you even know how to format a reading list
>>794888 >anti-oedipus into the trash it goes
(898.82 KB 720x2160 leftypol marxism .png)
>>793446 I'm just going to add here, that a lot of these books aren't beginners level. I'd add geopolitics Section >The Divide- Jason Hickel. >The Shock Doctrine- Naomi Klein >Globalization and its Discontents- Joseph Stiglitz
>>797596 >Missing the 21st century ML
What is the ideal book to deprogram someone who has just had their brain filled with spooks after reading Settlers?
>>797981 When you need to bust spooks...
>>797988 Philosophy is a little esoteric for many people.
>>797991 >>797981 Just make them watch some zizek clips or something. Or maybe an Adolph Reed book.
>>798056 Good suggestion, Class Notes maybe?
Mods seem to be asleep, /pol/ is raiding the riot thread >>801173 with trolling and spam
(10.17 MB 3256x2808 nazisocialism.png)
(64.37 KB 552x383 italyfascism1.png)
(155.34 KB 564x651 italyfascism2.png)
>>806249 >>806249 Shut the fuck up and READ you dumb uighur. Fascism is not "class collaboration" or "when da police are mean to minorities :(" it is a violent means for the bourgeoisie to exterminate the socialist Left when the relevant country is in danger of having capitalism overthrown. >B-b-but BLM is getting donations from corporations Yeah and democrats and republicans get way more donations and lobbyist money DOES THAT MAKE THEM FASCIST YOU DUMB FUCK? EVERYONE who is influential gets bribed under capitalism, from union managers to doctors to politicians, are all these groups also fascist now simply because they get a paycheck from private companies? >MUH WHITE PEOPLE UNDER THREAT Congratz for allowing these companies to control your mind by thinking in terms of race instead of class. When black people hate white people and when white people hate black people no one questions the porky sitting at the top. >THE MASKS It was the trumptards who started the protests against masks since it was supposedly some soros conspiracy even though literally every Asian country automatically enforced mask wearing since they've dealt with pandemics before and know it's the smart thing to do. Your countrymen being retarded is your own fault because your society emphasized "muh individual rights" so much. 1/2
(217.85 KB 1116x1749 nazieconomytruecharacter.png)
(91.92 KB 1122x597 naziagriculture5.png)
(221.29 KB 1131x1581 naziagriculture4.png)
>>806485 Yes because this meme is years old from the original 8ch. Here's a link to the study on privatization "Against the Mainstream". The graphs come from Wages of Destruction and Capital in the 21st Centuy which are too large to post on here due to file limits, but easily available on pirate bay. The books I posted cited themselves except for >>806490 which comes from "Fascism and Big Business". Literally everything on here is easily found stop making excuses for your laziness and complete illiteracy.
>>806508 You're straight up lying and deflecting because you can't contest the facts. I am an oldfag who has been on here since the original site on 8ch. No one fucking says that fascism is when police are mean or that the DNC or RNC are fascist. In fact, THAT VERY IMAGE MACRO I SHOWED YOU is /leftypol/ OC meaning that if you have REALLY been lurking for years you would have recognized it instantly. The standard definition of Fascism from a Marxist perspective doesn't even come from /leftypol/, it comes from FUCKING TROTSKY BACK IN THE 20TH CENTURY. https://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/works/1944/1944-fas.htm >I don't really pay attention to this type of shit. I only vaguely know about it because shit like this I know eats liberals niggas up inside. Trump niggas live rent free in yalls head. uighurs leave rent free in yours. Imagine being such a lying faggot that you try to pin the blame on not wearing masks on random black people when all the conspiracies surrounding mask usage came from MAGAtards. Not to mention that LIBERALISM IS NOT MARXISM YOU DUMB FUCK. How can you have "lurked for years" and not seen the relentless hatred of liberalism on this board? This is what happens when you get your "education" from youtube and twitter. >>806535 Goodbye and never come back. I hate wasting my time with illiterates who ignore evidence just because it feels good. Hopefully the mods will ban you as well when they get up. No /pol/tard ever engages in good faith they just say shitty one-liners as "arguments" and back the fuck off when they get BTFO with actual analysis.
>>806550 >Goodbye >Not badbye.
>>806649 Judging by the fact that you said leftypol and not /leftypol/, another decade, until then you do not have the right to speak, be quiet while the adults are talking.
>>806598 >Strawpoll Why so you can get your /pol/tard buddies to spam it to claim "victory"? Ex. the last major strawpoll we did on ethnicity back on 8ch was brigaded by /pol/ into generating like 100 extra jews that didn't exist. Another strawpoll on religion was spammed by Stirnerites pretending to be Christian to be funny. Using easily manipulated shit like strawpolls is retarded. If you have been on /leftypol/ for any amount of time you would know that no one thinks the DNC or RNC is fascist and in fact the only people who say this shit are refugees from Reddit or Twitter, aka not natives or regulars of this board. >The n-word Yeah as if we need any more confirmation that you're a fucking liar. Everyone has been using n*gger for years and it has only been filtered recently, most likely due to Reddit infestation of the mod team. And you act fucking surprised when people swear as if it has ever been uncommon. MORE PROOF OF YOU FUCKING LYING. >MASKS Holy shit way to miss the point. You are citing your personal experience of a handful of hooligans not wearing masks as evidence for black people being awful WHILE IGNORING YOUR OWN """"SIDE"""" when they DO THE EXACT SAME AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THE EXACT SAME. THIS IS WHAT IS MEANT WHEN I SAY YOU ARE A DISINGENUOUS FAGGOT. What the fuck was the point of telling your workplace story if not to paint black people in a bad light, to point at them and say "LOL LOOK AT THESE RETARDS NOT WEARING MASKS". Meanwhile we got MAGAtards openly holding in-person rallies and getting everyone infected and you don't care because it doesn't fit your narrative of "omg the darkies suck". >Specially when it comes to petty things like what are conservative white people up to now, so was it really so wrong for me to type yall? Name ONE thing. No one on this board fucking voted for Hillary and no one will vote for Biden either. Back in 2016 there was even an accelerationist minority that wanted Trump in simply to hasten the demise of the American empire. We don't vote for the establishment, we don't assist the establishment, and Bernie has been repeatedly attacked for his imperialist stances and the old BO eventually started outright banning them. Open up the flag menu. DID YOU NOTICE THAT "DEMOCRAP" IS STILL THERE? The only overlap that exists is an imaginary one that lurks in your retarded youtube-fried wisp of a brain. >All I did was ask a question, what do you mean bad faith. No you made a bunch of assertions, refused to back them up, abandoned the arguments when you realize you were in over your head and had no evidence, and are now choosing and selecting irrelevant stuff (WHYY DO U GUIZ SAY THE N WORD????!!!) to avoid any actual discussion. You don't put any effort in your posts, you're not even good at lying, and you don't bother to go look at evidence that blows up your assumptions because you would rather go lock yourself in a twitter echo chamber with fellow retards. >IF YOU'RE NOT FROM AMERICA YOU CAN'T COMMENT <Arguments found: none My country is flat out better to live in than yours using Inequality-Adjusted HDI. But even if I had actually been living in some random third world civil-war torn shithole it's not like you being American makes any difference since you're so blatantly retarded that you thought that country of origin is a valid argument. You can't even argue properly and yet you think you're smart enough to have "figured it out". kys
Unlock the abelist thread, I need to finish destroying this 'marxist'.
(10.57 KB 300x100 blm.jpg)
we need banners that reflect modern times, too much 20th century nostalgia atm
>>811619 we should have banner of the riots, but without black lives matter slogan explicitly. /leftypol/ s various ideologies and culture are very different from the BLM's even though we support their actions. A /leftypol/ banner would preferably focus on those actions exclusively.
>>811678 nice try /pol/. you have the fucking pope, a hillary clinton banner, a deus ex, the ira, and a gay man in latex as banners, don't give me that bullshit about this board not being compatible with black social & economic justice and fighting US cops & national guard
>when /leftypol/ refuses to support blm protestors because they haven't read all 3 volumes of das kapital in the original german perfectly encapsulates the white "left"
>>811709 >>811735 You can support the protestors without adopting their ideology. The hillary clinton banner is ironic.
>>811735 NGL, these protests have made me look at some leftists a bit differently. Brings the Yellow Vest protests to my mind. Even though they were far better organized, it still wasn't enough for some people because they didn't start Paris Commune 2.0 and sing internationale.
>>811876 They were not far better organized, there were instances of fights between antifascists and fascists inside the protests, antifascists won most of the time and eventually purged the far right. Probably a thing our stupidpoler would be mad about now I think about it. But I get what you mean and you're right.
https://boards.4channel.org/wsr/thread/878446#p879248 I cannot post threads, but only reply Ios firefox
I want to learn how to be a good reader, writer and thinker. Help pls
(539.78 KB 1920x1080 MIA marxist introduction.png)
>>813707 I made this :)
>>811896 I mean sure, there were far-right elements, but the yellow vests organized councils with clear demands and economic blockades that dif billions in damage IIRC.
(21.98 KB 200x200 meh face.png)
>>814163 >race-poltics >sex-politics absolutely not class analysis
Where is the mod log? I have been noticing that some of my posts seem to "randomly" disappear.
>>819478 This could be the board software fucking up. We don't randomly delete posts
>>819514 >We don't randomly delete posts There's absolutely no way for you to prove this. The mod log shows post number only. I don't know about other anons but I certainly can't remember the number and content of every post I've made.
>>819514 Unsticky your thread here >>812422 that's cluttering the front page and just put the new link in the board announcement thing
(126.53 KB 424x762 leftypol.PNG)
I clicked something on my phone (I guess it was "filter name") by accident and now I can't see the content of threads - zero posts, no title, null, nada, nothin. How to fix this?
>>830707 >anchored for shitflinging why isn't every thread anchored ?
>>831074 Perhaps you filtered posts by "Anonymous" somehow. Normally you could clear it through the board settings tab, but I can't seem to access that on my phone, only through desktop. Maybe try clearing cache/cookies.
