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(560.55 KB 792x699 unknown.png)
Educate me on the SSNP Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 20:11:18 No. 1158496
I have almost no idea who they are and there is so little information on the internet about them
(1.59 MB 2100x1500 sp.png)
the closest thing to good in the whole region
Werid quasi-fascist movement subservient to the Ba'ath party
>>1158511 I've heard they are leftists Is that true?
They're based as fuck that's for sure
>>1158514 for what
>>1158513 Ultimately they're just leftwing ultranationalists, however from what I know they don't seek a syrian ethnostate, but a syrian state composed of the multiple cultures and ethnicities in the area they want to create their Greater Syria
>>1158513 yes, don't listen to that idiot. They're not anymore "fascist" than the YPG
Lads, is it fascist to adhere to esoteric romantic nationalism claiming to represent a nonexistent cultural swatstika reigon??? >>1158513 They don't really have an economic leftism. They are secular and sensible otherwise
>>1158520 >Socialist >Anti-zionist >Anti-imperialist Seem pretty based to me
>>1158513 I'm not quite sure tbh but I don't think so. I think the labels we're used to ("socialist", "leftist", "fascist", "nationalist") etc. can get a bit misleading outside the European context (especially in the middle east and former colonies where nationalism and left-wing politics seem to overlap a lot more), but they definitely took inspiration from European fascism.
once a serious party now infiltrated by assads agents ,kind of a cpusa situation
>>1158530 based
I'm Arab and I have no idea who the fuck they are or what they do.
>>1158547 Where do you live?
>>1158547 Are you syrian?
The ssnp isn't socialist, nor nationalist and not really a party In theory they are economical influenced by national syndicalism, there nationalism is based on geography and ancient empires for some reason, despite the name Syriac they support kurds and Assyrians cause they think they will want to unite with their mega state afterwards or some shit. 90%of their members are agents for Syria
>>1158550 >>1158560 I'm Egyptian.
Fascists with a literal swastika flag lmao
>>1158687 muh its an ancient syrian vedic symbol or some shit
>mfw there are retards who still judge a concept out of its name or symbols You are no better than all the insufferable lolbert faggots that go "muh national SOCIALISM!!1". Fucking grow up.
>>1158690 But you can't deny, that the SSNP took heavy inspiration from the NSDAP? I do't think, that the name and flag design are a coincidence.
>>1158707 they call themselves nationalist syndicalist
>>1158710 You are literally basing your opinion around how their fucking flag looks. Do you not see how retarded that is? And if they did actually take inspiration from the Nazi flag, how does that matter in a meaningful way?
>>1158719 ssnp members
(23.92 KB 369x549 antoun saadeh.jpg)
The man who was martyred 70 years ago killed by an overall conspiracy was not an average person . He was the man who was inspired and had an insight , and who positioned himself from where he could secure the future of his people. He is among those who will not be satisfied by merely existing . His whole being and existence revolved around his people. His name is Antoun Saadeh called also the Leader , a title he earned with everything that goes with it . Not only he was fought and set up by the colonialist predators and their local clientele in the mid of the previous century, but after his martyrdom , all about him was obscured and camouflaged and even buried . He presented a real threat because people felt affinity with him and trusted him and were inspired by him . He was the man who lead the Renaissance proper to our area after WWI and WWII , when the region was meeting so many challenges that range from identity to independence . This was when the Ottoman Empire collapsed, and the colonialists were starting dividing the empire among themselves, and also creating the vicious state of israel , and planting it in the heart of the Arab world. Leader Saadeh immediately felt the threat , and decided that the people of this area should claim what is theirs, and before they do this, they should know their identity and find out who they are and the common ground which they share or their natural belonging and natural habitat, and accordingly, claim what is theirs before they fall a prey to the conspiracies that seek to divide the area according to the colonial ambitions .. Religion can no more be a Reference thought leader Saadeh after the fall of the Ottoman Empire because the inhabitants of this area are multi cultural , multi religious and multi lingual , and there is need to define what a nation is in all its variety , and to defend this nation and its borders, and secure its sovereignty and unity and independence . It was an attempt at preventing that the identity of the people be lost for ever and an attempt at retrieving this identity . The people should retrieve their identity – thought Saadeh- Greater Syria being the nation to which those belong , and it is located in what has been known as