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(208.09 KB 1440x1440 smugkitty.png)
Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 20:19:56 No. 648938
>>648938 Based.
>>648938 I will do that
Im trying, too bad I often end up speaking with myself
(372.39 KB 2048x1712 1593120401097.jpg)
What about >>>/dead/ ?
>>648987 Weird stuff
>>648938 fuck off lumpen
(52.79 KB 261x219 windblade miko ride (2).png)
>>648938 >>>/a/ is also now a board.
>>648938 bumping because other boards still need more activity
(59.87 KB 499x581 XiGun.jpg)
I would shitpost hard on /GET/, but jannies put a ban on me for some reason :( Unban me you cowards.
>>648987 fuck off anti-worker schizo
(1.06 MB 2100x2100 ARI_Agitprop_1.png)
Was just thinking about making more agitprop for this movement. This one is for /games/ but remember to post on all boards!
(35.84 KB 220x219 mia_honda.gif)
>>658321 its actually >>>/anime/ now. Some vol messed up and now all the banners say /a/ lmao
(3.34 MB 2100x2100 ARI_AGITPROP_2.png)
>>669074 I do. Not many others do. :(
>>658321 Noice.
(1.16 MB 2100x2100 TankU_BasedAnon.png)
>>669567 Thank you Anon! >Not many others do. yeah thats unfortunate, but thats why we need to increase awareness about these other boards
(10.39 MB 2100x2100 ARI_Agitprop_3.png)
Remember to check out our amazing /tech/ board!
Nah I'm good
Mods need to use their powers and move threads into appropriate boards so people get to learn where the fuck certain subjects should go. For example there are a whole lot of threads on /leftypol/ (but also some on other boards) that actually fit the criteria of /ref/. /ref/ is vacant for no real reason and if we got our shit together it could actually act as a hub for language learning.
(2.53 MB 3500x3040 grace chess x3.png)
>>678433 >using Grace for your /tech/ OC Heh, all according to plan.
(62.70 KB 1280x720 Smug Son of a whore.jpg)
(824.91 KB 2100x2100 ARI_Agitprop_4.png)
Post on /hobby/ for discussions you can't find anywhere else!
Please direct me to leftypol's /k/ thanks. t. Canadian tankie.
create a catalog for the overboard
>>648938 Just was on GET but i was thinking it would good for the board dialectics to have dedicated boards for different ideologies. Narxism-leninism and Anarchism would be good start. We need a proper leftist infighting or this place gets dull.
>>695304 >the best way to promote inter tendency dialog is through segregation
>>669074 I would post on /ref/ if there was more lewds of Tania.
(130.16 KB 1024x767 shonen an son.jpg)
(194.30 KB 2100x2100 tania_lewd.png)
>>697391 Thats a done deal then
>>704824 > no glasses Sorry this won't do it.
(13.77 KB 480x360 lewd_tania_glasses.jpg)
>>704844 Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine! Here you go
>>648938 I do, but the only /hobby/ thread I care about is completely dead.
(508.58 KB 960x540 1595210688853.gif)
>>705939 That's it, I am not posting there ever again.
>>705958 Which one?
>>708297 The /mu/ thread.
(1.09 MB 498x373 handershaker.gif)
>>705980 Fine, I will try and get more lewd of Tania. Deal?
(1.19 MB 1280x1110 Grace Muse of Monarchy.png)
>>715029 >>705939 I am shocked at all this lewdity. The people of bunkerchan are full on lewd without remorse.
>>715181 >Grace That bitch is next
>>715201 >that bitch
>>715202 Good point. That whore is better. It has more punch to it
>>662975 There's an anime board and I didn't know because it doesn't show up on top, damn
(880.57 KB 2100x2100 postonanime.png)
(880.64 KB 2100x2100 postondead.png)
(880.35 KB 2100x2100 postonedu.png)
>>694865 that's a pretty cool meme format
(883.65 KB 2100x2100 postongames.png)
(878.84 KB 2100x2100 postonGET.png)
(878.76 KB 2100x2100 postonref.png)
>>715029 Don't bother.
>>715181 The only thing Grace is good for is pro republican yuri
>>715232 iirc, it has something to do with only Space_ being able to place the board on the navigation bar because he is the only one with access to the front end,
(10.71 MB 1225x1496 ARI_Agitprop_5.gif)
Reminder to all weebs that we do have an >>>/anime/ board
(778.55 KB papi.webm)
If you are papi you have to post on >>>/ref/ !
(260.55 KB 540x260 nico too cute.gif)
Will they ever add /animu/ to the top bar?
>>736757 It's possible the board owner may have died and any future action above vol is impossible.
>>736759 he literally posted a tweet yesterday. He's alive, he's just a faggot.
>>736763 >he literally posted a tweet yesterday. Are you fucking serious? What the hell is wrong with him!? It's like he hasn't touched bunkerchan in 2 months straight!
>>736794 No one knows what's wrong with space_ except that he's a completely useless twat.
(1.37 MB 2100x2100 ARI_Agitprop_his.png)
(1.78 MB 2100x2100 ARI_Agitprop_lit.png)
(2.23 MB 2100x2100 ARI_Agitprop_sci.png)
Some Reminders: >>>/edu/ is /his/ >>>/edu/ is /lit/ >>>/edu/ is /sci/
Please use /ref/ I am tired of using 4chan's /int/
>>737803 > /edu/ is lit shit slaps fam
>>736800 >>736794 his other chan (spacechan) literally had his mods rebel and make their own alternative because he stopped administrating it or giving a shit
>>737845 Maybe because communism is often internationaly oriented movement, its often awkward to banter about silly national stereotypes for lefties IDK
>>737845 What do people even talk about on /int/?
>>738970 /int/ is just a general shitposting board. Its fun because of that, theres no greater purpose or meaning to it.
>>739018 So is /ref/ just /GET/ with flags?
(821.18 KB 1536x2048 grace x alunya sketch.jpg)
>>737803 These are cute. Good OC. Reminder to visit /tech/ and /GET/ /games/ too.
(1008.64 KB 2100x2100 ARI_Agitprop_math.png)
>>737803 forgot to add this last one: >>>/edu/ is /math/
>>736757 I wish he'd hurry up, board desperately needs an injection of life.
>>739034 thats kinda true. Its actually an international board/ international shitposting board
(210.45 KB 1770x1170 thatcher_altrevint.png)
>tfw nobody posts on /edu/
>>755712 We dumb


no cookies?