>>831074 clear your cookies for this site and it will reset whatever you did
>>831074 >>831203 you can test it in private mode or whatever it's called
>>668788 >🚧🚧Please bookmark http://leftypol.org in case this current domain gets v&ed or anything else.🚧🚧 leftypol.org just redirects to bunkerchan.xyz. If this site goes down, so does leftypol.org you idiots... And https isn't configured correctly for leftypol.org so https://leftypol.org and https://www.leftypol.org don't work. For people who spent their lives on imageboards/internet you sure don't know much about how any of it works...
>>831101 cause you're not in every thread >>831948 Yes, obviously. The point is that GETchan.net is no longer reliable as a backup, we don't have a backup at the present time so there will be one made at the leftypol.org domain.
(263.25 KB 900x900 death_grips_pain3.jpg)
Am I a retard for getting sucked back into /pol/ type stuff? I haven't read leftist theory (dunno where to begin) also I can't figure out where Isreal fits into your guys world view whereas the right seems to have an explanation, its all ironic considering I'd be gassed in a far right nation still I think I prefer a moderately homogeneous nation to chaos
>>831988 >so there will be one made at the leftypol.org domain If it's a backup board, just throw vichan or something on it, doesn't have to be pretty, just functional. If this site goes down today, everyone would just go to GETchan.net because despite the domain, there is no alternative site.
>>832071 You must have not been here long. Only the right (at least all burger mainstream politics) want to defend Israel at all costs. We want it destroyed, but we also want Islamic zealots to fuck off as well...including places like Saudi Arabia.
>>832194 Well I know there is a difference between the right (conservatives like Trump) and fascists like white nationalists. Maybe I'm more left leaning then I think but I do consume and watch a few /pol/ youtubers
>>832071 No, you are just isolated and lonely in this late capitalist world and the technological progress we have achieved just inflates this feeling. Many young people get sucked into or "back into" because of this. But the "solutions" the fascists offer are no solutions. They are easy cop-outs, just in a radicalized form. It's the "tradition" meme. The tradition won't save us, living modestly won't save us and killing the juice, blacks, etc. won't definitely help anyone. You don't have to be theorylet reading 500 pages a day. It's just a meme and ML cope. You can start by watching some leftist ecelebs and do whatever makes you feel good. The most important thing is to keep your mental health in a good shape, so you won't be manipulated and dragged into dark intellectual alleys that lead only to doom and failure. They lead to cult of death (and you can see that fascism and neo-liberal capitalism is the same face - by that I mean - they both embrace the cult of death). The fact is that even simple masses in Russia or China has understood the logic of communism and socialist principles that lead to liberation. So you don't have to be a theorylet, it's just a bonus meme. The problem arises today where there is more information and more propaganda, so you can get sucked into dumb shit. It benefits capitalist system that people are divided and get baited into some dumb shit like "its the jews!111", "its the foooking LGBT illuminati", "its the fooking bluckz and mexigunz that ruin everything" (In Europe they fearmonger with "refugees"). Also I would say even some milquetoast leftist hate Israel with passion, but not because of dumb meme reasons like "THE JEWS ARE CONTROLING MUH WURLD" - the reason is that they made proto-fascist nationalist country that runs their shitty fearmongering agenda while opressing their own people.
>>831948 >leftypol.org just redirects to bunkerchan.xyz. If this site goes down, so does leftypol.org you idiots... >For people who spent their lives on imageboards/internet you sure don't know much about how any of it works... facepalm. the point is we have another domain to use. since there's currently no use for it, it just redirects here - which is just one config line that is trivial to change when needed, so that it will instead load the backup site. for a smartass you sure don't know much about how any of it works...
>>831948 Hey look, I'm anon 831948, I'm smug and I actually don't know what I'm talking about
>>832532 Thanks for a good response anon, I'll think what you've said over in my head, umm do you know any decent leftist ecelebs I should watch to counterbalance the stuff I already watch
>>834783 You'll have to find what works for you but I like Luna Oi because she is very good at breaking Marxism down to its elementary basics. And it's funny because it's very uwuuuu and cutesey but also kind of brutal matter-of-fact way that Asian communists are particularly good at doing, like "and then we stole weapons to arm people and destroy our enemies." https://youtu.be/neI-ol2AowM
(1.96 MB luna_books.mp4)
>🚧🚧Please bookmark http://leftypol.org in case this current domain gets v&ed or anything else.🚧🚧 It would be nice if the admins finally got their shit together and configured an onion site as they said they would which would be completely immune to domain name seizure and more private. The majority of altchans which are worried about losing their domain have set one up as a backup.
>>835772 Shit, Malcolm X is metal.
>>835772 I tried to understand what this post says but it's Jibberish. There is no mentioning of material conditions, but instead its entirely racist essentialism. >This is why the Nazis were not totally wrong when they called Bolshevism a Jewish philosophy Aside from agreeing with Nazis (wtf?), you are also trying to force Marxism into your racist framework, it's a materialist philosophy and that's it. >So Chinese could be the "Jews" of Asia, but on the mainland itself they were like Asia's "blacks" to be colonized This is your brain on trying to understand the world through a racist lense >until Chinese Malcolm X (Mao) came along this bit is even worse because it also got temporal denial, If anything Malcolm X aspired to be an American Mao.
>>835713 Only space can do it and I have been bugging him about ti for months.
Post the torrent with the leftybooru images
>>839288 Fair enough, thank you for continuing to push for this.
Hey, I've got a question: I remember seeing a thread here full of music videos or videos, does anyone know if it is still here?
>>844192 The webm thread? If so >>618486
>>>/leftypol/844136 Explanation for bumplock plz ty
>>844199 yes perfect, thank you
>>844213 It'll be idpol, I guarantee it.
>>844214 No problem friend.
>>844213 Read the op first line. This isn't gulag.
>>844220 Soz ty
cool but how do i change the theme
>>845926 its in the OP
>>845952 oh, cool i didnt' see the button because i had JS disabled. i feel dumb
Can we word filter faggot? I'm not homosexual and I sometimes type faggot on here, but I wish I never picked up the habit from image boards. I like the concept of no usernames/identities(although mods get the regular message board experience of post history) but I hate "image board culture."
>>848992 faggot
>>848992 It's just a word dude lmfaooooo
>>848992 This is meta shit. Go to >>>/gulag/
>>835713 >onion site >ban most of Tor pick one
>>850406 Torvhasbt been banned for months now. Posting over an onion right now.
>>850511 What onion? There are a couple of quasi-range bans that ban huge chunks of Tor on /leftypol/. Often it takes a dozen of new circuits to find an exit node that isn't banned.
>>849941 >its just a word nooo And it's offensive. Step outside of your basement and connect with people, loser. Because you saying "its just a word" easily shows that you are an antisocial incel shut in with no social skills
Back to reddit you go.
>>850550 sorry I ment an exit node. At this point I have more viable connections than not. I get 75% viable exit node connections and 25% not, I would say.
>>853415 It deppends on the context. I am a homosexual and if some one is calling me a faggot in a derogetory way that's one thing but just saying something does not hold negative cannotations any way you slice it up to and including uighur. It's how it's said that negative meaning arises not inherently that it is the word itself. That's how I feel about it. Saying "Fuck you homo/darkie get to the back of the buss" is way different that says "Damn that shit was gay." You black and white approach to understanding the world is the real childish tell here, though.
-fag is an affix for 'person' on imageboards it is an entirely neutral term in fact if you wanted to specify gay people you would have to say 'homofags' people aught to be happy that imageboard culture has so thoroughly coopted and disarmed this term into a harmless element of syntax Its a useful linguistical construct as well! It lets you turn any word into something referring people who like/use/are of that word. Xfag effectively means "people of X".
(61.42 KB 957x621 0937848758959856253.jpg)
>>668788 Sorry for tardation, I'm a social sciences fag and not great with computers. How do I bookmark the domain properly? When I clcik it just takes me to the homepage (bunkerchan.xyz). Should I bookmark it anyway? Will the browser "know" to use the new domain? I am so confuse
>>854913 No, comrade. Bookmark both bunkerchan.xyz and leftypol.org. leftypol is going to become it's own imageboard backup site.
>>854913 You can edit bookmarks. So if you bookmark this site, you can then edit it with and write leftypol.org, and change the name to leftypol.org too. Then you bookmark this site again.
>>854913 >social sciences LOL GET LAID NERD CAN'T EVEN EDIT A BOOKMARK
>>855511 <It's orange you invertebrate
>>855511 When my hair is a mess I just look like a runaway slave instead of aesthetic.
>>855511 horny
>>855719 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:64fe6bddf9eed20b916634114185a09dff57b5e3&dn=LeftyBooru-Images.7z&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2F9.rarbg.to%3A2710%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.opentrackr.org%3A1337%2Fannounce But I already deleted the files from my computer :/
>>856754 It seems there is one peer, but it is very very slow.
>>856762 >>856754 reminder that if you download a torrent and don't seed afterwards you are a class traitor.
(17.49 KB 1316x21 internet speed.JPG)
>>859399 I set my torrents to stop once the downloading is complete. I download fast as fuck then leave.
>>859399 I've been seeding for the past couple of days, but I don't have my computer on most of the time.
>>856754 Cheers comrade
What should "based" be word filtered to? It's way overused and is a forced Web 3.0 meme.
>>864841 cringe
>>864841 epic win
>>864841 Unfortunately wordfilters cannot detect context so ordinary uses of the word would also be affected
>>864841 alkaline
>>864918 what should "cringe" be wordfiltered to?
>>864841 based on what?
>>865619 "badass"
(905.93 KB Based and Cringe.mp4)
>>864841 >>865101 What should be done is filtering cringe to based and based to cringe, people can use "founded", "settled" or "supported" instead of based. This wordfilter should be active only even days, or better at randomized times.
>>867109 It's shouldn't be filtered. We need to stop with the word filters because it only makes things more confusing (except uighur because that one is actually funny).
