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(24.42 KB 736x713 youtube red.jpg)
/IG/ - Internet General Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 18:05:04 No. 637502
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc.
(2.54 MB 268x268 1568614031923.gif)
>>724196 >worldwide concentration camps where minorities are forced to assimilate into the state's favoured culture
>>724180 The uk does have muslim camps, only they're not for reeducation, they're for keeping immigrants in indefinitely with no rights.
>>724196 Which is why i suggested oversight by Muslim nations to ensure such a thing does not happen. Did you even read what I said?
(207.70 KB 327x316 2ec.png)
>>724215 It is happening in China.
>>724196 >are forced to assimilate into the state's favoured culture. They're not though. This is only something an ignorant westerner would say.
>anyone who realizes that dengists are pro capitalist retards is a glowie I want the deng defense force to leave
>>724196 muslims can always GTFO and move to saudi arabia and libya if they love islam so much
>>724212 That isn't what I mean, I support inter-imperialist conflict, but I think it is preferable for China to continue being strengthened because it is in a weaker position militarily and economically than the allied west. So I don't support a cold war on America's terms right now, as in getting all the leftists to agree that "something needs to be done about China" because of Xinjiang. Even if the leftists are powerless in the west they should at least have a global perspective that isn't strictly defined by moralism narrowly framed by whatever the media is self-servingly calling an atrocity.
>>724220 Do you think Iran would cover up something like that? Why is there not a single Muslim country that thinks China is genociding muslims? Fucking soft neocon cunt.
>>724187 I take it back, I don't want to speak for anyone else here. But I would want to know what BadEmpanada's point is, and what he thinks should be done in regards to China, and what agency is going to carry it out.
>>724232 nevermind then, based take
>>724227 You don't have to think china is still socialist to not believe Adrien fucking zenz and the falung gong you idiot
>>724240 You say Adrien Zenz like I'm supposed to know what that is
>>724245 So you've barely researched your claims? Why do we have a sudden upsurge of both /pol/yps and MSNBC viewers?
success breeds jealousy
>>724251 I'm not the guy who you were responding to
>>724258 It may apply to you
>>724260 Or it may not.
>>724088 >kys Maoist Third worldist i am not maoist third worldist theory of labor aristocracy existed long before third worldist retardation
Sh0eonhead is on the road to becoming leftist. She will renounce her socdem ways very soon.
>>724290 >She will renounce her socdem ways very soon. are you sure bout that?
>>724290 Back on Twitter?
>>724290 I doubt it. She said if BLM protesters damage private property, they should get "roof Koreans".
Sh0eonhead is on the road to becoming my gf. She doesn't know it but I will make my feelings known VERY soon.
>>724307 >But momanpop! Is the cry by the social fascist as he stands with capitalism
>>724290 No she isnt. She just has a weird interest in vaush.
>>724290 Farthest she'll go is being an """Anarchist""" like Vaush
>>724316 Like the amazing atheist does.
>>724319 Molly Crabappleism
>>724315 The freikorps were merely protecting the small businesses.
/leftypol/ will love this guy: 1000% autistic maoist from UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3cH2hqgmwg&feature=youtu.be
(91.31 KB 637x881 shoe.PNG)
>>724307 Proof in case people ask me for it.
>>724328 lmao, that's Unruhe's son
>>724328 Mega autistic
>>724337 But he's a dengist! :D
>>724328 Bro why do these niggas feel the necessity to play dress-up
>>724337 Unruhe is based though
>>724351 As with anything like that it's a lazy shortcut to being more interested
>>724353 Interesting*
>>721239 t.simp
>>724337 Who would Unruhe's wife be?
>>724328 Maybe there is something saving in this person, but he seems like someone who can tell you the minutiae of what's happening in a country 10,000 miles away than what's happening down the road from him.
>>721362 because Stacy monopolies are totally not capitalism
>>724196 BASED MODS
>>724328 Interesting guy. He is definitely better than the gonzaloists
>>724361 >Who would Unruhe's wife be? hm, interesting question. LET'S FIND OUT
>>724374 lol no. I'm a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, I can tell you a local highschool has been closed down in my area leaving potentially a thousand poor students with no places at any schools nearby to go to. That dude could probably tell you the ins and outs of the magnesium supply in China but nothing about what's happening down the road.
>>724374 >Christian Maoism Another moron. Fuck's sake.
(59.87 KB 499x581 XiGun.jpg)
>>724227 deal with it cuck
>>724283 people on this board are retards, if you mention anything to do with imperialism, youre a MTW. Mention racism, its idpol etc.
>>723174 Good joke Anon
>>724419 Maybe don't sit in the worst thread on the board and complain about quality. Step outside and maybe even make a thread.
>>724419 caring about racism is idpol. Want to fight racism? Fight Capitalism.
>>724447 >Want to fight racism? Cool idpol
>>724328 Yeah, he's autistic, still, he sounds pretty based
>>724455 He is literally one of us.
(103.21 KB 372x372 9ucf28j4d1i41.jpg)
>>723996 >log on to Twitter >both "Das Kapital" and "Marx" are trending in the US >almost 25k and growing >mfw comrade Elon spreading the good word
>>724496 It reminds me of a conversation we had on /leftytrash/ where someone posted a picture of someone linking Cockshott to something bunkerchan related and we found it funny to think what would be the reaction of different famous people to bunkerchan. And for Elon, we just assumed that he would just tweet it out
>>724510 Can you immagine how many retards we would get if Elon ever tweeted bunkerchan?
>>724374 Holy fucking LARP
>>724283 Well, I guess Stalin was pro idpol then
>>723996 Does Musk know how racist this meme is with the "gibs" ebonics and al?
(541.53 KB 594x774 taro.png)
>>724518 It would be fucking GLORIOUS
>>724621 Bro this dude grew up in apartheid South Africa
>>724329 she just needs theory tbh
>>724046 forget about that utopian shit. seriously. cooperatives are not economically sustainable enough to compete with global capitalism. just pocket that shit or keep the shares and fund revolutionary parties. preferably parties that actually make an effort to put out cointelpro idpol.
(14.22 KB 380x380 roo_jason.jpg)
>>724015 all publicity is good publicity
>>724668 This may very well be a good angle of attack.
What does Grimes see in Elon MUsk? Is she a gold digger?
>>724693 starfucker more like.
>>724693 >what does a woman see in a dominant, narcissistic, ruthless, high status, socially successful man?
>>724699 The only possible positive trait Elon has is his money.
>>724698 So an advanced gold-digger? >>724699 >what does a woman see in a >dominant, economically, sure (1) >narcissistic, like most entrepreneurs (2) >ruthless, name of the game (3) >high status, well he is successful as a businessman (4) >socially successful debatable (has autism and is a PR nightmare whenever his handlers let him loose) So another 4 points for "gold-digger". I guess we've come to a conclusion. Grimes is a phony.
>>724704 Grimes isn't even that attractive
>>724704 >So an advanced gold-digger? >is married to a porky you don't say
>>724328 Isn't this guy and his gay discord fans the ones who occassionaly raid us with their christcuckery?
>>721347 >tfw mods can't go one day without showing their inner radlib
>>723999 The Communism is not fir you. not because the capitalist class can never believe in Marxist ideology but because being a communist inherently contradicts your rational self interest. Any attempt at using your wealth to spread communism will be muddled by your personal material conditions
>>724315 >>724324 It should be noted that "Muh mom and pop business" by and large do not even exist as a relevant part of the economy in the majority of the developed world. 2008 levelled most of them and Covid + all the shit associated with it has put the nail in the coffin of the few that are left.
>>721347 >patreon/onlyfans thots aren't doing sex work, they are capitalists in a sexual marketplace performing sexual work not sex work and profiting from selling a commodity. literally just petit bourgeois This is actually an interesting question tbh, not just for camgirls but for artists and content creators generally. Intellectual property is basically rentiership but on the other hand it does take labor to make digital content to sell people (how much labor varies a lot).
>>724621 He knows, but I’m surprised the woke brigade didn’t pound him on that tbh. I don’t think Elon has shown himself to be particularly interested in white nationalism or anything, but I’ll bet he isn’t above knowingly displaying some racism here and there as a joke. I’m sure /pol/ thinks it’s a nod to them or something.
