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(524.59 KB 1500x1029 kLq3yTr.jpg)
United States Politics - /USApol/ Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727
FRATERNAL RIOT PORN WATCHING AND FRIENDLY CIRCLEJERK HERE: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchanalt Thread theme: FREE RASHID BASARA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWyB447vNjg 100,000 deaths edition https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ What's Next: Democratic National Convention - August 17th Republican National Convention - August 24th Ongoing - Democratic veepstakes Now with livestreams! CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE Last thread >>373171
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>>756273 >Wow that many empty houses ? Yes, the real estate market is entirely fucked and being run based on speculation. It's a big part of why 2008 was so bad. >How do they manage to keep people out ? Like >>756290 said, they patrol for them outside of areas where they tolerate them. It's like having a soft ghetto, but even then they will roll through and fuck shit up for the homeless if enough people complain. Pete Buttigieg's biggest "accomplishment" as Mayor of South Bend was chasing away homeless people after refusing to open enough space at the shelters, and then blaming them for not going to the shelter. And when I say chase away I mean with fire hoses.
(106.09 KB 644x371 1596234794216.png)
>>756285 >people on the internet committed a logical fallacy It's a classic blunder that I'm certain that will never go away unfortunately
>Biden picks Whitmer as his veep to try and cinch michigan more likely than you think
>>756297 Get him to pick Clinton as VP, lose the election easily.
>>756303 >more likely than you think That's what I'm thinking too at this point. They're trying to build up the buzz for that.
>>756297 Go back to twitter
>>756203 >Almost nothing you said had fucking anything to do with what I said. You are arguing a completely unrelated point. Of course it does, class division are far deeper than those caused by racism, you cannot ignore class, it's underlying this. >We cannot simply ignore the whtie supremacy, we have to fight it. It's driven by capitalism wanting to divide & conquer the workers, i want to fight causes not symptoms. >Replace coke pit and assembly line with service industry and office worker. The hierarchy is still the same and its still something we NEED to fight right now in order to unite the working class. Arbitrage between workers will divide the working class not unite it, wtf ?! You are going to be making workers fight against each other, instead of capitalists. >DUDE. I KNOW SOCIALISM WOULD FIX IT ALL. Great so we fight for socialism then ! >I'M SAYING WE NEED TO FIGHT WHITE SUPREMACY since that is caused by capitalism we have to fight capitalism Ass long as capitalism continues there's always going to be these problems, you fix racism they create a different way to discriminate against people, they made up the racist identities , they can manufacturer stuff like this until the end of time, if you don't fight the class war nothing will ever change. >Racism has benefited workers Not it doesn't it artificially limits the gains the working class can make. The only thing that ever benefited workers was class struggle. The fact that you think racism can work, means you are a liability.
>>756297 >This thread just got really, really white. Ugh. Reminder that someone who says shit like this in an org (online or IRL) needs to get reprimanded for being pointlessly divisive. It's just as childish as /pol/ talking about how things are getting kosher or whatever. It's not cute, except to a handful of other people with the same shitty attitude. >Biden's VP pick This is probably not going to matter very much unless it's some oddball pick. He obviously won't go for copmala and it's hilarious anybody thought it would be Stacey Abrams. I half expect it will be a man.
(24.28 KB 188x338 medal.png)
>>756230 good post
(30.40 KB 577x380 marx-facepalm.png)
>>756223 >It think it should also include reparations as a long term goal. this is reactionary, because this would also cause wealth transfer from workers to capitalists good grief
>>756344 >This is probably not going to matter very much I would say the opposite, I think it will break it or make it. Sure, Trump is flailing badly right now, but in this day and age, the so-called public opinion never lasts much. I expect his approval rate to rebound back to its until-recently constant value, so he and Biden will still be evenly matched by election day.
Why can't leftypol just agree with all the BLM talking points? Is it just because they cause you butthurt? It's not as if they are untrue. Whites are obviously privileged not all whites but still more privileged than any other ethnic group in the US. Is it because they're "divisive"? They aren't even controversial with liberals and mainstream media. Also Who gives a fuck about reperations there's nothing wrong with reperations it's just taking shit from the rich.
>>756377 Reparations for crimes committed by dead people against other dead people are an infantile demand with no path to success and only cause fractures in solidarity. https://nonsite.org/editorial/the-case-against-reparations
>>756222 > the goal of socialism is to change the economic system. Fighting for labor rights means fighting for black labor rights just like for any other people. I don't think the racist anons want to fight for labour rights. All of these posts have as enemy a group of people defined by racist prejudices and there is no explicit advocacy for workers, of any kind, there is no attack on the interests of capitalists. Look at what they do, class struggle isn't acknowledged either. You can explain to them how socialism abolishes racist biases in as much detail as you want, nothing convinces them, they won't change their tune. I'm not sure these people are genuine, they might be trying to insert racism into the board.
(77.54 KB 500x492 2020-08-08 21.21.59.jpg)
Why are rightoids like this?
>>756377 >Also Who gives a fuck about reperations there's nothing wrong with reperations it's just taking shit from the rich. People don't think of it that way. They think of it as "muh tax money", and they believe the benefits somebody else receives that they don't receive are unearned. You can try to tell them it will come from the rich, but then they fall back to their core racist feeling that black people are just complaining too much and trying to get special handouts. It just isn't a winning policy, and really the only way it even gets close to one is if it paired with large "bribes" to the white working class (like debt forgiveness, free healthcare, some guarantee of better pay, jobs or working conditions, free higher education/job training etc.) Only then maybe could you sneak in a reparations policy and have them ignore it, and at that point is it more of a liability since the black working class will probably be won over by the same policies that won over the white working class.
>>754917 >we could go back to comfy theorizing about the impossibility of communism this is what leftcums actually believe?
>>756394 psychopathy sociopathy solipsism lead in the water etc
>>756377 >Why can't leftypol just agree with with mainstream politics ? Because they align with capitalists economically, and we don't agree with that. You can talk about all the ways capitalism uses to bully people, ie the methods, but you can't tie it to racist identities. That's inviting the wreckers, and the opportunists
>>756344 Why? It's white as fuck to think you're going to "solve racism" by riding in with your horse and offering some bullshit, so you can sweep actual history under the rug. Maybe someday white people will get over themselves long enough and we can talk about history like adults, but that seems to be lost especially on the left. Even the "kill whitey" Sakai stuff is white as fuck. It arises from the obvious, that it's far harder to unite a class that is defined by what it lacks than by what it possesses. The working class, as a whole, possesses little but their bodies, while the bourgeois possess property and the rights of that property and would obviously prefer to hold what is theirs. It has been very, very easy to offer the working class small tokens of superiority in order to give them something to treasure as theirs, so they will unite around those petty interests instead of long-range vision - and who am I to say the working class unionists who go for themselves are wrong? The offer handed to Americans is that if they worked hard and stayed in school, they too had a shot at the bourgeois life, and for a time the system did elevate a few to that educated class status - more out of their own necessity than any altruistic purpose or concessions given to labor. That promise of "getting ahead" was a lot more materially interesting to labor than any promise of universal brotherhood, and as time wore on the left detached more from fighting the real and towards fighting an imagined phantom of capitalism that scarcely resembled what capitalism became in the 20th century. By now, Social Darwinism has been so thoroughly accepted that the socialists themselves can't bring themselves to criticize it directly, let alone react to it in any meaningful way; and because the police state is strong, it's probably too late now. Anyway, most racism that exists now really is a matter of white people not getting over themselves, rather than something deeply institutional. The schools still are a hotbed of racism by design (how else can you design a school except by segregation?), but the policy of the government has been integration for decades now. What is true is that you leave a whole race with very little to rebuild their lives and families, and you introduce the neoliberal logic to break down what little is built, and it produces predictable results. Racism might be dead, by poverty begets poverty because of the sick priorities we have as a society. In the 1960s, even liberals understood that this was a problem, but then America went full retard in the 80s and we are where we are now.
(114.80 KB 750x996 fuckwhitepeople.jpg)
>>756357 Shut the fuck up. White workers have been killing black people for 300 years and getting affirmative action for it too. But as soon as black people want anything back its all reactionary.
>>756407 >Anyway, most racism that exists now really is a matter of white people not getting over themselves This. Modern racism is caused by a critical mass of whites being consciously or unconsciously racist. There really isn't anything systemically forcing them to turn down black loans and job applications, its just that most white people are just fucking racist, even if they don't know it.
(437.14 KB 389x806 Ee4Jw4rUwAIRKp0.png)
Is Trump passing relief through executive order based or not? I'm trying to see if there's less pork than the dem bill
(28.88 KB 480x475 1i69hkc7hzs41.jpg)
>>756394 >that fucking pic Anyway, to try and answer your question, it's years of reinforcing the "our government stands for freedom" narrative which comes with a panic response about how there was "great sacrifices to defend our democracy" along with every other word salad to shame everyone into silent compliance.
where did all these racist anti-white twitter faggots come from anyways
>>756417 better question is why are they here ?
>>756418 that's a good question, they all just kinda came in and started shitting up the place today.
>>756343 >It's driven by capitalism wanting to divide & conquer the workers, i want to fight causes not symptoms. You can't fight Capitalism without fighting racism directly and materially. See : >>756257 Marx supported this in his talks about Irish workers. >Arbitrage between workers will divide the working class not unite it, wtf ?! LISTEN FOR A SECOND YOU DUMB FUCK. THE DIVIDE IS MATERIAL REALITY. YOU CANNOT IGNORE IT. YOU HAVE TO FIGHT AGAINST IT. IGNORING IT WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE. YOU CANNOT UNITE THE WORKING CLASS WITHOUT FIGHTING AGAINST THE MATERIAL DIVIDE WITHIN IT. THIS IS NOT THAT FUCKING HARD. >Great so we fight for socialism then ! We cannot fight for socialism without uniting the working class by fighting the divisive tactics of the Bourgeois class that created the opportunity for white worker opportunism. >if you don't fight the class war nothing will ever change. If you don't unite the working class by fighting white supremacy, then THERE IS NO CLASS WAR. >The fact that you think racism can work, means you are a liability. YOU ARE DENYING HISTORY. DO YOU SERIOUS THINK THAT JIM CROW, THE CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT, HOMESTEADING, FREE HOUSING, ETC, DID NOT BENEFIT WHITE PEOPLE? FUCKING SERIOUSLY?
>>756417 >anti-white I wouldn't be anti-white if I wasn't exposed to so many salty fucking ex-/pol/tards like yourself on this board.
>>756413 It's pure demagoguery. He could have done it at any other point, especially considering the eviction moratorium had expired 2 weeks ago, he did it now to steal the thunder and to get Democrats to look bad when they inevitably strike it down or challenge it in court or whatever.
>>756417 >>756418 >>756421 They have been here before on occasion. Or maybe it's just a he, not a they. Am I right, Black Hammer?
Stalin fucking Christ why are we focused on idpol?
>>756428 >>756429 In your mind, everybody who actually wants to do anything about racism gets lumped into the big "Sakai" bin. If you fucking read Rashid or Ted Allen, you would know that I agree with both of them and that they both think we need to fight white supremacy materially in order to have any sort of class struggle.
>>756433 So you knew the context of my question. Hi Mr. Hammer. I ask you try arguing other points of leftist theory, or its rich history or cultural production or anything, really, other than this eternal merry-go-round.
>>756429 Who's the guy on the right?
(282.70 KB 633x815 Capture.PNG)
What was the plan here exactly? Did they really think that a few dudes with rifles would be enough to overthrow the Maduro government?
>>756450 Yes, they really did.
>>756450 The plan was that key Maduro officials would join them together with groups of commandos crossing over from Colombia. But the Maduro officials didn’t switch sides.
The black radical tradition confronts the anti-blackness in civil society, perpetuated by all whites. The leftist tradition is fundamentally European and because wages are coded as white, does not ever really apply to the black population without brushing away the slave as primitive accumulation and ongoing racism as a relic of an old system. It brushes away the nexus of black experience as irrelevant. Thus leftism is fundamentally anti-black.