the Fertile Crescent , in the heart of the Arab World , being also an intrinsic part of this world . Saadeh knew from experience and from his life in Latin America in its attempt at breaking loose from the colonizer that freedom is NOT an individual Issue but a National Issue , and only a Free Nation can grant Freedom to its people and to the individuals and not the other way . No doubt , Leader Saadeh was deeply inspired by Simone Bolivar and other nationalists from Latin America . As a Nationalist , he was wrongly associated with Hitler or with the fascists , and this was a demonization campaign that targeted him and wanted to harm his spotless reputation as a spotless leader and tarnish his image and distort his message. All what he professed was built on historical evidence and historical facts , and he did not invent anything when he said : SYRIA (meaning Greater Syria) BELONGS TO THE SYRIANS, AND THE SYRIANS ARE AN INTEGRAL NATION . It was a Truth that he discovered . For this, he had to pay his life , because what he discovered and called for went against all the colonialist schemes that had for purpose to tear apart this region and set Religions against one another and create the usurping state of israel about which Saadeh warned very early as a real immanent threat, as he warned against the Gulf countries role in making the creation of israel possible . It is now that we are discovering that every word he said was true . He called for unity solidarity and above all Ethics . The essence of the Nation is Ethics, . His message did not remain unheard, and his Party – the Syrian Social Nationalist Party- was the largest in number, and so many people rallied around him from all categories and classes because he represented the Spirit of the Nation . The predators of course who wanted to carry on their vicious scheme of Sykes Picot and Balfour conspired against him , and their agents delivered him to the local Lebanese Authorities who sentenced him to death without trial and executed him at the dawn of June the 8th 1949 . He died full of dignity for he never feared death because he knew that the Nation will survive him, and he did not have the least doubt about it . He had foreseen the future when he said : I see ranks in perfect order and harmony proceeding towards the goal , and this is what we are seeing now in Hizbullah who is the real expression of the aspirations of leader Saadeh , one of the most honorable leaders that this Nation has ever witnessed, and who used to say LIFE IS ONLY A DIGNIFIED STAND . It is this dignity that we see in the Resistance Leadership and Freedom Fighters , and if the Resistance has an Origin , no doubt that Leader Saadeh is one of these origins despite the fact that he was a secular leader of a secular Party where Religion is a private individual matter and a personal Relation to God His secularism was never anti Religion but was anti colonialist . It is in the Resistance that the real message of Saadeh finds life , and this is something that no one can deny , and it is the Resistance that qualified to carry this message whereby Leader Saadeh’s vision turned out to be true.
And they seem to dislike jews. Here is a screenshot from "THE PRINCIPLES AND AIM OF THE SSNP BY ANTOUN SAADEH"
>>1158730 What a fucking legendary human. Soul of a warrior.
>>1158690 It is an ancient Phoenician symbol
>>1158730 finally someone thanks
>>1158732 Very based
>>1158760 I don't know man... How is anti-semitism based? Are the Nazis also based in your view?
>>1158798 There are too many edgelords on this site. Death to Israel but actual anti-semitism is cringe shit for retards.
>>1158496 hmmmmm... now, what if we took socialism, and we made it national!
>>1158750 They should claim also Africa, half Sicily, Sardinia, that would be based.
>>1158802 there's nothing anti-semitic in that statement, retard.
How come there are no nazbol gang memes on this thread? i feel scammed
How come there are no nazbol gang memes on this thread? i feel scammed
>>1159323 >>1159327 janitor pls blame my internet connection not me for this
(119.30 KB 1080x542 ESwRxfVUUAEIzaQ.jpg)
I heard they're like an Orthodox Christian group in a de facto sense. It's like "their party" in Syria and Lebanon and the pan-Syrian ideology kinda makes sense if you think about it this way, because their vision of Syria is not an Islamic one but this multi-ethnic, multi-faith republic where their own group would be protected within it. Whatever you call them, I don't get the sense that they're a supremacist group.
(78.18 KB 450x460 0_RTdc7xhhFeX3SEhd.jpg)
(50.40 KB 716x403 CgRp6AnUIAAwvzc.jpg)
(172.87 KB 900x1200 ESwKpuzX0AApZVV.jpg)
>>1159337 Another thing that I think is true about these countries is that people often don't have a choice to participate in groups like this or not. If you're in a town and ISIS is advancing towards it, and you're Orthodox Christian and they're just going to kill everyone before then the SSNP's armed group, the Eagles of the Whirlwind (great name) show up and arm everybody and help you fight them off, that's what you're going to do. It's real politics where it's a basic of matter of survival for people.