>>724693 I think Grimes is just an idiot. She has the self-image of a nerd, she went to school for engineering or something. King nerd slipped into her DMs and complimented her on a nerd reference, if the story of how they met is true, and she was totally smitten. At this point it doesn’t matter what an asshole he is because she has probably become so attached to him and her whole representation of him, both outwardly and to herself, as a sci fi genius and successful nerd guy that she can’t let it go. Like a sunk cost fallacy, she had a baby with him. She can’t admit at this point that he is a meme lord retard and her whole self image was retarded to begin with.
>>725009 Is musk just literally fucking brain damaged or is he playing some 4D chess us normal people just don't understand
>>725013 He's playing 18467.128765*10^1024 D chess. Actually our greatest ally and based accelerationist.
>>725013 His fans are imbeciles who lap his shit up so it doesn't matter.
>>724363 Why are you targeting me like this bro?
>>725013 he snapped.
Jesus fucking Christ, Breitbart staged a fake news conference with a bunch of actors promoting Hydroxychloroquine what the fuck is wrong with rightoids
>>725068 Forget it, Jake, it's boomers.
(368.41 KB 785x1393 (you).png)
(136.29 KB 1024x750 spurdo.png)
>>719421 probably incel/leftcel posters from 9chan tbh.
(384.13 KB 785x1695 (you).png)
>>724953 Mao would have these retards lynched by a massive angry mob in a struggle session
(27.39 KB 828x453 1595909827121.jpg)
(55.80 KB 619x918 1595909647716.jpg)
What did the U.S. army mean by this?
>>725109 Does the US military have interns.
>>725103 hello, based department?
>>725109 They're appearing personable and relatable (probably towards kpop fans) so they can reach a larger audience and manipulate them. If anyone has been following the esports twitch page viewers are spamming US war crimes in the chat, and it seems the COD cashcow has run dry. I don't know how they're going to create a "uwu cute girls" to war criminals pipeline, but I think that's where they're headed.
(1.53 MB 1280x960 1591556853504.png)
>>725156 >I don't know how they're going to create a "uwu cute girls" to war criminals pipeline
>>721347 >mod bans instead of challenging him in words how impotent and insecure can one be i hope you enjoy wrecking the community
>>723879 Caleb Maupin is a retard and an embarrassment. Thought Slime, fucking THOUGHT SLIME, BTFO'd this piece of shit. What a joke, making us look this bad. Thought Slime has a much higher reach.
>>725186 Which leftist youtuber do you like?
>>724374 A FUCKING CHRISTIAN MAOIST?? Probably has as saints the foreigner priests that were executed by the Gonzaloites.
>>725186 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4WYhw8sDbc >Live #118 - Saturday Night Conversation! Capitalism, Socialism, Revolution, Geopolitics
>>725199 I only watch ASMR on Youtube
>>725271 Based
>>724919 This, it's emotional manipulation. They try to get you to imagine your grandma owning a florist and working in it herself, when most small businesses are now owned by some rich tyrant who treats their workers like shit.
>>724329 >social fascism is a tankie buzzwor....
>>725156 >people join the army because they play the vidya!
>>724328 Based lad
(173.29 KB 323x323 6lffJkCG.png)
>>725186 >Thought Slime, fucking THOUGHT SLIME, BTFO'd this piece of shit No he did not. Maupin still btfo this stupid cretin even with his shitty response video. I fucking hate contrarians like you
>>724664 No I actually read theory :^) >>724916 I would argue most of the revolutionary intelligentsia has had a component of class traitors.
>>725284 The video where he claims to be against transgender "ideology" and claims to have defended a notorious antisemite: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual/louis-farrakhan?
>>725406 50/50. The russian intelligentsia turned to Yeltin and got fucked in the ass. The soviet apparatchik got either fucked or rich. The chinese capitalist exploits workers in the guise of development of productive forces. One should aim to a better model of cooperatives enterprises. But the dengoid way (revisionist as it may be in a develovep nation) still makes "some" sense in undevelovep ones. Is there any theory about it (probably yes, I should read Lenin about the NEPmen).
(37.08 KB 62x53 1569370212433.gif)
>>725109 They US army have Esport.
>>725415 Oh, you didn't watch the video I guess
>>725415 I don't understand, are you saying that transgender ideology doesn't exist? I'm not saying that trans people don't exist, but there's clearly a deeper ideology around gender at work in the trans community.
>>725271 >ASMR Nice, which channels? I listen to Gibi's Daisy RP. (Yes, I always listen to the same few videos almost every night)
>>724328 Holy fucking autism. I love it, subscribed.
>>725445 Bless.
>>725445 Wait, are the candle holders... Coca Cola bottles??
>>724006 >he thought every single one of us with this flag was ironically posting
>>725445 I think this goes beyond tism
>>725517 Supertism
>>725445 wow this level of autism
>>725445 In comments he also wrote an essay explaining his why he entertains diametrically opposing things like Christianity and Maoism. He's pretty based though.
(57.74 KB 884x657 image0-5.png)
(62.61 KB 626x726 gdr.jpg)
>>725445 is this Erich Honecker?
>>725545 He is! Extrem basiert, der Genosse!
>>725445 The most I have is an USSR flag, picture of Che and a summary of Capital with marx's face on it on my walls and I thought I was larping
(1.34 MB 400x286 this.gif)
(140.07 KB 666x500 49nwyp.jpg)
>>723799 he needsto be [REDACTED]
>>725109 *Nyotices youw waw cwimes* uwu whats this?
>>725109 Military recruitment is always some of the most ghoulish shit.
just got called an anti-semite for saying Jewish ritual circumcision is fucking creepy. Why the FUCK is this a controversial statement? That mutilating a babies cock in a religious ceremony to please the sky God is fucking weird.
>>725769 Who called you that? If it's a zionist don't even bother, they're all retarded.
Can some kind comrade give a TL;DW of Hboomerguy's new video, I'm not watching 2 hours and a half of it.
>>725769 >just got called an anti-semite for saying Jewish ritual circumcision is fucking creepy. Why the FUCK is this a controversial statement? You can normalize anything if you try hard enough. Almost every part of the world practiced ritual human sacrifice at some point. Most still do, it's just through less overtly religious systems like poverty and warfare.
>>725794 shit, beat me to it
>>725794 >>725796 This guy is lame. Thoughtslime and vaush are way better
>>725804 uighur please
(18.19 KB 442x297 you.jpg)
Any cute e-girls that show feet in their videos?
any cute egirls wanna be my communist gf?
(34.68 KB 625x626 1390947432681.png)
>>725818 Pornhub.com
>>725804 Vaush I'm indifferent too, tho he is annoying. It's difficult to even watch Thoughtslime speak. Pompous, righteous leftist who does more harm than good.
>>725769 ok antisemite, go back to pol
>>723999 Pics or gtfo
What does everyone think of that Badbunny twitch girl who calls herself a leftst yet demands people sub to her and calls them out by their username during streams? >Also that one incel mod of her chat who called everyone who got mad at her for the whole scenario incels.
>>725849 That's exactly what Vaush is like though. At least most people with sense realise thoughtslime is a vile little creature, vaush is infecting the illiterate breadtube crowd and making people think his DSA(NED) liberal "anarchist" opinions are deep and socialist
>>723985 Cheemsburbger
>>724673 Basedson Unruhe.
>>725849 Vaush has no consistent ideology and is just mishmash of liberalism marxism and anarchism that he just abuses to “refute” his opponents talking points even though he constantly contradicts himself (an “anarchist” that supports Biden, just lol) he just does it infrequently enough so nobody notices. he only cares about “winning through logic and facts” like a leftoid Ben Shapiro.
>>725865 heres what she looks like
>>725887 and heres the video of her incel simp mod creeping on her and she not knowing who he is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M_pk5FAzpA
>>723898 No, there's different forms of narcissism. Those two are narcissistic in a psychopathic way. Maupin is a sperg trying to look confident
>>724015 Yeah there're many people who hate him, they might look into it too.
>>725887 How desperate is the average breadtube community simp
>muh autism epic, upvoted
>>725938 Diagnosed recently, slugger?
>>725545 based
>>725796 the only atually good leftist videos on youtube
(48.78 KB 680x383 21f.jpg)
Thought's on Sseth Tzeentach? Kind of has your average /pol/lack's sense of humor and he hangs out with Internet Historian (who despite being hilarious, is a total simp for /pol/'s autistic antics), but he has a tendency to mock capitalism in a lot of his reviews, he might just be being ironic, but he also apparently has a Jewish-Slavic background so maybe his parents were based? >inb4 "literally who"
>>725445 Tag yourself I am the toy model of the Concord
>>726072 literally who
>>726072 Who's pic rel?