Why doesn't Internet General belong on hobby? If everything else needs to be moved to the deadboard, why not that thread? Maybe it will pick up the traffic of hobby.
>>848992 faggot
>>867227 If you get confused by word filters, you have a problem.
>>869094 Right wingers who use joggers are white kids who are too scared to actually say the real n word so here's what I'd do >Filter Jogger to N!gger >Leave the Uighur filter >Filter Uighur to Jogger. This will force the right wingers to turn on the switch in their head to make actual sentences and in doing so turn them into communists. It's ingenious.
filter "jogger" to "rapper"
>>870245 this is the best suggestion I've seen in months
>>870245 good one
Hello, fellow comrades. I am into something I am re-reading his anti-Stalin speech: https://www.marxists.org/archive/khrushchev/1956/02/24.htm He says: "In December 1922, in a letter to the Party Congress, Vladimir Ilyich wrote: “After taking over the position of General Secretary, comrade Stalin accumulated immeasurable power in his hands and I am not certain whether he will be always able to use this power with the required care.”" But I can't find any 'letter' from Lenin where he exactly says that. Even the piece of letters about this was on Trotsky literature (of course he would publish that). Can someone direct me to them? Or is it a Khrushchev's lie?
>>872258 It's of course, over-exagerated. Read Grover Furr if you want a in-depth breakdown of how much of that speech is utter lies. See PDF.
>>872558 Grover Furr is an insane Stalin apologist who isn't even a specialist in Russian history. He's a professor of Medieval English literature.
>>872660 which debunks the text at hand... how? tip: it doesn't
>>872710 It means he isn't a trustworthy source.
>>872739 it means he is educated and expanded his studies he already learned how to do further to the topic of soviet history and the stalin era and what it further means is that you simply refuse to read because of your cheap attempt at character assasination, being unable to refute the text at hand go back to /pol/ to read your "info" graphics if this is too much text for you to read, simple as that
>>872739 It is literally irrelevant to the PDF linked. Double-check the claims and sources of the PDF if you want.
>>872743 >being unable to refute the text at hand See, that's just it. Most people don't have the competency or access to resources to assess the accuracy of what historians say, so you need to be able to trust them. Regardless of the topic, you should in general avoid reading non-specialists with a massive ideological biases, especially if you know little of the topic yourself. This is a guy even the MLs here make fun of for his refusal to admit to a single crime committed by Stalin.
>>872743 He doesn't use a scientific method thus he's not an historian. He's only known for his insanity, Marxists widely ignore him and you should too, it's not like there's not accurate history out there.
(126.90 KB 660x440 pure-ideology.jpg)
>>872756 >He doesn't use a scientific method thus he's not an historian.
>>872754 not a single crime and not a single refutation
>>872732 Indeed. If only history were so rigid a discipline we would not have all the postmodern historian treating history like hunter/gatherer story time.
>>872763 tell me one method of coming to truth that is just as reliable as scientific method coinflips? religion? anecdotal evidence (experience)? Legit curious how you come to truth. (Don't wanna guess, but it's probably some insane shit or unreliable dumb shit just like conservatives believe in religion or anecdotes as a reliable epistemological method)
Truth is an aspect of a given reality. Different aspects of reality must be observed by different means. Do not look for one answer to every question.
>>872557 Thanks, but it doesn't say exactly this statement: "After taking over the position of General Secretary, comrade Stalin accumulated immeasurable power in his hands and I am not certain whether he will be always able to use this power with the required care". I think >>872558 Is correct. >>872660 Strawman. >>872754 > Most people don't have the competency or access to resources to assess the accuracy of what historians say, so you need to be able to trust them. That's the point of do an historic text: It's irrefutable under the material analysis. In fact, I can't find in any of Lenin's work the exact quote Nikita Khrushchev said, thus, NK lied. I knew he was a revisionist, and conspired to kill Beria, but he also darkened Stalin's image. >>873455 t. Trotskyte.
>>873521 >never actually responded >goes into sectarian strawmans/ad hominems Not a Trotskyist and I don't give a shit about Stalin. Oh well. I can tell you are disconnected from reality. Go back to your e-celeb thread and some shitty reddit clones fighting every day for your daddy Stalin or whatever you like. While doing nothing to advance the cause. The highest stage of NEETs or colleague kids in Burgerland. They are all just sports teams for you. That is why you call others Trotskyist instead of actually responding. You don't care about the truth, you just want to feel good about your sports team winning (in this case... Stalin... I guess...?). Go consume your sports team propaganda. I should have expected that you will just dodge the question, A SIMPLE QUESTION that even a 5 year old can answer because you believe in some irrational shit.
>>872660 name good historians on the subject then
>>873535 What's your question, I haven't seen anything. That Furr doesn't use scientific methodology? Then I would have to ask you: Where? According to what counter-methodology you claim about his methodology? Science uses quantitative and qualitative analysis. Where Furr doesn't use a qualitative and quantitative analysis? I am pointing that I can't find that exact quote Nikita Khrushchev said in any of the Lenin's works, thus NK is lying. I haven't read the PDF the comrade above provided, but at least for now I can agree with Grover Furr thesis: Khrushchev lied. Can you bring the quote in Lenin's works? certified it was written by him? No? then you are just being a reactionary. By the way, you should prove that Grover Furr is not applying a scientific methodology, because you are the one accusing him, the burden of proof is on you.
>>873740 There are a few people criticizing Furr for being a liar in this thread, I was the one calling him out for not being scientific. So basically what he does is reverse science, not unlike crazy conspiracy theorists tend to do, he assumes Stalin was good and Khrushchev was bad and then cherry picks facts here and there to push demonstrably false narratives (eg: azis did katyn massacre). When he doesn't have evidence to back his claims he says "it's undocumented because it was suppressed" somehow. Yeah this dude is crazy and a waste of time all right
words words words words words
>>873521 You do realize Lenin and Khrushchev weren't writing in English, right? The linked translation says >Comrade Stalin, having become Secretary-General, has unlimited authority concentrated in his hands, and I am not sure whether he will always be capable of using that authority with sufficient caution It's either the same sentence translated differently or a minor error. They mean the same thing. Thee are undoubtedly errors in Khrushchev's speech and maybe even some intentional distortions. It's not directly mentioned in the speech, but he definitely lied about Beria being an English spy. However, that doesn't mean the secret speech isn't generally true, or that Grover Furr is right. If you want to find out more about the purges, don't rely on either of them but read reputable historians.
>>873740 I'm the PDF anon, and if you're referring to the "rude" quote or whatever, I linked it above. It's taken out of context (so real) or it's a forgery - PDF provides detail on this.
time to get more mods
>>874153 >reputable historians And who would they be, according to you?
>>875077 Not him, but I would say those historians whose works cited pages do not make you say "fucking really?" upon close examination.
>>874995 >It's taken out of context (so real) or it's a forgery <I'm not sure what it was, but it's inconvenient to Stalin so it was definitely bad Good illustration of Furr's methodology. >>875077 Some are mentioned in this thread: >>862896
>>875541 You're a fool. I'm simply saying that the probability that it's a forgery is significant, and in the case that it's not, it's still taken out of context, with regards to the situation with Krupskaya, Stalin and a breakdown of communication.
>>875541 If you're the poster of >>875077, I'd rather you tell me who you personally like, because it seems like you have no clue ;)
>>875643 Based on what I've read by and of him, Getty seems pretty good. I'm indeed not an expert on Soviet historiography, but I know enough about history to tell you that you shouldn't believe non-specialists with fringe views just because you find them emotionally appealing. If you do, you're no better than a creationist.
>>875783 It's not really that fringe.
>>875787 He thinks the Katyn massacre was done by the Germans and that everyone judged at the Moscow Trials was guilty. No serious historian believes that.
you need to put a rule requiring link/source for any "news" thread being posted >>876195 edit the op and add https://www.asiatimesfinancial.com/ccp-announces-plan-to-take-control-of-chinas-private-sector the average idiot on /leftypol/ would take that thread with a sensationalist headline in the pic at face value and not know that the source asiatimesfinancial.com is a hong-kong based news media owned by some thai media mogul. its parent site asiatimes.com appears to be blocked in china.
Zer0 do your job
>>876137 That's not an argument. Aren't you going to rebut him?
>>876901 Pointing out that a source that has been cited is prone to making wildly inaccurate claims with a clear pattern of bias is, in fact, an argument.
>>876375 >capitalist source >talking about China in a way leftists would view favorably Why are you asking Janny to change your stinky diaper? It isn't like it's Chinese state propaganda, quite the opposite tbh.
I know this is a strange place to ask but does anyone know how to join an Element/riot link whilst signed into your username? I accept the link, but it has me as a guest, and it doesn't show me anyone in there or anything to read, mostly blank. Then I sign into my account and it logs me out of the room and I can't rejoin. Useless piece of garbage
how do i stop being butthurt over shit?
>>878883 Element/riot us just the client. I say this because it will probably help you better understand how the matrix protocol works; You have a username that can be used on various matrix servers and use that client; riot what have you to connect to see servers
>>882699 Based stoicism, here's a good book on the subject by comrade Marcus Aurelius.
>>883186 lmao dat nigga is the exact opposite of stoic
(65.62 KB 453x700 Commodus.jpg)
>>883186 If that book has any parenting advice, I suggest that you ignore it. Pic Related. >>883790 What are you talking about? Marcus Aurelius was most certainly a stoic philosopher.
>>883996 I think he means he larped as a stoic irl.
>>883996 no, that tripfag is not stoic. don't compliment him.
>>884476 >tripfag it's cute you want to pretend that you belong here, but you don't, stop using words you don't know and lurk more or go back to your reddit
>>886066 man, shut up. how many years before captcha did you even start posting? fuck off, kid.
>>886171 (me hol' up did you actually think I was referring to Marcus Aurelius, or are you so autistic that using the term tripfag over namefag actually bothers you? lmao
(86.14 KB 385x374 BlackFlaggots.png)
>>886226 I am >>883996 but not >>886066. I thought that you were talking about Marcus Aurelius at first instead of the namefag.