(13.11 KB 156x210 bruh.jpg)
>>756450 >this is what coups have come to Pathetic.
>>756475 Want a job? We’re called the National Endowment for Democracy
>>756481 Link pls
>>756475 >perpetuated by all whites the fuck have I done. Go fuck yourself racist asshole
>>756408 >Shut the fuck up. White workers have been killing black people for 300 years and getting affirmative action for it too. But as soon as black people want anything back its all reactionary. Wait you think there's 300 years old workers? You can take from capitalists and give to the poor, worker and so on. You can not take from poor people and workers and give to capitalists. Do you think we're idiots, you're not the first grifter trying to steal from workers by appealing to racism, usually they come from the other side of the political spectrum and they talk about eye-Q.
>>756481 Link me pl0x. inb4: don't use the dollars to buy bitcoins I-i swear I won't buy bitcoins.
>>756479 Remember Bolivia.
>>756503 yes, buy golden dildos instead, far more stable investment.
>>756488 Subconsciously or consciously, you are racist, whether you like it or not. All whites are.
>>756464 I thought that senator on Twitter was referring to the Guasó fiasco?
(29.33 KB 700x392 hitherto.jpeg)
>>756422 >You can't fight Capitalism without fighting racism directly and materially. You are talking to a bunch of materialists be careful what you are asking, racist bias is a pattern-recognition in the brain, if you want to fight this directly, that would be very messy. Also consider that I consider you to be racist, all anti-racist measures would apply to you too. So don't ask for crazy stuff like fucking with other people's brains. >Marx supported this in his talks about Irish workers. Now i want to mock you for trying to superimpose American politics back into the past onto another country, so it chauvinistic both in a geographic sense as well as a temporal one. Also Marx was a """class reductionist""" He famously said history = class struggle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spgXiTUzxws >LISTEN FOR A SECOND YOU DUMB FUCK. THE DIVIDE IS MATERIAL REALITY. YOU CANNOT IGNORE IT. YOU HAVE TO FIGHT AGAINST IT. IGNORING IT WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE. YOU CANNOT UNITE THE WORKING CLASS WITHOUT FIGHTING AGAINST THE MATERIAL DIVIDE WITHIN IT. THIS IS NOT THAT FUCKING HARD. I'm fighting against racism, currently that's you >We cannot fight for socialism without uniting the working class by fighting the divisive tactics of the Bourgeois class that created the opportunity for white worker opportunism. Yes i know about the racist opportunists that try to divide the workers, they come here from time to time and try to interfere with class politics by inserting racism into socialism, usually they talk about the joos but sometimes they talk about the huwites, it's a battle on 2 fronts. >If you don't unite the working class by fighting white supremacy, then THERE IS NO CLASS WAR. idealist nonsense, capitalists wage class war regardless of you, if you try to extort us you become the enemy, worker interest are not negotiable. >YOU ARE DENYING HISTORY. DO YOU SERIOUS THINK THAT JIM CROW, THE CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT, HOMESTEADING, FREE HOUSING, ETC, DID NOT BENEFIT WHITE PEOPLE? FUCKING SERIOUSLY? A) those are capitalist sins, stop trying to pin this on socialists, and B) no it didn't benefit workers, it undermined political power of workers, it's part of the reason why the US is so right wing to day. The capitalists are to blame for everything that happened in capitalism, if you want to go after capitalists for white-supremacy, that's fine by me, if you attack workers, you're done.
>>756541 >Subconsciously or consciously, you are racist, whether you like it or not. All whites are. Most people on this board are socialists, most people have no racist identity, stop trying impose your brain-rot on us.
>>756541 >Subconsciously or consciously, you are racist, whether you like it or not. All whites are. The smoothest brain take
(49.76 KB 720x603 Kill-La-Kill-Siiiigh.jpg)
>>756510 Why are you obsessed with phallic figures?
>>756580 Vagina sculptures are not as impressive.
>>756570 Prove me wrong bruh.
>>756554 No, the coup attempt mentioned by the dem 'progressive' senator was in April 19' - last year.
(55.34 KB 1024x768 lt-bugs-i-am-the-king.jpg)
>>756581 Well, because you are fag, doesn't mean I a fag - nor that I am obsessed with phallic figures.
>>756560 >racist bias is a pattern-recognition in the brain, if you want to fight this directly Racism however, is a social system. So shut the fuck up. >for trying to superimpose American politics back into the past onto another country, Marx made the DIRECT COMPARISON between the attitudes of the British workers towards the Irish and the attitudes of the poor whites towards the free blacks. >I'm fighting against racism, currently that's you Fuck you. >Yes i know about the racist opportunists that try to divide the workers, RACISM, the MATERIAL SYSTEM OF FAVORING WHITES OVER BLACKS AND OTHERS, IS WHAT DIVIDES THE WORKERS. THE WAY YOU UNITE THE WORKERS IS FIGHTING AGAINST THAT SYSTEM. NOT PRETENDING IT DOESN'T EXIST. HOW ARE YOU THIS FUCKING DENSE. >idealist nonsense Without a united working class, there is no class class struggle that is not pure opportunism. >no it didn't benefit workers, It didn't benefit the workers as a whole, but it ABSOLUTELY, GAVE MATERIAL AND IMMEDIATE BENEFIT TO WHITES. THAT IS A FACT. THE CONDITIONS OF SOME WORKERS IMPROVED AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS. THIS IS HISTORICAL FACT. OPPORTUNISM IS A THING DUMBFUCK. LITERALLY all I am saying is that any working class movement must unite the working class by DIRECTLY FIGHTING the material basis of racism and white supremacy, namely the institutions that reinforce it. IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO IGNORE THE RACIAL DEVIDE AND UNITE ON COMMON INTERESTS. THE ONLY WAY TO UNITY IS TO UNITE THE WORKING CLASS IN PRACTICE.
>>756560 The only think I have said is that we should fight racism and yet now I am a racist, because I suppose anti-racism really is a code word for anti-white isn't it?
>>756417 sakaifags rear their ugly heads from time to time
>>756560 >racist bias is a pattern-recognition in the brain Fucking laughable. Go kill yourself. Honestly. If you think racism is merely a system of pattern recognition and not a materially based social system, you're just fucking retarded.
>>756541 REPORTED
>>756603 >feels over reels
>>756605 Do you think the socialization of whites has no effect on you? Go take an implicit association test.
(289.45 KB 985x874 Alunya-cat-malicious-smile.png)
>>756603 >he thinks such ideas belongs to the left. >he thinks he can corrupt the left with such ideas. COPE.
>>756594 No, i consider you to be racist because you talk about world as if these racist classification were real, and not just imposed onto it. >>756599 That's a straw-man argument, I specifically said "racist bias" that's clearly in people's heads. If you want to talk about the structural stuff like sacrifice zones, that's another matter, but you can find those all over, India for example has a cast of untouchables or Dalits.
>>756582 You're not wrong so much as being reductionist, as usual. We're all loaded with unconscious biases, and for a lot of people, that includes race. The question is, how do you combat these? To this day, there has only ever been exactly one solution to this, and it's not browbeating.
>>756622 Where did I say that the racial classifications were real or even imply that.
>>756464 okay but they got fucking annihilated by the first fishing village they came across
>>756638 It's Vietnam all over again. GO HOME G.I. JOE
(39.32 KB 466x600 bidenicrecream1.jpg)
Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates It begins. Will Joe emerge from his cocoon if he wins or will we find out he was dead the whole time? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/03/opinion/trump-biden-presidential-debates-2020.html
>>756417 i could have sworn anti-white was wordfiltered before???
>>756659 The actual article is hilarious. Its basically like wow the debates are really lousy , just cancel them, there isnt any possible way they could be fixed
>>756660 On the last board yeah
>>756700 >>756659 I didn't even bother reading it. I mostly laughed at the headline. I'll include an archive link then. https://web.archive.org/web/20200803143749/https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/03/opinion/trump-biden-presidential-debates-2020.html
(126.30 KB 529x699 mao.png)
Wtf guys we have to stop her
(182.27 KB 1213x1213 EeBipp7U8AAT0O7.jpg)
(181.25 KB 1200x1200 EeBipqTVAAA_nXm.jpg)
>>756700 >>756659 Ok I read it now. >Perhaps the most substantive televised debate of all was the first one, between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, which Nixon was considered to have won on substance on the radio, while the cooler and more appealing Kennedy won on television. Since these weren’t true debates, the concept of “winning” one of these odd encounters was always amorphous. (To be sure, many questions by panels of journalists were designed less to stimulate debate than to challenge one of the candidates.) Kind of negating their own point, unless they're trying to say that Nixon was a better pick than Kennedy. >When is a president called upon to put down an interlocutor, be it a member of Congress or a foreign leader? If we were like the Brits, these last four years would've been twice as hilarious. I'd love to see that, that President have to debate congress head to head all the time. >This, by the way, isn’t written out of any concern that Donald Trump will prevail over Joe Biden in the debates As they say in screenwriting: Hang a lantern on it. >The key words are “pay attention to,” because over the stretch of 2015-2016 it wasn’t impossible to see the implications of a Trump presidency. Not just the vulgarity but the ignorance and insensitivity and extreme narcissism were apparent more than a year before Election Day. How thin. He's comparing two choices, and he extols the virtue of "paying attention" yet apparently he was only paying attention to one of the options. I won't quote the remaining paragraphs since he doesn't mention Biden once.
(259.94 KB 1206x1354 Annotation 2020-08-08 232211.png)
>>756709 Can she not read? Or does she think she's a man and Tim Kaine is a woman.
Hi. This is the first time I actually heard about your country. I googled it to see where you are on the map so now I know where you are located. Weird how I always thought that Mexico and Canada shared a border. I also read that you have a culture. So fascinating. I really like Ellen Degeneres who constitutes your culture. You must be very proud of your traditions of apple pie. If I visit you I'll be sure to buy one of your traditional local clothings such as baseball hats and flippity flops as you call them in your weird language I am just learning (which is, let me tell you, super hard). In any case I'm just trying to make you understand how you sound and what kind of first impression you make when you visit the country known as the rest of the fucking world.
>>756724 based
>>756724 >the individual experiences of petty bourgeoisie dipshits is indicative of an entire country's population I'm so terribly sorry that you suffer such a heavy burden
Hello, yes. I'm just here to remind you that your country is called Turkey which is funny because we eat you in my culture, ha-ha. Hello, yes. Did you actually know that your country, Niger, is actually a bad word and you shouldn't say it? And I'm looking at you too, Monte N-word. Hello, yes. Are you hungry? Are you a hungry Hungarian? I'm just joking. Hello, yes. Are you just starting or are you Finnish? Hihihi. Hello, yes. Did you know that your whole country is named after one of our own states, Georgia? I just looked it up and our single state of Georgia has a higher gdp/capita than your whole country Georgia. Weird. Hello, yes. Iran, but then I stopped to take a breather. I'm just joking, hahaha. Hello, yes. I'm trying to find this location on the tourist map. Should I go this way, that way, or Norway? Hello, yes. Iceland. Something about the floor being slippery or no need for refrigerators. Haha.
(199.25 KB 389x390 comfu.png)
>>756724 >>756741 it's America's world... you're just living in it!
>>756736 >only petit bourgeois can travel >students don't exist >burger soldiers don't exist >international projects don't exist >international religious, scientific, literally conferences don't exist >flight attendants don't exist, oil tanker crewmen don't exist >in short, the's only one thing that exists and that's the mother fucking U Ass of A and if you don't like it you can fuck off to your commie countries you ungrateful bastards
>>756724 Imagine being this assmad about tourists
(32.03 KB 567x426 DX-V2JjU8AAbLin.jpg)
>>756724 >the niggas that think iran is in missouri
(80.87 KB 530x680 EaaEsA5X0AErUrh.jpg)
>>756724 What non-American kountry are you shitting about in?