>>726072 He makes funny videos and thats the extent of my thoughts on him.
>>725804 roody poo
(61.78 KB 429x555 ankid1.PNG)
>>726120 Every single time
>>726120 I want to fuck the radlib
>>726124 Kinda creepy tbh
(832.04 KB 1579x639 firefox_2020-07-28_12-26-43.png)
>>726120 twitter could use some Rafiq
(252.47 KB 598x636 hdfjdhf.png)
Is he actually watching this thread?
>>725865 I join her stream now and then to shit on her and her viewers radlib takes and that's it
>>725893 Bruh that's that socdem guy, he wasnt creeping at all. They know eachother and they were just playing. What's up what this /pol/ incel-tier posting here?
>>726128 One of the best things I have read.
>>726120 Meh, her bio means nothing, the fact that she said not to "glorify the Soviet Union" is more than enough to find her cringe >>726129 Kek
>>726129 This faggot is stealing our thunder for clout. I'm gonna hammer his fucking dick to his desk if he keeps at this.
(95.53 KB 590x535 ankid2.png)
>>726120 >>726122 >>726140 The cause is being brought up in an increasingly shitty (and thus politically active) era whilst being raised by the dopamine-frying internet.
>>726128 Damn, kinda spitting facts right here
>>726145 why don't you do something about it now pussy?
>>726129 He used to post his videos on reddit sometimes so I wouldn't be surprised if he has visited here to self-promote. And I'm not even trying to shit on you for that BadEmpanada, plenty of people have self-promoted youtube channels and blogs and shit on /leftypol/ in the past, but if he posts as I suspect he does (which seems to mirror how he would post sometimes on subreddits), then he comes here to pick fights sometimes. Recently with "tankies" and "dengists" and such.
>>726155 I think he's missing half a brain
(789.13 KB 720x479 Ahhh.gif)
>>724328 >>724374 >>725445 >>725457 >>726155 also just an aside, this kid is fucking hilarious. I just watched the first 20 seconds of that video expecting him to just be dressed up. When he started speaking mandarin I lost my shit.
>>726153 That's it I have had enough. I will fly out there with my hammer and nails tonight you bastard. Your cock will look like a pin cushion full of strawberries when I am finished.
(223.44 KB 1090x865 93858144.png)
>>726169 why not send him a dm taking down all his shitty opinions
>>726173 >takes takes takes takes It's so easy to tell when someone's entire political education comes from twitter
>>726176 That's right, tremble at the thought of the hammer and pickle you coward.
Does anyone take up issue with some of these new young progressive Dems around the U.S. who just sound overly idealistic with no real substantial policy? I get it, we want change, we need change, but some of these people really just sound like they're saying vague nothings to rile people up, get em excited, and then let them down once in office because they can't do half the shit they campaigned on. Posting this in response to seeing a local congressional hopeful (who's gaining popularity) claim he'd get the Green New Deal done in one term.
>>726188 well duh.
>>726135 No its pretty clear she barely knew who he was. And the reason why people reacted to this so strongly was because he called anyone who was rightfully bashing this grifter for demanding monetary compensation "incels". It was hypocritical. It wasn't merely that he was simping for her.
>>726188 With these protest the dems have made small gestures towards reform as a means to manipulating the masses to voting for their candidate. This isn't anything new however and has been the reality of bourgeois democracy since forever.
>>726166 Yeah, I don't think he even needed to to read Maoist theory lmao, but hey, he seems to know a fair bit
>>726166 Wish I was that motivated tbh.
>>726188 It's the Obama playbook. Not falling for that again.
(77.66 KB 854x480 maxwell-dore.jpg)
>>721347 >disagree with sex work <instabanned wtf mods
>>726072 >who despite being hilarious, is a total simp for /pol/'s autistic antics Wow, so epic, le autist poltard meme. Yeah, because Sseth clearly loves those reactionary spergs. Every collective deserves respect except non-humans like autists, becuase thats liberal idpol. Am I right my fellow comrades?
>>721347 Nah, seriously fuck you mods. However, if you were trying to prevent an incel shitstorm, I guess so...
>>725163 >>726396 >>726446 the mods are slowly and ever increasingly turning leftypol into a radlib site. they are trying to pass a rule right now to ban wojaks.
(1.07 MB janny are u ok.mp4)
>>726396 fuck e-thots and fuck jannies but it was probably sexual m*rketplace that did it, old board had an incel who just wouldn't shut up about it
>>726468 yet it is still the old BO that was the REAL problem
>>725804 Kys please
>>725952 >slugger I assume you intended to say sluggish. Anyway, schizophrenia is the psychiatric opposite of autism. >>726468 >he thinks this is new Lurk moar newfag >>726446 >meme about furries banned >critise the transgender agenda about transitioning children banned >state that you're not vegan banned >meme about transgenders banned >argue against ecofascism banned >use stirnerite memes against stirnerites banned >critise Israel and Zionism You're clearly a poltard, banned >try to defend yourself Believing you deserve basic decency is idpol, banned
>>726509 Don't you love trans people anon? Why are you such a transphobic bigot and such a TERF?
>>726120 Anarkids truly are beyond redemption
>>726396 Radlib jannies will kill this place for good, fuck them
>>726128 Rafiq is too good for this world. I'll take any of his 10000 words sperging meltdowns over any breadtube "content".
>>726149 >satanist eco-anarcho-nihilist How many memes can someone handle to fit in one twitter bio?>>726528 >>726527 lurk moar newfag
Why are Anarchkiddies and Leftcoms so prone to being radlib idpolers?
>>726535 >why are idpolers so prone to being idpolers this is how stupid you sound
>>726536 Is idpol required to be an anarchkiddie or leftcom?
>>726515 it's funny because he was literally banned for "incelposting" btw mods before you try to ban me for ban evasion that anon posted this in /gulag/
>>726555 I miss 8/leftypol. 8chan and the bo there sucked, but at least they promoted anti idpol as a whole. The mods and jannies on this site are idpolers.
>>726566 Do you have any evidence to back up your claim?
>>726581 The fact that persons post was banned for "incelposting" when he was complaining about how only fans wasnt real sex work.
>>726585 not only complaining that only fans wasnt real work but that onlyfans posters profit off of what is essentially intellectual property/copyright saying they are proles is like saying patent trolls or cyversquatters are also proles through and through
http://uregina.ca/~gingrich/s28f99.htm Lumpenproletariat Prostitutes who work independently or under a pimp / pornographer Petite bourgeoisie Independent pornographers Bourgeoisie Business owners (ex. Brazzers, PornHub/MindGeek, Hustler, Playboy, DMM Corporation) who employ prostitutes and sell pornography
off-topic idpol in the /ig/ thread, ban evasion, e-sex work is petite bourg / capitalist
>>726608 On second thought an argument could be made that prostitutes who work independently (and NOT under someone else) are selling a "service." If you consider one person selling a "service" to be no different than selling a "commodity" you could upgrade independent prostitutes to petite bourgeoisie status. They do advertise their "services" just like any other "service provider."
>>726608 >Petite bourgeoisie >Independent pornographers woah did you just say some sex workers are bourgeoisie? By precedent >>726555 you are an incel and are to be banned mods pls
>>726555 That pic says >Reason: "sex workers are actually capitalists" and incelposting That implies two different things, not the same thing. And it's true that some sex "workers" are porkies. Like any industry you have people in all the different roles.
>>726608 What are high class whores that only fuck politicians, businessmen, and lawyers? Like the ones from that emperors club VIP that Elliot Spitzer was using.
>>726676 Labor aristocrats, possibly independent contractors.
>>726676 Take this conversation elsewhere. If you want to bitch about the ban that expires in 2 hours, you can do it here: >>>/gulag/5754
>>726684 i suggest everyone check out the conversation the anon and janny are having and see how retarded this janny is
>>726697 At least I'm not illiterate :^)
Why did Bat'ko turn out to be such a fraud?
>>726733 zoomer liberalism
>>726733 twitter is a mental hazard.
>>726733 I miss Bat'ko :(
(161.94 KB 1079x1282 PedoSoy.jpg)
>>726608 I just find it really funny that 90% of sex work discussion is around middle class whores who shove cucumbers up their asses on camera. Really, we shouldn't call them sex workers, we should call them exhibitionists. Exhibitionism is a bourgoies activity. Sex work, 95% of ACTUAL sex work is lumpen prole SLAVERY where women are FORCED to fuck for money, they are raped in a word. Rife with abuse, murder and other horrific crimes. That is what prostitution IS and HAS historically been. The funny thing is, most people advocating for this petty-booj sex work narrative are MEN. Reddit type men who always end up being sexual abusers themselves. Like pic related.