>>886171 2006 after lurking for a year if you can't differentiate between names and trips you should just fuck off
>>886586 so you're autistic. post your oldest image.
>>668788 Which thread or board would be most appropriate for green text stories?
Okay admin, now that you have Cloudflare for malicious IPs you can go ahead and remove the whole "Your IP was recognized as a known spammer" nonsense.
(211.58 KB 1908x1045 1369353523710.jpg)
Reminder for mods to wordfilter "jogger" to "rapper"
>>891417 only the site owner can do this
(21.11 KB 253x255 XskRjybI.jpeg)
>>893614 lazy ass mods aren't even implementing the best idea in months
>>893614 >>895013 I don't get it...
>>896423 jogger is a racist dog whistle, replacing it with rapper does not help much.
jogger ---> Italian
This thread is the first thing people see when they come to the board you know, make your posts worthwhile maybe.
>>899156 This or Irish
Oi, jannies, let TOR posters upload files pls
>>904504 I second this
>>904504 >Jannies Hotpockets, please ban uighurs like this and send them back to cuckchan, amen.
>>906202 A TOR poster supposedly from 4chan? Know-nothings blowing hard as always.
>>904504 There is a ban on TOR posters uploading files because our political rivals will spam the site with CP and or CP will be posted on the site behind the tor proxy. Image Uploading has been disabled with TOR to prevent this. This is how it was on 8ch.net, too. It's a fair compromise.
Is space actually a leftist? What if he's a crypto glowie?
https://www.GETchan.net/ Out with the glowies.
(22.25 KB 488x542 boku to tsukiatte kudasai.png)
Mods, stop sending garbage threads barely related to anime to the anime board, please! Just delete them.
Major platforms, entertainment media, sports, every corporation under the sun, literally the banks etc materially supporting an racial insurrection is just an commercial, just torn of the screen bro, like look away nigga lmao but your uncles pick up truck, gay Lebanese corner store clerks and Richard Spencers defunct magazine fortune he spends on white people conventions and child support are CRISIS CAPITALIST FASCIST FASH CAPITALISM IN CRISIS CAPITAL FASC What are some books for me to understand this Communism? I am being serious about learning this.
>>911827 Did I post in wrong thread? Does this place has a questions that don't deserve a thread thread?
>>911840 yes its literally on the front page rn
>>911840 Yes there's a QTDDTOT thread, use the catalog retard. And try to make your request or point less malformed, I've read your reddit spaced paragraph several times and can't figure out what the fuck you're whining about wrt virtue signalling by Proctor and Gamble or accountants who drive F350s. It's like this Frankenstein monster of bad liberal takes from twitter rolled into a schizophrenic worldview as written by a Qboomer
(109.89 KB 1000x500 1598691718081.jpg)
People replying to bad threads knowing full well they're shit should learn about this nice little feature called "sage".
why is the usa thread above this pinned post currently??
>>913185 When there's more than one sticky their position depends on their latest bump just like regular threads.
>>913185 Probably because of the US presidential debate happening tomorrow
>>913276 but theres only one sticky
>>913314 We care about that dog and pony show?
How do you do the big red text?
jannies fucking unlock my thread >>923561
>>923599 you cowards
>>923599 so we can have a thread arguing about the JQ but talking about sexual harrasmemt is a no-no? wtf jannies
>>923613 yes. Also if theyre gonna lock my thread jannies should immediately lock the thread about people being ex racists. fucking dumb bitches
>>923613 I would ask what JQ is besides a magazine, but I get the feeling that knowing would somehow make me stupider.
>>923613 >>923627 Also that thread about patriotism with 200+ replies never got locked even though patriotism is also idpol lol
>>923813 your intuition is very correct
>>923599 >>923627 >>924054 You're correct that things should be given a chance to go wrong before being locked. Sorry about that
>>924054 That's debatable but yeah janitors are brainlets
(123.30 KB 244x273 1598935394190.png)
Do we really need a sticky for the 846th iteration of the funny bald feels guy?
>>924126 Kys jannies. People can shit fling about racism and nationalism all day but not sexual assault and the oppression of women? Fire the incel janny please
>>925366 both of these issues are addressed from leftist positions, not as stated in your OP with an anti leftist premise
>>925366 cry moar bitch
>>925366 If you're the OP of that thread then you made a stupid mistake calling a nonidpol thread idpol. You just painted a target on your thread.
>>925416 >Implying I'm OP
>>925454 Diverted blame from the retarded jannies because they are too retarded to moderate properly, again I'm not OP, just someone who wants the bare minimum competency
>>925462 >>925461 There's been a whole discussion on this but it's going to have to wait until more vols can weigh in >>924789 It's also explicitly against the rules of raiding ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>925454 your hot pockets are ready
>>925366 > People can shit fling about racism and nationalism all day but not sexual assault and the oppression of women? It's such bullshit honestly
>>925495 the thread reached 1000 posts and can no longer post so un sticky it now
>>926599 But we can have 10 threads with rightoid OPs shitposting and post low effort propaganda
>>925725 But i ordered chicken tendies and you didn't even bring the sauce.
Low quality post raid right now, jannies too busy shoving hot pockets up their asses to care>>668788
(39.03 KB 640x615 1566590662066.jpg)
Could you please ban these moronic /pol/acks? It's getting annoying.
>>929720 why don't you be a hot pocket then christcuck
>>668788 can we have a banwave or shut down or SOMETHING to stop these absolute retarded /pol/tards.
(524.33 KB 642x450 1601332646152.png)
Since nobody looks at reports or the meta board, let me just say /pol/tards are spamming the other boards with shit threads.
>>930210 They've all been deleted. Now rejoice.
They're back to spamming /tech/ for some reason.
Captchas will be required to posts on all boards outside of leftypol until further notice. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. Solidarity Comrades~
spam on /edu/, /anime/, and /tech/ reporting system is fucked
>>>/anime/ requests assistance from the HQ. Send division over to expel the assaults.
>>930596 I understand this is necessary, but I can't read the goddamn things. What the hell is this? I have to keep refreshing until I get a comprehensible one.
>>931960 Just reload them if you can't read them. It's better than the hell that is Google captcha, trust me. I have no control over that though. That's a space thing. We did talk to space and he turned up the DDOS protection on cloud flair for the timebeing, but, that's all we can do. My theory is that we are dealing with a botnet. Meaning that we just have to take the necessary precautions until this is all over. Just think of this like our own little version of covid, lol
Shoutout to the jannies for destroying every poltard attempt at raids in those last days. I've talked shit of them in the past but they really doing God's work rn.
>>932492 Then I don't know what to tell you, nigga. Squint.
>>932492 based captcha filtering out the illiterate
>>932394 >Be me >Praising jannies work >15 minutes later captcha isremoved and the board exposed again
>>932697 The captchas exist to stop the botnet. If people want to post soyjacks and scream about leftypol they can do that with or with out captchas. Besides I can always just turn them back on if I feel so inclined.
>>932722 Then fix the goreposting if possible. Also a suggestion for the future: if its possible, when preparing for heavy raids open the selection for other volunteers to protect the board, even if temporarily.
>>932845 The only way to deal with the gore posting is just finding it and deleting it. I, actually, think adding more mods at this point isn't a bad idea, i'll discuss with the othermods.
>>933269 >Giving us free revenue
What happened to the OC thread? Was it accidentally deleted?
>>933284 >implying this site makes any revenue
>>934837 >he didn't get his soros check
>>934837 they makee tons, you just spend it all on hotpockets
(25.95 KB 944x313 bunkerchan.png)
Am i the only one getting these or is the site getting slower?
>>935795 No, it's antispam protection.
>>932883 Yeah, I was wondering if you guys aren't getting exhausted from cleaning up all the garbage from these /pol/idiots. I'm sure a couple of people would volunteer, like myself, to help deleting and banning the /pol/posts.
>>935955 Yes anon, i volunteer with you
>>935955 we've got it under control. it only takes a couple clicks to ip ban and delete bot spam
>>936094 Cool, good job
>>935955 >>936092 If you want to volunteer come the matrix chat and ping an admin or a mod.
Why can't I post files? It says r9k prevented you file from being posted.
>>937350 Unique files are required for the time being to medigate spam.
>>937350 You can't post duplicates, it's an anti spam counter-measure.
>>936094 Hey jannies, great work cleaning the pol/acks retardation! They are still spamming their autism in the polface thread tho. A wee of help would be nice:^) Anyways, keep up the good work!
Two things: 1) Have you recruited some volunteer to clean up? 2) There are random posts that go from a thread to another in a random way, is this fixable?
>>938001 1) No, not yet you can go on the matrix chat if you want to volunteer. 2) They have now a bot that posts random messages in random threads, generally necrobumping them, if that's what you are talking about.
>>939182 It might have been deleted by accident. Remake one if you wish, here's the last archived one >>419177.
They are now spamming the board by copypasting posts from different threads
>>939182 A spambot might have dropped it off the board. They're doing the same thing in /tech/ /anime/ /edu/ and other boards
(167.85 KB 1280x720 fdgdfgdfg.jpg)
So, here's the deal, we currently have the board set so that nothing that is older than 4-5 days can be bumped. If there is a thread you think should be made cyclical tell us here and we will deliberate on it. I have taken the liberty of cycling the Japanese communist Party thread and the CPUsa thread. Personally these are the kinds of metrics I believe a post should be required to attain to receive a cycle. Thank you for your understanding.
Also FYI but the OP spamming shit is still going on in >>>/edu/ and >>>/anime/ and needs to be deleted
>>941700 Hello mods, you gonna take care of the dozens of reports or what?!
>>668788 I have an idea. Temporarily you could make there be no board limit, so there can be essentially infinite pages until the bot is stopped
There's half a dozen china threads. Delete the duplicates
>>944581 stop being such a loser /pol/cuck and maybe girls would like you enough
(47.34 KB 700x499 Shossie.jpg)
>>944906 >and you can't stop me
Ok the fuck is happening with all the pinned threads
>>945118 we were raided massively and a bot spammed al threads which caused threads to be kicked. we lost the current oc thread i think. these were pinned to save them.
