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Thirworldism, unequal echange and dependency theory are wrong Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 22:02:17 No. 1158790
Outside of the classical countries, a growing portion of the peasantry - and even hunter-gatherers - have been progressively driven out of production. Their workforce has been displaced by the use of machinery. It has thus passed into the condition of latent working-class overpopulation. Its biological production has come to be governed accordingly. Their birth rate has increased, in order to enable social survival over the weakened conditions of individual survival. Capital has thus accelerated the multiplication of the latent overpopulation to two points. The international separation between the working population that remains inactive and that which is being massively converted into surpluses is not accidental. It necessarily arises from the realization of the world content of capital accumulation in the form of mutually independent national accumulation processes. But on it the apologetics of capitalism is mounted to reverse the determination. It does so by presenting capital accumulation as if it were a national process in its essence, and not in its mere form. Thus, the expansion of the overpopulation of workers to characterize a country –product of the full development of the global essence of accumulation– is presented inverted as if it were a consequence of the national insufficiency of that development. That is, as if it were the result of the "underdevelopment" of capitalism in those countries.


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