>>726733 He was an anarkiddie, not an anarchist. Muke gets shit for not reading but did Batko ever ready anything at all?
>>726759 Yes he read because in his videos he seemed to know a lot about theory
>>726757 Last part isn’t true whatsoever. Have you never been on social media in the last 5 years or something? There are just as many middle class women advocating e-whoring and inserting themselves into every leftist conversation as there are men who do so.
>>726608 see I told you you would get banned Mods are a fucking joke, don't you dare question the pedestal sex work has been placed on
>>726757 What the fuck? How is this guy walking free?
>>726757 This pic isn't real, right?
>>726767 If you look at that thread, you can see how assblasted the janny is that banned the poster. I think its a female who has an onlyfans herself
>>726757 >>726771 >>726772 That picture is satire.
>>726608 I just wanna ask something to the mods here just so I could be in the clear... why is talking about CLASS something that is considered a bannable offense? This is clearly something that is not mentioned in the board rules, and while I myself may disagree with what the anon was saying I still find it absolutely abhorrent that he got banned for just saying something a mod may disagree with and I think this will set a horrible president for the whole sight going forward. I'm not trying to be a wrecker here, but I'm sad and perplexed by this.
>>726775 Wth is Hoochie back?
>>726784 reminder the original filter for the n word was “black king” until the backlash. mods are literally radlibs
>>726784 >>>/gulag/ This isn't the place to discuss the class position of sex workers or about mod actions.
>>726791 >This isn't the place to discuss the class position literally where else can you discuss it then?
>>726775 If that’s the case, then said Janny, drop your onlyfans link queen
>>726792 mod actions >>>/gulag/ the class position of sex workers? make a thread I guess.
>>726791 >This isn't the place to discuss the class position of sex workers Excuse me? I can't discuss class on fucking /leftypol/? Is that a new secret rule that you guys have been enforcing?
>>726791 It's a bit ridiculous that we can't discuss the class character of e-girls in the /IG/ thread. This is probably the most appropriate thread for it.
>>726796 >make a thread I guess You do know that sometimes discussion can veer off from the original OP and there is nothing wrong with that, right? Plus, this thread can get pretty boring when all we discuss is the same three breadtube clowns.
>>726801 Holy shit this. Im so sick of the discussion being about Vaush or that fucking badempanada uighur
>>726801 >people who spend time simping vaush have shit takes on other things imagine my shock
(345.69 KB 1536x2048 EchnFA9XkAA3d2D.jpeg)
>>726798 Pretty much Lets discuss the class character of Ashleigh Coffin.
>>726821 I still don’t understand how Peter Coffin got together with her
>>726826 clout
>>726823 BBC cuck fetish is to /pol/ what vaush is to /ig/ posters.
>>726829 Where?
(129.22 KB 1024x708 is this nigga serious.jpg)
>>726797 >>726791 Prostitutes and e-thots are part of the economy whether them (largely) being women makes them "idpol" or not. Undocumented immigrant workers are part of the economy even if mostly being latino makes them "idpol." Finance bankers being disproportioantely jewish might make them "idpol" but they play an important role in the economy. There is plenty to discuss about what role any given line of work has in the economy.
>>726829 Hey voosh, how's your orc gf today?
>>726821 Does she have a patreon and is the funding level public? She put up a link to her onlyfans as a joke. It was actually just the "stop it get some help" pic.
>>726841 Nobody simps for him though, everyone just insults him constantly. >>726843 >It was actually just the "stop it get some help" pic. lmao
(43.85 KB 428x416 neekolul.jpeg)
And at the same time that we're talking about the class character of Ashleigh, lets talk about the class character of Neekolul the bf beater of marxism
(53.43 KB 714x794 allegedly.jpg)
>>726849 That’s just normal for latinas though
>>721519 >>721475 kinda epic ngl
(252.68 KB 1536x2048 EbPLAfIXkAY7RNJ.jpeg)
>>726903 These have to be fake. No way those are real
>>726903 Ashleigh is based tbh >massive tits >gets them out for the lads for free >makes an onlyfans just to mock simps, never uses it
>>726697 haha he's simping >>726757 >I just find it really funny that 90% of sex work discussion is around middle class whores who shove cucumbers up their asses on camera. That's just a function of their position. The middle class, the six figure families, are the chattering class by and large. They are doing the talking, and they are the audience. Working joes by and large don't read Jacobin, Current Affairs, The Atlantic, and so on. Middle brow (opinion) journalism for the middle class. Shrinking as it is.
>>726791 Fucking What? You have to go to a MODERATION thread before you are allowed to discuss the class position of a segment of society? have you lost your fucking mind
>>726929 She has nudes?
>>726821 >>726826 Peter Coffin is cringe and I still wonder if there's something to the sex doll stuff, but the official story is that Ashleigh had major self-esteem issues over having jaw problems. >>726849 >bf beater It's not even clear that the victim is an SO, much less a bf specifically. Domestic violence law varies a lot by state. She's from Texas, and from what's described that looks like the most reasonable version of the laws. Lots of places don't even acknowledge the possibility of a female abuser even though the most likely group to be abused is lesbians. >>726929 Using sex appeal to draw people in and talk about class is genuinely pretty based. >>726909 I think it may just be the result of pregnancy. >>726961 There were some leaked a while back. You can readily find nudes of her with a search. Spoiler: she has had work done on her face.
>>726849 I was gonna make a joke, but actually spousal abuse is never funny. If you're a man whose being abused, you can't really fight back without making things worse for everyone most of all yourself. >>726821 >>726903 is she doing a trick with the lens/angle? how are they so perfect
(401.85 KB 1536x2048 EcSL4-8XgAEV8Hv.jpeg)
Why did Ashleigh and Peter separate is what I want to know. They're still on good terms with one another so what the hell could it be?
>>726969 Jesus, she looks almost nothing like how she used to. But it might be just the hair color and braces throwing me off >>726975 >is she doing a trick with the lens/angle? how are they so perfect might be a push up bra, idk. I don't think their fake though
https://youtu.be/SP0cgfUPjoQ >it's three hours of BadEmpanada talking about Uighurs If anybody wants to be a masochist, here you go.
>>726992 people fall out of love anon
>>726969 If the pics I found really was her then she had more than just her face done, or she is using very clever camera/filters/angles/makeup to trick simps
>>726992 Peter Coffin seems to be quite predatory. It could have been possible that he took advantage of her when she was in a bad state, when you watch those old videos with him together she always came over as if she was lobotomized or drugged. She's found her self-confidence through her sexuality I guess, so no need for lolcow Peter anymore.
>>726975 >I was gonna make a joke, but actually spousal abuse is never funny. If you're a man whose being abused, you can't really fight back without making things worse for everyone most of all yourself. It also could be another woman, but yeah if you're a man there's nothing you can do unless you're somewhere rare where the legal system doesn't assume you're the aggressor. >is she doing a trick with the lens/angle? how are they so perfect There's plenty of video of her with her tits visible and they are that comically large. >>727001 She had both her upper and lower jaw re-shaped. She and Peter reference it pretty often. It came up in one of the recent podcasts. >might be a push up bra, idk The bra is helping achieve the look, but they're also really big. Probably not fake, since she's had kids and breastfed at least once during the videos she and Peter used to make. Let me see if I can find it... >>726992 It's not really our business tbh, but you only see the public personas. Even if they are not on good terms they probably benefit more from continuing to collaborate and act friendly. >>727024 Well she definitely gained weight. She used to be a lot thinner. Given some of the weight was due to having one or more kids, it's not surprising a lot was in her tits.
>>727037 >just randomly assuming someone is a predator and coming up with conspiracy theori4s about her looking drugged You are a mentally ill radlib
>>727049 Peter Coffin lobotomized her so he could get at those major milkers and that's the tea
>>727049 Peter Coffin has a record, you know that right? This includes kicking himself in the balls on national television, making the infamous "beta male" song and lying for months about a fake girlfriend. And even if the realdoll story is made up, there was still something fishy going because there were irregularities. We also know that Coffin was racist against his fake Japanese girlfriend, and said plenty of things that should throw one off. >coming up with conspiracy theori4s about her looking drugged I mean, I can tell when someone is slurring. >You are a mentally ill radlib A description that totally fits me and not that creep Peter Coffin.