>>946221 We are board of peace, dude
leftypol archive when
>>946221 You should step away from the keyboard more often.
>>946780 pol isn't sending their best!
(173.12 KB 1565x864 1601664089390.png)
>>946780 >nu-/pol/ newfag thinks we have anything to do with antifa
>>668801 haha i agreee harder leftist [email protected] Real /pol/ will raid you until your shitty safe space implodes on itself.
>>946837 kill yourself
>>946781 /pol/ is sending literally everyone lol, fuck you asshiker
>>946823 These edits are out of control, lmao
Hey staff, maybe I‘m expecting too much but why don‘t you temporarily ban everyone with less than maybe 100 posts? Is that possible?
>>946871 How the fuck are you supposed to know who has or not 100 posts on an ANONYMOUS IMAGEBOARD? And why should that even matter? This is not bbs or a reddit clone. Captcha and more active moderation during this time is what is needed. They'll get tired soon enough and move on to the next shit.
>>940864 They are from 4.0-chan.ru/xomy and shamik.ooo/a/ you fucking idiot.
>>946901 There are post histories on here. Doesn‘t matter that this is an „anonymous“ imageboard. My idea would simply be more effective. With the current measures our board just looks untidy now.
>>947188 >>947196 no spamming
(37.32 KB 720x1029 FB_IMG_1601612523622.jpg)
>>947225 Oi, suck our dicks, faggot.
1. I hope Jannies are reading some of the polfag posts carefully. There are some people actually trying to have a discussion and understand what we're about. This is a good opportunity to clear up some misconceptions. Have at least some leniency. With any luck, we might get a new boon poster. 2. I hope everyone is taking screencaps of some of this posting. The amount of gore and furry porn these degenerate uighurs have on their computers is astonishing, and will make a good collage. I maintain that we must document the War of the Chin carefully. They're feeding us with endless proof of their own bottomless degeneracy.
>>947439 yesterday they were posting actual CP. disgusting. I do my best to only delete and ban spammers. If you are banned and feel you were creating discussion, repeal it and I'll unban you.
>>947460 Based Janny. >yesterday they were posting actual CP. disgusting. Filthy fucking animals.
>>947460 I don't know how to appeal. I'm trying to tell you where they are from to stop them. They have unlimited VPNs.
You made a meme that looks like asian guy and called it chud which is racial slur aganist finno-ugric people. You're fucкing biggots you now?
(28.66 KB 760x504 1601701138058.jpg)
>>947439 based desu. This place is fun to post in as a poltard because I'm going to get genuine reactions and shit tons of butthurt. Pol is just "you're a jannie/glowfag/normie" every time. Good for humor threads and that's about it
>>947602 >asian I love that /pol/tards don't even look white to eachother.
>>947603 You'll be one of us soon enough. Promise. They all come here with the same attitude and in a years time they're a leftist.
>>947603 Unironically glad to have you here. Back in the 8chan days we had some actually funny rightoid posters, and at least one actually intelligent rightoid who understood who we were and had politics beyond muh huwhite beeble.
>>947704 >have intelligent conversation >speak like a retard I think I found your problem...
>>947603 will anyone here admit that the CCP is fascist?
(662.45 KB 3173x1988 RealityVsPol.jpg)
>>947669 Yep, it happens every time. First /pol/ raids. A few of them try to argue, albeit on a /pol/tarded level. The chuds all go back to /pol/, but the more clever ones keep coming back here to argue, because they like to actually think about things sometimes. They keep arguing progressively less stupid points as they get a better idea of how the world actually functions. They go through a nazbol or mutualist phase. Then they pick up Capital, and it's all red flags and l'Internationale from there.
>>947772 The anarchists will proclaim it loudly.
>>947772 >will anyone here admit that the CCP is fascist? Don't worry, the CPC is building towards socialism, and will keep things on track, mostly.
>>947790 that's hilarious dude.
(49.74 KB 516x679 1601694559444.jpg)
>>947669 no, Hitler eternally BTFO'd Marx
(115.13 KB 681x716 1593184926163.jpg)
>>947790 That's actually quite terrible, looks like a child learning ms paint
>>947790 redpill me on the Pink 'U'. what does this mean?
>>947860 Ideology. The media puts it up on billboards. The boss proclaims it to his workers, one of whom is questioning it. The guy on the street and the guy in handcuffs are having their ideology formed by their experiences. At least that is my take on it. I did not make it.
>>947790 It's the other way around. Or at least it was for a while before /pol/ turned into /b/ 2.0
>>947853 that's the joke it's calling that worldview childish
>>948429 There was no /leftypol/ before that happened.
>>947821 >>947669 you lefty faggots are actually nice to talk to when you aren't shilling ccp talking points. I also lean toward anarchy but shun the evils of marxist/ Leninist/ maoist rubbish. Scientology? perhaps a joint op? chanology 2.0?
>>947849 lmao and then he shot himself
>>948525 Yeah because your arguments and ideas don't hold up to scrutiny.
>>948827 Surely you can tell us what "our arguments" are and where the holes in them lay then.
>>948902 Go ahead and lay something out on the table yourself.
>>948936 Law of Value. What's wrong with it and why?
>>948936 Basing the distribution and application of resources on one's ability to concentrate resources to themselves is not a sustainable economic model, and has no mechanism by which to improve the human condition, only to further accelerate the concentration of resources to said individual.
why don't the captchas on this site fucking work. I get to make one post before they bug out and won't accept any answers, requiring me to wips cookies and history of this site. why is the suddenly a problem, it never was before.
>>948902 What's wrong with it as a concept? There's simply more factors that account for the price of commodities and services than labour alone. If I were a free market Capitalist I would say it's up to individuals in the market to decide between themselves what they're willing to pay but we all know where that leads. >>949078 That's literally how civilization has been since the dawn of mankind and it's going to stay that way unless of course you decide to become self sufficient which is what I advocate for.
>>949107 You need to accept cookies from the site or clear cookies.
>>949107 I haven't been able to get my posts through at all..
>>949154 >That's literally how civilization has been since the dawn of mankind You are factually incorrect and historically ignorant. the capitalist mode of production has only existed for 200-300 years depending on how strict you are with the industrialism aspect.
>>949173 And you're a fucking retard if you believe Capitalism isn't just an evolved form of Feudalism and so on and so forth. It's the same shit in a different form.
>>949251 No, no. You are fucking retarded if you actually believe that capitalism is just evolved feudalism.
>>949279 It's the same ends with a different means.
>>949304 -6- What working classes were there before the industrial revolution? The working classes have always, according to the different stages of development of society, lived in different circumstances and had different relations to the owning and ruling classes. In antiquity, the workers were the slaves of the owners, just as they still are in many backward countries and even in the southern part of the United States. In the Middle Ages, they were the serfs of the land-owning nobility, as they still are in Hungary, Poland, and Russia. In the Middle Ages, and indeed right up to the industrial revolution, there were also journeymen in the cities who worked in the service of petty bourgeois masters. Gradually, as manufacture developed, these journeymen became manufacturing workers who were even then employed by larger capitalists. — 7 — ==In what way do proletarians differ from slaves? The slave is sold once and for all; the proletarian must sell himself daily and hourly.== The individual slave, property of one master, is assured an existence, however miserable it may be, because of the master’s interest. The individual proletarian, property as it were of the entire bourgeois class which buys his labor only when someone has need of it, has no secure existence. This existence is assured only to the class as a whole. The slave is outside competition; the proletarian is in it and experiences all its vagaries. The slave counts as a thing, not as a member of society. Thus, the slave can have a better existence than the proletarian, while the proletarian belongs to a higher stage of social development and, himself, stands on a higher social level than the slave. The slave frees himself when, of all the relations of private property, he abolishes only the relation of slavery and thereby becomes a proletarian; the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private property in general. — 8 — ==In what way do proletarians differ from serfs? The serf possesses and uses an instrument of production, a piece of land, in exchange for which he gives up a part of his product or part of the services of his labor.== The proletarian works with the instruments of production of another, for the account of this other, in exchange for a part of the product. The serf gives up, the proletarian receives. The serf has an assured existence, the proletarian has not. The serf is outside competition, the proletarian is in it. The serf liberates himself in one of three ways: either he runs away to the city and there becomes a handicraftsman; or, instead of products and services, he gives money to his lord and thereby becomes a free tenant; or he overthrows his feudal lord and himself becomes a property owner. In short, by one route or another, he gets into the owning class and enters into competition. The proletarian liberates himself by abolishing competition, private property, and all class differences.
>>949304 Capitalists and feudal lords are two entirely separate relationships to production amigo.
>>949372 >The proletarian liberates himself by abolishing competition, private property, and all class differences. abolishing private property and classes is not enough, money accounting has to be replaced by material accounting, or we risk going back to capitalism.
>>949304 It's exploiter against exploited, as it has been in class society.