>>1159347 >ywn have a qt social nationalist syrian gf
(64.37 KB 586x842 D_qzdlDXYAApbwu.jpg)
(90.20 KB 678x1024 D_qzfJDXoAESvEn.jpg)
(199.67 KB 1200x787 DsjskitU0AEylUk.jpg)
>>1159359 Yeah it doesn't quite strike me as a "fascist" group which would usually try to keep women out of uniforms, you know? Probably better to start thinking about them in terms of who these people actually are, on a sociological and socioeconomic basis, who their friends and enemies are etc., instead of just starting with an abstract ideology they claim to profess, although that probably plays a part at some level too. Pic of Norma Abi Hassan, a 26-year-old sociologist who died in combat with Israeli forces in 1986. Also SSNP members taking part in a demonstration with Syrian Communist Party.
idk if they're fascist but they ain't taking my sinai either way bitch do you know what we've been through for that shit
>>1158722 How the flag looks, the fact they believe in “greater Syria” which includes huge areas of territory they have zero claim to. The act that their literature repeatedly references “the eternal Jew”. The list goes on. Do a tiny bit of acyu research you will see. This SSNP meme literally comes from people butthurt about losing arguments where they were claiming the Kurds are imperialists and casting around for another gay team to support because that is how they look at politics. They like to pretend these are Assad’s “based socialist and nationalist allies kinda like super baathists” and I mean they are... but Baathism is anti communist socdem/neolib Arab nationalism...
Oh and by the way, right wing meme lord and member of shadowy secret society the “knights Templar international” has supplied material support to these fascists. They are fascists with fascist allies.
>>1159592 I'd like to read more about them. A "Greater Syria" seems like a meme now, but wouldn't the context here be the post-colonial situation where these countries found themselves divided up along border lines that they didn't make but were imposed on them by British and French colonialists? Kind of important. Same context that pan-Arabism emerged. I don't think it's a big deal either way though. I don't think they care what we think about them. And like I said, I think they basically function as an Orthodox Christian ethnic militia and the Assad coalition is full of groups like that because they don't get wiped out.
>>1159595 Hitler also literally called himself an anti colonialist. Early American foriegn policy post independence was also “anti colonialist” in official documentation, but do you think it really was?
>>1159592 >losing arguments where they were claiming the Kurds are imperialists lmao you are a fucking joke
>>1159592 disgusting slime, cite your sources
>>1160336 this is literally where it came from. Halfway through getting BTFO in a kurd thread somebody starts posting that the SSNP are the real socialists in Syria. Thats the real joke >>1160337 source on greater syria t. their own website https://web.archive.org/web/20060517183153/http://www.ssnp.com/new/about.htm https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Syrian_Social_Nationalist_Party >Despite its belief in the necessity of private property, the SSNP declared defending workers' rights and establishing a framework that guarantees these rights as an inalienable right. This is coupled with the need to establish mandatory education, universal healthcare, the nationalization of vital areas of the economy such as the production of raw materials, and a strong centralized state that is able to give economic directions. The third principle stated is combating communism. >The third principle stated is combating communism. >The third principle stated is combating communism. >The third principle stated is combating communism. you are complete fags. GTFO off this board
>>1160572 >BTFO in a kurd thread kek, go fuck yourself, provocateur
>>1160577 > combating communism
>>1160572 >wiki kek you get Blown the fuck out everytime you walk.
>>1160579 >wiki please nigga
>>1160580 >its in their own principles and on their own website keep coping, and keep combatting communism
>>1160582 > their own website where?
(91.14 KB 940x529 Jim Dowson combat.jpg)
>>1160580 Hi i'm Jim Dowson, well known supporter of the SSNP, you might remember me from such movies as, founding the BNP, founding Britain First, being a prominent anti abortion campaigner, anti communist, and funnelling body armour to right wing militias in Serbia and Hungary. I'm here to tell you to vote SSNP because I'm also sending them supplies. They are the true socialists in Syria.
>>1160588 still provocateuring tactics, gtfo
>>1160588 you support donald trump in Syria, faggot.
>>1160593 >g...g..gloowiie Funny cos Dowson is up to his eyeballs in British intelligence, he himself a member of the shadowy Knights Templar International
>>1160595 and you give gim visibility, clown.
>>1160594 I critically support the Syrian government and also support the Kurds in their autonomy like most communist parties do
>>1160597 I give him visibility by using him for satire? kek you ARE triggered today
>>1160599 >like most communist parties "communist"
>>1160600 Yes, you support these british disinfo tactics against Syria
>>1160601 more communist than the fucking SSNP kek "national syndicalists" kek literal phalangism you simp for in your desperation not to be wrong about the kurds
>>1160600 not as much a s trump supporter
>>1160602 by writing about Dowsons intelligence connections I'm actually supporting them? wriiite gotcha. You need help
>>1160603 still providing no sources, only your retardation
>>1160604 yes i am a trump supporter. Lol you have lost your mind
>>1160606 >I'm actually supporting them? you are slandering a resistance party.