>>756747 The enemy is closer than you'd think. >>756746 I have the joy of meeting burger workers and students in my city and no tourists, but I'm pretty sure countries that still have your army as an invading force there thoroughly enjoy the company of your soldiers. >>756749 kek
>>756741 >Hello, yes. Did you actually know that your country, Niger, is actually a bad word and you shouldn't say it? And I'm looking at you too, Monte N-word. and this, ladies and gentleman, is how we get the nígger word filter
(347.83 KB 640x360 2020 presidential debate.png)
>>756659 >NYT But of course. Reminder that on their "deep investigation" into the alleged molestation case against Tara Reade, the NYT actually published the following paragraph, then stealth-edited it out minutes later: >"No other allegation about sexual assault surfaced in the course of reporting, nor did any former Biden staff members corroborate any details of Ms. Reade’s allegation. The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable." One of the many reasons why I think this crisis is even deeper than it seems right now is because even the basic mechanisms of accountability within a liberal society are failing, and, perhaps more importantly, failing in a very visible manner. I don't refer to the court system, which is exactly the opposite of basic accountability, it's the definitive one. Because of that, it is very visible on purpose, which makes it obvious to everyone that it isn't perfect, but just as much, that it mostly works. It's a case of highlighting one flaw to obscure others. Let's look at the mechanisms which fall under the umbrella term "checks and balances". These are less visible than courts, both by design -- so they can be skirted with more ease -- and by simply being a much, much less frequent one. The impeachment hearing is a perfect example. It was a shameful event in such a scale way that only Qtards could possibly ignore the blatant and constant disregard for law and ethics. Of course, the simple fact that somehow a literal retard made it to the Oval Office is an even bigger failure of the system. The mechanisms above, among others, are formal ones, and their violation is bad enough for the system's legitimacy before the public, but, arguably, even worse in the end are informal mechanisms, the most basic ones, unstated but expected behavior. It's a rather subtle category of that usually stands, but has been thoroughly ruined in the Trump administration. I guess you could cynically call them the "rules of the game", but a much better description would be, the "not even they would dare do that" mechanisms. You know the kind of expectations of behavior that are assumed, a liturgy of sorts, that politicians are supposed to follow so as to not give the game up? Behavior that you hardly ever noticed because it was almost never broken, but whose breaking makes it glaring? Trump does that literally without thinking. Like asking other heads of State to help him win an election? That's something a civilized person just plain won't do, but he did, does and will keep doing because he's just plain to dumb to notice and too evil to care. Also the extortion mentioned here >>756120. There are far too many examples of his clan doing it, so I'll skip on those. Of course, him flaunting all expected behavior from a president is, ultimately, just an extension of him ignoring even simple politeness and civility. The point is, if these mechanisms which assumed to be there but never were triggered completely fail to do so when they're very, very clearly needed, well then they never existed in the first place then, did they? "The papers will tear him a new one", "his support base will disown him", "he will lose allies in Congress", you know, the sort of repercussions which everyone expected would happen, which made other politicians and personalities at least pretend to care about truth, justice and the American way. And there was precisely jack shit. There are multiple reasons for this (the sheer volume of heresies Trump commits, the incessant whining of liberal press is like crying wolf and makes actual issues fall through etc.), but the fact of the matter is, their failure does immense damage to the system's legitimacy, even if on a mostly unconscious level. And it should be pointed out that, besides eroding the people's trust, this only encourages other monsters. If Joe Average can't expect an ogre like Trump to be treated fairly by the system i.e. suffer some comeuppance, how can he expect it to treat him fairly for being a decent person? And the multiple crises are driving this point home, deeply. Like I said about the courts, no one can be surprised that the judiciary sometimes fails, it deals with grave matters and stakes are high so the players involved will try to escape justice and occasionally succeed, but hey, it mostly works and nothing is perfect. But this complete disregard for even the most basic social mores going completely unpunished? That's what settles it. It obviates that what the system is supposed to do is the exception now, and perhaps always has been. The formal mechanisms failing too often lets us see the rot within the system, the informal ones failing means it's too late.
>born into ex-socialist country, toppled by a mixture of decades of cold war forcing the communist party to throw unnecessary amounts of resources into military, Soros foundation trained regime changers, 24/7 propaganda by Radio Free Europe targeting the civilians, etc. >pretty much the whole culture industry collapses that was producing world class quality literature, movies, music, etc. representing a uniquely local sound, style, worldview >30 years pass >our kids now watch burger capeshit movies, read horseshit sensationalist writers, and listen to burger music with the lyrics, and I quote: "uighur, uighur, uighur, uighur, uighur, uighur, uighur, I'm one hundred percent uighur." >our ghetto kids (oh, yeah, we didn't have ghettos before, lol) actually start to identify with the black American culture >you, however, as a non-American non-black person are not allowed to say "uighur" >to say "uighur" is the privileged right of a separate caste of Afro-American rap stars, movie stars, and enlightened priesthood, I mean the "people of college" stratum >in essence: you are forced to listen to our shit, but you may not repeat it, because that would be culturally insensitive of YOU >meanwhile, the poorest black worker still earns like 3x what the poorest white worker earns in my country whose ancestors never had slaves, hurt your country in any shape or form, and never intended to, yet somehow due to the magical chemistry of intersectional thinking (your country also made up and now is taught in our universities as the civilized way of looking at things instead of uncivilized Marxism like before) this white worker has more privilege and needs to STFU and respect the aforementioned privileged caste on a different continent Well, fuck you too, then.
>>756770 >"uighur, uighur, uighur, uighur, uighur, uighur, uighur, I'm one hundred percent uighur." this but unironically
>>756475 It's like you fucking morons can't comprehend that you are proving r/drama and r/stupidpol correct. You literally are Radlib parodies that think success are "white concepts". Did you know that we are still using Arab numerals? And WTF is the "black experience"? Imagine being so retarded that you think experience should be retarded by 'race'.
>>756770 What country.
>>756778 Europe. It's a big country I'm told.
Why are Radlibs shitting up this thread? Identity Politics is useless and self defeating.
>>756770 "White" as a social category, is basically only a think in Settler-Colonialist nations like the USA, South Africa, parts of South America, Australia, etc. "White" really has nothing to do with skin color, and European people really aren't "white". Whiteness is the state of being the privileged and favored group of Settlers, being bribed to be loyal to the expansion of the colony and the enslavement of the other Settlers. White, thus, does not really have a social meaning in Europe. Native maybe. Eastern European immigrants are not greeted with kindness in Britain if I understand correctly, but no one would doubt they are white.
Apparently the boring woman the libertarians went with got bitten by a rabies bat. Does that mean shoe man can come back?
>>756781 Because people with some form of narcissism need to validate themselves. That's why idpol is a common issue since it's a tool used to self validate and is used to bludgeon everyone at the same.
How the hell is the USA even remotely tolerable as a country? >http://www.npc.umich.edu/publications/policy_briefs/brief28/ > In sum, we estimate that, as of the beginning of 2011, about 1.46 million U.S. households with about 2.8 million children were surviving on $2 or less in income per person per day in a given month. This constitutes almost 20 percent of all non- elderly households with children living in poverty. >When we consider SNAP benefits as equivalent to dollars, this reduces the number of extremely poor households with children by about half. We estimate that SNAP currently saves roughly 1.4 million children from extreme poverty. >While the best source of data available for this study, the SIPP does likely suffer from some under-reporting of income by respondents. However, under-reporting likely does not explain the dramatic increase in extreme poverty over our study period.
>>756777 >And WTF is the "black experience"? The experience of racist discrimination, basically. >>756782 I largely agree but this part seems iffy to me >'White" really has nothing to do with skin color I mean come on, you even had to put it in quotation marks. What about fully equal Roman citizens with black skin? Even Roman travellers take note of the ebony skin as a kind of novelty they haven't seen. Then there's the case of Nazi race ideology. You could become an "honorary Aryan" as a jap or croatian, or even as a Jew (if you were noble like Stephanie von Hohenlohe or friends of Hitler like Emil Maurice) but there's not one example of them giving the "honor" to blacks, because there's the pronounced difference of skin color. I'm pretty sure we could find texts about the supposed inferiority of the gingers in Ireland too by (((anglos))) since race theory wasn't alien to them either. Or there's the case of Ainus, the Japanese minority who stood out for their whiteness to the colonizing Japanese and discriminated against for centuries. My point isn't to essentialize "white" or "black" or "ginger" but to point out that pretending that such visible distinguishing marks aren't easy fuel for the ideology of racism or colonialism or how they aren't "real" while being empirically observable are counter-productive. >White, thus, does not really have a social meaning in Europe. Kinda does after Hitler. Gipsies were made "non-White" in the sense of how you use the word. After they were almost completely integrated under socialism the regime collapsed and suddenly we are "white" again and they are "browns". But the again we also have thousands of surviving folk songs from hundreds of years ago that sing about these very same hot brown chicks, so it's not like people couldn't see tone difference in skin color. I don't think you necessarily need the concrete settler colonial concrete context or ideological component either as a law. Capitalism needs ways of justifying itself and so when the privatizations happened after the regime change and they "needed" to lay workers off they conveniently chose the gipsies first, inaugurating the "whitening" of one part of the population and "de-whitening" of another in a founding gesture.
>>756781 stop stirring the wasp's nest, uighurkulak
>>756838 >uighurkulak Who? And i'd rather think of myself as Dionysus.
>>756827 "Racist discrimination" is so broad, that if someone even glances at you, it's "racist discrimination". Any inconvenience or discomfort is "racist discrimination". Pathetic.
>>756782 "White" and "Black" are both Spooks. Stop believing Bourgeoise Propaganda.
I wonder if Trump's executive orders will cause a market crash or boom. It's probably to buy the Republicans more time for the stimulus package. Any guesses for the next package?
>>756857 There is no package, everyone will be told to pull themselves up by their boot straps
>>756857 Shit's so fucked that even Trump would have a hard time making it worse tbh
>>756827 >but there's not one example of them giving the "honor" to blacks, because there's the pronounced difference of skin color. but they still gave that "honor" to few Indians and Arabs.
>>756885 I think they thought they were going to pull another 2008 where they just take all the money and fuck everyone else, and are now realizing how very much they can't do that this time, they've actually hit the bottom of the barrel.
>>756268 >when not guided by nationally oppressed leadership jesus christ dude, are you really sure this is the point you want to make?
(417.25 KB 500x623 20200804_120128.png)
>>756900 >they've actually hit the bottom of the barrel. Big if true
(132.67 KB 500x519 1595445596171.png)
Trump just signed an executive order deferring payroll taxes, but everyone still owes them at the end of the tax year. He's literally holding the election financially hostage.
>>756900 >I think they thought they were going to pull another 2008 where they just take all the money and fuck everyone else But that's always their plan, it's just a matter of which time will be the last one, during which they will retreat into their New Zealand bunkers.
>>756857 Trumps advisors are genius, push illegal orders that benefit a desperate population in the midst of a crisis knowing full well the dems will take responsibility for opposing them
>>756910 Pretty much. >"If I'm victorious on Nov. 3, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax. I'm going to make them all permanent," It doesn't get more clear than this. I mean, the shit the DNC pulled on Bernie was plausibly deniable, this moron is flat-out stating he's committing what might amount to high treason.
that'S like.. really inspiring n shit.. just become a cop and change the system from wtihin you guys
(98.73 KB 640x720 1554067182885.jpg)
>>756920 Tried that, ended up shooting a black guy.
>>756920 Terrible form
>>756920 >just become a boot licker
>>756918 I think you're giving them too much credit. The fuckers who came up with the petrodollar, for example, they were evil geniuses. But one of the defining traits of an age of decay is is how absurdly low the bar is set. Being evil is just so easy nowadays that the most abject cretins can rule the world, and, inevitably, they will. Or are, as the case may be. The crew in charge right now is the most inept one to ever occupy the White House. Were it not for the crises, they would have breezed through it, as it looked like they would until March, and no one would ever have to know just how awful they are. But the bar was suddenly set awfully high, perhaps the highest it has ever been for America, and this crew cannot and will not clear it.
