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(32.70 KB 800x192 20201117_163259.jpg)
Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 20:53:33 No. 1158614
Can someone give me a quick rundown on leftcoms? What are their fundamental beliefs? How relevant are they these days? What texts should I start with to learn about them?
"leftcom" is an umbrella term for people who make up the left wing tendencies of communism. There isn't a unified leftcom theory. There are different kinds, and who is a "leftcom" is also arguable. Unfortunately it gets muddled further when non-lefties and right-wing socialists call basic marxists "ultras."
>>1158620 I've largely seen the term used to refer to almost exclusively Bordigists though
>>1158614 >How relevant are they these days? They've never been relevant outside a couple of European countries and even there vanilla ML is still more popular.
>>1158626 95% of the time someone calls someone else an ultra, Bordiga (or any other leftcom) will not have been mentioned. At this point it's just something you say about non-anarchist communists who aren't MLs. So even trots get called ultras.
>>1158658 Didn't mean to say Ultraleft. Derp.
>>1158658 Trots aren't ML ?
>>1158684 I'm pretty derpy right now, what I meant was non-anarchist communists who are opposed to Stalin's USSR.
>>1158658 >>1158665 pretty sure leftcom is specific to Boridiga. ultra is anyone who claims to be to the left of the Soviet Union
>>1158684 All Leninists are de facto identical. There's very little theoretical difference between MLs and Trotskyists.
>>1158708 >leftcom is specific to Boridiga Definitely not. Lenin wrote a book about left communists all over europe. He wrote very little about Bordiga in that book
>>1158614 Most comfy ideology
As others have said, it's an umbrella term for different currents of Marxism which diverged from the official Third International/Comintern line. Pdf related should give you a nice and short overview of what has historically been labeled the "Communist Left". Dauvé himself is part of a contemporary current in Marxist thought called communization which explicitly lays claim to the heritage of these groups. They converge significantly with other recent strains of unorthodox Marxism and anarchism.
Not OP, but would Maoists, gonzaloists, and third worldists be considered ultra leftist?
>>1158787 To some people yeah. Ultra tends to also be used as an insult for leftists which are perceived to be too dogmatic and sectarian. Take Hoxha for example, sure he was an ML, but he was extremely sectarian, and called out other MLs for being "revisionists", so many communists also consider Hoxha to be an ultra.
>>1158787 They're MLM so no >>1158712 Bordigists are leninists, MLs are usually Stalinists since Stalin made it up.
>>1158801 Bordigism is not Leninist
(158.70 KB 880x767 2ng7y8jwei061.jpg)
>>1158807 >Bordigism is not Leninist
>>1158808 Cute argument
>>1158787 Maoism is sometimes considered related to left communism, mainly for its anti-authoritarian aspects (though people will autistically screech at this term) and its emphasis on the relations of production as opposed to the means of production. >>1158807 Bordiga literally can't go three sentences without invoking Lenin. And unlike Stalinoids, he understands him.
>>1158818 How can Bordiga be considered Leninist when he rejects democratic centralism in favor of organic centralism? Democratic centralism is a fundamental theroetical tenet of Leninism, Bordiga by default is not a Leninist if he rejects this concept.
>>1158822 Why would you reduce Lenin's thought to his ideas on internal party organization? Also organic centralism was mainly born out of Bordiga's autistic aversion to the term "democratic". In praxis it really didn't look any different.
>>1158822 With this kind of thinking Stalin is not Leninist either since he wanted to do socialism in one country which Lenin thought rubbish.
>>1158849 >which Lenin thought rubbish And now you prove it with his quotes.. Oh wait.. you cant
>>1158614 How come one can stop Bordiga from doing nothing? Is this the fabled "negation of the negation"?
they are irrelevant as are their beliefs
>>1158614 You may call them whatever names you want to, in the end they want the same thing. I DON'T WANT TO WORK AND GIVE ME Money.
>>1158684 they are the worst kind of leninist there is yes
There's probably less than 1000 of them in the world. They don't matter.
>>1158787 gonzaloids are just CIA
(161.60 KB 750x679 illiteracygang.jpg)
>>1158614 left coms are nerds
>>1160557 You are mistaking Pol Pot for Mao.
>>1160557 wait is jaiden animations a leftist now?
>>1160615 Mao was a poet who make everyone read his book of poetry, hardly an illiteracy boy.
>>1158684 No, ML exclusively means Stalinist. It's a term that really only Stalinists use; or people going out of their way to avoid "sectarianism"
>>1158614 Leftcoms do share more qualities with ML's than they are willing to admit. Both ML and leftcom parties have totally and utterly failed to build up the working in the last 60 years or so, but while for the ML's it's a case of trying and not succeding, the laftcoms don't even try, bacause the working class counsciousness is expected by them to rise organically, every attempt to create it from the top down they call "opportunism". Now, leftcoms are, like all leftists in general, extremely spooked and think their sect of marxism is the only true one to lead the people to heaven (communism), but unlike others they don't push their trash phantasms onto others as much so they are, generally, more chill than the ML-spergs who will answer this post with, undoubtlym very original and thought-through responses. Another factor is however that leftcoms sometimes DO engage with theory that was written after the 1970's, so they also are generally better versed in philosophy.
>>1160710 I consider anti imperialist trots honorary MLs myself
(4.56 MB 640x360 Pol Pot Intellectual.mp4)
>>1160557 Pol Pot was an intellectual who loved reading books.


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