>>727079 None of that has anything to do with him being a predator and drugging his ex. Take your meds schizo
>>727104 It has something to do with the fact that he's a notorious liar, opportunist (he also bought subscribers), creep and is untrustworthy. The whole build-up to Ashley being his wife reached uncanny valley levels several times, she looked off in his videos, and now they're divorced. Genuine question: Would you let Peter Coffin babysit your kids?
>>727157 I’m just saying, this isn’t kiwifarms or a twitter cancel mob. How about you stick to things that have actually happened rather than whatever your mentally ill brain decides to imagine?
>>727037 >>727073 >when you watch those old videos with him together she always came over as if she was lobotomized or drugged. People don't realize that performing for a camera is very unnatural and a skill you have to acquire. Most people are very awkward talking to a camera until they get used to it. That's why in interviews you're supposed to talk to the interviewer, so you can respond to their face instead of a camera lens. She started making videos with Peter who by that point had been a youtuber for years and made the contrast look more obvious. If you watch like the first and last adversaries videos you can see that she got a lot more used to performing for a camera. TV ads are sexist against men https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovdp58mycvM&list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0&index=78 the Gillette toxic masculinity ad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-_RnYoqtVk&list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0&index=1 >>727041 >>727001 yeah lol there's several of them I just flipped through the playlist and looked for the ones where she had a blanket over the kid to avoid getting demonetized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJfzf7aHFxk&list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0&index=25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfpqC6g1VzM&list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0&index=28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1yt5akqqYE&list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0&index=29 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x87IEreupE&list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0&index=31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdyLNhgqut0&list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0&index=32 And here's the baby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNr3HcBqfu8&list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0&index=33&t=12m40s Looks like you could probably watch the progression of the pregnancy through this series, which the simps haven't found out about for some reason (the content is too fucking boring). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9oHQnEByWyXeSTT3Vm3oyTR-e3Tg0Vj0 >>727079 Peter Coffin is a cringelord but that doesn't mean he's lobotomizing scottish girls and trafficking them to be youtubers. >>727157 >buying subscribers oh no he didn't win the youtube game fair and square or whatever
>>727183 Answers the question please >Genuine question: Would you let Peter Coffin babysit your kids?
>>727224 No, but I wouldn't let any Youtuber near my kid.
>>727195 If you followed Peter Coffin a bit longer, you'd know that he's obsessed with showing off what hot girls he could get, same with when he had the fake Asian girlfriend. Once Ashleigh moved to America, he immediately dragged her into his video, not because he wanted her "to become a YouTuber" but because he want to stick it to his haters by finally having a hot chick so he would be no longer a lolcow. I think it's pretty clear that early on Ashleigh had mental issues and Coffin was probably taking advantage of that. I'm glad she emancipated herself though.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnZ7E9hxK-k peter coffin on some stream debating evola nazi and a tradcath
(104.41 KB 850x400 evola cuck.jpg)
>>727244 >angie saying people who are using the term class reductionists are liberals trying to shut down the discussion Hello, based department? Get them to discuss this quote
>>727244 is the nazi the dog picture?
>>727257 >angie immediately goes on to whine about muh soviet atrocities and state capitalism Yeah nevermind they're shit
>>726787 I don't think my favorite lesbian would defend tiktok thots but she would advocate for sex work being considered work. I would disagree, but because I unironically liked her I would still want to be her friend.
>>727244 >people are inherently selfish >Angie: MATERIAL CONDITIONS make man, not hoomun nature MATERIAL CONDITIONS They really need to read fucking boooooooks
>>726767 >Mods are a fucking joke, don't you dare question the pedestal sex work has been placed on almost nobody was pro-prostitution in that thread
>>727272 Nice numbers
>>727296 There's a lot of people who don't understand the difference between wanting to help prostitutes and being pro-prostitution. They have swallowed the "you are your job" pill and the "prohibition works despite all evidence to the contrary" pill.
>>727296 the post you are replying to was made before that thread was made, it was in reference to the anon that was banned in this thread for saying onlyfans posters aren't proles
>>727306 >>727296 Nah you guys don't get it. There isn't some button you can press to eliminate promiscuity or prostitution In any complex social organization (any city ever) there is going to be a niche filled by proles to let ppl coom Your best bet is regulating it and keeping it off the streets like in Europe so it isn't blackmarket
>>727257 What the fuck. Nazis have been obsessed with black dick for that long?
>>727331 They are coombrains at heart
>>727331 The BBC is too tempting for the feeble Aryan mind.
>>727306 nobody was even talking about that people literal getting banned for defining the class position of e-thots in a way that is offensive to the simp janny
Evola's monocle always cracks me up. I imagine some posh pretentious guy with an aristocratic Euro accent swilling some old brandy around in a fancy gentlemen's club smoking a cigar talking about the magical properties of the BBC
>>727331 There is a lot of sexual pathology behind reactionary ideologies.
>>727331 It's a fake quote.
>>727328 >There isn't some button you can press to eliminate wage labor or the pursuit of profit In any complex social organization (any city ever) there is going to be a niche filled by proles to let bouj have money for private yachts Your best bet is regulating it and using welfare mechanisms to smooth out the edges
>>727354 Cope superfaggot
>>727353 Fascism is when you don't have sex.
>>727359 unironically yes
>>727359 actually unironically yes read the mass psychology of fascism
>>727361 >>727368 ok coomers
>>727372 Ok, fascist
Love how Angie Speaks is a massive idpoler yet thinks she can speak out against radlibs who unironically use the term "class reductionist"
>>727413 Anyone who ever breathes is an idpoler.
>>727427 She literally stated that leftist idpol is better than liberal idpol when all idpol is bad.
Idpol is when queers and darkies say things I don’t like
>>727571 If your answer to bigotry isn't "defeat capitalism to end it", you're an idpoler.
>>727586 if what some of you say is to be believed, ending capitalism may end me as well, and I'm not feeling particulary suicidal.
>>727586 >>727551 >>727413 she gets labelled a class reductionist on a daily basis https://nitter.net/SpeaksAngie/status/1284166122611376134?s=20 just look at all the pseuds in the replies. also >If your answer to bigotry isn't "defeat capitalism to end it", you're an idpoler. how will communism automatically do this?? anti-semitism is still a problem in Russia before and after communism.
>>727665 Russia never went communist, tankcel. They got stuck in the socialist transitional state.
>>726128 Anyone has this guy’s full writings
>>727679 I'm just saying treating the abolition of capitalism as a universal solution to all discrimination is utopian
>>727698 Whats Utopian is thinking it can be fixed under capitalism.
>>727701 didn't say that fagtron
>>727760 You implied it can be dealt with at all before the revolution.
>>727698 It's utopian to think that under-privileged minorities have political power in capitalism. Their only true vehicle of power is working class solidarity. Eg. a gay union that protects workers and solidarizes with the lesbian, or the muslim, etc union. Most people in the first world are usually "fine" in that regard and get fucked exactly the same as other workers so perhaps it makes more sense for them to join a regular union. If underprivileged minorities are not unionized and fighting porky for rights, they are at the mercy of porky and of brownie points / woke capitalist interests. This is hardly practical, very erratic, very selective, and leaves other identity groups intact.
https://youtu.be/P6Q05o4rVGs New prolekult vid, this one is kinda weak and he is WAY too excited about blm using leftist lingo
>>728057 Welp, it seems he’s gone down the breadtube rabbithole
>>727331 If Hitler were around today he would have a patreon drawing cuck hentai
>>728072 >he talked about black people, HES IDPOL!!
(78.00 KB 512x663 1546968223006.jpg)
Remember this.
>>727792 what is "the" revolution? was Chiapas "the" revolution? was Rojava "the" revolution? it can be dealt with before and after. >>727883 >unions the 19th century is over gramps. unions are on the same side as the government now. and good luck dealing with international corporations and capital flight with collective bargaining "power".
>>728192 ok glowie
>>728057 >>728072 I thought it was an overall good video, but I think he's projecting a bit more onto BLM than is actually there. Plus there really wasn't a whole lot of deep analysis there, it was honestly a very surface level video.
>>728183 the delusion is exquisite
>>727041 >She had both her upper and lower jaw re-shaped. She and Peter reference it pretty often. why? she looked normal
>>728246 The funniest thing is that both Milo and Carl have been cancelled for basically saying "if the child consents"
>>728183 I always thought this image was ironic.