>>756917 >But that's always their plan, it's just a matter of which time will be the last one, during which they will retreat into their New Zealand bunkers. These people have made so many enemies, you know there's bunker busters bombs...
> mail in ballot election yeah ok
>>756747 They've must be joking, ofc.
>>756745 Oh lawd, that Egypt-Syrua-Israel map is so funny...
>>756900 Haven't they just taken the money, though? This time they didn't even need Obama's mind control ray to pacify the mob. They just took the money in broad daylight and have openly cheered on the latest Social Darwinism. Now Trump is effectively destroying social security and has vowed to make it permanent, and he's probably going to succeed. The only possible problem is that they face hyperinflation by printing yet more money, but that effectively doesn't matter. The point now is consolidating the hold of the rich, rather than the accumulation of wealth. They're going to grind us down to nothing and laugh about it, just as they have for the past 12 years especially.
>>756724 ....whats wrong with the third pic?
>>756752 Requesting Montenegro wordfilter to Crna Gora
>>757162 >Czechoslovakia
>>757159 Why would Biden be any better?
>>756741 >Monte N-word Brilliant
>>757173 Did I say Biden would be better, nigga?
>>757162 you are
>>757169 my crna
(1.21 MB 1200x769 msnbc-goodtake.png)
=whats the chance america will ever become unclass-cucked in the next 10 years
It's Kamala's turn.
>>757264 Never. America discovered a means to end class struggle without ending class.
>>757287 which is?
>>756903 i agree
>>757294 Wh*te people
>>757264 The school has made class struggle in any meaningful sense impossible, around the world. Society is so thoroughly segregated and the educated class is self-perpetuating and sees their status are more or less hereditary. It was never happening for the vast majority of people who labored, and now that the rulers no longer need us to make shit for them, they're killing us off pure and simple, and they have legions of screaming fanatics eager to do it for free.
(54.76 KB 640x617 Ec8IS73XgAAGHIB.jpeg)
>>756706 Sending my energy
(660.61 KB 640x534 5wxljw9qbef51.png)
Now what, /leftypol/?
>>757630 Is leftypol going to admire Ben Garrison after this?
>>757630 What did he mean by this?
>>757630 Disappointed in Zyklon Ben, he didn't even caption the hammering thing. How am I, the average Garrison fan supposed to understand what is going on here.
>>757630 damn..... we really live in a society
>>757643 I’ve always admired him
>>757646 Is too obvious. It's communism's fault.
>>757646 The globe-man is experiencing class consciousness for the first time. The the hammer of communism banging the globe-man on the head symbolizes the mind becoming conscious of class, like a strike of lightning. In this moment of structural clarity, the man sees the absurdities of capitalism around the world: the inability to deal with Covid-19 (labeled "COVID-19"), the collapsing economy (labeled "ECONOMY"), and the "growing storm" (labeled "WAR"), from the intensifying antagonisms between the interests of different cartels of capitalists, in the wake of the dwindling rate of profit.
>>756920 I can't take reddit anymore
>>757672 Lol, how's that even what's going on? Since when Ben Garrison is communist.
>>757675 >anymore >>757692 kek
>>757686 you're being undialectical comrade
gonna be honest the whole armchair ML thing about how "we need to wait for the right conditions to start a revolution" really just sounds like an excuse to not do anything. One guy getting killed by cops started a month long national riot. Right now, if 50 armed people attacked [redacted] in Minecraft, it could actually trigger something. Even if it wasn't successful the acceleration alone would be worth it
>>757760 Fantasy: 50 armed people attacking [redacted] in Minecraft Reality: 49 Feds trick you into believing 50 armed people are gonna attack [redacted] in Minecraft
>>757770 why is it that other nations can wage [redacted] campaigns but Yanks can't
>>757367 fuck, i want a show with a Gordon Ramsay / Zizek crossover
>>757760 Of course, because the revolutionary ideologues who are clamoring for a revolution don't want to start one, but want to take advantage of events as they unfold. It's really cynical how people were expecting the riots to explode for the obvious self-interest of a few LARPers. The police state could be sent reeling if there were any nerve to make it happen; would be tough to truly defeat it, but it would be possible to save some people from the nightmare to come and certainly make it impossible to do the whole "throw large numbers of people into concentration camps" thing that's going to happen.
(4.14 MB 2295x2867 usaReliefMap-west-100pct (1).jpg)
(3.09 MB 2295x2867 usaReliefMap-west-100pct.jpg)
>>757842 WTF dude stop trying to flood the world
>>757855 No, i like rain.
>>756918 People who think that it was genius watch too much Fox. It's not as genius as you may think. In fact, it's probably the stupidest thing any of them have ever considered. People who are cheering it on could be compared to a couple of guys that are ecstatic about a global disaster from climate change happening sooner than anticipated. Trump just opened the door to unilateral absolute power of the US presidency in our lifetime. The last guy who did that, Andrew Johnson, was immediately removed from office with no ifs, ands or buts. Liberals are shrugging it off as something that will get mopped up in court, because they think a good guy will end up with that power. People have no inkling of the message that sent, and how many people are licking their lips right now. No good guy is going to end up with that power, and sure as the driven snow it's more than just a controversial executive action. The sequence of events from this weekend was so consequential I highly doubt your mind can fathom how deeply the world is fucked. The world would have been better off if climate change and coronavirus both struck over the weekend as opposed to the shrugs about executive actions ceding legislative, tax and purse powers from Congress. Anyone who thinks this was brilliant for trump or his friends or his cause is clearly a brainless fucking moron with zero capacity to play the tape out further than a few months. If trump is spared the gigantic fucking target he painted on his head, and doesn't drink polonium in the next month or two... At best he'll be plagued by this decision. If world leaders like Putin and Xi are clapping because suddenly America looks more characteristically despotic they need to fucking stop and think about it for a second or two. Westerners aren't like Easterners when it comes to that level of unilateral power given to an executive. We become far more blood thirsty and angry and vengeful. The best Western despots make the worst Eastern despots look chill. They obviously don't know shit if they think it's helpful to them. The fact that this is considered just a controversial reading, and a good play by trump is the worst possible outcome the world has ever had. It's never been in more danger. Not China, not Russia, not Britain and not Germany. Kim Jong Un is child's play compared to an American war machine with a president that possesses unilateral power. Trust me, that message rang all across our poisonous elite ranks. The fact that no one is arguing about the extremely extremely extremely dangerous precedent that sets for the world is a testament to how fucked things are going to get. Trump and his cohorts are definitely not going to be in power long enough to prevent what it is that comes this way now. If they manage to survive a little longer it won't be long before they're purged by someone smarter and more ambitious. When our inheritances are stolen because our elders don't have social security do you think American porky is going to blame himself? When anything goes wrong do you think American porky is going to blame himself? The guys who get that unilateral power? Will they blame themselves? LOL you are so absolutely fucked and you don't even realize it yet. You've never been more fucked in your life. In the West... Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
>>757842 Cool now do the Great Plains/Midwest where this is actually happening.
>>757913 When America jumps the shark, and becomes an imminent danger to everyone, everything and every creature in the world. You can look back at 8/7/2020 and know that was the moment it was assured.
>>757913 I tried explaining it to people before but they're so locked in on pre-approved narratives that they don't get just how big all of this is. According to their narrative, nothing ever actually changes until a thought leader tells them there is a new narrative. I'm convinced more than ever that there's not going to be something so quaint as an "election" three months from now. Things have moved too quickly for anything to return to normal. I'm convinced the "quarantine" is never going to end, at least not until the regime has reformed as a dictatorship (with or without Trump).
>>757964 I'm a retard. Why is this one thing so big compared to other executive orders?
>>757985 Basically, Trump is unilaterally shifting around a whole lot of money that isn't his to touch in the first place (unlike something like say diverting Pentagon $ for the wall - which is still dubious for a lot of reasons but ultimately that money is for the President's military purposes). He's unilaterally declaring that he's not going to collect taxes that have been collected for decades now, that cover a really large government program. He's unilaterally demanding the states kick in money for unemployment or he's not going to let them have any federal funds for expanded unemployment (which basically means Trump's promise is a dead letter there, because no state is going to fork over $100/week per person collecting unemployment). The level of income from the Social Security payroll tax is absolutely mammoth, and Trump is saying "lol I ain't collecting it". This is a very, very big deal. The level of no-goodness of all of this would have prompted a liberal government to impeach the bastard immediately, but they tried that and failed because lol liberals.
>>757913 >le presidential overreach You misinterpreted my post. Guess what you little baby, the American gov can instakill you with no consequences so stop whining about the separation of powers you faggot liberal
>>757964 >with or without Trump Exactly >>757985 It's a message to the American bourgeoisie to cede their power for quick gains and austerity. Porky is biting, and neither the liberals or conservatives have been given marching orders to make a big fuss about it. It's the message, the precedent and implications. The last president who did this was almost executed, because people still had fresh memory of how Westerners act under the power of dictators. The NYT is just calling it a controversial reading of executive action, and Fox News is calling it brilliant. The problem is that the bourgeoisie are so concerned with quick gains they forget that don't realize they're dismantling the floodgates to get them. You have to read between the lines here, and realize that there was a not so obvious secondary message behind this and secondary not so obvious response.
>>758020 You're ignorant if you think the rubicon we just crossed is like anything that's been seen in this country before. Very ignorant. You also apparently have little understanding of the situation here beyond our imperialist inclinations.
>>758031 You don’t fit in, stop gaslighting lib
>>758037 Not gaslighting, and I’ve been here for years sperg. You’re doing zero argumentative work or critical thinking besides “reeee but Americans kill 3rd worlders with impunity.” Which we all already know.
>>758018 Genuinely asking, how is this a very big deal if any powers that could seize on it to institute such a dictatorship aren’t able to overwhelm the ones too terrified of that kind of paradigm shift in American politics? As in, who are the actors here? The liberal establishment does not seem to want to take such big risks, what they want is Trump to leave so they can go back to playing in the American institutional game. The security state may desire that kind of control, but they also seem accustomed to working in the shadows. Would the military (which is intertwined with the security state of course) coup Trump for executive overreach as a pretext and then institute a dictatorship? But why would they take that kind of risk either? What military general wants to actually be the dictator of the United States? What liberal or spook wants that? It seems like only some conservative maniacs would want that, and a lot of them are very vocal and not all that trust worthy and seem as though they’d receive the same vote of no confidence Trump has gotten. It just doesn’t seem like there is any interest group with the will to dismantle the US government.
>>758058 You’re a little baby lib crying about setting precedents after the patriot act but now it’s the orange man’s lies about unemployment support and suddenly it’s the end of the world in your tiny lib brain
Im not him but he isnt talking about precedent in terms of ruling class power against proles. He is talking about precedent within the state mechanism that exists to mediate ruling class disputes. You just sound retarded honing on the idea of precedent here.
what the fuck did Trump do this time? I can’t parse this thread for the life of me
>>758068 I don't think the powers behind the throne are terrified of such a shift. If anything, they've been pushing aggressively to dismantle democracy and rule as outright dictators, and would be perfectly fine if the Presidency were moved behind a curtain and it became accepted by the public that we live in a dictatorship now. Even the appearance of democracy presents expectations among the public that the government should be doing certain things, like actually managing a response to a pandemic. The disaster that is the corona response has been indicative of a government that is done giving fucks and wants us all to die. Both the liberals and conservatives are done with the political system as is, and given what America is up against, they definitely see what's left of democracy as a nuisance to be abolished, so they can have what China has - a de facto one party state that isn't bogged down by the morass of public opinion and political involvement.