(508.09 KB 443x473 1599345844464.png)
Before Diocletian created proto-feudalism Rome was capitalist. The entire early years were driven by magnates competing against each other for wealth and prestige. The later years they weren't truly capitalist for reasons ill get to in a bit, but the uber wealthy holdovers from the plutocratic days still existed and went ridiculously hedonist and decadent. Even the aggressive wars were often fought mostly to take slaves, free labor for the rich people, which is arguably even more advanced capitalism than we have now, although we're getting there. You're confusing capitalism with industrialism, which ironically is exactly what the plutocrats want you to do. Here is the actual picture: Capitalism = Plutocracy = Democracy. Which is why any form of Caesarism/populism is the counter to capitalism. Julius Caesar forgave debts, redistributed land and started a program that gave people food for free that lasted 600 years. 1800 years before Marx was born. Communism is a bit of a red herring, by presenting itself as the ONLY alternative to capitalism. I want leftypol to understand that that is a lie, and that you can build your own solution, you don't have to copy the bolsheviks. It's like pic related, both authoritarian paths are desirable and have agency, both libertarian paths are brainwashed by the rich
>>949433 Meant to reply to >>949173 , but don't worry I won't be spreading the gospel of right-wing socialism here anymore since your captchas legit do not work unless I use Microsoft Edge instead of Firefox kek Also I was also going to say that feudalism actually isn't capitalism at all, Diocletian actually was the final part of the Roman transition away from capitalism into that which lasted for a thousand years until the world transitioned back into capitalism. Which coincided with the world going from monarchy to democracy, and notice how the states that stayed democratic all along like Venice were more capitalist than feudal
>>949409 >Before Diocletian created proto-feudalism Rome was capitalist. No it wasn't. During the Imperial Age there was proto-capitalist activity in Alexandria, Egypt that featured something like sharcropping, but it never went beyond that. Hoards of wealth were accumulated by plain theft, or slave production. There was no significant commodity production with grain, salt, and the like being made for specific uses. One might make the claim that the slave trade itself was a capitalist enterprise, but slaves were usually captured on military campaigns intended to steal spoils. Thus the slave traders were usually military leaders rather than entrepreneuers hiring workers to capture slaves for them. >Even the aggressive wars were often fought mostly to take slaves, free labor for the rich people, which is arguably even more advanced capitalism than we have now, although we're getting there. No, capturing slaves while raiding for spoils is not capitalist production. It is just theft typical of the ancien regime. No capital means no capitalism, and military campaigns are not capital investments. >Julius Caesar forgave debts, redistributed land and started a program that gave people food for free that lasted 600 years. Caesar forgave certain debts, because it was useful to him to do so. It also became a common practice in the first year of a new emperor's reign. He "redistributed" the lands of his political enemies to those loyal to him. And Caesar did not establish the grain supply from North Africa to Rome. That was Pompey the Great. Not exactly charity, that.
>>949799 I think it's sleight of hand to describe a whole economic structure with a single word, as you can point to two historical systems and find distinctions (which is why Marx had to theorize the Asiatic mode of production to get around why his theory didn't fit in India and China). A difference in antiquity is that there was nothing like a "bank" as we understand it today. There was the state treasury, and there were rich men who would offer loans and credit, but anything like a stock exchange would have been functionally impossible. Still, the ways in which estates were managed in the ancient world were sophisticated, and they were definitely tied into the global market and thought of production in terms of profitability and what could be sold on the market. And likewise, early European capitalism was primarily concerned with exploitation of the rest of the world, through colonies and trading outposts / influence (see: India), and that exploitation was premised on essentially raiding the Americas for spoils (spoils that make Pompey's conquests seem relatively small), where slavery was a booming trade and essential to making the colonies work at all.
>>949799 >It also became a common practice in the first year of a new emperor's reign. Not until several hundred years later in the Byzantine empire after some civil wars in Asia Minor convinced emperors to keep the lower lords on a tight leash. The very reason Octavian was able to seize power without the kind of Senate resistance that killed Caesar was because he made none of the sort of populares proposals that Caesar made.
>>950223 >I think it's sleight of hand to describe a whole economic structure with a single word, as you can point to two historical systems and find distinctions Of course there are distinctions, but modes of production generate cultures even that are remarkably consistent with the cultures of other societies with the same mode of production. See the anthropological concept of "ethnographic parallels." Capitalist societies all bear marked similarities and identifiable trends. The same can be said for historical modes of production, although anthropologists have delineated far more of them than Marx had in the ninteenth century when the discipline was in its infancy (eg. pastoralism, horticulture, complex hunter-gatherer societies). None the less, all capitalist societies (if there can even be said to be more than the one global society) are all strikingly similar and becoming progressively more so. You hear Europeans and Middle Easterners complain about the "Americanization" of their cultures, but the effect that they are experiencing is just capitalism replacing old traditions with new ones. It is the same effect that the Frankfurt School critical theorists bemoaned. To the point, modes of production are easy to delineate, and that can be done not only by cultural analysis but also by the simple expedient of class analysis. How people produced and why can tell us exactly what mode of production we are looking at. Rome, for example, did not have a great merchant class, their rich having acquired their wealth by simple theft or slave labor. Nor did it have a large wage-laboring class. Its producers were overwhelmingly of the peasant or slave classes. Thus it is clear that Rome was definatively not capitalist. It did have merchants, and it did have wage-laborers but not in any great numbers nor was the Roman economy oriented toward their particular relationship. The debt jubilees that you describe are a prime example of how that was not the case. Those do not happen in capitalist societies, since debt is how it functions. >And likewise, early European capitalism was primarily concerned with exploitation of the rest of the world, through colonies and trading outposts / influence (see: India) By "exploitation" you mean the exploitation of resources, I assume. In any case, "early capitalism" can be a difficult thing to pin down. There were nascent and short-lived examples of proto-capitalism that grew out of the spoils of the Crusades before they were put down by the aristocratic ruling class. Could the pre-columbian Italian city-states be regarded as capitalist considering that they did have a significant merchant class? It is debatable, because most producers were still working their own lands. Did the guilds of Holland count as capitalist? I would argue so, as they had both bourgeois and proletarian classes and an economy largely predicated upon capital investment. There is no doubt that Capitalism had begun by the time the British Reformation happened, when the common lands were cleared of peasants and the newly homeless were forced to become wage laborers or die. Of course the Reformation happened after Pizarro and Cortez looted the New World, but the point is that capitalism had to have a certain social relationship in place (merchants, capital investment, landless workers) already for the conquests along the Western Atlantic and the Indian Ocean to kick societies into a new mode of production.
>>950397 >The very reason Octavian was able to seize power without the kind of Senate resistance that killed Caesar was because he made none of the sort of populares proposals that Caesar made. The reason that Octavian was able to sieze power was that he had an army in Rome while Marcus Antonius was out on campaign. The Senate thought, probably rightly, that Octavian would just kill them all if they did not play along.
>>950975 Octavian didn't kill all the senators and they were able to tolerate his rule for decades. Octavian's open collaboration with Rome's oligarchs is why he encountered no resistance after his initial civil war.
>>951203 Octavian built a power base after he attained power, and after the long and bloody civil war he was the last warlord standing. The Senate never had any real power over Augustus, although he allowed them all the trappings of it. Besides, the long peace that followed was great for the Senate. Also, Augustus was always paranoid of plots against his life if Suetonius is to be believed (and that's a big "if").
It seems we have lost the German, Russian and Brazilian generals. If any users of those threads reads this, feel free to recreate one. Sorry for the inconvenience.
>>951951 There’s a German general in /ref/ if anyone cares to use it >>>/ref/316
>>952012 I believe many of the lang generals were moved to ref, actually. I do know the Brazilian thread is gone, tho.
>>951951 >lost the "measurements of terror" thread F
(15.99 MB IMG_0018.mp4)
>>953591 Here are our terms of surrender.
>>953591 >implying anyone outside of your teeny tiny echochamber thinks you still have the power to do that shit top keks
>>953622 Brings a smile to my face every time.
Last announcement concerning the pol chimp out: Currently Missing Generals: Britain, Russia, Brazil, and Australia. If anyone would feel so inclined to recreate these generals feel free to do so. Other than that it's business as usual. Thank you.
I'm seeing a HUGE uptick in liberal/idpol threads since yesterday. I'm asking jannies to put a ban on everything realted to vooting and to enforce the ban on idpol threads (i.e: we have a fucking thread on trans rights rn, on a fucking no idpol board).
>>955190 idpol isn't, necessarily, banned just like being a neo-nazi isn't necessarily banned (itself a form of idpol) Read the thread, it's actually remaining rather tame and we are doing a good job of keeping it on track and focused on class analysis. I see no reason for it to be banned, currently. Do you think we shouldn't debunk retards who unironically hate gay people? There's people in that thread, currently, who believe that the gays have an overt conspiracy to transform the public school system into some type of child sex pedophile factory system.
>>955227 >I see no reason for it being banned It asserts a precedent that shitting the board with idpol is good as long as is "well" thought out. >Also the spike in "i'm a sucdem" threads Liberalism should be instantly banworthy.
>>955227 ban overtly obvious trans rights threads, they're clearly bait.
>>955234 Converting people has always been our precedence. Stop being a faggot. Saging in a sticky because fuck you.
>>955247 >Converting people Lol @ you imagining there aren't chinless faces behind a screen making these threads acting in bad faith.
>>955255 argue with those who wish to argue, ban and ridicule those you don't. Simple as.
>>955255 read the thread. >>955260 This says nothing about the idpol question. Whether or not it is viable to ban libs asking questions in ernisty is a whole different can of worms. I kinda feel like if we are going to let neo-nazis make open dialogue with us it's kinda not a good look to not extend the same olive branch to libs; idpol conversation as a whole both right and left. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
>>955274 We should ban BOTH. Why in the hell on a MARXIST imageboard should we let Reddit tier brainrot fester, regardless of its side.
>>955282 To make them Marxist?
>>955285 >We have Jesus tier capacity of convincing people, even explicitly acting in bad faith ones Get a grip on reality.
>>955282 No, this is the same logic that reddit holds. We are not reddit we do not need or want a hugbox. We are leftypol not reddit.
What happened to the Australian thread? Could you return it?
>>955312 Some one has to recreate it. It got kicked off the board by spam.
(246.24 KB 702x2254 UnityOfOpposites.jpg)
>>955274 They are rather similar, aren't they? Shit, why not. It's not like arguing about flagrantly fallacious bullshit like net exploitation or The World-Wide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Patriarchy is any different than arguing about flagrantly fallacious bullshit like race realism or the subjective theory of value. <abuse of statistics to make a particular identity into a spooky Big Bad <framing arguments around arbitrary identities <emotional appeals concerning their poor, oppressed peoples <utter disregard for any actual scientific process <their own special flavor of pseudoscience <utter refusal to argue in good faith <cheap sophistry and argumentums ad hominem <"Hey, you're supposed to be tollerant!" Give each camp of idiots a containment thread. Actually, it might be more fun to combine them into one and laugh as each of them discovers just how much they have in common.