>>728272 It wasn't...?
>>728057 >>728072 big disappointment. He's way too optimistic about BLM and acting as if it hasn't been corporatized to the max. In all fairness, he is british so lacks an understanding on how vapid BLM is and just sees hopium on twitter. >>728334 lol all vaush is stream reactions to prageru, shill for biden and play video games, he's really helping the left.
>>727331 The fear of being cuckolded is literally older than the human species. In most primates who regularly fight neighboring tribes they tend to kill the males, rape the females, and eat the babies (not necessarily in that order). This wipes out competition while colonizing the gene pool. Killing the babies causes the females in some species to go directly into estrus (heat) so they can immediately repopulate with the winning primate DNA. It's extremely fucked up but that's a winning evolutionary strategy - both for the conquerors and the females of the conquered tribe. You see this sort of thing to a limited degree with humans during wars but usually not the total destruction and genetic rewriting you see in other primates. Mostly it's restricted to terror campaigns involving pillaging and raping. With genocides humans tend to kill everybody. It probably is some kind of human nature to have a fear of being cuckolded, and however it exists, as genetic predisposition, epigenetics, or just abstract ideology, it's bound up with tribalistic instincts.
>>728393 and the blacks collapsed wisconsin huh
lord help me, I’m simping a gusano https://vm.tiktok.com/JYw6Yu4/
(36.76 KB 720x696 IMG_20200106_161642.jpg)
>>726969 >You can readily find nudes of her with a search Ty for the info based anon, as they are glorious. id dump more loads in her than a laundromat
>>728427 lets see then
>>728427 Post them in /GET/ simp thread
>>728334 I can't wait until august 1st so I can see this fat cunt defend Kopmala
>>728427 shes hot but not that hot... Any 20-29 year old girl who isn't fat is about as hot as her. shes a solid 7 i guess
>>727328 >>727355 Anon there isn't just some button you can press to sublate the value form and bring about the end of commodity production. Your best bet is regulating it and keeping it out of the military industrial complex like in Europe so it isnt imperialist There isnt some button you can press to eliminate polio. Your best best is to regulate it and get your kids infected early so you dont get too attached before you find out if theyll live or die
>>728783 >Any 20-29 year old girl who isn't fat is about as hot as her. >7 Does not compute
>>728788 >Anon there isn't just some button you can press to sublate the value form and bring about the end of commodity production. This is actually true though, even without a market.
>>728789 Anon is probably american. Considering like 80% of american women are landwhales they drag the average waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down
>>728827 Um excuse me sweety that's very problematic and bodycist, stop being a class reductionist
>>727023 Women you mean Because they're inferior
>>728872 Reconsider your life.
>>728872 t. manlet
>>728872 >not falling out of love with dumb broads Pussy
>>728899 i honestly think the doomers have it all backwards the capitalist collapse is progressing orders of magnitude faster than the climate collapse and the climate collapse is actually pretty easily solved without capitalism's fetters on production i think a lot of the confusion is due to the whole 'cyberpunk neofeudal dystopia' meme going around anti-marxist tripe if there ever was production for exchange can barely survive now with constant massive injections of fiat currency what makes anyone think the ongoing intensifying of the crisis of profitability will be good for capital is beyond me i think the root of the problem is that people never accepted marx's argument that capitalism is an inherently contradictory and historically transitory mode of production probably because they're theorylets who either didn't read or didn't understand capital i mean, just look at the number of people on the 'left' who think that capitalism doesn't operate on the LTV in any case, the whole issue of what's gonna win the collapse race could be cleared up with good solid marxist empirical analysis of the current state of the system but the left gave up doing that shit basically as soon as marx kicked the bucket
>>728940 whoops wrong thread
>>728940 Why don't you do it then mr smart marxist
>>728827 more like 40% but yes. Really depends on the region. In the deep south it probably is like 80%
Can somebody explain who Joshua Potasch is? Why do so many people follow him?
>>729143 Potash sounds like a native american dish
(55.37 KB 220x201 7bc.png)
So, this episode was going alright, pretty normal, bit of idpol, when all of a sudden they start talking about how women suicide bombers really affected and changed the Palestinian liberation movement to be more radical. Like, wtf is this, at one point the woman Brett has on starts talking about how a photo of a woman with an assault rifle holding her child who has a rocket launcher really "changed the popular discourse". Before that she was talking about a woman blowing herself up to prove she's more than "just an incubator" or something along those lines. Why tf would they promote this shit, this sounds fucking nuts, why???? Happens at 1:13:00 https://revolutionaryleftradio.libsyn.com/palestine
https://www.rt.com/op-ed/496511-radical-transgender-mental-health/ Thinking about reading this book, or something on the topic if anyone has recs. My girlfriend was one of these teens. She thought she wanted to be a man, so at 14 her parents let her take hormones and get top surgery. She cries nearly every single day because of regret and shame.
>>729369 Looks interesting, thanks for sharing. I will look if there is also a german version available.
>>729369 >She cries nearly every single day because of regret and shame This is the fate of all transgender people sooner or later. The endgoal should be to abolish gender roles not to keep enabling them with retarded shit like "oh so you're a young girl who likes blue, sports and don't like wearing dresses? that means you're actually a boy in the wrong body!" like trans ideology does.
>>729386 I’d much rather read something on the subject by a lefty, or someone who doesn’t have a culture war attitude, but I can’t really find any willing to talk about this issue. Which is unfortunate because it is a real problem, I’ve witnessed it, and rightists are using it to their gain
>>729369 your gf doesn't have tits? lmaooooo
>>729395 I’ve felt this way my entire life. Like, isn’t this just reinforcing made up gender roles? Are you really a girl because you like wearing dresses and makeup? I thought you believed in abolishing this shit? Wouldn’t it be more radical to reject that and say “No I’m a man”
>>729369 Did she ever go to a therapist beforehand?
>>729409 Dude, come on... she was a kid at the time. Imagine at 14 you thought you wanted to be a girl so your parents let you remove your cock and get a pussy. And then at 19 you realize “oh my God I fucked up”
>>729412 >>729395 There is a difference between identifying as a gender and liking socially-constructed gendered behavior. This is something that has been very well established in the trans community for a long time but normies (absolute fucking retards) who started trying to grapple with the topic are too spooked on gender to separate pink vs blue toys from the concept of gender identity. And then you also have cynical people who are trying to conflate the two as a way to make political points and discredit their opponents or because they have products to sell (hormones etc) and try to push this on anybody who doesn't conform completely to stereotypes.
>>729424 Nope. Which is something she advocates for now with supposed trans youth. Therapy first, for years and then when they’re an adult they can make the choice themselves. Seems reasonable but to the more woke Leftists this is transphobic I guess
>>729369 >surgery at 14 Which mental country is this?
>>729399 I'm not sure how you even make a real leftist critique of transgenderism
>>729430 This.
>>729369 They should've sent her to a therapist first and then should've allowed her to do it upon more pondering (like years more).
>>729446 USA. 14 is when she started hormones, and then top surgery at 15 I believe. Thank God she didn’t get bottom surgery.
>>729458 Yeah she believes if she had therapy instead she wouldn’t have gone through with it. She wants to be an advocate, but how do you do that in today’s climate without being cancelled and smeared? Basically her thought is, the Trans community is a minority, and within that minority only a small percentage are actually transgender. She believes a whole lot of teens who grew up online, herself included, fell into a trend/phase that was way more destructive and dangerous than say, dressing like a punk rocker when you’re 15.
>>729485 >She wants to be an advocate, but how do you do that in today’s climate without being cancelled and smeared? You don't. You can barely do anything without being smeared, but if you talk about something controversial instead of being "wholesome" (i.e. inoffensive and unchallenging), you will get lots of people smearing you, while porky laughs because the poormies are policing each other to ignore problems.
>>729430 > normies (absolute fucking retards) who started trying to grapple with the topic are too spooked on gender to separate pink vs blue toys from the concept of gender identity what if instead idk... abolish gender 😳
>>729493 "Gender" is an umbrella term that includes different things depending on who is using it. Gender roles and gender performance are distinct from gender identity. Abolishing gender roles won't abolish body dysmorphia.
>>729493 >abolish gender 😳 This is exactly what I don't understand. If Gender is just a social construct, why do Transgenders actually exist?