>>758104 He did the unemployment executive order. It's very possible that the person i agreeing is a representative of the DNC who had been attempting to block the unemployment spending bill in order to make people want to vote for biden.
>>757913 >If trump is spared the gigantic fucking target he painted on his head, and doesn't drink polonium in the next month or two... Porky only sends the assassins if his kiddie-diddling is at risk of being uncovered. >>757964 >According to their narrative, nothing ever actually changes until a thought leader tells them there is a new narrative. This is something I have noticed in Brazil after the anti-PT smear campaign. People were already dependent on MSM for all their information about the world became dependent on them for what to think about that information as well. While conditioning people to bark at command to something that would have never otherwise elicited barking, they accidentally (at least I presume it was acidental) conditioned them to bark only on command, never by themselves. If it doesn't elicit a MSM response with lots of live updates with news anchors talking louder than usual and looking slightly worried or angry and with pundits talking about it nonstop as if it's a matter of life or death, it just slips by and becomes normalized. That's what I mean by post-post-modernity: the relation between signifier and signified, image and object, and form and substance, has been reversed. The former is now more important than the latter.
>>758122 >Porky only sends the assassins if his kiddie-diddling is at risk of being uncovered So why did they kill JFK & MLK for example?
>>758134 cause they were about to uncover the pedoring
>>758077 No u >>758095 The precedent is that presidents who seek to obtain absolute power via writ can mitigate it as controversial in court as opposed to in an impeachment trial. The implication is they will continue to do so and porky is sick of negotiating (may the most ambitious degenerate win). The result, that the is dangerous for every living creature, requires analysis of Western culture, knowledge that no is totally in control and realization that the buck has to stop somewhere. >>758115 No not DNC, and in need of the relief for sure. I can just play the tape out where others apparently cannot. People give too much credence to porky’s self interest instinct and static conditions. My determination is that nothing is static, no one is in control, entropy is in swing and porky makes errors.
>>758122 > Porky only sends the assassins if his kiddie-diddling is at risk of being uncovered. Tell that to Caesar or any number of the supplanted monarchs.
>>754806 >stuff like this is why I distrust ex-fashies. As you should.
(144.96 KB 2048x1163 herreraBlancoYVerde.jpg)
>>757964 >>757913 I have thought about this before and in my opinion there is little cause for concern from the idea that the President should now have unitary executive power. Do not confuse this with an endorsement of the totally deranged system of gonverment that this entails, but as a criticism of the ordinary state of affairs in American politics as already consummately deranged. 1. It has already been supported by many high-quality studies, but since this is a leftist forum I'll take it as given that we all understand that no one but the capitalists in the US have any say in real government policy. We live in an oligarchy and our instantiation of "democracy" would not be recognized as such by any political theorist with an accurate perception of the workings of electoral politics in the US. Pollsters and analysts work tirelessly to tell the candidates what to say based on what they can glean about the opinions of the populace, which they treat as immutable. Of course, as readers of Manufacturing Consent and Inventing Reality should know (and as is taught at every business school and marketing department), those opinions are highly malleable and far too much money would be left on the table by not shaping them to be subservient to the interests of big business. 2. It is then a structural feature of liberal media and the consolidation of the press in the US that opposition to the main goals of American capitalism will remain totally fringe. There is hardly a legislator in the country that does not act in lock-step with the intelligence and military apparatus. 3. Accountability for crimes committed by the government or capitalists has functionally never occurred. Which people involved with the following have seen the inside of a prison cell? I will ONLY here use examples that are either widely acknowledged by Americans to have been disasterous, or that harmed Americans themselves: - The lies about WMDs in Iraq leading to its invasion - The use of chemical weapons such as Agent Orange against the Vietnamese - The poisoning of Flint, where now one in four school-aged children are in need of special education programs - The poisoning of America at large through leaded gasoline contamination - The petroleum industry knowing for over a half-century the anticipated destruction from and brisk pace of anthropogenic climate change 4. On the contrary, individual actors who threaten capital and US imperial hegemony are invariably punished harshly, often extrajudicially: - Chelsea Manning - Edward Snowden - Julian Assange - Fred Hampton - Aaron Swartz 5. The US is not bound by its constitution. In addition to blatantly unconstitutional acts and laws, such as - The Sedition Acts - The Patriot Act - The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution - Any laws that "infringe upon the right to bear arms" where justices appointed via a convoluted anti-democratic process have reign to mutate very plain statements in the constitution under veil of "interpretation," 6. there are no consequences for sufficiently powerful actors who blatantly violate the constitution with no legislative mandate whatsoever. The US has not declared war since 1942. According to the constitution, Congress alone has that power. Consider what our intelligence agencies and military do across the globe: if any one of our victims responded in turn with the same actions on American soil, we would absolutely understand those to be acts of war. ------------------------------------------------------- So this is my thesis: the checks and balances of US government are a fiction and have been a fiction since the end of the second world war. Capitalists have installed already an as-of-yet unstoppable filter on who gets to have any say in government policy in the country, and there is no need to look beyond our present system of government to find that people acting in the interests of capital act with ultimate authority and impunity. Furthermore, the new unitary executive power will remain conditional on the desires of the corporate interests that lobbied for it. You are correct that in a common law system when capital attempts to hold the executive to account, it will be in stark, undeniable contradiction with the process that gave him the unitary power in the first place. In my view, this doesn't matter: capital will find a way around it, as they have done innumerable times in the past. In modern US politics the rule of law is contingent on the mandate of capital, not the other way around.
>>758020 >Patriot act and imperialist impunity Now realize that the American executive branch has jumped a major hurdle in being able to impose a Patriot Act via writ, legislate anything via writ, declare an imperialist venture via writ, impose taxes via writ, impose austerity via writ and basically do just about anything via writ. Not a single Westerner has had that power in three centuries. >>758111 >The disaster that is the corona response has been indicative of a government that is done giving fucks and wants us all to die. >Both the liberals and conservatives are done with the political system as is Yes, that reminds me of something being left out here. We are at the same place Italy and Germany both were with Mussolini and Hitler assuming immense powers after the protest and Reichstag fire respectively. That's not to say Trump will assume that level of power, because I personally think it's probable that a more ambitious sociopath will supplant him. However, it's a good thought experiment for the people who think porkies self interest is an invisible hand with static qualities. Although a large portion of war profiteers made gains under both their leadership there were many more political supporters and donors who got terribly fucked by them. Hell ended up dead. You can't always predict the future by what's good for all of the porkies, but only what is good for a few porkies. What's good for a few porkies is not good for all porkies and all mankind. Now give it a few years, and assume that no one is totally in control. Not Xi, not Trump, not Putin, not Boris, not Netanyahu, not MBS, not Bolsonaro. In order for this situation to avoid devolving you would literally need all of them working for their common good without any ulterior motives or plans of their own. They would need to be lock step and without any external issues that pop up. Otherwise, what you're going to have is eventually some ambitious Western degenerate works hard to come to power. He'll have a massive war machine, plans of his own, an angry populace and unilateral power. If he doesn't use it all the next guy will or the guy after that.
>>756709 "Charlotte" is one of the most detestable libs in existence
>>758018 That's why Pelosi was so dead-set on not starting an impeachment process. Guys, we should have listened.
(149.82 KB 1020x1058 herreraBlancoYVerde2.jpg)
the tl;dr to >>758245: >>758020 >Guess what you little baby, the American gov can instakill you with no consequences so stop whining about the separation of powers you faggot liberal
>>758023 >The problem is that the bourgeoisie are so concerned with quick gains they forget that don't realize they're dismantling the floodgates to get them. What I fear is that they do reealize, and are in fact doing this on purpose. The procession of mistakes being made is well past hackneyed Tom Clancy-wannabe political novels, that I can't help but feel it was planned.
2nd time the us has tried to impose itself on the conversation regardimg something it walked away from. First was the jcpoa (iran deal)
>>756709 Pain.
>>758245 >Patriot act >Imperialist Wars Patriot act was passed via Congress. This calls into question a President unilaterally passing it. Same with imperialist wars, but Obama chipped into that one first. This however, moves to permanently justify that. >Snowden >Manning >Political prisoners >>758271 Legitimate gripe, but this is power in addition to that. We already are aware of that power. This is additional power and a lot of it. Much more power. >There are consequences for sufficiently powerful actors that violate the constrituion. Yes, and consequences for the populace too. Then consequences in repairing them. Then consequences when that fails. Then new people with more power to fix those mistakes. It's entropy. >the checks and balances of US government are a fiction Not true. Porky isn't one mind. They negotiate together, and the meager democratic mechanisms which are there helps them do so while giving a very weak voice to proles. >Moving into CIA and glow ops from there You're going off point here. This is about distribution of power. This is not an argument regarding giving an executive branch absolute power. This is a complaint about the police state which we already know exists. > new unitary executive power will remain conditional on the desires of the corporate interests that lobbied for it Says who? Do they really think that? I certainly don't see as being written in stone. It didn't work out that way for porky in other Western countries when it went down. I know porky is counting on that, but it's probably the worst bet they've ever made. This speculation that it will work for the better of porky and popular approval assumes that people who receive this power keep good intentions for all of porky or can't manufacture 'just enough' approval.
>>758335 >power keep good intentions for all of porky or can't manufacture 'just enough' approval Or need to betray porky for popular approval or do something unpopular for porky or just are irrational creatures. These rosy assumptions of unitary power assume rationality that simply doesn't always exist. It assumes good conditions that aren't likely to be static. In fact, we already know good conditions won't last... There are a lot of flashpoints including but not limited to our allies getting into shit, recessions, global climate change, wars in other countries which affect porky, leaders dying, leaders being supplanted, pandemics, etc. etc. etc. A Western man given unitary power will do whatever is required to keep it and expand it. It won't be long before someone without a rational mind cuts that tree down and seizes that power for himself. We are degenerate like that. Again, in the West especially, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
>>758077 >>758037 this is bait PROTIP if someone's reply to you elicited anger, don't start typing right away and consider "what if it was a troll?". Simply re-reading the reply with this is mind is usually enough to find the answer. >>758134 Okay, current porkies. >>758178 They weren't even porkies tho, I mean they were rich fucks, but "porky" implies actual bourgeois, doesn't it?
>>758245 >So this is my thesis: the checks and balances of US government are a fiction and have been a fiction since the end of the second world war. Hot take: said checks and balances were conceived for a censitarian democracy, where the franchise was limited to a very small class. The slow shift to universal suffrage and more representation than participation pretty much requires such stealthy erosion of democratic principles, because porkies will not accept that a pleb be de facto legally equal to him.
(633.46 KB 375x250 hearty idi chuckles.gif)
(142.17 KB 776x5776 africa.png)
>>756741 >And I'm looking at you too, Monte N-word. My sides!
>>758396 This is an abstract kind of bait with zero argumentative work that is empathizing with rage poster who also had zero argumentative work besides "reee Epstein, navy seal assassins, etc" >current porkies The bourgeoisie are not rational beings limited to killing people related to Epstein scandals. >They weren't even porkies tho So you are trying to claim Cassius, Brutus and the optimates weren't porky? This is on the same level as claiming Hitler was a socialist. >>>/pol/
>>757913 >>757964 Anonymous predicted USA martial law, cancelled election and a global medical fascist state back in March. >There will be new agencies and bureaucracies to enforce new medical laws, and these governing bodies will likely be global. >As we have seen with the tragedies of the past, the people in power will use this crisis as an excuse to accomplish goals that they have been working on for a very long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3D-Mt9wXPk
(921.75 KB 689x912 when you see a landlord.png)
>>758664 >758633 what did it say?
>>757913 > Liberals are shrugging it off as something that will get mopped up in court, because they think a good guy will end up with that power. People have no inkling of the message that sent, and how many people are licking their lips right now. If Bernie wasn't such a loser he could've turned America communist on day one through executive order.
>>758677 It was the nazi flag spammer again.