>>1160607 provide me sources that they are communists and socialists how about, i've provided 2 already
>>1160608 >who is Mazlum Kobani
>>1160610 yes based greater Syria, cypriots will have nothing to say about this I am sure
>>1160611 1) you have not provided anything 2) they are not communist, nobody is saying that, clown.
actually hilarious fags in this thread defending this objectively idealist "romantic nationalist", anti communist, religious, cuck party and try to claim its somehow the communist thing to do. LMAO. You know at one point the were allied with communists.. until they got triggered and burned down their office
>>1160614 I have given you two sources one their own website, you have given me nothing at all but literal gibberish >>1160572 >>1160572 >>1160572 sources linked
>>1160614 https://www.piqd.de/fundstuecke/syriens-nazis-kampfen-an-der-seite-der-assad-regierung-f45824a1-cc2a-46e4-994c-f24eda79625f heres another one >Founded in the 1930s, the SSNP dreams of a unified Greater Syria that extends over large parts of the Middle East. Anti-Semitism plays an essential role: Andresen declares that the party considers all enemies to be internal jews designated. During the war in Syria, the SSNP set up its own militia. The so-called eagles of the hurricane are armed by the Assad government and are very popular. Not only among Christians, the base of the SSNP, also Shiites and Druze fight in the ranks of the militia.
>>1158496 From reading this thread they sound like complete shit.
>>1160616 this guys claim that literlly everyone borned in the middle east is muh great ancestors Including ancient greeks and shit
It's funny people here think claiming the SSNP is anti-communist is some crazy propaganda. Most nationalist movements anywhere in the world are anti-communist more often than not. Anti-communism is an integral part of Ba'athism as well (which is why the CIA have supported them and worked with them at various points in history). Doesn't mean the Syrian civil war isn't an imperialist proxy war and that Assad shouldn't be critically supported against Western/Turkish/Gulf State backed jihadi death squads, but cmon, don't you know anything about history and the cold war?
>>1160633 The Cold War, the Middle East, anything about nationalist ideology in general, Baathist ideology, third position ideology, communism, anti communism etc Basically anything you would want to know about when approaching this subject they do not know
>>1160646 Seems like they get all their opinions on the middle east directly from r/SyrianCirclejerkWar memes.
>>1160649 Shame that sub is private now, I'm not making a Reddit account just to browse that shit, but it's still unfortunate.
>>1160651 Is this connected to the Armenian surrender? It went private around that time.
>>1160651 Do you know why it went private? I miss it
>>1160653 >>1160654 No clue why, maybe they were getting brigaded by azeris or some shit.
>>1160649 I have two theories on this consistent poster. 1) they are a highly triggered anti Kurd, maybe the guy who said he was a Turk who hated Kurds cos that actually happened once. 2) it’s a fascist False flagging 3) it is both of these things at the same time
>>1160595 Hell, probably three out of every four Brits you meet hanging out in the Middle East are spies of some sort. "Oh I just make travel videos, you know, see the world..." yeah sure buddy
>>1160666 Why Brits necessarily though? It's probably three out of every 5 Eyes "tourists" tbh, I mean why else would they be there?
>>1160663 i am preety sure he is a turk
>>1160633 The ssnp was is in fact on the right of the og baathist , they straight up deny classes exist and think the only thing that matter is the syriac state or some shit
>>1160676 either way we can say for sure they are very retarded
>>1160679 based and leftwing
(206.66 KB 426x461 6bdH2jV.png)
(528.73 KB 801x548 uew9qw9.png)
>>1160674 It's just a joke because the Brits have played up espionage as part of the national culture (Bond). I do think they're probably better at it some level though. They have a kind of savvy way to blend in wherever they're at. Americans burg out too much. Anyways, if you're a single man in your 30s with no wife or kids and you're trying to enter a weird country, and the border guards ask you what you're planning to do while you're there, remember the magic words: "Oh I make travel videos for YouTube, you know, drank every beer in town hehe..." https://youtu.be/NszXuvBWMsU
>>1160694 I more or less agree, but come on, are you seriously implying bald and bankrupt is a spy? I know that he apparently had some sort of military experience in the past iirc but I think this is a bit too conspiracy tier. I may be wrong though, I'm not completely throwing that possiblity out the window, but I doubt it.
>>1160704 I didn’t know who this was and a friend described him too me and my instant thought was that he was a glow
>>1160694 >They have a kind of savvy way to blend in wherever they're at. Americans burg out too much. >posts bald and bankrupt Kek is this a reference to something I said in /IG/ like half a year ago
>>1158690 it's actually a combination between cross and half moon as a symbol of coexistence between islam nad christianity. btw i'm not a big fan of ssnp/ba'ath but i appreciate they somewhat coop with rojava


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