>>729502 >body dysmorphia. Give people proper therapy so they accept their own bodies AND abolish gender roles!
>>729510 >If Gender is just a social construct, why do Transgenders actually exist? Because "gender" isn't a thing unto itself but a collection of things. Some are socially constructed and some are not. There are material components of "gender" like sex-linked traits that are not binary but that have a distribution skewed according to biological sex. Some of these traits are psychological and can "mis-match" biological sex of the person. Gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia used to be The Thing that distinguished trans people, but as the concept penetrated the mainstream idiots who confuse socially constructed gender signifiers and boilerplate non-conformity (like boys playing with dolls) with having an identity crisis. >>729514 >bro just give the gays conversion therapy, that will work >please ignore the evidence that this makes outcomes worse
what the christ does it even mean to abolish gender. There are men and women and men and women tend to have strong behavioral and sexual tendencies. This has been the case in every single human culture for all of history. “Abolishing gender” is completely meaningless. Saying “abolish gender norms” makes a lot more sense, but most men are always going to be men and most women are always going to be women.
>>729528 >>bro just give the gays conversion therapy, that will work That is not at all what anyone in this thread said, you idiot. Anons are talking about kids/teens who think they're transgender getting HRT/surgery without therapy.
>>729432 Welp, that's unfortunate. Any professional worth their salt will tell you that you have to go to therapy for some period of time before you make any radical decisions like that, especially if you're underage. She could've at least taken some puberty blockers if she was really that desperate so that she had more time to figure it out.
>>729530 It's not just a gender thing. There are a lot of people who think humans are blank slates and that all of this is just arbitrarily constructed. They tend to be ignorant of pretty basic biology like how hormones affect people, and depending on the topic can be advocating for pretty dehumanizing policy that ignores psychological needs like socialization and the kind of stuff Marx was referring to as species-being. >>729536 That's a direct response to one person. >>729514 Posts on the website have handy links you can use to navigate between posts and see what the context is. I am not conflating that bad argument with everybody who disagrees with me. I don't disagree with what you wrote either. Therapy to talk to trans kids (including figuring out if they are trans) is supposed to be a core component of the help they get. >>729432 >>729540 The opposition to therapy is completely retarded but the argument is that going through puberty is traumatic if you already have problems about your gender identity. This gets warped into a logic of transition or puberty block people as kids if they show any signs of being trans, but AFAIK this is mostly an online phenomenon at the moment. Not only do you have overzealous trans activists but you also have anti-trans people who are exaggerating or making things up. Take anything you read about this online with a grain of salt.
>>729530 everything you said was wrong and capitalist ideology. Read Engels
>>729560 This. My therapist tells me that almost 90% of people who come to him with gender dysphoria desist after a few months in therapy, now imagine if that standard of care was applied to the west.
Transitioning should be illegal. Abolish gender roles. Identify by the pronouns that describe your birth sex and genitalia.
>>729572 No. Yes. No.
>>729574 Then you're part of the problem
>>729582 What problem?
>>729584 The problem with enabling this trans delusion
>>729603 Trannies are destroying their bodies with dangerous chemicals so that they can fit into another gender when we should just abolish gender roles so they don't have to and then they wont come online and unleash their mental illness on the world.
>>729617 Abolishing gender roles won't get rid of gender dysphoria.
>>729623 Gender dysphoria is literally caused by the existence of gender roles.
>>729562 He literally just stated Engels position you colossal retard. Fuck off back to reddit
>>729631 Male and female genders are social constructs. The reason why people have dysphoria and feel like they're in the wrong body is because they feel like they belong to a gender role that is different from there. If gender roles didn't exist then they wouldn't feel like they were put into the wrong body because there would be no particular way any sex "feels".
>>729663 uighur no. It's related to sex not gender. Transsexuality is a genetic matter, which is why 33% of identical twin pairs are found to both have dysphoria. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15532739.2013.750222
>>729667 >stray study
>>729667 >NOOOOO11!1!!1!1 YOU CAN'T JUST USE TWIN STUDIES TO DETERMINE WHETHER TRAITS ARE HERITABLE OR NOT!1!1!1!!1 T-THAT'S LIKE ESSENTIALISM OR SOMETHING11!1!1!1!1 Sometimes I wish Engel's never bothered with his book on the family since it spawned this hyper constructivist S who pretend genetics literally do nothing.
>>729663 >The reason why people have dysphoria and feel like they're in the wrong body is because they feel like they belong to a gender role that is different from there. Absolutely not. Most trans people who are not of the tumblr variety will tell you that they feel dysphoric because they have the wrong body, not because of any made up gender roles. If they could have the body of the opposite sex and were forced to live according to their birth gender role they'd still be happy.
>>729671 >I don't like the study you provided, so I will just act like it's an outlier with no proof of that Hang yourself
>>729667 you can't have a study for trans. There isn't an objective dysphoria, its all a subjective experience.
>>729686 Depression is pretty subjective too, doesn't mean it doesn't exist or that you can't study it objectively.
>>729686 it is objective in the sense that it exists and there are common traits in dyphorias.
>>729679 all you're saying here is that you privilege one set of stories over another because it fits your preconceived narratives better.
>>729692 Nope, gender roles do not matter in transsexuality. Dysphoria is objectively related to genetics and so calling it "feels over reals" because you don't want to accept is not accurate, it just makes you seem emotional
>>729694 You aren't even using the correct term. transhumanists are people who get off to crsossdressing. You're thinking of the term transgender and dysphoria is very loosely related to genetics in the same way borderline personality disorder is.
>>729695 >transhumanists What? >transgender Transsexual is used more often in studies and is the more correct medical term. >dysphoria is very loosely related to genetics in Not really, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15532739.2013.750222 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30247609/ https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/104/2/390/5104458
>>729698 tránny jannies filtered the word "tránnies" because it hurts their feelings
>>729698 >What? The jannies filtered tr*nnie to transhumanist. Pretty funny if you ask me.
>>729528 Bruh there's a HUGE difference between a person who is attracted towards other people of their same sex and a another who thinks they have the wrong body. The first isn't a mental disorder that should be treated, the later is.
>>729717 >and a another who thinks they have the wrong body. The first isn't a mental disorder that should be treated, the later is. I have read enough of the history of psychiatry (and the history of my personal mental illness) to know that you don't even attempt to treat people unless they are hurting themselves or others.
>>729717 >The first isn't a mental disorder that should be treated, the later is. The ""later"" isn't a mental disorder because the brain functions of trans men are similar to men and that of trans women are similar to women > A first-of-its-kind study by Zhou et al. (1995) found that in a region of the brain called the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc), a region which is known for sex and anxiety responses (and which is affected by prenatal androgens), cadavers of six persons who were described as having been male-to-female transsexual or transgender persons in life had female-normal BSTc size, similar to the study's cadavers of cisgender women. >In a follow-up study, Kruijver et al. (2000) looked at the number of neurons in BSTc instead of volumes. They found the same results as Zhou et al. (1995), but with even more dramatic differences. One MtF subject, who had never gone on hormones, was also included and matched up with the female neuron counts nonetheless. >In 2008, a new region with properties similar to that of BSTc in regards to transsexuality was found by Garcia-Falgueras and Swaab: the interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus (INAH3), part of the hypothalamic uncinate nucleus. The same method of controlling for hormone usage was used as in Zhou et al. (1995) and Kruijver et al. (2000). The differences were even more pronounced than with BSTc; control males averaged 1.9 times the volume and 2.3 times the neurons as control females, yet regardless of hormone exposure, MtF transsexuals were within the female range and the FtM transsexual within the male range
>>729572 Yes. Yes. It would be better if all languages adopted gender neutral pronouns tbh
>>729727 Well it's a neurological disorder then it seems.
>>729730 "No!"
>>729346 just goes to show that you can't just do "a bit" of idpol. one hit and you're hooked
>>729730 Some languages already do that. In my local tongue you refer to people(especially women) as "they" instead of "he" and "she" if you're talking to strangers/somebody older than you/elderly. Though recently there has been increase in "he", "she" usage.
>>729369 >let her take hormones and get top surgery pretty fucked up if you can't drink, drive or vote this should be off limits for a child to decide as well
>>730292 Where’s your flag and name, cartoon nazi
>>729430 how can you have gender identity without referencing gendered behavior or roles tho?
>>730292 Ach, Der Faggot is back!
>>730292 If just he were of german descent, that man could have been saved!