>>758677 That post in particular is one of those classcucks on Twitter actually saying "im taking the landlords side on this one"
>>757800 > who are clamoring for a revolution don't want to start one but want to take advantage of events as they unfold. This is pretty stupid, in the U.S. the core of imperialism/capitalism. The only 'advantage' we can expect, is the falling of the U.S. empire and less oppression, not only for burgers but for the rest of the world.
(106.45 KB 623x556 get me the fuck out.jpg)
>>758335 congress is more evil than the president
>>758018 >The level of no-goodness of all of this would have prompted a liberal government to impeach the bastard immediately, but they tried that and failed because lol liberals. The Senate wouldn't remove it.
>>758759 how the fuck do you get beat up by an 80 year old
>>758936 by being a NEET
>>758759 >try to beat up your grandpa >fucking lose, run off tail between your legs Point and laugh
>>758936 It's a larp
>>758936 This: >>758956 I laughed, but such shit is 100% fake. No way that man is less than 90 years old. At that age one is like porcelain fragile.
>>758335 You should consider forming a more complete argument instead of nitpicking. Because you've tried to nitpick, you've lost many of the main points and utterly fail to come up with a substantive response that brings anything new to the conversation. For instance, by mutating my point 5. into "The Patriot Act and Wars Happened," you've lost the plot entirely: point 5 is that the US is not bound by its constitution. The Patriot Act was illegal. No one "had the power" to pass the patriot act, officially. Political actors in the US do things that are not "in their power" all the time, so there will not be much of a sea change resultant from "giving the power" to do such-and-such to people who, so long as the have the mandate from capital, are more than capable of doing such-and-such in spite of the law.
>>758964 halfpolfags are weaker than you think. my 91 year old grandma could take them in a fight
(168.06 KB 640x1280 1533333850376.jpg)
>>759236 Your 91 year old grandma probably is a halfpolfag.
(157.74 KB 768x768 uovt9ow9mof51.jpg)
Just looking over Biden's VP shortlist, there's no good options. Warren is an idiot, Harris is a cop, Duckworth is a military jingoist, Rice loves Israel and hates Palestinians, Whitmer comes from an elitist family who runs Blue Cross... I'm almost hoping Joe picks Hillary as VP, at least it would be great for entertainment purposes.
>>759511 What about Bass?
>>759521 She's on record supporting Scientology. Also, her name is Karen. Picking a VP named Karen would be bad in today's climate for obvious reasons.
>>759531 Didn't she give a eulogy to a communist party leader or something like that?
>>759537 All she said was something along the lines of "Sorry for your loss" to Cuba when Fidel Castro died. I really don't care one way or the other, although I'd imagine liberals would probably get all butt-hurt about it. The common liberal sentiment is that you can't say anything positive about Castro or else you'll lose Florida, so there's no way Biden's picking her.
>>759568 I haven't heard about that one, I'll have to read the article.
>>759268 I cannot wait for boomers to die out
Isn't Biden gonna pick a VP today?
(8.23 KB 400x197 FB_IMG_1597058065352.jpg)
Why are they like this? Why do some people refuse to let go of their reactionary spooks?
>>760109 It's supposed to be sometime this week (how many times have we heard that?). Might be today. Might not.
It's gonna be Tulsi Gabbard
>>760174 Got to lock down the all important Michael tracy comer vote
>>760132 Truth is a spook.
>>531727 Why can't I find any mention of the most recent ramp up in riots on American news sites, despite trump tweeting about it? Non burger here
>>760132 Mental illness. "They believe what they want to believe" is the definition of it, tho they rarely are as conscious of that as that guy.
How can anyone still simp for Bernie after he endorsed Biden?
>>760473 Liberalism
>>760293 Because American news is tightly controlled and curated now, and not a single thing makes the news unless it is a government approved narrative. The only way you will read anything is if the media orgs are siding with Trump.
>>760473 I have no clue. It made sense to support his candidacy for healthcare, free college, and some reduced imperialism, but at this point there is zero reason to support Bernie in any way.
>>760627 Unless you are the type to also support AOC because "it's alright to vote for everything Pelosi says, she's just playing 4D chess and one day her and Bernie will take power and start enacting their master socdem policy plan. How are they any different from trump simps again?
>>760473 The endorsement is what one would do if someone isn't retarded at politics, unlike Trump. Look where Trump is now, where he has to stamp his feet even to do trivial things, even though 99% of Trump's foul agenda is stuff the "deep state" would love to get. Going full retard like Trump makes you impotent. I wouldn't give a shit about Bernie because he's a socdem sellout from the start whose interests are contra to anything I would want. Literally the only reason for Bernie would have been because the ruling gerontocracy is so bad that there's no one else even remotely human. And tbf, Bernie would be a shit president, probably one of the worst in history and would have been chased out of office immediately if he tried anything. The whole point of Bernie was to promote "socialism" is some neutered form that would be an asset to the Democrats, while Bernie himself would be a sacrificial lamb to be publicly humiliated. The whole campaign was a bunch of malarkey and it became very obvious in 2020. I thought in 2018 there was a chance Bernie could win, but when he spent precious time on the stump lecturing grown men about the climate boogaloo, I knew he was going to lose laughably bad.
>>760627 You ain't getting free healthcare unless you fight a civil war, my friend. That's how much they will resist letting you get out of Barry's healthcare racket.
>>760633 tbqh i can sympathize with bernouts, most of them are just naive and are at least emotionally mature enough to see through the liberal charade.
>>760627 I supported Bernie for similar reasons and also his government may have encouraged some people to become more enthusiastic and educate themselves more about leftism. I see now I was wrong and that leftism will never ever come from inside the system.
>>760625 Things are pretty insane right now, the media is going along like covid is just some weird thing we have to deal with. That the Biden & Trump election isn't a farce and the grocery stores play this creepy "The supply lines are secure, we are well stocked, stay calm".
>>760473 >>760613 >>760627 One more time: they held the American people at gunpoint, and in upping the ante to what amounts to murder, the threat thereof extends to Bernie and his family. He is his hostage and will do whatever they tell him to do. And it seems clear by now that their shills are also using this to further undermine him.
>>758759 Classic
>>760700 Qanon for bernouts
>>760672 Also the history-setting economic collapse and the make-believe stock market. The establishment is used to writing hyperreality, but has lost the capacity to enforce a single one, partly due to its own abuse of information technology. Now real conditions are slowly escaping their grasp and diverging from that hyperreality they can hardly make stick in the first place. This can't possibly end well. I faintly recall Marx mocking Hegelian idealists by saying they would be able to fly if only they could convince themselves. Porky right now is trying to launch all of America into the skies.
>>760633 I don't support AOC. I support whatever will improve the lives of the working class.
>>760636 Yeah, apparently that is the case. I will still support universal healthcare reform though.
>>760700 >they held the American people at gunpoint No they actually started killing burgers. Holding a primary during a pandemic is forcing people to expose themselves to disease, and the ongoing policy is to keep letting people die. About 2500 burgers died on 9/11, and corona is killing that many every 2 or 3 days at the current rate.
(1.15 MB CTR laugh.mp4)
>>760723 Thank you for helping correct the record™!
(23.17 KB 263x400 5944464.jpg)
(139.54 KB 959x693 Absentee voting.png)
>>760700 >>760739 >they actually started killing burgers This >Holding a primary during a pandemic Don't forget, the DNC (this was 100% internal party policy, no government or other entity has any say whatsoever) REFUSING to allow absentee ballots nationwide until AFTER Bernie gave in to all the terrorist demands. Something exceptionally mindboggling in light of everyone knowing that will be necessary for the general elections themselves to happen anyway, and most Americans already being able (or required) to do so.
>>760785 >REFUSING to allow absentee ballots nationwide until AFTER Bernie gave in to all the terrorist demands It was like only hours afterwards, Cuomo was so giddy he kind of gave the game up.
>>760742 tfw you live like a CTR shill would be nice to at least get paid for my shitposting
>>760828 Well at least you shitpost for the good side and aren't cucked by the demonrats.
>>760821 It was like something out of a 3rd-world country or a Tom Clancy movie. I'm honestly a bit surprised Trump hasn't used it as ammo in his whining about absentee votes.
>>760871 That would expose the rot in the system far too much.
>>760785 >(this was 100% internal party policy, no government or other entity has any say whatsoever) That's only true for caucus states. Primary states follow federal and state election rules.
>>760923 >Primary states follow federal and state election rules If they choose to make use of public polling infrastructure, yes. But eschewing that for an absentee election is entirely legal. Remember that holding elections for party primaries at all is an extralegal luxury of recent (not even a century old) vintage. If they wanted, they could decide the primaries through electronic blockchain vote online, or through an autocratic coinflip.
(449.96 KB 1280x720 20200413_213648.jpg)
>>760473 >How can anyone still simp for Bernie after he endorsed Biden? Because they paid good money, and there are no refunds
>>761409 What's the referring to? I'm not big on US politics.
(460.53 KB 595x1198 Screenshot_20200810_235630.png)
>>761425 I want happenings too but don't this kind of shit happen all the time?
(2.13 MB happooning.mp4)
>>761425 Does the second battle of the White House guard house rage?
>>761426 It's unusual to pull him away from a live briefing. According to CNN they've locked down the WH, and there was screaming in Lafayette Square (right outside the WH). Trump just walked back on and said there was a shooting outside.
(18.85 KB 558x141 Screenshot_20200811_000006.png)
The White House briefing just abruptly ended; a Secret Service agent just pulled the president Briefing room doors locked. https://twitter.com/JonLemire/status/1292941975927259141 JUST IN: @johnrobertsFox reports the sounds of shots fired near the White House https://twitter.com/SeanLangille/status/1292941512238604289 Now the full White House is on lockdown https://twitter.com/FridaGhitis/status/1292943174080565251
>>761425 The most likely scenario is that he got miffed at reporters again and signaled his bodyguards to start a "security issue" procedure to cut it short.
>>761437 >>761429 ITS HABBENING
Why are you retards incabable of hitting the mark
(22.70 KB 574x164 Screenshot_20200811_000219.png)
>>761437 >>761436 <Trump says someone has been shot outside the White House. Situation under control. No further details.
>rando shot in Lafayette Square Literally nothing burger. t. disillusioned Ron Paul poster since 2008
inb4 someone got suicided
How does the SS manage to keep snipers away, anyway? Can't those shoot like over 2km away nowadays?
>>761458 The president only appears in public behind bulletproof glass pretty much since JFK happened.
According to CNN, Trump says the Secret Service were involved in the shooting.
>>761460 Even just walking in and out of the White House?
>>761466 Why do you want to know?
>>761471 For a friend
Wake me up when Trump's shot Otherwise stop boring me with non-happenings
>>761466 The SS has existed for a while. They know where all the vantage points are and how to watch for snipers and do security sweeps. They probably have above top secret monitoring systems. An assassin would have to do something really unexpected to succeed, like that guy who just randomly jumped the fence but with a lot more follow through.
(29.33 KB 579x232 Screenshot_20200811_001447.png)
>>761490 Why couldn't people just use mortars or drones etc.? You don't need a vantage point with those.
>>761494 >breathing while black
>>761502 Well, soon enough sniper drones will be an issue. I don't know of any way to counter them other than falconry.
(49.35 KB 582x440 Screenshot_20200811_001934.png)
(29.33 KB 579x232 Screenshot_20200811_001447.png)
>>761502 >assassinate somebody >with a mortar Those things are not accurate. >drones Most of them (the ones with GPS at least) have built-in security measures to keep them from flying in secure areas. Aside from that it's not hard to fuck with them or their signal. And drones are loud as fuck. They would be easy to see/hear coming.
>>761512 Let us all study the dark arts of falconry.
>>761516 If Trump says so, then there is an axe murderer or axe murderers in the White House.
>>761429 >>761440 Reichstag 3.0? (2.0 was the 9/11 CIA false flag)
>>761429 What the fuck? Trump was just like "Oh?". Prolly this >>761533
>>761549 It's not just a proposal, Israel already seels sniper drones. It's just a matter of time until they reach more "informal" hands.