>>668788 >>668801 A new version of the manifesto has been approved, for the sake of simplicity I won't bother to remake the topic just now, but here it is if you want to read it. As of today this manifesto goes into effect and supersedes the old one. Changelist: Changes: New volunteers added, old volunteers removed Zeke Roa added as GETchan admin Special thanks to Stephen Lynx removed (lul) Spelling error in 'seperation of powers' corrected dating system changed to YYYY-MM-DD format for alphabetisation added new boards to text added section: "While individual interpretations of the rules and agreed practices may differ somewhat, this manifesto is intended to provide the ‘be all end all’ authority on how Bunkerchan should be run, and should not be contravened except by a formal, critical, majority vote. The actions of the staff and users should follow from a straightforward interpretation of the text herein." added section: "In addition to the bunkerchan.xyz site, the Bunkerchan administration maintain a matrix chat instance ‘/leftypol/’ for further redundancy, and the GETchan.org site is maintained as a backup site for Bunkerchan in the event of catastrophic site failure." added section: [To ensure a basic level of quality, topics or posts will not be tolerated when contributions are not conductive to well-intentioned discussion. Therefore, posts that;] "(6) are low effort sectarian bait rather than good faith discussion" [May be removed at the discretion of moderation staff. Some examples of topics or posts which would likely fall under these rules and are subject to being removed are as follows;] "(6) “tankie/anarkiddie hate thread” or “why does this theorist suck so much?”" changed the following section: "A decision which has been made should not be revisited without significant change in circumstances or extenuating circumstances for at least a period of two months." to instead specify "one month". added section: "A member may choose to withdraw their own proposal during the proposal or voting stages, in this event, the matter will not be considered ‘closed’ and can be revisited as required." added section: "When threads are anchored or ‘bumplocked’, the acting staff member must leave their justification for the decision in the offending thread. In the absence of such a justification the thread should be unanchored, or else the action justified by another staff member. The thread may still be unanchored at the discretion of a consensus of other staff members as usual even if a justification is given." added section: "In addition, anchoring decisions should primarily be made based on the content of the original post and posts by the original poster. Ideally, threads should not be arbitrarily anchored due to later derailing or disruptive posts which are out of the control of the original poster and the offending posts should simply be removed." added section: "A public log of all moderation votes and their results should be maintained for the later reference of both staff and users, and to ensure that decisions are recorded and followed." added section: "This document is the 2020/05/10 revision, which supersedes all previous versions of the manifesto, and was revised by Caballo" added section: "/tech/, which is for discussion of software, hardware, and the industry in general, /edu/, which is for the discussion of history, literature, and general academic topics without a required emphasis on leftism, and /games/, which is a board designed for videogames, board games, and tabletop." modified section: "These boards are governed by their respective administrations and volunteers, though all members of the Bunkerchan team have now joined the /leftypol/ team as coequal volunteers." added section: "To this end, special rules are used for the creation of formal site polls – these can be proposed by the approval of only two staff members, and votes must run for only TWELVE HOURS before being accepted by a simple majority and implemented. Due to their speculative nature, internal polling votes will not be disclosed to the userbase until their success and the creation of the poll. Official polls should not be conducted outside of this mechanism due to the possibility for confusion." added definition of idpol: "An important part of /leftypol/’s unique character is our opposition to identity politics. We believe that conflicts between genders, races, sexualities, and so on are distractions from the wider class struggle that are intentionally fanned by the ruling class. This does not mean that oppression based on personal characteristics does not exist, but that it should be approached from an egalitarian perspective which is not personally accusatory and does not assign ‘victim’ and ‘oppressor’ groups. The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a fundamental part of leftism." added new rule about idpol (7)
>>956565 Based manifesto, thank you.
>>955312 There’s this not used thread on ref, >>>/ref/2250. If you’d like to use it, go ahead. If not, that’s fine as well
(251.45 KB 1266x566 Futa-bumarxistanalysis.png)
Why was this thread deleted? This was a good thread.
>>956565 >┏┓ ╻ ╻┏┓╻╻┏ ┏━╸┏━┓┏━╸┏━╸┏━┓╺┳╸┏━┓ >┣┻┓┃ ┃┃┗┫┣┻┓┣╸ ┣┳┛┣╸ ┣╸ ┗━┓ ┃ ┃ ┃ >┗━┛┗━┛╹ ╹╹ ╹┗━╸╹┗╸╹ ┗━╸┗━┛ ╹ ┗━┛ good job
Any recs for a lefty lawyer?
>>958832 Considering the influence Liberalism had on modern bourgeois laws and institutions I think Losurdo's Liberalism: a counter-history would be an interesting read for you. <In this definitive historical investigation, Italian author and philosopher Domenico Losurdo argues that from the outset liberalism, as a philosophical position and ideology, has been bound up with the most illiberal of policies: slavery, colonialism, genocide, racism and snobbery. Narrating an intellectual history running from the eighteenth through to the twentieth centuries, Losurdo examines the thought of preeminent liberal writers such as Locke, Burke, Tocqueville, Constant, Bentham, and Sieyès, revealing the inner contradictions of an intellectual position that has exercised a formative influence on today's politics. Among the dominant strains of liberalism, he discerns the counter-currents of more radical positions, lost in the constitution of the modern world order.
There are people explicitly trolling using radlib vocabulary and or Sakaiite bulllshit. Can we PLEASE ban this shit? Or do we want to turn this place in a liberal cesspit?
>>699030 >theory >not just fucking going out there and doing shit instead of sitting in your armchair
>>961072 if you think they're not engaging in good faith you can report it and we'll consider it. but we should engage with radlibs just as well as /pol/ types.
(124.51 KB 1024x740 1601797787365.jpg)
what is the best flag to use by nazbols where is the nazbol gvng
>>962452 The nazbol flag is on 4/pol/ which is where most people who post using the nazbol flag tend to basically denounce everything leftist because it offends their sensibilities and basically they're kinda like the leftcoms of the right-wing left No joke even my own brother who is a nazbol believes "socialism is good but every socialist should be killed" because they're not the perfect embodiment of nazbolism
>>962452 Here you go, anon.
>>962463 I am not gay you are gay, neoliberal >>962458 >>socialism is good but every socialist should be killed holy based
>>962458 >No joke even my own brother who is a nazbol believes "socialism is good but every socialist should be killed" Dat nigga read Nietzsche
(70.42 KB 300x230 gaddafi.jpg)
(79.56 KB 672x658 1418517744842.jpg)
So I'm gone for a few years and /leftypol/ turns into /b/ with politics just like /pol/, huh.
>>963956 post tits
>>963956 >Damn, you cant take an active interest in a forum for several years without it changing a bit. What has the world come to.
>>963956 Post those big fat milkers.
>>963956 this is genuinely insulting. retract the statement or prepare to face the legal consequences.
(39.58 KB 419x208 green.jpg)
>>963984 consider laying off the funny arrows for a bit, its making you retarded
>>963984 That's not how greentexting works.
>>964057 <Damn, you cant take an active interest in a forum for several years without it changing a bit. What has the world come to.
(62.13 KB 640x702 xd.jpg)
>>964621 Jesus, man. Can you communicate without memes?
Hey so I'm wondering, why did this thread get bumplocked? >>959437
>>964749 That may be the second most important reason why he can't get laid.
>>964621 Lurk more faggot
>>668788 how do i format text?
>>668814 I woke up to an error after setting the leftist bookshelf to download over night. Not enough virtual memory or something?
(104.83 KB 450x350 shortcut.png)
>>969954 Use these shortcuts to bring up the emoji menu (ง •_•)ง
>>971483 >Windows Holy crunge.
>>972354 Ones keyboard is not an indication of wether or not they use windows. Windows key is the home key in linux and in i3 and DWM it is defaulted as your homekey. You would know that id you wernt such retard.
>>972400 What Linux DEs come with a preinstalled emoji menu?
(233.38 KB 1291x941 Screenshot (60).png)
/pol/yps trying to start some shit with the booru
>>972718 >Noooo you cant have memes on your own booru you have to get all your memes from us nooo!!! Monopolies have reached memes.
>>972718 Holy shit, they're still mad. This is incredible.
>>972871 >>972718 >>972877 If there was ever a time to have a plan b in case the booru gets fucked, now would be it.
>>972718 >raiding a booru Pathetic
>>972718 >dead after 10 posts >booru almost unaffected well that was fun wasn't it? (TOR can't upload images: https://cdn.lewd.host/iMLlYgVz.png )
>>972718 Interesting how these self-proclaimed "anti-degenerates" have a lot of scat porn and gore images on their hard drives
>>973097 >how many of them are getting red pilled <dozens, hundreds lmfao
>>974019 The nerve to assume that so many of us would be unprincipled enough to give up our belief that economic planning is important in favor of eternal electoralism and e-drama.
>>974462 It's just pol cope. Their ideas are to stupid to influence anyone. Especially leftypol.
>>976982 Antisemitism is a brain parasite that removes your ability to understand the world. Ethno-nationalism is such a terrible idea, fixes no problems, would destroy everything if implemented. These people are fully retarded.
>>744108 His ecology stuff is okay.
>>766569 What kind of facebook Mom shit is this?
>>977891 uighur
>>979693 This is why nobody's asked you to prom.
(364.95 KB 2500x1666 2efv45u8fk051f.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1022x731 4chan tiresome.png)
Fucking incelposter ruined the 4chan thread complaining about a wojak variant. Maybe he should've complained about 4chan being full of fucking wojak variants instead?
>>984147 incels are the cancer that killed 4chan
(7.61 KB 300x100 leftypol.svg.png)
(9.15 KB 300x100 leftypol2.svg.png)
I was told to post my Cockshott banners in here in the hopes that Scruffy will notice them
>>984496 Based af
>>984147 Pretty funny that they decided to draw the line now.