>>730292 do you spend all day on twitter looking for these yourself or are you an aggregator from somewhere? im trying to imagine your daily routine
>>730316 my guess is that it does not involves taking a shower or leaving his room
>>730316 >>730323 Nazi bot?
>>730316 I'd imagine it's a very-online person who's perception of the world comes from twitter and other social media. Otherwise they wouldn't be so deranged. So I don't think it's a bot. They have a billion available IPs though...
Anyone else here like to be mean to other people online and just say horrible awful shit to people?
>>730398 Only to you.
>>730402 I'm asking this genuinely, anon: Are you ok? Do you feel hurt? Do you want someone to talk to?
>>729624 >>729663 Gender roles connect to gender dysphoria in that most people assume gender based on the role being performed (which includes gender expression e.g. wearing a dress). The reason gender roles "cause" gender dyshporia is because they cause other people to identify someone as a different gender than they identify as. The intermediate step here is gender identity, which is internal and not inherently linked to gender roles. >>729695 >transhumanists are people who get off to crsossdressing. lmao you're thinking of transvestites Transhumanists are people who think we should transcend our biological limitations and turn into AI superbeings or whatever. >>729710 test: transhumanist >>729717 People used to think being gay and women wanting to vote were classified as mental disorders too. >>729735 This is semantics. You could argue that someone has the "wrong brain" for their body or the "wrong body" for their brain. What matters is how it affects their life and what options there are for making their life suck as little as possible. That is the protocol for dealing with something that is a bona fide disorder, so it's bizarre that you'd use "It's a disorder" as a justification for anything else. >>730306 This is a good question, and it's hard to articulate the answer to it because we don't fully understand how it works (yet). However, we can observe the effects and it's much better to demonstrate the dynamic. You probably don't feel like you are living as the "wrong gender," right? But imagine if people started telling you that actually you are wrong and you are the opposite gender and started identifying you that way against your protests that you are actually what you say you are. Imagine that if you displayed any socially constructed traits associated with your gender identity (including pronouns or whatever) you would get people policing you for it and calling you delusional for thinking you are the gender you are. There have been some cases of a non-trans person living as the opposite gender and experiencing similar psychological effects to trans people. There's David Reimer in the infamous case of trying to prove gender is just a social construct, but that's extremely confounded by a wide variety of sexual abuse he underwent as well. For a tamer (gender flipped) example there's Norah Vincent - a lesbian who lived as a man by choice out of curiosity. She wrote a book about it called Self-Made Man exploring how it was different from what she expected, and she ended up going to therapy because living as the "wrong gender" was actually traumatic for her.
(48.70 KB 576x768 1591594215720.jpg)
>>729711 transhumanists are even more cringe tbh. At least cute girls actually have an attainable goal, whereas transhumanists want to be le ebic robot men.
>>730442 I don't get it. Are those nazis?
(207.70 KB 327x316 2ec.png)
>>730449 ffs filtered tr00ns too
(100.36 KB 960x401 virgin transhumanist.jpg)
>>730457 cute girl
>>730459 uuhhh based?
>>730457 test: cute girl
>>730465 >>730457 smdh mods are engaging in erasure of cute boys
https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/dont-side-with-the-powerful-a5d4684c60be >Online forums are full of self-described “anarchists” who constantly wind up on the same side as the CIA and the US State Department on foreign policy because they act like every “revolution” in every nation is the people vs power while ignoring a global-scale analysis of real power. If your “anti-authoritarian” worldview frequently leads you to supporting agendas which make the biggest power structure on the planet more powerful, then you’re not anti-authoritarian, you just want to feel like you are. You’re no different than any other MSM-brainwashed tool. Basado
(86.63 KB 651x907 (you).png)
>>730550 because i have no idea who he is and you've posted this two times before.
(120.14 KB 647x533 1437159722708.png)
>>730550 Literally fucking who?
>>729663 >Male and female genders are social constructs. This doesn't mean anything, and is a thought terminating cliche
>>730608 uighur
You can't be a leftist and have an onlyfans
>>730652 hahaha EPIC WOJAK MEME xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! upboated
>>730634 why not
(116.88 KB 640x815 soyjak - Copy.jpg)
>>730660 having an onlyfans is petit-bourgeois
>>729485 That's the elephant in the room re: the whole current trans thing and it's also why the term "transtrender" essentially came into being, along with "troőn" which encapsules the really psychotic and most socially awkward of the former TBH dysphoria manifests rather early so it's not so much a question of being too young to begin with but one of actually having it - that whole "I was born in the wrong body" feeling is what transhumanistism entails. Now it's simply a commodified identity that one slips into and out of, a LOT like punk rock or mall goths as you pointed out. It's a fashion statement; "I'm not like other girls" isn't a fucking orientation and it's easy to see why straights, gays, and lesbians are all balking at it like our lives are merely window dressings for alienated people. That's not even getting into the whole non-binary shitshow, which magically stops being a thing once someone turns 30 and isn't wallowing in low self esteem. It's a long and difficult path to begin fixing this because there isnt an easy way to say that people are calling themselves trans because they're just looking for attention, or they have self esteem problems. Its a fucking nightmare for actual dysphoric people to have to deal with all this, which ranges from unsocialized teenagers looking for a group to belong to all the way to your concute girlpoints types magically deciding in their 20s to use your life as a fetish for them to cum to
>>730692 depends on whether or not it obviates the need for wage slavery for the individual. if you still need to work besides, it's not much more than extra pocket money
>>730714 All of this wouldn't be a problem if psychiatrists actually did their job instead of giving out hormones like it's candy.
New movie by Kraut about the development of the turkish republic after Ataturk until Erdogan https://youtu.be/zvt_jAy5DjA https://invidio.us/watch?v=zvt_jAy5DjA
Why does Lee Carter's xir autismo gf post shit like this? https://twitter.com/RaeRevived/status/1288418929476608000 Not that I like Kellyanne cuckway (or for that matter her radlib daughter), but why does this shit matter? Why do radlib types think everything a parent does is "abuse". Idgi
(63.25 KB 1151x703 kraut.JPG)
>>731005 >Kraut dude's got really fat during corona
>>731132 everyone has
>>731137 not me
>>730744 Giving out drugs like candy pretty much is a psychiatrists job tbh.
>>731138 I’ve gotten a tubby belly whereas before I was one of the people in my apartment even somewhat in shape
>>731149 >living in an apartment and not with your parents This is a chan board
>>731116 >Why do radlib types think everything a parent does is "abuse". Idgi Brain worms. "Abuse" is a simple easy word to throw around that encompasses a huge range of things and is therefore vague enough to not really constitute a specific accusation. The kind of behavior being inferred here is controlling and unacceptable, but whether or not it constitutes abuse is something that people would strongly disagree about. I would say it's abusive to punish you children for not agreeing with your politics, but the point here is that some political actor (Rae) is trying to use a perceived social transgression to cancel a political opponent (Kellyanne). But republicans are immune to being canceled over shit like this because none of them cares. The only thing this could amount to is partisan virtue signaling. The dems say "look how badly republicans treat their kids" while republicans say "hell yeah, we have the freedom to treat our kids as bad as we want!" Either "xir" is happy to cynically use the kid for personal clout or is just oblivious to the impotence of this behavior.
I'm anchoring this thread to make a new one where the new idpol policy will be enforced. Enjoy.
>>730415 >What matters is how it affects their life and what options there are for making their life suck as little as possible. Making them accept their own body instead of promoting their delusions, making them go through expensive surgery and/or Hormone therapy that carries a lot of health problems and the end result doesn't even look like the real thing? You don't treat schizophrenia by telling people that the voices and hallucinations they see in their heads are actually real and valid, you give them proper counseling and medication.
>>727276 I still cant get that why cant we acknowledge that yes, while the USSR did to some good shit to the proletariat, it was also an authoritarian state with state enforced ethnic cleansing called russification, and also a new bourgeois class emerged behind the state bureaucracy We can you know, learn from this, and be sure the next time we do communism they dont happen. And if they are ebin wesbern bropaganda, then just lets sure they wont happen even accidentally.
>>731132 Holy shit he's turning into millennial woes
>>726072 I also like hist stuff and I think he is slowly outgrowing the edgy /pol/ humor. His last few videos lacked the usual cheap racist shots and rather rely on absurdist and generally dark humor.
>>731132 >>731137 i only gained like 10 pounds from quarinimeme
>>741286 >bitchute
>>724290 Wigonhead is just a grifter.


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