>>761490 >An assassin would have to do something really unexpected to succeed, like that guy who just randomly jumped the fence You're out of your mind if you think they haven't accounted for "people randomly jumping the fence"
>>761604 You would think they had. That's the joke
>>761490 walk up really slowly
>>761502 Or just indirect machinegun plunging fire, WWI style
who gives a shit about the national conventions honestly
>>757282 She unfollowed Biden's campaign Twitter account. Susan rice then?
>>760742 If you think bernie needs to be threatened to sell out you are delusional
Bernie is a Jew, of course he would sell out.
>>761723 (You)
>>761429 <FBI:Mr. President, it’s shooter o’clock, time for daily cuck bunkering.
https://twitter.com/adamwren/status/1292932633966649346 >A private flight from South Bend to Wilmington, Delaware, landed an hour and five minutes ago, per FlightAware. oh no no no no
>>761764 Dun dun dunnnnn. Told ya they would give us Buttgay and tell us we love cock.
>>761764 YES PLEASE
>>761733 Truly a fate worse than death. >>761764 literally what
>>761443 what would that be
>>761775 Finally a woman (gay) of color (Maltese)!
>>761764 This is great news to the two insane liberals I know who are writing slash fanfiction about Buttigieg and his husband and absolutely no one else.
>>761723 sorry about your benis, /pol/toid
>>761641 unironically I remember reading somewhere that if you are lost or in a place you're not allowed to be (some closed off private beach or something), that if you walk confidently, slowly and like you know what you're doing/where you're going, you are exponentially less likely to be bothered
>>761813 So your problem with US billionaires is that they are not all 100% uniformly WASP/huwhite Aryans (if that stat is even real)?
(60.98 KB 501x684 8dd.png)
>>761813 gee I wonder who's behind this post
>>761827 why is criticizing the Jewish billionaires suddenly allowing white billionaires? you're arguing in bad faith
>>761656 He's a supervillain in the making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCIP0pkrU1Y
>>761764 >OMG A PLANE JUST FLEW OVER MY HOUSE take your meds schizo
>>761839 all you can reply with is a deflect can't make this up
(93.61 KB 782x714 image.jpeg)
>>761733 What's with the Janny bootlitcking lately?
(41.58 KB 750x892 FB_IMG_1597106524134.jpg)
>>761909 You guys ready for VP bootyjuice?
>>761929 And this is relevant how?
>>761939 A private flight from south bend were Pete's at. To Delaware where Biden is currently at. Right in the middle of Biden picking his VP. It's going to be bootyjuice it looks like.
>>761909 Aw, c'mon, it was an awesome and very well done ban.
>>761952 Oh Sorry I'm retarded
>>761953 >>761953 I guess it was but been seeing tons of bootlicking lately, even for obvious autistic bans and bumplocks
>>761969 Mods have been doing a decent job lately. Also, it’s super easy to appeal a ban if it’s their fault. Had to do that a couple times.
>>761996 I usually just write cope or something else retarded since all my bans are legitimate.
>>761956 He might be getting a cabinet position
>>761952 Finally, America will have VP P. P. Butt.
>>762025 >He might be getting a cabinet position He's making him official transkid of The Education Department. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk-yvUOQm0E
>>762025 Office of Platitudes
if biden picks Pete and then steps down I'm all in on those conspiracy theories that he's CIA and that CIA are trying to coup the country
Imagine Biden trying to justify picking Pete and not a Woman of Color™. >Now-now look, jack, I know I said I'd pick a... colored.... a woman of color. Well, Mayor Pete is a.. a... Portuguese...a Maltese fella and... I think it's beautiful that people like him can succeed in this country, and...ah I'm sorry.
>>762064 He probably thinks that Pete is a woman just because he's gay.
I really fucking hope Biden wins now. It's really the only way to top Trump.
>>762069 end yourself shill
>>762070 Come on, man.
>>762025 ah, this is probably it. sad, i'd imagine there'd be huge butthurt if they picked him for VP
>>762071 I prefer to come on women, thanks
>>762064 He said he would pick a someone of color, he didn't specify where - tbh.
we're supposed to get the announcement in a couple days no?
voting for drake wbu
https://bambridgeaccountants.com/us-expat/2020/8/9/americans-continue-giving-up-citizenship-at-record-levels <AMERICANS CONTINUE GIVING UP CITIZENSHIP AT RECORD LEVELS >Americans are continuing to renounce their citizenship at the highest levels on record, according to research from our office in New York, Bambridge Accountants New York. >5,816 Americans gave up their citizenship in the first six months of 2020 >Showing a 1,210% increase on the prior six months to December 2019, where only 444 cases were recorded >2,072 Americans gave up their citizenship in 2019 in total >This is the second highest quarter on record; the record is 2,909 cases for the first quarter of 2020 >It seems that the pandemic has motivated U.S. expats to cut ties and avoid the current political climate and onerous tax reporting >Americans must pay a $2,350 government fee to renounce their citizenship, and those based overseas must do so in person at the U.S. Embassy in their country.
Why the fuck are y'all not voting for class warfare
(56.39 KB 964x912 2dpwzw.jpg)
>>762113 >v.i. lenin >vi lenin >vilenin >vilen >villain bros...
>America is going to have a First Gentleman before it has a Madam President
>>762118 That's silly, we all know his adopted name was a nod to Marx's obsession with linen.
>>762121 for a minute, I lost myself
>>762118 >>762121 It's a The Beatles reference you morons.
>>762121 20 YARDS OF LINEN
https://twitter.com/carlzha/status/1292976819604316160 Ya think something like “concentration camps for Chinese” is going to be a thing in the future?
>>762185 ICE's concentration camps already are multiculti.
>>762185 I think anyone who seriously believes war (let alone the total cessation of trade that precedes war) is possible between China & America, even a decade from now, is bonkers.
>>762121 This is my head canon now
>>762209 gonna read this later but I hope Chris hedges stops being a lib soon
>>762209 >we need to purge the ruling class >but we also need muh trust for muh institutions >also random disconnected idpol gesticulations At least he sees Biden isn't going to "restore normality", but he hasn't broken free of terminal brainrot about how far from "normal" we were to begin with.
>>762240 Trust in institutions is an important aspect of what keeps a society running and alive. I just read this as the collapse in institutions, not that it would be a good thing to attempt to restore them.
>>762209 >hypernationalism I'd say he got this completely wrong. First, because no one but Qtards and fashies-in-waiting have any nationalism at all right now. In most of the population, the old patriotism hasn't given way to internationalism nor even globalism, but rather faded away, leaving anomie behind. (btw this void is one of the reasons I advocate revangelism, this is a rare oportunity when the masses are receptive to new ideas being imprinted). Second, this sad display we have been saying can't even be called nationalism or patriotism, but a very bad pastiche, a cargo cult in more ways than one. Partly because reactionarism seems to finally be embracing it's fundamentally irrational nature (with the irony that this very trait keeps them from noticing the embracing), and partly because the personality agglutinating it is a pathetic mockery of a man, let alone a leader. He's genuinely too stupid to grasp the ideas behind nationalism, which is saying something, and the movement knee-jerk reflex that follows him could only be just as devoid of purpose and method. They could maybe be meat shields in a hypothetical coup, putsch or whatever, but their loyalty isn't even to Trump, but the idea of Trump -- which, in his case, are one and the same thing. This cult of personality is so farcical it can't even be called a spook. It's some idiot with a sheet thrown over his head saying "boo I'm spooky" and trampling around, before running straight onto a wall because he's so stupid he forgot to cut out holes for the eyes.
(82.82 KB 300x249 how embarassing.png)
>>762266 >Prime Minister Scott Morrison asked for a meeting with Trump at this month’s Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Singapore, but the president decided to skip the event.
>>762266 wait a sec >2018
(222.50 KB 844x1200 1571614856277.png)
>>762272 Shit, my friend sent me it and I thought it was new. I just checked and we do have ambassadors to several of the countries listed since 2019...
(283.83 KB 498x368 tenor-7.gif)
>>762240 >pointing out white supremacism/white nationalism in the USA is "disconnected idpol gesticulations" Is it "idpol" to call Israel Zionist and a herrenvolk "democracy" also?
>>762281 Apparently so.
>>762266 >America that is beginning to look to China instead. Pfff... lies.
(51.71 KB 631x720 1573009075782.jpg)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambassadors_of_the_United_States I deleted the post it had outdated info. Here you can see which ambassadorships are still vacant. There are some important ones such as Canada, Germany, Indonesia and Japan. But not nearly as many as was laid out in that quote I posted.
>>762298 >Germany Germany is recent. It is because the one there couldn't convince Germany to pay the troops and quit buying Russian oil.
>>762248 Institutions shouldn't be "trusted", they should serve as organs of popular will. The linked article is for the most part an antipopulist screed, in the same vein as was warned about a while ago in our "The Coming Liberal Autocracy" thread: http://archive.is/OGCsE >>762281 It's certainly idpol confuse a symptom (the aut-right and their ilk) for a root cause, and prescribe even more idpol as a cure.
>>762340 Wait, did Trump want Germany to foot the bill for the American troops stationed there?
>>762369 Not even that, it looks like it was over Germany cutting their own military budget: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-germany-military-idUSKCN24U20L
>>762369 Sort of: >>762406 Main problem is that the 'military spending' from Germany is also linked with NATO spending, so... 'We need a tremendous deal for our protection' 'It will be a tremendous deal' 'if they don't want to pay for our tremendous deal, no more protection' you red it with trump's voice
>>762412 That idiot really bases what little individuality he has on being the best, just the best at making deals! http://archive.is/ihrvm
>>762412 Yeah, basically NATO wants Europe to boost military spending from its current ~1.5% GDP average to above 2% in all member states in the next 4 years, Trump wants them to do it immediately: https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/topics_67655.htm The "justification" for this in spite of Europe's military already approaching $300B/year is, of course, Russia ($61B/year, a crushing 3.9% GDP) and to a lesser extent China ($180B/year, 1.1% GDP).
>>762492 >Trump wants them to do it immediately Based retard does it again
>>762229 How is chris hedges a lib? He called out Obama's warmongering, catering to the banks and surveillance state pretty consistently. He also coined the term "corporate sacrifice zones"
>>762595 What does this entail
(368.37 KB 864x864 1087961_magsama_hooonk.jpg)
>>762595 Never has this been more appropriate
I was told there'd be happenings
>>762595 Oh lord my sides
>>762595 No wonder we don't see Ronald around anymore, he's been busy getting busy. Suddenly, my [REDACTED] years of virginity don't sound so pathetic.
>>762595 well it's currently real brazilian boner hours at #PINTOSAWARDS if any of you are so inclined
(27.48 KB 1006x191 OnlyUSandEritrea.jpg)
>>762112 >Americans must pay a $2,350 government fee to renounce their citizenship, >Gotta pay them money to stop "owing" them money every year Gangster >Eritrea’s paltry 2% tax is a mere fraction of the top 39.6% federal tax rate that expat Americans have to pay—even if they earn that income abroad and never set foot in the U.S. >Also, Eritrea is a poor country with a very limited ability to actually enforce its 2% expat tax. Many Eritreans who live abroad have never even heard of it. Few are frightened by it. >The U.S., on the other hand, can enforce its byzantine tax system literally anywhere in the world. When you consider its global reach and the penalties—which can only be described as cruel and unusual—it’s no surprise U.S. expats are terrified. And they should be… or they aren’t paying attention.
>>762120 >America is going to have a First Gentleman before it has a Madam President Isn't the VP's wife the Second Lady/Gentlemen?
>>762670 We all know he's gonna step down or croak, anon. Apparently, even Biden himself is working under the assumption he won't finish his term.