>>984496 heftypol?
/pol/ is posting cp again. Mods, delete this shit please
For some reason I can't find the report button. Is there a bug where it sometimes wont appear?
>>984496 These are great! Second the motion to add these as banners!
(551.90 KB 600x405 communist_vote.png)
Is something going on? I can't make a thread
>>985893 Never mind. Turns out I was drunk and hitting the wrong button.
We should put a word filter for "human nature" the only ones using it are irredeemable brainlets
>>986705 I suggest "monke"
>>986739 human nature -> monke spirit
>>985019 it's a lambda (λ), not an h
>>986760 Seconded. While we are at it, can we filter "cuck" to "bull"?
>>987620 No. That would filter cuckchan to bullchan.
>>987724 I genuinely laughed at that.
>>668788 does every thread get automtically archived?
(470.06 KB 1482x1839 current g.jpg)
/leftypol/ is like /b/, or /pol/ for a more modern analogy, with its overly ideologized retards sometimes flowing to the better side boards and making shitty threads like "is X leftist???????????".
>>989063 No >>984147 I cleaned the thread a bit. Please just don't engage with him, he is extremely insane even for imageboard standards.
(128.17 KB 300x550 raid_spray.png)
>>990545 roach begone
Seeing the massive upsurge in radlib/bait/sectarian posting in these days i'm asking the jannies to instantly delete every such thread that pops up.
>>995314 >just delete every post and ban everyone that disagrees with us stay classy fren
>>995593 stay mad tripleuighur
>>995597 I don't lose coherence when someone criticizes my ideology, so I'm not, you tankie faggots literally cry to your bitch boy jannies whenever someone posts something remotely against you lmao
>>995314 Also, why do you even call this 'sectarian' as in this site is non sectarian? This is literally a pandering to misfit tankies who can't fit in elsewhere and then ban anyone who disagrees with them.
>>995606 You and your discord anarkid friends were kicked out because you raided the board and posted a bunch of incoherent infantile tripe and shat up the catalogue. We have anarchists, liberals, even /pol/cucks come here and argue like grown-ups all the time. Stop acting like a wild radlib faggot teenager and maybe you will have a better reception next time. Faggot.
>>995645 The Trotsky thread wasn't real discussion? Typical meme responses to it. >We have anarchists, liberals, even /pol/cucks come here and argue like grown-ups all the time. Yeah, I'm rather disillusioned at this now.
>>995655 I don’t know about your Trotsky thread but I saw plenty of other obvious garbage by an obviously coordinated group. If you were a genuine poster you should take it up with your faggot radlib friends for shitting up the board and getting you caught in the crossfire.
>>995680 Lol whatever faggot, enjoy your jerkfest, this site is worse than reddit btw, and you have no clue how much I hate reddit.
>>995691 Go back to discord then ya fag
what happened to the PDF of Ego and it's own archived here? I was in the middle of it smh
>>995593 Dilåte
I really hate those yankee mods
Why was this anchored ?? >>989273
>>996948 Cause it's shit. It is fucking shit.
>>668788 Fucking mods, un-bumplock my thread. >>997900 Do you really think that Rampinelli is a rightist? Imagine either being so weary of the recent pol raids that that have been going on or too up your own ideological bubble, that you don't even allow threads putting the the way in which the Holocaust is named framed and exploited into question. This isn't even fringe stuff. Fucking Finkelstein makes similar claims.
>>998908 Defend the GET from any chinless invaders
(427.89 KB 2236x446 tmp.png)
>/leftypol/ >frontpage is full of rightoid whining and baits Please get your shit together.
>>1002116 You missed the best part: the rest of the catalog having like half a dozen poljak thread, have a dozen "will communism give me a gf" threads, and another half dozen talking about various e-celebs
>>984147 Let's just ban wojaks for a month. At least just to try, ok?
>>1005716 I am cool with that. While we are at it, ban pepes as well. Make people come up with new shit for a change.
>>1005716 >NOOOOOOOOO! Let's just ban wojaks for a month. At least just to try, ok?
(5.37 KB 208x250 1449350261768s.jpg)
>>1007220 >>1007256 Wonderful chan culture we got here. We need to have more of these. More wojaks, more pepes!
>>1007256 Do you not have pronouns or something? Are people just supposed to put a blank in their sentence when they refer to you?
(5.98 KB 261x193 (you).jpg)
>>1007275 hijak never got the screentime he deserved
(9.25 KB 397x274 candle.png)
>>1007327 >Hijack That shit is just Candlejack but less fu-
>>1007341 >Candlejack Holy shit talk about a trip down memory lane, I rememb-
>>1007387 What's all this shit about candlejack? I've never heard of him. Is he some movie character? Is this some kinda reference i'm not getting? And how is he related to "hijak" (btw i've never heard the name hijak i've just seen the meme)? Honestly, i'm such a zoomer sometimes. I wish i knew what dialup internet was like, or who candlejack was, or what it's like to go to a public library even. I can't imagine what that must've been like. Sounds totally awf
For the love of christ you fucking faggots... Fuck man can we please for the love of god not bring back these dusty old boomer memes like candleja-
ꀯꁲꋊꂠ꒒ꈼ꒻ꁲꀯꀗ ꀯꁲꋊꋊꂦꋖ ꍩꐇꌅꋖ ꂵꈼ ꂑ ꁲꂵ ꍩꂑꂠꂠꈼꋊ ꋰꈼꍩꂑꋊꂠ 7 ꂠꂑꄞꄞꈼꌅꈼꋊꋖ ꌚꉣꈼ꒒꒒ꌚ ꂑꋖ'ꌚ ꂑꂵꉣꂦꌚꌚ-
>>1007341 >>1007387 >>1007443 >>1007527 >>1007554 Candlejack was such a shit meme, I never understood the appea
>>1007554 No no no you’re doing it all wrong. Candlejack is only supposed to come after you say his full name not-
(362.43 KB 700x700 confusedsakurako.png)
Where did the SEA thread go? There's action in Thailand and Indonesia and the thread is missing.
>>1009305 find it in your heart anon it's always there
>>1009775 Reality is cope. But seriously there is no hope for mainstream left movement in the west, internal contradictions of what makes up the potential left voter base are too large. Doing mutual aid etc is still good tho
>>1009305 There’s one on >>>/ref/331 I’d y’all liked to use (though don’t have to) but I do find it odd that country generals seemingly just disappearing, especially since it seems have if the raids have calmed down already
>>1010324 Repostan because you finally used the right thread. a) Your retarded idea is only going to turn this board that is supposed to be about politics into a /b/ and keep the side boards as dead as they are. Generals suck and you should not be using the e-celeb shitpost thread as something to strive for. b) A better solution is moving threads, though I don't know if the shitty software this place still uses allows it. c) You're using the wrong board and the wrong thread too. d) Mods don't delete my post at least.
>>984496 jannies pls
>>1009305 >>1010148 The thread is still here but was archived because it had hit the bumplimit. See >>705255
bunkerchan is very slow today and it gives 500 and 522 server errors
>>1011943 Seconding this anon: why so much problems? The traffic is only slightly higher than average
(4.28 KB 510x73 error2.PNG)
fix your fucking shit, mods
>>1012030 >>1012105 >We are currently experiencing a DDos attack, which leads to some performance issues. Please just retry and reload, the site still works even if its slower. https://twitter.com/BunkerchanMain/status/1317846416488882181?s=19
Looks like someone's gotten around all the mitigation measures and is hammering the site as hard as they can. We're under attack again, fellas. Keep calm, carry on.
>>1012229 Your resistence only makes our chins larger.
How can I have funny pins next to my posts?
Don't know if this is the right place but anyone minds explaining me what the "watched threads" is about in the toolbar ?If it's for in site bookmarks how can i add a thread there ?
(51.63 KB 300x100 EVO.png)
(857.48 KB 1000x563 evo big.png)
>>1013334 The original
(107.71 KB 759x504 sidebar.png)
(38.23 KB 1053x334 watch_button.png)
>>1013153 the functionality is kinda broken but it partially works. You have to select a thread from the sidebar then you'll have a eye icon near the subject. Click it and it will be added to the watched threads. The watched threads will then show a (1) if any of the thread you are watching got new replies. Sadly it doesn't update the status automatically so you'll have to remove the thread from the watched list and re-add it if you want to be notified of further new replies.
(51.63 KB 300x100 evo redone.png)
>>1013334 >>1013337 I redid it by cropping, still get the message across.
>>1013556 cheers mate
PSA:Maximum file size was upped to 80MB from 20MB previously.
Edited last time by krates on 10/20/2020 (Tue) 19:03:31.
>>1016121 >Lenin-s-Electoral-Strategy-from-1907-to-the-October-Revolution-of-1917-The-Ballot-the-Streets-or-Both.epub Bruh isn't this that $80 ebook?
>>1015929 It was 80MB before?
Loving the new banner
>>1015929 what is the point of this? this is a discussion imageboard, not a filesharing website. >>1016121 this doubles vertical clutter even on a desktop monitor
can you anyone share books about asian and western european far left movements in the 70s and 80s
>>1016121 How did Stalin take it over?
>>1028957 They voted.
>>1019152 >this doubles vertical clutter even on a desktop monitor valid complaint but I doubt this will encourage people to post more images at once. Rather, it will make it easier for people to post in one single post all the images they would have had to upload into two separate posts before.
>>1019152 My digital copy of Michael Vickery's 1982 book on the Cambodian revolution is 20.4 mb.
Anyone got a PDF of this?
>>1030022 it's already available on libgen
(102.78 KB 720x718 1596880728641.jpg)
>libgen >Is another episode of this tajikistan 4-stacked mac mini server soldered with wish.com hard drives set up can't handle more than 40 connections
>>1030694 I've been looking for an English translation of the Talmud, thank you.
>>1035159 Is it even really libgen if it isn't hosted on a server setup that has a sizeable chance of burning down a commie block?


no cookies?