>>762661 >brazilian boner hours IDK why, but this reminds me of a fluff piece about amputations. >>762670 Biden isn't going to survive his first term assuming his coronabunker zoom streams aren't deepfaked while he's drooling in a coma
>>762120 dudes done stay rockin
>>762684 >>762676 >>762670 There is literally 0% chance Buttgay gets picked for VP come on man
I'm brewing a vat of anaerobic compost tea and I had a thought that if you bottled this shit up like a molotov, you would have one fuck of a very easy to make bootleg stinkbomb. It smells like liquidfied concentrated pig shit. Get on that, rioters. Literally just need a garbage can with a lid and a bucket of lawn clippings.
>>762703 I'm still betting it's going to be #HerTurn
>>762703 How do you know? It's the DNC. It's more likely than Hilldawg (and she's not even out of the question), everyone else seems to have gotten tied down with baggage, he's black if you squint at him and the sun long enough. They should absolutely go for it.
>>762796 If they do pick booty judge, he DNC will play up the "first gay VP" or something to that affect
>>762796 Black people like Biden but not enough to let a gay near the white house, and they know biden's not gonna make it through 4 years without croaking
>>762800 and I mean he's practically black by all accounts, and as much as people want to argue, I think we can all agree by the shape of his skull and posture that he is a black homosexual man.
>>762809 they will if Biden picks a black gay vp. Which is why they're going with Ratface Knacker Petey Buttigeg
(19.02 KB 1080x317 FB_IMG_1596806427273.jpg)
>>762595 Why is capitalism such a weird fucking sex cult of debauchery. This is the "culture" rightoids want to preserve.
>>763006 Comrade PragerU?!
It’s gonna be Kopmala, Susan Rice or Val Demings.
>>763015 Kopmala unfollowed Biden on twitter. It wont be her, though I think this is less to do with optics considering the on going riots over police brutality. And more biden doesn't like her.
>>763035 Interesting. Susan Rice is my first guess then. I really wonder how the DNC is reasoning. Their strategic choices have been really dogshit the last 5 years. I’m starting to think they are actually as strategically impotent as they appear.
>>763006 That is a dumb post for the exact opposite reason the LARPing radlibs here imagine. Civilization without capitalists is practical and easy to imagine, civilization without cops is neither.
(64.45 KB 452x480 452px-Stirner.jpg)
>>763006 why not both?
>>763421 if they just spoke english in the video we'd understand whats going on
(3.07 MB 575x356 1450234218076-1.gif)
Chris Hedges interviewed by Jamarl Thomas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me9F6BGl0Mw >comparing the situation in the US to the collapse of Yugoslavia
Why tf has it taken so long for the Biden campaign to pick a VP?
>>763783 Biden is butthurt that kamala brought up his segregationist past in the debates
>>763790 Watch the dems find some way to lose to Trump again
>>763803 A good way to do that is by picking susan rice who called BLM a russian plot
>>763811 That's like a Dixiecrat calling the NAACP and Civil Rights movement "communists"
(39.99 KB 512x330 Biden and rice.jpg)
>>763015 Susan rice? Na biden is picking condoleezza rice. That's right the Bush gang is going to get back together for one last heist.
>>763006 Like I keep saying, pathological reactionaries are obsessed with sex and death, the most basic biological drives. It's part of their rejection of civilization. Bible thumpers who decry homosexual degeneracy and end up getting caught with dick up their butts are symptomitc of this. The moralizers aren't against the existence of whorehouses, they're against the acceptance and normalization of whorehouses while wanting them to continue to exist, so that it can remain exclusive to him and other "worthy", superior members of sciety and doesn't lose the transgressive nature. The taboo factor is an important point for a pathologic reactionary to enjoy these things, because being fundamentally anti-civilization, flaunting rules and social mores is a pleasure in and of itself, and his feigned opposition to those vices reinforces that.
(69.46 KB 576x566 idpol2.jpg)
>>763819 >>763811 its gonna be kamala just wait and shes gonna be president when biden resigns halfway through the first term due to age. the khive stans are totally gonna pull a muh neoliberal woman of color routine and if you criticize her plan to jail everyone and dronestrike syria in the name of goldman sachs you're a racist AND a SEXIST
(74.63 KB 960x960 1584555383261.jpg)
>>763803 If someone could do it, it would be the DNC.
Demokkkrats don't know which way the wind is blowing even if you pissed in their face
>>763824 This is unironically clownworld enough to happen.
(20.87 KB 977x191 Biden and rice headline.PNG)
>>763824 >The best candidate is clearly Condoleezza Rice. As a black woman, she can help bring our country together. >Yes, Secretary Rice served in President George W. Bush's Cabinet, both as our nation's top diplomat and before that as national security adviser. But she also served (as an intern) in the Carter administration’s State Department as well as in President George H.W. Bush's administration. >She’s a Republican, but she’s no ideologue. Consequently, she will instantly appeal to independents across the nation. Her selection would constitute a unity ticket and deprive President Trump not only of most votes in the middle, but millions of votes on the right. https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/501685-joe-bidens-ideal-vp-is-condoleezza-rice
>>763843 >Biden dies >Vice President Rice takes power >President Rice goes to war with China
>>763843 >>763824 She's a literal war criminal and the whole reason I stopped using dropbox was when she was installed on its board of directors.
Be careful joking about Condi. We don't know what kind of dialectical magick we may be inadvertently summoning. Speaking of C-Rice, does anyone remember this video from the Bush years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU_aw3SCUV8
Critical support for Condidnoc Ricir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHjLY8MKaYQ
>>763882 I can still recognize that bastard Bolton in the background.
>>763855 That's what I'm thinking, the Democrats beat trump but somehow still lose to a republican. >>763869 Fucking my sides
>>763843 >As a black woman, she can help bring our country together. I wasn't aware of this race modifier. >>763856 >I stopped using dropbox was when she was installed on its board of directors. fuark >>763882 delicious vintage meme
(23.13 KB 400x243 aunt-jemima3.jpg)
>>763948 >I wasn't aware of this race modifier. Happy days is here chile.
>>763421 is there any reason not to gun down these animals?
>>756580 daddy issues
>>764290 100,000 dollars and both my testicles it's a war criminal
(56.80 KB 728x249 magic 8 ball.jpg)
>>764304 Clinton or Condi
>>763901 I just meant it would be funny if a President named Rice was the one to go to war with China
>>763869 Make it happen. I think condi taking office after Biden kicks it would do a lot to redpill a few terminally Democrat people I know
>>764290 Kamala time
>>764435 CALLED IT
>>763829 >tfw America will have the first feminist coup
(19.37 KB 375x181 biden-harris.jpg)
So then, will Kopmala be a net gain for the Biden ticket? Or is the DNC out of touch as usual?
>>764443 She's from California, not really anything electorally to be gained. At best it strengthens the black vote knowing Joe chose a black woman, given all the habbenings with BLM and what not
School in my area will be doing about 4-5 hours of zoom a day. The kids are fucked.
(15.73 KB 435x435 God dammit man seriously?.jpg)
>>764435 >mfw the politico leak was true
>>764447 I wonder what the progressive voters will think. I don't think the Sanders-supporters will view Kopmala positively. I already want to blow my fucking brains out listening to CNN commentators explain this as "bridging to the next generation".
>>764464 Politico lately's being very precise in their journalism.
>>764473 It's because they have a direct line to the Democratic party leadership, complete circlejerk.
>>764435 Even Buttplugieg would be better. Kamacop is a race traitor. Malinche.
>>764484 >complete circlejerk Didn't know that, kek.
>>764487 No he wouldn't lol, Buttigieg is a transparent weasel. Kamala at least has superficial charisma when you don't know anything specific about her (which will be most of the US electorate).
(72.57 KB 1280x720 1548356014983.jpeg)
>4 years of Dementia Joe >Another 4 years of Copmala
(179.43 KB 485x375 EfKrAzpXgAA1jiE.png)
>>764400 I know this is satire, but what I really don't get about American patriotism is this fucked up flag worshiping when it's presented everywhere and printed onto everything from clothes to toilet paper. First of all it's super tacky and second, wearing the flag or printing it or using it for anything "non dignified" would get you fined for disrespecting the flag in where I live.
>>764507 Copmala will never be able to win a general election. You can rest easy on that note. 4 years of kamala vp will be bad enough.
there's not really any upside to any VP nominee. people don't really care. but there's big downside potential if a campaign screws it up (sarah palin). with kamala though, whatever dirty laundry is there is probably out there already. lefties that don't like her (us) don't matter and it might actually help a little with the broader framing of the ticket. most important: sets up the 2024 shot, especially if he wins
>>764507 >In the end is 8 years of Kamacop. >>764505 Mmmmm... welp, you are right. But between weasels, and Kopmala is one too, I always prefer those transparent. You know where they go, where they came from, and and where they are.
>>764514 it's actually not satire. that's a real ad that plays in rural T.V. markets
>>764515 Well Biden is almost certainly going to croak before inauguration day so we'll at least be stuck with four years of Kuntmala.
>>764467 >bridging to the next generation >bitch is generation x
>>764524 Biden may step down during term (unlikely) but there's 0 chance he steps down before election. Don't spread BS on this site
>>764532 that's the generation they mean. you didn't think they were going to let anyone under 55 onto the podium (unless they've worked for the CIA), did you?
>>764514 https://www.gettrumpybear.com/ Get yours for TWO EASY PAYMENTS of $19.95 (+S&H)
>>764522 can confirm
>>764533 Who said anything about stepping down? I meant he'll drop dead because he's a dinosaur whose brain is rotting away rapidly.
(438.86 KB 1000x1000 Kot.png)
>>764514 >>764522 Fucking burgers
(16.03 KB 400x266 654143906954.jpg)
>>764544 Why do you hate freedom? This guy is a fucking commie!
>>764516 So theoretically, the Trump campaign could use Copmala's long standing video footage of her attitudes towards jailing people and protests but I doubt they will he appears to have complete retards running his campaign this go around
>>764543 he's declining fast but saying he'll die within three months is just being overdramatic.
>>764565 Trump has completely lost his juice both in terms of personal performance and campaign strategy. He's running the campaign Jeb Bush would run. It's very sad. Compare his interviews now to 2016, it's night and day.
>biden elected >resigns in 2022 due to dementia >kamala assumes presidency >re-elected in 2024 >re-elected in 2028 >full ten years of kamala
Holy shit the DNC really do want to lose
>>764586 I genuinely don't think she'd ever be popular enough.
joe and the hoe 2020
>>764605 DNC interdimensional chess powered by Alien dialectics, just wait
>>764586 please let me take the nightmare goggles off
>>764586 Seriously KH has no chance of winning '24 even if she becomes pres in '22. She's Hillary tier. >>764605 They're way ahead in the polls with Zombie Joe, they know that they don't have to try.
>>764630 I can't believe the DNC locked in absolute Schrödinger's hellworld timeline Harris v. MechaTrump in 2024, where the authoritarian nightmare comes back better than ever
Who do you think Newsom will pick to replace Kamala?
Do y'all think a leftwing insurgent will have a fighting chance against Copmala '24? Either from third-party actual left or Dem entryist "left."
>>764630 >They're way ahead in the polls with Zombie Joe, they know that they don't have to try. This. they are signaling one single thing: 'Either you pick whatever we want, or you'll get 4 years more of trump. You have 0 options, cry moar. We don't care if trumps is in charge and we have proven that since ever.'
>>764630 The conspiracy theoriest in me says this is the DNC trying to win law enforcement over and doubling down on the police state. Kamala has all kinds of weird connections to a weird occult cop cult. https://www.businessinsider.com/kamala-harris-aide-accused-of-running-an-occult-police-force-2015-5
Is Copmala gonna ban weed now?
>>764656 It's not like a 'cult', but I agree with kamacop the cop state will be imposed. Either you are happy with our model or to the jail.
Kamala and Biden remind me of Bush and Cheney. A pure evil opportunist and a retard.
>>764667 She's gonna roll tanks into Colorado and California to arrest those dirty pot smokers


no cookies?